Questions Asked on
August 24, 2014

  1. electrical circuit

    A 72-ohm coil of wire is connected in series with an adjustable resistor (rheostat) whose resistance can be varied from 0 to 88 ohms. If the line potential is 115 volts, calculate (a) the range through which the coil current can be varied, (b) the rheostat

    asked by gilberT
  2. algebra

    A rock is thrown upward with a velocity of 15 meters per second from the top of a 30 meter high cliff, and it misses the cliff on the way back down. When will the rock be 10 meters from the water, below? Round your answer to two decimal places. I am not

    asked by Jenn
  3. PHY SCI

    A golfer on a level fairway hits a ball at an angle of 42* to the horizontal that travels 100 yd before striking the ground. He then hits another ball from the same spot with the same speed, but at a different angle. This ball also travels 100 yd. At what

    asked by Jennifer PR
  4. math

    What is the slope of the budget line from trading with Friday (coconuts for fish)?

    asked by ryan
  5. Algebra

    There are 25 trays on a table in the cafeteria. Each tray contains a cup only, a plate only, or both a cup and a plate. If 15 of the trays contain cups and 21 of the trays contain plates, how many contain both a cup and a plate? I assume Venn

    asked by Anthony
  6. math

    a number consists of two digits whose sum is 8.if 8 is added to the number its digits are reversed.find the number?

    asked by jyotish
  7. chemistry

    The partial pressure of O2 in your lungs varies from 25 mm Hg to 40 mm Hg. What mass of O2 can dissolve in 1.0L OF water at 25.0oC when the O2 partial pressure is 40. mm Hg?

    asked by jojo
  8. Math

    A sheet of paper is 8 1/2 in wide and 11 in long. The sheet is printed with a margin 1 1/4 in. wide on all four sides. Find the perimeter of the printed part of the page. I got 34; I subtracted 11 with 1 1/4 and 8 1/2 with 1 1/4. I got 9 3/4 and 7 1/4. I

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Physics

    A body travels from rest with acceleration 8m/s(squared)Find its velocity when it has covered a distance of 100 meter?

    asked by Ruth
  10. Ratios and Rates - Last One!

    Please help me with the following problem: Convert each rate using dimensional analysis. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. 4.5 qt / min = ____ gal / h A. 67.5 B. 33.8 C. 56.3 D. 65 I think the answer is A. Is this correct? Please help me by

    asked by Brady
  11. Math

    Two salesman Eman and Masood are paid a total of Rs. 550 per week by their employer. If Eman is paid 120 percent of the sum paid to Masood , how much is Masood paid per week?

    asked by Hoor
  12. Life orientation

    Type of risk behaviour amongst teenager and explain each by means of recent exampies

    asked by Kefilwe
  13. Teaching in Early Childhood Programs

    Which of the following is a common mistake new teachers make when setting up learning centers? A. Planning specific activities for blocks or dramatic play B. Introducing the centers to children so they know how to use them C. Allowing the children to

    asked by Diana
  14. chemistry

    A 35.0g sample of ethylene glycol is dissolved in 500.0g of water. The vapor pressure of water at 32C is equal to 35.7mm Hg. What is the vapor pressure of the water-ethylene glycol solution at 32C?

    asked by jojo
  15. Math

    From 1990 to 2006, the population, p (in millions), of a large city can be modeled by p = 1.1(1.05)t, where t is the number of years since 1990.

    asked by mari
  16. Algebra 2

    the cost c of going to the movies varies directly with the number of people N attending. A group of four paid $14 to go to the movies on Friday. Write an equation that relates c & n. How much would it cost for seven people to go to the movies.

    asked by Emma
  17. Mathematoics

    last week rowena spent 1/3 of her weekly allowance on snacks, 2/5 on school materials and 1/4 of the remainder, on transportation. if she save the rest of her allowance , what fraction of her allowance did she save?

    asked by Drew Akila Garcia
  18. Honors Physics

    Give some examples of applications that have resulted from work done by physicists on the exploration of space.

