Questions Asked on
September 3, 2014

  1. Chemistry

    Naturally occurring cobalt consists of only one isotope, 59Co, whose relative atomic mass is 58.9332. A synthetic radioactive isotope of cobalt, 60Co, relative atomic mass 59.9338, is used in radiation therapy for cancer. A 1.8276g sample of cobalt has an

    asked by Vanessa
  2. Chemistry

    Copper is composed of two naturally occurring isotopes: Cu−63 (69.170%) and Cu−65. The ratio of the masses of the two isotopes is 1.0318.

    asked by Vanessa
  3. College Chemistry

    Suppose there are two known compounds containing the generic elements X and Y. You have a 1.00-g sample of each compound. One sample contains 0.29 g of X and the other contains 0.38 g of X. Identify plausible sets of formulas for these two compounds. Check

    asked by Christina
  4. physics

    A child, who is 45 m from the bank of a river is being carried downstream by the river's swift current of 1.0 m/s. As the child passes a lifeguard on the river's bank, the lifeguard starts swimming in a straight line until she reaches the child at a point

    asked by Jean
  5. maths

    A circular table is pushed into the corner of a rectangular room in such a way that it just touches two adjacent walls.An ant crawling on the table rim(on the minor arc between the two points of contact)observes that it is 8 inches from one wall and 1

    asked by Nitumoni
  6. Math

    The school band is comprised of middle school students and high school students, but it always has the same maximum capacity. Last year the ratio of the number of middle school students to the number of high school students was 1:8. However, this year the

    asked by Ashleigh
  7. chemistry

    What type of chemical rxn is Na2SO4(aq) +Ba(NO3)2(aq) the product is BaSO4(s) + 2NaNO3(aq)?what is its net ionic equation?

    asked by Andy
  8. calculus

    a. A closed cylindrical can is to hold 1000cm^3 of liquid. How should we choose the height and radius of this can to minimize the amount of material need to manufacture the can? b.a manufacturer wants to design a open box having a square base and surface

    asked by dinesh
  9. Sogeri high school

    Hydrazine,N2H4 burns in oxygen... A...what are their product?(in chemical equation). B..How many bondes are broken? C..How many new bonds are formed from the. product side... D.Total energy required to break the bond? E.Total energy realised when new bonds

    asked by wilfer kopz
  10. math urgent please

    A fish tank in the shape of a cuboid has length 320 cm. Its length is twice that of its width. To enhance viewing, the area of the four vertical faces should be maximized. Find the optimum "viewing area" of a fish tank that is fixed to the wall so that the

    asked by Lucas
  11. Chemistry

    Calculate the percentage by mass for Carbon in C2H2

    asked by Anonymous
  12. math

    four people invested in a restaurant. one person invested $1000,000. two others invested in the ratio x:2x, and the fourth person invested an amount equal to the other three investors combined. the total investment was $1,100,000. A. write an expression

    asked by mc
  13. 5th grade math

    Bianca is making scarves to sell. She has 33 pieces of blue fabric, 37 pieces of green fabric, and 41 pieces of red fabric. Suppose Bianca uses 3 pieces of fabric to make 1 scarf. How many scarves can she make?

    asked by Naiyasia
  14. health

    6. Which of the following policies would not be effective for disease prevention? (1 point) specifying times and techniques for hand-washing requiring daily cleaning of restrooms mandating inclusion of children who are ill denying admission to

    asked by stacey
  15. Root Words

    Which of the following root words means “more than one”? A. Junct- B. Ambi- C. Ject- D. Terr- B?

    asked by kevin
  16. calculus

    a revolving light is located at 5 km from a straight shoreline with a constant angular velocity. what velocity does the light revolve if the light moves along the shoreline at the rate of 15km/min when the beam of light makes a angle of 60 with the

    asked by dinesh
  17. Pre- Algebra

    Linda entered an elevator on floor 9. She rode down 8 floors then she rode up 11 floors and got off. What floor was she on when she left the elevator?

    asked by Zelda
  18. Physics

    1. What is the pressure on the bottom of an aquarium 0.30 m deep filled with water? 2. The plug in a bathtub is 10 cm^3in area and is 0.8 m below the surface of the water. What is the force of the water on the plug? 3. If a column of oil 0.89 m high in

    asked by Tsunayoshi
  19. health

    2. ________ was the more effective policy in reducing the risk for injury and fatality in the early childhood setting according to a recent study. (1 point) Requiring teachers to have more experience Requiring directors to have more experience Requiring

    asked by stacey
  20. chemistry

    nitrosyl bromide, NOBr is formed from NO and Br2-. Experiments show that this reaction is second order in NO and first order in Br2. what is the rate equation for this reaction?

    asked by JOJO
  21. Math

    amy is building a house. the basement floor is at -15 feet. the roof of the house is above 25 feet. express the comparison of height as an inequality. explain the meaning of the inequality

    asked by Abby
  22. writing

    how much is a 3/4 page is it a page and a half? 1/4 is what half a page?

    asked by reina
  23. Science

    Which of the following is not a model? A.An ant farm B.A bicycle C.An atlas D.A plastic human skeleton Is the answer B?

