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July 20, 2014

  1. business math

    The Consumer Electronics show reports that the HP Spectre laptop computer starts at $99.70 for a base configuration. The model displayed at its recent show costs $1,361, $124 more than the comparable 13-inch Apple MacBook Air. If Computers-R-Us buys the HP

    asked by jahnesha
  2. General Education

    Aron: The two double A batteries in my CD player are dead, so the CD player doesn’t work. My television remote control, which also uses two double A batteries, works fine. So if I move the two batteries from my television remote control to my CD player,

    asked by Tiffany
  3. General Education

    Memmie: The greater the population near a restaurant, the more potential customers it has and the greater chance its popularity will spread through word-of-mouth. O’Sullivans Restaurant just opened in the very densely populated town of Redville, so its

    asked by Tiffany
  4. General Education

    Only circus animals with a clean bill of health will perform in today’s exhibition. A monkey, a poodle, and a horse will perform in today’s exhibition. No circus animals with a clean bill of health were prescribed medications this week. If the

    asked by Tiffany
  5. Math

    A homeowner is laying sod in her lawn. The lawn is a rectangle with dimensions of 28'*18'. If one piece of sod is a rectangle with dimensions of 60cm*40cm, approximately how many pieces of sod should the homeowner order?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. chem

    How many moles of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are present in a 100-g\rm g sample of ascorbic acid?

    asked by helen
  7. Chemistry

    I am to use this formula to find ΔH°f,methane: ΔH°comb=2ΔH°f,water+ΔH°f, carbon dioxide-ΔH°f,methane-2ΔH°f,oxygen For ΔH°comb, the value is 884 KJ/mol For ΔH°f,water, the value is -285.8 For ΔH°f,carbon dioxide, the value is -393.5 I was

    asked by Liz
  8. Chemistry

    A calorimeter is filled with 10.0 millimole (mmole) of methane gas and an excess of oxygen. When burned, the ignition wire releases 140.77 J of heat. The heat capacity of the calorimeter is 4.319 KJ°C-1. qwire= 140.77 J Calculate ΔHcomb. Recall that

    asked by Liz
  9. stats

    Question 5 of 10 Why are partial regression coefficients necessary in multiple regression? (Points : 1) Multiple variables each provide some of the same information. Each variable involved contributes a unique error component. Each variable involved is

    asked by please help
  10. chemistry

    It is ok to have a negative percent error? I got a negative value for the percent error of the enthalpy of the formation of methane gas

    asked by Liz
  11. Math

    A tank is filled with an intake pipe that will fill it in 5 hours and an outlet pipe that will empty it in 15 hours. If both pipes are left open, how long will it take to fill the empty tank?

    asked by AD12
  12. math

    the temperature has been falling at a constant rate of 4 degrees F per hour.describe the temperature 4 hours ago

    asked by mariane
  13. statistics

    According to the MIT Airline Data Project, American Airlines controlled 15.5% of the domestic market in 2010. A random sample of 125 domestic passengers that year was selected. Using the normal approximation to the binomial distribution, what is the

    asked by james
  14. economics

    are there any current subsidy or welfare issues that are being discussed or addressed in parliament or in municipalities

    asked by dimpo
  15. Math

    So I've been working on solving this system by addition/subtraction and I just can't get the right answer. Her is the system of equations I was given to solve by add/sub: 3x – y = –12 x + 2y = –18

    asked by jririfi
  16. Algebra

    The length of a rectangle is 4 units more than its width. The area of the rectangle is 25 more than 4 times the width. What is the width of the rectangle?

    asked by Emma
  17. mat/117

    Select the approximate values of x that are solutions to f(x)=0, where f(x)=-3x^2+3x+9

    asked by hope
  18. Math 221

    Joe rented a truck for one day. There was a base fee of $15.99 , and there was an additional charge of 97 cents for each mile driven. Joe had to pay $295.35 when he returned the truck. For how many miles did he drive the truck?

    asked by Maria
  19. mat/117

    Select the approximate values of x that are solutions to f(x)=0, where f(x)=-8x^2+7x+2

    asked by hope
  20. Math

    Solve the inequality for x. 29> 5+4x -

    asked by Karen
  21. Math 221

    2 is less than y , and 7 is greater than y or equal to Use only once in your inequality.

    asked by Karen
  22. physics

    Fred and George who are identical twins (same body mass) are competing in aerial skiing. Fred hits the take off with a speed of 20 whereas George has a speed of 8.5. How much higher will Fred go?

    asked by alex
  23. math

    The distriubution of the SAT scores in math for an incoming class of business students has a mean of 580 and standard deviation of 25. Assume that the scores are normally distributed. a. Find the probability that an individual's SAT score is less that 550.

    asked by sri
  24. physics

    A diver with a mass of 51 kg reaches a maximum height of 5.8 m above the water. When the diver has fallen 2.8 m from the apex, what is her kinetic energy (J)? Assume horizontal velocity is zero.

