Questions Asked on
August 12, 2014

  1. chemistry

    9. The reaction of 50 mL of N2 gas with 150 mL H2 gas to form ammonia via the equation: N 2(g) + 3H2 (g) → 2NH3 (g) will produce a total of mL of ammonia if pressure and temperature are kept constant

    asked by Anonymous
  2. physics

    You jog at 9.5 km/h for 7.0km , then you jump into a car and drive an additional 16km . With what average speed must you drive your car if your average speed for the entire 23km is to be 22 km/h? Work: i tried setting up a proportion and setting it to each

    asked by Zara
  3. Biology

    Diagram the genotypes of the P1 pea plants from the previous four questions by placing the correct answer on its correct place.

    asked by Sabrina
  4. physics

    a block of mass 3 kg rests on a smooth table and connected to another block of mass 2 kg, after passing over and ideal pulley, the block of mass 2 kg is released. how long does it take the block to travel 80 cm

    asked by n
  5. algebra

    what do the words, "express m in terms of n" mean? which wors would be considered the input variable into the expression? algebra 1 homework

    asked by Patti
  6. Algebra

    Write a word phrase for the Algebraic expression 3x - 7 My answer is the difference of 3 times a number x and 7

    asked by Cole
  7. Math

    A gardenervhas 100 meters of fencing to enclose two adjacent rectangular gardens. The gardener wants the enclosed area to be 400 sq meters. What dimensions should the gardener use to obtain this area?

    asked by Annika
  8. Math

    A car dealership employs 12 salesman and 28 mechanics. What is the ratio of salesman to mechanics?

    asked by Keith
  9. math

    a 5cm by 5cm square is cut from each corner of a rectangular piece of cardboard.the sides are folded up to make an open box with a maximum volume.if the perimeter of the base is 50cm,what are the dimensions of the box.

    asked by Lilibeth
  10. English

    In the following sentence, which principal part of the verb describe appears in italics? The professor is describing the process of osmosis to the class today. A.past participle B.past C.present D.present participle

    asked by peevie
  11. Math

    A basketball player scored 18 times during one game. He scored a total of 35 points, two for each two point shot and one. For each free throw. How many two point shots did he make? How many free throws?

    asked by Pam
  12. math

    If ray BD bisects right angle ABC, the measure of angle ABD is?

    asked by john
  13. phy111

    A truck is moving at a speed of 70km/h. The exhaust pipe above the truck cab sends out a trail of smoke that makes an angle of 20o east of south behind the truck. If the wind is blowing directly toward the east, what is the wind speed at that location?

    asked by samson
  14. Math

    A farmer is fencing a rectangular area for his farm using the straight portion of a river as one side of the rectangle. If the farmer has 2400 ft of fence, find the dimension of the rectangle that gives the maximum area for the farm

    asked by THERESE GAJETOS
  15. arithematic

    A swimmer swam 1000 meters downstream in 15 minutes and swam back in 30 minutes against the current. what was the rate of the swimmer in still water? how fast was the current?

    asked by tanusree
  16. Maths

    The random variable X has probability density function f(x)={ax+bx2 , 0

    asked by Lenin
  17. geometry

    A log cabin is shaped like a rectangular prism. A model of the cabin has a scale of 1 cm to 0.5 m. If the model is 14 cm by 20 cm by 7 cm, what are the dimensions of the actual log cabin? Explain how to find the dimensions.

    asked by team 1
  18. algebra

    julia is studying the sum of interior angles in polygons. she creates polygons with 3,5,6,7 and 9 sides, and records the sum of the interior angles in each polygon in the table. Write an equation or inequality that represents the situation.

    asked by Anonymous
  19. MATH

    The first month's dues will be used to rent a film about computer-related careers, to purchase a reference book, and to buy refreshments for the next meeting. If 1/2 of the money is spent on her film, 1/4 of the remainder is used for refreshments, and

    asked by David
  20. Algebra

    Simplify (0.4) cubed

    asked by Cole
  21. math


    asked by BRANDI
  22. math

    To celebrate the first day of a leap year, I taught my dog to jump through a hoop. It was a Sunday. When he taught me the same trick the first day of the next year, it was a ? A. Sunday B. Monday C. Tuesday D. Wednesday

    asked by Verikam
  23. math

    A bottle of water costs $1.50. Explain how you would make a graph of four ordered pairs to model the total cost of the water in terms of the number of bottles.

