Questions Asked on
July 1, 2014


    Two lifeguards pull on ropes attached to a raft. If they pull in the same direction, the raft experiences a net external force of 332 N to the right. If they pull in opposite directions, the raft experiences a net external force of 122 N to the left. Draw

    asked by Sally H
  2. Physics

    An astronaut of mass m in a spacecraft experiences a gravitational force F=mg when stationary on the launchpad. What is the gravitational force on the astronaut when the spacecraft is launched vertically upwards with an acceleration of 0.2g? A 1.2mg B mg C

    asked by Ariana
  3. physics

    A car moves with a speed of 30km/hr for half an hr,25km/hr for 1he and 40km/hr for 2hrs. What is the average speed of car?

    asked by mira
  4. Psychology

    One of the ways Robert nourishes his aggressive nature is by A. Playing violent video games B. Playing quarterback on the football team C. Standing up for his belief in equality D. Defending his brother against older children I picked B, because the word

    asked by Cassie
  5. chemistry

    Sodium carbonate, Na2CO3(s), can be prepared by heating sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3(s). 2NaHCO3(s) → Na2CO3(s) + CO2(g) + H2O(g) Kp = 0.34 at 160 ºC If a sample of NaHCO3 is placed in an evacuated flask and allowed to achieve equilibrium at 100 ºC, what

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Eng

    What is the interpretation of the journey by Duane big eagle

    asked by Sara
  7. algebra 1

    Evan is making a table that will be created in the shape of the figure below. The table top is a triangle attached to a rectangle. To purchase the right amount of paint, he needs to know the area of the table top. He can only spend $10 on paint, which is

    asked by monica
  8. math

    An isosceles triangle has a base 9.6 units long. If the congruent side lengths have measures to the first decimal place, what is the shortest possible length of the sides?

    asked by sara
  9. math

    A loan has a due date of December 20. If it is made on September 19, for how many days is the loan?

    asked by Sherry
  10. science

    The equation y=5sin(3x-4) where y is in millimeters,x is in metres and t in seconds,represent motion. Find; Frequency Period Speed of the wave

    asked by onyeakagbusi Gift
  11. Chemistry

    In a silphuric acid (H2SO4)-Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) acid-base titration, 17.3mL of 0.126M NaOH is needed to neutralize 25mL of H2SO4 of unknown concentration. What is the morality of the H2SO4 solution? H2SO4 (aq)+ NaOH (aq) = Na2SO4 (aq) + H2O (l)

    asked by Dawn
  12. English 2b

    Read the paragraph. The snow began falling early in the morning. Tiny, weightless crystals. By early afternoon, the ground was covered with several inches of snow. Snow flurries continued throughout the day. When the evening came, the snow was still

    asked by Ashley
  13. Chemistry

    24) It was found that a 20.00 mL portion of a solution of oxalic acid, H2C2O4, requires 6.69 mL of 0.200 M K2Cr2O7 for complete reaction in an acidic solution. In the reaction, the oxidation product is CO2 and the reduction product is Cr3+. How many

    asked by Luke
  14. government

    people who believe voting is important have high political ----c-c-

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Chemistry

    12) Naturally occurring argon is composed of 0.3365% of 36Ar (atomic mass, 35.9675 u), 0.0632% of 38Ar (atomic mass, 37.9627 u), and 99.6003% of 40Ar (atomic mass, 39.9624 u). Use these data to calculate the average atomic mass of argon.