    asked by Gwen
  24. Honors Pre Calculus

    Tony visits the local fair and sees one of the rides, the ferris wheel. The ferris wheel has a diameter of 50 feet and is on a platform of 4 feet. If it takes 12 seconds to make one full revolution, what is the equation of the height of a person on the

    asked by Morgan
  25. chem

    A patient receives 2700mL of an IV solution containing 4g g of glucose per 100 mL .How much energy, in kilojoules, does the patient obtain from glucose, a carbohydrate?How much energy, in kilocalories, does the patient obtain from glucose?

    asked by k
  26. Physics

    A rocket is launched straight up with constant acceleration. Four seconds after liftoff, a bolt falls off the side of the rocket. The bolt hits the ground 6.70s later. What was the rocket's acceleration? Express your answer with the appropriate units.

    asked by Dib
  27. health

    What is a program-specific regulation? (1 point) Participation is voluntary, but its regulations are mandatory. Participation and regulations are mandatory. Only certain programs must participate. Only certain programs must follow its regulations

    asked by stacey
  28. health

    8. ________ is the most common and preventable chronic disease in childhood. (1 point) The common cold Cystic fibrosis Hypertension Dental caries

    asked by stacey

    Hot dogs and Hamburgers: 1.) The caterer for your class picnic charges $1 for each hotdog and $2 for each hamburger. You have $48 to spend. Write a model that shows the different numbers of hot dogs and hamburgers that you could purchase... 2.) Airplane

    asked by Anonymous
  30. History

    Paleo-Indians found an abundance of wildlife in Oklahoma to support their needs. Which of the following factors led to large populations of wildlife in Oklahoma during the time of the Paleo-Indians? I know it isnt b, help?

    asked by katt
  31. English

    Look at the following sentences, which use the passive voice. Then rewrite each sentence in the active voice, and decide which version you prefer and why. 1. Mistakes were made. a. I made mistakes. 2. Musical legends such as Ray Charles, Billie Holiday,

    asked by Sandy
  32. math

    in december, the average total rainfall in all the desert together is 0.89mm. explain how to use the figures from the table to write a comparison of the total desert rainfall in august and december. Table: reno-0.19mm sahara-0.17mm mojave-0.1mm

    asked by ela cruz
  33. 4th grade grammar

    The oldest known Valentine'sDay card dates from 1415? What is the simple subject?? I think it's card??

    asked by Kenya
  34. Math

    Randi takes the stairs at work whenever possible instead of the elevator. She must climb up 51 steps from her office to get to the accounting department. The human resources department is 34 steps below her office. How many steps are there between human

    asked by Sadie
  35. Math

    Which is greater the greatest whole number with 4 digits or the least whole number with 5 digits?

    asked by Taylor
  36. Maths

    A student says that a speed of 50m/s is faster than a speed of 140km/h because the number is bigger.What would you say to them?

    asked by Jay
  37. Math

    Noella read that women used to make 75 cents for every dollar that men made. She says that this means that men were paid 25% more than women. Is she correct?

    asked by Enis
  38. math

    Find each unit rate. Round to the nearest hundredth if necessary. 357 miles in 6.3 hours

    asked by Ryan
  39. Math

    A telephone pole anchored to the ground by a cable called guy wire at a point of 5m from the base of the pole. The wire make an angle of 72.5 with the horizontal. What is the height of the pole where the guy wire is attached to the pole?

    asked by Jeila
  40. life orientation

    Factors of water that cause contemporary social? issues?

    asked by jackie
  41. Math. HELP!

    Hot dogs and Hamburgers: The caterer for your class picnic charges $1 for each hotdog and $2 for each hamburger. You have $48 to spend. Write a model that shows the different numbers of hot dogs and hamburgers that you could purchase.

    asked by Anonymous
  42. History

    Which culture developed a social hierarchy featuring chiefs and priests as leaders? B.Plains Woodland cultures C.Plains village cultures D.Caddoan mound builder culture

    asked by katt
  43. chemistry

    'A patient receives 2900mL of an IV solution containing 3g of glucose per 100 mL. How much energy, in kilocalories, does the patient obtain from glucose?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. health

    9. Which of the following best describes the purpose of the publication Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards: Guidelines for Out-of-Home Child Care Programs? (1 point) to set immunization requirements and licensing

    asked by stacey
  45. science

    A 24 V battery of internal resistance 4 ohm is connected to a variable resistor. At what value of the current drawn from the battery is the rate of heat produced in the resistor is maximum?

    asked by Himanshu Kumar
  46. chemistry

    An unknown substance has a mass of 53.9 g and occupies a volume of 35.4 mL. What is its density in g/mL?

    asked by opeyemi
  47. English: Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers

    I have difficulty determining whether a modifier is dangling or misplaced; my book does not clearly define the difference. I think the difference is that in a misplaced modifier the modifier is separated from the word it modifies, and in a dangling

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Science independent variable

    A scientist designed an experiment to test the effect of temperature on bacterial growth. He grew three different cultures of the bacterium E. coli under three heat lamps at different temperatures. What was the independent variable in this experiment?

