Questions Asked on
July 31, 2014

  1. chemistry

    a) Calculate the percent ionization of 0.125M lactic acid (Ka=1.4x10^-4) b) Calculate the percent ionization of 0.125M lactic acid in a solution containing 0.00075 M sodium lactate.

    asked by Nina
  2. percentages

    Say an advertiser makes $0.10 every time someone clicks on their ad. Only 20% of people who visit the site click on their ad. How many people need to visit the site for the advertiser to make $20?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. physics

    A string is wrapped around a uniform disk of mass M = 1.6 kg and radius R = 0.10 m. (Recall that the moment of inertia of a uniform disk is (1/2)MR2.) Attached to the disk are four low-mass rods of radius b = 0.17 m, each with a small mass m = 0.6 kg at

    asked by sara
  4. greatbay community college

    A 5.00 kg stone is thrown upward at 7.50 m/s at an angle of 51.0 degrees above the horizontal from the upper edge of a cliff, and it hits the ground 1.50 s later with no air drag. Find the magnitude of its velocity vector just as it reaches the ground.

    asked by Anonymous
  5. science

    forces of 20N to the south,40N to the northeast, and 10N to be east act on the object.the magnitude of resultant force is a)10N b)39 N c)20 N d)46 N

    asked by sstt
  6. life science

    1.why are fossils important discoveries? 2. Why are fossils kept in a glass box in the museum? 3.What feature does australopithecus sediba share with humans? 4.What feature does australopithecus sediba share with apes? 5.Explain the scientific

    asked by Okuhle
  7. Life sciences

    Why are the fossils kept in a glass box in the museum?

    asked by Donald
  8. science

    a mixture of gases contains 64g of methane, 64g of oxygen and 64g of sulphur dioxide. The pressure of the mixture is 210 kpa. what is the partial pressure (in kpa) of the methane expected to be?

    asked by olaitan daviesstunt
  9. Science/Physics

    Andee has a mass of 68.5 kg on earth. What is his weight on Earth? What should his mass be in order to have the same weight at the surface of the moon?

    asked by Gwyn Kyla Agduma
  10. Geometry

    OPQRSTUVWX is a regular decagon. A rotation of A degrees about U maps X to R. Given A < 180 degrees, find A. Thought it was 144 but it isn't.

    asked by Sheenybeany
  11. geometry help!! answer all questions!! please

    1) Write the translation that maps P(-4, 2) onto the point P ' (-1, -1)? 2) What are the coordinates of the reflection of the point (5,1) over the line y = x? 3) The coordinate notation for reflection over the y-axis is -?-. 4) If a translation has a

    asked by Lulu
  12. Ecology

    Aside from lead, the two air pollutants most hazardous to human health are: A. sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. B. ozone and sulfur dioxide. C. ozone and fine airborne particulates. D. nitrous oxides and carbon monoxide. is it A

    asked by Amy
  13. Math

    There are some rabbits and chickens in a farm. Together they have 35 heads and 94 feet. How many rabbits? How many chickens?

    asked by Prolly
  14. Physics

    Two trains, one starting in Calgary and the other in Edmonton, travel toward one another. The Edmonton train travels at 120 km/h toward Calgary, while the Calgary train travels at 140 km/h toward Edmonton. If the trains begin at the same time and Edmonton

    asked by JD
  15. life orientation

    ways 2 address xenophobia in the community or southa africa or globally

    asked by ntosh
  16. developmental appropriate curriculum

    Which of the following strategies is best for teaching motor skills? A. Suppressing motor skills that may be developing early B. Telling children to try harder C. Coaching and demonstration D. Experimentation and strict correction

    asked by daniela
  17. Translations

    Point Q is the image of point P under a dilation with center O and scale factor 4. If PQ = 18, then what is OP?

    asked by Sheenybeany
  18. physics

    Calculate the energy required to vapourise 50g of water Initially at 80¡ãC if the specific heat capacity of water is 4.2 J/g.k. (specific latent heat of vapourisation of water is 2260 J/g)

    asked by Francis
  19. AP Calc

    The picture to the right shows the Ben Franklin Bridge which stretches across the Delaware River joining Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The center span of the bridge is about 4200 feet long. The suspension cables hang in parabolic arcs from towers 750 feet

    asked by Anon
  20. Geometry

    Write the translation that maps P(-4, 2) onto the point P ' (-1, -1)? What are the coordinates of the reflection of the point (5,1) over the line y = x? The coordinate notation for reflection over the y-axis is -?-. If a translation has a coordinate

    asked by Diamond
  21. physics

    A male cheerleader does 2.25 kJ of work in lifting a 57.5 kg cheerleader 1.25 m off the ground during the half time show. The energy gained by the lifted cheerleader is __________ kJ.