    asked by abby
  25. Math 221

    Solve the inequality for v. 6v+6 > -30 -

    asked by Karen
  26. Math 221

    Write the following as an inequality. 9 is greater than y , and is less than or equal to y

    asked by Karen
  27. Chemistry

    The combustion reaction of Mg +1/2 O2-->MgO produces a very bright white flame and high heat. Verify that the following reactions produce the same overall reaction: a) MgO+2HCl-->MgCl2+H2O b) Mg+2HCl-->MgCl2+H2 c) H2+1/2O2-->H2O ΔH°= -285.8 KJ/mol

    asked by Liz
  28. Math 221

    Solve the inequality for v. 6v+6 > -30 - >Greater than or less than symbol -

    asked by Karen
  29. chem

    How many moles of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are present in a 100-g\rm g sample of ascorbic acid?

    asked by helen
  30. algebra

    2/w+ 4/w-1 = 10/w(w-1) 2(w-1)/w(w-1) + 4w/w(w-1)=10/w(w-1) 2w-2/w(w-1 +/4w/w(w-1= 10(w-1)/w(w-1) 2w-2+4w=10w-10 2w+4w-10w=-10-2 6w-10w=-10-2 -4w=8 w=2

    asked by Taylor
  31. Chemistry

    If 1.5g of CaO is mixed with 2.5M HNO3 how many moles of CaO were reacted and what type of reaction is this ?

    asked by Naomi
  32. chemistry clearly step by step

    Al2(s04)3 solution of 1 molal concentration is present in 1 litre solution of 2.684g/cc.How many moles of bas04 would be precipitation on adding bacl2 in excess? The answer 6M I do not understand pls explain step by step Thank a lot all tutors

    asked by Ken
  33. college statistics

    The CEO of ABC manufacturing commissioned a study to look at the differences between the current salaries of her employees (n = 474) and their starting salaries. The study collected current and beginning salary data for each of the 474 employees and the

    asked by samantha
  34. Physics

    If you mix 100 grams of water at 20 degree centigrade with 100 grams of water at 40 degree centigrade, what do you think the final temperature of the mixture will be? Why?

    asked by Jery
  35. College math

    7) A rectangular pen can be constructed using the side of a barn as one boundary and 5500 ft. of fence to make the other three sides. Find the length and width of the rectangle to make the largest area. Hint: Draw a picture- and label the sides of the

    asked by Michala
  36. College math

    A rock is thrown from the top of a tower that is 400 feet tall. If its height above the ground can be modeled by h = -16t2 + 64t +400 where h is in feet, and t is in seconds. To the nearest tenth of a second, how long does it take the rock to reach the

    asked by Michala
  37. Math

    I need to use the Gaussian Elimination to solve a system of equations, but I have no idea on how to do that. I remember doing these in high school, but since its been a while I can't remember exactly how to do it. Here's the system of equations I need to

    asked by N/A
  38. science

    A hoop of mass M = 4 kg and radius R = 0.4 m rolls without slipping down a hill, as shown in the figure. The lack of slipping means that when the center of mass of the hoop has speed v, the tangential speed of the hoop relative to the center of mass is

    asked by Zoey
  39. Statistics/Probability

    A component is rejected if its has a diameter less than 70mm, reworked if the diameter is between 70 and 73.5mm or more than 78.5mm. The diameter of a component is normally distributed with a mean 76mm and standard deviation 2.5mm. In a batch of 400

    asked by Koylar
  40. Technology & Society

    According to the text, by 2050, it is believed that __________ of the earth's species will become extinct if rain forest destruction continues. A. 6% B. 14% C. 25% D. 50% I think it's C., but not sure

    asked by Pat
  41. Algebra

    I need some help solving this system of equations: 5x - y = 18 –4x – 2y = –6

    asked by Math
  42. Algebra

    Help! I have no idea how to graph this linear equality! x - y is greater than or equal to 2

    asked by jririfi
  43. Math

    I need some help with solving this problem: Find the solution set for the system of linear inequalities. x – y ≥ 3 x + 2y ≥ 6

    asked by TBA
  44. Algebra

    How exactly am I supposed to find the slope of the line passing through the points (–3, 4) and (–2, –9)?

    asked by SUJ
  45. chem

    With two dice, each numbered 1-6, there are two possible ways to roll a 3: Thus, for the outcome of 3 (a particular macrostate) there are 2 microstates. How many possible ways are there to roll a 6?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Finance

