Questions Asked on
August 26, 2014

  1. P.E

    The health triangle is made up of(choose all that apply)? 3 points A. Monetary health. (B.) social health. (C.) physical health. (D.)mental and emotional. that's what i think. help fast. choose three.

    asked by chris
  2. Geometry

    C is the midpoint of AB, D is the midpoint of AC, E is the midpoint of AD, F is the midpoint of ED, G is the midpoint of EF, and H is the midpoint of DB. If DC = 16, what is GH?

    asked by Paisley
  3. math

    Write the number in two other forms 15,409

    asked by pietro
  4. compound interest

    At the beginning of every year, Molly deposits $200 in a savings account that offers an interest rate of 20%, compounded annually. The total amount that Molly will have in her account at the end of 3 years is

    asked by Anonymous
  5. math

    310,763,136 Write this number in word form

    asked by pietro
  6. Biology

    Compare and contrast the structure and function of a compound light microscope and a scanning electron microscope. Be sure to discuss the structure and function of each as well as the function and usefulness of each when examining a specimen. Please help!

    asked by School Lover
  7. P.E

    Your friend spends most of his free time eating junk food and playing games on the computer. which way on the health continuum is moving? A. wellness B. long life expectancy C. illness D. obesity i think A

    asked by chris
  8. math

    20,484,163 Write en expanded form

    asked by pietro
  9. Chemistry

    The relative molecular mass of a molecule of chlorine is 72. Which properties of the atoms in this molecule are the same? 1 radius 2 nucleon number 3 relative isotopic mass Answer: 1 only Can someone please explainnn! Thanks :)

    asked by Ariana
  10. algebra

    $5900 is invested, part of it at 11% and part of it was at 6%. For a certain year, the total yield is at $509.00. How much was invested at each rate?

    asked by Mike R
  11. Science

    Which of the following identifies a measurement, its SI unit, and the tool most commonly used to measure it? a) lenght, meter, ruler b) temperature, degrees fahrenheit, thermometer c) weight, gram, scale d) volume, milimeter, meiscus The answer I chose was

    asked by Faye J.
  12. Algebra

    There are 8 crackers in 1 serving. 16 crackers in 2 servings, 24 crackers in 3 servings, and so on. How many crackers are in a box of 12 servings, My answer is 8:1 ratio 1 serving = 8 crackers 12 servings at 8:1` ratio - 96 crackers,

    asked by Faye
  13. Chemistry

    a cap cork stopper from a bottle of liquid is not put down on a desk while you are pouring out some of the liquid why?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. algebra

    evaluate a/z + bw^2 for a=21,b=3,w=6,and z=7 a) 111 b) 108 c) 301 d) 1,777 is the answer a ?

    asked by SHY GURL
  15. Grammar

    Write in the correct verb tense. 18.Joseph's English (improve, really) , isn't it? He (watch) American television programs and (study) his grammar every day since he first arrived in San Diego. Soon he will be totally fluent. I am not sure what verb tense

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Physics

    Determine the magnitude of the vector sum V=V1+V2 and the angle theta(x) which V makes counterclockwise from the positive x-axis. V1 = 34 units and makes a 20 degree angle with the +x axis V2 = 28 units and forms a 3,4,5 triangle with the -x axis

    asked by Tim
  17. Science

    1. How is a model of an atom different from a real atom? A. A model of an atom is not as big as an actual atom. B. A model of an atom is the same as a real atom. C. A model of an atom is more complex than a real atom. D. A model of an atom is not as small

    asked by Amber
  18. chemistry

    The vapor pressure of ethanol is 54.68 mm Hg at 25oC. How many grams of chlorophyll , C55H72MgN4O5, a nonvolatile, nonelectrolyte (MW = 893.5 g/mol), must be added to 207.6 grams of ethanol to reduce the vapor pressure to 53.60 mm Hg ? ethanol = CH3CH2OH =

    asked by jojo
  19. P.E

    Visiting your doctor for regular check-ups is an example of which step you might take to meet take to meet your health goals? A. gain awareness. (B). gain knowledge. C. build health skill. D. set goals.

