Questions Asked on
June 23, 2014

  1. pre cal

    Find f(x) and g(x) so that the function can be described as y = f(g(x)). y = eight divided by x squared + 2

    asked by Jorgeeee
  2. Psychology

    Which of the following statements best describes proactive interference? A. Having majored in French history in the 1960's, Ken finds it difficult to grasp new discoveries about Marie Antoinette B. While learning Italian, Lucy realizes she is losing her

    asked by Cassie
  3. geometry

    if a polyhedron has a volume of 14 cm and is dilated by a factor of 1/5, what will be the volume of the dilated polyhedron? ROund your answer to the nearest thousandth if necessary

    asked by lauren
  4. Literature-Help me Ms. Sue

    Which of the following words printed in italics in the following sentences is most likely to convey a denotative meaning? (The words meant to be in italics are capitalized) A. Do you know what the OWL signifies? B. Deliver the GOODS soon, or else. C. The

    asked by Unmei
  5. chemistry

    When 40.0 mL of 1.00 M H2SO4 is added to 80.0 mL of 1.00 M NaOH at 20.00°C in a coffee cup calorimeter, the temperature of the aqueous solution increases to 29.20°C. If the mass of the solution is 120.0 g and the specific heat of the calorimeter and

    asked by kamal
  6. pre cal

    f(x) = two divided by quantity x squared minus two x minus three Graph A coordinate axis scaled by one. Domain and Range : _____________________ x and y Intercept(s) : _____________________ Horizontal Asymptote(s) : ___________________ Vertical

    asked by alex
  7. math

    How many gram ofsodiun fluoride should be added to 100000liter of drinking water containing 0.6 ppm of sodium fluoride to provide a recommended concentration of 1.75 ppm

    asked by sara
  8. Physics I for College

    a rope that makes an angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal drags a crate along the floor. what must be the tension in the rope if a horizontal force of 40N is needed to drag the crate? please help me. i really didn't understand what my professor told me.

    asked by Ian
  9. art history

    1. the center of the Renaissance 2. written backwards 3. da Vinci apprenticed for this person 4. innovative High Renaissance architect 5. the quintessential Universal man 6. city where da Vinci painted The Last Supper 2. Codex Leiceister 3. Donato Bramante

    asked by bekah
  10. Math

    A number whose digit in the ten billions place is 5 less than 8

    asked by Joi
  11. World Geography

    Identify 3 perceptual factors that connects Egypt to Africa, to Europe, and to Southwest Asia.

    asked by Aracely
  12. art history

    1. During the ______, the writings and art of Ancient Greeks were rediscovered. 2. ______ is the study of religious faith, practice and experience. 3. Renaissance thinkers promoted _______, individualism, and secularism. 4. _______ is the idea that people

    asked by bekah
  13. stat mech

    how to solve this problem 3. Five moles of an ideal monatomic gas with an initial temperature of 127 °C expand and, in the process, absorb 1200 J of heat and do 2100 J of work. What is the final temperature of the gas?

    asked by acinad
  14. math

    A television camera is located along the 40 yard line at a football game. If the camera 20 yards back at the sideline through what angle should it be able to pan in order to cover the entire field of play including end zones which are 10 yards deep

    asked by tsunayoshi
  15. Physics--check answers please

    1. Resolve an acceleration vector of 40m/s^2 [25 degrees E of S] into its components For this I got 17 as my x component and 36 as my y component 2. A player is positioned 35m [40 degrees W of S] of the net. He shoots a puoock 25m [E] to a teammate. What

    asked by sandy
  16. algebra

    Simplify the square root of 50. A. 5 times the square root of 2 B. the square root of 5 times the square root of 10 C. 2 times the square root of 5 D. 25

    asked by Emma
  17. math

    Give an example of a rational function that has no horizontal asymptote and a vertical asymptote at x = 1.

