Questions Asked on
August 7, 2014

  1. Physical chemistry

    A mixture contains n2o4 and No2 in the ratio 2:1 by volume what is the vapour density of the mixture.Pls answer the question i have been on the question for 2 hrs by now tried solving using mole fraction ideal gas equation an using the formula molar mass

    asked by Rajiv
  2. History

    Advantages and disadvantages that ethnic neighborhoods offered to their residents? I previously did an essay of advantages and disadvantages of immigration to the U.S. and when I search online I am getting the same answers. So I am scared I answered one of

    asked by Jenny

    1)Each state has a dental board of examiners responsible for enforcing that particular state's Dental Practices Act (DPA). The DPA contains similar requirements for dentist conduct. Which of the following is not covered by the DPA? A. Americans with

    asked by KIM
  4. math

    The ratio of boys to girls in a class room was 9:8. Half of the girls left the classroom, and then there were 15 more boys than girls. A. How many children were in the classroom in the beginning B. How many girls left the classroom?

    asked by john
  5. Chemistry

    A 10.00-mL sample of 0.1000 M KH2PO4 was titrated with 0.1000 M HCl Ka for phosphoric acid (H3PO4): Ka1= 7.50x10-3 ; Ka2=6.20x10-8 ; Ka3= 4.20x10-10 Calculate the pH after addition of 10.00 mL of HCl to the KH2PO4 solution?

    asked by Jesus

    The ratio of guppies to angelfish in a shop was 2:3. The number of angelfish was 2/3 the number of gold fish. The shoe keeper decided to replace 1/4 of the guppies with some angelfish. The number of angelfish she added was equal to the number of the

    asked by Sharon
  7. MATH

    At one college, GPA’s are normally distributed with a mean of 2.9 and a standard deviation of 0.6. Find the 70th percentile.

    asked by KDIZZLE
  8. Maths

    A 5kg bag of apples costs R65 what is the cost of 500 grams of apples

    asked by T1
  9. Physics

    A gun is fired parallel to the ground. At the same instant, a bullet of equal size and mass next to the muzzle is released and drops to the ground. Which hits the ground first and why? I think that the bullets will hit the ground at the same time because

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Chemistry

    HNO3 used as a reagent has a specific gravity of 1.42 g/ mL and contains 70% by strength HNO3. Calculate: Volume of acid that contains 60 g pure acid? Volume of water required to make 1 molar solution from 2 mL concentrated HNO3?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. physics

    A block of mass m takes time t to slide down on a smooth inclined plane of angle of inclination theta and height h. If same block slids down on a rough inclined plane of same angle of inclination and some height and takes time n times of initial value then

    asked by urgent !!!!!!!!!
  12. Chemistry

    If 5.4 moles of methane react with 3.5 moles of oxygen gas, how much carbon dioxide will be produced? Use the following equation: CH4 + 2O2 = CO2 + 2H20

    asked by Bellkis
  13. MATH(HELP)

    The ratio of guppies to angelfish in a shop was 2:3. The number of angelfish was 2/3 the number of gold fish. The shopkeeper decided to replace 1/4 of the guppies with some angelfish. The number of angelfish in the end. How many guppies were in the shop in

    asked by Sharon
  14. computers

    when you connect to a remote VPN server with your laptop running windows 8 what key item is your computer allocated

    asked by David
  15. math

    two points A and B 80 ft. apart lie on the same side of a tower and in a horizontal line through its foot. if the angle of elevation of the top of the tower at A is 21 degree and B is 46 degree, find the height of the tower.

    asked by Faw
  16. statistics

    The mean lifetime of a sample of 100 light tubes is 1570 hours with a standard deviation of 80 hours test the hypothesis that the mean lifetime of the tubes is 1600 hours

    asked by Patrick
  17. trigonometry

    A barge is being towed south at the rate 2 km/hr. A man on the deck walks from west to east at the rate 4ft/s. Find the magnitude and direction of the man's actual velocity.

    asked by karl
  18. mathematics word problems

    Club members wrote a program together, with several people working on each of 4 parts. If the first part of the program required 1/3 of the total time, the second part needed 1/2 of the remaining time, the third part took 30 minutes, and the fourth part

    asked by Epson
  19. Algebra

    A mural made of triangular tiles has an area of 1750square centimeters.each triangle has a height that is 3 centimeters longer than its base of 2 many triangular tiles are there

    asked by Firdous
  20. Geometry

    What is the probability of drawing three red cards, one at a time without replacement, from a standard deck of 52 cards?

    asked by me

    If light bulbs have lives that are normally distributed with a mean of 2500 hours and a standard deviation of 500 hours, approximately what percentage of light bulbs has a life of more than 3000 hours?

    asked by KDIZZLE
  22. Life orientation

    what are factors tha encourage enviromental hazzard:pollution?