    asked by chris
  20. Math

    What number is 1,000,000 greater than 337,676

    asked by Marissa
  21. Science

    Turning on the switch in a flashlight starts a chemical reaction in the batteries. The chemical energy is turned to light energy and the flashlight lights up. Which part of this system is an example of a process? A. Turning on the switch is a process. B.

    asked by Amber
  22. Art

    Animation has changed from each scene cell being drawn by hand to entire worlds being created on a computer. This is an example of....... A. innovation B. aesthetics C. expression D. creativity I think A am I correct?

    asked by Amber
  23. Grammar

    18.Joseph's English (improve, really) , isn't it? He (watch) American television programs and (study) his grammar every day since he first arrived in San Diego. Soon he will be totally fluent. 19. When I (arrive) ARRIVED home last night, I discovered that

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Science

    If an experiment disproves a scientists hypothesis, what should the scientist do next? A. develop a testable question B. revise the hypothesis and try the experiment again. C. develop a theory based on the data gathered in the experiment D. change the

    asked by Gwen
  25. MATH

    0.600 of the students are in sports. if there are 1000 kids in school, how many participate in a school sport? A-6000 B-600 C-60 or D-6

    asked by LAKSHMI
  26. trigonometry

    the pilot in an airplane observes the angle of depression of a light directly below his line of sight to be 30.4 degrees. a minute later, its angle of depression is 43.0 degrees. if he is flying horizontally in a straight course at the rate of 150 mph,

    asked by rhinechilde
  27. math

    A Coast Guard ship patrols an area of 125 square miles. The area the ship patrols is a square. About how long is each side of the square? Round your answer to the nearest mile.

    asked by Timothy
  28. Oklahoma History

    What causes the tornadoes that plague the part of Oklahoma known as “tornado alley”?

    asked by Katt
  29. English

    dentify the word that best describes the bolded word. The match was played INDOORS due to the bad weather. A.) adjective B.) adver!@#$%^&********* C.) preposition D.) conjunction The REST of the inheritance was given to charity. A.) noun B.) pronoun C.)

    asked by Cassie
  30. chemistry

    pepsin is an enzyme involved in the process of digestion. its molar mass is about 3.50 x 10^-4 g/mol. what is thr osmotic pressure in mm Hg at 30 degree oC of a 0.400g sample of pepsin in 55.0mL of an aqueous solution?

    asked by mickey
  31. Science

    Which of the following is not a model? A. an ant farm B. a bicycle C. an atlas D. a plastic human skeleton I think B is the answer am I correct?

    asked by Amber
  32. math

    Without using mathematical table or calculator evaluate 0.18x12.5/0.05x0.2?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. math

    12,24,72,288 what is next

    asked by Maria
  34. Calculus

    A payload is released at an elevation of 500m from a hot-air balloon rising at a rate of 14 m/s v(t)=? How would I go about starting this problem? I know that the procedure is relatively simple but I am beyond rusty and second guess myself too much. Any

    asked by Michael G
  35. Math

    The ratio of the number of red and blue candies in a jar is 7:8. If the percentage increase in the number of red and blue be 20% and 10% respectively , what will be the new ratio?

    asked by Noor
  36. math

    which property is represented by 5+(8)=8+5? A)Identity B)Associative C)Commutative D)Distributive Is the answer C

    asked by Gwen
  37. tigonometry

    the pilot in an airplane observes the angle of depression of a light directly below his line of sight to be 30.4 degrees. a minute later, its angle of depression is 43.0 degrees. if he is flying horizontally in a straight course at the rate of 150 mph,

    asked by rhinechilde
  38. Math

    The incomes of Aslam, Babar and Rafeeq are in the ratio 2:3:5. If the increments of 15%,10% and 20% are allowed respectively in their salaries, then what will be new ratio of their income?

