Questions Asked on
July 28, 2014

  1. math

    Find dy/dx and d2y/dx2. x = et, y = te−t

    asked by sara

    You are driving your car and the traffic light ahead turns red. You applied the brake for 3.00 seconds and the velocity of the car decreases to 4.50 m/s. The car's deceleration has a magnitude of 2.70 m/s^2 during this time. What is the car's displacement?

    asked by Jino
  3. math

    Mrs. Richmond bought some apples and pears in the ratio 3:5. After she gave away 3/5 of the apples and 40 pears, the ratio of apples to pears became 2:5. An apple costs 30 cents. A pear costs 15 cents more than an apple. How much did Mrs. Richmond pay for

    asked by john
  4. Chemistry

    Will the following reactions mixed together cause a precipitate reaction, released gas reaction, or no reaction. Ba(NO3)2 mixed with NaCl Ba(NO3)2 mixed with HCl Ba(NO3)2 mixed with Na2CO3 Ba(NO3)2 mixed withNa3SO4 also Ba(NO3)2 is soluble and a solid and

    asked by Summer
  5. Math

    Walter is making an open-top box. The length is 6 inches greater than the width, and the height is 2 inches. The area of the rectangular sheet of material that will be folded to make the box is 280 square inches. What is the length of the box in inches? (I

    asked by Brookanne
  6. Social study

    why are certain projects called multi purpose projects

    asked by Hoor
  7. statistics

    A researcher wishes to estimate the proportion of adults living in rural areas who own a gun. He wishes to achieve a margin of error of 2.8%. What is the minimum sample size needed?

    asked by liz
  8. Chemistry

    100g of a saturated solution of KNO3 was cooled from 80 degrees to 50 degrees. What mass of KNO3 would be expected to crystallise out of the solution?

    asked by Ally
  9. economics

    what is the south africa government providing and to whom

    asked by sfundo
  10. Math

    Lynn was shopping and found a purse that was marked with a discount of "1/3" off. If the original cost of the purse was $80, how much will Lynn pay?

    asked by Lexie
  11. math

    5. There are x dictionaries in a bookstore. After 1/8 of them were purchased, 10 more dictionaries were shipped in bringing the total number of dictionaries to 52. What is the value of x?

    asked by Johnny
  12. physics

    a jeepney of a mass 1500kg is travelling at a speed of 20m/s (about 70km/h) a. what is the kinetic energy of the jeepney? b.suppose the driver suddenly steps on the brakes. if the force is 7500 newtons, what will be the distance traveled by the jeepney

    asked by Nialleen
  13. Physics 2

    List and explain briefly five magnetic devices found in the popular culture Are stationary charges affected be a magnetic field? What determines the direction of the magnetic force on a moving charge? What is the cause of all magnetic fields?

    asked by seanmarch58
  14. College English

    Red Jacket and Tecumseh in their respective speeches (again, as translated and transcribed), make frequent reference to “brothers” and brotherhood. Why such emphasis, at that historical moment, upon fraternity and unity? CAN SOMEONE CHECK MY ANSWER TO

    asked by Kiara
  15. Chemistry

    How many liters of nitrogen oxide at STP are produced from the reaction of 59.g of NH3? Balanced Equation: Ammonia reacts with oxygen to produce nitrogen oxide and water. 4NH3(g)+5O2(g)→4NO(g)+6H2O(g)

    asked by JR
  16. physics

    An object carries a charge of -6.9 µC, while another carries a charge of -2.0 µC. How many electrons must be transferred from the first to the second object so that both objects have the same charge?

    asked by Lily
  17. Science

    . A researcher wants to develop a new pharmaceutical compound to treat pain. Which of the following strategies will likely be the most effective process? A. Test extracts from newly discovered plants for pain-killing substances. B. Read anthropological

    asked by Dulce
  18. English

    (1) Brenda would have liked to have taken her vacation at the beach. (2) However, the weather forecast on the television called for rain. (3) Also, her fiancé, Max, wanted to vacation in the mountains. (4) After a heated discussion, Brenda and Max decided

    asked by Shayna
  19. Science

    In pea plants, the allele for tall (T) is dominant to the allele for short (t). Which of the following is the percent of offspring that will be tall if a heterozygous plant (Tt) is crossed with a homozygous tall plant? A. 100% B. 75% c. 50% D. 25% B?

    asked by Dulce
  20. Business

    in the u.s. economy,_____are considered the reward for risk of entering business.

    asked by Robert
  21. Physics 2

    A 42 mT magnetic field points due west. If a proton of kinetic energy 9x10E-12 J enters this field in an upward direction, find the magnetic force acting on the proton in magnitude and direction.

