Questions Asked on
September 1, 2014

  1. KIPP Believe

    The student-to-faculty ratio at a small college is 17:3. The total of students and faculty is 740. How many faculty members are there at the college? How many student?

    asked by Keith
  2. Physics

    As two trains move along a track, their conductors suddenly notice that they are headed toward each other. The figure below gives their velocities v as functions of time t as the conductors slow the trains. The slowing processes begin when the trains are

    asked by Jimmy
  3. english

    Write a letter to editor expressing your veiws about child labour

    asked by gaurav
  4. Accounting 1

    Match each of the following characteristics that describe financial accounting, managerial accounting, both financial and managerial accounting, or neither financial nor managerial accounting. A. Financial accounting B. Managerial accounting C. Both

    asked by Mia
  5. chem

    Suppose you have two 100-mL graduated cylinders. In each cylinder there is 40.0mL of water. You also have two cubes: one is lead, and the other is aluminum. Each cube measures 2.0cm on each side. After you carefully lower each cube into the water of its

    asked by k
  6. chemistry

    1.15g of acetylsalicylic ia recovered from an aspirim synthesis reaction that began with 2g of salicylic acid, what would be the percentage yield for the preparation? show your computations

    asked by Rogylyn
  7. Definitions

    A smaller group of people within a larger group A. Culture B. subculture C. Demography D. Population None of the definitions say anything like the question please help

    asked by kevin
  8. math

    a distributor of apple juice has 5000 bottle in the store that it wishes to distribute in a month. from experience it is known that demand D (in number of bottles) is given by D = -2000p² + 2000p + 1700. the price per bottle that will result zero

    asked by nithin
  9. Definitions

    People joined together in business. A. Proprietorship B. Ownership C. Partnership D. Investment I got C

    asked by kevin
  10. math

    how is the process used to multiply a fraction an a whole number similar to the process used to multiply two whole numbers?

    asked by Lily
  11. college algebra

    1. divide and simplify x^2+x-56/x^1-1 / x-7/2x+2 2. find the product in simplest from for x^2+x-6/2x^2-x-3 * x^7-2x^6+4x^5/x^4+8x 3. perform the indicated operations and simplify: 2/3x +4/3x^2 y^4 -6/2x^4 y^5 4. perform the indicated operation and simplify

    asked by ashley
  12. Physics

    Two 10-cm-diameter charged rings face each other, 20cm apart. The left ring is charged to -22nC and the right ring is charged to +22nC . What is the magnitude of the electric field E⃗ at the midpoint between the two rings?

    asked by Jenny
  13. Business Math

    Treasure Mountain International School in Park City, Utah, is a public middle school interested in raising money for next year's Sundance Film Festival. If the school raises $2,989 and invests it for 1 year at 3% interest compounded annually, what is the

    asked by Jazmin
  14. Statics

    The two forces shown act in the x-y plane of the T-beam cross section. If it is known that the resultant R of the two forces has a magnitude of 3.8 kN and a line of action that lies 14° above the negative x-axis, determine the magnitude of F1 and the

    asked by Tim
  15. marketing

    3. Now that we have discussed the concept of being customer oriented, let's discuss MARKETING ORIENTATION. Customer oriented practices are just one small piece of operating with a market orientation. Describe what market orientation means, and how you see

    asked by john
  16. World History

    How did Assyrian kings attempt to legitimize their rule?

    asked by Sacha
  17. physics

    Three point charges are fixed in place in a right triangle. What is the electric force on the q = -0.7 µC charge due to the other two charges? (Let Q1 = +0.79 µC and Q2 = +1.5 µC.)

    asked by john
  18. math

    The area of a rectangular field is 2000 sq.m and its perimeter is 180m. Form a quadratic equation by taking the length of the field as x and solve it to find the length and breadth of the field. the length and breadth are A) (205m, 80m) B) (50m, 40m) C)

    asked by nithin
  19. physics

    Two identical small spherical conductors (point charges), separated by 0.6 m, carry a total charge of 200 mu or micro CC. They repel one another with a force of 120 N. (For the universal constant k use the value 8.99 times 109 N m2/C2.) I think i am

    asked by jasmine
  20. math

    The area of a rectangle is 77 yd2 , and the length of the rectangle is 10 yd less than three times the width. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.

