Questions Asked on
August 27, 2014

  1. Physics

    Here is a simple example. The inhabitants of a small island begin exporting beautiful cloth made from a rare plant that grows only on their island. Seeing how popular the small quantity that they export has been, they steadily raise their prices. A

    asked by Dib
  2. chemistry

    A solution of HClO4 was standardized by dissolving 0.4125 g of primary standard grade HgO ina solution of KBR: HgO (s) + 4Br- + H2O → HgBr4 + 2OH- The liberated OH- consumed 46.51 mL of the acid. calculate the molarity of the HClO4

    asked by nthabi
  3. Ed. T

    The (fill in the blank) key is used to create spaces between lines within a document. A.Enter b.Tab C.Shift D.Ctrl Is the answer A?

    asked by Beau
  4. Science

    which of the following describes scientific inquiry?(1 point) A.a statement that describes what scientists expect to happen in experiment. B.facts,figtures,and other evidence gathered through observation. (C).the diverse ways in which scientists study the

    asked by chris
  5. Science

    which of the following describes scientific inquiry?(1 point) A.a statement that describes what scientists expect to happen in experiment. B.facts,figtures,and other evidence gathered through observation. (C).the diverse ways in which scientists study the

    asked by chris
  6. Algebra

    How can you use an equation to make a prediction from a pattern. I think that you can do based on the pattern giving you a base of probability to forecast with a reasonable degree of confidence something in the future.I would think that your degree of

    asked by Julie
  7. Math

    the ratio of of the number of adults to the number of students at the prom has to be 1:10. Last year there were 477 more students than adults at the prom. If the school is expecting the same attendance this year how many adults have to attend prom?

    asked by Brynn
  8. English help

    Identify the complete predicate in the sentence. 1. Oregon is one of the northwestern states. A. Oregon B. is one C. of the northwestern states. D. is one of the northwestern states.**** 2. The drama performance brought tears to the audience's eyes. A.

    asked by Cassie
  9. life orention

    identify two contenporary social issues in your community

    asked by kabelo
  10. Science

    which statement best describes the benefit of having a universal system of measurement? A. Scientists from different counties can more easily shared and compare data from experiment. B. Scientists who speak difference languages do not have to translate

    asked by chris
  11. math

    Is 16.6 a rational number?

    asked by Timothy
  12. physics

    the diameter of the moon is 3480 km. A.)what is the surface area of the moon? B.)how many times larger is the surface area of earth?

    asked by anonymous
  13. Math- urgent

    Solving Systems by Substitution Maribel has $1.25 in her pocket. The money is in quarters and dimes. There are a total of 8 coins. How many quarters and dimes does Maribel have in her pocket? I think the equation is 10x+25x=$1.25 and x+x=8 but I'm not

    asked by sara
  14. English 11

    I put a * next to my answers. 1. The Jamestown settlers saved their colony by planting (1 point) a. maize. b. cotton. *c. tobacco. d. wheat. 2. “Our capital town is advanced to about 150 very tolerable (satisfactory) houses for wooden ones; they are

    asked by Amber
  15. algebra

    Larry Mitchel invested part of his $32,000 advance at 7% annual simple interest and the rest at 6% annual simple interest. If this total yearly interest from both accounts was $2,050, find the amount invested at each. The amount invested at 7% is.... The

    asked by lisa
  16. Biology

    Why are most factors held constant in a scientific experiment? Answer: the only part of an experiment that ever changes is the independent variable.

    asked by Please Help
  17. algebra1

    During on Alpine skiing event the times of four Scears were listed below time is measured in seconds skier a= 114.36 skier b=14.40 skier c=114.48 skierD =114.44 If the stopwatch used was only accurate to the 10th of a second which skiers time would be

    asked by Molly
  18. Educational Tech.

