Questions Asked on
July 30, 2014

  1. Matyh

    Victor Malaba has a net income of $1,240 per month. If he spends $150 on food, $244 on a car payment, $300 on rent, and $50 on savings, what percent of his net income can he spend on other things? A. 43 percent B. 300 percent C. 40 percent D. 64 percent

    asked by Sandra
  2. world history

    Which of the following statements is true of the Gulf of Tonkin affair? A. Johnson told Congress to pass the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution to let him expand the war. B. Congress was divided and only reluctantly passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. C. The

    asked by L
  3. Chemistry

    In order to make 500.0mL of a 1.835 M MgCl2 solution, then _______g of MgCl2 is needed. Moles of MgCl2= (1.835M)(0.5L)=0.9175mol Molecular Weight of MgCl2= 95.211 g/mol (0.9175mol MgCl2)(95.211 g/mol)= 87.36g of MgCl2 Did I do this correct?

    asked by Queen

    a wheel rotating at 1800 rpm slows down uniformly to 1200 rpm in 2.0 sec. calculate a)the angular acceleration (revs/s^2) of the motor. and b) the number of revolutions it makes in this time.

    asked by EMMA
  5. math

    Sam had a total of 80 foreign stamps and local stamps combined. After giving away 1/3 of his foreign stamps and 10 local stamps, he had an equal number of foreign stamps and local stamps left. How many local stamps did he have in the beginning?

    asked by Chris
  6. inorganic chemistry

    A large number of hydrogen atoms have electrons to the n=4 state.How many possible spectral lines can appear in the emission spectrum as a result of the electron reaching the ground state(n1=1).Diagram all possible pathways for de excitation from nh=4 to

    asked by dimpho
  7. Chemistry

    1. In order to make 250mL of a 0.100 M HNO3 solution from a 15.9 M stock solution, then _____mL if the 15.9 M stock HNO3 solution is needed. M1V2=M2V2, solve for V2. (0.100M * 250mL)/ 15.9M = 1.6mL V2-V1=V 1.6mL-250= -248.4 Did I do this correctly?

    asked by Queen
  8. English 2

    Respond to the following question about the poem "The Alarm Clock" by Mari Evans We generally think that poetry uses more pattern in language than does prose. Pattern is achieved by the organized use of repetitions. It may be repeated beats (rhythm);

    asked by Melly
  9. chemistry

    A sample of nitrogen gas has the temperature drop from 250°C to 150°C at constant pressure. What is the final volume if the initial volume is 310 mL?

    asked by pari
  10. eng

    lend me your dictionary which part is subject and which part is predicate

    asked by atulya
  11. Math

    Brian gave 20% of his baseball cards to Scott and 15% to Adam. If he still had 520 cards, how many did he have originally?

    asked by Help please

    a flywheel makes300.rpm. find the angular speed of any point on the wheel and the linear speed(tangential) of a point 5.00m from the center.

    asked by EMMA
  13. Chemistry

    how would you prepare 250 mL of 0.69M Al2(SO4)3 solution from a 2.0M Al2(SO4)3 stock solution?

    asked by Cass
  14. math

    I am not sure how to do these. 1. Simplify 4√6/√30 by rationalizing the denominator. Show your work. 2. Simplify (2√5 + 3√7)^2 Show your work. Justify each step.

    asked by edison1969
  15. physics

    a 60g golf ball leaves the face of the club with a velocity of 75m/s. if the club exerted an average force of 3.0x10to the 4th N, what was the time of impact between the club and the ball?

    asked by sam

    A mixture of methane and helium is placed in a 2.0 l flask at 27 degrees the partial pressure of methane is 0.72 ATM and the partial pressure of helium is 0.22 ATM . What is the mole fraction of ch4?

    asked by MARIA
  17. Physics

    a 68kg skier is speeding down a ski slope that makes a 32 angle with the horizontal. The co-efficient of friction between the skies and the snow is 0.05. What is the acceleration of the skier? I want to understand how to do this

    asked by Jenny
  18. Math; Algebra

    A sphere and a cone have the same volume. Each figure has a radius of 3 inches. What is the height of the cone?

