Questions Asked on
August 20, 2014

  1. Trigonometry

    I have three questions that I need help to answer. 1) a balloon on the end of a string attached to the ground is being blown by the wind. If the ballon us 12.75 m above the ground and the string makes an angle of 48 degrees to the horizontal, what is the

    asked by Jodie
  2. Algebra

    if you are looking at the horizon, you can determine the distance you are form the horizone in miles. D, form a height, h, in feet by the equation of D = 1.2 square root H. if you are standing on a mountain top that is 12,000 feet in elevation, how far are

    asked by Jessie
  3. Maths

    645.7 litre of water are poured into 8 empty tanks. What is the average amount of water in each tank? Give your answer in litres, correct to 1 decimal place.

    asked by Leonardo
  4. physics

    A partical p is projected from a point on the surface of long smooth inclined plane. Simultaneously another particle Q is released on the smooth inclined plane from the same position. P and Q collide after t=4 sec. The speed of projection of p is:

    asked by shubhi
  5. physics

    Ratio of the ranges of the bullets fired from a gun(a constant muzzle speed) at angle x, 2x and 4x is found in the ratio x:2:2 then the values of x will be(assume same muzzle speed of bullets)

    asked by shubhi
  6. physics

    A coin is released inside a lift at a ht of 2m from the floor of the lift. The ht of the lift is 10 m . the lift is moving with an acceleration of 9m/s² downwards. The time after which the coin will strike with lift is: (g= 10 m/s)

    asked by shubhi
  7. Maths

    Approximate the probability that the sum of the 16 independent uniform (0,1) random variables exceeds 10.

    asked by Chit
  8. math

    are all right angles complementary

    asked by pj
  9. physical science

    what is the density of a cube with mass 50g & volume 2cm x 2cm x 2cm?

    asked by venus
  10. Power circuit theory

    A three phase fully transposed transmission line ha s solid conductors of 2 cm diameter, spaced at distances between centres of 3.65 m, 5.5 m and 8.2 m. Determine the inductance of the complete line per km.

    asked by Md
  11. english

    no nightingale ever sang melodious welcome songs to the group of tired travellers resting in shady places in the desert of arabia what is the poetic device used in comparing the reaper with the nightingale? simile or metaphor ?

    asked by Charika jakhar
  12. Geometry

    What are the applications of undefined terms and angles in the game of basketball? Give four (4) specific applications and give your justifications.

    asked by Annabeth
  13. lotto 5\90

    winning-18 37 11 28 55.MACHINE 26 57 80 78 8.

    asked by olatunde
  14. algebra

    if root a minus root b = root18 - root6 nd multiply root5 then prove a+b=18

    asked by Aatish
  15. lotto 5\90

    winning-9 38 53 85 72.machine-48 50 63 80 6.

    asked by olatunde
  16. physics

    1) write the formula to find the magnitude of gravitational force between earth and an object on earth's surface 2) how does the value of gravitational force 'f'change between two objects? 3) what is direction of an object moving with an acceleration due

    asked by Charika jakhar
  17. health

    how to loss 10 kg weight at home? (without exercise)

    asked by geet
  18. billing/coding

    which of the following statements about risk management is true? a)risk management is concerned with reducing exposure to legal liability b) risk management is a spontaneous response to an unexpected incident C) risk management is unique to the heatlh care

    asked by Sassy
  19. Connexus

    An ideal gas cannot be... A. condensed B. cooled C. heated D. compressed

    asked by Kay Wills
  20. Chemistry

    An ideal gas cannot be... A. condensed B. cooled C. heated D. compressed

    asked by Kay Wills
  21. Geo

    What is the formula to determine the median of an equilateral triangle?

    asked by Earl
  22. Science

    A piece of magnesium ribbon weight 24g is burn in air an 40g magnesium oxide is formed. What mass of oxygen combined with the magnesium in this reaction

    asked by Anonymous
  23. math

    A (yearly) cash flow stream is x=(-40,10,10,10,10,10,10). The spot rates are (yearly in percentage) s=(5.0,5.3,5.6,5.8,6.0,6.1). Use the discount factors to determine the (net) present value of the stream.