    asked by alex
  18. physics

    Water is flowing into a factory in a horizontal pipe with a radius of 0.0223 m at ground level. This pipe is then connected to another horizontal pipe with a radius of 0.0400 m on a floor of the factory that is 10.6 m higher. The connection is made with a

    asked by reuben
  19. pre cal

    f(x) = 3x + 5, g(x) = 6x^2 Find (fg)(x)

    asked by Jorgeeee
  20. pre cal

    Find the inverse of the function. f(x) = x3 + 8

    asked by Jorgeeee
  21. finance

    A year ago, the Alpine Growth Fund was being quoted at an NAV of $21.50 and an offer price of $23.35; today, it’s being quoted at $23.04 (NAV) and $25.04 (offer). Use the approximate yield formula or a handheld financial calculator to find the rate of

    asked by Kate
  22. physics (motion)

    the initial velocity of a particle is u (at t=0) and acceleration f is given by at.which relation is valid: (a)v=u+at^2 (b)v=u +at^2/2 (c)v=u+at (d)v=u

    asked by vivek
  23. Economics

    Suppose that a perfectly competitive market is described by the following supply and demand equations: QD = 300 – P and QS = 2P. Suppose that government subsidizes this good: for each unit sold government pays $15 to the seller. (a) What is the

    asked by excel
  24. English

    1. You can take the bus. If somebody say the sentence, what does that mean? 2. You may take the bus. 3. You are able to take the bus. 4. You are allowed to take the bus. What does usually #1 mean? #2, 3, or 4?

    asked by rfvv
  25. Algebra II

    Give an example of a Rational Function that is undefined at x=a where a is a Real Number. Next, state the domain of your Rational Function using both Set Notation and Interval Notation

    asked by Kiara
  26. Algebra II

    Find the difference quotient for the following Rational Function f(x)=5/x using the four steps outlined below. a. find f(x+h) b. find f(x) c. substitute f(x+h) and f(x) into the difference quotient formula. d. simplify

    asked by Monique
  27. calculus

    the weight of a person on or above the surface of the earth varies inversely as the square of the distance the person is from the center of the earth. if a person weighs 180 pounds on the surface of the earth and the radius of the earth is 3900 miles, what

    asked by Anonymous
  28. pre cal

    Choose the point on the terminal side of -45°

    asked by alex
  29. art history

    1. Art enabled new understandings in this field 2. Credited with being the founder of Renaissance painting in the Netherlands 3. his most famous painting depicts sin and redemptionhe 4. brought Germany into the mainstream of Renaissance art 5. objects

    asked by bekah
  30. physics

    A 0.6 kg block of ice is sliding by you on a very slippery floor at 2.5 m/s. As it goes by, you give it a kick perpendicular to its path. Your foot is in contact with the ice block for 0.0035 seconds. The block eventually slides at an angle of 24 degrees

    asked by sc
  31. pre cal

    Determine algebraically whether the function is even, odd, or neither even nor odd. f as a function of x is equal to 14 times the cube root of x

    asked by Jorgeeee
  32. art history

    1. art enabled new understandings in this field (the protestant reformation) 2. credited with being the founder of Renaissance painting in the Netherlands distance 3. his most famous painting depicts sin and redemption (genre) 4. he brought Germany into

    asked by bekah
  33. finhite mat

    using continuous compound interest formula find the indicated value A= 15625 P= 10900 T= 60months R= ?

    asked by carol
  34. physics

    A 78 kg volleyball player jumps and leaves the ground with a vertical velocity of 3.5 m/s. By thinking about the conservation of energy in a freefalling object, work out how high their centre of mass would reach at the top of their jump and present your

    asked by josh
  35. english

    write a comon noun for each of the proper nouns below? 1.the emperor's seed? 2.hans christian andersen? 3.baguio? 4.harry potter? 5.Mc donald's

    asked by jeca
  36. Physics

    A 20 volt battery has a 4 ohm internal resistance. There is a 5 amp fuse in the main line of the battery. How many 6 ohm resistors can be connected in parallel across the battery before thefuse blows?

    asked by Chyna
  37. math

    write in words and in expanded form in two ways fractional and exponential 1.) 3.5968 2.)325.19217 3.)47.813

    asked by jude
  38. MAT 221

    -10 < -2 + 8x < 22 4x + 7 < 11 or 1 ¨C x ¡Ü -2 Please help me solve these compound inequalities. Any instruction would be appreciated.

    asked by Stib
  39. Science

    Whta pH of the acid-base solution when the indicator turn this green colour?

    asked by ATHINI
  40. math

    Six years after buying 100 shares of xyz stock for $40 per share you sell the stock for 6400. 6400-4000/4000=0.6 6400/4000=1.6 yx exponent in parentheses (1/4)=1.12468265 -1=0.12468265 =12.5

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Math

    Charlie is due a refund of $800. If he wants to receive his money 2 months early then he must pay a $50 fee. What is the annual simple interest rate?

