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July 10, 2014

  1. area

    Alice’s backyard is a rectangular piece of property that is twice as long as it is wide. The total area of her yard is 1,000 m2. What is the approximate width of her backyard?

    asked by Anonymous
  2. chemistry

    a block of metal has a volume of 13.4in^3 and a weight of 5.14 lb. what is its density in grams per cm^3? Show operation

    asked by michael
  3. math

    the length of a car park is 120 m. longer than its width the area of the car park is 6400 m(2) how would you represents its width

    asked by meldrick
  4. math

    A woman buys a $ 78 necklace at a jewelry store. She gives the jeweler a check for $ 100. Because he does not have the $ 22 change, he goes to another merchant next door. There he exchanges the woman's check for $ 100 in cash. He returns and Gives the

    asked by abby
  5. Chemistry

    You are a work study student in our chemistry department. Amy, your supervisor has just asked you to prepare 250ml of 2.00M H2SO4 solution for tomorrow's undergraduate experiment. The Stock Solutions cabinet is under the Stockroom Explorer. You will find

    asked by Melissa
  6. environmental engineering

    A power plant emits 120 lb of flyash per hour up the stack. The flow rate of the hot gases in the stack is 25 ft3/sec. What is the concentration of the flyash in micrograms per cubic meter?

    asked by =)
  7. Science

    Make a flowchart to show how the event m might affect a forest ecosystem. A logging company clear-cuts the trees in the forest. My question is; What are the events that might affect a forest ecosystem when clear-cutting the trees in the forest?

    asked by Sara
  8. Physics

    A proton with mass 1.67×10−27 kg and charge 1.60×10−19 C accelerates from rest in a uniform electric field of strength 500 N/C. (a) What is the magnitude of the acceleration of the proton? (b) How long does it take the proton to reach a speed of

    asked by Jane
  9. Statistics/Probability

    The life span of a calculator has a normal distribution with a mean of 60 months and a standard deviation of 5 months. If a calculator is randomly selected, find the probability that the calculator has a life span of. (1) more than 50 months (2) between 4

    asked by Heidi
  10. Math

    A factory produces fuses, which are packaged in boxes of 16. Three fuses are selected at random from each box for inspection. The box is rejected if at least one of the three fuses is defective. What is the probability that a box containing six defective

    asked by Miranda
  11. environmental engineering

    Coal has about 2% sulfur. How many kilograms of sulfur would be emitted from coalfired power plants in the United States in 1 yr? (U.S. electricity production is about 0.28 × 1012 watts, and coal has an energy content of about 30 × 106 J/kg. Note that 1

    asked by =)
  12. math

    If the equation of a circle is (x + 5)2 + (y - 7)2 = 36, its center point is

    asked by kyle
  13. environmental engineering

    A water treatment plant produces water that has an arsenic concentration of 0.05 mg/L. a) if the average consumption of water is 8L of water each day,how much arsenic is each person drinking? b)If you are the water treatment plant operator and the chairman

    asked by =)
  14. US Government

    Name 3 states that have MORE representatives in Congress than Indiana does.

    asked by Casey
  15. Philosophy

    True/False 1. Rosenstand argues that moral subjectivism is an intuitively sound, "live and let live" kind of moral position that is both appealing and socially cohesive. 2. For the members of the Flat Earth Society, who believe that all physical evidence

    asked by ivy
  16. math

    If the point (a,3) lies on the graph of the equation 5x + y = 8, then a=

    asked by kyle

    Why can't we use water in electrolytic cell during producing aluminium ?

    asked by MAD
  18. Math

    If a hallway is 90 feet long & 7 feet wide and it takes 1/2 ounce of cleaning solution to clean 1 square foot, how much cleaning solution is needed to clean the hallway?

    asked by Jean
  19. environmental engineering

    A water treatment plant has 6 settling tanks that operate in parallel (the flow gets split into six equal flow streams), and each tank has a volume of 600m3. If the flow to the plant is 10 mgd, what is the retention time in each of the settling tanks? If,

    asked by =)
  20. maths

    find the height of a pole which casts a shadow 22 cm long at a time and place where the shadow of a stick one meter long ig is 55cm

    asked by raju
  21. math

    Indicate the equation of the line that is the perpendicular bisector of the segment with endpoints (4, 1) and (2, -5).

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Physics

    Actually, I have 3 questions to solve. I know the 1st one requires Coulomb's constant, but I just can't get the formula to work. Ditto for the formulas for the other 2 questions. 1) A 6.3 μC point charge and a −1.7 μC point charge are separated by a

    asked by Jane
  23. Statistics/probability

    The random variable X has a binomial distribution with the probability of a success being 0.2 and the number of independent trials is 15. The random variable xbar is the mean of a random sample of 100 values of X. Find P(xbar

    asked by Heidi Joy
  24. Geometry

    A 20 foot extension ladder leans against Paul’s barn wall creating a 65° angle with the ground. How many feet (to the nearest tenth) above the ground is the point where the ladder touches the wall?

