Questions Asked on
July 13, 2014

  1. chemistry

    Consider the following mechanism. Step1: A+Bc (equilibrium) Step 2: C+A---->d (slow). Overall: 2A+B---->D. Determine the rate law for the overall reaction (where the overall rate constant is represented as k).

    asked by Tsomo
  2. physic

    Find the force a 67.5 kg man would experience while standing in the surface of each of the following planets PLANET 1. EARTH 2. MARS 3. PLUTO Mass for earth 5.98 x 10^24 kg for mars 6.34 x 10 ^23 kg for pluto 5 x 10^23 kg distance distance for planet 6.337

    asked by Dulce
  3. statistics

    A doctor wants to know if her patients are happy with her. She decides to survey a sample of her clients. What method would be best for choosing a random sample that is a fair representation of her patients? A. Assign numbers to each patient and then use a

    asked by Raishawn
  4. math

    A temperature gauge reads 95° F. Which of the following is the correct conversion to degrees Celsius? (Note: ° C = 5/ g[° F -32]) A. 21° C B. 35° C c. 63° c D. 113° C

    asked by Roberta
  5. math

    Which of the following is the best estimate of the number of centimeters in 1 yard? (Note: 1 yard = 3 feet; 1 foot= 12 inches; 1 inch= 2.54 centimeters) A. 36 B. 72 C. 90 D. 180

    asked by Roberta
  6. math

    . Every member of a high school class of 150 students was polled to see whom they would vote for in the election for student body president. The poll results are shown below. Candidate 1 46% Candidate 2 30% Undecided 24%

    asked by Roberta
  7. chemistry

    Consider the following mechanism. Step1: 2A--->B (SLOW) Step2: B+C--->D (fast) Overaall: 2A+C--> D Determine the rate law for the overall reaction (where the overall rate constant is represented as k).

    asked by Tsomo
  8. statistics

    a brand name has a 50% recognition rate assume the owner of the brand wants to verify that rate by beginning with a small sample of 5 randomly selected consumers the probability that exactly 4 of the 5 consumers recognize the brand name

    asked by jannie
  9. geometry

    The volume of a cylinder is 980 in.4072-07-02-02-00_files/i0220001.jpg. The height of the cylinder is 20 in. What is the radius of the cylinder? Express your answer to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by Corey
  10. Math 221

    what is 13/15 divided by 7/10

    asked by Erica
  11. Fun time

    A concentrated sulfuric acid solution is 65.0% H2SO4 by mass and has a density of 1.55 g/mL at 20°C. What is the mass of 3.00 L of the concentrated sulfuric acid solution?

    asked by Nickcole
  12. Biology

    Plant -+ Deer --+ Tiger The first step in the energy chain that created the bonds of proteins in the tiger's muscle cells in the food chain shown above is the A. deer the tiger ate. B. plant the deer ate. C. photons the sun made. D. carbohydrates the plant

    asked by Andrea
  13. statistics

    M&M’s The candy company claims that 10% of the M&M’s it produces are green. Suppose the candies are packed at random into small bags containing about 25 M&M’s per bag. A class of elementary students learning about percentages opens several bags,

    asked by help
  14. Chem 1120

    The KC for the reaction I2 --> 2I is 3.8 x 10 ^ -5 at 727 degrees C. Calculate Kc and Kp for the equilibrium of 2I -> I2 at the same conditions. I don't understand how to set up or solve this problem. I know Kc=[I]^2 / [I2] = 3.8x10^-5 for the first

    asked by Maddie
  15. chemistry

    The activation energy for a particular reaction is Ea = 14.80 kJ. What percentage of the molecules are at or above the activation energy at 500.0 K?

    asked by Tsomo
  16. probability

    Suppose the probability of surviving for 5 years after being diagnosed with a particular cancer is 0.60; and the probability of surviving 10 years is 0.20. If a person survives 5 years, what is the probability that she will survive 10 years.

    asked by Anonymous
  17. math

    A student uses approximately 40 to 45 gallons of gasoline per month. The cost of gasoline varies between $2.96 and $3.61 per gallon. Which of the following is a reasonable estimate of the student's weekly gasoline expense? A. $15 B.$30 c. $45 D. $50

    asked by Roberta
  18. Chemistry

    Determine the density of methane (CH4) in g/L at 27.8oC and 1.1 atm.

    asked by Mike
  19. science

    Unit 33 discusses a natural way to reinforce science process skills and introduces the scientific method. This strategy, especially appropriate for primary grades, is to have children do which one of the following?