    asked by Tony
  42. Leadership

    How do you handle yourself when someone gets mad at you for punishing them when they clearly deserve it? (No multiple choices)

    asked by Anonymous
  43. physics

    If you have 2 objects of diferrent densities and you want them to have equal masses,what ratio of the volume to each other The answer I think the object with the greater density must have low volume compared to the other with small density

    asked by Anonymous
  44. math

    what % of 100 is 150? what is the formula for doing this ? Thanks

    asked by sam
  45. Corporate Finance

    Avicorp has a $14.3 million debt issue outstanding with a 6.1% coupon rate. The debt has semi-annual coupons. The next coupon is due in six months and the debt matures in five years it is currently priced at 95% of par value a) What is Avicorp's pre-tax

    asked by Shawn
  46. English

    Well, can you walk my dog? 1) You can take her to the park. -I'd like to, but I'm very busy today. ------------------------------------ What does 1) mean among the following? 2) You are allowed to take her to the park. 3) You are able to take her to the

    asked by rfvv
  47. English

    Well, can you walk my dog? You can take her to the park. Answer 1. No problem, but I'm very busy today. Answer 2. Sure, I will, but I'm very busy today. Answer 3. Don't worry, but I'm very busy today. Answer 4. I think I can, but I'm very busy today.

    asked by rfvv
  48. pharmacy

    the structural formula of a drug is included in this section of a drug monograph

    asked by tom
  49. Education

    Should education be structured to ensure that educated individuals achieve certain results or outcomes? I have tried to google this and Bing it but cannot find what I am looking for. Any ideas where I can Look??

    asked by Cathy
  50. geometry

    Determine the value of x. DO,k(x, 9) → (–10, –6) A. 5 B. 7 C. 12 D. 15

    asked by Dilatation
  51. PreCalculus

    A wire is 200 inches long is cut into three pieces, two of equal length, each twice as long as the third. How long is the third piece?

    asked by Mari
  52. Math

    Mike and John split the cost of a $270 car trip. Mike pays $20 more than John. How much did John pay? I solved it as 20x+x=270 I'm not sure if it's correct, can I please get an explanation

    asked by Stryder
  53. algebra

    There are 5 red marbles for every 25 blue ones. How many red marbles are there in a group of 600 marbles?

    asked by Alex
  54. Math

    i)When an identity is stated in terms of "x" what does say about the number x? ii)(generally) what are identities about? please help !!!!!

    asked by Anonymous
  55. math

    2563 is two greter than

    asked by erma
  56. Chemistry

    A balloon contains 0.350 mol of Ar at 5.00°C and 68.0 kPa pressure. What is the volume of the gas?

    asked by Robert
  57. Literature

    Which one of the following terms best describes the periods of the 1920s? A. Proper B. Rebellious C. Moral D. Symbolic I think it's B, but I'm not sure.

    asked by Unmei
  58. pre cal

    what are the real and imaginary zeros of the equation 2x^3 + 5x^2 - 3x + 7

    asked by alex
  59. Geometry

    Two altitudes of a triangle have lengths 12 and 14. What is the longest possible length of the third altitude, if it is a positive integer?

    asked by ANON
  60. pre cal

    Determine the domain of the function f as a function of x is equal to the square root of nine minus x

    asked by Jorgeeee
  61. college chem

    You are instructed to create 400. mL of a 0.40 M phosphate buffer with a pH of 6.9. You have phosphoric acid and the sodium salts NaH2PO4, Na2HPO4, and Na3PO4 available. (Enter all numerical answers to three significant figures.) H3PO4(s) + H2O(l)

    asked by leah
  62. Music

    The time signature is 4/4 and so how can I figure out the value of an eighth note? Sixteenth note?

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Math

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!! I don't understand the question! The cost (C) of photocopies is 6 cents each for first 30 and 4 cents for each one after the first 30(Use x for the total number of photocopies. Assume x> 30]

    asked by Stryder
  64. math

    A car costs $45000. The cost of the car depreciates by 30% each year. How muck will the car be worth in five years?

    asked by Annie
  65. Geometry

    Calculate the area of the shaded region in the figure shown. the image is on: tiny pic . com/r/152zyxi/8] just remove the spaces a) 144-54 SQRT(3) square meters b) 144 - 18SQRT(3) square meters c) 144 - 6SQRT(3) square meters d 54 SQRT(3) square meters

    asked by Geo
  66. chemistry

    What volume of a 0.610 M NH4I solution is required to react with 525 mL of a 0.300 M Pb(NO3)2 solution?