    asked by HELP ASAP
  22. AP Calc

    When a chain hangs under its own weight, its shape is catenary. The equation of a catenary with a vertex on the y-axis is y=e^x+e^-x. Find the length of the chain from x=-2 to x=2. Then use the same technique from Problem #8(Previous AP calc problem I

    asked by Anon
  23. business math

    Lane French had a bad credit rating and went to a local cash center. He took out a $100.00 loan payable in two weeks at $105.50. What is the percent of interest paid on this loan?

    asked by erica
  24. Chemistry

    Calculate PH of 0.05 M solution of ammonium acetate

    asked by Jane
  25. math

    A specially made pair of dice has only one- and two-spots on the faces. One of the dice has three faces with one-spot and three faces with two-spot. The other die has two faces with one-spot and four faces with a two-spot. One of the dice is selected at

    asked by Anonymous
  26. math

    6. Joe played golf with Sam on a speacial par 3 course.. They played nine holes. The expected number of strokes on hole was 3. A birdie is 1 below par. On nine holes Frank made par on 1 hole, got 2 birdies, one eagle, four bogies and one double bogie. How

    asked by tsunayoshi
  27. prealgebra

    A building lot in a city is shaped as a 30° -60° -90° triangle. The side opposite the 30° angle measures 41 feet. a. Find the length of the side of the lot opposite the 60° angle. b.Find the length of the hypotenuse of the triangular lot. c. Find the

    asked by Anonymous
  28. physics

    Written in scientific notation, with three significant digits, the number 0.01050 is_______?______ x 10?

    asked by l
  29. Math

    After Michael 110 baseball cards to Sally and 75 to Heidi, he still has 315 left. What percent of his cards did Michael give away? 110 + 75... and then??

    asked by HELP
  30. strayer university

    P5. The following information is available to you: travelers’ checks _ $1 million; coin and paper currency _ $30 million; repurchase agreements and Eurodollars _ $15 million; demand deposits _$25 million; retail money market mutual funds _ $60 million;

    asked by kenya
  31. math

    a bowl of fruit has 3 strawberries, 2 banannas and 1 apple. what fraction of the fruit is banannas?

    asked by Anonymous
  32. physics

    A solid of mass 1kg suspended by a string is completely immersed in water. If the tension in the string is 5N, calculate the upthrust on the solid. (take g = 9.78m/s)

    asked by Francis
  33. statistics

    The following list is a sampling of the costs of various statistics textbooks used at several colleges. Give the upper confidence limit for a 95% confidence interval estimate for the mean cost of all statistics textbooks. 109.95; 92.00; 96.70; 84.85;

    asked by martha
  34. Math

    A particle moves with a velocity of v(t)=3cos(2t) m/s along an axis. Find the distance traveled by the particle over the time interval 0 is less than or equal to "t", which is less than or equal to (pi/8)

    asked by mike
  35. physics

    A sprinter has a mass of 82.0 kg. If the sprinter is running at a speed of 22.5 km/h, determine his kinetic energy. __________ × 103 J.

    asked by help
  36. physics

    A girl lifts her 20-kg knapsack a vertical distance of 0.70 m and then she carries it 2510 m across the park to the water fountain. The value of the work done by the girl is __________ J.

    asked by HELP ASAP
  37. physics

    A 45.0 g golf ball is released 2.50 m above the ground. The velocity of the golf ball when it hits the ground is

    asked by oo
  38. math

    1. A submarine was suituated 800 feet below sea level. If it ascends 250 feet, what is it new position 2. Metal mercury at room temperature is a liquid. Its melting point is -39°C. The freezing point of alcohol is-114°C. How much warmer is the melting

    asked by tsunayoshi
  39. trigonometry

    An object is attached by a string to the end of a spring. When the weight is released it starts oscillating vertically in a periodic way that can be modeled by a trigonometric function. The object's average height is −20 cm (measured from the top of the

    asked by obet
  40. Ecology

    According to the article "The Grim Payback of Greed" our level of consumerism: A. is essentially a creation of the 20th century. B. has declined in the West but is growing rapidly in developing countries. C. is highly correlated with reported levels of

    asked by Amy
  41. physics

    A snail moved 0.14 m between two cabbages in 3.0 minutes. The average speed of the snail is

    asked by l
  42. maths

    16. A pole of length 10 m casts a shadow 2 m long on the ground. At the same time a tower casts a shadow of length 50 m on the ground, then find the height of the tower.

