Questions Asked on
July 14, 2014

  1. Math

    A standard deck of playing cards is shuffled and three people each choose a card. Find the probability that the first two cards chosen are clubs and the third card is black if the cards are chosen with replacement, and if the cards are chosen without

    asked by Ashley

    If heat of combustion of acetylene C2H2 is -1301.1 kJ/mol then : a) Write balanced thermochemical equation of acetylene combustion b) If 0.25 mol C2H2 reacted according to the previous equation , and what is the emitted energy ? c) how many grams needed to

    asked by MAD
  3. Algebra

    A population of insects increases at a rate of 1.5% per day. About how long will it take the population to double? 2.5 days 5.0 days 46.6 days 66.7 days

    asked by Junior
  4. CHEM

    how many milliliters of a stock solution of 6.0 m hno3 would you have to use to prepare 110mL of 0.500 M HNO3?

    asked by Ambra
  5. Algebra

    Two different radioactive isotopes decay to 10% of their respective original amounts. Isotope A does this is 33 days, while isotope B does this in 43 days. What is the approximate difference in the half-lives of the isotopes? 3 days 10 days 13 days 33 days

    asked by Junior
  6. Algebra

    Two different cars each depreciate to 60% of their respective original values. The first car depreciates at an annual rate of 10%. The second car depreciates at an annual rate of 15%. What is the approximate difference in the ages of the two cars? 1.7 ears

    asked by Junior
  7. Maths lit,economics and business studies

    Whichs career should I follow with my subjects economics,maths lit and business studies

    asked by Zoliswa
  8. math

    The Jones family was one of the first to come to the U.S. They had 5 children. Assuming that the probability of a child being a girl is .5, find the probability that the Jones family had.

    asked by Anonymous
  9. physics

    There is a typo in this question. Ignore the ”cdot” in the units for G. A satellite is in a circular orbit just above the surface of the Moon. What is the satellite’s acceleration? The value of gravitational constant is 6.67259 × 10−11 Ncdotm2/kg2

    asked by 123
  10. algebra

    at a restaurant brandy paid twice as much as Katie and Katie paid $3 more than Stephanie if the total combined amount they paid was $56 how much did Katie pay

    asked by sarah
  11. math

    One phone plan charges a $20 monthly fee and $0.08 per minute on every phone call made. Another phone plan charges a $12 monthly fee and $0.12 per minute on each call. After how many minutes is the charge the same for both plans? A.60 minutes B.90 minutes

    asked by Johnny

    We have this reaction : HCO3- + OH- => CO3^-2 + H2O Specify the conjugate pairs and , which direction the reaction equilibrium shift ? and How ( as a rule ) ?

    asked by MAD
  13. Science

    A test is performed to see if applying fertilizer to rose bushes increases the number of flowers on bushes. Which of the following best relates to the hypothesis for this experiment? A. Watering all of the rose bushes the same amount throughout the

    asked by Dulce

    NH3(g) + H2O(l) NH4+ (aq) + OH- (aq) a) According to delta H ( Enthalpy ) , which direction the equation will shift ? b) According to Entropy , which direction the equation will shift ? c) Assuming that delta G is positive , then delta S is greater than

    asked by MAD
  15. English

    What can you infer about the poet’s attitude about humanity from these lines in “Song of Myself”? These are really the thoughts of all men in all ages and lands, they are not original with me, / If they are not yours as much as mine they are nothing,

    asked by Emi
  16. Science

    A student is assigned the task of measuring the mass of one tennis ball using a scale for which the zero adjustment on the balance is not working. The student is given three balls and the can in which they were packaged. Which of the following strategies

    asked by Dulce
  17. math

    Paul has 8 white socks, 4 blue socks,10 grey socks, and 12 black socks in his drawer. The socks are all jumbled up. What is the greatest number of socks that he would need to pull out to have a matching pair?