    asked by jasmone
  20. math

    Two restaurants have rooms to rent for dinner parties. One restaurant charges $100 to rent a room and $20 per person. The other restaurant charges $25 to rent the room and $25 per person. Which of the following is the number of people for which the cost of

    asked by Roberta
  21. American Government

    What do you think would happen to state employment if the federal government decided that, rather than passing laws an making states carry them out, it simply give the state responsibility for a major social program such as welfare? Provide at least two

    asked by Dawn
  22. science

    Plane sound wave of frequency 500 Hz fall normally on a smooth wall.At what distance from the wall will the air particles have maximum and minimum amplitude of vibration and the velocity of sound in air may be taken as 340 meter per second.

    asked by Samundra
  23. math

    In a bag of candy, there are five red candies for every two green candies. If there are 35 total candies in the bag, which of the following is the total number of green candies in the bag? A.5 B. 10 C. 20 D. 25

    asked by Roberta
  24. chem

    When one mole of C6H6 is burned, 5.69 MJ of heat is produced. When the heat from burning 9.69 g of C6H6 is added to 5.69 kg of water at 21.0°C, what is the final temperature of the water?

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Science

    A researcher wants to develop a new pharmaceutical compound to treat pain. Which of the following strategies will likely be the most effective process? A. Test extracts from newly discovered plants for pain-killing substances. B. Read anthropological

    asked by Dulce
  26. math

    2 5/8+ 1/3 Simplify the expression above. Which of the following is correct? A. 7 7/8 B. 1 1/7 C. 7/8 D. 8/63

    asked by Roberta
  27. Science

    A cylinder and an airtight piston are used in the following experiment. The piston is pushed up and down in the cylinder and the resulting pressure of the air inside the cylinder is measured with a pressure gauge. The results of the experiment are recorded

    asked by dulce
  28. Chemistry step by step thank a lot

    10L of hard water required 5.6g of lime for removing hardness. Hence temporary hardness in ppm of cac03 The answer 1000 Who helps me to solve it for me step by step clearly Thank a lot all tutors

    asked by Ken
  29. Finance

    An investment will provide Nicholas with $100 at the end of each year for the next 10 years. What is the present value of that annuity if the discount rate is 8% annually? What is the present value of the above annuity if the payments are received at the

    asked by Aina
  30. Chemistry

    At the instant that an elastic falling object strikes the ground and becomes compressed, which of the following energy transformations occurs? A. Gravitational to electric B. Potential to kinetic C. Electric to gravitational D. Kinetic to potential I think

    asked by Dulce
  31. Math

    The plan for a rectangular patio has a square garden centered in the patio with sides parallel to the sides of the patio. The patio is 20m long and 12m wide. If each side of the garden is "x" meters, the function, y= 240-x^2 gives the area of the patio in

    asked by Aaaaaaa
  32. Science

    An experienced mountaineer decides to climb Mount Everest using the same route in the same season and with similar materials and equipment used by a fatal1924 expedition. The scientific purpose of such a climb would be to A. show that modern technology

    asked by Dulce
  33. physics

    A charge with a value of 3.0 x 10^-5 C is located 3.0 cm from a charge with a value of 6.0 x 10^-5 C. Determine the distance from the larger charge to the point where the total electric field is zero

    asked by Liz
  34. Finance

    Old Town Cafe has a profit margin of 11%, total asset turnover of 2 and ROE of 20%. What is the debt-equity ratio for this Cafe? Help me. Thank you :)

    asked by Aina
  35. Science

    . A population shows the following annual data: 3% emigration 2% immigration 2% births 1% deaths Which of the following is the change in population at the end of the year? A. 3% decrease B. 2% increase C. 1% decrease D. No change I think it is not change.

    asked by Dulce
  36. chemistry

    . A student wants to design an experiment to demonstrate the effects of acid rain on plant life. Which of the following substances should be combined with water to best simulate acid rain? A. Vinegar B. Table salt C. Baking soda D. Ammonia

    asked by Dulce
  37. chem

    At constant volume, the heat of combustion of a particular compound is –3209.0 kJ/mol. When 1.829 g of this compound (molar mass = 159.29 g/mol) was burned in a bomb calorimeter, the temperature of the calorimeter (including its contents) rose by 6.753

    asked by Anonymous
  38. physics

    A cannon is shooting emergency packets to people stranded on the roof of a flooded building of height H = 104 meters relative to the cannon, the corner of which is located a distance D = 53 meters from the cannon. It is desired that the incoming packets

    asked by text
  39. statistics

    a rocket club makes its own rockets. The rockets go to a mean height of 1100 feet with a standard deviation of 60 feet. if the club fires 36 rockets, what is probability that the mean heights of the rockets will be greater than 1080p feet

