Questions Asked on
July 9, 2014

  1. business

    By the conditions of a will, the sum of P25,000 is left to a girl to be held in trust by her guardian until it amounts to 45,000. when will the girl receive the money if the fund is invested at 8% compounded quarterly?? please show the solution.. thank

    asked by Alyanna
  2. precalculus

    A Ferris wheel is 10 meters in diameter and boarded from a platform that is 3 meters above the ground. The six o'clock position on the Ferris wheel is level with the loading platform. The wheel completes 1 full revolution in 4 minutes. How many minutes of

    asked by Anonymous
  3. trig

    evaluate the expression under the given conditions tan 2 theta; cos theta=7/25, theta in quadrant I

    asked by Anonymous
  4. PSY/410

    Will someone please check my answer please. Thanks in advance. Match the definitions to the correct theoretical model. 1. ___J__ Experiences as a child affect life. Child is influenced by caretaker but also has a part in development. 2. __F___ 2–3 years

    asked by Paul


  6. Algebra

    Which special case is represented by x^2-121? A. the difference of two squares B. the difference of cubes C. the square of a binomial D. the sum of cubes

    asked by Emma
  7. Statistics/Probability

    The probability the New Year's day is on Saturday is a randomly chosen year is 1/7. 15 years was chosen randomly. Find the probability that, (1) Exactly four of these years have a New Year's day on a Saturday. (2) At least two of these years have New

    asked by Heidi
  8. physics

    A certain transverse wave is described by the equation y(x,t) = (6.50 mm)sin2pi((t/0.0360 s)-(x/0.280m)) Determine the wave's (a) amplitude (b) wavelength (c) frequency (d) speed of propagation and (e) direction of propagation

    asked by eliza
  9. US Government

    True or False. Public opinion polls are consistent & reliable, and allow one to measure the intensity, stability, and/or relevance of all opinions studied.

    asked by Casey
  10. Physics

    For a 0.1-kg frog to jump to a height of 80cm requires how much energy in joules? A) 0.566 Joule. B) 0.784 Joule. C) 0.584 Joule. D) 0.287 Joule. Not sure what I am missing... PE=mgh (0.1)(9.8)(80)= 78.4

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Chemistry

    How much ethylene glycol (C2H6O2, the major component of antifreeze) must be added to 1 L of water to keep from it freezing at -15 °F?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. US Government

    The major television networks' share of viewers was greatly reduced by the growth of A) newspapers B) PBS C) cable television D) political parties

    asked by Casey

    I have these equations in our book , but I've tried a few times to solve it in half reaction method , but I couldn't yet : 1) KMnO4 + KIO3 => MnO2 + KIO4 ( in a basic solution ) 2) MnO4- + Cl- => Mn^+2 + HClO ( in a acidic solution ) I think these are

    asked by MAD

    I have trouble finding out the oxidation number of each element in the : [Cr(N2h4CO)6]4[Cr(CN)6]3

    asked by MAD
  15. physics

    A person whose mass is m = 100.0 kg steps on a mechanical bathroom scale placed on an inclined plane that makes the angle α = 32.7° with the horizontal. What is the reading on the scale?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Physics

    A baseball is thrown with a speed of 40m/s at an angle of 30 degrees. Neglecting friction what is the speed of the ball in m/s when it reaches a height of 10 meters?

    asked by Anonymous
  17. math

    The product of two numbers is 35. one of the numbers is n, what expression represents the other number?

    asked by A
  18. English

    1. I have had many different jobs. 2. I have had two jobs. --------------------- Does #2 mean that he has two jobs now? Does #1 mean that he has many different jobs now? Or does #1 mean that he has ever experienced having many different jobs? English -

    asked by rfvv
  19. Philosophy

    True/False 1. Rosenstand argues that moral subjectivism is an intuitively sound, "live and let live" kind of moral position that is both appealing and socially cohesive. 2. For the members of the Flat Earth Society, who believe that all physical evidence

    asked by ivy
  20. Math

    How do I work this problem? A license plate is to consist of 2 letters followed by 5 digits. Determine the number of different license plates possible if repetition of letters and numbers is not permitted. is this correct 26*26*10*10*10*10*10= 67,600,000

    asked by Sabrina
  21. Math

    Shantle and Kwamie are planning to buy their first home. Although they are excited about the prospect of being homeowners, they are also a little frightened. A mortgage payment for the next 30 years sounds like a huge commitment. They visited a few

    asked by Chol
  22. Physics

    Two parallel wires are carrying current. If the currents are in the same direction, what is the interaction between the two wires and why? How would this be different in the currents were in opposite directions?

    asked by Liz
  23. Chemistry

    Methane is formed in landfills by the action of certain bacteria on buried organic matter. If a sample of methane collected from a landfill has a volume of 200. mL at 741 torr and 27.2 °C, how many grams of methane are in the sample? I get the PV=nRT p is

    asked by Luke
  24. mathematics

    Discuss the equation 2x^2-y^2+4x+4y-4=0 centrr, transverse axis, vertices foci TWo point s equation of asymptope x=2cost y=3cost 0 is less than or equal to t and t is less than or equal to pi. Find rectangular equation

    asked by matt
  25. US Government

    True or False.If candidates receive federal aid for campaigning, then there is a limit placed on how much of their own money they may spend.