    asked by Artruo
  18. Chemistry

    Benzene reacts with hot concentrated nitric acid dissolved in sulfuric acid to give chiefly nitrobenzene, C6H5NO2. A by-product is often obtained, which consists of 42.86% C, 2.40% H, and 16.67% N (by mass). The boiling point of a solution of 5.5 g of the

    asked by Luke

    A 1.2 kg object moving at initial velocity 2.0m/s collides elastically with a stationary 0.5kg object horizontally. Calculate A) the velocity of each object after the collision. B) the impulsive force if the contact time is 0.3 s.

    asked by THIYNES
  20. physics

    A ski slope drops at an angle of 24 degrees with respect to the horizontal and is 500 m long. A 60 kg skier skis down from the top to the bottom of the slope. A.) Determine the change in gravitational potential energy of the skier+earth system. b.) If 20%

    asked by bibs
  21. English

    1. The train leaves at 7 this evening. 2. The train will leave at 7 this evening. 3. He meets the girl at 7 this evening. 4. He will meet the girl at 7 this evening. ----------------- #1 means #2, right? What about #3 and #4? Does #3 mean #4? Is #3

    asked by rfvv
  22. Biology

    . Which of the following parts of the circulatory system carries oxygenated blood? A An artery moving blood from the heart to the lungs B. A vein moving blood to the heart from the body C. An artery moving blood from the heart to a muscle cell D. A venule

    asked by Dulce
  23. math

    The altitude of an equilateral triangle is 6 square 3 units long. The length of one side of the triangle is ____ units.

    asked by kyle
  24. Trigonometry

    If the distance covered by an object in time t is given by s(t) = t^2 + 5t , where s(t) is in meters and t is in seconds, what is the distance covered in the interval between 1 second and 5 seconds?

    asked by Richard
  25. Chemistry

    A solution of acetic acid, CH3COOH, has a concentration of 0.218 M and a density of 1.00 g mL-1. What is the molality of this solution?

    asked by Luke
  26. science

    element 118 was reportedly synthesized in 1999, but the claim was later retracted. as a consequence of that experiment, element 116 was discovered. to what period and group would each of these two elements belong, and what known elements should each

    asked by duane
  27. Geometry

    The volume of a prism which has an altitude of 10 units and has a right triangle base with a hypotenuse of 13 units and a leg of 12 units is what?

    asked by Dyamond
  28. us history

    A popular expression asserts that "9-11 changed everything." In your reasoned opinion, based on the text and our discussions, do you think this is an accurate reading of American History since 2001?

    asked by Taylor B
  29. chemistry

    How much 9% solution can you make by diluting 350ml of a 15% solution?

    asked by Ki
  30. statistics

    M&M’s The candy company claims that 10% of the M&M’s it produces are green. Suppose the candies are packed at random into small bags containing about 25 M&M’s per bag. A class of elementary students learning about percentages opens several bags,

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Math

    What power of 7 is 40 353 607?

    asked by Annie
  32. Math

    Find three consecutive integers that have a sum of -402. Describe your strategy.

    asked by Annie
  33. algebra

    Please help me solve this: If an object is projected upward with an initial velocity of 112 feet per second from a height h of 128 feet, then its height t seconds after it is projected is defined by the equation h=-16t^2 + 112t + 128. How many seconds

    asked by Danielle
  34. Chemistry

    At 21.0 °C, a solution of 23.71 g of a nonvolatile, nonpolar compound in 30.64 g of ethylbromide, C2H5Br, had a vapor pressure of 319.7 torr. The vapor pressure of pure ethyl bromide at this temperature is 400.0 torr. Assuming an ideal solution, what is

    asked by Luke
  35. chemistry

    How would polyethylene have the VSEPR shape of tetrahedral?

    asked by Liz
  36. algebre

    Victor needs to calculate the number of miles per gallon his car averages. His car's gas tank holds 15 gallons of gas. Write an equation that will help him determine the average number of miles his car gets per gallon of gas.

    asked by Shelley
  37. Chemistry

    A saturated solution is made by dissolving 0.325 g of a polypeptide (a substance formed by joining together in a chainlike fashion some number of amino acids) in water to give 1.37 L of solution. The solution has an osmotic pressure of 4.13 torr at 28 °C.

    asked by Luke
  38. Economics

    Why is the money multiplier in the United States smaller than the inverse of the required reserve ratio?

