Questions Asked on
June 18, 2014

  1. Chemistry

    Determine the concentration of CO32- ions in a 0.18 M H2CO3 solution. Carbonic acid is a diprotic acid whose Ka1 = 4.3 × 10-7 and Ka2 = 5.6 × 10-11.

    asked by Veronica
  2. physical chemistry

    indium(atomic wt.= 114.82 u ) has two naturally occuring isotopes, the predominant one from has isotopic wt. 114.9041 and abundance of 95.72%. which of the following isotopic wt. is the most likely for the other isotope?

    asked by veer
  3. physical chemistry

    the atmospheric pressure on mars is 0.61 kPa. what is the pressure in mm of Hg?

    asked by veer
  4. History

    When Truman used the phrase "alternate ways of life," what two ways of life was he talking about? This is from my book: "At the present moment in world history nearly every nation must choose between alternative ways of life. The choice is too often not a

    asked by Tina
  5. chemisrty

    A 50.0 mL solution of 1.2 M HCl at 24.1C is mixed with 50.0 mL of 1.3 M NaOH, also at 24.1C, in a coffee-cup calorimeter. After the reaction occurs, the temperature of the resulting mixture is 29.8C. The density of the final solution is 1.05 g/mL.

    asked by jesse
  6. Physics

    1. A rabbit and a turtle are practicing for their big race. The rabbit covers a 30.0 m practice course in 5.00 seconds; the turtle covers the same distance in 120 seconds. If the actual race is run on a 96.0 m course, by how many seconds will the rabbit

    asked by Piper
  7. ENGLISH 111

    I need a thesis sentence for online dating and traditional dating for a compare and contrast essay

    asked by LANA
  8. algebra

    The sum of six times a number and 1 is equal to five times the number

    asked by janie
  9. math

    remove the irrationality in the denominator (i) 1/1+√2+√3

    asked by tanvir
  10. Chemistry

    From the following data at 25°C, H2(g) + Cl2(g) → 2HCl(g) ΔH0 = −185 kJ 2H2(g) + O2(g) → 2H2O(g) ΔH0 = −483.7 kJ Calculate ΔH0 at 25°C for the reaction below. 4HCl(g) + O2(g) → 2Cl2(g) + 2H2O(g)

    asked by walter
  11. Chemistry

    If 4.168 kJ of heat is added to a calorimeter containing 75.40 g of water, the temperature of the water and the calorimeter increases from 24.58°C to 35.82°C. Calculate the heat capacity of the calorimeter (in J/°C). The specific heat of water is 4.184

    asked by Anonymous
  12. physical chemistry

    the atomic wt. of two elements A and B are 40 u and 80 u respectively. if x g of A contains y atoms, how many atoms are present in 2x g of B?

    asked by veer
  13. physical chemistry

    on chemical scale, the relative mass of the isotopic mixture of x atoms (x^20,x^21,x^22) is approximately equal to:(x^20 has 99 percent abundance)

    asked by veer
  14. english

    choose from: benign,blase,comprise,condescend,facade,glib,haughty,libel,pseudonym and redundant. Believing he was better than everyone else at the supermarket, Dan was so________(Haughty) that he would rarely ___(benign) to speak to other cashiers. One

    asked by Linda
  15. Math

    1. What is the tenth term of the geometric sequence whose first term (a1) is 16 and the common ratio (r) is –½? 2. Given the terms a10 = 3 / 512 and a15 = 3 / 16384 of a geometric sequence, find the exact value of the first term of the sequence.

    asked by Jade
  16. physical chemistry

    1 mole of element x has mass, 0.444 times the mass of 1mole of element Y. one average atom of element x has mass 2.96 times the mass of one atom of ^12c. what is the atomic wt. of Y?