    asked by seanmarch58
  22. Astronaut launches bowling ball

    A 100 kg astronaut carries a launcher loaded with a 10 kg bowling ball; the launcher and the astronaut’s spacesuit have negligible mass. The astronaut discovers that firing the launcher results in the ball moving away from her at a relative speed of 50

    asked by David
  23. counseling

    A low, non-significant correlation between an observation-based assessment of symptoms of autism and a teacher-report of ADHD symptoms provides ____________ of the validity of the autism measure

    asked by Anonymous
  24. math

    A 5 kg bag of apple costs R65. What is the cost of 500 grams of apples

    asked by Katlego
  25. Physics

    Two objects separated by a distance r are each carrying a charge –q. The magnitude of the force exerted on the second object by the first is F. If the first object is removed and replaced with an identical object that carries a charge +4q, what is the

    asked by Lily
  26. physics

    Two spherical objects are separated by a distance of 1.53 × 10-3 m. The objects are initially electrically neutral and are very small compared to the distance between them. Each object acquires the same negative charge due to the addition of electrons. As

    asked by Lily
  27. Physics 2

    Explain briefly the workings of electrical transformer, both step-up and step-down In a step-up transformer, compare the secondary voltage and current to the corresponding primary values. Explain briefly how transformers minimize losses in long distance

    asked by seanmarch58
  28. College Physics 2

    A) Canadian FM radio station (CLAW) broadcasts lobster information at 95.9 MHz. find the wavelength of this station. (B) What would be the frequency of a station for which the carrier wave was 400 m long?

    asked by seanmarch58
  29. Chemistry

    Orange juice clams that 200ml of their product contains 2.5 times the average daily allowance of Vitamin C. Calculate the average daily allowance of vitamin c (in mg) if the orange juice contains 0.040% (w/v) of vitamin C.

    asked by A
  30. general math 1

    1. Find the product of 487.9573 and 1,000.

    asked by Jordan
  31. physics

    A proton moves parallel to an electric field between points A and B. The change in the proton's electric potential energy is EPEB – EPEA. If the proton is removed from point B and replaced with an electron, how does the change in electric potential

    asked by Lily
  32. Physics 2

    A 60 cm long wire is oriented from east to west directly above the equator and carries a current of 5 A (toward the east). What is the magnitude and direction of the magnetic force on this wire due to the earth’s magnetic field (30 µT oriented south and

    asked by seanmarch58
  33. organic chemistry

    What is the complete reaction mechanism for the reaction between butanone and methylamine (CH3NH2) with the reaction buffered at a pH of 3.5 and heated.

    asked by Jenn
  34. Math (Discrete Math)

    Let R be the statement : for all sets A, B and C, if A⊆B∪C and B ⊆C∪A then AΔB = C. Q: Is R true for all sets A, B and C? Prove answer Let S be the statement: for all sets A, B, and C, if AΔB = AΔC then B⊆C. Q: Is S true? prove answer Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  35. chemistry

    Potassium 2:5 Chloride solution 30ml. How many milliliters of a potassium chloride 3:5 solution do you need to prepare the order?

    asked by chi
  36. Business Law

    The furniture salesperson tells Paul Weinberg that the table he is admiring is solid cherry. Weinberg purchases the table, then discovers that it is not cherry but another wood stained to look like cherry. Does Weinberg have any legal resources? I said yes

    asked by Melissa
  37. Medical Billing & Coding

    A physician performed an aspiration via thoracentesis on a patient in observation status in the hosptial. The patient has advanced lung cancer with malignant pleural effusion. Later the same day, due to continued accumulation of fluid, the patient was

    asked by Dee
  38. Science summer activity help

    I saw a site that had fun summer activites and my mom said each one I pass I get 5 dollars so I want to check my answers. 1.B 3.D 4.A 5.D do scientists explain the great diversity of life on earth? different characteristics help __ A. young organisms

    asked by Matt
  39. physics

    1. If the period of a wave is 0.27s, how many waves would pass by in 1.0 minute? 2. When a wave from of light passes through an opening that's large compared to its wavelength, it: a) behaves as a single new point source b) produces a straight wave front,

    asked by Liz
  40. Physics

    The maximum torque output from the engine of a new experimental car of mass m is τ. The maximum rotational speed of the engine is ω. The engine is designed to provide a constant power output P. The engine is connected to the wheels via a perfect

    asked by Kevin Fung
  41. Physics -- check answers please

    1. If 31 waves pass by a point in 1.7 s, what's the frequency? my answer: 18.2 Hz 2. if a crest with an amplitude of 7cm interferes with a trough with an amplitude of 10 cm, the resulting wave has an amplitude of: my answer: -3

    asked by Liz
  42. Management

    When a manager performs symbolic duties as the head of an organization, that manager is called a

    asked by Robert
  43. Management

    Which one of the following is a defensive strategy?