    asked by eric
  40. Science

    Two students collect information about the number of dandelions in a park. Based on their sampling, they estimate that there are 900 dandelions in the 300-square-meter city park. To determine the accuracy of their estimate, which of the following questions

    asked by Dulce
  41. Accounting

    During its first year of operations, Maria Rose set up Roseland Inc. and invested $25,000 in the corporation. The company earned $68,000 of revenues and incurred $32,000 of expenses. At the end of the year, the company owed $24,000 to its creditors. A cash

    asked by L
  42. Science

    Which of the following procedures is an appropriate negative control for testing the hypothesis that air contains bread mold spores? A. Seal slices of bread in a container to minimize air contact. B. Place slices of bread in a refrigerated environment. C.

    asked by dulce
  43. Biology

    Which of the following terms describes changes in allele frequencies in the gene pool over a single generation? A. Macroevolution B. Microevolution C. Segregation D. Speciation

    asked by Dulce
  44. Chemistry

    A volume of 0.155 L of a gas at STP weighs 0.412 g. Calculate the molar mass of the gas.

    asked by Mike
  45. chemistry

    A certain reaction has an activation energy of 25.14 kJ/mol. At what Kelvin temperature will the reaction proceed 8.00 times faster than it did at 305 K?

    asked by Tsomo
  46. Science

    In developing countries, which of the following factors correlates with high birth rates? A. Increased availability of contraception B. Increased education and standard of living C. High infant mortality rate D. High availability of postnatal care

    asked by Dulce
  47. Math

    Perform the given set operation. Let U = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10}. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Enter EMPTY for the empty set.) {1, 2, 8} ∩ {2, 8, 9}

    asked by Sheena
  48. math

    Every member of a high school class of 150 students was polled to see whom they would vote for in the election for student body president. The poll results are shown below.

    asked by Roberta
  49. American Government

    In a situation like this, why might state employment levels go up, even when federal activity might be going down? Provide at least one reason with support.

    asked by Dawn
  50. Biology

    . The covalent bonds between the monomers of an enzyme macromolecule are A. glycosidic bonds. B. peptide bonds. C. phosphodiester bonds. D. ester bonds. I thimk it is B

    asked by Dulce
  51. mat/117

    The profit (P), in dollars, for a company is modeled by the funtion P=-750x^2+15,000x, where x is the number of items produced. For which values of x will the company losr money?

    asked by hope
  52. Chem

    If the heat of combustion for a specific compound is -1170.0 kJ/mol and its molar mass is 42.75 g/mol, how many grams of this compound must you burn to release 191.90 kJ of heat?

    asked by Anonymous
  53. physics

    A particle with a charge of -4.0x10^-5 C, a mass of 2.0x10^-7 kg and a velocity of 6.0x10^4 m/s [W] is travelling perpendicularly through an external magnetic field such that the force of gravity is balanced by the magnetic force. Determine the direction

    asked by Liz
  54. physics

    A string with linear mass density μ = 0.0279 kg/m under a tension of T = 183 N is oriented in the x-direction. Two transverse waves of equal amplitude and with a phase angle of zero (at t = 0) but with different frequencies (ω = 3420 rad/s and ω/3 =

    asked by linda
  55. Grammar

    What kind of paragraph is this? Descriptive, Narrative, or Expository? The place I would like to visit most is heaven. Having the opportunity to be in a place with no sickness, suffering, or misery would be paradise. To eat dinner with Jesus Christ would

    asked by N
  56. history

    ways non-Muslims were treated in the Islamic world?

    asked by noel
  57. maths

    A chord is 2cm from the centre of a circle. if the ratius of the circle is 5cm, find the length of the chord

    asked by obaji
  58. algebra expressions

    Laurie Ann works 8 hours a day . So far today she has worked x hours . How many hours are left in her workday?

    asked by S. Fuentes
  59. Math

    In a survey of a TriDelt chapter with 50 members, 23 were taking mathematics, 32 were taking English, and 9 were taking both. How many were not taking either of these subjects?

    asked by Sheena
  60. math

    (4x-3y)2 Simplify the expression above. Which of the following is correct? A. 16x2 + 9y2 B. 16x2-9y2 C. 16x2 -24xy -9y2 D. 16x2 -24xy+9y2

    asked by Roberta
  61. math

    An employee at a marketing firm A student uses approximately 40 to 45 gallons of gasoline per month. The cost of gasoline varies between $2.96 and $3.61 per gallon. Which of the following is a reasonable estimate of the student's weekly gasoline expense?