    asked by Luke
  16. math

    Use the Trapezoidal Rule, the Midpoint Rule, and Simpson's Rule to approximate the given integral with the specified value of n. (Round your answers to six decimal places.) The integral of e^(3sqrt(t)) sin3t dt from 0 to 4. n=8

    asked by sara
  17. English 2b

    What is the definition of a hook? a. a topic sentence that states the main point b. an elaborating sentence that provide details or facts c. an enticing statement that grabs the reader’s interest d. an extension sentence that restates or clarifies the

    asked by Ashley
  18. Chemistry

    13) Mercury is an environmental pollutant because it can be converted by certain bacteria into the very poisonous substance dimethyl mercury, (CH3)2Hg. This compound ends up in the food chain and accumulates in the tissues of aquatic organisms,

    asked by Luke
  19. statistics

    help! where do i begin with this one area, monthly incomes of technology related workers have a standard deviation of $650. It is believed that the standard deviation of monthly incomes of non-technology workers is higher. A sample of 71 non

    asked by carmen
  20. math

    the temperature has been changing at a rate of-2 degrees fareinheit per hour and is predicted to continue at this rate. The temperature now is 0 degree fareinheit. what was the temperature 3 hours ago? what temperature can be predicted 5 hrs. from now?

    asked by jamjam
  21. Chemistry

    18) Aspirin is a monoprotic acid called acetylsalicylic acid. Its formula is HC9H7O4. A certain pain reliever was analyzed for aspirin by dissolving 0.534 g of it in water and titrating it with 0.0446 M KOH solution. The titration required 26.73 mL of

    asked by Luke
  22. Math

    I am sorry I didn't complete the problem Here is the question: Doris invested some money at 7% and some money at 8%. She invested $6,000 more at 8% than she did at 7%. Her yearly total from the two investments was $7.80. How much did Doris invest at each

    asked by Marcus
  23. physics

    A particle (m=3*10^-6 g, q=5*10^-6 C) moves in a uniform magnetic field given by (60j) mT. At t=0 the velocity of the particle is equal to (30j - 40k)m/s. The subsequent path of the particle is? I know that the answer is: helical with a 40-cm radius. But i

    asked by monique
  24. algebra

    The debate team has m members. Each member sold 20 coupon books as a fundraiser. Write a variable expression that shows the number of coupon books the club sold.

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Chem

    A mixture is prepared by adding 28.6 mL of 0.169 M Na3PO4 to 39.7 mL of 0.255 M Ca(NO3)2. What mass of Ca3(PO4)2 will be formed?

    asked by joshua
  26. Physics

    The velocity acquired by a body moving with uniform acceleration is 12m/s in 2 seconds and 18m/s in 4 seconds.Find the initial velocity of the body.

    asked by Aheli Chowdhary
  27. Chem

    How many grams of water could have its temperature raised from 25 ºC (room temperature) to 100 ºC (the boiling point of water) by the amount of energy released in the formation of 4.0 mol of H2 from hydrogen atoms? The bond energy of H2 is 435 kJ/mol.

    asked by joshua
  28. computer system organization

    2. You're an IT professional, and your boss has asked you to prepare a briefing for senior staff on the comparative advantages and disadvantages of three competing tape drive technologies: Digital Linear Tape (DTL), Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT), and

    asked by lily
  29. physics 1

    You are driving your car, and the traffic light ahead turns red. You apply the brakes for 2.13 s, and the velocity of the car decreases to +4.90 m/s. The car's deceleration has a magnitude of 3.55 m/s2 during this time. What is the car's displacement?

    asked by rrrr
  30. Math

    Four cheeseburgers and five milkshakes cost a total of $25.50. Two milkshakes cost $1.75 more than one cheeseburger, and also find the cost of a milkshake. (A)$3.25 for a cheeseburger and $250 for a milkshake. (B)$3 for a cheeseburger and $2.90 for a

    asked by Marcus
  31. Math

    Doris invested some money at 7% and some money at 8%. She did at 7%. Her yearly total from the two investments was $7.80. How much did Doris invest at each rate?

    asked by Marcus
  32. chemistry

    molecular wt of glucose is 180.14g/mole. What is the quanity of glucose in a 500mL IV solution of a 5% dextrose normal saline contain?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Chemistry 1