    asked by Casey
  26. math

    The radius of one sphere is twice as great as the radius of a second sphere. Find the ratio of their surface areas.

    asked by kyle
  27. statistics

    Suppose that the ages of students at a particular university average 26 years with a standard deviation of 2.8 years. Consider the sampling distribution of the sample mean age of students in a sample of n = 49. The mean of the sampling distribution is

    asked by Taylor
  28. English Essay REDONE

    You’ve applied for a specific job in your field of study. The Human Resources Department arranges an interview and tells you to bring with you a polished piece of writing for them to evaluate your writing skills. The paragraph must describe one

    asked by Camilla
  29. Math

    I am a number between 20 and 30. When you divide me into 6 equal groups,there is an even number in each group and 2 are left over.what number am I?

    asked by Logan
  30. Part of Speech

    He ran up the stairs quickly.

    asked by Gervais
  31. Physics

    A motor outputs power of 500 watts and is used to raise a 5kg mass vertically at constant speed. How long in seconds does it take to raise the mass 15 meters?

    asked by Anonymous
  32. English

    1. He has lived in the city since 2007. 2. He has lived in the city since he was 2 years old. 3. He has lived in the city since two years ago. 4. He has lived in the city for two years. 5. He has lived in the city since he moved to the city. 6. He has

    asked by rfvv
  33. algebra

    find two numbers such that if 7 is added to the greater the answer is four times the smaller number, while 28 added to the smaller number is equal to twice the greater number.

    asked by fatimah
  34. PSY/410

    I need help finding information to this question please. I found some information on Modern Psychology but not Abnormal Psychology. Thanks in advance. Create a timeline that displays the development of abnormal psychology. Include at least five to seven

    asked by Paul
  35. Physics help

    1. if the magnetic field is 2.1 m from a current carrying wire is 7.1x10^-5 T, what is the current flowing through the wire? 2. The electromagnet in an MRI has a magnetic field of 2.5 T. If there are 100 A of current running through the magnet, how many

    asked by Liz
  36. physics

    a man of 80kg is supported by a two cables then t1 and t2 is

    asked by raghavendra
  37. physics

    if theta is the angle between unit vectors A bar and B bar, then (1-A bar.B bar)/(1 plus A bar.B bar) is equal to

    asked by raghavendra
  38. Algebra II

    Explain, without doing any calculations, why there cannot be a Real solution to the equation p5 + 2x2 + 3px + 7 + 8 = -2:

    asked by Kiara
  39. math

    Find the slant height for a right circular cone with a radius of 3 and a height of 5.

    asked by kyle
  40. math

    what is procentage strength of a mixture made from 250 ml of witch hazel containing 16% alcohol, 150 ml of 90% alcohol and 450 ml of distilled water?

    asked by kate
  41. English

    An extensive list that identifies sources in cited in your research report is called a (n). I put B but I am not sure

    asked by brenda
  42. algebra

    solve the following systwm graphically. Be sure to check your solution. if the system has an infinite number of solutions, use set-builder notation to write no solution, state this. 4y=x+8, x=2/3y+2

    asked by jessica
  43. Physics

    In regards to Period of a Mass on a Spring, If the amplitude of the oscillation is increased, would the oscillation period be unchanged? Is so, is it because the oscillator's period is determined only by the stiffness of the spring and the mass of the

    asked by Cleopatra
  44. Basic Physics

    I don't understand how to work this problem out: Find x-component of vector a ⃗ = (7.0m/s 2 , - y-direction) Please help

    asked by Katy
  45. English

    1. He has lived in the city for 10 years. 2. He lived in the city for 10 years. 3. He has gone to LA. 3-1. He went to LA and he lives there now. (Are they all grammatical? Does #3 mean 3-1?) 4. He went to LA, but soon came back. 5. He went to LA, but soon

    asked by rfvv
  46. Chemistry

    A mixture of ammonia and oxygen is prepared by combining 0.250 L of NH3 (measured at 0.700 atm and 20°C) with 0.160 L of O2 (measured at 0.720 atm and 49°C). How many milliliters of N2 (measured at 0.740 atm and 100. °C) could be formed if the following

    asked by Luke
  47. statistics, probability

    It has been found out that the probability that a child is a male in family is 0.4. In a family of 6 children, what is the probability that; i. exactly 5 are boys ? ii. at least 4 are boys ? iii. all boys

    asked by pauline

    How many oxidation states Should a substance have at least to undergo Disproportionation reaction ? thanks

    asked by MAD
  49. Maths

    At a school swimming meet, 1/3 of the pupils were boys. Given that 2/5 of the boys and 3/5 of the girls did not know how to swim, how many pupils were there altogether if there were 490 swimmers at the swimming meet? I hope you can answer this question -

    asked by Anon.
  50. math

    Suppose that the height (in centimeters) of a candle is a linear function of the amount of time (in hours) it has been burning. After hours of burning, a candle has a height of centimeters. After hours of burning, its height is centimeters. What is the

    asked by shannon
  51. Maths- calculus

    Two ships leave different ports A and B 100 miles apart at 0800 hours, each heading for the opposite port on reciprocal courses. Ship A steams at 20 knots and ship B at 15 knots. calculate: (a) What time are they first 45 miles apart? (b) What time they

    asked by sam
  52. physics

    A ball of mass m is projected with a speed u at an angle theta with horizontol. Find the change in momentum after time t and when it reaches the ground

    asked by akshita
  53. finance

    10 year bond of par value Rs.8,000 was issued, with annual coupon rate of 11.5% and required rate of return is 9% per annum. what is the value of bond?