    asked by dikeledi
  23. worls history

    How can i start a essay of frensh revolution and what would be the best person or event to write about??

    asked by yaya flores
  24. Math

    Suppose a child is sitting 5 feet from the fulcrum. Where does a 175 pound adult need to sit for the seesaw to be balance?

    asked by Anthony
  25. physics

    A particle undergoes two displaments , measured from the positive x-axis, with counterclockwise positive.The first has a magnitude of 11 m and makes an angle of 88 with the positive x-axis. The resultant displacement has a magnitude of 6.8 m direceted at

    asked by Anonymous
  26. math

    On a plane trip, baggage over 41 pounds is charged at the rate per pound of 1% of the one-way fare. The charge for a bag weighing 52 pounds on a trip where the one-way fare is $98 is:

    asked by Sharon
  27. statistics

    A jar contains 2 red balls, 2 blue balls, 2 green balls and 1 orange ball. Balls are randomly selected, without replacement, until 2 of the same colour are obtained. Calculate the probability that more than 3 balls must be selected.

    asked by Koala
  28. math

    a quart is approximately sixty cubic inches. a cubic feet of water weighs approximately sixty pounds. therefore, a quart of water weighs, approximately

    asked by Ahmed
  29. geo

    A line contains the points (8, 9) and (–12, –7). Using point-slope form, write the equation of the line that is parallel to the given line and that passes through (–5, –15).

    asked by me
  30. Environmental Science

    H.B.D. Kettlewell observed that peppered moths in the forests of England were becoming darker in color over time. In addition, he observed that pollution had turned the tree trunks black. He thought it would be easy for birds to spot and capture

    asked by Sydney
  31. Algebra 2

    The sequence is defined by a recursion formula. Write the first four terms of the sequence: a_1=9; a_n=3a_n-1

    asked by Nan
  32. trigonometry

    A box of 200kN is placed on a smooth inclined plane 28° with the horizontal. To prevent the box from sliding down the plane, a rope is tied to it and fastened to a peg on the top of the incline as shown. Determine the pull on the string assuming that the

    asked by karl
  33. Algebra 2

    Recursion formula for a given population for each interval,n, at a time, and k is a constant called the Malthusian factor: a_n=ka_n-1(1-a_n-1) - Assuming n is measured in weeks, calculate the insect population for weeks 2, 3, and 4 if the initial

    asked by Nan
  34. Maths

    What is the largest three-digit number with the property that the number is equal to the sum of its hundreds digit, the square of its tens digit and the cube of its units digit?

    asked by Misha
  35. Algebra

    At 8Am population of bacteria is 100,at 10Am population of bacteria is 200,At 12PM population of bacteria is 400,At 2PM population of bacteria is 800.If the pattern continues what will the bacteria population be at 6.00 pm

    asked by Firdous
  36. psychology

    A developmental psychologist who stresses the importance of the social clock would be likely to agree that:

    asked by godfrey
  37. math

    The base of a triangle is 11. The other two sides are integers and one of the sides is twice as long as the other. What is the shortest possible length of a side of the triangle?

    asked by john
  38. Human Sexuality

    Diseases most frequently found to have adverse effects on sexual functioning include all of the following EXCEPT: a. Multiple sclerosis or stroke. b. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and heart attacks. c. Arthritis. d. Asthma.

    asked by Amanda
  39. psychology (check answer)

    Adolescent women are most likely to use contraception: a. During their first experience of sexual intercourse. My answers is A b. If they already have one baby. c. If they have been involved in a steady relationship. d. If they have just met their sexual

    asked by Amanda
  40. math

    4. A board jumper makes an average standing jump of 8 feet. In how many jumps will he cover y yards? I got B for this question. A.3y/8 B.8/3y C.24y D.1/24y E.24/y

    asked by vincent
  41. math

    At the beginning of the summer molly decided to add a little money into her sayings account every week. After seven weeks her account had $175. At the end of 15 weeks her account had $375. Assume that she put the same amount of money into her account every

    asked by Ashley
  42. math

    On Saturday, Alberto filled his right rear tire with air at the gas station around the block from where he lives. Three days later the tire pressure in that tire measured 26 psi (pounds per square inch). On the following Saturday, one week after he had

    asked by Jeffery

    i think its growth ~ The leaves on a green plant soak up sunlight to make food. A cow's stomach digests grass that was eaten. These are examples of which characteristic of life? A. growth B. homeostasis C. metabolism D. heredity

    asked by Matt
  44. Math

    A square measures 12 cm x 12 cm and is divided into four equal squares.If equal circles inscribed within each of the four squares, what is the circumference of each circle ?