    asked by Noor
  39. p.e

    You decide you are going to make more responsible health decisions. Which of the following risk factors can you control? A. there is a history of heart disease in your family. B. there is a higher incidence of high blood pressure in your ethnic group. C.

    asked by lily
  40. English

    I'm writting an essay about poverty at it's worst what are the things that i should include on my mind map at least 10 things please

    asked by Lesedi
  41. accounting II

    Joshua owns an apartment complex with 7 tenants. Each unit rents for $1,500 per month. At the end of April, three tenants were past due on paying their rent. Which of the following represents the correct adjusting journal entry Matt should make at the end

    asked by CAW
  42. Calculus

    Find each of the following functions. f(x) = x2 − 3, g(x) = 5x + 2 (a) f compose g State the domain of the function. (Enter your answer using interval notation.) (b) g compose f State the domain of the function. (Enter your answer using interval

    asked by Breauna
  43. statistics

    The number of new boats sold at a boat dealership in a given week qualitative/nominal qualitative/ordinal quantitative/continuous quantitative/discrete the weight of a gemstone qualitative/nominal qaulitative/ordinal quantitative/continuous

    asked by Kim
  44. physics

    A person whose eyes are 2.87 m above the floor stands 2.11 m in front of a vertical plane mirror whose bottom edge is 41 cm above the floor. What is the horizontal distance x to the base of the wall supporting the mirror of the nearest point on the floor

    asked by Zati
  45. english

    Which is mostly missing from “The Lady in the Looking Glass” because it is a stream-of-consciousness narrative

    asked by Anonymous
  46. physics

    Vector has a magnitude of 136 units and points 35.0 ° north of west. Vector points 69.0 ° east of north. Vector points 19.0 ° west of south. These three vectors add to give a resultant vector that is zero. Using components, find the magnitudes of (a)

    asked by Joe
  47. accounting

    Westchase Supplies reported sales of $5,000,000, cost of goods sold of $3,200,000, operating expenses of $1,400,000 and income tax expense of $160,000 for the year What was the company’s net income for the year?

    asked by ann
  48. math

    a. The formula for the velocity of an object is , where v is the velocity of the object, d is the distance traveled, and t is the time elapsed while that distance is traveled. If you had only this formula to work with, what should your first step be in

    asked by kerrica
  49. chemistry

    A 1.11 M solution of fluoroacetic acid, FCH2CO2H, is 5% dissociated in water. Calculate the value of the pKa of FCH2CO2H. pKa: ?? I dn't even know how to strt with this

    asked by WIll
  50. P.E

    During adolescence, your self-esteem may influence you to choose other friends or reject the friends you've had for years? True False Is the answer False?

    asked by Gwen
  51. chemistry

    a solution is prepared by mixing 1.0 grams of benzen(c6h6) in 100g of water to create a solution total volume of 100ml.calculate the molarity,mass percent,mole fraction and molarity of benzene in the solution

    asked by john
  52. p.e

    Which of the following habits will most likely move you towards the illness end of the health continuum? A. maintaining supportive relationships with family and friends B. getting enough rest C. Dieting D. isolating yourself from others Is the answer a?

    asked by lily
  53. Biology

    Is yeast living, nonliving, or dead? Explain why.

    asked by Raven
  54. math

    What is another way to write 3x(4+7)? A.3x4+7 B.3x4x7 C.3x4+4x7 D.(3x4)+(3x7) Is the answer D?

