Questions Asked in September 2014

Most Popular Questions of September 2014

  1. p.e

    MyPlate was created as a tool to help the average American eat one healthy meal a day. True False*** I think the answer is False am I right? Thanks

    asked by Anonymous on September 30, 2014
  2. math...

    Julia is allowed to watch no more than 5 hours of television a week. So far this week, she has watched 1.5 hours. Write and solve an inequality to show how many hours of television Julia can still watch this week. I did. 5÷1.5=3.33 T=time T

    asked by Anonymous on September 25, 2014
  3. Math

    Ernesto loses 14.5 pounds in 7 months. Now he weighs 156.5 pounds. Which equation can be used to find out how much he weighed before? A. x+14.5=156.5 B. x-14.5=156.5 C. 7x+14.5=156.5 D. 7x-14.5=156.5 Is the answer B?

    asked by Gwen on September 8, 2014
  4. Business statistics

    A new drug that treats patients with anxiety has a 60% success rate in improving the patient’s condition. For a random sample of eight patients taking this drug, determine the probability that: 4.2.1. four patients have improvement in their condition.

    asked by Nthabiseng on September 16, 2014
  5. Science(Stuff to do like with magnets!)

    1. A positively charged test object is moving toward the positive source charge in an electric field. What happens next??? A. its potential energy decreases. B. Its potential energy increases. C. Its potential energy stays the same. D. Its potential energy

    asked by Guest user on September 15, 2014
  6. English Check my answers please

    1. In “Raymond’s Run,” which detail supports the prediction that Squeaky will not let Gretchen win the race? (1 point) I put * marks by ones I thought Squeaky is insulted when Mr. Pearson suggests she give someone else “a break” this year.

    asked by billy on September 2, 2014
  7. Ed. Tech

    A blank is a way for students to keep track of information during research. A. Credible website B. Search log C. Boolean operator D. Online database Is the answer D?

    asked by Gwen on September 17, 2014
  8. Ed. Tech

    Which definition below best describes the definition of theme within poetry? A. It is the pattern of rhyming lines within a poem. B. It is the underlying message that a poem conveys. C. It is the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in a poem. D.

    asked by Gwen on September 10, 2014
  9. Physics

    You want to use a rope to pull a 12-kg box of books up a plane inclined 30∘ above the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.29. The rope pulls parallel to the incline. What force do you need to exert on the rope if you want to pull the box

    asked by Katie on September 30, 2014
  10. Algebra

    What inequality represents the verbal expression all real numbers less then 69? My answer is x

    asked by Paula on September 14, 2014
  11. chemistry

    A 15.27 g sample of Mo2O3(s) is converted completely to another molybdenum oxide by adding oxygen. The new oxide has a mass of 18.33 g. Add subscripts below to correctly identify the empirical formula of the new oxide.

    asked by anon on September 18, 2014
  12. chemistry

    Complete and balance each of the following equations. K2SO4(aq)+BaBr2(aq)→ Would it be K2SO4(aq)+BaBr2(aq)→K2Br2 +SO4Ba? Express your answer as a chemical equation. Enter no reaction if no precipitate is formed. (How can we know if a solid is formed in

    asked by Luis on September 30, 2014
  13. algebra - check my answer?

    A square field has an area of 479² ft What is the approximate length of a side of the field? Give your answer to the nearest foot. Explain A = 479 sq ft 479 = x^2 square root of 479 = square root of x^2 21.89... = x Rounded = 22 ft Is my answer okay?

    asked by SkatingDJ on September 19, 2014
  14. Math!!

    Raymond buys bottles of water at $2.10 each and a large pizza at $12.99. The total cost was $21.39. How many bottles of water b did he buy? A. 2.10b+12.99=21.39; 4 bottles B. 2.10+12.99b=21.39; 4 bottles C. 2.10c= 21.39+12.99; 6 bottles D.