    Which of the following sentences is written in the active voice? A.The wedding dress was sewn by Katie. B.The red barn was painted by the farmer. C.The boy jumped on the trampoline. D.The chocolate cake will be served to the queen. Is the answer C?

    asked by Gwen
  19. Math

    Rina saves $4.50 each week. Her sister save $2 more each week. When her sister has saved $14 more than Rina, how much has Rina saved?

    asked by Alberto
  20. math

    Two students, Mary and John, play a game. Each time Mary passes “start” she received $25. Each time John passes “start” he receives 15% of the amount he already has. Both students start with $200. a. How much money will Mary have after she has

    asked by Lucas
  21. Physics

    a boy and a girl carry a 12 kg bucket of water by holding the ends of the rope with the bucket attached in the middle. if there is a angle of 100 degrees between the two segments of the rope ; what is the tension of each part?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Chemistry

    How to make 0.086M sodium phosphate when combined with 0.1N HCl has a pH of 6.2?

    asked by sheri
  23. English!!!

    Identify the main idea of this paragraph: This ship is carrying kala fever serum to Group One on Woden. Their own supply was destroyed by a tornado. Group Two-the crew your brother is in-is eight thousand miles away across the Western Sea and their

    asked by School Lover
  24. algerbra

    The participants in a weight-loss class lost the following weights (in pounds) after three weeks of dieting: 1,5,2,1,3,6 Assuming that these weights constitute an entire population, find the standard deviation of the population. Round your answer to at

    asked by paul
  25. Physics

    Larry leaves home at 9:03 and runs at constant speed to the lamppost(200 yards from the start). He reaches the lamppost at 9:07, immediately turns, and runs to the tree(1200 yards from the start). Larry arrives at the tree at 9:13. What is Larry’s

    asked by Alex
  26. math

    Use properties to find the suma or product 93+(68+7) 5×23×2 8×51 34+0+18+26 6×106

    asked by pietro
  27. UPNG

    Why was the tert. butyl chloride finally washed with water?

    asked by Hatalie H
  28. Math- urgent

    Vong grilled 21 burgers at a block party. He grilled the same number of pounds of turkey burgers as hamburgers. Each turkey burger weighed 1/4 pound and each hamburger weighed 1/3 pound. How many of each did Vong grill?

    asked by sara
  29. math 221n

    A shipment of 40 television sets contains 3 defective units. How many ways can a vending company can buy five of these units and receive no defective units?

    asked by anu
  30. Math

    The exchange rate from US dollars (USD) to euros (EUR) is given by 1 USD = 0.753 EUR. Give the answers to the following correct to two decimal places. Roger receives 800 Australian dollars (AUD) for 610 EUR. Calculate the value of the US dollar in

    asked by Lucas
  31. calculus

    1. Estimating the Temperature of a Yam Suppose you put a yam in a hot oven, maintained at a constant temperature of 200C. As the yam picks up heat from the oven, its temperature rises.16 (a) Draw a possible graph of the temperature T of the yam against

    asked by barbara
  32. algebra

    two equal sides of an isosceles triangle are (3x-1)and (2x+2) units . third sides is 2x units . finds x and the perimeter of the triangle

    asked by sachin
  33. Liz

    A rectangular lawn measuring 8m by 4m is surrounded by a flower bed of uniform width. The combined area of the lawn and the flower bed is 165cm^2. What is the width of the flower bed

    asked by Math
  34. chemistry

    How would I make 500 ml's of a .35M NaCI solution. MW= 58.44 ( I know how to do the first part) How many micromoles of NaCI would be present in that solution? What would be the percentage of NaCI in that solution?

    asked by frank
  35. Haley

    Three circles with radii 35cm, 50cm, and 65cm respectively are tangent to each other externally. Find the angles of the triangle formed by joining the centers of the circles. My teacher said to use the cosine law cause you know 3 sides but no angles. But I

    asked by Math
  36. College Algebra

    Use the position equation given below, where s represents the height of the object (in feet), v0 represents the initial velocity of the object (in feet per second), s0 represents the initial height of the object (in feet), and t represents the time (in

    asked by Angie
  37. Chemistry

    Trans isomer is more stable than the Cis isomer.why?