    asked by shonta
  21. mathzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i want plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    3249 persons are sitting in a cinema hall in such a manner that there are as many persons in a row as there are rows in the hall.find the number of rows

    asked by cbse 8th
  22. Pre-cal

    The equation of the line joining the complex numbers -5 + 4i and 7 + 2i can be expressed in the form az + b*overline{z} = 38 for some complex numbers a and b. Find the product ab. Any help?

    asked by Sam
  23. calculus

    We know this is a piecewise function and we solved the first part, but we cannot figure out the other equation. A passenger ship leaves port sailing east at 16 mph. Two hours later, a cargo ship leaves the same port heading north at 12 mph. (a) Find a

    asked by raymond
  24. Definitions

    Speculation A. Discovery B. Evidence C. Hypothesize D. Analysis D?

    asked by kevin
  25. chemistry

    Block A of an unknown metal has a volume of 125 cm3. Block B of a different metal has a volume of 145 cm3. If block A has a greater mass than block B, what can be said of the relative densities of the two metals? (Assume that both blocks are solid.)

    asked by lexie
  26. Accounting 7

    coteworthy, Inc., produces and sells small electronic keyboards. Assume that you have the following information about Noteworthy’s costs for the most recent month. Depreciation on factory equipment $800 Depreciation on CEO's company car $100 Speakers

    asked by Mia
  27. ethics

    Which of the following types of programs seeks to bring victims and offenders together, promoting healthy interaction between them? Answer Victim-offender reunification Preservation programs Victim-offender reconciliation Validation programs

    asked by kim
  28. Math

    Why does Zara have a good driving record?

    asked by Samantha
  29. Statics

    If both the projection Pa and component Fb of the force F are 305 N, determine the magnitude F and the orientation è of the b-axis. There is a 70 degree angle from the negative y-axis to the a-axis. There is a 108 degree angle from the negative y-axis to

    asked by Tim
  30. Math

    Brandy plans to frame a picture with a sheet of construction paper. Her picture is 8 inches wide and 13 inches long. She wants the frame to extend 1 inch beyond the picture on all sides l. How wide and long should the frame be? What is the perimeter of her

    asked by Katelyn
  31. ethics

    Part of the value of moral virtues is that they help us overcome tendencies to think, feel, and act in ways indifferent or harmful. In other words, we can think of virtues as: Answer Irascible. Corrective. Servile. Intrinsic.

    asked by kim
  32. Physics - General Physics

    Violet light and red light travel through air and strike a block of plastic at the same angle of incidence. The angle of refraction is 30.700° for the violet light and 31.380° for the red light. The index of refraction for violet light in plastic is

    asked by Kace
  33. Physics

    A vertical container with base area of length L and width W is being filled with identical pieces of candy, each with a volume of v and a mass m. Assume that the volume of the empty spaces between the candies is negligible. If the height of the candies in

    asked by AGuy
  34. ethics

    For Kant, the focus of the moral life is: Answer Pursuing freedom. Doing one’s duty. Attaining happiness. Achieving intellectual pleasures.

    asked by kim
  35. US History

    The question of land ownership was a source of conflict as European settlers moved into North America. A. Explain each group’s perspective on land ownership: -Native Americans- -Spanish settlers- -English settlers- B.Explain how these perspectives led to

    asked by Jacke
  36. ethics

    Traits of character that dispose a person to act in a moral fashion are typically referred to as: Answer Vices. Character tendencies. Dispositional values. Virtues.

    asked by kim
  37. Geometry

    Point J is between H and K on line segment HK. use th given information to write an equation in terms of x. Solve the equation. Then find HJ and JK. HJ=(x/4) JK= 3x - 4 KH = 22

    asked by Aaron
  38. ethics

    Which of the following key deontological concepts refers to the idea that criminal punishment should “fit the crime”? Answer Retribution Desert Proportionality Recidivism

    asked by kim
  39. MAT222

    -x+2y=-2 x-2y=2 the system has no solution the system has a unique solution: the system has infinitely many solutions. they must satisfy the following equation: y= the answer is the system has infinitely many solutions. i just don't understand how to get

    asked by Kia
  40. Math

    A tank contains a certain amount of water. Each month half of the water in the tank evaporates and an extra liter of water is added. After 5 months, after the litres of water is added, there were 4 litres of water in the tank. How many litres were in the

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Accounting/Math/Exchange rates