    asked by Gwen on September 9, 2014
  15. Ed. Tech

    After creating a column heading and/or typing text within a column, what must you do to move text to the next column? A. Add a column break B. Select the next column and start typing C. Highlight the next column D. Change the page orientation Is the answer

    asked by Daisy on September 7, 2014
  16. Math: Pattern

    Use the rule to write the first 12 terms in the pattern. Rule: Add 10,Subtract 5 First term: 11 (IM HAVING TROUBLE THIS IS ONE OF MY WEAKNESSES)

    asked by Gracie on September 18, 2014
  17. Math

    1.)which two sq roots are used to estimate 5? a.)1 & 2 b.)2 & 4 ****** c.)4 & 9 d.)9 & 16 2.)which two sq roots are used to estimate 43? a.)25 & 36 b.)36 & 49***** c.)49 & 64 d.)25 & 64 3.)an estimate for the sq root of -66 is? a.)-6 b.)-7 c.)-8***** d.)-9

    asked by Anonymous on September 30, 2014
  18. language arts

    what is the relationship among the bachelor neon and the three children in the storyteller? He is the children's uncle and the aunts brother in law. He is engaged to marry the aunt that has never met the children before. He is someone that other characters

    asked by crazy girl on September 12, 2014
  19. Math

    Ivan has 6 times as many blue beads as red beads. He has 49 red and bye beads in all. How many blue beads does Ivan have in all

    asked by Jae'la on September 26, 2014
  20. Math-PLEASE check my answers

    What types of problems can be solved using the greatest common factor? What types of problems can be solved using the least common multiple? Complete the explanation. *** Use the words 'same' and 'different' to complete the following sentences.*** Problems

    asked by Sam on September 11, 2014
  21. friction

    A 40 kg slab rests on a friction less floor.a 10 kg block rests on top of the slab.the coefficient kinetic friction between the block and the slab is 0.40.a horizontal force of 100N is applied on the 10 kg block.find the resulting acceleration of the slab.

    asked by mahesh on September 28, 2014
  22. science

    the neuron that transmit the signal to your foot to kick a soccer ball are called reflexes motor neurons sensory neurons interneurons

    asked by noah on September 24, 2014
  23. Algebra 2

    Am I correct? The radius of a cylinder is 3x – 2 cm. The height of the cylinder is x + 3 cm. What is the surface area of the cylinder? Use the formula A = 2pi r2 + 2 pi rh. 2spi (3x2 + 10x – 8) 2 pi (12x2 + 7x-2) 2 pi (12x2 -2x +13) my answer 2 pi

    asked by Sandra on September 25, 2014
  24. Spanish--check my answers please?

    Casas de cultura are geared toward____. young children teens adults all ages *** "Sobremesa " is an important cultural practice in the Spanish-speaking world that can best be described as ____. (1 point) a dance from southern Spain an after-meal

    asked by Anonymous on September 20, 2014
  25. Science! Help!!

    What would happen if gametes were not haploid? A. If gametes were not haploid, the offspring would have half the number of chromosomes it is supposed to have. B. If gametes were not haploid, the offspring would have double the number of chromosomes it is

    asked by Gwen on September 25, 2014
  26. Math

    Shannon opens a savings account with $50. Each week after that she deposits $8 into her account. How many weeks does it take her to save $450? A. 56.25 weeks B. 62.5 weeks C. 52 weeks D. 50 weeks Is the answer A?

    asked by Gwen on September 8, 2014
  27. math

    A boy of height 95 cm is walking away from base of a lamp post at a speed of 1.5 m/s.If the lamp post is 3.8 m above the ground, find the length of his shadow after 5 seconds.

    asked by sherry on September 25, 2014
  28. physics

    One object is at rest and another is moving. The two collide in a one-dimensional, completely inelastic collision. In other words, they stick together and move off with shared velocity. The speed of the object that is moving initially is 25 m/s. The masses

    asked by aithusa20 on September 29, 2014
  29. Quantitative Reasoning (math)

    One out of every five people who buys ice cream buy vanilla ice cream. If a store sells 125 ice cream cones in one day, about how many will be vanilla? I know how to solve the proportion once I set it up, but I cant figure out how to set it up

    asked by Heather on September 10, 2014
  30. KIPP Believe

    The student-to-faculty ratio at a small college is 17:3. The total of students and faculty is 740. How many faculty members are there at the college? How many student?

    asked by Keith on September 1, 2014
  31. Physics

    As two trains move along a track, their conductors suddenly notice that they are headed toward each other. The figure below gives their velocities v as functions of time t as the conductors slow the trains. The slowing processes begin when the trains are

    asked by Jimmy on September 1, 2014
  32. Math

    What is the answer to page 31 of pre-algebra with pizzazz (what do hair dressers do?) ?