    asked by keoni
  24. english

    I need help with this question about annabel lee. Identify literary elements (mood, imagery, symbolism, contrast, comparison) and explain how they add to your understanding of the poem. Discuss two specific instances in the poem where you see a literary

    asked by Kandice
  25. Algebra

    If EG = 59 what are EF and FG? E to F is 8x-14 and F to G is 4x+1 X=______ EF=_______ FG=_______

    asked by Anonymous
  26. math PLEASE HELP

    To celebrate the first day of a leap year, I taught my dog to jump through a hoop. It was a Sunday. When he taught me the same trick the first day of the next year, it was a ? A. Sunday B. Monday C. Tuesday D. Wednesday

    asked by Verikam
  27. arithematic

    A hat company is designing a one size fits all hat with a strap in the back that makes the hat smaller or larger. head sizes normally range from 51 to 64 centimeters. what absolute value inequality models the different sizes of the hat? graph the solution

    asked by tanusree
  28. maths

    A bicycle wheel makes 240 revolution in 2 minutes.(a)At what rate is the wheel turning?Give the answer in numbers of revolutions per minute.

    asked by sadiyah
  29. arithematic

    A horticulturalist is building a fence around a rectangular garden using the side of the building for one side of the enclosure. she has 81 feet fencing. what should be the dimensions of the enclosure be so that she can maximize the garden's area?

    asked by tanusree
  30. maths

    .A committee of 6 is to be selected from a group of 6 men and 9 women. If the selection is made randomly, what is the probability that the committee consists of 2 men and 3 women?

    asked by Nithya

    PLEASE HELP WITH MATH ANY HELP OR ANSWER IS APPRECIATED! 1. If the hands on a round clock moved counter-clockwise, to what number would the minute hand point 20 minutes before the hour hand pointed to the 3?

    asked by Menepsimo
  32. math

    To the nearest 1%, what percent of the 12 months have 31 days? A. 75% B. 70% C. 58% D. 50%

    asked by John
  33. Math

    A rectangular lawn is 60meters by 80meters. A part of the lawn is torn out to install a pool, leaving a strip of lawn of uniform width around the pool. The area of the poolnis 1/6 of the old lawn area. How wide is the strip of lawn?

    asked by Annika
  34. Earth Science

    what is the driving force for the movement of the lithospheric plates? a- heat from the sun b- unequal distribution of heat within Earth c- heat in the atmosphere d- unequal distribution of heat from the oceans My answer is B

    asked by Cole
  35. Algebra

    Two angles are complementary. Their difference is 50^*. Find the angles.

    asked by Pam
  36. Algebra

    simplify 5+4 times (8-6) squared

    asked by Cole
  37. math

    The largest odd factor of 6^8 times 10^ 6 is?

    asked by Linsovo
  38. Chemisty

    I do not know how to rank the polarity between these, i have also included the boiling point in degrees C but it still does not help. The only thing that i think is that D is the least polar because it is symmetrical, and i think A is the most but I'm not

    asked by Polarity
  39. Math

    Adrienne had a party at a local bowling alley. She spent seventy-five dollars for the lane and five dollars per person for shoes. Let c be the total cost of the lane and shoes, and let f be the number of friends at her party. Write an equation to represent

    asked by Mary
  40. Algebra

    The sum of two numbers is 9. Four times the larger number plus three times the smaller number is 48. Find the numbers. Thank you

    asked by Pam
  41. Math

    I need help finding the greatest common factor between these two expressions 3u^3x^5y^8 and 21u^6x^5 I was thinking 7u^3y^8

    asked by Cara
  42. math

    The largest circular shape my pieced of string can form has a diameter 8 cm long. How long is the diameter of the largest circular shape that half my piece of string can form?

    asked by Insimgia
  43. phy

    Given three vectors a⃗ =−i⃗ −4j⃗ +2k⃗ , b⃗ =3i⃗ +2j⃗ −2k⃗ , c⃗ =2i⃗ −3j⃗ +k⃗ , calculate a⃗ ⋅(b⃗ ×c⃗ )

    asked by samson
  44. math

    In a Sing Thing, the first 4 singers sand song 1, the next 4 sand Song 2, and so forth. Song number 73 sang Song? A. 18 B. 19 C. 20 C. 73 I got 15 but I don't know.

    asked by John
  45. MATH help please

    Let R be the relation on ℤ+×ℤ+ defined by (a,b)R(c,d) if and only if a−2d=c−2b. (a) prove that R is an equivalence relation (b) list all elements of the equivalence class [(3,3)] (c) find an equivalence class that has exactly 271 elements. (d) is

    asked by EXCEL
  46. math

    What is 56 1/4% = in the simplest form. Give the step by step example to help me understand. Thanks....