    asked by Feras
  45. algebra 2

    y = 4x2 - 12x + 9

    asked by serg
  46. algebra

    five minus twice the square of a number Algebraic expression: Factors: Constantas: Terms: Coefficients

    asked by ocieseanna
  47. Biology

    Should the point (0,0) be plotted on this graph? Average Temperatures in Degrees F. (1)Jan 52 (2)Feb 57 (3)Mar 65 (4)Apr 73 (5)May 80 (6)June 87 (7)July 89 (8)Aug 88 (9)Sept 82 (10)Oct 73 (11)Nov 63 (12)Dec 55 This data represents a repeating cycle. Should

    asked by Pratima
  48. Math

    A rectangle has a length of 6 cm in an area of 24 cm². If the radius of a circle is as long as the width of the rectangle ,what is the circumference of the circle?

    asked by Feras
  49. molecular biology

    To confirm that the recombinant plasmids obtained were exactly what you wanted, you need to determine the DNA sequence of the PCR products found in several of the recombinant plasmids. To do this, you use the primer 5'-CACG-3'. You carry out a set of four

    asked by bio
  50. Chemistry

    I am to do an equilibrium constant lab and I am supposed to only find the Kc value. i have to find the equilibrium constant for NaHCO3 (s) NaOH (s) + CO2 (g) at 800K. The partial pressure in the bulb reads 420 kPa on the manometer, 1 gram of NaHCO3 was

    asked by Liz
  51. Technology

    The project designed to clothe soldiers in order to fight the wars of tomorrow is called: A. Future Soldier 2025. B. Situational Awareness. C. Star Wars. D. Land Warrior. is it A

    asked by Amy
  52. medical billing and coding

    which one of the following pieces of information would be part of a limited data set?

    asked by Mechelle
  53. Algebra 2

    The sequence is defined by a recursion formula.Write the first four terms; a_1=-5; a_n=2a_n-1 +7

    asked by Nan
  54. Maths

    1) -_/a^3 2) _/_/a 3) _/^3_/64a^6b^12

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Algebra 2

    The sequence is defined by a recursion formula. Write the first four terms of the sequence; a_1=0; a_n=5a_n-1 +7

    asked by Nan

    The richest discovery in the history of mining occurred in 1873. This so-called "Big Bonanza" made _______ the richest man in the world.

    asked by Anonymous
  57. math

    When modeling data we make ______ plot to help us visually determine whether a line or some other curve is appropriate or not.

    asked by Marie P.
  58. Science

    Imagine that you are part of a research team that is working to control the spread of the Japanese beetle. This is an insect pest from Japan first discovered on the east coast of the United States in 1916. Since that time it has been spreading slowly south

    asked by Arial
  59. Criminal Law

    points of similarities between Federal and State Law.

    asked by slomomo
  60. Algebra 2

    The sequence is defined by a recursion formula, write the first four terms of the sequence; a_1=100; a_n=1/2a_n-1 +4

    asked by Nan
  61. chemistry

    A 25 mL solution of nitric acid was placed in a flask and a few drops of phenolphthalein were added. Dilute sodium hydroxide was added util the indicator changed colour. It was found that 28 mL of the alkali was used. (a) What colour was the solution in

    asked by Shane
  62. Math

    A rectangle has a length of 6 inches and an area 18 inches. If the radius of the circle is equal to the width of the rectangle what is the area of the circle?

    asked by Feras
  63. statistics

    The mean sleep time of babies is 14hrs,a sample of 64 babies showed a mean of 13hrs 30min with a standard deviation of 3hrs at 1% level of significance. Test the assertion that the mean sleep of the babies is less than 14hrs a day.

    asked by Patrick
  64. english

    In The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, there is a quote that says, "When you want something with all your heart, that's when you are closest to the Soul of the world. It's always a positive force." I'm stuck on trying to find the meaning behind this quote. I'd

    asked by Coralie
  65. Algebra 2

    For each sequence, write the next four terms 1. 36,12,4,4/3... I know that the pattern in that the term is divided by 3, but I have no idea how to calculate/write the next four terms.

    asked by Nan
  66. trig

    the angle of from the top of a 41 fdepression as measured oot tower to a reference point on the ground is 65 degrees. How far away, to the nearest foot, is the reference point from the base of the tower

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Algebra 2

    Year: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Sale:.48,1.032,2.198,4.726,10.208 (in millions) -If the sales growth pattern continues, what will be the sales for ABC Company in year 12? -What will be the total sales for ABC Company for years 1 through 12? I know that this is a

    asked by Nan
  68. Math

    A Circle has an area of 25 pie centimeter squared.If one side of the square is the same length as the radius of the circle,what is the perimeter of the Square? F 20 cm G 25 cm H 50 cm J 75 cm K 100 cm

    asked by Feras
  69. Physics

    a bus travels from one point to another wuth a speed of 40km/h and returns with a speed of 60km/h.what is e average speed and average velocity of the bus?