    asked by dulce
  62. Biology

    . Which of the following is an appropriate description of the arrangement of the cell membrane? A. Fluid phospholipid bilayer containing embedded proteins B. Rigid carbohydrate bilayer containing embedded phospholipids C. Rigid layer of phospholipids with

    asked by dulce
  63. Chemistry

    NaOH + HS0-+ Hp + NaS0 24 24 Which of the following is the number of moles of NaOH required to neutralize 1 mole of H2S04 in the equation above? (Note: The reaction is not balanced.) A. 0.5 moles B. 1 mole C. 1.5 moles D. 2 moles 1

    asked by Dulce
  64. Chemistry

    Three liquids of differing densities are studied. Samples of liquid 1 and liquid 2 are placed in a container together. Liquid 1 rises to the top. Another sample of liquid 1 is placed in a different container together with liquid 3. This time, liquid 3

    asked by Dulce
  65. Healthcare Finance

    Could someone help me find a listing of expenses by diagnosis or by procedure for a healthcare organization? I have tried to google but could not find anything. Thanks!

    asked by Thuy
  66. Physics

    Two blocks of masses m1 = 4.4 kg and m2 = 4.8 kg are connected by a string as shown in the figure above. Block 1 moves at a constant velocity down the incline 30 degrees) block two is not at incline it is straight. they are attached with a string. a) Find

    asked by Micheal
  67. math

    . A rectangle has a perimeter of 24 units. If the width is 4 units, which of the following is the length? A. 6 units B. 8 units C. 10 units D. 16 units

    asked by Roberta
  68. Math 221

    Math 221 - Ms. Sue, Sunday, July 13, 2014 at 2:24pm I've done several problems for you. Now it's your turn. How do you think this problem should be solved? Answer this Question I was thinking that I should multiply the numerators and denominators

    asked by Erica
  69. Physics

    Two blocks of masses m1 = 4.4 kg and m2 = 4.8 kg are connected by a string as shown in the figure above. Block 1 moves at a constant velocity down the incline 30 degrees) block two is not at incline it is straight. they are attached with a string. a) Find

    asked by Micheal
  70. physics

    A sinusoidal wave on a string is described by the equation y = (0.191 m) sin (0.745 x - 42.9 t), where x and y are in meters and t is in seconds. If the linear mass density of the string is 11.7 g/m ... a) ... determine the phase constant. b) ... the phase

    asked by SUZAN
  71. Algebra

    What number is 2% percent of 840? Type an integer or decimal answer

    asked by sharon
  72. Grammar

    I have this question: Either one of them HAS? or Either one of them HAVE?

    asked by Dulce
  73. Math

    Make a vertical line of any measurement on the horizontal line. Write down its length in cm and mm

    asked by Hoor
  74. English

    1. He was born in 63 BC. 2. He was born in the 63 BC. (Which one is grammatical?) 3. He had lived by 63 BC. 4. He has gone to Brazil in 2000 AD. 5. He died in the 21st century. (Are they all grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  75. Math

    Absolute value equation |1-X| = 2X-5

    asked by Syam
  76. math

    If half of the undecided voters vote for Candidate 1 and the other half vote for Candidate 2, which of the following is the number of votes Candidate 2 will receive? A. 45 B. 63 C. 69 D.0.87

    asked by Roberta
  77. mat/117

    Select the x-coordinate of the vertex of the parabola defined by the function f(x)=-5x^2+3x+1

    asked by hope
  78. Math 221

    What is 78 over 25 as a decimal?

    asked by Erica
  79. math

    A building is 17 ft high, what is the lenght the ladder must be to extend 3 ft higher than wall

    asked by courtney
  80. physics

    A 1000 kg rocket without an internal propulsion system is launched with an initial speed of 7.00 x 10^2 m/s. Determine the maximum height attained by the rocket

    asked by Liz

    A case-control study of the relationship between liver cirrhosis and alcohol use. In this study, smoking is associated with drinking alcohol and is a risk factor for liver cirrhosis among both non-alcoholics and alcoholics. Explain whether smoking is a

    asked by JANE
  82. sports

    Is the Chicago Bulls a football team, basketball team or a baseball team?

    asked by rfvv
  83. math

    A section of the highway rises 15 feet in a mile, calculate the grade.

    asked by Diane
  84. Biology

    . Which of the following is the term given to the sequence of nucleotides that contains the information to make a specific protein molecule? A. Promoter B. Gene C. Operator D. Locus I thinh it is B.

    asked by Dulce
  85. Chemistry

    The concentration of glucose in blood is 5.67%m/v. How many grams of glucose would be found in an adult male with a blood volume of 5.2L?