    1. Indicate how each of the following international transactions is entered into the U.S. balance of payments with double-entry bookkeeping: a. A U.S. resident imports $500 worth of merchandise from a U.K. resident and agrees to pay in three months. b.

    asked by studious
  42. ethics

    Disloyalty, greed, mercilessness, prejudice, and intolerance are examples of: Answer Moral virtues. Corrective emotions. Other-directed traits. Moral vices.

    asked by kim
  43. Chemistry

    When 62.1 moles of calcium acetate are dissolved in enough water to make 585.1 milliliters of solution, what is the molarity of acetate ions? Answer in units of M

    asked by Taylor
  44. math

    Obama bought a pair of shoes at 20% discount.If he saved $700,calculate: the original price of the pair of shoes the sale price of the pair of shoes

    asked by ded
  45. math

    two squares have sides p cm and (p+5) cms. the sum of theirs squares is 625 the sides of the squares are

    asked by nithin
  46. Physics

    What is the average braking force required of a 1200kg car in order for it to come to rest from 60km/h in a distance of 25m

    asked by Abdul
  47. Math

    The initial amount of sugar in fermenting a batch of beer is 5.5 grams. Over time the sugar decreases at a rate of 0.1grams per day. a.What is the amount of sugar that remains after 7 days? 23 days? - I got: 5.5-0.1x= A - 5.5-0.1(7)= 4.8 - 5.5-0.1(23)= 3.2

    asked by Anonymous
  48. math

    the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle is 20cm. the difference between its other two sides be 4cm. The sides are

    asked by nithin
  49. ethics

    When confronted with a moral dilemma, care ethics encourages us to consider: Answer Relevant duties and imperatives. Equality and proportionality. Situational factors and the needs of all involved. Natural and legal rights.

    asked by kim
  50. chemistry

    Show calculations for how you will prepare 250 mL of 0.1 M AgNO3 solution from solid AgNO3 and water Give the reagent amounts and units.

    asked by Tom
  51. Math Proof

    Let x and y be real numbers. Then x=y if and only if abs(x-y)< epsilon for every epsilon>0

    asked by Ashley
  52. Statics

    If both the projection Pa and component Fb of the force F are 305 N, determine the magnitude F and the orientation è of the b-axis. The angle between the negative y axis and the a- axis is 70 degrees. The angle between the negative y axis and the force F

    asked by Tim
  53. Physics

    What is the average braking force required of a 1200kg car in order for it to come to rest from 60km/h in a distance of 25m Physics - Damon, Monday, September 1, 2014 at 6:51am Vi = 60 km/h (1 h/3600 s)(1000 m/km) v = Vi + a t 0 = Vi + a t t = -Vi/a d = Vi

    asked by Abdul
  54. Writing Skills

    1. What do we call an idea that will make the reader take notice and want to read on? A. Card B. Summary C. Hook D. Point of view Student Answer: B Answer: Incorrect Reference: 3. The most important difference between an outline and finished writing is the

    asked by SARAH
  55. geography

    this occurs when cooler air cannot retain all its vapor

    asked by Ella
  56. English

    Q: What can you do for the school? 1. I can clean the floor of my classroom. 2. I can clean the floor of the hallway of my classroom. 3. I can clean the stairs with a mop. 4. I can pick up trash on the flower pots and on the playing field. 5. I can win

    asked by rfvv
  57. Math Proof

    Prove that for all integers n > or = 1 and all real numbers x subscript 1, x subscript 2,...., x subscript n. absolute value of (x subscript 1+ x subscript 2+...+ x subscript n)

    asked by Ashley
  58. English

    Can you help me make annotations for this letter "letter to his son" to his son "by Robert E Lee Letter to His Son: January 23, 1861 Robert E. Lee I received Everett’s Life of Washington which you sent me, and enjoyed its perusal. How his spirit would be

    asked by Amy
  59. Grammar

    Read the following sentences and underline the nouns. Write C above each concrete noun and A above each abstract noun. 1. Already his (legs)(C) were cramped, his (thigh)(C?)(muscles)(C) tired; his (knees)(C) hurt, his (feet)(C) felt numb and his (hands)(C)

    asked by Victoria
  60. Chem Help Please!!! DrBob222

    a) The equipment you would use for carrying out a simple distillation at reduced pressure (i.e. under vacuum) b) the equipment you would use for carrying out a simple distillation at atmospheric pressure. a) The equipment you would use for carrying out a

    asked by Bailey
  61. physics

    The brakes on your automobile are capable of creating acceleration of 14 ft/s2. If you are going 66 mi/hr and suddenly see a state trooper, what is the minimum time required to get your car to 55 mi/hr?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Chemistry