    asked by Hanna on September 14, 2014
  33. P.E

    It is often hard to practice self-control when eating in the company of others because we are greatly influenced by A. peer pressure B. environment C. time D. emotions Is the answer D? Thanks for any help.

    asked by Gwen on September 23, 2014
  34. Math - 7th grade

    How many times as heavy is the Golden Eagle of 13 9/10 llb as the Red-Tailed Hawk of 3 1/2? I never know if I have to divide or multiply. How can I tell with this problem? I have 139/10 / 7/2 then 139/10 x 2/7 = 278/70 if I divide that it will give me

    asked by Sabastian on September 19, 2014
  35. chemistry help

    For the reaction shown, find the limiting reactant for each of the following initial amounts of reactants? 2Na(s)+Br2(g) ---->2NaBr(s) 1. 2mol Na, 2mol Br2 2. 1.8mol Na, 1.4mol Br2 3. 2.5mol Na, 1mol Br2 4. 12.6mol Na, 6.9 mol Br2

    asked by Kimmie on September 24, 2014
  36. chemistry

    Calculate the empirical formula for compound ethyl butyrate (pineapple oil): C, 62.04%; H, 10.41%; O, 27.55% Can someone show me the steps?

    asked by Emely on September 27, 2014
  37. algebra

    graph shows the equation c = 10+ 3t, where c is the total cost of going to the carnival and t is the number of $3 tickets purchased?

    asked by jasmine on September 16, 2014
  38. Math Problem (please help)

    On the day of a child's birth, a deposit of $30,000 is made in a trust fund that pays 3% interest, compounded continuously. Determine the balance in this account on the child's 30th birthday. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

    asked by Angie on September 9, 2014
  39. Calculus Maxima/Minima

    An automobile traveling at the rate of 30 ft/sec is approaching an intersection. When the automobile is 120 ft. from the intersection, a truck, traveling at the rate of 40 ft/sec on a road at right angles with the automobile’s road crosses the

    asked by Mike on September 28, 2014
  40. physics

    You are driving to the grocery store at 20 m/s. You are 110 m from an intersection when the traffic light turns red. Assume that your reaction time is 0.70 s and that your car brakes with constant acceleration. How far are you from the intersection when

    asked by chidimma on September 15, 2014
  41. 7thgrade

    what happened to the snowman during the heat wave

    asked by lawrence on September 18, 2014
  42. Math!

    9a-b-2a-10b simplify this expression A. -7a+11b B. 11a+9b C. -11a-9b D. 7a-11b Is the answer D?

    asked by Gwen on September 9, 2014
  43. 6th Grade Math

    Marianne buys 16 bags of potting soil that comes in 5/8 -pound bags. A. How many pounds of potting does Marianne buy? 10 B. If Marianne’s father calls and says he needs 13 pounds of potting soil, will 4 more bags be enough to cover the extra soil needed?

    asked by Mark on September 16, 2014
  44. physics

    9) A force in the +x-direction with magnitude F(x) = 18.0 N – (0.530 N/m) x is applied to a 6.00-kg box that is sitting on a frictionless surface. F(x) is the only horizontal force on the box. If the box is initially at rest at x = 0, what is its speed

    asked by papy on September 20, 2014
  45. P.E

    The way in which your emotions affect your physical and overall health is part of? A. setting goals B. heredity C. the mind-body connection. D. your cultural environment. I think its c

    asked by chris on September 8, 2014
  46. physics

    A helicopter weighs 3920 newtons, caculated the force on it if it is ascending up at a rate of 2m/s squre ,what wil b force on helicopter if it is moving up with the constant speed of 4m/s .

    asked by sam on September 15, 2014
  47. Chemistry

    What is the velocity of an electron that has a de Broglie wavelength approximately the length of a chemical bond? Assume this length to be 2.5×10−10m .

    asked by Anonymous on September 13, 2014
  48. Math

    Explain how to use hundredths grids to subtract 1.65 - 0.98.

    asked by Martina on September 23, 2014
  49. Algebra!!!! HELP

    Use Hooke's Law for springs, which states that the distance a spring is stretched (or compressed) varies directly as the force on the spring. A force of 265 newtons stretches a spring 0.15 meter (see figure). (a) How far will a force of 120 newtons stretch

    asked by Ada on September 10, 2014
  50. P.E

    all of the traits passed biologically from parent to child are known as? A. risk factors. B. behavior. C. heredity. (D.) environmental influences.