    asked by veer
  17. math

    an open box is to be formed out of a rectangular piece of cardboard whose length is 8 cm longer than its width to form the box,a square of side 4 cm will be removed from each corner of the cardboard then the edges of the remaining cardboard will be turned

    asked by kenneth
  18. physical chemistry

    1g of hydrogen contains 6x10^23 atoms. the atomic wt. of helium is 4 u. it follows that the number of atoms in 1g of He is:

    asked by veer
  19. Math

    At this year's State Fair, there was a dice rolling game. If you rolled two dice and got a sum of 2 or 12, you won $20. If you rolled a 7,you won $5. Any other roll was a loss. It cost $3 to play one game with one roll of the dice. What is the expectation

    asked by Shelagh
  20. chemistry

    Using 32.00 g/mole as the molecular mass of oxygen and 28.01 g/mole as the molecular mass of carbon monoxide, solve the above problem. A)79.97 B)61.3 C)61.27 D)80.00

    asked by help (:
  21. chemistry

    A gas occupies 210 mL at -73°C. To have the same gas occupy 360 mL: Should the temperature be increased or decreased? What is the new temperature? A)120 K B)0.0029 K C)340 K

    asked by ginger
  22. palo verde high school

    what is the value of x if m arc ADC =5(x-3)and angle ABC=165

    asked by adiba
  23. English

    Which sentence has an infinitive phrase that functions as the subject? To convert sunlight and energy into food is the end result of photosynthesis. After the rain, water travels from the ground to the roots of a plant. Plants are adapted to take in

    asked by happy
  24. physical chemistry

    the isotopic abundance of C-12 and c-14 is 98% and 2% by mass respectively. what would be the no. of atoms of c-14 isotope in 12g carbon sample?

    asked by veer
  25. Math

    You start your shift as a cashier with your drawer containing ten $1 bills, 5 $2 bills, three $5 bills, one $10 bill and one $100 bill. Find the expectation if one bill is selected.

    asked by Shelagh
  26. Physics

    a boat leaves shore and travels 30km east and then 15km 50 degree South of east Find the resultant the boats resultant displacement?

    asked by Earl
  27. chemistry

    In an experiment, Ann mixes concentrated sulfuric acid with water in a reaction test tube. The walls of the test tube turn hot. What type of reaction has occurred?

    asked by josie
  28. physics

    1. Two similar cylindrical polished bars weighing 5.00 N each lie next to one another in contact. A third similar bar is placed on the other two in the groove between them. Neglecting friction what horizontal force on each other is necessary to keep them

    asked by GG Khannam
  29. math

    I am a decimal between 2 and 3. The digit in my thousandths place is the sum of the digits in my tenths and hundredths place. The digit in my tenths place is the difference of the digits in my thousandths and hundredths place. The digit in my hundreths

    asked by jude
  30. finite math

    A probability experiment was conducted in which the sample space of the experiment is S={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12}, event F= {6,7,}, and event G={9,10,11,12}. Assume that each outcome is equally likely. List the outcomes of F and G?. find P(F or G) by

    asked by carol


    asked by JOHN
  32. chemistry

    The decomposition reaction, x-->products, is second-order with rate constant k=0.0183 L/(s)(mol). How long will it take for the decomposition to be 95% complete, if the intitial concentration of X is 1.25mol/L? Thanks

    asked by Jin
  33. finite math

    The probability that a 3-year old garter snake will reach 4 years old is 0.62719. (a) what is the probability that two randomly selected will reach 4 years old? What is the probability that five randomly selected 3 year old garter snakes will reach 4 years

    asked by carol
  34. physics

    an electric hot water heater takes in cold water at 13.0 degrees celsius and delivers hot water. the hot water has a constant temperature of 45 degrees celsius when the "hot" faucet is left open all the times, and the volume flow rate is 5.0 x 10 ^-6

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Chemistry

    What type of reaction is photosynthesis, the process where carbon dioxide combines with water to form glucose in the presence of sunlight?