    A dilute solution of hydrochloric acid with a mass of 614.86 g and containing 0.33004 mol of HCl was exactly neutralized in a calorimeter by the sodium hydroxide in 619.41 g of a comparably dilute solution. The temperature increased from 15.529 to

    asked by Sarah
  34. mathematics of investment

    ow many months will it take if I invest $5000.00 at 5% to make $136.48?

    asked by mier
  35. 104B

    IF $500 YIELDS $40 IN SIMPLE INTEREST OVER 2.5 YEARS, WHAT IS THE ANNUAL RATE? P=500 40=500(R)(2.5) R=? T=2.5 I=$40

    asked by MER
  36. math

    If someone gave u a tonnie,three quarters,a nickel,two dimes and a much money did they give u

    asked by ope
  37. science

    Air pressure at the surface of a fresh water lake near sea level is about 10^5 N/m2. At approximately what depth below the surface does a diver experience a pressure of 3.0 e5 N/m2?

    asked by katherine
  38. Chemistry

    The drug is a salt form while a molecular weight of 181.6G/mol. She needs a concentration of the stock solution of 100mM and she needs to make 1.2mL of the drug. How many grams will she need to weight out in order to make the stock solution?

    asked by Totally Lost
  39. Math

    use 100 square grids to shade 1.5 and what fraction would remain un shaded?

    asked by Hoor
  40. math

    The midpoint of two points is (6,2). If one of the points is (3,5), find the other point. x_m = (x_1 + x_2)/2 6 = (3 + x_2) / 2 = 3 + x_2 x_2 = y_m = (y_1 + y_2)/2 2 = (5 + y_2) / 2 = 5 + y_2 y_2 = Endpoint (x_2, y_2)= ( , )

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Math

    Find the intersection of two lines. i have the answer just please tell me how it was made 4x-3y-4=0 , 4x+2y+5=0 -5y/-5 = 9/-5 y= 9/5 4x-3(-9/5)-4=0 5(4x+27/5-4=0) 20x+27-20=0 20x+7=0 20x/20=-7/20 x=-7/20 (-7/20, -9/5

    asked by Joy
  42. Math

    use 100 square grids to shade 1.5 and what fraction would remain un shaded

    asked by Noor
  43. mathematics

    Homework:(please help) Determine all prime numbers that divide 50 factorial.

    asked by faru
  44. physics

    1. what happens to the force required for an object to maintain circular motion if the period is halved (goes twice as fast around the circle)? a) force doubles b) force quadruples c) force is halved d) force is quartered 2. In a pulley problem involving

    asked by Liz
  45. math

    please represent algebraic express 20 less than 19 divided by 3X

    asked by terry
  46. Soil Chemistry

    Using the gas laws, calculate the new volume of methane gas at STP, which has escaped from a landfill and been captured at an initial pressure of 1.50atm, an initial volume of 30.0L and an initial temperature of 40.0C.

    asked by John
  47. Math

    4/3 multiply by 0 multiply by 1/2 Answer is zero

    asked by Noor
  48. Math

    A birthday cake weighs 2.5 kg. there are 25 children at the party. If the cake is to be divided into 25 equal pieces , what will be the weight of each piece?

    asked by Hoot
  49. Physics

    You take a 10 N block and lift it 1 meter vertically from the floor and then place it back down on the floor. How much work do you do during this motion? W = F x d x cos(theta) So lifting it does work and the lowering it does negative work won't that

    asked by Macy
  50. math

    an elevator is moving up at a rate of one meter per second. the elevator is now at the street level. when was the elevator five meters below street level? when will the elevator be 10 meters above street level?

    asked by jamjam
  51. statistics

    One of the ways most people relieve stress is to reward themselves with sweets. According to one study in Food Technology, 46 percent admit to overeating sweet foods when stressed. Suppose that the 46 percent figure is correct and that a random sample of

    asked by Alfie
  52. college physics

    A block of mass 21.5 kg supported by a vertical massless cable is initially at rest. The block is then pulled upward with a constant acceleration of 3.79 m/s2. what is the tension in the cable? what is the magnitude of the net force acting on the mass?

