Questions Asked on
June 15, 2014

  1. algebra

    Kyle has a total of 16 coins in his pocket. All the coins are nickels or quarters, and they have a total value of $2.20. How many nickels does Kyle have?

    asked by Andrea Flores
  2. Algebra

    In their last basketball game, Becky scored twice as many points as Min. Together, they scored 42 points. How many points did Becky score?

    asked by Andrea Flores
  3. physics

    a string supports a solid iron object of mass 180g totally immersed in liquid of density 800kg/m3. calculate the tension in the string if the density of iron is 8000kg/m3.

    asked by joelinho
  4. Precalc

    Are exponential equations the same as exponential functions? I am writing a summary of this year's Pre-Calculus lessons and one of the topics on the outline is "Exponential Equations", but on the lesson Power Points on my teacher's website there is only

    asked by Lie-ma Been
  5. Math

    1. Find the 12th term of the arithmetic sequence 2, 6, 10, … . 2. Solve for the 101st term of the sequence whose 1st term is x-y and d=2x+y-3. 3. In the sequence 2, 6, 10, … , what term has a value of 106?

    asked by Annika
  6. Algebra 2

    The highest speed reached by a solar powered vehicle is 48.71 mph. This record was set by a Sunracycer on June 24, 1988 in Meza, AZ. How far could this car travel in 2.5 hrs at this speed.

    asked by Drew
  7. algebra

    The digits of a two-digit number sum to 8. When the digits are reversed, the resulting number is 18 less than the original number. What is the original number?

    asked by Andrea Flores
  8. Chemistry

    In aqueous solution, hydrochloric acid, HCl, and sodium carbonate, Na2CO3 react to produce gaseous carbon dioxide, CO2, water, H2O and sodium chloride, NaCl. A 10.0 g impure sample of Na2CO3 is dissolved completely in water; then treated with 3.00 mol

    asked by Olivia
  9. chemistry

    calculate the percentage by mass of oxygen in trioxonitrate(v) acid

    asked by Anonymous
  10. calculus

    Eric is standing on the ground, a distance of 70 ft from the bottom of Ferris wheel that has a 20 ft radius. His arm is at the same height as the bottom of the Ferris wheel. Janice is on Ferris wheel which makes one revolution counter clock wise every 16

    asked by Praphul
  11. Math

    angles ABC and XYZ are complementary angles. if m < ABC is 18 more than three times m < XYZ, find < XYZ i have no idea how to do this i know that something has to equal 18+ 3m but i don't understand the (

    asked by jk
  12. physics

    A submarine dives down to a depth 9.5 beneath the surface of the ocean. Calculate the pressure in atmospheres at that depth, assuming the density of water is 1029 kg/m3, and the air pressure at the surface is 101.5 kPa

    asked by jake
  13. Physics

    In 1926, Johnny Weissmuller set the men’s world 400.0-m swimming record in 4.00 min, 57.0 s. In 1966, Martha Randall set the women’s record in 4.00 min, 38.0 s. By how many meters would Martha have been beaten Johnny if they had raced each other?

    asked by Piper
  14. algebra

    . A professor has RM 15000 to invest for one year, some are 8% and the rest are at 7% annual interest. If she will earn RM 1100 from these investments, how much did she invest at each rate?

    asked by lo
  15. physics

    If two stones projected from the same point with the same speed but at angles pi/3 and pi/6 respectively have their ranges R₁ and R₂ then a)R1=2R2 B)R1=R2 C)R1=5R2 D)R1=25R2

    asked by fatima
  16. physics

    a box of treasure with a mass of 92 kg and volume of 0.031metrecubic lies at the bottom of the much force is needed to lift it?

    asked by joelinho
  17. Statistics

    Assume that a standardized test is designed to have the mean score of 100 and the standard deviation of 15. At the 95% confidence interval, how large does the sample size have to be if the margin of error is to be 3 points?

    asked by Anonymous
  18. physics

    Which one of the following statements about an object performing Simple Harmonic Motion is TRUE? Select one: a. The object reaches its maximum speed as it passes through the equilibrium point. b. The object’s velocity is never zero. c. The object has a

    asked by jake
  19. Maths

    A radioactive substance decays exponentially in such a way that after 50 years, 60% of the initial amount remains. Find an expression for the quantity remaining after t years.