    asked by chris on September 5, 2014
  51. physics

    A kangaroo jumps straight up to a vertical height of 1.19m, how long was it in the air before returning on earth

    asked by Anonymous on September 10, 2014
  52. Chemistry

    I am so confused with my chemistry lab right now. We were given the following equations to work with: [Equation 1] 2 I^- + H2O2 + 2 H^+ ----> I2 + 2 H2O [Equation 9] 2S2O3^2- + I2 ----> 2I^- +S4O6^2- And During the Experiment we used the following for each

    asked by Bev on September 20, 2014
  53. Algebra

    True or False 1. – 5, – 5, – 5, – 5, – 5, … is an arithmetic sequence. 2. In an arithmetic sequence, it is possible that the 13th term is equal to its 53rd term. 3. In an arithmetic sequence, the common difference is computed by subtracting the

    asked by Ruby on September 9, 2014
  54. Science! URGENT

    How might sexual reproduction decrease an organisms chance of survival? A. If the offspring inherits a genetic combination that includes a harmful trait, it could decrease the organisms chance of survival. B. If the offspring inherits the exact sane

    asked by Gwen on September 25, 2014
  55. physics

    A book of mass 7 kg rests on a plank. You tilt one end of the plank and slowly increase the angle of the tilt. The coefficient of static friction between the book and the plank is 0.40. What is the maximum angle of tilt for which the book will remain

    asked by jill on September 24, 2014
  56. physics

    A child, who is 45 m from the bank of a river is being carried downstream by the river's swift current of 1.0 m/s. As the child passes a lifeguard on the river's bank, the lifeguard starts swimming in a straight line until she reaches the child at a point

    asked by Jean on September 3, 2014
  57. Ed. Tech

    When you save documents, it is important to check the blank at the top of the navigation window to ensure you are saving your file in the correct location. A. address bar B. insert ribbon C. file type D. file name Is the answer D?

    asked by Gwen on September 10, 2014
  58. chemistry

    Acetone, a common solvent has a density 0.79g/cm^3 at 20C. What is the volume of 85.1g of acetone at 20C? What is the mass of 125ml of acetone at 20C? Show your calculations.

    asked by Jay on September 19, 2014
  59. Language Arts

    Select the answer choice in which the two short sentences are combined using a subordinating conjunction. Vivian is on a diet. She is eating less pasta. A. Vivian, who is on a diet, is eating less pasta. B. Vivian is on a diet and is eating less pasta. C.

    asked by Gwen on September 16, 2014
  60. Physics

    An attacker at the base of a castle wall 3.95 m high throws a rock straight up with speed 5.00 m/s from a height of 1.50 m above the ground. (a) Will the rock reach the top of the wall? (b) If so, what is its speed at the top? If not, what initial speed

    asked by Lorine on September 15, 2014
  61. physics

    Scientists want to place a 3300 kg satellite in orbit around Mars. They plan to have the satellite orbit a distance equal to 2.2 times the radius of Mars above the surface of the planet. Here is some information that will help solve this problem: mmars =

    asked by paula on September 13, 2014
  62. Fractions

    A hairstylist schedules 1/4 hour to trim a customer's hair and 1/6 hour to style the customer's hair. The hairstylist plans to work 3 1/3 hours each day for 5 days each week. How many appointments can the hairstylist schedule each week if each customer

    asked by Kymmy on September 23, 2014
  63. Math algebra

    what do you call an alligator that sneaks up and bites you from behind

    asked by lani ochoada on September 18, 2014
  64. Physics

    You toss a tennis ball straight upward. At the moment it leaves your hand it is at a height of 1.5 m above the ground, and it is moving at a speed of 8.0 m/s. (a) How much time does it take for the tennis ball to reach its maximum height? (b) What is the

    asked by John on September 6, 2014
  65. science

    A pea plant with yellow seeds is crossed with a pea plant with green. All of the offspring have yellow seeds. The allele for yellow seeds is A. Dominant because all of the offspring have yellow seeds. B. Recessive because all of the offspring have yellow

    asked by beau on September 19, 2014
  66. Math!