    asked by Emily Snider
  19. science

    The greenhouse effect is caused by the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Chemistry

    If the sign for delta G is negative (spontaneous process) and sign for delta S is positive (more disorder) for both dissolving processes, how could one be endothermic (positive delta H- NaNO3 dissolves in water) and one be exothermic (negative delta H-

    asked by Fifi
  21. Science

    A researcher is studying the rate of chemical reactions within living blood cells. When placing the cells into a petri dish with a pH of 2.5, the researcher should predict that the rate of the reactions will A. increase immediately. B. decrease

    asked by Dulce
  22. math

    1.A father can do a job in a certain number of hours. His son takes twice as long to do the job. Working together, they can do the job in 6 hours. How many hours does it take the father to do the job alone? A.9 B.18 C.12 D.10 3.David is 5 years older than

    asked by Mat
  23. chemistry

    Which statement is false? The average kinetic energies of molecules from samples of different “ideal” gases is the same at the same temperature. Molecules of a gas undergo many collisions with each other and the container walls. All molecules of an

    asked by pari
  24. Economics

    Are there any welfare or subsidy payments that should be reviewed or added?

    asked by Mbongeni
  25. Math

    Mike can complete a project in 60 minutes͵ and if Mike and Walter both work on the project͵ they can complete it in 40 minutes. How long will it take Walter to complete the project by himself?

    asked by Linda
  26. Math

    If A= and B=, find the magnitude and direction angle for -2A +3B Find all specified roots: Cube roots of 8i A parallelogram has sides of length 32.7cm and 20.2cm. If the longer diagonal has a length of 35.1cm, what is the angle opposite this diagonal?

    asked by Jane
  27. grammar

    "there are no bruits auscultated - are bruits and auscultated nouns,pronouns etc?

    asked by barbara
  28. Maths

    John, Amos and Peter shared the sum of #126 in the proportiom 1: 2: 4, find the sum of money each received.

    asked by Salvtion c
  29. physical geography

    why is the parcel now warmer than it was at sea level on the windward side (what is the source of the heat energy

    asked by rose givens
  30. Math

    Let R be the statement : for all sets A, B and C, if A⊆B∪C and B ⊆C∪A then AΔB = C. Q: Is R true for all sets A, B and C? Prove answer Let S be the statement: for all sets A, B, and C, if AΔB = AΔC then B⊆C. Q: Is S true? prove answer

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Biology/Help

    Which of the following is the purpose of the waxy substance that builds up in the ear canal? A. Insulating the ear canal B. Trapping and removing debris C. Promoting sound conduction D. Cushioning and stabilizing the pinna I thinks it is B

    asked by Dulce
  32. Science

    Adam suffers from severe emphysema. Gas exchange in his lungs is not adequate, and he requires supplemental oxygen. But even though his blood carbon dioxide levels are elevated, his blood pH is close to normal. Considering the urinary system, explain how

    asked by Colleen
  33. math

    What is the angle of elevation of the sun when a tree 7.15m tall casts a shadow 10.1m long

    asked by nomzamo
  34. Math

    The endpoints of a diagonal of a square are (-2,2) and (1,5). What is the area of the square?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. physics

    a solid copper sphere 10 mm in diameter has a positive charge arising from the removal of one electron from each 10^12 copper atoms. determine the net charge on the sphere, the electric field strength and electric potential at the surface.

    asked by wilmer
  36. mathematics

    The HCF of 2 no. Is 1/28 of their LCM.The sum of the HCF and the LCM is 116.If one of the no. Is 16 , find the other.

    asked by nitya


    asked by TRISHIA
  38. sciecne

    A space station has the form of a hoop of radius R = 15 m, with mass M = 6000 kg. Initially its center of mass is not moving, but it is spinning slowly with angular speed ù0 = 0.0018 radians/s.Then a small package of mass m = 5 kg is thrown by a

    asked by sara
  39. math

    Avery paid $168 on a cell phone. What was the original price of the phone if he got it at a 30 percent discount?