    asked by X
  19. computer science

    Writing a c++ program that stores the following values in five different variables:28,32,37,24,and 33.We have been ask to get the average of the series of values given above. Here I what I got /// This program calculates the sum and average of a series of

    asked by Cedric
  20. physics

    considering 3 identical balls. ball 1 with initial speed V collides elastically with balls 2 & 3 whose centres are on a line perpendicular to the initial velocity of ball 1 and ball 2 & 3 are in contact with each other. ball 1 is aimed directly at the

    asked by Udayan
  21. Chemistry

    8-hydroxyquinoline (Q) can complex and precipitate many metals. A mixture of the aluminium and magnesium complexes weighed 1.0843g (MW=459.43; 312.61). When ignited, the mixture decomposed and left a residue of Al203 (MW 101.96) and MgO (MW 40.304)

    asked by David
  22. geometry

    . A cylindrical container has a base area of 100 m2 and is 12 m high. If the container is one-third filled with water, what is the volume of the water in the container? A. 300 m3 C. 600 m3 B. 400 m3 D. 1200 m3

    asked by tahira
  23. PHY SCI

    A race car goes around a circular, level track with a diameter of 1.00 km at a constant speed of 90.0 km/h. What is the car's centripetal acceleration in m/s^2?

    asked by Jennifer PR
  24. psychology

    Why do negative emotions make it hard to learn or work toward a goal?

    asked by Brittney
  25. Algebra 2

    your local cable company charges $29.99/month for basic cable. Premium channels are available for a surcharge of $5.95/channel. You have $70/month budgeted for cable, how many premium channels can you purchase?

    asked by Michael
  26. Algebra 2

    It takes you 3 hours to mow a lawn & it takes your sister 2 hours to mow the same lawn. How long does it take the two of you to mow 12 lawns if you work together? Whats the answer? Helpppp

    asked by Michael
  27. Ratios and Rates

    Please help me with the following problems: 3. Express each ratio as a fraction in simplest form. 3 cups to 8 cups A. 3/16 B. 3/4 C. 3/8 D. 8/3 For this one, I think it is C. Is this correct? 6. Express each ratio as a unit rate. Round to the nearest

    asked by Brady
  28. Alg.2

    The membership to your local video store is flat rate of $10/year and the DVD rental rate is $3.95/DVD. Write an equation that models the total amount of money you will spend on DVD rentals this year. How many DVD's can you rent if you spend $500/yr.?

    asked by Emma
  29. Algebra

    find all points having an x-coordinate of 4 whose distance from the point (1,5) is 5

    asked by Bri
  30. Math

    A piece of fabric is 52 inches long. You cut the fabric into two pieces. The first piece is x inches long. The second is 14 inches longer than the first. Draw a diagram & solve for x.

    asked by Olivia
  31. Math - Old SAT exam

    If j, k, and n are consecutive integers such that 0

    asked by Anthony
  32. Honors Physics

    Give some examples of applications that resulted from work done by physicists. The answers I have are: computers, electricity, cars, and television. Are these acceptable?

    asked by X
  33. chemistry

    Select the appropriate electron domain arrangement for ICl3 If you are using electron pairs in your structure, they can be noted with (ep). > I choose trigonal-bipyramidal What is the atomic geometry of this molecule? > I think this only wants the atoms

    asked by 3091

    Charlotte bought 46 pens and pencils. Each pen costs $6 and each pencil costs $4. How many penicls she buy?

    asked by tze wei
  35. Honors Physics

    Give some examples of applications that resulted from work done by physicists. The answers I have are: computers, electricity, cars, and television. Are these acceptable?

    asked by X
  36. Science

    An electric bulb is rated 220v-100w.the power consumed by it when operated on 110v will be

    asked by Angrej
  37. math

    calculate the resistances of (a) 100-watt 120-volt incandescent lamp, (b) a 750-watt 115-volt toaster, (c) a 1300 watt 110-volt portable iron.