    asked by Gwen
  55. chemistry

    glycine and lysine, have the following values of the relevant acid dissociation constants (pKa) glycine, pKa=2.35 lysine,pKa=10.79 For an aqueous solution of glycine alone, calculate the value of pH at which the ratio of the concentration of neutral

    asked by Will
  56. Chem

    1.00 * 10^26 molecules of Tl to moles

    asked by Ana
  57. math

    The cost for class trip is $5 per student plus$100 for the bus. Input(x) rule output(x) 18 22 24 30

    asked by mary
  58. Algebra

    Is (0,3) a solution to the equation y =x + 3 his is my teachers answer to my question of usage of the 2 numbers mentioned as possible solutions. yes it does make a difference. (4,8) is called an ordered pair. Ordered pairs are always in the form (x,y) That

    asked by Faye
  59. English

    Identify the word that best describes the bolded word. The interviewer REMAINED speechless upon hearing about the senator's revelations. A.) linking ver!@#$%^&***** B.) action verb C.) auxiliary verb D.) transitive verb FEW people know about the complex

    asked by Cassie
  60. A lev chem

    Comment on the solubility of iodine (I2) in each of the following liquids. State whether at room temperature you expect I2 to be highly soluble or almost insoluble, and choose the appropriate reasons why. HINT: It may behoove you to draw the Lewis

    asked by PD
  61. Math

    (a) Themba wants to deposit a sum of money into a savings account so that he will have R30 000 in 3 years time for an overseas holiday how much money must he deposit into the account if the interest paid on the savings is 8,5% p.a (b) R1 000 is deposited

    asked by Lesedi
  62. Analytical Chemistry

    A 500-mL buffer was prepared and it is 0.300 M in nitrous acid (HNO2 , Ka = 4.0 x 10-4) and 0.200 M in sodium nitrite, NaNO2. What will be the pH of this solution after adding 1.00 mL of 6.00 M HCl?

    asked by Allene
  63. physics

    You measure the mass of a 500 g standard on your balance four times. You get values of 455 g, 456 g, 454 g, and 455 g. Which of the following best describes your balance?

    asked by alex
  64. p.e

    All aspects of health are equally important. A problem in one area can affect other areas. A. true B. False Is the answer false?

    asked by lily
  65. chemistry

    the boiling point increased by 2oC, what is the approximate molality of NaCl. K boiling point(water)= 0.512oC/m

    asked by mickey
  66. Math

    The ratio of bananas to peaches in a fruit basket is 12 to 7. If there is 63 peaches then how many bananas are they

    asked by Jessica jenkins
  67. chemistry

    the freezing point of benzene C6H6 is 5.5000C at 1 atmosphere. In a laboratory experiment, students synthesized a new compound and found that when 10.70 grams of the compound were dissolved in 294.0 grams of benzene, the solution began to freeze at

    asked by mickey
  68. english

    which is punctuated correctly?????? Despite the rain many people come to the outside wedding. We went to a movie, and did some shopping,after we ate lunch at the deli. Over the summer, many people plan to travel to exotic places, and play at the beach.

    asked by Molly
  69. math

    I have a nickel. dime and a quarter, the dime is in the middle, how do I move the dime from center wihtout touching it. I would simply slide the nickel to the back

    asked by Mary
  70. Statistics

    use the stem-and leaf plot below to answer questions 11-13. Assume that 30/0=300 30/0 31/2 2 32/1 5 33/0 3 6 34/4 5 7 8 35/1 1 2 9 How many numbers are in the original data set? 6 16 22 9 What is the largest number in the data set? 9 22 35 359 If this data

    asked by Kathryn
  71. math (4th grade)

    june made a DESIGN with 6 equal tiles.One tile is yellow, 2 tiles are blue,and 3 tiles are purple.What fraction of the tiles are yellow or purple?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Math-help please

    1) an architect built a model of a 220ft tall building . The model is 25inches tall and 10inches wide. How wide is the actual building , I know the answer is 88 but how do u get it.

    asked by Rian
  73. English

    Identify the word that best describes the bolded word. 1. NO ONE believed the woman when she said that she was at the crime scene that night. A.) Noun B.) Pronoun****** C.) Verb D.) Adverb The president HERSELF had to intervene to settle the dispute. A.)