    asked by john
  40. corporate finance

    Your finance text book sold 45,500 copies in its first year. The publishing company expects the sales to grow at a rate of 20.0 percent for the next three years, and by 7.0 percent in the fourth year. Calculate the total number of copies that the publisher

    asked by ALLEN
  41. Physics

    The Angle of depression of Boat A from the top of a cliff which is 32 m high is 24 degree 15 minutes .The angle of depression of Boat B from the same point is 18 degree 12 minutes .Find distance between the two side with diagram

    asked by Mariel


    asked by TRISHIA
  43. physics

    light travelling in air is incident on a soap bubble. If the path difference through the soap bubble is 2.5λ: a) constructive interference will occur b) destructive interference will occur c) partial interference will occur d) none of the above

    asked by Liz
  44. Acc. PreCalculus

    1.A boy has 5 vests and 3 jackets. How many outfits can he wear if he wears both a vest and a jacket?How many outfits can he wear if he wears either a vest or a jacket? 2.If you roll two sided dice what is the probability of getting a 9? What is the

    asked by Laila
  45. Physics

    A 3.0g bead has been threaded onto a vertical, frictionless, circular hoop with a 20cm radius. The bead is released from rest at 25º below the vertical. (a) Find the speed of the bead when it is 70° below the vertical. (b) Using the free-body diagram

    asked by Randall
  46. Chemistry

    DECOMPOSITION OF NO2 (10/10 points) The decomposition of NO2 at room temperature exhibits the following variation in concentration with time: The concentration of NO2 is expressed in mol/liter, while time is expressed in seconds. [NO2] ln[NO2] 1/[NO2] Time

    asked by 3.091
  47. PreCalculus

    y^2/25-x^2/9=0 What is the polar equation that is equivalent to the rectangular equation?

    asked by Laila
  48. English

    Are the english teachers on vacation or something? I posted my essay several times and did not see any reply.. Your help is essential!

    asked by Anonymous
  49. math

    How many quarts of water must be added to 18 quarts of a 32% alcohol solution to dilute it to a solution that is only 12% alcohol.

    asked by john
  50. math

    Of the books in a library, 1/3 came from Robbie's collection and 15 came from Marta's. Of the rest, 15 were Elena's 1/5 were Winfield's, and 5 were purchased from the bookstore. How many book are there in the library?

    asked by john
  51. Chem

    For a particular reaction H = -32 kJ and S = -98 J/K. a.At what temp will the reaction be at equilibrium? b.If the temperature is increased from the equilibrium temperature what will happen?

    asked by Angelica
  52. Research Methods

    I have been racking my brain around standard deviation. I came to the conclusion it being a measurement of scores that entails a range of high or low due to the scores or variables. My question is: Why normality is required for standard deviation

    asked by Larry
  53. Dynamics

    The body is fired with an initial angle theta0 and velocity v0. Show that the minimum time that it will reach the line AB is only when theta0=1/tan(alpha), where alpha is tha angle between the line AB and the horizontal.

    asked by Dynamics Problems
  54. physics

    A car travels 2.74 km in the x-direction, then turns left 61.2◦to the original direction and travels an additional distance of 3.19 km. Calculate the x component of the car’s net displacement.

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Isizulu,history,maths lit,geography,english and LO

    which work do i qualify for with these subjects and my results are very good,i also have a drivers licence with PRDP

    asked by siyabonga
  56. math

    Lisa can make a costume twice as fast Justin can. If they both work together, they can make it in 8 hours. How long will it take Mary to make the costume if he works alone?

    asked by Chris
  57. College Physics 2

    Find the resonant frequency of a circuit that has a 400 mH inductor and a 30 nF capacitor connected in series. A) Canadian FM radio station (CLAW) broadcasts lobster information at 95.9 MHz. find the wavelength of this station. B) What would be the

    asked by seanmarch58
  58. math

    Michelle will divide 36 herbal tea bags and 48 mint tea bags among gift boxes. Each gift box will have the same number of herbal tea bags and the same number of mint tea bags. What is the greatest number of gift boxes Michelle can make?