    asked by Anonymous
  24. physics

    A square vessel of sides 0.2m x 0.1 m is filled with alchol od density 900 kg m raised to -3 upto a level of 0.5 m. what is the pressure and thrust on the bottom of vessel? Giving g = m s raised -2 .

    asked by manavi
  25. physics

    what is the average pressure and average thrust on walls of the tank of cubical dimension of each side 4 m filled with water upto the brim. given g = 10 m raised to -2 . Please help this is urgent

    asked by manavi
  26. algebra


    asked by micky malele
  27. math

    40+ 20- 28 divided by 7+(30 divided by 5)-3 =

    asked by jabes
  28. math

    Write “$4,915 for 72 shares of stock” as a unit rate. Round to the nearest hundredth if necessary

    asked by malcolm
  29. English

    Write a invitation card to a family members formal 21st birth party HOW DO I WRITE IT ? !!!

    asked by Lesedi
  30. math

    Suppose that the 6-month US Treasury bill rate is equal to 5% and the forward rate on a 6-month Treasury bill 6 months from now is 7.24%. (both in yearly terms). What is the rate of a 1-year bill?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. math

    the sum of my digits is 13, my hundredths place is 3 less than 5, my ones place is 4 more than 3, my thousands place is even, what 4-digit numbers can I be

    asked by terry
  32. static and dynamics

    A box is at rest on a 34incline. what is the force of friction parallel to the ramp if box has a mass of 50-kg

    asked by James
  33. Science

    which of the following are impacts that the temperature climate has had on Georgia's development? A) encouraging crops with longer growing season B)Drawing immigrants from other locations C)encouraging tourism D)all of the above

    asked by Need Help
  34. math

    1. A gallon of a certain kind of paint will cover 224 square feet of surface. In painting two walls; one 36’ by 8’ and the other 24’ by 9’, the number of gallons of paint used is: 2. Susan wants to use blue, yellow, green, and pink paint to

    asked by math
  35. statistic

    a box contain 5red balls,6 white balls,and 6black ball.two balls are drown but not replaced.find the probsbilty that both balls are of the same colour

    asked by junu
  36. calc

    a rectangle is inscribed in the upper half of the circle x^2+y^2=a^2 calculate the area of the largest such rectangle. So A=2xy y=sqrt(a^2-x^2)A what do I do from there?

    asked by hannah
  37. Science

    4)What geographic feature marks the last obstacle for Georgia's rivers on their way to the Atlantic Ocean? A)The Floridian Aquifer B)The valley and ridge region C)the Fall Line D)the Marshes of Glynn 7)Which northern Georgia region has relied predominantly

    asked by Please
  38. Computer

    Which source trait should be considered when trying to ensure a paper or project is up to date? Help, if you would, I am not even sure what this question means.

    asked by Katt
  39. math

    The perimeter of a rectangle farm is 1 whole number 1 over 2 times its breadth.find the lenght and breadth of the farm

    asked by abdul azeez
  40. Criminal Justice

    Which statement best describes physical aggression in preschool children? A. It is a strong predictor of later violence. B. It declines if ignored by caretakers. C. It is a normal developmental behavior. D. It rarely, if ever, occurs in preschool children.

    asked by Amy
  41. math

    On a coordinate system, the segment joining the points (3,8) and (9,16) has the same midpoint as the line segment joining the points (8,11) and (x,13). What is the value of x? I think x=3

    asked by vincent
  42. Criminal Justice

    Cote et al. (2007) found that girls are more likely to be aggressive by: A. punching and pushing. B. physically bullying. C. biting. D. spreading a nasty rumor. is it B

    asked by Amy
  43. Math

    Which set of integers are in the right order from least to greatest? A.-8,8,6,|-7|,5 B.|-7|,-8,8,6,5 C.-8,5,6,|-7|,8 D.5,6,8,-8,|-7| Is the answer D?

