Questions Asked on
July 18, 2014

  1. Physics

    An object of mass 0.5 kg is whirled at the end of a string 0.8 m long.If the string makes three revolution in 1.2 s,find the tension in the string.

    asked by Neha
  2. Calculus

    A curve is defined by the parametric equations: x = t2 – t and y = t3 – 3t Find the coordinates of the point(s) on the curve for which the normal to the curve is parallel to the y-axis. You must use calculus and clearly show your working, including any

    asked by Daksh
  3. Algebra

    A supervisor finds the mean number of miles that the employees in a 9the x has a line on top)department live from work. He finds X=2.9 and s=3. Which statement must be true? z376 is within 1 standard deviation of the mean. z37 is between 1 and 2 standard

    asked by Junior
  4. math

    Last month, Nate spent 12% of his paycheck on car repairs and 25% of the remainder on food. He gave $1,320 of the remaining money to his parents and then bought a computer on sale. If the usual price of the computer was $825 and the discount was 20%, how

    asked by Chen Sam
  5. math

    Jack and Jill went to Burger Queen. Jack bought 2 hamburgers and 3 shakes for $4.21 while Jill bought 3 hamburgers and 2 shakes for $5.24. The cost of 1 hamburger and 1 shake is: A) $1.03 B) $1.54 C) $1.89 D) $9.45

    asked by Wing Lam
  6. algebra

    Tickets to a local movie were sold at $5.00 for adults and $3.50 for students. If 340 tickets were sold for a total of $1535.00, how many adult tickets were sold?

    asked by toot
  7. chemistry

    A mixture of 0.100 mol NO, 0.200 mol H2 and 0.0800 mol N2 were placed in a 2.00L reaction vessel, heated, and allowed to come to equilibrium conditions. At equilibrium, the molar concentration of N2 was 0.0500 mol/L. Calculate Kc for this reaction. 2NO +

    asked by gab
  8. Math

    A homeowner is laying sod in her lawn. The lawn is a rectangle with dimensions of 28'*18'. If one piece of sod is a rectangle with dimensions of 60 cm*40 cm, approximately how many pieces of sod should the homeowner order?

    asked by Charles
  9. math

    convert 0.12 to fraction

    asked by angela lim
  10. MATH

    If the lengths of the sides of a triangle are in the ratio 8:4:5 and its perimeter is 48cm find its area

    asked by RIYA
  11. math

    Jack and Jerry can complete a job in 2 hours when working together.If Jack requires 6 hours to finish the job alone,how many hours does Jerry need to finish the job alone?

    asked by peter
  12. math

    Mr. Jones got a loan for a sum of money, and at the time of repayment he owned $75.00 in interest. Mr. Brown borrowed three times the amount of money Mr. Jones had borrowed at the same rate of interest for twice as long a time. How much interest does Mr.

    asked by Wing Lam
  13. maths lit, geography, life science, history, life orientation, english, tswana

    what can I do with my life with all this subjects that I studied?.

    asked by Ernest Mmutlana
  14. math

    Between 3 P.M and 3:30 P.M., the minute hand of a clock moves 180 degrees. How many degrees does the hour hand move during that same period of time?

    asked by Wing Lam
  15. Anatomy

    How does coronary artery disease affect the normal homeostasis of the cardiovascular system

    asked by Gabby
  16. math

    There are 4 pieces of paper, numbered 10 to 13, in a hat. After another numbered piece of paper is added, the probability of picking a number between 10 and 13 inclusive is 4/5. Which of the following numbers could be the number on the new piece of paper?

    asked by Chen Sam
  17. math

    Rufus is in charge of lighting a play. Half the lights he uses are white. Of the remaining lights, 1/3 have red filters, and 4 have blue filters. The 10 lights left have yellow filters. How many lights does Rufus use for the play?

    asked by Chen Sam
  18. math

    Last month, Nate spent 12% of his paycheck on car repairs and 25% of the remainder on food. He gave $1,320 of the remaining money to his parents and then bought a computer on sale. If the usual price of the computer was $825 and the discount was 20%, how

    asked by Sharon Goldberg
  19. chemistry

    how to find a structure factor of a face centerd cubic lattice

    asked by yasas
  20. math

    what is the correct letter name for

    asked by myron
  21. Math

    Each of the following objects have been measured with inappropriate units. Convert them to more suitable units. (Please check my work and see if the units are correct for the situation?) a) The thickness of a dime is 0.00122m 0.00122m*100cm/1m = 0.122cm b)

    asked by Bree
  22. Math

    Convert 110 yards to miles. 110yd*0.9144m/1yd=100.584m Someone told me there is mistake but I can't figure it out?