    asked by marie
  67. Geometry

    What is the value of x? image is on: tiny pic . com/r/nx1abn/8 I choose c 90 deg a 60 deg b 72 deg c 90 deg d 120 deg

    asked by Geo
  68. physics

    A baseball pitcher throws a baseball horizontally at a linear speed of 50.6 m/s. Before being caught, the baseball travels a horizontal distance of 24.9 m and rotates through an angle of 54.5 rad. The baseball has a radius of 3.43 cm and is rotating about

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Pre calculus

    For the equation 2x^2-5x^3+10=0 find the number the number of complex roots and the possible number of real roots.

    asked by Kelly
  70. math

    The cost of a DVD is $18.75. Added to this cost is 12% before tax fee. 5% GST, 7% PST. What is the total cost?

    asked by Catherine
  71. Math

    1. If the cost to recover the 60 to 70 foot cypress trees is $375 each and the cost to harvest the larger trees is $500, how much it cost to recover all of the trees if 2/5 of the trees are more than 70 feet long? 4. Because the harvested lumber depletes

    asked by kml
  72. physics

    Bar AB has length L, constant thickness d, and a width that tapers linearly from 3d at its fixed end (A) to d at its free end (B; see the figure below). The bar is homogeneous with mass density ρ and Young's modulus E. When hung vertically as shown in the

    asked by Donkey
  73. mat/117

    Simplify the expression completely (9-5 4√6)(7- 4√8).

    asked by amber
  74. finite math

    using continous compound interest formula to find the indicated value A= 99000 P= 72466 R= 7.8% T= ?

    asked by carol
  75. finite math

    If the population of the country is growing 3.7% compounded contionously. Quaterly. how long will it take the population to triple

    asked by carol
  76. physics

    pls.. help me with this i really need it.. pls. A gas in a cylinder expands from a volume of 0.110 m3 to 0.320 m3. Heat flows into the gas just rapidly enough to keep the pressure constant at 1.65 x 105 Pa during the expansion. The total heat added is 1.15

    asked by acinad
  77. stat mech

    4. A 4.50-kg block of ice at 0.00 °C falls into the ocean and melts. The average temperature of the ocean is 3.50 °C, including all the deep water. By how much does the melting of this ice change the entropy of the world? Does it make it larger or

    asked by acinad
  78. Calculus

    Water is leaking from the bottom of a tank in the shape of an inverted cone having an altitude of 12 feet and a radius of 2 feet. If the water is leaking at the rate of 0.25 cubic feet per minute, how fast is the water level decreasing when the water is 4

    asked by Jake
  79. Calculus

    A water tank in the shape of a right circular cylinder has a volume that is increasing at the rate of 300pi cubic centimeters per hour. If the height is decreasing at the rate of 15 centimeters per hour, find the rate at which the radius is changing when

    asked by Jake
  80. Calculus

    Given f(x) = csc^4(5x^2-3x+1), find f'(x). Show all work.

    asked by Bob
  81. Calculus

    Given f(x) = cubed root of x^2 (2x+5)^3, find the critical numbers after you identify the domain.

    asked by Jet
  82. finite

    Use the FV to find the indicated value fv= 11000 I= 0.04 PMT= 800 n=?

    asked by carol
  83. finite math

    in order to accumulate enough money for a down payment, a couple deposits $618 each month into a account paying 3% compounded monthly. if payments are made at the end of each period, how much will the account have in 6 years?

    asked by carol
  84. finite math

    using the formula for present value of ordinary annuity or the amortization formula to solve this problem. PV=13000 I= .015 PMT=550 n?

    asked by carol
  85. finite math

    if you buy a computer direct from the manuf, $3080 and agreed to repay it in equally 36 months installed at 2.06% interest per month on unpaid balance. How much are the monthly payment? How much will be paid?

    asked by carol
  86. trigonometry

    how to express radians to degrees, minutes, and seconds? how to express fractions to degrees, minutes, and seconds? through how many radians does the hour hand of a watch turn in 5 hours? 1/2 hour? 10 minutes? 3 days? between 8 am and 5:30 pm?

    asked by j
  87. physics

    What is Coulombs law

    asked by Maheer
  88. physics

    The cricketer in the previous question hit the ball off the bat with a velocity of 25 m/s at an angle of 38° above the horizontal. If the boundary is 60 m away, work out whether the ball clears the boundary without bouncing or not. help please!

    asked by josh
  89. english

    proper noun?

    asked by jeca