    asked by pritika
  43. Health

    Below are descriptions about the programs that are designed to help prevent suicide. Which statement is true? A. CBT because it teaches the skills needed to deal better with upsetting situations. B. DBT, sometimes called collaborative care management, uses

    asked by Lolita
  44. physics

    Jill runs 100 m in 15.0 s. Jon speedwalks 100 m in 30.0 s. If Jill and Jon have the same mass, then Jill's kinetic energy would be

    asked by bean
  45. physics

    A hockey player lifts a 600 g trophy up into the air a distance of 75.0 cm. The work done against gravity on the trophy is __________ J.

    asked by help
  46. Calculus

    use the simpson's rule with n=10 to estimate arc length of y=x^(-1/3), for 1

    asked by Rick
  47. Maths

    An 8-sided die shows the numbers 1 to 8. A 6-sided die shows the numbers 1 to 6. If both dice are rolled at the same time, how many possible outcomes are there?

    asked by Alycia
  48. math(precalculus)

    Write the equation of a Rational Function satisfying given conditions. Has vertical asymptotes located at x-2 and x=-1 Has a horizontal asymptote located at y=0(x-axis) y-intercept:(0,2) x-intercept (4,0) R(x)= ??? what I did is, R(x)= ax+b/c(x-2)(x+1)

    asked by Karen
  49. Logic

    Eric is planning a 7-day resort vacation. He will play golf on four mornings. He also wants to play tennis but can only play tennis on days he does not play croquet. He will play croquet on any day immediately following a day that he plays golf. What is

    asked by Ivy
  50. Political Issue

    Select a professional organization in the nursing industry. Researching a current political issue addressed through the organization.

    asked by Sam
  51. physics

    A bus traveled 10.0 km from the north end of the city to the south in 10.0 minutes. The average speed of the bus was

    asked by l
  52. physics

    If you travel 10 m [E], 25 m [S], 12 m [W] and 25 m [N], your displacement is

    asked by ej
  53. physics

    A car which is traveling at a velocity of 9.6 m/s undergoes an acceleration of 4.2 m/s2 over a distance of 450 m. How fast is it going after that acceleration?

    asked by Auqib Ihsan
  54. math

    find the sum of 3/6+4/10+3/30 and reduce to lowest term

    asked by cj
  55. Re-write this sentence

    It is impossible that the allied powers should extend their political system to any portion of either continent without endangering our peace and happiness. This sentence gives a hint of a threat. I have to re-write the sentence and state the threat

    asked by Tina
  56. Math

    find the area of the region bounded by the function y=-x^2+5x-4 and the x-axis

    asked by mike
  57. maths

    Zama had 140 packet of chips and each packet hada mass of 50g what is the mass of all packet of chips together ? Write your answer in kg.find the answer using cross multiply

    asked by ofentse mafoko
  58. physics

    How would I figure out the answer to this question? A critical angle of 24.4 degrees applies to: a) light travelling from air into diamond b) light travelling from diamond into air c) light travelling from water into diamond d) light travelling from

    asked by Liz
  59. physics

    light travelling in air is incident on a soap bubble. If the path difference through the soap bubble is 2.5λ: a) constructive interference will occur b) destructive interference will occur c) partial interference will occur d) none of the above Would the

    asked by Liz
  60. English

    What is an example of a moral fairy tale in the book "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens?

    asked by Cookie
  61. physics

    In a panic-stop, a car's brakes produced an acceleration of -8.0 m/s2 (or a deceleration of 8.0 m/s2). If you are traveling at 35 m/s, your speed after braking for 3.0 s will be

    asked by kjonl
  62. physics

    An athlete prepares for practice by walking 820 m in 10.3 min and sprinting 600 m in 3.8 min. Determine the athlete's average speed in metres per second.

    asked by HELP ASAP
  63. physics

    The time required for a car to reach 28.5 m/s from rest, accelerating at 3.70 m/s2 is __________ .

    asked by HELP ASAP
  64. current political issue

    Explain how nurse leaders can use professional organizations to stay aware of political actions in the nursing and health care industry and the importance of doing so

    asked by Sam
  65. physics

    A 31.4-kg diver free falls from the diving board and hits the water with a speed of 10.0 m/s. Based on this information, the height of the tower is __________

    asked by oihln
  66. physics

    The useful energy output of an engine is 1.50 × 103 kJ and the total mechanical energy input is 4.32 x 103 kJ . The efficiency of the engine is __________%

    asked by oihln
  67. Writing

    How might one write a proposal with a sample script for a movie or TV program?