    I am having trouble figuring out the electron configuration for a carbon atom when it is in a molecule such as methane. I know that the ground state configuration for carbon is 1s2 2s2 2p2 but im not sure how to figure it out when it is bonded to other

    asked by Abbey
  63. science, physics

    Calculate the final temperature. Two kg ice at zerodegree celsius is mixed with 8 kg of water at 20 degree celsius.

    asked by nupur
  64. math

    At the school carnival, Carmen sold 3 times as many hot dogs as Shawn. The two of them sold 152 hot dogs altogether. How many hot dogs did Carmen sell?

    asked by robert
  65. ethics

    Which of the following serves, in theory, to prevent crime by physically preventing an offender from repeating criminal actions? Answer Specific deterrence lex talionis Disablement (or incapacitation) Retribution

    asked by kim
  66. ethics

    Prima facie duties are different from categorical duties in that: Answer They can be overridden by more important duties in a given situation. They only need to be followed if doing so brings the best consequences. They only apply to some people. They only

    asked by kim
  67. physics

    To estimate how high the cliff is you throw a rock off the edge and 7.8 s later you hear the rock hit the ground. The speed of sound is 330 m/s. Ignoring air resistance how high is the cliff?

    asked by Selena
  68. math

    if P(x) = x^3 -3x^2 +4 then P(1)

    asked by dulce
  69. isu

    The liquid bromoethane has a density of 1.46 g/mL at 20 °C. If a sample of this liquid at 20 °C has a volume of 59.9 mL, how many grams of liquid are there in the sample

    asked by adi
  70. Math

    Find the hypotenuse of the triangle using pythagoren theorem when given the points a) (4,-3) b) (2,3)

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Math

    What is... 4,078 rounded to the nearest thousand? 2,093 rounded to the nearest thousand?

    asked by KJ

    identify the harmful environment issues and give examples

    asked by Thembhani
  73. geography

    This reflects some heat back into space and traps some heat near the earth.

    asked by Ella

    If we posted an essay we had written and asked a teacher to read and evaluate it, would we be able to delete the post after a teacher had read it so as to aviod someone using the essay for plagiarism, or is a question posted on this site permanently?

    asked by Emma
  75. Math - Please Check My Answer

    Please help me with the following: Find the greatest possible error for each measurement. 4 1/2 oz A. 1/4 oz B. 2 1/2 oz C. 1 oz D. 2 1/4 oz I know it is not B(I got it wrong.), but I think it is A. Is this correct? Please help me by checking my answer.

    asked by Brady
  76. math

    Simplify (3x-2)^3 - (4x+5)^2 Can you show it step-by-step please

    asked by Kimmie
  77. marketing

    Many companies claim that they are customer-oriented, but their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Why do you think this is the case?

    asked by john
  78. english

    what genre is Black Ships Before Troy ~ by Rosemary Sutcliff?

    asked by Lena
  79. Pre cal

    1.Find the domain of the function algebraically y=3x-1/(x+3)(x-1) y=(1/x)+5/(x-3) 2.Find the range of the function y=10-x^2 y=(3+x^2)/(4-x^2) Please help me understand how to do them.

    asked by Angelica
  80. phi208

    Gilligan claims that females tend to see relationships as these (Points : 1)

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Grammar

    Circle each enough in the sentences below, and label it according to its function. Write S, OD, OP, or PN above the noun. 1. (Hillary)(S) and (Norgay)(S) were (partners)(PN) in thier (climb)(OP) to the top of (Mount Everest)(OP). 2. Snow (glasses)(S)

    asked by Victoria
  82. war and conflict

    My homework is to find examples and case studies in order to help me use in my exams about war and prejudice. However, I am unable to find useful websites. Please help.  War: An example of conflict in summer 2014 is the Gaza Conflict. Problems in this