    asked by Max
  49. English

    Revise the following sentences as needed to create pronoun-antecedent agreement and to eliminate the generic he and any awkward pronoun references. 1. While shopping for a new computer for school, I noticed that a laptop costs much less that they used to.

    asked by Sandy
  50. calculus

    A man in a rowboat at p, see fig 2c, 5km from the nearest point A on the straight shore. He wished to reach a point B, 6km from A along the shore, in a shortest time. Where should he land if he can row 2km/h and walks 4km/h? P 5 km A C B

    asked by dinesh
  51. Chemistry

    How to get results and balance the following equation FeC2O4 + H2SO4 + K2C2O4 + H2O2

    asked by Twin A
  52. health

    1. Compared to early childhood teachers, the National Health and Performance Standards recommend that directors have (1 point) the same qualifications. more advanced educational degrees. more experience teaching children. more pediatric and CPR training.

    asked by stacey
  53. Math 130

    A Students says that 3 1/4 % = 0.03 + 0.25 = 0.28. Is this correct? Why or why not? So I got .0235 and I don't think this is correct

    asked by Dawn
  54. Physics

    1. The water pressure in a kitchen faucet is 3.43 x 10^5 N/m^2. How high above the faucet is the surface of the water in the storage tank? 2. A swimming pool 8.0 m x 15.0 m has a uniform depth of 2.0 m. Determine the total force and the absolute pressure

    asked by Reborn
  55. AP Physics

    A particle at t1 = -1.4 s is at x1 = 3.6 cm and at t2 = 4.5 s is at x2 = 8.5 cm. What is its average velocity?

    asked by Giulianna
  56. government

    What are 3 benefits of becoming an American vs. being a European?

    asked by reina
  57. 4th grade grammar

    Many people show their feelings with presents? What is the simple subject of the sentence? Presents?

    asked by Kenya
  58. math

    in december, the average total rainfall in all the desert together is 0.89mm. explain how to use the figures from the table to write a comparison of the total desert rainfall in august and december.

    asked by ela cruz
  59. Social Studies

    Georgia's northeastern-most region is the...... A. Blue Ridge B. Coastal Plain C. Valley and Ridge D. Appalachian Plateau I think A is that correct?

    asked by Amber
  60. Math. Help Thanks!

    Hot dogs and Hamburgers: 1.) The caterer for your class picnic charges $1 for each hotdog and $2 for each hamburger. You have $48 to spend. Write a model that shows the different numbers of hot dogs and hamburgers that you could purchase... 2.) Airplane

    asked by Jaden
  61. English

    You think a good neighbour is tolerant. Give 3 point with example.

    asked by Zarip
  62. Analytical CHM 300

    which rating system gives the analyst the most information?

    asked by Numan

    1. How many seconds do you spend in school during the week (6.5 hours/day)? 2. How many micrograms are in 12 dekagrams? 3. How many centimeters are in 5 kilometers? 4. 3.25 liters are equal to how many kiloliters? 5. how man meters are in 0.65 hectometers?

    asked by Julia
  64. Physics

    A 49-N force is applied perpendicular to the portion BC of the bent bar. Determine the moment of P about point B and about point A. The image shows a bar that is straight from point A to B but then bends at a 42 degree angle to the left from point B to

    asked by Bryan
  65. vocab

    Your healthy body is a (legacy, rite) you have received from your parents, and you should strive to protect it from harmful influences. answer - legacy

    asked by need help
  66. Chemistry

    A syrup is added to an empty container with a mass of 102.00g . When 0.133 pint of syrup is added, the total mass of the container and syrup is 196.34g . (1 qt = 2 pt)

    asked by Sarah
  67. physics

    Student throws a baseball at a large gong 79 miles away and hears the sound of gong 2.63333 seconds later. The speed of sound in air is 330 miles per second. What was the average speed of baseball on its way to gong ?

    asked by Megan
  68. math

    The ratio of red jelly beans to yellow jelly beans in a dish is 3.4. If Greg eats 3 red ones and 6 yellow ones, the ratio is 4.5. How many yellow jelly beans were originally in the dish? Do you make 3.4 a fraction and 4.5 a fraction and times them? 3/6

    asked by michele
  69. calculus

    a laser printer is placed on a platform that rotates at a rate of 20rev/min. the beam hits a wall 8m away producing a dot of light that moves horizontally along the wall. let tetabe the angle between the bean and producing the line through the search light

    asked by dinesh
  70. Analytical CHM

    Rank the following items in order of accuracy: volumetric pipet, beaker,buret,erlenmeyer flask,volumetric flask

    asked by Neda
  71. english

    Ms. Marcus told our class about Valentines Day.

    asked by Anonymous
  72. physics

    The edges of a shoebox are measured to be 11.9 cm, 17.3 cm, and 29 cm. Determine the volume of the box retaining the proper number of significant figures in your answer.

    asked by pete
  73. English

    1. When he was walking down the street, he ran into Miss Fairchild. (Does 'down' mean downward' or 'along' or 'on'?) 2. He was walking down the street. 3. he was walking along the street. 4. He was walking on the street. 5. He was walking up the street.

