Questions Asked on
July 25, 2014

  1. math

    One shelf at Cover-to-Cover Bookstore contains copies of several books on the best-seller list. Half of the books on the shelf are copies of the Number 1 best- seller. Of the remainder, 1/4 are copies of the Number 3 book. The rest are copies of the Number

    asked by Ouloperjs
  2. math

    At 5 p.m two ships started sailing toward each other from ports which were 300 miles apart at average rates of 20 and 25 miles per hour. At what time were the ships still 30 miles apart?

    asked by Ouloperjs
  3. Maths!! Sinusoidal!

    1.Jim and Chana are riding the Ferris wheel like the one diagrammed here. It is supported on a triangular base having a bottom of 18.460m and sides of 14.359m. During the ride Jim observed Chana, while Chana observed that at the bottom of the ride she

    asked by Moe
  4. physic

    a stone A is dropped from the top of tower and B is thrown downward from same point 2 seconds later with initial velocity of 30 ms , if the same stone A and B reach the ground at same time, find height of the tower

    asked by Apoorva
  5. Chemistry

    Hydrogen Storage in Alloys - The Future? Certain alloys such as LaNi5 can store hydrogen at room temperature. A plate of LaNi5 containing no hydrogen is placed in a chamber filled with pure hydrogen and maintained at a constant pressure. At what depth from

    asked by Muanda
  6. Calc

    A rancher wants to fence in an area of 1500000 square feet in a rectangular field and then divide it in half with a fence down the middle, parallel to one side. What is the shortest length of fence that the rancher can use?

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Technology & Society/Ecology

    The central problems mentioned in the case study concerning the Love Canal include all of the following EXCEPT that: A. developers and the school board knew about the chemical dump, but proceeded anyway. B. individual citizens are powerless to make a

    asked by Pat
  8. Math

    a building is 16m from a television tower. From the top of the building, the angle of depression from the base 43 degrees, and the angle of elevation to the top of the tower is 24 degrees. Find the height of the tower?

    asked by Cuyahon
  9. Trigonometry

    The angle elevation from a point A to the top of the Washington Monument is 32 degrees. From point B, which is not the same line but 55 feet closer to the monument, the angle elevation to the top is 38 degrees. Find the height of the Washington Monument.

    asked by Renee
  10. Chemistry Please Help!!!

    Airbags contain a mixture of sodium azide, potassium nitrate, and silicon dioxide. A sensor detects a head on collision that cause the sodium azide to be ignited and to decompose forming sodium and nitrogen gas. This gas fills a nylon or polyamide bag such

    asked by Annie
  11. personality and Social Development

    treavor is unable to engage in nonverbal comunication behaviors, and his language tends to be imitative ,He pays little attention to the people around im, prefering to sit and play intensely at activities requiering repetative motions.Travor is desplaynid

    asked by daniela
  12. College Algebra

    1.Give a quadratic function q(x) with a vertex of (-1, 2). 2. Give a function h(x) which does not have an inverse function. 3. Give a polynomial function g(x) with zeros 1,2,3 4. Give an exponential function s(x) passing through (0,2) and (4,1). 5. Give a

    asked by Chris
  13. MAth

    need help with this 5y(2y - 3) + (2y - 3)= 10y - 15y + 2y - 3 Am I on the right track?

    asked by Amy
  14. math

    how much would you have to pay each month to pay off a $32,000 remaining mortgage/30 years if you want to pay off in fewer than 5 years?

    asked by Sharon
  15. Mortgage payoff

    How much would you have to pay each month (current payment is 603.97) to pay off a 30 year mortgage with a $32,000 balance in five years or fewer? Thanks

    asked by Sharon

    PART A Camilla has a rectangular print that is 34 inches wide and 26 inches tall. She wants to center it on the wall above the television in her living room. The television is placed i front of a rectangular wall in the living room that is 18 1/2 feet long

    asked by Andra
  17. Math 221

    where is the origin located in this equation? 1). The first equation that I am using for my discussion is: y=x+4 and the parallel must past through this given point (-7, 1) y=x=-4 is the equation and (-7, 1) is the ordered pair y=x+4 Since I want the new

    asked by Karen
  18. College Algebra

    Hello Steve, it didn't work for "t" i can't get the actual value... Find the time required for an investment of 1 dollars to grow to 7200 dollars at an interest rate of 7.5 percent per year, compounded quarterly

    asked by Chris
  19. home economics

    The US government does not influence its economy true or false?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Spanish 3