    asked by S.C.D
  38. accounting II

    Janice Janitorial Supplies has cash of $28,000; net accounts receivable of $33,500; short-term investments of $6,000 and inventory of $20,000. It also has $22,500 in current liabilities and $37,500 in long-term liabilities. The current ratio for Janice

    asked by CAW
  39. Math

    Simplify. y^-9*y^3 Write your answer with a positive exponent only.

    asked by Amber
  40. Matt

    At a country concert, the ratio of boys to the number of girls is 2:7. If there are 250 more girls than boys, how many boys are at the concert?

    asked by Brynn
  41. memphis school

    Two boats leave a dock at the same time, one goes eastward at 10miles per hour and the other goes north at 24miles per hour how miles apart are both boats after 3hours

    asked by josh
  42. Drama

    How is 4.48 Psychosis by playwright Sarah Kane a postmodern drama?

    asked by Holly
  43. Geometry

    If the area of the large rectangle is 147 units squared, what is the perimeter of the shaded area. There is a visual of a large rectangle divided into four smaller ones. One is shaded. The area is given for the other three: 48 and 15 along the top half of

    asked by Laurel
  44. Algebra

    A tank contains 1200 litres . A tap is turned on and 40 litres of water escape each minute. How much water has escaped in 12 minutes.

    asked by Nic
  45. trigonometry

    a captive balloon is connected to a ground station A by a cable of length 842 ft inclined 65 degrees to the horizontal. In a vertical plane with the balloon and its station and on the opposite side of the balloon from A, a target B was sighted from the

    asked by rhinechilde
  46. Math

    The initial amount of sugar in fermenting a batch of beer is 5.5grams. Over time the sugar decreases at a rate of 0.1grams per day. a. what is the amount of sugar that remains after 7 days? 23days? b. If A represents the amount of sugar, write an equation

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Math

    Suppose you have a $1,000 face value bond with 12 years to maturity, a coupon rate of 6% and a yield to maturity of 8%. If the bond makes semiannual payments, what is it's price today?

    asked by Cherile
  48. math

    a captive balloon is connected to a ground station A by a cable of length 842 ft inclined 65 degrees to the horizontal. In a vertical plane with the balloon and its station and on the opposite side of the balloon from A, a target B was sighted from the

    asked by rhinechilde
  49. chemistry

    35.6 g of Zn reacts with 87.1 g of Br to produce ZnBr2, the only product, with no reactant left over. How much ZnBr2 could be formed by reacting 156 g of Br? 1. 538 g 2. 45.4 g 3. 382 g 4. 220 g 5. 0.0156 g 6. 0.00262 g

    asked by Alison
  50. math

    which fraction could be expressed as a terminating decimal. I relly don't know what to do is it a 2/3 b 1/9 c 8/8 d 7/12

    asked by mariano
  51. algebra

    It cost $200 to rent a room they charge $13 per person what is the algebraic expressing for total cost for n?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Math for college readiness

    Find the greatest common factor of these two expressions. 16w^3x^8v^4 and 28x^2v^7

    asked by Amber R.
  53. math

    a pilot entering a bay on course 60.3 degrees at the speed of 12 knots sees a light bearing 37.3 degrees true, and 20 mins later he sees it bearing 20 degrees true. if he keeps the same course and speed,(a)when will he be nearest to the lighthouse and how

    asked by rhinechilde
  54. Biology

    In a controlled experiment, a scientist is studying how long it takes pea plants growing in different soil types to develop flower buds. What is the manipulated independent variable? a) type of soil used b) number of flower buds produced c) how long it

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Biology

    What are two traits of an information source that may indicate the information given is scientifically unreliable? Answer: peer review does not necessarily indicate that the other field expert reviews are in agreement with conclusions of the original

    asked by Please Help
  56. Math, Science, Sociology, Economics

    Math: What is the answer to 1146(150+X)+8911(743+19X) Science: What is photosynthesis? Sociology: What is figuration and functionalism? Economics: What is Opportunity cost? Why is it relevant to life?