    asked by rfvv
  74. biology

    How could you explain this statement "An ecosystem is constantly changing ,yet it remains the same."

    asked by Sam
  75. business communication

    caroline knows that, while her oral presentation skills are stellar, her writing style could use a bit of work. which of the following would be the best medium for caroline to communicate in effectively? a. Apodcast,b. A wiki,c. A blog, d. a text chat

    asked by Anonymous
  76. math

    a pharmacist measures 60mL of glycerin by difference, starting with 100mL. After completing the measurement, he notes the graduate he used contained 45mL of glycerin. calculate the percentage of error incurred in the measure.

    asked by faye
  77. business communication

    which of the following workplace activities is most likely to be the one in which your communication skills will be utilized? a. calculating whether sales are up this quarter using the latest figures,c. persuading colleagues that your idea will likely lead

    asked by danita
  78. Physics

    A ball is thrown upwards, from a building. It's height(h), in meters above the ground seconds(t) after being thrown is given by h(t)=-5t^2+15t+50 a) How tall is the building? (explain your answer) b) How long does it take the ball to reach the ground? c)

    asked by Anonymos
  79. algebra

    simplify 2a^2 + 6ab^2-12a^2b^3 divided by 24ab -2a^2/-24ab + 6ab^2/24ab--12a^2b^3/24ab= -12ab^2 +12a +4b

    asked by Kathy
  80. algebra

    How do I get the write out the problem for : The sample space is orange, purple and white. If P(orange)=2/5 and P(purple)=3/10, what is P(white)? I have written 2/5.3/10=6/15 2/5

    asked by Nicole
  81. physics

    Q. 2. A force of 100N acts on a mass of 25 kg for 5 s .What velocity does it generate?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Physics

    1. The total length of a spring is 0.25 m. What it is unstretched and 0.30 m when a force of 17.82 N is applied to it. What will be the length when 26.72 N is applied to it? 2. A piller with a cross sectional area of 1.5 m^2 supports a portion of a

    asked by Cielo
  83. stonegate math

    I m a 4- digit number. My ones digit is 2. My ten digit is 4 great than my ones digit. My hundreds and thousands digit are both 3 greater than my ones digit. What number am I

    asked by hakizimana saidi
  84. english 3

    A clause that may be used as the object of a preposition is a(n) __

    asked by amber
  85. MATH1112

    A student argues that a p% increase in salary followed by a q% decrease is equivalent to a q% decrease followed by a p% increase because of the commutative property of multiplication. How do you respond?

    asked by Dawn
  86. Chemistry

    Calculate the percentage by mass for Carbon in C2H2

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Social Studies

    1. Which of the following are possible ways to denote a region? A. economic opportunities B. Phyiscal location C. population demographicts D. All of the Above I think D.

    asked by Amber
  88. Physics

    An object starts from rest an undergoes a constant acceleration in the positive x direction. After some time it covers a displacement of 37 meters in the positive x direction achieving some final velocity. If the object started from rest with double the

    asked by Jessica
  89. Grammar

    Many stories about the first Valentine's Day exist.. What is the simple subject?

    asked by Leah
  90. math

    So, I have to turn the quotient answer into scientific notation.. (answer has to be in scientific notation) 6x10^24/ 8x10^8 - 7.5 x 10^2 - 7.5 x 10^15 - 0.75 x 10^3 *This is the one I pick* - 0.75 x 10^16

    asked by Anonymous
  91. AP Physics

    A horse canters away from its trainer in a straight line, moving 100 m away in 19.0 s. It then turns abruptly and gallops halfway back in 5.4 s. (a) Calculate its average speed. b) Calculate its average velocity for the entire trip, using "away from the

    asked by Giulianna
  92. Math

    A is 3 1/4 % = 0.03 + 0.25 = 0.28. Is this correct? Why or why not? So I got .0235 and I don't think this is correct

    asked by Dawn
  93. social studies

    who do u think is a winner? -leif eriksson -ferdinand magellan -Vasco Nunez de balboa or -juan ponce de leon

    asked by Shohanur
  94. math

    A coin bank contains twice as many nickels as quarters, three times as many pennies as quarters, and no dimes. If the bank contains $7.60 how many of each coin does it contain ?

    asked by student12
  95. health

    10. Stricter standards intended to improve the health and safety of children in early childhood settings may instead put some children at higher risk because (1 point)implementing more rigorous safety standards tends to increase the cost of care. children

    asked by stacey
  96. Physics

    -Use upward as positive and 10.0 m/s2 for the magnitude of g. -Let us say that you toss an object upwards at 5.0 from a height of 17.0 m. 1.)What is in m/s2 the acceleration of the object the moment it reaches the highest position? 2.)What is in m/s2 the

    asked by hanna
  97. algebra

    simplify -2a^+6ab^-12a^b/-24ab the b -12a^b the b is to the third power 2a^b/24ab + 6ab^/24ab -12a^b to the third/24ab 12a+4ab +2ab^ 2ab^+4ab +12a

    asked by Kathy
  98. AP Physics

    If you are driving 116 km/h along a straight road and you look to the side for 1.0 s, how far do you travel during this inattentive period?