    ______ terminado todos los quehaceres de la casa si nuestra madre no ______ regresado tan pronto. a) Hubiéramos, habría b) Habríamos, hubiera c) Habría, hubiéramos d) Hubiéra, habría My answer: C, because its saying "I would have" and then "our

    asked by Lia
  21. Spanish 3

    Si ______ a una estrella del cine, le ______ su autógrafo y lo ______ en la pared de mi cuarto. a) conocería, pidiera, pusiera b) pediría, conociera, poneria c) pidiera, conocería, puesto d) conociera, pediría, pondría

    asked by Lia
  22. English

    Discuss the manner in which the theories expressed by John Winthrop are in some degree evident in American government and culture today. Can someone tell if my answer is right. In Prospero's America, Walter W. Woodward looks at the exchange of catalytic

    asked by kiki
  23. Calculus: Determine the constants from function

    The function h(x) = x^3 + bx^2 + d has a critical point at (2, -4). Determine the constants b and d and find the equation of h(x). IM SO CONFUSED :(

    asked by mia
  24. algebra 1

    Fiber-optic cables are used widely to increase the speed and accuracy of data transmission. When light passes through a fiber-optic cable, its intensity decreases with the increase in the length of the cable. If 1700 lumens of light enters the cable, the

    asked by nicol
  25. Technology & Society

    Which of the following is an ingredient of acid rain? A. Lead B. Nitrogen dioxide C. VOCs D. Ozone I think it's B., but not sure.

    asked by Pat
  26. college English

    Discuss the manner in which the theories expressed by John Winthrop are in some degree evident in American government and culture today. Can someone tell if my answer is right. In Prospero's America, Walter W. Woodward looks at the exchange of catalytic

    asked by kiarra
  27. Algebra

    A pet store sells mice in 2 colors: brown and white. If 3/5 of the mice are brown, the ratio of male mice to female mice is 2:1, and 1/2 of the female mice are white, then what is the ratio of the number of brown male mice to the number of white male mice?

    asked by Stephanie
  28. Business Law

    Becky Friedman, while a minor, buys a cassette recorder for $35. The day after her eighteenth birthday she attempts to return it, claiming it does not meet her needs. Must the seller take back the cassette recorder? Why or why not? I said yes, because a

    asked by Melissa
  29. Algebra

    In the correctly worked subtraction problem, each letter represent a different digit. what is the largest possible value of E? FLEA - BEE ------- MOLE

    asked by Misty
  30. College Algebra

    Give two functions f(x) & g(x) such that (fg)(-1) = 4

    asked by Salas
  31. Spanish

    Can someone please just proof-read this? Especially the use of the imperfect and por/para. And don't worry about punctuation :) ¡Ola mis amigos y familias, me llamo Nick y soy en el hotel primero de Buenos Aires, la ciudad mayor de Argentina! Mis

    asked by Nick
  32. Science

    What volume of 0.250 mol/L hydrochloric acid is nuetralized by 1.50g of calcium hydroxide?

    asked by Ria
  33. chemistry

    What volumr 0.250 mol/L hydrochloric acid is neutralized by 1.50g of calcium hydroxide?

    asked by Ria
  34. Math 105

    To estimate the proportion p of defective light bulbs produced in a factory, a sample of 180 bulbs were tested. In this sample 27 were defective. We will compute a 95 percent confidence interval for p. Compute the margin of error e in esimating p at 95

    asked by Anonymous
  35. maths

    the angels of atriangle are in A.P. , the greast is five times the least , find their angels in degrees .