    asked by Geminie
  39. math

    Find the coordinates of the midpoint of the segment whose endpoints are given. W (-3, -7) and X (-8, -4)

    asked by kyle
  40. physics

    2.Boxcar A, with a mass of 1500 kg, is travelling at 25 m/s to the east. Boxcar B has a mass of 2000 kg and is initially at rest. The boxcars collide inelastically and move together after they get stuck. What is their combined velocity?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Chemistry

    Although I do very well in chemistry I never really understood converting units. Perform each of the following conversions. A. 8.43cm to millimeters B. 2.41x10^2cm to meters C. 294.5nm to cm D. 1.445x10^4m to kilometers E. 235.3m to millimeters F. 903.3nm

    asked by Mario

    A bullet of mass 5 g with velocity 1000m/!@#$%^&s a wooden block of 1.5kg at rest vertically. If the bullet penetrates through the block with a velocity of 400m/s, calculate the maximum height in which the block is lifted from its initial position.

    asked by Thiynes
  43. Physics

    A bullet of mass 5 g with velocity 1000m/!@#$%^&s a wooden block of 1.5kg at rest. If the bullet penetrates through the block with a velocity of 400m/s, calculate the maximum height in which the block is lifted from its initial position.

    asked by Thiynes
  44. English

    1. She has already bought the tickets. 2. She has bought the tickets already. 3. Already she has bought the tickets. 4. I am already ready to go out. 5. He already finished his homework. ---------------- Which ones are correct?

    asked by rfvv
  45. us history

    Explain the evolution of Cold War liberalism between 1945 and 1968, that is from the presidency of Harry S. Truman through John F. Kennedy and to Lyndon Baines Johnson. Why did Jimmy Carter eschew the label during the 1976 election?

    asked by Taylor Beach
  46. Calculus 2

    find the arc length of the graph of the function over the indicated interval. x^5/10+1/(6x^3) on the interval (3,6)

    asked by Kee
  47. Physics

    how much does a 2 lietr bottle of soda pop weigh in pounds? assume that the pop has the density ofg water,namely 1 kg\lietr and that the weight of the bottle itself is negligible?

    asked by Joshua
  48. physics

    You walk to the corner store after school to buy a carton of milk before going home. The store is 750 m south of the school, and your house is 625 m north of the school. What distance have you travelled since leaving the school?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. English

    1. He has lived in the town three years ago/last month/in 2003. 2. He has lived in the town before. 3. He has lived in the town in the past. 4. He has lived in the town recently. 5. He has lived in the town lately. ---------------- #1 is not correct, is

    asked by rfvv
  50. Math

    Find the Exact Value of the Composition cos(arcsin(1/4))

    asked by Anne
  51. programming

    write a program that creates a list of employees objects of size n entered from user using list interface and a list class implementation and display all employees in list and print employee name with minimum salary and remove employee with minimum salary

    asked by moh
  52. Math

    About 190 million drivers are registered in the United States. While on a trip with her family, a student counted the number of male drivers and female drivers on the road. There were 58 male drivers and 48 female drivers. Using the sample predict the

    asked by Anonymous
  53. science

    homogenized milk is composed of microscopic globules of fat suspended in a watery medium. is homogenized milk a true solution?

    asked by duane
  54. math

    If A and B work together,they can finish a task in 2 hours. If they do the task separately, B can finish 3 hours earlier than A can. Find the time required for B to finish the task alone.

    asked by boh
  55. Public Organization Management

    Can someone read over my case paperI cannot add a file so i just copied and pasted it...I did not add my references at the end either or the tables since they wont show up right here just need to see if this makes sense and flows and my in paper citations

    asked by Mel
  56. Math

    Billing office is trying to figure out the amount of 0.75 hour overtime for a worker who is paid $32.48 for A regular hourly rate. The overtime rate is 1.5 of his regular hourly rate. How much is 0.75 of an hour at the overtime rate for this worker

    asked by Monique
  57. science

    why should you not attempt to take a picture of fluorine?

    asked by duane
  58. chemistry

    A sample of solid ammonium chloride, NH4Cl, is dissolved in water. The solution formed was found to be acidic. Can you please explain why the solution is acidic?