    asked by lee

    Which of the following is not a strategy a teacher might use in an exploratory play activity? A. Observe attentively and silently. B. Use a challenge statement such as "Make a pattern with three different colors." C. Use a behavior-reflection statement

    asked by Diana
  39. chemistry

    explain how to prepare a 200cm,0.25 ofH2SO4

    asked by adeola
  40. math

    For which vAlues of x the following expressions not defined if all these expressions are real numbers 1. 2x-1 negative ------ 3x-2 2.square root of 2(x-7)

    asked by michael
  41. Math (quadratic function)

    A fuel station sell, aproximately, 2140 liters of gasoline, per day, in which each liters costs 1,75 dollars. The owner observed that, reducing the price of the liter, occurs an increase in the volume of fuel sold, in the proportion of 20 liters sold per

    asked by Vitória
  42. physics

    boy weighting 30 kg is riding a bicycle weighting 50 kilograms if the bycycle is moving at a speed of 90 kilometres per hour towards the west find the linear momentum of the bycycle boy system in s i units

    asked by aman
  43. physics

    a gun fires Aa bullet of mass 50g the bullet moving with a velocity of 100m/s strikes a sandbag get embedded after travelling 10cm calculate the resistance force exerted by the sand bag on the bulle

    asked by t
  44. Physics

    At what distance from the earth's surface will a mass of 40.0 kg be just 385.0 in weight?

    asked by Majel
  45. chemistry

    a) Calculate the number of moles of nitrogen dioxide, NO2, that could be prepared from 79.0 mol of nitrogen oxide and 82.0 mol of oxygen. 2NO(g)+O2(g)⟶ 2NO2(g) b) Identify the limiting reagent and the excess reagent in the reaction. What would happen to

    asked by Will
  46. math

    (A)Simplify: n 1 n-1 1. 2 . 25 --------------- n 50.50 2. n 4 n 1 2 - 6.2 --------------- n 2 2 .5 (B)solve for x (1 over 2) to the power x 1 =32

    asked by michael
  47. Math

    Bilawal can build a wall in 15 days and Bilal in 20 days. If the work on it together for 4 days , then the fraction of the work ?

    asked by Hoor
  48. chemistry

    Calculate the wavelength (in m) of a photon capable of exciting an electron in Li2+ from the state n= 3 to the state n=5

    asked by Will
  49. Qualitative Analysys

    Write a ten to fifteen page paper that summarizes the concepts and 'laws of evolution' in your own words. Think about and give an example of something that evolved using each of the laws. Use the examples on each of the slides to get your thoughts started

    asked by KG
  50. math

    Kelly subtracted 2.3 from 20 and got 17.7. Explain why this answer is reasonable

    asked by mynequa
  51. plo2 american government

    dual federalism is characterized by

    asked by nikki
  52. math

    A cylindrical gasoline tank is 50 ft high and has diameter 70 ft. How many gallons of gasoline will the tank hold if there are 7.5 gallons in 1 ft3 ?

    asked by patience
  53. physics

    Write down the unit in which reaction rate is measured in this observation? Equation is Zn(s)+I~ZnI

    asked by Refilwe
  54. Math

    Two salesman Eman and Masood are paid a total of Rs. 550 per week by their employer. If Eman is paid 120 percent of the sum paid to Masood , how much is Masood paid per week?

    asked by Hoor
  55. Math

    Bilawal can build a wall in 15 days and Bilal in 20 days. If the work on it together for 4 days , then the fraction of the work ?

    asked by Hoor
  56. math

    in an examination,a student requires 40% of the total marks to pass. if Ru pa gets 185 marks and fails by 15 marks,find the total marks?

    asked by jyotish
  57. chemistry

    Determine the potential (V) by which a proton must be accelerated so as to assume a particle wavelength of 0.0293 nm. ---- This is what I did, dunno if right - wavelength in meters = 2.93*10^-11 m - used DeBroglie relation to find energy lambda = h / mv, v

    asked by Will
  58. chemistry

    The concentration of CO2 in an unopened soda can is 0.0506 m at 25 C. What is the partial pressure of CO2 gas in the can?