    asked by Zubi
  70. ogive-maths

    what are ogives? Please briefly explain what goes on with regard to ogives

    asked by cee
  71. math

    3. A diamond ring valued at $7000 was insured at 80% of its value. What was the premium, if the rate was $6 per 1000? A.$3.36 B.$4.20 C.$33.60 D.$42.00 E.$336.00

    asked by vincent
  72. Math

    5[5m-(m+8)]> -4(m-1) Solve

    asked by Janelle
  73. physics

    a bus travels from one point to another wuth a speed of 40km/h and returns with a speed of 60km/h.what is e average speed and average velocity of the bus?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. spelling mistakes

    theree guest lectures come from CMC hospital to give the trainee and her fellowmates a common introduction above community developement.

    asked by kruthiga.k
  75. Math

    In a program,class 7 students planted as many trees as their number in class. If total planted trees =144.Find how many students were there ?

    asked by Lisa
  76. physics 2

    - Matter is made of charged particles - The motion of charged particles produces electromagnetic waves - Since light is an electromagnetic wave, the color of a substance is ultimately related to the way that charged particles in that substance can move

    asked by Daniella
  77. Math

    Simplify. (a) 2^3(5)^-2 =? (b) 2^-3/a^4 = 2^3a^4 =8a^4????

    asked by Whitney
  78. math

    2. A grocer paid $2600 for secondhand delivery truck. At end of 4 1/2 years he was allowed $440 for it toward the purchase of a new truck. What was the average yearly amount of depreciation? A.$220 B.$450 C.$480 D.$550 E.$2200

    asked by vincent
  79. Math

    The list below contains the 6 factors of which two-digit number? 6, 2, 9, 3, 1 ______

    asked by Zippy
  80. Criminal Law

    What do you know about the classification of criminal law?

    asked by slomomo
  81. algebra

    z=yn y=

    asked by lynn
  82. physics 2

    - Matter is made of charged particles - The motion of charged particles produces electromagnetic waves - Since light is an electromagnetic wave, the color of a substance is ultimately related to the way that charged particles in that substance can move

    asked by lost physics 2 student
  83. Tech

    The company that put the "stealth" in the stealth bomber was: A. Lockheed Martin. B. Grumman. C. Northrup. D. Boeing. is it C

    asked by Amy
  84. Tech

    If a company produces something and is able to dominate the market as a result, that company would be called: A. a sponsor. B. a Dominant Client. C. a Monopolistic Maker. D. a manufacturer. is it B

    asked by Amy
  85. Math 221

    9w-w^3 I need someone to explain how do I factor this problem

    asked by Lisa
  86. Algebra 2

    For the following sequence, determine the indicated geometric means; 180,_,_,_,_,-5.625,... I could hardly even calculate this! Anyone have a better idea?

    asked by Nan
  87. Algebra 2

    Is this sequence arithmetic,geometric, or neither? -111,2.5,115.5

    asked by Nan
  88. Math

    4:00 in the evening 10:00 during the day Are these times a. m. Or p. m.

    asked by Hoor
  89. physics

    Show that the critical velocity of body revolving in cercular orbit very close to the surface of a planet of radiuis R and meandencity.

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Algebra 2

    Find the sum of the first 12 terms of this sequence: 9,4.5,2.25,... I believe that the pattern is dividing the term by 2,and I keep getting 7.9956 for the sum, but that is incorrect. Anyone understand this?

    asked by Nan
  91. Math 221

    9w-w^3 I need someone to explain step by step how do I factor this problem

    asked by Lisa
  92. Algebra 2

    Is this sequence arithmetic, geometric, or neither? 3,10,31...

    asked by Nan
  93. Algebra 2

    A species of bees make hexagonal, 6 sided, honeycombs.The bees begin with on hexagonal cell then make successive rings of hexagonal cells around the initial cell. Make a table of values for the number of cells in each of the first 8 rings (1st ring, 2nd

    asked by Nan
  94. Math

    Are these times a. m or p. m. 9 minutes to 12 noon 8 minutes to midnight

    asked by Hoor
  95. Math 221

    Need help please explain how to get the answers for these two factoring problems and for the second problem with the "ac method". 2a^2+1+3a 15x^2+31x+2

    asked by Lisa
  96. ENG1511

    skimming and scanning from part of the ......... reading strategies

    asked by sylas
  97. Algebra 2

    -S_16 for the series 5+20+80+...

    asked by Nan
  98. math

    If x = 1/x^2, then 2 + 3 = a. 13/36 b. 1/5 c. 5/6 d. 1/8 e. 5/13 please answer and show work

    asked by thomas
  99. mathematics

    P=2(l+b) the length of a rectangle given the perimeter

    asked by pinky
  100. math

    12.5= 3/k how do u solve k?

    asked by scott