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Physics B

    A car, moving along a straight stretch of highway, begins to accelerate at 0.0261 m/s2. It takes the car 48.6 s to cover 1 km. How fast was the car going when it first began to accelerate? Answer in units of m/s Couldn't find a formula for this :(

    asked by Isaac
  84. check my answer 5

    i think its friendly Which word in the sentence is the predicate adjective? Though they played for rival teams, the boys seemed friendly. A. though B. friendly C. boys D. rival

    asked by Matt
  85. Chemistry

    Fannie eats a dozen doughnuts every 36 hours. How many doughnut does she eat in a week? I used Dimensional Analysis(which isn't helping at all), but it keeps giving me weird number, like 36 over 2016 or 252 over 2016.

    asked by Harry
  86. Criminal justice

    1. The primary means of financial support for gangs, both adult and juvenile, is: A. prostitution. B. sales of firearms and other weapons. C. drug trafficking. D. currency counterfeiting. is it B 2. According to the Maxson-Klein typology, a gang that is

    asked by Amy
  87. Criminal justice

    Shaw and McKay’s (1931) research supported what important finding of gang membership? A. Gangs directly caused illegal behavior. B. Gangs provided a means of obtaining valued aspects of mainstream society. C. Gangs were often the result of a strong

    asked by Amy
  88. math

    if (3,21) lies on the graph of f, then f()= what?

    asked by stacy
  89. Math

    What is 5,210 rounded to the nearest hundred? 90 rounded to the nearest hundred?

    asked by KJ
  90. Algebra 2

    What does it mean when a negative sign is outside of a square root?

    asked by Victoria
  91. math

    A recipe that makes 4 servings calls for 3/4cups of apple juice and 2/3 cup of cranberry juice.How many cups of juice are there per ?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Math

    While getting dressed for school early one morning, the light in Toni's bedroom burned out. Toni knew he had plenty of clean socks in his drawer, but none of them were matched. He had 24 white socks and 6 blue socks. What is the probabilty of Toni finding

    asked by Katelyn
  93. geography

    This process distributes the heat from the sun around the earth?

    asked by Ella
  94. Logic / Discrete Mathematics

    Show that "¬p Λ q is logically equivalent to p → ¬q" . I'm not sure if the conditional identity is correct, but what I did was I negated the whole second condition and it immediately became equal to the first? Please help and if possible, show steps

    asked by Luke
  95. economics

    what circular flow the the following fall into 1)You receive $15,000 in profits from your half-owner of a Krispy Kreme franchise. 2)The Georgia Bulldogs sells season football tickets for $50.00. 3)What market determines the price per acre of farmland?

    asked by Jake
  96. chemistry

    bottle of hcl which is 40 mass%and has density of 1.20g /ml. calculate ml to be taken from this bottle to prepare 500 ml solution of 0.2 M

    asked by mohsin
  97. algebra

    a cannon is 80 feet long. the muzzle velocity = 960 ft / sec. if fired strait up, what is the maximum height

    asked by josh
  98. MA112

    How do I factor both sides of this equation ad-bd=bc-bd I tried a/b =c/d that was wrong

    asked by Dawn
  99. math

    A college student earned $8900 during summer vacation working as a waiter in a popular restaurant. The student invested part of the money at 10% and the rest at 9%. If the student received a total of $831 in interest at the end of the year, how much was

    asked by help
  100. MATH

    If P(x)=x^3 -3x^2 + 4 then P (-1)

    asked by dulce
  101. math

    find the value: lim [4(3)^(1/2)-(cos x+sin x)^5]/(1- x>#/4 sin 2x)

    asked by soumitra
  102. MA112

    So for this next equation (a-b )d = b(c- d ) d=[ ] can I divide both sides is this equation by a-b would it safe t0 say d=db or d= bc-bd a-b

    asked by Dawn
  103. math

    dentify the solution(s) of the system of equations, if any. 3x-2y=6 5x=5-25y

    asked by robert
  104. Religious education

    My homework is to find examples and case studies in order to help me use in my exams about war and prejudice. However, I am unable to find useful websites. Please help. War: An example of conflict in summer 2014 is the Gaza Conflict. Problems in this

    asked by Anonymous
  105. math

    use only the 6,+,-,x,divided,and = keys on a calculator to get the display to say 7. you can use these keys as many or as few times as you need,but you can't use any other keys. Record your way

    asked by jeff
  106. math

    Factor completely: A. 3x^3/2 -9x^1/2 +6x^-1/2 B. x^3 y -4xy

    asked by Kimmie
  107. Writing

    Please give me a score of 1-6 (one being poor and six being excellent). Also, please give me some feedback! Thank you in advance! Essay prompt: What motivates people to change? Essay: Many people know that eating junk food is unhealthy. Yet, they keep