    asked by Diana
  86. Chemistry

    In the titration of an acid, how do you know when to stop adding the standardized base?

    asked by Diana
  87. algebraic expression

    Whitney is speaking to four different classes at the local grade school . She will spend m minutes with each class, and she will have to wait 30 minutes before seeing the last group. How many minutes will Whitney spend at the school? Thank you.

    asked by S. Fuentes
  88. Physics

    if the mass of two balls is 0.300 kg each then what is the gravitational force between them if the distance is 0.3000 m

    asked by Dulce
  89. Spanish help

    The instructions are to choose the best answer for the statements. I'd like to know if I answered correctly or if I should change my answer. 1. ¿A qué se dedica tu padre? Es ______ de computadoras. A. mecánico B. obrero C. escritor D. técnico I said D

    asked by Eri
  90. mat/117

    F(x)=-6x-1 and g(x)=4x^2. Select the solution for (f+g)(x)

    asked by hope
  91. Math 221

    What is 9/10+3/8=

    asked by Jenni
  92. Math 221

    Math 221 - Ms. Sue, Sunday, July 13, 2014 at 1:22pm (13/15) / (7/10) (13/15) * (10/7) = Multiply the numerators together. Multiply the denominators together. What do you get? Math 221 - Erica, Sunday, July 13, 2014 at 1:26pm The answer that I got was

    asked by Erica
  93. Physics

    1 g/cm^3 = _________ kg/m^3 I tried converting g to kg and then cm to m, and then dividing. I get the answer 1x10^(-1). When I type in this problem on the internet, many sources say it is 1000. I am very confused as to how this answer was reached.

    asked by Anya
  94. Algebra II

    When asked to solve the rational equation 11/2x^2+x-15=5/2x-5-x/x+3 a student multiplied both sides of the equation by the expression (2x2+x−15)(2x−5)(x+3). Was this the best thing for the student to do? If not, what should the student have done?

    asked by Monique
  95. Math 221

    What is 5/12+7/9 in simplest form

    asked by Erica
  96. Math

    How do I simplify -4(-5x-u)-2(3u-2x)

    asked by Betty
  97. Grammar

    which is the correct word order? She only said.. or She said only Any rules for word order?

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Math

    How do you subtract time? 5:44am-14hrs=? Are there multiples way of figuring this out?

    asked by Anonymous
  99. mqr/117

    Select the x-coordinate of the vertex of the parabola defined by the function f(x)=5x^2+3x+1

    asked by nick
  100. physics

    an object is 25 cm from a concave mirror whose focal length is 50 cm where will the image be located how wil lthe solution be ?

    asked by Joy
  101. mat/117

    F(g)=-6x-1 and g(x)=4x^2. Select the solution for (fg)(x)

    asked by hope
  102. mat/117

    Determine the equation of g(x) that results from translating the function f(x)=x^2+9 upward 11 units.

    asked by hope
  103. Math 221

    what is the perimeter of a square using 13ft.

    asked by Erica
  104. Math 221

    what is the perimeter of a square using 13ft. Math 221 - Ms. Sue, Sunday, July 13, 2014 at 1:56pm Is 13 ft the length of a side of the square? yes

    asked by Erica
  105. Business

    Why might a business invest in another company's stock? Explain.

    asked by Anne
  106. Algebra

    Given the point-slope form of a line find the point and slope we could use to graph y-=3/2(x+5)

    asked by sharon
  107. history

    _______, or laying high taxes on imported goods, was one way the European government supported and aided its own economy during industrialization

    asked by andy
  108. Algebra

    Will be the graphs of each of these equations be perpendicular. 1.y=7x-9 slope=-7 y-intercept=-9 2.-3y=21x+7 y=-7x(7/3) slope=-7 y-intercept=-(7/3)

    asked by sharon
  109. phi 208

    help with week 5 reading quiz

    asked by deann
  110. Math 221

    6.25,16.1, and 9 is what length in meters

    asked by Jenni
  111. Algebra


    asked by sharon
  112. physic

    the speed boat has a acceleration of 2.0 m/s2 if the initial velocity of the boat is 6.0 m/s2. find the boat displacement after 8.0 seconds?

    asked by junrex
  113. Math

    |X+4| = |3X+10|

    asked by Syam
  114. algebra

    n/8 + 6= 58, then what is n equal?

    asked by sweetcakes
  115. malayalam needed urgently

    indiayude mun presidentmarude chitrakal shekariche venda adikuripukalode oru album thayarakkukaa

    asked by cbse 8th
  116. Math

    what is 5 - / 8 6

    asked by Betty
  117. Math

    what is -4 (-w+4x-2)?

    asked by Betty