    asked by bella
  47. accounting

    The charter of the corporation authorized 500,000 shares of $5 par common stock, and 50,000 shares of $40 par, 3%, preferred stock. As of January 1, 2014, there were 20,000 shares of common stock issued and outstanding and 4,000 shares of preferred stock

    asked by Anonymous
  48. math

    Subtract: 5/6 - 3/6 Write the answer in simplest form Choose the best answer from the options below: A 2/6 B 1/6 C 1/3 D 9/6

    asked by asm
  49. life Orientation

    Identify environmental issues that causes ill-health to community in south africa

    asked by thabang segula
  50. physics

    A man in a boat moving at constant speed of 60km/h relative to the shore throws an object in the forward direction with a speed of 30km/h. What is the speed of the object as measured by an observer at rest at the shore?

    asked by samson
  51. math trigonometry

    a post is 20 m high. the angle of elevation of top of a house which is in front of the post is 30° from its top and 45° from foot . Find the height of house and distance between them.

    asked by nissan
  52. business

    Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you practice identifying the critical first stage of developing any research study: •State the purpose of the business research for each article. •Determine the research questions and hypotheses being

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Help plz👍😂

    Hero in long way from Chicago book why

    asked by Muhammad
  54. Chemistry

    A 2.00g sample of Fe3O4 is reacted with with 8.00g of O2 to produce Fe2O3. a) What mass of Fe2O3 will be produced? b) What mass of Fe2O3 will actually be produced if the percentage yield for reaction is 85% produced?

    asked by Paul


    asked by AJ
  56. math

    1. Let f : Z to Z and g : Z to Z be functions de fined by f (x) = 3x + 1 and g(x) = [x/2] . (a) Is fog one-to-one? Prove your answer. (b) Is fog onto? Prove your answer. (c) Is gof one-to-one? Prove your answer. (d) Is gof onto? Prove your answer.

    asked by Denial
  57. math

    I ONLY NEED HELP WITH PART C I DID THE REST ON MY OWN plz help Shane drew 3 squares with each side equal to n units. For each square, he does something different to it according to each part below. Part A: Shane increased the length and width of the square

    asked by Kemari
  58. English

    3. Correct the following sentences for subject-verb agreement, tenses and fragments. i) My car it is very beautiful. ii) When he thought he could afford to pay his own school fees. iii) This students keep making noise. iv) When I was young, I use to love

    asked by Nicole
  59. algebra

    2x+3 divided by x=x+5divided by 2 2(2x+3)=x(x+5) 4x +6=x^+5 x^+5x-44x-6 x^+x-6 (x-1)(x+6) x-1=0 x=1 x+6=0 x=-6

    asked by Kathy
  60. algebra

    k+5=-6divided byk k^+5k=-6 k^+5k-6 (k-6)(k+1) k-6=0 k=6 k+1=0 K=-1

    asked by Kathy
  61. Math

    Please help me simplify 1. [[x^2y^2]^0]^100 2. 3^27/3^9

    asked by Lesedi
  62. Grammar

    You mustn't allow your frustration to interfere with your motivation," advised the Admission Counselor. 'Tech support is available to help", she then explained. Is that punctuated correctly

    asked by Anonymous
  63. ENG1511

    Correct the following for subject-verb agreement, tenses and fragments. 1.My car it is very beautiful. 2.When he thought he could afford to pay his own school fees. 3.This students keep making noise. 4.When I was young,I use to love playing with dolls.

    asked by anonymus
  64. math lit, life science, geography and cat

    Hi im a Matric learner and would really like to know what careers I could possibly look into with my subjects listed above Thank you

    asked by Marcelle
  65. collge sydney

    This flywheel has a mass moment of inertia of 0.2 kgm2 and rotates at 53500 RPM. Calculate the kinetic energy ?

    asked by nader
  66. 6th grade math

    Mark has $4.40 nickels and dimes.he has thirteen more nickels than dimes. How many of each does he have?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Math (check answers)

    I think its A, Select the mathematical sentence that is true. A. 2 • (8 – 5) + 3 < 7 + 3 • 2 B. 2 • (8 – 5) + 3 > 7 + 3 • 2 C. 2 • (8 – 5) + 3 = 7 + 3 • 2

    asked by Matt
  68. discrete math ..please help

    . Let A = {1,2,3,4}. Prove the statements (a) and (b). You must describe the relations on A as a subset of AxA and also draw their arrow diagrams. (a) There exists a relation R on A so that R is refexive, symmetric but not transitive. (b) There exists a

    asked by Dosari
  69. Algebra

    Simplify the expression 4 squared + 8 /2 My answer is 12

    asked by Cole
  70. ramjas

    the sum of the digit of a two digit number is 13 and the diffrence btween the number and that form by reversing the digit is 27, find the number...