    asked by sachin
  36. economics

    What is the South african government providing and To whom

    asked by nozipho buthelezi
  37. physics

    can we make any science model on application of ultrasound

    asked by monika goyal
  38. physics

    what would the tension in a string be if the block being suspended by the string had a mass of 5.0kg the acceleration was 2.2m/s^2 and the velocity was 5.2m/s

    asked by kristen
  39. physics

    so the velocity doesn't matter for the question I

    asked by kristen
  40. physics

    so mr.pursley the velocity doesn't matter for the question I asked?

    asked by kristen
  41. physics

    thank you

    asked by kristen
  42. physics

    a roller coaster weighing 500kg starts at rest from a point of 45m above the ground. what is its speed when it reaches point b at ground level?

    asked by kristen
  43. Social Science - Science

    Post a behavioral research situation that could use a Pearson coefficient and chi square research study. Present the rational for each selection.

    asked by cynthia
  44. physics

    a man throws his keys up to his wife 4.00m above. the wife catches the keys 1.50s later. with what initial velocity were the keys thrown?

    asked by kristen
  45. Math terminal zeroes

    If a number ends in zeroes, the zeroes are called terminal zeroes. For example, 520,000 has four terminal zeroes, but 502,000 has just 3. Let X equal the product of all natural numbers from 1 to 20. N = 1 * 2 * 3... *20. How many terminal zeroes will N

    asked by Help please
  46. math

    Five points lie in the same plane with no three points on the same line. A circle can be drawn through any three of the five points. What is the total number of different circle that can be drawn such that each circle passes through three of the five

    asked by jennifer
  47. Math 221

    These are the questions that's used for my classwork and I need help with it. There is no typo. y=x+4 and the parallel must past through this given point (-7, 1) y=-1/2x+1, and the perpendicular must pass through this given point (4, 2)

    asked by Karen
  48. Math 221

    I am trying to figure out if this equation is correct? My second equation that I am using is: y=-1/2x+1, and the perpendicular must pass through this given point (4, 2). y-y=m(x-y) y-2=2(x-4) perpendicular lines have to have slopes, so y-2=2x-8

    asked by Karen
  49. maths

    simplify by removing radical signs and negative indices where ever they occur:- ¡Ì4 power -3/4

    asked by vinny
  50. Math 221

    I need to check and see if this is correct? 1). The first equation that I am using for my discussion is: y=x+4 and the parallel must past through this given point (-7, 1) y=x=-4 is the equation and (-7, 1) is the ordered pair y=x+4 Since I want the new

    asked by Karen
  51. science

    if the wings of bird are clipped will they able to fly

    asked by yashaswini
  52. Physics

    The following figure represents the ride for a cart with a mass of 200 kg along a frictionless track. a. Calculate the velocity of the cart at points A, B, and C if the cart is dropped from a height of 100m with a initial velocity of 10 m/s. b. Calculate

    asked by Liz
  53. physics

    a baseball is thrown from a mound .833ft above ground level ,to home plat 60.5 feet away. the ball is released horizontally from the pitcher with a velocity of 139ft/s when the pitchers hand is 5.3ft above the mound. a)how long will it take to reach home

    asked by sam
  54. Jade

    1. Spectroscopic studies of the reaction of azide ion with the cluster [Ru3(CO)12] in acetone solvent confirmed the occurrence of process (i) under a CO atmosphere. Kinetic measurements of this rapid [Ru3(CO)12]+ N3– →[Ru3(NCO)(CO)11]–+ N2(i)

    asked by Chemistry
  55. child development

    Research has shown that most preschoolers A. don’t use the words “think,” “remember,” or “pretend.” B. have a complete grasp of cognitive processes. C. believe that an event can be known without being directly observed. D. often insist

    asked by daniela
  56. American History

    11. Which of the following is true of the Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka? A. It ruled that desegregation was a state issue, but that segregation was a federal issue. B. It established that all citizens should have access

    asked by Danielle
  57. College Algebra

    You wish to fence a circular garden of area 70 square meters. How much fence do you need?

    asked by Morgan