    asked by Cassie
  74. Chemistry

    Determine for solid manganese (Mn) the following: What is the atomic density (atoms/m) along the [110] direction of the Mn crystal? What are the number of nearest neighbors around an atom in the Mn crystal? Calculate the interplanar spacing (m) between

    asked by 3091
  75. Math

    Hot dogs come in packages of 6. Hot dog buns come in packages of 8. Antonio will buy the same number of hot dogs as hot dog buns. How many hot dogs could he buy?

    asked by Alena
  76. Math 114

    a store mixes kenyan coffee worth $11 per kilogram and turkish coffee worth $13 per kilo gram. The mixture is to sell for $12 per kilogram. Find how much of each should be used to make a 588 kilo mixture.

    asked by Gary
  77. trigonometry

    a captive balloon is connected to a ground station A by a cable of length 842 ft inclined 65 degrees to the horizontal. In a vertical plane with the balloon and its station and on the opposite side of the balloon from A, a target B was sighted from the

    asked by rhinechilde
  78. Physics

    The statically-indeterminate composite beam AB of length 2L is fixed at A (x=0) and is simply supported at B (x=2L). The beam is composed of a core of modulus E0 of constant square cross section of dimensions 2h0×2h0 bonded inside a sleeve of modulus 2E0

    asked by Ivan
  79. physics

    What's the net force acting on an 18-kg object if an acceleration of 3.0 m/s2 is produced? A. 54 N B. 12 N C. 6 N D. 36 N

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Advanced Math

    Planting Depth(in)|Height (in) 3 |5 6 |9 6 |18 6 |8 7 |21 6 |12 4 |12 ----------------------------------------- a.Write the depths as integers b.list those integers from least to greatest c.write the heights as integers d.list those integers from least to

    asked by Hailey 6th grade
  81. High School Chemistry

    How many kilograms of salt water, (with a density of 1.20 g/cm^3) are needed to fill an aquarium that measures 125.0 ft^3? (Hint: Density can be used as a conversion factor to convert volume to mass.)(Remember to make use of significant figures.) I haven't

    asked by Kalvin
  82. Math

    Rachel is 2 times as tall as Kendall. Rich is 3 inches taller than Rachel. Brian is 74 inches tall and 1 inch shorter than Rich. How tall is Kendall?

    asked by Lauryn
  83. math

    Find two unit vectors that make an angle of 60° with v =

    asked by sam
  84. math

    to determine the number of trout in a lake, a conservationist catches 111 trout,tags them throws them back into the lake.later 28 throw are caught. 14 of them are tagged. how many trout would be conservationist expect to be in the lake?'

    asked by michelle
  85. Math

    RD – z, t, or Chi-Square Test Study Background During this week you will work in your group discussion area to identify a research question created in week 1 that would utilize any of the following: z test, t test for single sample, independent samples t

    asked by Nancy McGee
  86. Mathematics

    price company received an invoice in the amount of $3,800 dated may 24 for merchandise they purchased. the terms of the sales are 3/15, 2/30, n/45. what payment should be made if the invoice is paid on June 20?

    asked by April
  87. Math

    I tried them all ready I need help Create an equvilant expression using the fewest number of terms 2.5-4x+7+6x 4. 2(x-14)+ 3(3x+5) I can't figure it out can u show me how u get the answer plz and thank u

    asked by Rian
  88. Math

    At Lucy's Restaurant,1 3/4 a serving of tomato soup is cups. Lucy makes 63 cups of tomato soup each day. How many servings of tomato soup does she make?

    asked by Rachel
  89. Art

    Creating artwork that showed scenes of everday life was very diffrent from what was normally painted in the late 1800s. This change in style allowed the artist to be more... A. common B. traditional C. creative D. boring I think C am I correct?