    asked by Shaan
  57. Algebra

    If twice the opposite of a number increased by five, then the result is the opposite of a number. What is the number? What is this even asking off me?

    asked by Lydia
  58. Physics

    From the top of a cliff with 80 m height a stone is thrown vertically and finally hit the surface of ocean. Initial velocity of stone is 40 m/s. Find: (a) time to reach to max height. (b) how high goes from surface of ocean? (c) what is velocity of stone 2

    asked by Lilian
  59. physics

    a constant rrtarding force of50N is applied to a body of mass 20 kg moving initially with speed of 15 ms-1.How long does the body take to stop?

    asked by Anonymous
  60. physics

    A child is pushing a shopping cart at a speed of 0.7 m/s. How long will it take the child to push the cart down an aisle with a length of 17.3 m? (Answer in seconds)

    asked by tay
  61. Algebra

    A & B Share a $21.00 pizza. B eats 2/3 the amount that A eats. How much should each person pay? There is some pizza left. I am thinking a+2/3b=$21.00 1 2/3 b =$21.00 b=$21.00divided by 1 2/3 b= 8.43 a= $12.57

    asked by Rebecca
  62. Math

    Use substitution to solve the system. 3x+5y=21 y=2x-1

    asked by Bobby
  63. math

    Find the equation of the circle with endpoints of diameter (-1,3) and (7, -5)

    asked by Marie P.
  64. Chemistry

    How much water must be added to 963 g of solid sodium hydroxide needed in order to prepare a 1.50 M solution?

    asked by Anonymous
  65. trig

    the 40ft. pole is braced by , a wire from its top in a point 60ft. from its base up, snd 18° slope. how long is the wire?

    asked by marrylou
  66. Physics

    Determine the magnitude of the vector sum V=V1+V2 and the angle theta(x) which V makes counterclockwise from the positive x-axis. V1 = 34 units and makes a 20 degree angle with the +x axis V2 = 28 units and forms a 3,4,5 triangle with the -x axis

    asked by Tim
  67. math

    the first planhas a $16 monthly fee and charges an additional $.08 for each min. of calls. the second plan charges $10. fee and charges an addition $.13 for each min. for how many min. of calls will the cost be equal?

    asked by lisa
  68. Business

    As preserve makes headway into the larger retail chains, what challenges will it face?

    asked by Gloria
  69. math

    The number 5 is A) prime B) composite C) neither prime nor composite D) both prime and composite

    asked by pietro
  70. trigonometry

    a pilot entering a bay on course 60.3 degrees at the speed of 12 knots sees a light bearing 37.3 degrees true, and 20 mins later he sees it bearing 20 degrees true. if he keeps the same course and speed,(a)when will he be nearest to the lighthouse and how

    asked by rhinechilde
  71. MA120 help please

    Can a/b and (a+b)/b ever form a proportion? Why or why not?

    asked by DAWN
  72. Haley

    How to get from general form to intercept form in quadratic equations. I'm not sure if it's possible. Or how do you get from vertex form to intercept form. .?.

    asked by Math
  73. Maths

    The mass of a truck when loaded with sand is 2875,35kg .After unloading the sand it has mass of 2010,5kg.what is the mass of the sand?

    asked by Kagiso sithole
  74. trigonometry

    Write the quadratic function whose zeros are: 1. 2+square root of 5, 2-square root of 5 2. 3+7i,3-7i 3. 5±i Please tell me how to get them. I have no clue on how to solve them.

    asked by james
  75. PLUS ONE

    two bodies begin to fall freely from the same height the second t second after the long the first body begin to fall,will the distance between the two bodies be equal L.