    asked by Giulianna
  99. algebra

    NATA spent $28 on 2 dvds.At this rate how much would 5 dvds cost? At what rate did she spend her money?

    asked by iris
  100. Chemistry

    When a 1.1 gram ice cube is placed into a 10.0 mL graduated cylinder, the level of water inside the graduated cylinder raises 1.20 mL. What is the Density of the ice cube? My Work: Density = 1.1g/10.0 mL + 1.20 mL? my answer came out to be; Density= .0982

    asked by Alex
  101. Homework

    Q=wc(T1-T2) find c Can you help me find out how to do this problem PLEASE !! TY

    asked by Michelle
  102. Social Studies

    What important Georgia river provides water to Georgia, Florida, and Alabama and has been a source of conflict between the three states?W A. Chattahoochee B. Flint C. Savannah D. Oconee I think A am I correct?

    asked by Amber
  103. algebra

    The velocity of an object fired directly upward is given by the equation V=40-18t, where t is in seconds. when will the velocity be between 22 and 31 feet per second? write and solve a compound inequality and graph the solution on a number line.

    asked by sofia
  104. US History

    Why did John Smith wrote "Starving Time in Virginia"?

    asked by Jacke
  105. language

    Finding the subject and predicate in The production of clean timber takes several years.

    asked by karen
  106. Math

    Matt who stands at 68 inches tall casts an 8 foot shadow at the same time a pear tree casts a 21 foot shadow. How tall is the tree?

    asked by Aly
  107. Chemistry

    A container is fabricated from steel having a thickness of 0.500 inch and an average density of 7.85 g/cm3. (You may assume that the container is cylindrical with hemispherical ends.) What is the mass of the filled container, assuming that liquid propane

    asked by Sam
  108. Chemistry

    How much energy, in calories, is needed to heat 18 cubic centimeters of fat from 25 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius?

    asked by Jenn
  109. maths

    a bag contains 8 red marbles 7 black and 5 white marbles. of 3 marbles are drawn at random, find the probability that

    asked by Viral shah
  110. Math

    My other number is even. My number is less than 300. Using 2,4,5

    asked by Daniel
  111. Physics

    An airplane has an airspeed of 770 kilometers per hour at a bearing of N 48 degrees E. If the wind velocity is 28 kilometers per hour from the west, find the angle representing the bearing for the ground speed? I found Rx and Ry which are 543.23 and 572.22

    asked by Neha
  112. math

    a gallon of stain can cover a square deck with an area of 300 square feet. about how long is each side of the deck? round to nearest foot.

    asked by Anonymous
  113. s.s

    who do u think is a more succsesful? -leif eriksson -ferdinand magellan -Vasco Nunez de balboa or -juan ponce de leon

    asked by Shohanur
  114. FINANCE

    how long would it take an investment to halve in value if it depreciates at a rate of 12,5% per annum on a straight line method?

    asked by JERRY
  115. algebra

    solve for w: the square root of 2-w=w 2-w=w^ w^+w-2 (w+2) (w-10) w+2=0 w-1=0 w=-2 w=1

    asked by Kathy
  116. English

    In the sentence Michelangelo was an artistic genius. Is genius the complement and is it a noun?

    asked by Kelley
  117. Physics

    An open-topped tank completely filled with water has a release valve near its bottom. The valve is 1.75m below the water surface. Water is released from the valve to power a turbine, which generates electricity. The area of the top of the tank, AT, is 11.5

    asked by Santi
  118. algebra

    Identify the degree of each term of each polynomial. Then find the degree of the polynomial combine like term. m^3+ 2m^2n-3m^2+3ma^2

    asked by michaelramsey
  119. American History

    Check my answers please? I know this is long but this is what it says in my book and I have to answer questions related to it. I posted a few questions to start off but there is more. Thanks! June 23, 1972 Speakers: President Nixon, H.R. Haldeman, Chief of

    asked by Cherrybombx0
  120. Honors Pre Calculus

    Verify the trigonometric identity: (1+sin x)/ (1-sinx)=(1+sin x)/[cos x] Hint: [cos x] means the absolute value of cos x

    asked by Morgan
  121. physics

    sledge of mass 80 kg moves over the frozen surface of a lake with a velocity of 30m/s and comes to rest in 5s. find frictional force between the lake and sledge

    asked by hezal
  122. urgent finance help

    There is neither gain or loss on sale of despreciable asset for an amount exactly equal to its A.aquisition cost value C.oportunity cost D.histicorl cost

    asked by Anonymous
  123. physics

    A car drives 55 km east in a time of 1.6 hours and then drives west some distance. However, the total distance traveled for the entire trip is 338 km and the total time taken for the entire trip is 2.6 hours. What is the average speed of the second part of

    asked by Kimmy
  124. Ponce High School

    An executive in an engineering firm earns a monthly salary plus a Christmas bonus of 5300 dollars. If she earns a total of 98700 dollars per year, what is her monthly salary in dollars?

    asked by Maria Rivera
  125. History

    What are two foreign events and domestic events Reagan and Bush have dealt with during their Presidencies?