    asked by Amber
  90. Enlish Grammar, please help me

    Oct. 1, 2014 To Whom It May Cocern During my absence I hereby authorize Mr. Rame Ahmed Mostafa / Sandra Marquez to transact all legal documents and collect the room rental payment every month from the tenants. Persons mentioned above have the right to

    asked by jessie
  91. algebra

    what is the algebraic expression for the following word phrase: the sum of 6 and n ? a) 6 - n b) 6 + n c) n - 6 d) n + 6

    asked by SHY GURL
  92. Physics

    If toy rocket rises vertically and then falls back to the ground, what changes occur in the rocket's velocity and acceleration. Please give a sentence explanation not a formula

    asked by Brianna
  93. Life orientation

    (a) What are the effects making a girl pregnant (b) what suggestions can i give to a boy who made a girl pregnant not telling his father

    asked by Lesedi
  94. math

    Johnny studied for his math test 2 hours over the week end. Abby study 3 times as many hours. Abby studied 3 times as many hours hours.. How many hours did Abby study? let x=How many hours Abby study 2 × 3 = X X=6

    asked by kennedi
  95. Chem Help Please!!!

    For each of the pairs of elements below give the formula for the simplest compound to be formed from them and explain the basis of your decision and note if the bond(s) formed are ionic or covalent. a) sodium and fluorine b) nitrogen and hydrogen c)

    asked by Kim
  96. Math

    RD – z, t, or Chi-Square Test Study Background During this week you will work in your group discussion area to identify a research question created in week 1 that would utilize any of the following: z test, t test for single sample, independent samples t

    asked by Nancy McGee
  97. Math

    Find two pairs of numbers with 10 as their least common multiple

    asked by M
  98. English

    Would it be Feeling some stress when you face difficulties is natural Or Feeling some stress when you face difficulties are natural

    asked by Lizzy
  99. ap chem

    At what angle (in degrees) must {111} planes of platinum (Pt) be exposed to a collimated beam of thee X-rays in order to obtain by diffraction monochromatic CrKα radiation. ---- I know the relation between d and h+k+l but what does it mean the collimated

    asked by Roger
  100. Chemistry Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    for the following elements show the allocation of electrons to their orbitals on the basis of the Pauli exclusion principle and Hund's rule. a) Carbon b) Silicon Thanks!

    asked by Kim
  101. algebra

    Expressing using positive exponents. Then, if possible simplify. x little 7 above the x

    asked by RayR
  102. trigonometry

    a pilot entering a bay on course 60.3 degrees at the speed of 12 knots sees a light bearing 37.3 degrees true, and 20 mins later he sees it bearing 20 degrees true. if he keeps the same course and speed,(a)when will he be nearest to the lighthouse and how

    asked by rhinechilde
  103. health

    How do you lose weight? A. By using up more calories than you take in B. By using up more money on diet programs and pills C. By using up less energy than you take in D. By using up less calories than you take in D?

    asked by kevin
  104. Spanish

    What is a good nickname In Spanish?

    asked by ??
  105. algebra

    2/5 of the total questions on a test have the answer Choice of C. If 50 questions have the answer C, how many total questions are there? I've tried 20/50 2/5 times 50/1

    asked by Mj
  106. Check my math please ASAP

    If im not right then can you tell me which are wrong and right thanks 1.B 2.C 3.A 4.C 1.Which inequality is false? A.3 < 7 B.–8 < –5 C.–9 > –4 D.10 > –12 2.What are the integer solutions of the inequality |x| < 2 ? A.2 only B.2 and –2 C.1, 0,

    asked by Matt
  107. math

    Simplify (3y-5)(3y+5)

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Chem Help Please!!!