    asked by Victoria
  68. Calculus - Simpson's Rule and Arc Length

    Can any show me step by step on how to get this? I keep on getting different answers... Thank You! Use Simpson's rule with n=10 to estimate the arc length of y=x^(-1/3), for 1

    asked by Chelsea
  69. Physics- check answer please

    Would the answer be b)? diamond into air? A critical angle of 24.4 degrees applies to: a) light travelling from air into diamond b) light travelling from diamond into air c) light travelling from water into diamond d) light travelling from diamond into

    asked by Liz
  70. physics

    At exactly the critical angle: a) all light reflects back into the n1 medium b) all light reflects back into the n2 medium c) part of the light reflects back into the n1 medium, the remainder travels along the boundary between the two mediums d) part of

    asked by Liz
  71. Calculus

    Determine whether Ax = lnx/(sqrt x) is convergent

    asked by Mary
  72. science

    The mass of an object is 217.5g and its volume is 192mL. What is the density of the object?

    asked by marva
  73. statistics

    Conduct a chi square analysis to determine whether sex and year in college are related. I have tried to submit the data but I can't seem to make the submission work. For my data I used 20 males and 20 females. and for the year in college I have 10

    asked by angela
  74. Chemistry

    For :H2O(g) --> H(g) + OH(g); At 3000K and P(total)=1.00 atm, from your K value calculate system composition from 1.00 mol H2O(g) and no products initially. The K I got (using Delta G superscript zero = [Delta H superscript zero]-[T* Delta S superscript

    asked by Briana
  75. algebra

    In a given training week, a swimmer completes 1/4 mile on day one, 3/5 mile on day two, and 2/3 mile on day three. How many total miles does the athlete swim in the given week?

    asked by shenae
  76. To Ms. Sue

    Ms. Sue Hi! Im not sure if you will be able to help me with this one, since is Math homework, but this time is just to confirm if Im right the question is: What is 1,112,433 rounded to the nearest ten thousand? A. 1,120,000 B. 1,100,000 C. 1,110,000 D.

    asked by Shayna
  77. math

    Kendra bought 4 paintings and wants to hang them side by side on a wall in her bedroom. However, only 3 of the paintings will fit side by side on this wall. How many different ways can Kendra arrange 3 of the 4 paintings on the wall?

    asked by William
  78. Math

    Of the books in a library, 1/3 came from Robbie's collection and 15 came from from Marta's. Of the rest 15 were Elena's, 1/5 were Winfield's, and 5 were purchased from the bookstore. How many books are there in the library?

    asked by Kitty
  79. physics

    A 120.0 g object is moved from a shelf 2.9 m high to one that is 5.4 m high. The change in potential energy for the object is

    asked by earl
  80. physics

    An elastic is stretched with an average force of 120.0 N a distance of 10.0 cm. The potential energy stored in the elastic is

    asked by aye
  81. physics

    A hockey puck with a mass of 0.200 kg travels with a speed of 49.6 m/s during a slap shot. The puck's kinetic energy is

    asked by bean
  82. physics

    Object A has mass m and velocity v. Object B has 18 times the mass and one third the velocity of object A. The kinetic energy of object B will be Spell check times the kinetic energy of object A.

    asked by ayelmao
  83. physics

    A machine loses 600 kJ as waste heat while producing 5,350 kJ of useful energy output. The efficiency of this machine is

    asked by l
  84. physics

    Initial sources of energy used to operate machines were __________ and __________.

    asked by l
  85. Math

    If the investment rises from $1000 to $5000, the percent is what from the original?

    asked by HELP
  86. Math

    9 is 1/3% of what number?? I need help

    asked by fined
  87. physics

    An aircraft on its take-off run has a steady acceleration of 3.0 m/s2. It's velocity after 10 seconds will be

    asked by HELP ASAP
  88. physics

    When an object travelling at 12.7 m/s [E] speeds up to a velocity of 21.5 m/s [E] in 3.45 s, the magnitude of the acceleration is __________m/s2.

    asked by HELP
  89. physics

    A 130.0 g object is moved from a shelf 0.2 m high to one that is 5.0 m high. The change in potential energy for the object is __________ .

    asked by help
  90. Math

    9. If f is a linear function such that f(-1) = 5 and f(2) = -1, then f(x + 1) = A. -2x + 1 B. -2x + 3 C. x + 1 D. -2x + 2 E. 2x + 1

    asked by Dania
  91. English

    Please help with this whole paragraph I rewrote it and thank you Ms Sue Therefore, supporting the fact, that you can dress a diverse group of students with uniforms, they would not see and believe the things the same way, as other students with uniforms.

    asked by Lalo
  92. Physics

    A plane travelling at a speed of 150 meter per second due east of north has to go from point A to point B 500 km apart. If a wind blows straight north at a speed of 20 meter per second find the angle the pilot should follow to reach point B and also the

    asked by Satyam