    asked by josie
  36. algebra

    1. A professor has RM 15000 to invest for one year, some are 8% and the rest are at 7% annual interest. If she will earn RM 1100 from these investments, how much did she invest at each rate? (4 marks)

    asked by evian
  37. physical chemistry

    a sample of ammonium phosphate (NH4)3PO4 contains 3.18 mole of H atoms. number of mole of o atoms in the sample is:

    asked by veer
  38. finite math

    Among 38-43 year old, 25% say they have written an editorial letter while under the influence of peer pressure. Suppose two 38-43 year old are selected at random. (a )what is the probability that at least one has not written under the influence of peer

    asked by carol
  39. science

    Imagine that you have a rectangular swimming pool, but you have no idea how deep it is. You know that the pool has a volume of 216 m3 . You measured the dimensions of the pool and found that it is 15 m long and 6 m wide

    asked by shameek
  40. Maths literacy,history,life science,english,xhosa,life orantation,geography.

    I'am doing grade 11 now and when i passed grd 12 next year.i want to know what caree is good for my subjects ,because i don't know what caree should i take.

    asked by Avumile
  41. Math

    How much will it cost to carpet a room that's 12ft by 15ft if the carpet cost $25 per square yard

    asked by Anonymous
  42. physics

    A rifle bullet with a mass of 16.5 g traveling toward the right at 285 m/s strikes a large bag of sand and penetrates it to a depth of 22.6 cm. Determine the magnitude and direction of the friction force (assumed constant) that acts on the bullet.

    asked by Sara
  43. Physics

    A person of mass 83.8 kg escapes from a burn- ing building by jumping from a window situ- ated 25 m above a catching net. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . If air resistance exerts a force of 109.1 N on him as he falls, determine his speed just

    asked by Kirbi
  44. Math

    Four coins fall onto the floor. Find the probability that (a) exactly three coins land heads up (b) all coins land tails up (c) two or more coins land heads up (d) no more than two coins land tails up (e) at least one coin lands tails up

    asked by Shelagh
  45. chemistry

    ) Calculate the amount of unreacted aqueous ethanoic acid (CH3COOH(aq)) in the sample taken for titration with aqueous potassium hydroxide(KOH(aq)). Clearly show the steps in your calculation. (1 mark) (v) Hence calculate the amount of aqueous ethanoic

    asked by jsame
  46. chemistry

    what is the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 1.25g of hcl in water to make 30 centimeter cube of solution

    asked by hifsa
  47. Math

    Victor bought a brand new car for P750,000. If the value of the car depreciates 20%per year, what will it be worth during the fourth year?

    asked by Piper
  48. math

    At the faculty costume party , each teacher from Transylvania Middle school came dressed as his of her favorite creepy creature . The teachers arrived one at a time , and when a new teacher came in , each of the teachers already there lined up at the door

    asked by Jessica
  49. math

    The number of students who attended the class from monday to saturday were consecutive integers the average number of students attending class from monday to wednesday is 34. find average number of students attending class from thursday to saturday

    asked by Navami
  50. chemistry

    Why is respiration an exothermic reaction?

    asked by josie
  51. algebra

    If John stands near a 30 foot tall tree and leans a 50 foot tall ladder against the tree that reaches to the top of tree, then how far is John standing away from the tree? (Round to the nearest hundredth)

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Finance

    Carry Trade Strategy)In Jan 2003, the interest rate on Japanese Yen was 0.5% and on Australia dollar was 6%. The spot rate was S(¥/AU$)=69.28. Tom Bohn, a hedge fund trader specializing in FX trading in Blackrock Inc, started a carry trade between Yen and

    asked by Financehelp
  53. Physics

    Determine the electric force of a -8.0uc charge would experience when placed 14cm to the left of a 5.0uc charge. got 18N, but I'm not sure if I add the negative to the answer

    asked by James
  54. physical chemistry

    which one of the following pairs of gases contains the same no. of molecules:

    asked by veer
  55. Math

    A 15 ft ladder is leaning against the wall. The top of the ladder reaches 10ft up the wall. What is the angle that the ladder makes with the ground?

    asked by John tuckernam
  56. Biology

    Today many different species of tortoise may be found in he Galapagos islands. Using your knowledge of evolution, explain how these many specues arose from one common ancestor?