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Honors Algebra II

    I've been stuck on a problem with my homework for a couple of minutes now. We are doing Systems of Two Equations, using the substitution method. The problem is: 4y-6x+20=0 3=(18/5)x+(21/10)y

    asked by Alfred
  77. English


    asked by LAKSHMI
  78. Chemistry Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1)The equipment you would use for carrying out a simple distillation at reduced pressure (i.e. under vacuum) 2)What could be the advantage of carrying out a distillation under vacuum as compared to atmospheric pressure?

    asked by Kim
  79. math

    Solve the following logarithmic equation. ln(x+3)-ln(x-2)=6

    asked by kenni
  80. Liz

    The answer to a question is 564.90. The question said to round to the nearest ten meters. What does nearest ten meters mean. Would it mean for me to round to 570 or 565

    asked by Math
  81. Math

    It seems that even though i am older than a sibling by about three years the state keeps changing curriculum s for the grade and now i think i know the answer but I'm not sure of it. In the decimal 99.999, which is 1/10 the value of the 9 in the tenths

    asked by Lawyer
  82. calculus

    1. Let S be the region in the first quadrant bounded by the graphs of y = e^(-x^2) y = 2x^2, and the y axis. y x = 2 , and the y-axis. a) Find the area of the region S. So when I integrate, is it from 0 to .5325? I found where they intersect on the

    asked by Jack
  83. Educational Tech.

    Which of the following sentences is written in the passive voice? A.Charlie ran down the street. B.The delicious bread is baked by Mr.Jillin. C.The plane will fly at five o'clock. D.Kristin played with her dolls. Is the answer d?

    asked by Gwen
  84. algeba

    1/Q + 1/P = 1/B Solve for B. Can you tell me how to start this problem off?

    asked by Rebecca
  85. math


    asked by pietro
  86. world history

    Three grandsons of the Emperor Charlemagne Became ruler of territories that would include all of the following modern day states except A England B Italy C Germany D France please help im in urgent need f an answer

    asked by Tank
  87. Marh

    If there are 2 ferris wheels and one takes 6 minutes to go a full circle a round and the other takes 9 minutes to go around. And a person gets on each ferris wheel how many minutes does it take until they are both at the bottom at the same time.

    asked by Pam Coleman
  88. Math

    Is 2.2 miles too long of a distance to walk to school?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. statistics

    Four girls (say I, II, III and IV) are to rank 3 different types of cake (say A, B and C) in a blindfold test. Each girl ranks the three cakes as 1 (for the cake she likes the best), 2 and 3, and then the assigned ranks of each type of cake are summed.

    asked by URMILA
  90. statistics

    An urn contains 10 balls of which 6 are white, 3 are red and 1 is green. Two balls are drawn at random from the urn. Find the probability distribution of number of white balls drawn. Hence state the expected number of white balls one can get in such a

    asked by URMILA
  91. Intermediate Algebra

    Is this correct 32-4-2-16-4 [{32x4}]-(2+16)/4 128-18=110/4=27.5

    asked by Babydoll07
  92. Math

    The three angles of a triangle are 105°,25°,50° . In what ratios are the sides?

    asked by Haley
  93. physics

    An airplane travels 200 km/h through the air. If it heads directly against a 40- km/h wind, what is its speed relative to the ground?

    asked by kate
  94. Algebra

    So in an equation if there is an alphabetic entity the equation is open? My answer is yes

    asked by Steve
  95. Ordinary Interest

    Find the ordinary interest on a loan of $1500 at 14% for 4 months.

    asked by Leslie
  96. Economics

    What is an opportunity cost of cancellong cable?

    asked by Anonymous
  97. maths

    I Am a multiple of 10 I am between 100 and 200 my digits add to make a total of 3 what number am i

    asked by Kabeer
  98. science

    Mary is driving on a straight road. Suddenly a deer jumps out in front of her. Mary turns her car to the left to avoid the deer. Which best describes what happens to mary's head position if she is wearing her seatbelt? A) mary's head moves to the left b

    asked by lori
  99. Precal

    Name the quadrant that contains each angle a.) 2pi/3 b.) 230 degrees c.) pi/6 d.) 120 degrees e.) 7pi/4

    asked by Anonymous
  100. AP Calc. AB

    Evaluate the approximate tangent slope to f(x)=x^3/8 when x=4

    asked by Emma
  101. Math

    The three angles of a triangle are 105°,25°,50° . In what ratios are the sides?