    Financial Analysis of the McDonalds Company Stock ticker symbol, exchange where traded _________ Address of company headquarters _________ Company phone number __________ Your name, etc. PART 1, COMPANY OVERVIEW: a. Brief description of the company (one

    asked by Fanta
  47. Maths lit,tourism.agricultural , life science

    Which career do i qualify to study with these subjects at TUT or collega

    asked by Katsande
  48. Physics

    Three spheres are made from the same material, but each has a different size and temperature. The radii of spheres A, B, and C are 1.5R, R, and 1.25R, respectively. Which of the following choices gives the correct ranking of the spheres in order of least

    asked by Sam
  49. Physics

    The drawing shows three cylinders that have the same length and cross-sectional areas, but each is made of different material. The cylinders are arranged in series, so that heat is conducted from the left toward the right. The temperatures at the

    asked by Sam
  50. Physics

    An ideal gas is contained within closed box behind a removable wall. The walls of the container are insulated, so that no heat may be transferred from the system. Initially, the gas has an initial pressure P and an initial temperature T. The gas is then

    asked by Sam
  51. Physics

    Consider an ideal gas enclosed within a container with a moveable piston and a valve through which additional ideal gas can be added to the container. Which one of the following actions may not result in an increase in pressure? Increase the temperature,

    asked by Sam
  52. chemistry

    a. Determine the density of a cube of copper with a length of 5.00 cm and a mass of 1,112.50 g. b. Calculate the number of atoms in the cube

    asked by Mike
  53. Math

    Financial aid students must pass 2/3 of their courses each term in order to continue their aid. If a student is taking 18 hours, how many hours must be passed?

    asked by Rebecca
  54. logic crtical thinking

    Explain why it is important to analyze each financial transaction of a business and to report it in the Accounting Information System.

    asked by mildred
  55. statistics

    Wages and salaries make up only part of a total compensation. Other parts include paid leave, health insurance, and many others. In 2007, wages and salaries among manufacturers in the United States made up an average of 65.8% of total compensation. To

    asked by june
  56. science

    1o grams of caster sugar dissolved in 25 degrees long to does it take.

    asked by lisa
  57. Applied Mathematics (Perturbation)

    Solve these questions by using Algebraic Perturbation series method using this series U = U_o + e U_1+... 1. eU^3+U-2=0 2. eU^3+(U-2)=0 3. eU^4+U^3-2U^2_U+2=0 4. U^2-U-2+e/2(U^2+2U+3)=0 5. eU^4-U^2+3U-2=0 6. eU^4-U^3+3U-2=0 7. eU^4+U^2+2U-1=0 8.

    asked by Muhammad Idrees
  58. algebra

    The width of a rectangle is three-fourths its length. If the perimeter is 100 ft, find its dimensions

    asked by Avina
  59. physics

    a body is pulled over a surface by applying 20 Newton making an angle 60 degree with the horizontal.if the body moves with constant speed on a rough surface on which coefficient of friction is .4 then the mass of the body is?

    asked by hanan
  60. statistics

    what sampling strategies can be used if the maximum number of students she can include for her survey of 400 and the maximum number of students she can include for her interviews is 20.”

    asked by Arlene
  61. phi

    Which of the following does Peter Singer assert about the principle of equality? (Points : 1) People should have equal rights because they are factually equal. People with higher abilities, it stands to reason, should have greater rights. Different groups

    asked by jason
  62. Math

    The Timuga swimming pool, of Manila City has two pumps it uses to fill the pool. If one pump takes 12 hours to fill the pool and the other pump alone takes 16 hours to fill the pool, how long will it take both pumps working together to fill the pool?

    asked by AD12
  63. Math

    Christian drives 120 miles in the same length of time while Julius drives 200 miles. If the speed of Julius exceeds that of Christian by 35mph, find the speed of each

    asked by AD12
  64. business communication

    what is the concrete and specific words in this sentence, "John lost a fortune in Las Vegas"

    asked by Raph
  65. Physics

    A body which has three forces acting on it is in equilibrium. One force is 3N to the North, and another is 4N to the west. Find the magnitude and the direction of the third force. Show the vector diagram.

    asked by Moyamé
  66. physics

    I have no idea I need help!!!!

    asked by Moyamé
  67. physics

    A copper container of mass 100g contains 500g of water. A steel paddle of mass 85g stirs the water. A pulley system operates the paddle. A) the mass (15kg) drops 2,4m, turning the steel paddle. Assume heat lost to surrounding is negligible. 1. Find the

    asked by Haiano
  68. algebra 2

    x-5 divided by 2 = x-3 divided by x x(x-5) = 2(x-3) x^-5x=2x-6 x^ -7x +6 =0 (x+1) (x-6) x=-1 x=6

    asked by Taylor
  69. algebra

    average weight of a+b=45 average weight of b+c=43 average weight of a+c=50 what is the average of a,b,c

    asked by Tarunima
  70. algebra 2

    3/y-2 -1/y=4/y^-2y 3y/y^-2y - y/y^-2y=4/y^-2y 3y-y=4 2y=4 y=2

    asked by Taylor
  71. mathematics important very important

    a group of people were asked to choose there favourite fruits.1/4 choose apple,1/3 banana and 2/5 orange and 3 people choose grapes. How many people were there in the group.

    asked by cbse 8th
  72. chemistry step by step clearly

    10L of hard water required 5.6g of lime for removing hardness. hence temporary hardness in ppm of cac03. The answer 1000ppm I really want all tutors to solve it form clearly step by step. Thank a lot

    asked by Ken