    asked by Jennfer
  25. math

    George has been hired to paint the smith's house. He needs to be sure his ladder will reach the highest part of the house, so he decides to use the shadow method. The measuring stick is 3 ft., and !@#$%^& shadow is 5 feet. The shadow of the house is 45

    asked by kat
  26. Law

    1. These are programs found NOT to be effective in reducing delinquent behavior. A. Behavioral interventions B. Education programs C. Well-designed treatment programs D. Drug education programs im confused between A and C

    asked by Amy
  27. Physics- help please

    A beta particle (fast moving electron) is released by a nuclear decay and starts travelling at 1.5x10^6 m/s [NΘE] in the Earth's magnetic field which has a value of 3.0x10^-5 T. If the force experienced by the beta particle is 4.34x10^-18 N, determine the

    asked by Liz
  28. geometry

    Construction: The midpoint of a line segment can be constructed. Theorem: If the consecutive midpoints of the sides of a parallelogram are joined in order, then the quadrilateral formed from the midpoints is a parallelogram. Write an essay (suggested

    asked by carolyn
  29. math

    Using the shadow method, Norman finds the height of a tree as follows: He measures the shadow of the measuring stick (4ft) and the tree (20ft). He then uses similar triangles to find the tree's height. If the measuring stick is 3 feet long, how tall is the

    asked by kat
  30. statistics

    30 new babies were born yesterday in the hospital. If the average weight of a new born is 7.5 pounds with a standard deviation of 2.1 pounds, what is the probability of the average weight for these 30 newborns is between 7.2 and 7.6 pounds. Remember, all

    asked by chandler
  31. physics

    if the component of A along B is same as that of component of B along A then angle between A and B is

    asked by please answer this question please................
  32. chemistry

    how to find which is quantum number and magnetic quantum number

    asked by steve please solve this question
  33. english 10

    Scuba was coined as an acronym. That stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.

    asked by isiah
  34. math

    Given that 2 log base2 (x+15) - log base2 x = 6 1.Show that x^2 -34x +225 = 0 2. Hence or otherwise solve the equation 2 log base 2 (x+15) - log base 2 x =6

    asked by lindsay
  35. statistics

    You have a box of 15 widgets whose average weight for each individual widget is 10 pounds with a standard deviation of 4.0 pounds. Based on this information, what is the standard deviation, taken to 4 decimal places, for the sample average of the weight of

    asked by chandler
  36. Physics

    A boat is moving 24.4m/s, 35 degrees North of East against the 10m/s water current that flows towards south. What would be the speed of the boat as it crosses the river

    asked by ana
  37. Physics

    An automobile moving at a constant velocity of 25m/s passes a gasoline station. Two seconds later, another automobile leaves the gasoline station and accelerates at a constant rate of 4.0m/s^2. how soon will the second automobile overtake the first?

    asked by John
  38. Geometry

    Michael is standing in the middle of a playground at night looking at the American flag at the top of the flag pole. If he knows he is 50 feet away from the base of the flag pole and his father told him the pole is 100 feet tall, what is the angle that

    asked by Jennfer
  39. physics

    What is a charge dipole a basic model of? would it be a magnet?

    asked by Liz
  40. Law

    1. This person, sentenced to life with little hope of parole, could live many years in the prisons of America and whose physical or mental disabilities require more extensive medical and treatment care. A. Infectious offender B. Developmentally challenged

    asked by Amy
  41. statistics

    you have a box of 12 widgets whose average weight for each individual widget is 2.6 pounds with a standard deviation of 3.3 pounds. Based on this information, what is the mean, taken to 1 decimal place, for the sample average of the weight of the widgets

    asked by chandler
  42. statistics

    In the old days, we could buy 8 inch floppies for our computers on which to store our favorite programs and data. But, the manufacturing ability was not that good back then and 1% of these 8 inch floppies sold had a bad sector or two on them which made

    asked by chandler
  43. Math (Trying to understand) 4th

    Hi I need help with something. I need to understand what it is trying to ask me. Thanks. (This is online homework) Question: Omit % sign in all of the answers! Change the numbers to percent (don't round) Express your answer as a common fraction, not mixed

    asked by Help me!
  44. Physics

    all electric field lines start on positive charges. explain why this makes sense.

    asked by Liz
  45. physics

    Burhan arranged eight wooden sticks in the shape of a fish as shown in the image. What is the minimum number of sticks that must be moved to make the fish face the opposite direction? 2 moves 3 moves 5 moves 4 moves

    asked by zain
  46. statistics

    When using the normal approximation to the binomial, what is the standard deviation used in the standardization formula when approximating a binomial distribution with 226 trials and p=0.25? Please submit your answer with 4 decimal places

    asked by chandler

    If a nickel rod embedded in a silver nitrate solution , what do we predict ? explain

    asked by MAD
  48. Astronomy

    You must show your work for full credit.) Calculate the circular speed of an object that orbits the Sun at a distance of 0.2 AU (1 AU = 1.5e+11 meters, the distance between the Earth and the Sun): (Points : 10)

    asked by April
  49. 5-90 LOTTO GAME


    asked by SARTY
  50. physics

    Mufaddal wants to travel from point H to point F as shown in image. How many ways can he travel from point H to point F if moving north and west directions are not permitted? 12 10 4 7

    asked by zain
  51. College Algebra

    15x^2-23x-21 /3x-7

    asked by Valeri
  52. statistics

    When using the normal approximation to the binomial, what is the mean used in the standardization formula when approximating a binomial distribution with 123 trials and p=0.35? Please submit your answer with 2 decimal places

    asked by chandler

    Why does hydrogen electrode have 0.00 V ? or assumed that has 0.00 V ?