    asked by JayJaytheJet
  126. math

    find each unit rate. Round to the nearest hundredth if necessary. 8 batteries in 3 months

    asked by Isabella
  127. biology

    Suppose that a person inherited an allele of HGD from their father that had the proline 230 to serine mutation and also inherited an allele of HGD from their mother that had the glutamic acid 42 to alanine mutation. What would be that individual’s

    asked by aleks
  128. pre calculus algebra

    one number is three less than six times second number. their sum is 32. find the two numbers

    asked by Anonymous
  129. calculus

    kulangman is in level flight 6km abave the ground. his level flight take him directly over the PETRONAS tower,pt. how fast is he flying when the distance between him and the PT is exactly 10km and this distance is increasing at the rate of 40km/h.

    asked by dinesh
  130. Math


    asked by Bro
  131. math

    find the base of the exponential function whose graph contains the given points. 1.( 4, 1/625) 2.(3/2, 27) 3.(3, 1/343)

    asked by Chen
  132. Physics

    1.A brass wire 80 cm long and 0.3 cm in diameter is used to hang an object weighing 6.5 x 10 ^5 dynes. Find stress, strain and young's modules. 2. To one end of a wire 1.2 m long and 0.4 cm in diameter is hung on object with a mass of 10 kg. The wire is

    asked by Midnight
  133. English

    1. It was great fun last weekend for you to visit our nursing home. 2. Your visiting our nursing home was great fun last weekend. 3. The visit was great fun last weekend. 4. Visiting our nursing home was great fun last weekend. (Are they all grammatical

    asked by rfvv
  134. math

    a pharmacist failed to place the balance in equilibrium before weighing 200mg of a drug. later, he discovered a 20% error was incurred. If the balance pan on which he placed the drug to be measured was heavy, how much of the drug in milligrams did he

    asked by faye
  135. 11 Physics

    my teacher gave me this question for review and i don't know how to do it!! HELP!!! A ball is thrown upwards, from a building. It's height(h), in meters above the ground seconds(t) after being thrown is given by h(t)=-5t^2+15t+50 a) How tall is the

    asked by Sam
  136. ethics

    Carol Gilligan was a student of: a. Nell Nodding. b. Stephen Carter. c. John Blumenthal. d. Lawrence Kohlberg.

    asked by anna
  137. Physics

    What is the average velocity of the cart when moving from position x = 0.10 m to position x = 1.10 m? For X=0.10m on the time it took the cart to reach that position it is 0.34s The velocity of the cart at 0.10m is 0.87 For x=1.10m on the time it took the

    asked by Christie :)
  138. Physics

    An object has a initial velocity of 10 m/s in the positive x direction. Under a constant acceleration it stops after undergoing a displacement of 148.3 m in the positive x direction. Because it is still under the same acceleration it then travels back in

    asked by Samantha
  139. math

    Jasmine has 8 packs of candle wax to make scented candles .each pack contains 14 ounces of of wax.jasmine uses 7ounce of wax to make one candle .how many candles can she make?

    asked by Anonymous
  140. Honors Pre Calculus

    Verify the trigonometric identity: (1+sin x)/ (1-sinx)^2=(1+sin x)/[cos x] Hint: [cos x] means the absolute value of cos x

    asked by Morgan
  141. math

    if a bag has 2 red balls 2 blue balls 2 green balls what is your chance of getting a red ball

    asked by Anonymous
  142. Physics

    What is the application of simple harmonic motion to our daily lives?

    asked by Haziq Suhaidi
  143. American History

    I was given a cartoon but I cannot find it online to show you. Its a picture of the white house with a tape recorder on top. Its related to the Watergate Scandal. It asks how has the White House been modified in the picture, and what does that modification

    asked by Cherrybombx0
  144. math

    A dollar bill is 1.1 x 10-4 meters thick. If you stacked 53,000,000,000 dollar bills, how high would the stack be? (Hint: put both in scientific notation form and use the laws of exponets to multiply) answer: 5,830,000 meters thick

    asked by need help
  145. math

    Highway engineers often use quadratic functions to model safe distance for cars. For example, f(x)= 1/2 x^2 + 4/5x is sometimes used to model the stopping distance for a car traveling at X miles per hour on dry, level pavement. If a driver can see only 200

    asked by jun gajetos
  146. Math

    Ravi is thinking of a 2 digit number.The number is between 40 and 50.the sum of digits in tens and ones place 13. What is the number that Ravi is thinking of? Answer 11 am i rite

    asked by Joseph
  147. VOCAB

    Which two words have nearly the same meaning? seethe quench bewilder stifle answer: bewilder; stifle

    asked by need help
  148. English

    Identify the main ideas of the paragraphs. My answers are in parentheses. (Geography is essential to our education.) Not just knowing how to read a map, but at least a basic understanding of where countries, states and continents are located on a map. Yet

    asked by Anonymous
  149. ethics

    According to Kohlberg, the ability to think of ethical situations in the abstract is best evidenced by which of the following: a. Males are best suited to this. b. Males and females with higher education are best suited to this. c. Females are capable of

    asked by anna
  150. Analytical Chemistry

    What are the most common sources of error in weighing solid samples ?