    asked by val
  53. Chemistry

    14) A lawn fertilizer is rated as 7.04% nitrogen, meaning 7.04 g of N in 100 g of fertilizer. The nitrogen is present in the form of urea, (NH2)2CO. How many grams of urea are present in 100 g of the fertilizer to supply the rated amount of nitrogen?

    asked by Luke
  54. Physics

    Which of the following is an inertial frame of reference? a) a child on a moving swing observes the child next to them moving in sync b) a child on a moving swing observes a ball that they throw to their parents standing on the ground c) a child observes

    asked by Liz
  55. Chemistry 1

    In the spectrum of a specific element, there is a line with a wavelength of 486 nm. Use the Rydberg equation to calculate the value of n for the higher energy Bohr orbit involved in the emission of this light. Assume the value for the lower energy orbit

    asked by Sarah
  56. geography

    1.Discuss the significance of industrial development. 2.Adduce solutions to the problems of manufacturing industries on tropical Africa 3.Give 5 examples of quaternary industries

    asked by john kelechi
  57. math

    You worried about math last year for 300,000 minutes. this year you will worry about math for only 60 minutes.What percent decrease in minutes of math worry will you experience this year? please explain and show work.

    asked by Johnny
  58. Soil Chemistry

    an initial pressure of 1.50atm, an initial volume of 30.0L and an initial temperature of 40.0C.

    asked by John
  59. physics

    A vertical load W is applied to joint C of truss ABCDE as indicated. You will use the method of joints to obtain the axial forces in the bars and reactions at the supports A and E in terms of the magnitude of the applied load, W. Use MATLAB to find the

  60. chemistry

    where can I find compounds that are basic in nature that are inorganic bases and organic bases?

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by TYDUS
  62. Math

    In a triangle ABC, PQ is the midpoint of AB and AC. PQ = 2cm, BC =3cm. The area of trapezium PQCB = 10cm^2. If the area of triangle APQ = xcm^2. Calculate the value of x.

    asked by Christopher
  63. spanish

    How do you ask..."have you been studying your driver's manual?" in Spanish

    asked by Mackenzie
  64. math

    what is 8,618,175 more than the sum of 149,347 and 897,956? what is 2,194,871 plus 986,732 increased by 489,549?

    asked by yhury
  65. simple interest

    How many years will it take for $745.00 to make $178.80 at 8%?

    asked by mier
  66. Math

    A birthday cake weighs 2.5 kg. there are 25 children at the party. If the cake is to be divided into 25 equal pieces , what will be the weight of each piece?

    asked by Noor
  67. Math

    twelve boys spent 420 for their electrical project. what is the share of each boy if they divided the expenses equally?

    asked by Jeanelle Macario
  68. Heron's formula

    some Problems based on heron's formula at home

    asked by Anonymous
  69. mathematics of investment

    i need to know the exact formula of time in the simple interest problems

    asked by mier
  70. math

    If I lend somebody one hundred thousand dollar and they have to pay me back in five years, with 4% much will I get monthly ? ( I am NOT a student...however I am thinking of lending my community this amount of money. Can't find any site that

    asked by elizabeth
  71. physics

    what force parallel to an inclined plane of height 3 meter and base 4 meter can just support a block mass 500 gram on the plane ? the coefficient of friction 0.25

    asked by Adarsh
  72. Math

    4/3 multiply by 0 multiply by 1/2

    asked by Noor
  73. statistics

    how much sale tax in due for a payment of 993.91

    asked by jennifer
  74. math

    what is 6 divided by 8.4

    asked by cool
  75. math

    how can you change 1/2 to a mixed number?

    asked by cool
  76. math


    asked by josephine
  77. spelling

    how can i learn math fast.can you show me

    asked by salome