    asked by jojo
  59. Math

    A cabinet has shelves that are 12 1/2 in. apart. On one shelf, Katherine stacked a CD player that is 4 5/8 in/ high on top of an amplifier that is 6 3/4 in. high. How much space was left above the CD player? I got 1 1/4; I added 6 3/4 and 4 5/8 and got 11

    asked by Anonymous
  60. PHI 208

    which of these theories best describes the transformation of Phil Connors (Bill Murray) by the end of Groundhog Day?

    asked by Lisa
  61. PHI 208

    What would be the most plausible message that Groundhog Day is communicating about the relation between ethical standards and individual happiness?

    asked by Lisa
  62. world history

    During the Neolithic era, the most isolated part of the world was a)africa b)south asia c)europe d)the americas

    asked by jessica
  63. Earth Science

    Please help me with the following question: 8. Observations can lead to hypotheses. Hypotheses can lead to new experimentation. Which best describes an observation and hypothesis that might lead to new experimentation? A. Dr. Sattler discovers a new plant

    asked by Brady
  64. physics

    You are at a archeological dig an discover a strange artifact. It is a utinsil tha appears to be carved out of an elephant's tusk You analyze it and discover that it has 0.625 the amount of carbon -14 you woul find in a living specimen. How many half lives

    asked by Jeff
  65. Physical Science

    How is a compound different from an element?

    asked by Lexi
  66. Algebra

    using elimination method x + 6y = 58 -x + 7y = 59 Help please!!!!

    asked by Michael R
  67. Geometry

    The area of a rectangle is 25. The lenght is 1/2 of the width. Please help me solve for length and width.

    asked by Sue
  68. algebra 2

    You need to earn $475/wk to afford your new car. Your work week is 45 hrs & you get 1.5 time the regular hourly rate for any time over 40 hrs. How much do you need hourly?

    asked by Michael
  69. Physical Science

    Is jelly a element, compound, or a mixture? Is sweet tea a element, compound or a mixture? Is ketchup a element, compound, or a mixture?

    asked by Lexi
  70. algebra

    5r - 9s = -76 9r + 5s = 54 can anyone help me

    asked by Michael R
  71. Algebra

    (6-3w)(-w2) the two in the second set is a exponent. How do I solve this?

    asked by Lexi
  72. Algebra 2

    The number of pages p a student can read varies directly with respect to time t in minutes spent reading. The student can read 90 pages in 60 minutes. Write an equation that relates pages read & time. Predict the number of pages in 90 minutes. Answer

    asked by Michael
  73. Algebra

    Simplify the expression by combining like terms. 5-x+2 I believe it is 7-x, but just to make sure.

    asked by Lexi
  74. physics

    A ship at sea is due into a port 600 km due south in two days. However, a severe storm comes in and blows it 200 km due east from its original position. How far is the ship from its destination?

    asked by james
  75. Math

    9(s+4)^2-62(s+4)=7 Solve for s

    asked by Anonymous.
  76. Algebra, Please Help!

    Find the real solution, 5(s+4)^2-44(s+4)=9 Thanks in advance

    asked by Anonymous.
  77. Algebra 2. Please Help Someone!!

    an airplane's altitude is 100 feet as it descents for a landing on a runway whose touchdown is 5000 ft away. Let the x-axis represent the ground and the y-axis represent the airplane's altitude. What is the slope of the airplane's descent? What is the

    asked by Ben
  78. biochemistry

    Calculate the mass of alanine and the volume of HCl required to prepare 1 litre of 0.1mol/litre buffer with pH of 2

    asked by john
  79. chemistry

    In an effort to purify the output from a catalytic chemical reaction, C-Cl bonds are to be broken in a gaseous compound by means of LASER radiation. Determine the longest wavelength of radiation still capable of breaking the C-Cl bond. Express your answer

    asked by 3.091
  80. Chemistry

    Jimmy is riding his bike at a speed of 5.5m/s. How long will it take him to go 2 miles? I tried using Dimensional Analysis, but how could you go from 5.5 miles a second to 2 miles?