    Using quantum mechanics as a basis, explain in detail why there are exactly 14 elements shown in the Lanthanide series of the periodic table. Thank you!

    asked by Mello
  109. Math

    Olivia uses 3/8 cup brown rice flour to make healthy dog treats. The expression 3/8 × t represents how much flour is needed to make t treats. How much brown rice flour is needed to make 10 1/2 treats?

    asked by Lauryn
  110. Chemistry

    What procedures should you follow to:: 1. report spilling a chemical or breaking equipment? 2. cope with a fire on your lavatory bench? 3. dispose of cracked or broken glassware?

    asked by Anonymous
  111. ias

    IAS Question paper 2013. How will you write 26th August 2014 using only five letters (alphabets) without using number. ??

    asked by abhishek
  112. History,geography,tourism,math lit,zulu.

    Do Jiskha have A sarturday schools near soweto

    asked by Anonymous
  113. math

    A is 15 years elder than B.5 years ago A is four times as old as B.find their present ages

    asked by Nausad
  114. math

    Have I worked this problem correctly? The direction was to solve these equations 6x^2 +7 ______ 3x^2 +1 x^2-X^2=x 3/6=2 7-1=6 2x6

    asked by Cailey
  115. math

    25 August 2014 write in five letters without using numbers

    asked by prashant
  116. math

    If x and y are positive, when is x-y negative?

    asked by cameron
  117. math

    How do u solve the proportion for 2-x/8=3/4

    asked by markeese
  118. math

    How many possible license plates can be made with 4 letters followed by 4 numbers and must start with the letter C

    asked by Mary
  119. Math

    In a class of 80 students, 40 bring their textbooks to class, 20 bring some sort of beverage to class, 60 bring calculators to class, while 5 students bring nothing to class. If 30 students bring both their textbooks and calculators to class, how many

    asked by anonymous
  120. Math

    Pete is 5.77 cm taller than Kyle. Kyle is 155.09 cm tall. How tall is Pete?

    asked by sam
  121. Math

    I'm writting a conclusion about my essay on poverty what should i say

    asked by Lesedi
  122. math

    Add the odd numbers divisible by 3 lying between 200 and arithmetic or geometric progression.

    asked by emmanuel
  123. Math

    Pete is 5.77 cm taller than Kyle. Kyle is 155.09 cm tall. How tall is Pete?

    asked by sam
  124. math

    ok i don't know this so here it is it says use the number 913,256 and write the period that has the 913. what did they just say?

    asked by kali
  125. English

    1. I'll be there(=in prison) for seven years for making fake money. 2. I'll be there (=in prison) for seven years for having made fake money. (Which expression is grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  126. chemistry

    At what angle (in degrees) must {111} planes of platinum (Pt) be exposed to a collimated beam of thee X-rays in order to obtain by diffraction monochromatic CrKα radiation.

    asked by William
  127. Written communication

    Often applied to politicians, the term _______ suggests hiding one's feelings while obscuring or "spinning" facts. A. vacillate B. simulate C. dissimulate D. dissemble plz help me

    asked by Tank
  128. Math help

    (6x^4-x^3+11x^2-2x-2)/(3x+1) i don't know to solve it

    asked by Anonymous
  129. Physics

    If a car is accelerating, is the car's velocity constant. Please sentence explanation.

    asked by Brianna
  130. Math

    What is the value of the expression when r = 3 and s = 11? 80 + (r2 × s2) + s (The "2" are squared, so its r squared and s squared.)

    asked by Finn
  131. Math

    Evaluate: e^3016 (e is exponential)

    asked by Vitaly
  132. Math

    If a car is driven at a speed of 78 mph and they travel for 3.5 hours , what is the distance traveled?

    asked by Lizzie
  133. chemistry

    the density of alcohol is 0.79g/ml. find the mass of 15.5ml of alcohol? 15.5ml x 0.79g/ml = mass 12.245g

    asked by Karen
  134. Chemistry

    Why should you use only clean glassware?

    asked by Anonymous
  135. math

    is the square root of 9 a rational number?

    asked by Timothy
  136. Sociology

    Could somebody give me a case/problem where sociology made change?

    asked by Prakash Padukone
  137. math


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  138. math


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