    asked by Rish
  20. Chemistry

    Benzene sulfonic acid, C6H5SO3H, is a strong acid and will neutralise sodium hydroxide solution (a 1:1 molar ratio). Benzene sulfonic acid crystals (y grams) were weighed into a titration flask and titrated against sodium hydroxide solution (1.0 M) and

    asked by S
  21. Math

    Solve for the 1st term of the arithmetic sequence whose 33rd term is -2p and whose 61st term is 26p.

    asked by Annika
  22. math

    What is the answer of X' cap Y What is the answer of Y' U Z' What is the answer of (X \ Z ) ' What is the answer of ( Y \ Z ) ' U X ' X={10 ,20 ,30 ,40 ,50} Y={30 ,50, 60, 90, 100} Z={40, 50, 60, 70, 80} U={200, 300}

    asked by tsunayoshi
  23. Physics

    To qualify for the finals in a racing event, a race car must achieve an average speed of 225 km/h on a track with a total length of 1.4 km. If a particular car covers the first half of the track at an average speed of 205 km/h, what minimum average speed

    asked by Piper
  24. chemistry

    calculate the percentage by mass of ozygen in trioxnitrate5 acid H-1, N-14, O-16

    asked by Anonymous
  25. chemistry

    What is the chemical formula of ketohexose?

    asked by slomomo
  26. English

    Could you plz help i need to write a poem about a dream having 10 syllables on each line, Please help

    asked by Qais
  27. Chemistry

    how many millimeter should be taken out to prepare 0.5 normal HCL solution of 200 ml. density=1.18, purity 37% please response soon

    asked by Sparky
  28. physics

    as Sue runs, her knee joint passes through the following vertical positions (meters): Frame 1: .043 Frame 2: .145 Frame 3: .21 Frame 4: .39 Frame 5: .415 The data were collected at a frequency of 100 Hz. What was the vertical velocity of her knee joint at

    asked by chris
  29. physics

    A spring and mass system are oscillating with an amplitude of 8.4 cm. The spring constant is 204 N/m and the mass is 540 g. Find the mechanical energy of the system to 2 sf.

    asked by jake
  30. Physics

    Assuming the best high jump record from a standingposition in a school was 1.52 m, what initial velocity was needed for this jump? Neglect any sideways motion.

    asked by Han
  31. maths

    She adds the to number together and divides the result by 2her answer is 44 one of EMilys numbers is 12what is Emilys other number?

    asked by ahmed
  32. math

    When four times the number is added to 7 times the number, the result is 33, what is the number?

    asked by Johnny
  33. analytical chemistry

    Determine the concentration of iron in an aqueous solution containing 0.2810 grams of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2 per liter of solution. Express the concentration in mg/dl.

    asked by jenine
  34. Physics

    The diagram shows a weightlifter in the initial stages of his lift. He lifts two 70 kg masses connected to a 10 kg bar. In addition, there are two upward forces : 795N and 810N a. Calculate the total weight that he is lifting? b. Calculate the size of the

    asked by Sandra
  35. algebra 2

    1.Which system of equations represents this situation? Let d be the number of toy cars that Dan has and let j be the number of toy cars that Jacob has. many toy cars does Jacob have?

    asked by stephaie
  36. Algebra

    What are the coordinates of X2-2 where 1 is more than or equal to x and 2x where x is less than 1? NOTE: X2 is x squared.

    asked by Van
  37. HCA 311 Health Care Financing & Information System

    Using the example of “From the Front Lines” in Chapter 6 of your text, calculate the break even for the number of procedures. Use an electronic spreadsheet to show how you computed the break even and embed the spreadsheet in your paper. Discuss the

    asked by Courtney
  38. physics

    If h is 5m and the mass takes 3 s to move the distance d when starting from rest, what is the distance d? PLEASEEEEEE!!!!

    asked by yan
  39. com 200

    Kyle has struggled to feel comfortable in science classes with labs since his junior year of high school, when a solution he was working with ignited. He was always cautious with chemicals but his lab partner that year enjoyed seeing what would happen when

    asked by elizabeth
  40. Algebra 2

    Kendra pays $35 plus $5/hr to rent a scooter. Write an expression for how much she pays for renting a scooter h hours. How much does she pay for renting 6 hrs?

    asked by Andri
  41. physics

    a strong 100 kg man pushes down hard on the left piston. What happenes to the 10 kg mass on the right? The answer is the moves down, lifting the left piston despite the strong man. BUT WHY?

    asked by nic
  42. Highcschool

    Which one of the characters you read about is 12 years old? A. The narrator’s daughter in “The Yellow Wallpaper” B. Ginger Nut in “Bartleby” C. Lily Dyer in “A New England Nun” D. The son of the old man in “The Tell-Tale Heart

    asked by alex
  43. algebra

    The population of Arizona was 4.2 million in 2000 and 6.9 million in 2008. If the population grew exponentially, which one of the following models the population as a function of time (in years since 2000)?