    Suppose you are driving to visit a friend in another state. You are driving 55 miles per hour. You must drive 440 miles total. If you have already driven 275 miles, how long will it take you to reach your destination? Use h to represent the number of hours

    asked by Gwen on September 9, 2014
  67. Language Arts

    3. Which statement best expresses a central theme of ''The Story Teller''? A. People with no children to care for are usually better at handling children. B. It is important to instruct children about right and wrong at all times. C. The best way for

    asked by Amber on September 15, 2014
  68. Math

    Simplify the expression 3w-10w A. 13w B. -7w C. -7 D. 7w Is the answer D?

    asked by Gwen on September 9, 2014
  69. Language Arts Answer check PLEASE

    1) What can you infer from this sentence near the start of "The Story Teller"? Most of the aunt's remarks seemed to begin with "Don't," and nearly all of the children's remarks began with "Why" A) It is a long trip to Templecombe B)the aunt is extremely

    asked by billy on September 12, 2014
  70. business

    Suppose that Paulie and Vinny each can produce ice cream or t-shirts. it shows the quantity of each good that Paulie and Vinny each can produce in one hour, respectively, if they devote all of their time and effort into making the good. paulie can make 3

    asked by arthur on September 25, 2014
  71. Chemisty

    How many grams of Cl are in 38.0g of CF2Cl2? I really want to figure out how to do it. I can't seem to understand any of this Chem homework and it's getting me frustrated, please help!

    asked by Luis on September 26, 2014
  72. chemistry

    Calculate how many grams of the first reactant are necessary to completely react with 55.8g of the second reactant. Na2CO3 + CuCl2 → CuCO3 + 2 NaCl

    asked by Cristin on September 25, 2014
  73. Math-please help!!

    Half the students in Max's class volunteer at the local community center. 15 students do not volunteer.if there are 12 boys in Max's class , how many girls are in Max's class? I am having a brain freeze!

    asked by Anonymous on September 4, 2014
  74. Science! URGENT

    Bacteria can reproduce through asexual or sexual reproduction. Environmental conditions for a particular bacteria species are good and the bacteria are thriving. Which form of reproduction will the bacteria most likely use? A. The bacteria will most likely

    asked by Gwen on September 25, 2014
  75. college physics

    tennis ball rolls off the edge of a tabletop 0.900m above the floor and strikes the floor at a point 1.60m horizontally from the edge of the table. A: Find the time of flight of the ball B: Find the magnitude of the initial velocity of the ball. C: Find

    asked by katie on September 22, 2014
  76. maths

    A sum of money becomes 8/5 of itself in 5 years at certain rate of simple interest. Find the rate of interest.

    asked by suneetha on September 14, 2014
  77. Chemistry

    A laser produces 15.0mW of light. In 3.00hr , the laser emits 4.53×1020 photons. What is the wavelength of the laser?

    asked by Anonymous on September 15, 2014
  78. physics

    A grasshopper jumps a horizontal distance of 1m from rest, with an initial velocity at a 45 degree angle with respect to the horizontal. Find the initial speed of the grasshopper and the maximum height reached.

    asked by zara on September 28, 2014
  79. Fractions

    Jodi is cutting out pieces of paper that measure 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches from a larger sheet of paper that has an area of 1,000 square inches. 1)What is the area of each piece of paper that Jodi is cutting out? 2)What is the greatest possible number of

    asked by Kymmy on September 28, 2014
  80. social studies HELP

    Check my answers please 1. Politics most informs a persons actions in a. Civic life *** b. work life c. private life d. school life 2. Which of the following best describes the purpose of the US Constitution? a. it restricts the rights of citizens b. it

    asked by taylor on September 12, 2014
  81. algebra. help!

    Is 4x-3=19 true, false, or open? Which of the following is a solution to the equation 16=4x-4? a. -5 b. -4 c. 5 d. 16

    asked by Hannah on September 24, 2014
  82. Math 221 Week3

    A distribution center receives shipment of a product from three different factories in the quantities of 60, 35 and 25. Three times a product is selected at random, each time without replacement. Find the probability that (a) all three products came from

    asked by Carolyn on September 15, 2014
  83. chemistry

    The radius of a strontium atom is 215 pm. How many strontium atoms would have to be laid side by side to span a distance of 4.47 mm?