    asked by Maya
  57. economics

    the south african government is not providing welfare or sudsidies to the poor and underpriviledged

    asked by nonjabulo
  58. Chemistry

    What is the mass of a proton? Is it 1g, 1amu, or something else?

    asked by Cici
  59. chemistry

    A reaction has a first order rate constant of (6.25x10^-5 1/s) at T=298.15K and (0.0000538 1/s) at T=338.15K. What is the value of the rate constant at T=316.15K?

    asked by Jin
  60. physical chemistry

    the approximate no. of molecules of co2 present in 44g of co2 is:

    asked by veer
  61. Math

    A number whose digit in the ten billions place is 5 less than 8

    asked by Harry
  62. health

    Mary Happens is an 82-year-old Hispanic patient who has been admitted to the hospital. She has Medicare and Medicaid. What demographic factors should be considered in providing this patient health care? What is the effect of culture on prevention and use

    asked by shay
  63. Finance

    1. (Covered Interest Arbitrage) Harry Norman, a foreign exchange trader at UBS’s office in Tokyo has $2,000,000 or its yen equivalent to invest. He faces the following exchange rates and interest rates. Show how can he profit from the covered interest

    asked by Summer14
  64. Finance

    1. (Covered Interest Arbitrage) Harry Norman, a foreign exchange trader at UBS’s office in Tokyo has $2,000,000 or its yen equivalent to invest. He faces the following exchange rates and interest rates. Show how can he profit from the covered interest

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Finance

    1. (Covered Interest Arbitrage) Harry Norman, a foreign exchange trader at UBS’s office in Tokyo has $2,000,000 or its yen equivalent to invest. He faces the following exchange rates and interest rates. Show how can he profit from the covered interest

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Math

    Given: ________, – 243, – 226, – 209, – 192, – 175, … The 67th term of the sequence is __________. The series of the first 27 terms of the sequence is __________.

    asked by Jade
  67. Physics

    The sun is a satellite of Milky Way's galactic central cluster. The sun revolves around this center with a radius of 2.28x10^20 m. and with a period of 2.52x10^8 years. If the universe is 16 billion years old. a) How many times has the galaxy rotated and

    asked by Tyco
  68. chemistry

    The activation energy, Ea, for a zeroth-order reaction, X-->products, is most readily obtained from the slope of a plot of: (choose from below) -[X] vs time -ln k vs time -rate vs time -[X]^2 vs time -ln[X] vs time -1/[X] vs time -ln k vs 1/T, where T is

    asked by Jin
  69. physics

    If the change in the value of 'g ' at a height 'h ' above the surface of earth is the same as at a depth 'x ' below it. When both x and h are much smaller than the radius of the earth. The relation between x and h is?

    asked by fatima
  70. physical chemistry

    the no. of atoms in 558.5g of Fe (at wt = 55.85u) is:

    asked by veer
  71. geography,maths literacy,tourism,electrical techn

    What job can I do with these subjects?

    asked by Vera
  72. Automotive Engine Types

    A 2.2 liter engine would have a displacement of approximately

    asked by Kenny
  73. Chemistry

    If a latex balloon had a volume of 7.00 L at 39 °C, what would be the volume of this balloon at 21 °C?

    asked by Tamisha
  74. math

    okay so I have to work out this problem for school work and I don't understand it. the problem is : if the perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 2x + 10, what is the length of one of the congruent sides ? PLEASE HELP ME !

    asked by kayla
  75. math

    A group of friends consist of 3 girls and 5 boys. If that group of friends is separated into a group containing 1 girl and 2 boys, how many combinations of the original 8 friends could be made into the smaller group?

    asked by y.
  76. physics

    a body of mass 40kg walk to a step in 40. find the kinetic energy

    asked by godwin
  77. Astronomy

    True or False? The first galaxies formed in the regions where dark matter density was highest.