    asked by Terry
  44. math

    Differences between the external angle and n-1 sides regular polygon and n+2 side regular polygon is 6 degree then what is the each external angle

    asked by sana
  45. science

    what is the difference between erosion transport and deposition????????????????????

    asked by alia
  46. physics

    A mass of 2.9 g is hanging underneath a spring which has an unknown spring constant. The period of oscillation is 5.5 seconds. Find the spring constant in N/m. Give your answer to 2 s.f.

    asked by jake
  47. Algebra 2

    you purchase 12 packages of wrapping paper. large packages cost $7 & small cost $4.50. Write & simplify an expression that represents the total cost if n of the 12 packages are large

    asked by Andri
  48. Algebra 2

    An equilateral triangle with side length 2" will have a height of square root 3 inches. A yield sign is an equilateral triangle with perimeter of 5 ft. To the nearest inch, what is the height of the yield sign?

    asked by Andri
  49. bbb4m

    6.) How did "interdependence" and the principle of trade replace "self-sufficiency" among Aboriginals in Canada?

    asked by rifr
  50. English

    Which of these two sentences is correct? Is there a different correct format? This construction is different than in English. This construction is different from English.

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Algebra II

    Find the error in each of the following and provide an explanation of the mistake made. Thanks for the help. a) (3x/1/x-5)^1 =1/3x/x-1/5 b) (3x/1/x-5)^1 =-3x/5-1/x c) (3x-4y)^2 = 9x^2 + 16y^2 d) x^2-3/4+x^2=-3/4

    asked by Monique
  52. Math

    An open-ended regular hexagonal prism whose length is 15cm and whose cross-section has a perimeter of 24cm. Find the surface area.

    asked by Christopher
  53. Geometry

    How do you find the lengths of the sides of an isosceles triangle with three medians?

    asked by Sheenybeany
  54. math

    Compute Sun Jung's estimated tax payment for the second quarter. She is self-employed and she expects to earn $61,760 this year. Her estimated income tax rate is 23%. For self-employed persons, social security tax is 12.4% of wages up to $106,800, and

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Math

    Solve for the 101st term of the sequence: 6-p, 4+p, 2+3p, 5p, … .

    asked by Annika
  56. physics

    a pendelum in a fathers clock measures .90m from the support to the centerof the bob

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Math

    You have a 50 cm x 50 cm card board. Squares with side length h are cut out of the corners and the sides are folded up to make a box. What polynomial represents the volume of the box formed?

    asked by Evan
  58. chemistry

    To 50 mL of this buffer, 10.0 mL 0.76 M soium hydroxide was added, what is the pH of the resulting solution after equilibrium has been re-established

    asked by cel
  59. math

    to build a 2.5 m by 3 m deck, a local building supply store chargers $1000 for materials, plus the carpenter's wage of $30/h. The store gives you an estimate of $1480 for the total cost. How much time is estimated for the carpenter to build the deck?

    asked by mellanni
  60. statistics

    A graph representing the distribution of the oral temperatures of 50 healthy adult males (selected at random) would best be described as?

    asked by ally
  61. Math

    What are the formulas for 3-D figures?

    asked by Christopher
  62. motion analysis

    Using the information below estimate the time required to analyse the data collected using the two motion analysis systems when there are 10 markers on the subject and the data is collected for 100 frames. Cinematography system 2 seconds per marker 5

    asked by arzam
  63. physics

    a skater is sliding forward on a flat rink at 6 m/s. her mass is 71 kg. the sliding friction acting on her skate blade is 13.4 N acting backward. air resistance is 14.7 N acting backward. what is her horizontal acceleration?

    asked by Rob
  64. Algebra II

    I wrote out the word pie in place of the actual symbol. Consider (pie n+pie n-1)(pie n-pie n-1)= 1 for n greater than or equal to 1. a) Provide two numerical examples illustrating its validity. b) Show the statement is true in general. c) What is the

    asked by Monique
  65. tourism

    i want to write an brief article linking history and tourism.the rise of heritage

    asked by lakmi
  66. motion measurements

    Using the information below estimate the time required to analyse the data collected using the two motion analysis systems when there are 10 markers on the subject and the data is collected for 100 frames. Cinematography system 2 seconds per marker 5

    asked by arzam
  67. social studies

    Why would you pick colonist

    asked by Dorothee