    asked by MAD
  54. programming

    create a program that will do the following: 1. ask the user to enter the names of 5 products 2. the buying and selling price of the 5 products 3. the expense of each type of product(percentage of buying price) task- calculate the gross profit and net

    asked by njeru
  55. anatomy

    What body system does coronary heart disease affect?

    asked by Gabby
  56. algebra2

    Solve the equation of log (2x + 4) = log (3x -12).

    asked by joshie
  57. stats

    Commuters were asked how many times a week they stop for coffee on their way to work. A survey found a mean of 3 times a week with a standard deviation of 0.55. Find the probability that the sum of 100 values is more than 290.

    asked by brewster
  58. physics

    3moves i think so ?

    asked by zain
  59. math

    If the equation of a circle is (x + 5)2 + (y - 7)2 = 36, its radius is

    asked by kyle
  60. math

    Indicate the equation of the line through (2, -4) and having slope of 3/5

    asked by Anonymous
  61. physics

    d. You’ve designed one of the ranks of pipes within the organ using a metal alloy consisting of a mixture of tin and copper. The customer decides (at the last minute) that they like the sound of stainless steel pipes for these ranks better. How do you

    asked by Cleopatra

    The standard potential of this cell Sn|Sn^+2 || Cr^+3|Cr is -0.60 V , what is the reductional standard potential of Cr^+3|Cr ? if we know that reduction potential of Sn is Sn^+2 + 2e- Sn : -0.14 V

    asked by MAD

    why dry cells are called dry while they contain water ? in electrochemistry

    asked by MAD

    In electrolysis , which reaction does occur on the cathode , half oxidation reaction or reduction ?

    asked by MAD

    Can a substance made of zinc be coated by nickel , using nickel nitrate solution ? How ?

    asked by MAD
  66. physics

    what would tension 1 be if W1=15N ,W2=20N and W3=150N, and Muse of k = 0.65?

    asked by EMMA

    Assuming that this half cell I2 + 2e- + =>2I- as standard electrode and assumed its potential that is 0.00 V : a) what is standard potential of this half cell : Br2 + 2e- + => 2Br- b) what is standard potential of this half cell : Al^+3 + 3e- => Al

    asked by MAD
  68. math

    Given that x = 2log t is a solution of the equation10^(2x+1) -7(10^x) -26 =0. Find t

    asked by lindsay
  69. math

    Solve 4^y -7(2^y) = 8

    asked by lindsay
  70. phi

    Midgley analyzes the position that each society is a separate culture with its own values. This position is known as

    asked by Ricky

    Is these two electrodes appropriate to create a good battery ? : Cd => Cd^+2 + 2e- and Fe => Fe^+2 + 2e- Explain

    asked by MAD
  72. math

    Solve 3 log x = 1 + log (4x+5)/ log 2

    asked by lindsay
  73. Science

    What body system does coronary heart disease affect? Also How does this disease affect normal homeostasis of the body system

    asked by Gabby
  74. math

    The expression y=ax²+bx+c has always the same sign as of 'a' if:

    asked by karan
  75. business

    one way for a country to obtain an absolute advantage in marketing a product outside it's boarders is to

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Trigonometry

    The area of a rectangle is a function of the length when the width is unity. Please answer.. My mind is going crazy ):

    asked by Glenn
  77. math

    my height is 5'7" inches tall and 170 in cm, if i make it into an integer, what would it be in integer?

    asked by regz bal on a
  78. English

    1. Emma has waited for him for an hour. 2. Emma has been waiting for him for an hour. --------------------- Are both grammatical? What is the difference between them in meaning?

    asked by rfvv
  79. Commerce

    Would it be called statistic, if it is said that there are 2000 students in the school

    asked by John
  80. math

    If [(x-5)(x.x-2x+1)/(x-7)(x.x+2x+3)]is positive for real value of x, then prove that there is no value of x between 5 & 7.

    asked by soumitra
  81. US Government

    PACs are regulated by A) the Supreme Court B) the President C) the Congress D) the Federal Election Campaign Act

    asked by Bayleigh Filbrun
  82. PHI 208 Week 4 Reading Quiz

    Hill would agree most with which of the following statements?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Law

    1. Which of the following is NOT a typical placement option for the minor children of female inmates? A. Continued placement with mother B. Placed with relatives C. Placed in foster parents D. Placed in juvenile institutions is it A

    asked by Amy
  84. math

    what is the derivatice of 3x-4/4x+2

    asked by carrie
  85. Another question (math)

    What percent less than 3 is 2? Can you explain too?

    asked by Help me!
  86. US Government

    Republicans have the most in common with which minor party?

    asked by Casey