    asked by Haley
  102. economics

    what are the costs and consequences of providing the susidies and welfare

    asked by Anonymous
  103. Math

    What does this question mean Find the zeros of the following equation y=(x+1)(x-3) Does it mean. 0=(x+1). Or 0=(x-3) x=-1. Or x=3

    asked by Elizabeth
  104. physics

    An automobile starts from rest and accelerates to a final velocity in two stages along a straight road. Each stage occupies the same amount of time. In stage 1, the magnitude of the car's acceleration is 2.84 m/s2. The magnitude of the car's velocity at

    asked by Kristain
  105. chemistry

    You have a protein solution of 3.7mgs/ml You need to load 20ug onto a gel. How much of this solution would you use ?

    asked by frank
  106. English

    "Ah, never mind," answered the police officer and smiled. -------------------------------- Q: In the sentence above, did the police officer answered and smiled at the same time? Or did he answered that way, and then smile?

    asked by rfvv
  107. Algebra

    A stock market analyst was investigating the trends of two independent stocks and was surprised to see that both stocks were at the same unit value after a 12 month period. He knew that both stocks had started at the same value but had undergone different

    asked by Nic
  108. algebra

    How many kg of tea leaf costing $20 per kg ,must be mixed with 24 kg of tea leaf costing $14 per kg, so that the resultant mixture tea cost $16 per kg

    asked by yshashree
  109. 7th grade Science

    Can you help me figure out the manipulated , responding, & controlled variables in the following? Walker wanted to test how weight of a paper airplane affected the distance the airplane flew. he stood at the starting line and threw the airplane. He

    asked by Alexis
  110. Chemistry

    Dr. Penny Dollar is a health psychologist interested in getting more people to wash their hands after using the restroom. She places a stack of attractive terry cloth towels in one men’s room and a roll of brown, thin paper sheets in another men’s room

    asked by Anonymous
  111. Chemistry

    You want to know if the amount of protein in a female rat’s diet affects the average birth weight of her individual offspring. In a controlled experiment, what would be the dependent (responding) variable? a) amount of protein in the diet b) average

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Health

    How is family therapy a treatment option? A. Analyzes risk behaviors and aims to improve relationship factors, and learning to solve problems that might lead to drinking. B. Offers strategies to help patients better understand the factors and situations

    asked by Audra
  113. ENGLISH- Ordinary People by Judith Guest

    In the book Ordinary People by Judith Guest, what are her biases? How can one determine an authors bias if it is a fiction book?

    asked by Taylor
  114. Algebra

    Is (1, -4) a solution for the equation y = -2x? My answer is 1 = 2 (-4) 1 = -8 No it isn't

    asked by Julie
  115. physics

    116In nuclei are produced at the rate of 10 s-1. Calculate the maximum number of 116In nuclei (number in equilibrium) in the sample if the half-life of 116In is 54 m. So far I have come up with ... The half life = 54m x 60 s-1 = 3.24 x 103 s-1 (In2) / λ =

    asked by Ali
  116. Geography

    Is there a website of a population map for 2014?

    asked by Kyralle
  117. Science

    What are legs when using them to push a heavy weight?

    asked by Brayden
  118. Math

    how do write this fraction as a percent 21/25

    asked by Jada
  119. Math

    Two ways to write 67,000 ----place value

    asked by Grace
  120. Algebra

    A new tollway is built. For the first month there is no toll to use the road and each day 4800 cars use it. After the first month it is estimated that for each dollar increase in the toll, 800 fewer cars will use the tollway. At what price do you think the

    asked by Nic
  121. writing

    What is the difference between objective vs subjective views in a book and how can I determine them? (essay for Ordinary People by Judith Guest)

    asked by Taylor
  122. Trigonometry

    Write the quadratic function whose zeros are: 1. 2+square root of 5, 2-square root of 5 2. 3+7i,3-7i 3. 5±i Please tell me how to get them. I have no clue on how to solve them.