    asked by Anonymous on September 8, 2014
  84. Physics, Math

    A typical volume of a modern hot air balloon is 2500 cubic metres, and a typical maximum temperature of the hot air is 120 degrees Celsius. Given these figures, and an outside air temperature and density of 15 ∘C and 1.225 kg/m3 respectively, compute the

    asked by Luis on September 2, 2014
  85. Math

    You have $60.00 in your wallet and want to buy some new CDs. If the CDs are $11.00 each, what number of CDs, x, can you buy? Write and solve an inequality. Then explain your answer. My answer $60.00/$11.00=x CDs 60/11=5.45 X=5 You can buy 5 CDs with $60.00

    asked by Gwen on September 19, 2014
  86. physics

    To what temperature must you raise a copper wire, originally at 20.0°C, to double its resistance, neglecting any changes in dimensions? (Does this happen in household wiring under ordinary circumstances?)

    asked by Jane on September 13, 2014
  87. Math

    Explain how you can solve 8x8 if you know how to multiply with 4 but not how to multiply with 8.

    asked by Bryce on September 22, 2014
  88. science

    Why did a portion of the tabletop get cold when Natasha placed her cold drink on the table? (1 point) The table’s molecules were vibrating more slowly in that area. The table’s molecules had spread further apart in that area. The table’s molecules

    asked by Connie on September 25, 2014
  89. English

    1. In “The Censors,” Juan chooses to apply for a ob as a government censor for all of the following reasons except. A. He fears for Mariana’s safety in her new home. B. He plans to intercept and approve his own letter. C. He is proud of his ability

    asked by Asia Powell on September 5, 2014
  90. Physics

    Two cars, A and B, travel in a straight line. The distance of A from the starting point is given as a function of time by xA(t)=αt+βt^2, with α=2.60m/s and β=1.20m/s^2. The distance of B from the starting point is xB(t)=γt^2−δt^3, with γ=2.80m/s^2

    asked by Mary on September 7, 2014
  91. physics

    a labourer lifts 100 stone to a height of 6m in two minute.if mass of each stone be one kilogram, calculate the average power

    asked by ya(yogesh( on September 2, 2014
  92. physics

    A bush baby, an African primate, is capable of leaping vertically to the remarkable height of 2.3 m. To jump this high, the bush baby accelerates over a distance of 0.18m while extending the legs. The acceleration during the jump is approximately constant.

    asked by Kayla on September 9, 2014
  93. chemistry of solutions


    asked by vel on September 21, 2014
  94. Organic Chemistry

    Rank the given compounds based on their relative Brønsted acidities. H-CH3 H-OH H-Cl H-F H-NH2

    asked by Breauna on September 8, 2014
  95. physics

    Two ice skaters stand facing each other at rest on a frozen pond. They push off against one another and the 48-kg skater acquires a speed of 0.65 m/s. If the other skater acquires a speed of 0.84 m/s, what is her mass?

    asked by mathew on September 29, 2014
  96. math (create equation)

    A homeowner wishes to fence in three adjoining garden plots, as shown in the figure. If each plot is to be 80 ft^2 in area, and she has 88 feet of fencing material at hand, what dimension should each plot have? ---------- I I I I I I I I I I I I ----------

    asked by Mo on September 13, 2014
  97. Science

    The flask shown here contains 10.0 ml of HCl and a few drops of phenolphthalein indicator. The buret contains 30ml of 0.130M NaOH. What Volume of NaOH is needed to reach the end point of the titration? I've used m1v1=m2v2, (x)(10.0ml HCl) = (0.130 M/L

    asked by Andrew on September 28, 2014
  98. Explor wheel

    the purpose of font formatting within a serach log is to identify key words, information, ___?

    asked by Explor wheel help! on September 23, 2014
  99. english

    "Tonight I Can Write" 1. Read the following lines from "Tonight I Can Write." Write, for example, The night is starry and the stars are blue and shiver in the distance. The night wind revolves in the sky and sings. Which of the following words is used to

    asked by stacey on September 8, 2014
  100. Chemistry

    Which process could be used to calculate the bond energy for the covalent bond X-Y by dividing its ∆H by n? A XYn(g) → X(g) + nY(g) B 2XYn (g) → 2XYn-1(g) + Y2(g) C Y(g) + XYn-1(g) → XYn(g) D nXY(g) → nX(g) + n/2 Y2(g)

    asked by Ariana on September 21, 2014