    asked by Neda
  151. Math

    How do you find the GCF from 55 + 22 = and rewrite the sum using the Distributive Property?

    asked by Troy
  152. Math

    What are these fractions listed from least to greatest: 1/7,1/9,2/7,1/12?

    asked by Dacey
  153. mathematics

    solve problem using ratio 5:8 in a school are girls and 135 boys how many children are in the school in total.

    asked by Anonymous
  154. math

    find the domain, range, y and x-intercept, vertical asymptote, maximum, minimum, one-to-one, and horizontal asymptote of: a. f(x)=x^2-6x+5 b. f(x)=x^2-6x+5 on domain [-1,6]

    asked by Joan
  155. Math

    Is the GCF factor of any number n and 1 is n?

    asked by M
  156. ss

    who do u think is a winner? -leif eriksson -ferdinand magellan -Vasco Nunez de balboa or -juan ponce de leon

    asked by Shohanur
  157. physics

    An automobile starts from rest and accelerates to a final velocity in two stages along a straight road. Each stage occupies the same amount of time. In stage 1, the magnitude of the car's acceleration is 3.12 m/s2. The magnitude of the car's velocity at

    asked by Anonymous
  158. Math

    Locate the square root of negative 15 and the square root of 94 cubed to three decimal places on a number line using rational approximations

    asked by Elizabeth
  159. ethics

    According to Gilligan, which of the following best describes male thinking? a. Males adopt a personal way of relating to moral issues. b. Males adopt an abstract way of relating that strips away details. c. Males adopt a relational view of abstract issues

    asked by anna
  160. Math

    Which of these equations would not be in quadratic form? A.X^4-13X^2+36=0 B.2X^(2/5)+X^(1/5)-6=0 C.6x^3+2x^2-8X=0 D.3(2/x-4)^2+5(2/x-4)-2=0 I think its between C or D. C because the exponents are different not doubled and D because its set up is completely

    asked by M
  161. Physics

    1. You are tasked to design a car park on the top floor of a condominium that can accommodate 10 cars, each car has a maximum mass of 2000 kg. The material you are using can withstand a pressure of 500 N/m^2. Calculate how large your park must be? 2.

    asked by Mei
  162. English

    We want to thank you all again for the great fun last weekend. (In this sentence, what does 'last weekend' modify?)

    asked by rfvv
  163. vocab

    Voted the greatest male athlete of the first half of the twentieth century by the associated press, Jim Thorpe received "massive" praise and criticism in his lifetime. "Massive" means a- great b- reliable c-enthusiastic d- widespread e- unjustified ans -

    asked by need help
  164. Physics

    Find the average velocity (in m/s) of an object that starts 200 meters north of town and is 1200 meters north of town after 200 seconds.

    asked by Angelica
  165. History/ English

    What does the novel 1984 by George Orwell teach us about history? In what ways is Winston a historian?

    asked by Julia
  166. Medical Billing and Coding

    This patient was admitted when MRI revealed cerebral aneurysm. after admission, a cerebral agiogram was perfomed and showed nonruptured ateriosclerotiurysm of the anterior cerebral artery. an aneurysmectomy by anastromosis was performed using marlex graft

    asked by Vanessa
  167. ethics

    If you were a researcher in evolutionary psychology, which of the following might be a typical conclusion regarding male and female differences? a. Research has shown there are no significant differences. b. Research has shown that differences reflect

    asked by anna
  168. History

    How should I set this up? I had to do a bar graph about people's opinions on what they trust and mistrust about the government. How would I set that graph up?

    asked by JayJaytheJet
  169. ethics

    Which of the following best describes a typical female response to the Heinz question? a. The Heinz dilemma can be solved by forceful action. b. The Heinz dilemma cannot be answered in the confines of the question. c. The Heinz dilemma requires

    asked by anna
  170. 8th grade math

    a square photo display board is made up of 60 rows of 60 photos each. the area of each square is 4 in. how long is each side of the display board?

    asked by Anonymous
  171. Reading

    In Regarding Pain of Others, what does that title suggest about the nature of the inquiry Sontag will make? In what ways does it capture the essence of Sontag's point? In what ways did it fail to do this?

    asked by Tasha
  172. alegebra 1

    the question is a diamond problem and it already gives you the sum of 24 on top and -11 on bottom can someone please help me? I would really appreciate it! ( please do not give me the answer just need some pointers)

    asked by haylee
  173. Math

    x(.6917)+(1.0318x)(.3083)=63.546 Solve for x

    asked by Vanessa
  174. algrebra

    Combine like term, write answer in descending order. 4x^2 - 6x +9?

    asked by michaelr
  175. 7th grade math

    when x is nonzero integer the sum 0f 3+x is sometimes negative and sometimes positive. Identify a value of x for which the sum of 3+x is negative.

    asked by Robert
  176. Chem Help Please!!!