    asked by lilliso
  59. Physics help

    A charge with a value of 3.0 x 10^-5 C is located 3.0 cm from a charge with a value of 6.0 x 10^-5 C. Determine the distance from the larger charge to the point where the total electric field is zero

    asked by Liz
  60. math

    Help please find three consecutive numbers, which are in arithmetic progression whose sum is 39

    asked by Daniel
  61. Measurements & statistics in Kinesiology

    In a class of 34 students, how many of them will have a z-score above 1.0?

    asked by Shawna
  62. physics

    A string with linear mass density μ = 0.0279 kg/m under a tension of T = 183 N is oriented in the x-direction. Two transverse waves of equal amplitude and with a phase angle of zero (at t = 0) but with different frequencies (ω = 3420 rad/s and ω/3 =

    asked by Lema
  63. Education/College

    I am now in a Life Span Development course. I need an example of a personal experience that involves nurture in regard to human development

    asked by Cathy
  64. Biology

    Which of the following is the balanced equation for photosynthesis in plant cells? A 3C0+ 3H0 + Energy --)-CH120 + 30 2 266 2 B. 6C0+ 6Hp + Energy--)-CHp + 60 2 616 2 C. CH0 + 30--)-3C0+ 3H0 + Energy 6126 2 2 2 D. CHp + 60--)-6C0+ 6Hp + Energy 616 2 2 I

    asked by Dulce
  65. science

    Determine the percent composition of sodium hydrogen carbonate. Na H C O3 1*22.999 1*1.008 1*12.011 3*15.999 22.999 1.008 12.011 47.997 /84.015 /84.015 /84.015 /84.015 .2737 .0120 .1430 .5713 *100 *100 *100 *100 27.37% 1.2% 14.3% 57.13% did i do this

    asked by duane
  66. Music

    List one of the vocal technology topics and describe how it has changed and/or affected popular music. 1. Time Based Effects Processing 2. Autotune or Melodyne 3. Talkbox or Vocoder 4. Vocal Sampling 5. Elastic Audio and Flex

    asked by qwerty
  67. Physics help

    A particle with a charge of -4.0x10^-5 C, a mass of 2.0x10^-7 kg and a velocity of 6.0x10^4 m/s [W] is travelling perpendicularly through an external magnetic field such that the force of gravity is balanced by the magnetic force. Determine the direction

    asked by Liz
  68. history

    which of the following was true of secretary of state william Henry Seward

    asked by johnnie
  69. Physic

    Convert 1kwh to joules

    asked by Syam
  70. physics

    A particle with a charge of -4.0x10^-5 C, a mass of 2.0x10^-7 kg and a velocity of 6.0x10^4 m/s [W] is travelling perpendicularly through an external magnetic field such that the force of gravity is balanced by the magnetic force. Determine the direction

    asked by Liz
  71. Chemistry

    An unknown metal with a mass of 313 g has a heat capacity of 121 J/oC. What is the specific heat of the metal?

    asked by Mike

    Which of the following solutions do they have the maximum osmotic pressure : 1) 0.1 m ( molal conc.) glucose 2) 0.1 m sucrose 3) 0.5 m glucose 4) 0.2 m sucrose and why ?

    asked by MAD

    Determine that which directions ( left or right ) shift , of these following equations according to the Entropy 1) HCl (l) HCl (g) 2) C6H12O6 (aq) C6H12O6 (s) 3) 2NH3 (g) N2(g) + 3H2(g) 4) 3C2h$(g) C6H12 (l)

    asked by MAD
  74. c# programming

    Trying to create a program using following algorithms. JumpSearch(list,lower,upper,jump,x) {Look for X in List[lower ... upper]. Report its position if found, else report 0. List is sorted in increasing order. upper>=lower>0; upper-lower+1>=jump>=1.} index

    asked by Raymond
  75. Chemistry

    A 38.9 g piece of iron at 84.6oC is placed in a beaker containing 179.7 g of 20.7oC water. What is the final temperature (oC)of the water?