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Math

    Simplify. 2x-5-(x-8)/(x+4) My answer: (2(x^2+x+6))/(x+4)

    asked by Anonymous
  109. MA 112

    Can a/b and (a+b)/b ever form a proportion? Why or why not?

    asked by Dawn
  110. Social Studies

    What are some ways President Lincoln and Davis was similar? I have that they both was born in KY and they both wanted to preserve their nations.

    asked by Hayden
  111. Math

    (9n^4)^(1/2)= 3n??

    asked by Anonymous
  112. English

    What is the subject of these sentences? How much do you remember from that display? You or display Near the satellite model was a large picture of Jupiter. Are you searching for the gift shop?

    asked by Kelley
  113. chemistry

    how many mL or .0252M HNO3 are required to neutralize 25.00mL of .0148M of Sr(OH)2? and how did you get the answer!!!

    asked by Sara
  114. Accounting 2

    Match each of the following steps that took place as Books on Wheels moved through the decision making, production, marketing, and sale of The Campus Cart with the correct phase of the management process: planning/organizing, directing/leading, and

    asked by Mia
  115. math

    write 4% as a fraction form

    asked by sam
  116. Algebra 2

    What are -√2 and √2/3 as decimals?

    asked by Victoria
  117. bus 119

    One way to engage out group members is to empower them.Describe what empowering meansto you. How do your own competences in the area of empowerment? What keep you from empowering others. Explain?

    asked by Sheraton
  118. English

    Posted by rfvv on Friday, August 29, 2014 at 11:25pm. At the End of a letter or mail, people use the expression as follows, what is the meaning 'Best' here? What else can we use between friends? ... ... ... Best, Sam English - Writeacher, Friday, August

    asked by rfvv
  119. Math

    While getting dressed for school early one morning, the light in Toni's bedroom burned out. Toni knew he had plenty of clean socks in his drawer, but none of them were matched. He had 24 white socks and 6 blue socks. What is the probabilty of Toni finding

    asked by Katelynn J
  120. Math

    The base of a hill is -30 feet below sea level .,The top of the hill is 200 feet higher .What is the elevation of the top of the hill . Plz show me how to get the answer its confusing

    asked by Rian
  121. math

    Identify the solution(s) of the system of equations, if any. -2x - 4y = 8 8y = -4x - 16

    asked by robert
  122. math packet

    maria has $1.05 in dimes and nickels. She has 6 more nickels than dimes. How many nickels does she have?

    asked by rosa
  123. Math

    Hi everyone. I have a question, if I have 690 divide by 70 it would be 9 R60 right? Okay so if it's 9 remainder 60 then what would the answer be if I had to round it to the nearest hundredth? Thanks guys!

    asked by Katelynn J
  124. math packet

    4*-3/5 divided -9/10

    asked by rosa
  125. Math

    4 divided by 1/2 ?????? 1/4 divided by 1/3 ????? 3 3/4 divided by 1/3 ???? Thank you to everyone who has been helping me!!

    asked by Katelynn
  126. math

    evaluate the following polynomials -2x^2 + 5x -10 x=4

    asked by dulce
  127. Please check my answers

    14.richard 15.member 14. Which word in the sentence is the predicate nominative? Richard became a council member by age seventeen. A. Richard B. member C. age D. council 15.Which word in the sentence is the predicate nominative? You should be a new member

    asked by Matt
  128. English: Commas

    Do you need to put a comma after the word, "suddenly?" I have the word at the very beginning of a sentence.

    asked by Anonymous
  129. algerbra

    Identify the solution(s) of the system of equations, if any. -3x-4y=2 8y=-6x-4

    asked by robert
  130. math

    if f{x} =lim 1/n>0 1/(1+n sin^2(#x) then find the value of f(x) for all x.