    asked by Robert
  44. math

    2. James spends 10% of his money for movie; he also spends 20% of his money for his lunch. Then he buys $20 in his office supplies. In the next day, he spends $10 for his breakfast. Now he leaves 40% of his original money. How much does he save originally?

    asked by Johnny
  45. Physics 2

    State Lenz’s law and explain Briefly explain the operation of an electric generator

    asked by seanmarch58
  46. math

    If 12V=3W, and v(not equal)=0, then which of the following is equivalent to 2W-8V? A.0 B.4W C.-6W D.2V E.-2V please show work.

    asked by Johnny
  47. math

    Jim can fill a pool carrying buckets of water in 30 minutes. Sue can do the same job in 45 minutes. Tony can do the same job in 1.5 hours. How quickly can all three fill the pool together? A.12 minutes B.15 minutes C.21 minutes D.23 minutes E.28 minutes I

    asked by Johnny
  48. Calculus

    Find the antiderivative, F(x), with F′(x) = f(x) and F(0) = 1. f(x) = −7 x

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Maths (differentiation)

    Differentiate Y = 1/SinX^2

    asked by Francis
  50. Technology

    Behind the United States, the world's second largest emitter of energy-related emissions is: A. Mexico. B. China. C. The Soviet Union. D. Europe. im confused between B and D

    asked by Amy
  51. Criminal justice

    what subject matter does the us supreme court not have the power to decide?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. math

    The game involves tossing a penny and a dime along with rolling a die. to win the penny land heads up, the dime land tails up and roll a 6 on the die. what is the probability that he will win on the first play

    asked by mj
  53. economics

    what are welfare payments or consumer or subsidies?

    asked by sfundp
  54. Technology

    According to the textbook, Iceland's proposed hydrogen economy is driven by all of the following EXCEPT: A. recent developments in hydrogen fuel cells. B. the movement to combat global climate change. C. concerns over the price and supply of oil. D. ethnic

    asked by Amy
  55. Chemistry

    Calculate the maximun=m mass of ethanol that can be made from 5.6 tonnes of ethen

    asked by Alex
  56. Physics 2

    In order of increasing frequency, list the waves that make up the electromagnetic spectrum and give an example of each type of wave. Explain how Snell’s law describes refraction.

    asked by seanmarch58
  57. chemistry

    The half live of Iodine-131 is 8 days. if you started out with 40 mg sample of iodine-131, then what would be the mass of the sample after 32 days? please show your work

    asked by Massiel
  58. math

    Carl weighted 180 pounds after two months he lost 9 pounds what percent of his weight did he lose

    asked by kim
  59. Geometry

    I don't understand any of this :( "What is the area of a trefoil whose horizontal base has length 2?" Please help!!!

    asked by Sheenybeany
  60. Math

    How do I graph a slope of 2/3 passing through the point of (-3,-4). Please help. I was given this answer, but I am unsure if it is correct **Since the slope is 2/3, go right up 3 and up 2 and plot another point.

    asked by Natalie
  61. English

    Red Jacket and Tecumseh in their respective speeches (again, as translated and transcribed), make frequent reference to “brothers” and brotherhood. Why such emphasis, at that historical moment, upon fraternity and unity? CAN SOMEONE CHECK MY ANSWER TO

    asked by Kiara
  62. Math

    I wanted to see if I was solving this problem correctly. A line passes through the point (-3,-8)and has a slope of -2.Write an equation for this line. y=mx+b m=-2 y=-2x+b -8=-2(-3)+b

    asked by Natalie
  63. Help

    In the tradition of their Native American ancestors, Decorah Custom Canoes specializes in creating handcrafted canoes using the finest natural materials. Whether they are from birch bark or cedar, all canoes are custom-built from native wood. Each piece is

    asked by Peg
  64. Physics -- check answers please

    Light travelling in water is incident on air refracts at an angle of 27 degrees. What is the angle of incidence? my answer: 37 degrees

    asked by Liz
  65. chemistry

    what mass of water must react with calcium carbide for 3.9g of acetylene gas to form?

    asked by christopher natividad

    how to predict that given complex is sp3 dsp2 hybridized because in Mcqs they ask to identify hybridization in given compound

    asked by AYESHA
  67. eng1511

    If you wanted to know the gist of the passage would you skim or would you scan through

    asked by angel mona
  68. physics

    a car is moving foward at 15.7m/s. a person in the bus throws a ball horizontally toward the front of the car at 17.5 m/s from your perspective as an observer outside the car the tennis ball appears to moving at what velocity?