    asked by Mat
  59. Math

    The water level (y) in a tank oscillates between 4 feet and 10 feet. It takes 20 seconds for the water level to go from 4 feet to 10 feet and seconds to go from 10 feet to 4 feet. At time(t)=0 seconds, the water level (y) is 10 feet. 1. Write the equation

    asked by Axel
  60. Physics- check answer please

    light travelling in air is incident on a soap bubble. If the path difference through the soap bubble is 2.5λ: a) constructive interference will occur b) destructive interference will occur c) partial interference will occur d) none of the above Would the

    asked by Liz
  61. English 2

    Revise the following paragraph until you can answer yes to each of the questions listed below. After you are finished, copy the revised paragraph in the space provided 1. Does the paragraph have a clear purpose, and does each sentence contribute to that

    asked by Melly
  62. Economices,business

    am grade10 so like i was thinking of joining the acadamy for temporary is it possible?

    asked by Nthabeleng
  63. statistics

    In order to subject their cash registers to random audit, suppose we want to select a random sample of three people from this group of cashiers. Bonita, Chandra, Earl, Glenda, Homer, Jamal, Kendra, Maria, Oscar, Reshonda. How do I use a random number

    asked by Allie
  64. Algebra

    Can anyone please show me how 3^n/6^(2n+1) becomes 1/2^n(6^(n+1))= 1/6)/12^n when you divide top and bottom by 3^n? Thank you and have a great day!

    asked by Devin
  65. Math

    Frances can type 100 pages in h hours. At this rate, how many pages can she type in m minutes? A. mh/60 B. 60m/h C. 100m/60m D. 60h/100m E. 100h/60m

    asked by Anonymous
  66. maths

    Two sides

    asked by h
  67. physics

    a 50kg box is pushed up a 30 degree plane which is 100m long. what is the speed of the box after being pushed the 100m? Mk=0.1

    asked by sam
  68. chemistry

    consider the reaction 2NaF if you begin with 4.8 mol S and 2.6 mole F, what is the limiting reactant and theorical yield of NaF in moles

    asked by michael
  69. biology, molecular

    Consider the following 45 base-pair (bp) DNA sequence: 1 10 20 30 40 | . | . | . | . | . 5’-CGCACCTGTGTTGATCACCTAGCCGATCCACGGTGGATCCAAGGC-3’ ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 3’-GCGTGGACACAACTAGTGGATCGGCTAGGTGCCACCTAGGTTCCG-5’ Tip: If

    asked by pys
  70. Algebra 2

    An object 3.6 feet tall casts a shadow that is 10.8 feet long. How long in feet would the shadow be for an object which is 13.2 feet tall?

    asked by Curtis
  71. PreCalculus

    How do you find the probability of three events happening at the same time? Please walk me through the steps. If you are in ship and get hit by lightning the probability is 1/100000. And the probability of falling down into the ocean and getting eaten by a

    asked by Emma
  72. maths

    2x^2 + 2y^2 - 8x + 5y + 10 = 0

    asked by Francis
  73. math

    This was on my test and have a few more question that is from my test. 18.The Sum of five unequal natural numbers is 90. The second largest of these five numbers can be at the most? A.19 B.41(41 is the right answer) C.44 D.43 E.42 please show work. 22.In

    asked by Mat
  74. Statistics

    In hypothesis testing, as the a level gets smaller, the level of confidence increases. True or False? And why or why not?

    asked by Nina
  75. math

    you and afriend go to a county fair and each spin a wheel.The weel is divided into ten equal sections find the probability of the event. You win free admission and your friend loses

    asked by naphtli
  76. Algebra1

    What is the domain of the following function? f(x) = √ -x + 2 - 1

    asked by Aly
  77. math

    if 4,2x-4,......,64,21x+2 are the terms of GP . find the value of x ?

    asked by Amit