    asked by liaqat

    What is the function ( or role ) of platinum in electrochemistry in general ? I read a question about platinum in electric potential , and in standard electrode potential ?! thank you a lot

    asked by MAD
  55. English

    It has taken many centuries of wars and fightings for mankind to learn this. --------------- What does the first word 'It' refer to in this sentence?

    asked by rfvv
  56. English

    1. It has taken many centuries of wars and fightings for mankind to learn this. 2. It took many centuries of wars and fightings for mankind to learn this. ----------------------------- Why do we have to use 'has taken' as in Sentence 1? What about Sentence

    asked by rfvv
  57. US Government

    True or False. Two interest groups, the League of Women Voters and Common Cause, fight to promote the public interest; in other words, they fight to promote people voting and ethical government.

    asked by Casey
  58. Urgent Calculus Help 2

    Find the equation of the tangent line to the graph of f(x) = 6x ln(x + 4) at x = 2.

    asked by Anonymous
  59. chemistry


    asked by Please Answer NOW !
  60. math

    It has been found out that the probability that a child is a male in family is 0.4. In a family of 6 children, what is the probability that; i. exactly 5 are boys ? ii. at least 4 are boys ? iii. all boys

    asked by pauline

    A substance contains an element at its probable maximum oxidation number , does this substance have a maximum chance to be an oxidizing agent or have a minimum chance to be a reducing agent ? thank you

    asked by MAD
  62. English

    When there are thousands of written materials floating in cyberspace' what is the most important criterion to consider when choosing sources of information for your research paper? A. Relevant B. Current C. Famous author D. Impressive web site

    asked by brenda
  63. Urgent Calculus Help

    Let H(x)=F(G(x)) and J(x)=F(x)/G(x). Suppose F(7)=4, F′(7)=−8 G(7)=3, G′(7)=−5 G(2)=7, G′(2)=−2 then H′(2)= J′(7)=

    asked by Anonymous
  64. health

    Researchers found that a ________ is more important and is the key to losing weight rather than a popular one.

    asked by anthony
  65. math

    a drug is supplied as a 20 mg/ml solution in a 50 ml vial. you need to make 15 ml of a 10 mg/ml solution. how much concentrate and how much diluent are needed to obtain the desired final volume?

    asked by kate
  66. chemistry

    if you need 50.0 grams of lead2 chloride how much magnesium chloride would you need?

    asked by brooke
  67. physics

    The net external force on a cart is N north. If the cart has a total mass of 220 kg, What are the magnitude and direction of its acceleration?

    asked by Dulce
  68. math

    student is taking up midterm exam for 3 minutes left to answer 10 remaining question of which there are 4 choices of answers for each question with only one choice correct. what is the probability of getting more than 5 of his answer is correct

    asked by bern
  69. Combinationa and permutation

    there are 5 red marbles, 3 blue and 4 black of different sizes. In how many ways they can be put in a row so that the marbles of same color are always together?

    asked by maharjan
  70. physics

    a car travel 100 km at speed of 60 km /h. Calculate the average speed of the journey.

    asked by manpreet sharma langiania
  71. math

    A random sample was taken from the normal IQ population, which has μ = 100 and σ = 15. ALL INFORMATION IS GIVEN: We gave a random sample of 25 undergrad students (n = 25) a new study pattern to see if it increases their IQ score. The samples mean IQ

    asked by joseph

    what would tension 1 be if W1=15N ,W2=20N and W3=150N, and Muse of k = 0.65?

    asked by EMMA
  73. English

    They realize that a different religion is something to talk about, not to fight about. ---------------------- In this sentence what does 'something' mean? #1 or #2? 1. a thing that is not known or mentioned by name 2. a thing that is thought to be

    asked by rfvv
  74. Math pre-calculus

    Write an expression for all of the vertical asymptotes of y=-3 csc(pi/4 *x) Can you list step by step to show how to do it , I don't understand this problem !!! Thanks

    asked by Maria
  75. Math

    Parametrically represent a Mobius strip. Since I am very unfamiliar with this topic, Math jargon should appear as little as possible and please provide step by step working.

    asked by Yu
  76. Algebra II

    A student is asked to solve b2 + a2 = c2 for a and gives the following solution. Assume all variables represent positive Real Numbers. b2 + a2 = c2 pb2 + a2 = pc2 b + a = c a = c-b Explain the mistake(s) made by the student and provide the correct

    asked by Kiara