    asked by ashu
  71. math

    i'm a four digit number having all the digits odd except 9 and the digits are in ascending order. who am i?

    asked by suman
  72. Math

    let f: ℤ→ ℤ and g: ℤ → ℤ be functions defined by f(x) = 3x + 1 and g(x) = |_x/2_|. (a) Is f o g one-to-one? prove (b) is f o g unto? prove (c) Is g o f one-to-one? (d) Is g o f unto? Thank you for your help.

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Tech

    __________ is one of the few major indicators for which the ratio of production between the U.S. and China reflects the ratio of population size. A. Bicycle production B. Meat consumption C. Automobile production D. Fertilizer use im confused between A and

    asked by Amy
  74. physics

    according to the statement given what is the magnitude of the velocity of the rock just before it strikes the ground

    asked by Anonymous
  75. English

    Please paraphrase this: “In my experience as both a learner and later a language practitioner, one has to have a drive that will obstinately motivate one to succeed against all odds.”

    asked by Nicole
  76. algebra

    1/3 + 5/s-4=2 s-4+15=2 s-4=2-15 s=(2-15)+4 s= -13+4 a=9

    asked by Kathy
  77. algebra

    there is a radicand equation of 1/2n+3=3 There is an index of 4 1/2n +3=3^4 1/2n+3=81 1/2n=78 n=36

    asked by Kathy
  78. algebra

    (-5)x radicand equation 1/3x+4=-10 there is an index of 3 (-5)(1/3x+4) = 10^3 -5/3x-20=1,000 -5/3x=980 -5x=360 -x=72

    asked by Kathy
  79. Education/College

    Do you believe that men and women develop in similar ways across the socioemotional domain in middle adulthood. I have read chapter 16 of my book but it is confusing me!

    asked by Cathy
  80. math

    I don't understand how to estimate then find the quotient my problem is 35÷955 would it be 40÷1000

    asked by katerris
  81. fractions/math / Help!

    I need help with a couple of questions 8 3/7-2 1/2 can u show the work and what and how to write the prime factorization of 93 and 425

    asked by Rian
  82. Algebra

    Simplify 5 squared -4 over 5 + 2

    asked by Cole
  83. phy111

    A man leaves the garrage in his house and drives to a neighbouring town which is twenty kilometres away from his house on sight-seeing. He returns home to his garrage two hours after. What is his average velocity from home in km/h?

    asked by samson
  84. Math

    Please help Factorise fully 1. X^2-5x-14 2. Ab^2+3b 3. A^3-8a^2+15a

    asked by Lesedi
  85. algebra

    n/4=n+1/3n n(3n)=4(n+1) 3n^=4n+4 3n^-4n-4=0 3(n^-4n-4) (n-2)(n-4)

    asked by Kathy
  86. English analogy

    Bell is to clapper as -Checkers is to player -Gong is to striker -Food is to caterer -Wire is to splitter -catalog is to shopper

    asked by matt
  87. help AGAIN

    Curiosity is to explanation as sincerity is to: -Encouragement -Charisma -Apology -Investigation -Trustworthiness Sometimes I don't understand the meanings even when I search it up.

    asked by matt
  88. Math lol

    Explain how 9 x 4 can help you find 9 x 8

    asked by Britney Spears
  89. Math


    asked by Anonymous
  90. english

    One word for: segregation of feeling and development

    asked by satyajeet
  91. algebra

    1/3 +5/s-4=2 s-4/3(s-4) +5(3)/3(s-4)=2/3(s-4) s-4+15=2 s-4+15-2=0 s-4+13=0 s=9

    asked by Kathy
  92. algebra

    20/x^+4x=3/x+4+1/x 2(2x+3)/2x=x(x+5)/2x 4x+6 =x^+5x x^+5x-4x-6 x^+x-6 (x+1)(x-6)

    asked by Kathy
  93. math

    = ( 1 + 3) * ( 6 - 4 / 2)

    asked by Angelica
  94. High School Physics

    A car is moving at 20.0 m/s [N] when it begins to constantly accelerate to a final velocity of 10.0 m/s [E]. The magnitude of its displacement during this time is 1.50 x 10^2 m. How long did the acceleration last? I know that the answer is 13.4 s, but can

    asked by Anonymous