    asked by Gwen
  44. science

    victoria discovered a new way to keep her hands warm on a cold day. what scientific attitude is this an example

    asked by nikko
  45. math

    A circular track is 1000 yards in circumference. Cyclists A, B, and C start at the same place and time, and race around the track at the following rates per minute: A at 700 yards, B at 800 yards, and C at 900 yards. What is the least number of minutes it

    asked by math
  46. English

    I need to come up with a suitable definition, translation....broken down meaning for this statement please. " the other in us always seems alien and unacceptable; but if we let ourselves be aggrieved, the feeling sinks in and we are the richer for this

    asked by Monti
  47. Social Studies

    Which of the following was not a tribe of North America when Europeans arrived? A.Olmec B.Cherokee C.Zuni D.Dakota Is the answer D? How did the Native American groups of the northern West Coast adapt to their enviorment? A.They built their homes out of

    asked by Gwen
  48. math

    3.The distribution function of a random variable is given by F(x)= {0 , for x

    asked by Rami
  49. Math

    Fifty numbers are rounded off to the nearest integer and then summed. If the individual round off errors are uniformly distributed between -0.5 and 0.5 , what is the approximate probability that the resultant sum differs from the exact sum by 3.

    asked by Rami
  50. math

    A population distribution is known to have standard deviation 20. Determine the p value of a test of the hypothesis that the population mean is equal to 50, if the average of a sample of 64 observations is a) 52.5 , b) 55.0 , c) 57.5

    asked by Rami
  51. ela poems

    Tree at my window, window tree, My sash is lowered when night comes on; But let there never be curtain drawn Between you and me. Vague dream-head lifted out of the ground, And thing next most diffuse to cloud, Not all your light tongues talking aloud Could

    asked by Shay
  52. MATH HELP!!


    asked by AJ
  53. physics

    Two uniform planks, each of mass m = 4.41 kg and length L = 2.11 m, are connected by a hinge at the top and by a chain of negligible mass attached at their centers, as shown in the figure. The assembly will stand upright, in the shape of an A, on a

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Math

    The standard deviation of test scores on a certain achievement test Is 11.3. If a random sample of 81 students had a sample score of 74.6 , find a 90% confidence interval estimate for the average score of all students.

    asked by Rami
  55. life orientation

    identify four environmental issues

    asked by kealeboga
  56. Math: Please help

    Which of the following must be true about a the bisectors of a segment in a plane? A. Every segment has exactly one bisector. B. Every segment has exactly two bisectors.****** C. Every segment has 10 bisectors. D. Every segment has infinitely many

    asked by Cassie
  57. life orientation

    identify four environmental issues

    asked by focus
  58. programming

    Assume the input to be the charge for the food, draw a flowchart that will compute the total amount of a meal purchased at a restaurant. The output should be the charge for the food, the amount of a 15 percent tip, the amount of the 7 percent sales tax (on

    asked by stephanie
  59. lifesciences

    Explain the scientific interpretation of the fossils found in the cradle of humankind?

    asked by tumi
  60. Maths

    The distribution function of a random variable is given by F(x)= {0 , for x

    asked by Rami
  61. Math

    To construct a copy of an angle ABC, the material that is Not necessary is A.) Protractor B.) Compass C.) Ruler or Straightedge D.) Pencil I think it is A.) Protractor Thank You.

    asked by Cassie
  62. maths lit

    Sandy runs 26.6 km in a week. How far does he run in one day?