    asked by Leona
  23. chemistry

    I got kc to be 0 but that has got be wrong

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Math

    How do I do imperial to metric conversions?! Metric to imperial is easy but I don't know how to do it the other way around!!! Please help me! a) 6yd to meters b) 3mi to kilometers c) 80in to meters d) 3.8ft to meters e) 5'3" to meters (" is foot right?) f)

    asked by Whitney R.
  25. Math Question

    Five students measure their height using different units. Andrew is 176 cm, Brittney is 5'4", Calvin is 1.8 yards, Don is 54 inches, and Elisha is 1.6 metres. Arrange the students from shortest to tallest. I don't know how to deal with different units! A

    asked by Joey
  26. chemistry

    What will be the molarity of 335 ml of solutions containing 1.02 g of magnesium perchlorate. Here what i think divide 335/1.02 to get answer but i am not sure. Question 2:) how many ml of solute will be dissolved in a 435ml of 5.4%v/v of hci solution. I am

    asked by kody
  27. Geology

    Hi, I am doing a geology course and I am really struggling with the topography graph. Currently, I am doing a test/quiz that involves me finding out what the contour interval is,the elevations of lines, and so on. I have tried looking back over the

    asked by Caroline
  28. chemistry

    What mass of solute is dissolved in of 4.00%m/v solution. I am confused what to response to question 2 of my other question it asking for volume of the solute.

    asked by kody
  29. chemistry

    So i if do 4 x250/100 i will get the answer for the prob?

    asked by kody
  30. chemistry

    For the number 2 question. It is asking. How mnay ML of solute will be dissolved in a 435 ML of 5.4%V/V of HCI solutions.

    asked by kody
  31. MATH

    10 5/12 ÷ 1/10 =

    asked by Ron
  32. chemistry

    What is the conjugate acid base in this equation: h2so4+h20---Hso4^-+h3o^+ 2:) which phase of matter can act as a solvent. A.gas B.solid C.liquid D.all the above

    asked by kody
  33. English

    1. Have you seen Jane lately? 2. Have you seen Jane recently? 3. Did you see Jane lately? 4. Did you see Jane recently? --------------- Are they all grammatical? Which one is not?

    asked by rfvv
  34. math

    21 foot long and 12 feet wide 8foot high how many pieces of plywood will it t a ke to cover

    asked by Anonymous
  35. math

    1. Mrs. Macdonald wants to put a uniform border of tulips around the outside of her vegetable garden. Her vegetable garden is 20m by 28m. This border will look best if the area of the tulips border equal to the area of the garden. How wide should the tulip

    asked by malak
  36. American Government

    What are the characteristics of American democracy? How does American democracy differ from the theory of democratic government?

    asked by slomomo
  37. business law

    Can a contractor who doesn’t finish a home remodeling job get paid, even though they didn’t complete the job? BASE YOUR ANSWER ON THE CONCEPTS OF PARTIAL PERFORMANCE VS FULL PERFORMANCE, AND OFFSETTING OF AMOUNT DUE.

    asked by jen
  38. Math

    The ratio of dogs to cats at the pet storeis 1:4. If the pet shop has 7dogs, how many cats does it have?

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by Anonymous
  40. Maths

    if p:q=2/3:1/6 & q:r=3/4:1/2. find p:q:r

    asked by Francis
  41. Maths

    (243/32)^-1/5 ¡Á 2^-2

    asked by Francis
  42. physics

    A man throws a ball to a maximum distance of long is it in the air and to what height does it rise? Nehlect the height of the man

    asked by om patel
  43. Maths (factor theorem)

    9x^2 6xy 4y^2 is a factor of 27x^3 - 8y^3, find the other factor.

    asked by Francis
  44. maths

    factorize completely X^2 + 2X^2 - 15X / 2X^2 - 18

    asked by Francis
  45. chemistry

    The weight of one atom of uranium is 238amu.its actual weight is

    asked by Anonymous
  46. maths

    In a purse for every 8 notes of 10/- it should have 5 notes of 5/-. For every 8 notes of 5/- it should have 3 notes of 1/-. If value of 5 notes =200 then what is the total amount in the purse?

    asked by nisha