    asked by soumitra
  131. math

    find the value: lim [4(3)^(1/2)-(cos x+sin x)^5]/(1- x>#/4 sin 2x)

    asked by soumitra
  132. math

    find the value: lim [4(3)^(1/2)-(cos x+sin x)^5]/(1- x>#/4 sin 2x)

    asked by soumitra
  133. Math

    Simplify. ((2-5m)/(m-9))+((4m-5)/(9-m)) Check this: (-9m+7)/(m-9)

    asked by Anonymous
  134. math

    a man is 68 inches tall and casts an 8 foot shadow. A tree casts a 21 foot shadow, how tall is the tree

    asked by chris
  135. Math

    Simplify. ((3x+6)/(x^2-9))/((6x^2+12x)/(4x+12)) Is it... 2/x(x-3) ??

    asked by Anonymous
  136. check please

    i think its nervous Which word in the sentence is the predicate adjective? During the scary movie, Clinton seemed nervous. A. during B. Clinton C. nervous D. movie

    asked by Matt
  137. Phi208

    What is not an example of a practice according to maclntyre's account

    asked by Anonymous
  138. MAT222

    -x+4y=4 x-4y=-4 the system has no solution the system has a unique solution: the system has infinitely many solutions they must satisfy the following equation: y=0 the answer is the system has many solutions i just don't know the answer to the equation y=?

    asked by Kia
  139. Math

    Find the hypotenuse of the triangle using pythagoren theorem when given the point (4,-3)

    asked by Anonymous
  140. math homework


    asked by minecraft
  141. algebra

    solve the literal equation for x. Square root 3x + 2y +5x=4, for x

    asked by debbie
  142. Algebra 2

    What is 2√5 as a decimal?

    asked by Victoria
  143. Spanish

    Can you say Como Le va to mean what's going on with you the formal way?

    asked by Kelly
  144. English: Punctuation

    That morning my family and I were sitting in our car, ready to make a trip into town. In the previous sentence, does there need to be a comma after "That morning?" I think there does but I'm not entirely sure.

    asked by Anonymous
  145. English: Punctuation/Spelling

    Which is correct: psuedo-Christian or psuedo Christian?

    asked by Izzy
  146. Math

    1/6 + 1/3= 2/10 + 4-5= 3/4 - 3/8= 4/7 - 2/14=

    asked by Katelynn J
  147. Algebra 2

    Simplify the Expression. 2m^2 - 5n^2 + 6n^2 - 8m

    asked by Nicholas
  148. Social Studies

    How were the leaders President Lincoln, Grant, Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee similar and different during the Civil War?

    asked by Hayden
  149. Math

    how to calculate if a student got 46 out of 60 how much he can get out of 40

    asked by Welly
  150. staristics

    what is the pro that 4 eggs are rotten out on 2 dozen egg

    asked by shubham
  151. math

    I need to find the original sale price and the new sale price when thr markdowns percent is 12% and the amount of markdown is $1.20

    asked by Anonymous
  152. Engineering

    Determine the relationship between the radius and height of a right-cone with a volume of 300 cm3. This is all there is to the question and I'm not sure what my teacher wants for an answer.

    asked by Leo
  153. algerbra

    Consider the following system of equations. y = 4x - 4 y - 4x = 3 What can you conclude about the system of equations?

    asked by robert
  154. Psychology

    Cognition refers to

    asked by Silvia tolen
  155. English: Punctuation

    In my composition, I have one sentence that begins with "Therefore" and one sentence that begins with "Eventually." Do I need commas after these words?

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Hyphens

    I am using the phrase "high energy " as an adjective. Do I need to write it like, "high-energy?"

    asked by Anonymous
  157. Check please

    I have more but i decided just to post this 1. I think its Them. Which word in the sentence is the indirect object? After a short time, he had given them enough wooden animals for three toy zoos. A. animals B. zoos C. them D. time

    asked by Matt
  158. math

    the nth term of a sequence is represented by 3 x 22¨Cn

    asked by Anonymous
  159. marketing

    How does the marketing relate to your own experiences and beliefs? Which information do you find particularly interesting and/or useful? Is there anything surprising to you in what you learned?

    asked by john
  160. algerbra

    Identify the solution(s) of the system of equations, if any. -3x-4y=2 8=6x-4

    asked by robert
  161. math

    evaluate the following polynomials 1. 3x^2 -2x +5 x = -2

    asked by dulce
  162. algerbra

    Identify the solution(s) of the system of equations, if any. 3x+2y=4 5x-4y=3

    asked by robert
  163. Math

    64% out of 100 ? 75% of 60 ?

    asked by Katelynn
  164. algerbra

    Identify the solution(s) of the system of equations, if any. x=1 y=1

    asked by robert