    asked by alysssa
  69. Science

    While picking up passengers in a big city, a taxi driver drives 20.0 blocks south, then 15.0 blocks east, and then 6.0 more blocks south. What is the magnitude of the taxi’s resultant displacement? Iv'e been using the equation sqrt(x^2+y^2+z^2) THe

    asked by Kate
  70. pharmacy

    If the total dose is 0.930mg and the drug is given in 3 equal doses, what is the amount of each dose in milligrams?

    asked by chi
  71. health

    People who smoke any kind of cigarette are at _________ of developing lung cancer than people who do not smoke.

    asked by bailey
  72. CHEMISTRY (IODINE VALUE-continuation)

    y question is about Determination of Iodine Value in Fats & Oils experiment. I can't seem to get the right IV for coconut oil (Iv = 7-11 range). I followed the procedure used by American Oil Chemists Society, but still I'm getting an IV value of around 1.

    asked by Summer
  73. Philosphy

    According to Cady Stanton, the least bad form of subjection of women is based in this

    asked by jasmine
  74. math

    6. In a residential building, the ratio of man and woman is 5 to 8. In August, there are 30 men and 10 women moving out from the building. After that, the ratio of man and woman in this building is 1 to 2. How many men were there in the building before

    asked by Johnny
  75. Economics

    In relation to Economics, explain the difference between nominal data and real data? *if someone can help me understand this better, I would be greatful.

    asked by Timothy
  76. Science

    Can you give me a good topic for an investigatory proj. Like "The use of grape extract as an active component for removing ferrous oxide". The example is not from me, so I can't really use it. I need something posible that isn't proven yet.

    asked by Accelarator
  77. general math

    2. Solve this equation: 5x − 2 = 2x + 7

    asked by Jordan
  78. College English

    Discuss, in “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” Edwards’ description of God’s wrath and Edwards’ use of the metaphors of storm and thunder, flood and fire. CAN YOU TELL ME DID I ANSWER THE QUESTION RIGHT? Jonathan Edwards is a name that is

    asked by Kiara
  79. math/help

    a)4 1/6 divided 1 1/6 b)4 2/9 + 3 3/1

    asked by Dulce
  80. Math

    How do I graph a slope of 2/3 passing through the point of (-3,-4). Please help

    asked by Natalie
  81. Physics 2

    what magnetic force would an electron experience due to Earth’s magnetic field if it were moving at 3x10E6 m/s directly away from earth’s surface? (Earth’s B-field in the region is parallel to the surface and has a strength of 550 µT)

    asked by seanmarch58
  82. math

    The square of a certain whole number N is N squared. If 60 is a factor of N squared, its possible that __ is not a factor of N squared.

    asked by john
  83. math

    How many three-dight integers greater than 600 contain only odd digits?

    asked by Johnny
  84. math

    Benadryl is on sell this week for 20% off of the normal selling price at $10.00 per unit. If the pharmacy purchased Benadryl at $8.00 per unit, what is the gross profit percentage?

    asked by cham
  85. math

    please factor the ff: 1.x^2+16x-36 2.x^4-10x^2+9 3.(4+x)^2-(4+x)-20 4.2-3x^-1+x^-2 (all of the exponent here in number four is negative) thanks.....

    asked by nialleen
  86. SAT Writing

    Please give me a score of 1-6 (one being poor and six being excellent). Also, please give me some feedback! Thank you in advance! Essay prompt: What motivates people to change? Essay: Many people know that eating junk food is unhealthy. Yet, they keep

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Math

    Find the slope of 8x+4y=7 in parallel and perpendicular lines. Please help me figure this out? Still need help

    asked by Natalie
  88. Physics -- check answer please

    Refraction is: a) the way light behaves when it goes through a narrow opening b)the way teo light sources interact to produce interference patterns c) the absorption of one component of the electric field d) none of the above are correct my answer: d

    asked by Liz
  89. physical science

    what is observed during an experiment of oxalic acid and sodium hydroxide

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Math

    How do I find the slope of the line in simple form? 4x+5y=3

    asked by Natalie
  91. Math

    Find the slope of 8x+4y=7 in parallel and perpendicular lines. Please help me figure this out?

    asked by Natalie
  92. physical

    what is cell

    asked by Anonymous
  93. math

    If n>0, then (4^n)(8^n)= A.2^9n B.2^8n C.2^6n D.2^5n E.2^4n

    asked by Johnny
  94. Math

    How do I write an equation for (-3,-8) that has a slope of -2? So far this is what I came up with. y=mx+b m=-2 y=-2x+b -8=-2x-3

    asked by Natalie