    asked by Glenn
  123. Math

    A shooting game has 10 targets. The player has 10 arrows. In order to win the game, the player must shoot all 10 targets. What is the probability of shooting all 10 targets?

    asked by Anonymous
  124. math

    Solve 10/x - 12/(x-3) + 4 = 0

    asked by Marie P.
  125. math

    Simplify (3x-2)^3 - (4x+5)^2

    asked by Gray
  126. Statistics

    1. The average time it takes for a cellphone to reboot is 3 minutes with a standard deviation of 10 seconds. The average time it takes a computer to restart is 5 minutes with a standard deviation of 15 seconds. Both are normally distributed. Suppose that a

    asked by Jessica
  127. Biology

    What is a written observation called? Answer: hypothesis

    asked by Please Help
  128. Physics

    Hello, I don't understand how to do part "d" of the question. Can someone please explain it to me step by step? Do I use the 2nd equation to solve it? Using one of the following formulas: 1. Vy = g * t + Voy 2. y = 1/2 * g * t^2 + Voy * t 3. Vy^2 = Vo^2 *

    asked by Lilian
  129. English

    Explain how the en's scheme backfired? The Ransom of Red Chief

    asked by LAKSHMI
  130. Math

    If sheila wants to earn 10% annual simple interest on an investment, how much should she invest so that its value is worth $20000 in 15 months?

    asked by Merelesita
  131. College Algebra

    A and B share a $21 pizza. B eats 2/3 as much as A. How much should they each pay. Hint: There is still some pizza left.

    asked by Rebecca
  132. Question

    How do mole rats communicate? Gestures Smell Touch Symbols Or sounds?

    asked by anonymous
  133. algebra

    the distance s to school is 1/5 more than the distance c to the pool

    asked by kylie
  134. math

    what 3 -dimensional soild has a circle as every cross-section

    asked by kis
  135. Math

    You have 17fourths of pizza. Show with math or pictures how many pizza you have. 4 pizzas with 1 slice left. 4

    asked by Alison
  136. Literature

    Debut on Traditional Classroom vs. Internet based Learning. Take a side of Tradtional Classroom

    asked by Smith Thomas
  137. algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  138. Precal

    Do the following angles have the same terminal side? Yes or no 45 and 405

    asked by Anonymous
  139. health

    What are common causes of short-term stress? A. Too much to do in not enough time B. Lots of little problems in the same day C. Getting lost D. All of the above D?

    asked by kevin
  140. Algebra

    Is 32 =8x - 8 an example of an open equation? My answer is yes

    asked by Julie
  141. Geography

    When doing world maps on climate zones and elevation, do we still need to color the ocean?

    asked by Kyralle
  142. algebra 2

    Which of the following is the solution to |x|-2

    asked by jacqueline
  143. Chemistry

    How do you cope with a fire on your labatory bench?

    asked by Anonymous
  144. math

    Collect the water and electricity bill for your flat in the month of June, July and August- 2014. Construct a double bar graph for it. a) In which month is the consumption of water more? b) In which month is the consumption of electricity less?

    asked by sandra
  145. english

    In the book Ordinary People by Judith Guest, what are her biases? How can one determine an authors bias if it is a fiction book?

    asked by Taylor
  146. Math

    estimate 6.9 x 3.67 2.800

    asked by Alison
  147. math

    m=2/3 trying to help my child can someone please show me how to do this

    asked by ffe
  148. math

    simplify with a positive number y^-9*y^3=

    asked by lisa
  149. math

    10, 15, 25 what is the range ?

    asked by jeff
  150. math


    asked by coby
  151. math

    estimate 6.9 x3.67 25.323

    asked by Alison
  152. Math

    .037x.15 0.00555

    asked by Alison