    asked by Leo
  81. Math

    3 1/4 - 1 1/9 =

    asked by Anabelle
  82. Math

    1 7/8 - 5 8/11 =

    asked by Anabelle 💘
  83. math 116 week 7

    -7x+4y>+=-28 and 2x+10y> 20 intersect

    asked by Darlene
  84. algebra

    An oil-drilling company knows that it costs $25,000 to sink a test well. If oil is hit, the income for the drilling company will be $395,000. If only natural gas is hit, the income will be $135,000. If nothing is hit, there will be no income. If the

    asked by EBonie
  85. Algebra 2

    Help. This is straight up confusing. You buy one shirt for $8 and Y hats for $4 each. You spend $16 how many hats can you buy?

    asked by Troy
  86. Math

    the perimeter of a rectangular park is 1080 yds. The width of the park is 240 yds. What is the length of the park? What is the amount of grass that the township has to mow & fertilize?

    asked by Olivia
  87. eng9

    The White House has been home to many animals as well as presidents. (1 point) common noun proper noun compound noun collective noun

    asked by james
  88. Math

    You want to create an open rectangular box from a rectangular piece of cardboard. The cardboard has length 14 in and you want to cut 2 in squares from each corner. Draw a diagram. What is the length of the box?

    asked by Olivia
  89. math

    The length of the second side of a triangle is 24 cm shorter than twice the length of the first side. Using f for the first side and s for the second side, translate the sentence into an equation.

    asked by patience
  90. Math

    You want to create an open rectangular box from a rectangular box. from a square piece of cardboard 20 inches by 20 inches. You will cut a 3 inch square from each corner. Draw a diagram and find the length of the box. Can someone help me with this diagram

    asked by Olivia
  91. chemistry

    a)Rank the following 3 tetrachloride compounds in terms of increasing boiling point: carbon tetrachloride (CCl4), methane (CH4), dichloromethane (CH2Cl2) b) Which molecule ( KI or LiF ) has the higher boiling point? c)Select the single most important

    asked by 3091
  92. algebra

    angles of a triangle The second angle of a garden triangle is four times as large as the first. the third angle is 45 degrees less than the sum of the other two angles. find the measure of each angle. 15 x 4=60 x 3 = 180 side a=15 side b = 60 sIDE C = 3

    asked by Jillian
  93. Calculus

    What is the derivative of 3sin(4x)? I have no idea where to begin!!!

    asked by Eric
  94. algebra 2

    You have $16 to spend at a movie theatre. You spend $10 for admission. You want to buy soft drinks that cost $2.50 each, how many can you buy? Show your equation & work. Help!

    asked by Johnathan
  95. hurestics

    haziq has $20.he buys 2 pencils.he has $25 after that.How much were the pencils if his father gave him $7?

    asked by nawfal tze wei's friend
  96. hurestics

    There are 74 tricycles and bicycles in a shop. There are 87 more wheels on the tricycles than on the bicycles. How many bicycles are there?

    asked by nawfal
  97. algebra 2

    You have $25 to park your car in a garage in the city. The garage charges $4 for the first hour and $3 for each additional hour. Write an equation & determine the possible number of hours you can park. Help Again!

    asked by Jonathan
  98. Algebra

    Please help. What is the x intercept of y+4=-4(x-2) I've gotten like 2 different answers: -3 and 1.

    asked by ANdy
  99. Algebra

    This question never got answered and I would appreciate it if someone could take a look at it. Simplify 12(6^/(5^-4^) + 7 My thoughts 12(36/(5^-4^) + 7 12(36/9) + 7 12 (4) + 7 12 * 11 132 Algebra - Steve, Saturday, August 23, 2014 at 11:49pm Your notation

    asked by Faye
  100. Chemistry

    If 175 grams of CsCl in 100 grams of water at a temperature of 100C will it be saturated or unsaturated?

    asked by Anna
  101. Math

    Bilawal can build a wall in 15 days and Bilal in 20 days. If the work on it together for to days , then the fraction of the work ?

    asked by Hoor
  102. Physics

    What is the gravitational force between a proton and an electron in a hydrogen atom if they are separated by a distance of 5.29x10^-9 cm

    asked by Rish