    Experiment Design You are asked to separate a mixture of toluene and cyclohexane. Assume that they do not form an azeotropic mixture. Design an experiment to do this. You must provide the following information. a) A diagram of the equipment you will be. b)

    asked by Kim
  177. math

    Find the x-intercept and y-intercept (zeroes of the function) 1.) P(x)=x^4- 9x^2 2.) P(x)= 2(x-5)(x+2)^2

    asked by chen
  178. math

    Simplify the numerical expression below 25-4×5

    asked by katy
  179. math

    simply (ab) cubed/ (3a) squared * b

    asked by joan
  180. English

    Posted by rfvv on Friday, August 29, 2014 at 11:22pm. 1.Thank you for visiting our nursing home. It was great fun last weekend. ------------------------ In Sentence 1, what does 'It" refer to? 2. Look at the elderly person. 3. Look at the elderly people.

    asked by rfvv
  181. English

    1. He asked a favor of Tom. 2. He demanded a present of Mary. 3. He begged a piece of bread of the woman. (Are they all grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  182. English

    Come up with a thesis statement which could be supported by 3 points using: humans and greed.

    asked by Tanner
  183. algebra

    4i(2+i) + 2i(4i-1) 8i +41^ +8i^-2i 12i^+6i

    asked by Kathy
  184. Grammar

    Valentines Day has an interesting history? What is the simple subject?

    asked by Leah
  185. ethics

    hich of the following philosophers argued that a moral agent must be detached and impartial in making moral decisions? a. John Stuart Mill. b. Aristotle. c. Immanuel Kant. d. Charles Darwin.

    asked by anna
  186. English

    can someone explain to me what my professor is asking when she say underline the focus or or phrase in the thesis statement

    asked by Kinzee
  187. Math

    FACTOR 6x^3+2x^2-8x =0 I know the GCF is 2x thus leaving: 2x(3X^2+X-4X)=0 *Stuck after this part*

    asked by M
  188. math

    What % of $3.75 is $1.50?

    asked by Anonymous
  189. English

    Look through Angelo's telescope you can see saturnalia rings.

    asked by Anonymous
  190. Math 112

    A student argues that 0.01% = 0.01 because in 0.01%, the percent is already written as a decimal. How do you respond?

    asked by Enis
  191. Maths

    Mary has 10 balls.two gumballs are many are pink

    asked by Ricke
  192. ethics

    Which of the following is the best understanding of Carol Gilligans moral orientation for women? a. Women care for others in a more general and abstract way. b. Women apply the same logical reasoning to moral situations as males. c. Woman care for others

    asked by anna
  193. English

    1. The following is the birthday gift list which Tom gave. Write down about what he gave to whom. 2. What did he give to whom? - He gave Sam a birthday cake. (Are they all grammatical?) 3. He showed me a picture. (In this sentence, does 'a picture' mean 'a

    asked by rfvv
  194. History

    What are the physcial characteristics for humans?

    asked by Elle
  195. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 7:22am. Posted by rfvv on Friday, August 29, 2014 at 11:22pm. 1.Thank you for visiting our nursing home. It was great fun last weekend. ------------------------ In Sentence 1, what does 'It" refer to? 2.

    asked by rfvv
  196. Math

    How can you make 83c using only pennies, nickels,dimes ,or quarters

    asked by Chris
  197. algebra

    how long does it take to waste a kiloliter of water?

    asked by shawntelle
  198. algebra 2

    write the general form of f(x)=4(x-1)^-8 (x-1) (x-1)= 4(x^-2x+1)-8 4x^-2x-8

    asked by Kathy
  199. Math/chem

    If the temperature of a solution goes up 25degrees in 7 minutes, what is the rate of change of temperature? (Rate= temp. Change/ time)

    asked by Jamie
  200. math help!!

    factor: 9n^2-25

    asked by sunny
  201. Math

    How do I explain how to put numbers in order least to greatest? (HATE BCR's!!!)

    asked by D.J.
  202. Algebra

    2square18-5square32+7square162= ?

    asked by D J
  203. ecenomics

    how would you describe the impact of factory goods

    asked by erik
  204. math


    asked by niyah
  205. AP Calc. AB

    In general, if lim x->a m(x) does not exist and lim x->a n(x) does not exist, is it true that lim x->a [m(x)+n(x)] does not exist? How about lim x->a [m(x)*n(x)]

    asked by Sam
  206. math

    The least common multiple of two numbers is 60 and one of the other number is 7 less than the other number what are the numbers justify your answer

    asked by melanie
  207. geometry

    If ac=5x-16 and gf = 2x-4 then af =

    asked by Chelsea
  208. 7th grade math

    identify a value of x for which sum of 3+x is positive

    asked by Robert
  209. math

    joash was 7,uziah was 16,ahaz was 20,manasehcwas 12,josiah was 8,and jehoichin was 18. what was the sverage age of these young men when they became kings of juddah

    asked by justin kc
  210. Algebra 2

    4t-3s^2+s^3 for t=-2 and s=-3 4(-2)-3(-3)^2+(-3)^3 -8-3(-9)+(-27) -8-(-27)+(-27)=-8 Am I right?

    asked by S
  211. mathematics1

    what will the total increase in temperature be after 7 minutes? after 4minutes the temperature has increased by 24 degrees.

    asked by karloz
  212. Math

    is the least common multiple of any number n and 1 is n?

    asked by M