    asked by Saint
  63. math

    24. What is least common multiple of 2,3,4,5,6, and 7? This is what I did: 2x3x2x5x2x3x7=2520

    asked by vincent
  64. organic chemisrty

    between butane,cis-2-butane,2-butyne,ethane and trans-2-butene which one has higher melting

    asked by zama
  65. math

    28. If the ratio of a to b is 4 to 5 and the ratio of a to c is 6 to 11, what is the ratio of b to c?

    asked by vincent
  66. math

    Describe the following reflections or translation in words 1.(x,y)--->(x,-y) 2.(x,y)-->(-y,-x) 3.(x,y)-->(x 4,y-4)

    asked by michael
  67. Life science

    Darwin and charles theory on leaves of many desert plants are reduce to thorns

    asked by Khutxo
  68. MATH

    find the slope,if any, of the line perpendicular to the line through the points (2,-7) and (3,4). i need to show my work!. i got 11 as my answer but i think its wrong.:(

    asked by Anonymous
  69. maths

    solve the equation 3 cos x=25meters squared x,where 0¡ã < x < 360

    asked by mikr
  70. MATH#2

    find the solution to system by the substitution method. y=2x+5 y=3x The answer is(5,15). Just don't know how the professor got that answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Literature

    Write an essay on "Do You Agree with Capital Punishment? This essay should have 5 paragraphs. In the 1st paragraph it must contain: Attention-grabbing beginning. Description of issue. Opinion Statement. In the 2,3, 4 paragraph should contain: Different

    asked by Raj Patel
  72. math

    find x if (x,-2) is a solution to the equation 3x+2y=-7. my answer was x=1 but it was wrong.

    asked by Anonymous
  73. physics

    Consider nitrogen gas, N2, at 27.7°C. What percentage of nitrogen molecules have a speed within 1.00 m/s of the most probable speed?

    asked by SUZAN
  74. college algebra

    factor (x+9)(x-16)=0

    asked by cortina
  75. math

    6. In a survey of 100 people, 73 owned only stocks. Six of the people invested in both stocks and bonds. How many people owned bonds only? This is what I did: 73+6=79 100-79=21

    asked by vincent
  76. math

    9. Three cards are drawn at random from a standard deck of 52 card, without replacement. What is the probability of drawing a 7, drawing a 9, and a king in that order?

    asked by vincent
  77. Math

    Maggie has a ribbon 27 feet long. What is the length of the ribbon in yards?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. math

    5. How many positive integers less than 36 are equal to 4 times an odd integers?

    asked by vincent
  79. Literature

    This essay should have 5 paragraphs. In the 1st paragraph it must contain: Attention-grabbing beginning. Description of issue. Opinion Statement. In the 2,3, 4 paragraph should contain: Different reasons for each paragraph. Evidence to support. In the 5th

    asked by Cessy
  80. Childrens Literature

    an example of a child recognizing contextualized print would be A. reading a library book correctly the first time. B.distinguishing between numbers and letters. C. reciting a board book from memory. D. saying "That says Kroger," when passing the grocery

    asked by j
  81. Algebra

    Simplify y^3/y^10 My answer is 1/y^7 but I'm not sure of the steps that got me to the answer.

    asked by Faye
  82. Childrens Literature

    language that is important to the story and exact dialogue that is important to the message or tone makes: A. sharing the book difficult for the teacher. B. for poor choice to share with young children. C. A story better when acted out with puppets instead

    asked by j
  83. English

    Insidious literally translates to "sitting in," but the word means "secretly working to cause harm." Explain the possible connection between the actual and literal definitions of insidious.

    asked by conner
  84. guidance and discipline

    when cary is not chosen to collect forks in the cafeteria, he shouts 'I Hate you!" to his teacher, mrs. miller. which one of the following responses below will help mrs. miller guide cary in expressing his feelings better? A."it sounds like you are really

    asked by j
  85. American Constitutional Law

    The final authority to determine the winner of a closely contested election in the House of Representatives is determined by the: A. Supreme Court B. State where election was held C. Senate D. House of Representatives I am stumped on this one. My textbook

    asked by Pat
  86. Chemistry

    Imagine that you have a 7.00L gas tank and a 3.50L gas tank. You need to fill one tank with oxygen and the other with acetylene to use in conjunction with your welding torch. If you fill the larger tank with oxygen to a pressure of 135atm , to what

    asked by De'Brickashaw
  87. AP Statistics

    A study sought to determine whether the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture could help infertile women become pregnant. 160 healthy women undergoing treatment for infertility were recruited for the study. Half of the subjects were randomly assigned to

    asked by Ana
  88. eastlake emelentary

    the formal for the volume of a cube is V=e to the third power where e is the length of a side of the cube. find the volume of a cube with side length of 6cm.