    asked by Mike
  76. statistics

    assuming that you wished to have the highest possible score on an exam relative to ht e other scores, would you rather have a score of 70 on a test with a mean of 60 and a standard deviations of 5.2 or a score of 81 on a test with a mean of 79 and a

    asked by nick
  77. POL 201 American Government

    Got 10/10 Question 1.1. The trajectory of cases from Marbury v. Madison demonstrate that the Supreme Court (Points : 1) ✓ A- had to stay within the confines of public opinion. B- always had supreme authority. C- was afraid of the states. D- needed to

    asked by HK
  78. Resume Writing

    Hello. I am creating a resume. Under one of my bullet points, I want to say that I write inspirational blogs. How would I say that in the resume way?

    asked by Tom
  79. Algebra

    Given the point-slope form of a line, find the point and slope we could use to graph. y-4=3/2(x+5)

    asked by sharon
  80. science

    Name the ionic compound form when a Magnesium reacts with chlorine?

    asked by duane
  81. math (help please)

    find all real numbers that satisfy the equation: sinx= -\sqrt3/ 2

    asked by Anonymous
  82. science

    the potential energy of an electron in H-atom is -13.6eV.if the potential energy of an electron in He+ ion is -3.4eV ,what would be the excited state of He+?

    asked by akanksha

    We have : Cl | 1) :B-Cl with two unshared electrons | Cl F | 2) :N-F | F then , if we assume that N and B bind covalently , which of them is acid ? And is that also bronshted- lowry acid ? explain thanks

    asked by MAD
  84. Algebra

    I really don't understand what I am doing. Needing help! With graphing, tell whether the graphs of each pair of equations of each pair of equations are perpendicular. 1.y=7x-9 2.-3y=21x+7 slope=7 y=-7x-(7/3) y-intercept=-9 slope=-7 y-intercept=-(7/3)

    asked by sharon
  85. accounting

    A partner withdrew Rs.2000 at the beginning of every month.the rate of interest on drawings is 10%per annum. What is the amt. of interest?

    asked by john
  86. Math

    Continue the pattern for three more terms. Describe how to find the successive terms. a)12,9,6,3 b)5,6,8,11 c)3,-1,-6,-12 Please help

    asked by Sara
  87. Pharmacology

    Amoxicillin suspension 125mg/5ml give ¾ tsp PO bid Disp: 10 day supply 5. How much suspension is required to fill this prescription? 6. What is the amount of mg per dose?

    asked by KI
  88. physics

    A tank has a length of 0.18 m, a width of 0.78 m, and a height of 0.44 m. If it is filled with water, how many kilograms does it weigh?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Algebra

    given the point-slope form of a line, find the point and slope we could use to graph y-4=3/2(x+5) answers: P: (-5/4) S: (3/2) how do I get to the answer

    asked by sharon
  90. math

    In a shuffled deck of 52 cards, we remove 1 card (we don’t know which one) and use LINEAR SEARCH to find the two of clubs. a. What is the average cost to find the two of clubs, if it is guaranteed to be in the deck? b. What is the average cost if the two

    asked by Raymond
  91. math

    In an ordered (A – K, ♠♢♣♡) 52 card deck, using JUMP SEARCH, looking for the queen of hearts, a. What is the optimum jump size k? b. How many probes (m) will it take with the optimum jump size? c. What is the worst case number of comparisons

    asked by Raymond
  92. math

    help It is known that a particular bipartition bacterium reproduces every 20 minutes, that is displayed 2 every 20 minutes. How many bacteria will last 10 hours

    asked by Myke
  93. us history

    Despite Watergate, did not Richard Nixon's presidency start the Republican ascendency of the following period? Why and how did this happen?

    asked by Taylor B
  94. History

    Why was the policy of containment unsuccessful in Vietnam/Asia?

    asked by Tina
  95. English

    1. That coat appears to fit you well. 2. That coat seems to fit you well. 3. That coat becomes you well. 4. That coat looks like becoming you well. (Are they all grammatical and the same in meaning?) 5. Christmas is an important feast for Christians. 6.