    asked by querty
  78. Physics

    Consider a car starting at rest at the beginning of a 250 m street. At time t = 2.0 s it is 20 m along the street. At time t = 4.0 s it is 80 m along the street. Find its average velocity in the: (a) First 2.0 s (b) First 4.0 s (c) Last 2.0 s My work: I

    asked by Long
  79. Physics

    Consider problem U concerning the geosynchronous satellite of mass 50 kg. It orbits at a radius of 42,300 km with a speed of 3076 m/s. a) How much energy is needed to lift the satellite from the earth's surface (Re=6,370 km) up to that radius? b) How much

    asked by Angel Mercado
  80. chemistry

    According to the mechanism below, what is the correct expression for the rate consumption of A? In the mechanism, M is a molecule that collides with A and A* is a highly-energized for of A. Step 1: A+M A*+M : rate constants k1 and k-1 Step 2: A* C : rate

    asked by Jin
  81. math

    How to solve first question using a t table please help answer question really stuck on wok new answers 19 or170 can you tell me which is right showing work please thank you whole lot - jessica ledesma

    asked by Jessica
  82. Math

    state whether each relation y=f(x) describes a quadratic function or not y=3-x^2

    asked by Jeff
  83. math

    Write an expression for the problem, then evaluate. Tickets for children in a carnival cost 150. A teacher of a class of 48 pupils gets for the whole class but only 43 pupils buy. Is it right for the teacher to say that she has 6,350 for the tickets of the

    asked by jr
  84. math

    a boy travels in a boat at an angle of 20 degrees to the river bank.if he travels 200m before reaching the opposite bank,calculate the width of the river

    asked by mbongeni
  85. english

    It's me again :) and again I need help with a mail to my prof... Dear Ms. ... ... and I thought about our presentation. Our topic is compound adjectives. Shall we only talk about compound adjectives or shall we also talk about Adverbs, Participles, how to

    asked by Cindy
  86. finite math

    A baseball player hit 59 homeruns in a season. Of the runs, 22 went to right field, 15 went to right center field, 8 went to center field, 8 went to left center field and 6 went to left field. What is the probability that a randomly selected home run went

    asked by carol
  87. marketing

    What challenges do specialized magazines such as Mother Earth News face hen trying to entice advertisers?

    asked by Nikki
  88. math please help

    Limit as x approaches zero of (sinx-(x^3/6)/x^5)

    asked by claire
  89. Physics

    1. A person runs 800. m at an average speed of 6.00 m/s and then the next 800. m at an average speed of 8.00 m/s. Calculate (a) the total time of travel and (b) the average speed. 2. A boy kicked a can horizontally from a 6.5 m high rock with a speed of

    asked by Piper
  90. Math

    state whether each relation y=f(x) describes a quadratic function or not

    asked by Jeff
  91. Algebra 1

    Please I need help on. Function y=4x +5 with the domain x≤0. And what is the range of the function?

    asked by rana
  92. healthcare

    Many Americans hospitals have wound up employing family practice physicians or establishing contract management arrangements for their practices. Most hospitals that employ doctors have found that they are losing money on office operations. In essence, the

    asked by trelle
  93. healthcare

    Many Americans hospitals have wound up employing family practice physicians or establishing contract management arrangements for their practices. Most hospitals that employ doctors have found that they are losing money on office operations. In essence, the

    asked by trelle
  94. algebra

    the quotient of g and 9

    asked by Anonymous
  95. Astronomy

    True or False? Galaxies are distributed randomly and approximately uniformly in space.

    asked by querty
  96. math

    In a certain eatery, there are 5 glass racks having 24 glasses and 8 left over. The answer says there are 130 glasses in all. Is it right? Why?

    asked by jr
  97. algibra

    Write an equation in the form y = mx + b for the line which passes through (1, -10) and (-7, -2).

    asked by calgy
  98. Math

    While cleaning her dorm room, Monica mistakenly pushed three coins off the desk. When they land on the chair below, find the odds (a) in favor of getting exactly three heads (b) in favor of getting exactly three tails (c) against getting exactly two heads

    asked by Shelagh
  99. physical chemistry

    if the atomic mass of sodium is 23u the no. of moles in 46g of sodium is:

    asked by veer
  100. math


    asked by cielo
  101. math


    asked by cielo