    asked by Angela
  89. Math

    What is 225-256dto the 2nd power =?

    asked by Bre
  90. stats

    A hospital claims that the proportion of full-term babies born in the hospital who weigh less than seven pounds is no more than 39% . Suppose that we want to carry out a hypothesis test for this claim, suspecting otherwise. State the null hypothesis and

    asked by ann
  91. Math

    What is the probability of obtaining exactly three heads in four flips of a coin, given that at least two are heads? (Enter the probability as a fraction.) I keep getting 2/3 but its wrong. Help!!

    asked by Ashanti
  92. Chemistry

    To identify a diatomic gas (X2), a researcher carried out the following experiment: She weighed an empty 5.3-L bulb, then filled it with the gas at 1.30atm and 27.0 ∘C and weighed it again. The difference in mass was 7.9g . Identify the gas. Express your

    asked by Sam
  93. Us history

    Put this into everyday wording "manifestation of an unfriendly disposition toward the United States.”

    asked by Chrissy
  94. Us history

    In the monroe doctrine what does the United States say it will do if any European colonies in North or South America declare their independence?

    asked by Chrissy
  95. physical science

    On the question...a runner completes exactly 2 laps around a 400 meter track...what is the distance and what is the displacement? Would it be...800m for distance and 0m for displacement? Thanks...

    asked by Brandi
  96. physical science

    need help understanding how to do this problem. "A swimmer swims a half lap, moving from the left end to the right end of a pool that is 50 meters long. What is the distance and what is the displacement? Thanks...

    asked by Brandi
  97. algebra

    What is the rule to the function with inputs of 0;1;3;4 and outputs of 4;3;1;0

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Math

    Which expression is equivalent to (x + 5) • 6?

    asked by Khrys
  99. college algebra

    Pump A alone can empty the city pool in 12 hours. If only pump B is used, it takes 24 hours to empty the pool. How long would it take to drain the pool if both pumps were used together?

    asked by keekee
  100. math

    a submarine dives 10feet per min. for 12min. which expression represents this situation?

    asked by minecraft
  101. Math IV

    what is the margin of error for a simple random sample of 900 people with a standard deviation of 13.5 at 95% level of confidence How do you write this question in the right formula, please? I believe I can calculate the problem, I don't know how to write

    asked by Darryl
  102. 7th grade Math/Science

    Can you help me with this science question: from sea level, the biosphere goes up about 9km and down about 19km. What is the thickness of the biosphere in meters? (there wasn't a formula in the workbook). Thanks

    asked by Alexis
  103. Geom

    Given 70 degrees on a clock tell what time it is

    asked by Lynn
  104. Math

    Dominic collects sports science fiction and history books. He has 21 books about sports, 35 books about science fiction, and 14 about history. He wants the same number of each type of book on each shelf. What is the greatest number of each type of book on

    asked by Juan
  105. Algebra

    Simplify 5^4 / 5 I know that the answer isn't 1

    asked by Faye
  106. Philippine history

    Anyone here please give me the possible questions that can threw up to me about Filipinization of Government. Please. Thank you.

    asked by JOSH
  107. chemistri

    calculate the molarity of a copper ii nitrate solution with a density of 1.48 g/ml and a percent mass by mass of 5.20 %

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Algebra

    Describe the differences between a linear function and an exponential function. my answer is Linear functions have a constant rate of change while an exponential function has a constant finite ratio.

    asked by Faye
  109. Math

    A restaurant manager lost $415 in business during the month of January. Business picked up in February, and he ended the month with a profit of $1580. What was the managers profit after January and February?

    asked by Kassy
  110. math

    21. If 6x+4y=40 and 7y/4x=7, what is value of x^2?

    asked by vincent
  111. math

    If 4 coins are tossed simultaneously, what is the probability of getting exactly 3 tails?

    asked by vincent