    asked by rfvv
  96. Spanish

    The instructions are to choose the best answer for the statements. I'd like to know if I answered correctly or if I should change my answer. 1. Perdone, señor. ¿Puede decirme dónde puedo cambiar cheques de viajero? Ud. Puede cambiarlos en _________. A.

    asked by Eri
  97. Pre algebra

    Will has a mean score of 62 on the first five test in science. if he gets a 50 on the next test what will his mean be then?

    asked by Alexis
  98. math

    help please The measures of the sides of a right triangle form an arithmetic progression whose difference is 1. Find the measure of the hypotenuse

    asked by Daniel
  99. math

    help A paper sheet of 0.1 mm thickness is taken. Is cut in two and placed one above the other; is a thickness of 0.2 mm. This roll is cut into two and put prte above the other; is a thickness of 0.4 mm. The next time the same process takes place, the stack

    asked by Myke
  100. pharmacology

    Bismuth Subsalicylate 525 mg take 2 tablets QID? What is the total number of tablets to dispense for Bismuth Subsalicylate

    asked by ki
  101. English

    Posted by rfvv on Friday, July 11, 2014 at 3:01am. 1. Exchange points with another team. 2. Swap points with another team. (Are both the same?) 3. Take away 300 points from one team. 4. Bring 300 points from another team. 5. Take away 30 points from each

    asked by rfvv
  102. English

    1. I searched for my glasses, but I couldn't find them. 2. I searched for my glasses, but I couldn't find it. (Which one is grammatical?) 3. The electric fan was moving from left to right. 4. The electric fan was moving from the left to the right. (Which

    asked by rfvv
  103. Education/College

    I have to invent a fictional character and do charts on them from infancy to early childhood,middle and late childhood adolescence, and early adulthood. I have to give this character a name , race, gender and parents. I will have to find pictures to

    asked by Cathy
  104. science

    what is the correct number of protons, neutrons and electrons in a neutral Cadmium-112 atom?

    asked by duane
  105. math

    it is a sequence. what do you tjink is the next ? and how does it happens / 1,11,21,1211,11121 . . .

    asked by Alyanna
  106. math

    Solve and Check√x-6=√3-√x

    asked by Alyanna
  107. Math

    There are 6 white, 9 brown, and 1 pink towels. What is the probability of using a brown or pink towel first.

    asked by Anonymous
  108. physics

    A tank has a length of 0.18 m, a width of 0.78 m, and a height of 0.44 m. If it is filled with water, how many kilograms does it weigh?

    asked by Anonymous
  109. General question

    How can I search the questions which I uploaded chronological order?

    asked by rfvv
  110. politicws

    When the President appoints a nominee to the Supreme Court, he mainly

    asked by Anonymous
  111. us history

    Between the end of the Korean War and the escalation of the Vietnam War in 1965, the concept of an American dream" seemed to have its strongest hold on the American population. How did the protest movements of the mid to late 1960s and early 1970s confirm

    asked by Taylor Beach
  112. pharma

    22 g of potassium iodide is diluted in 1.5 L of sterile water for injection. What is the final percent strength (w/v)?

    asked by ki
  113. us history

    Why was Martin Luther KingÕs ÒI have a dreamÓ speech so pivotal in Americanhistory? Did it redefine the nature of America? Of the American dream,?

    asked by Taylor Beach
  114. us history

    Explore both the strengths and weaknesses of Ronald Reagan's presidency. What has made his vision so dominant ever since?

    asked by Taylor B
  115. Science

    There are two set pieces in a theater sitting on platforms with wheels. One is a tree with a mass of 50 kg. It is moving at 3 m/s. The other is a fence with a mass of 30 kg. If the two set pieces have equal momentum, how fast is the fence moving? A. 3 m/s

    asked by Alyssa
  116. math

    what is the sum from 1 to infinity of ( 3n^3 - 4n^2 + 5)/(6n^5-2n+7)

    asked by hannah
  117. Differential Equations

    (x^2+1)dx+x^2y^2dy=0 need help:)..thanks.

    asked by Alyanna
  118. math

    help please 1. log2 x=1/2 2. log√x=-1 3. ln⁡x=1+ln⁡(x+1)

    asked by Daniel