Questions Asked on
June 13, 2014

  1. UGRENT HELP, math

    1. Suppose that the amount of algae in a pond triples ever 2 hours. If the pond initially contains 80 ponds of algae, how much algae would be in the pond in 8 hours? 720 1,280 6,480 320 2. What is the order of the numbers from least to greatest? A= 1.5 x

    asked by This Girl
  2. Physics

    Identical point charges of +1.1 ¦ÌC are fixed to three of the four corners of a square. What is the magnitude q of the negative point charge that must be fixed to the fourth corner, so that the charge at the diagonally opposite corner experiences a net

    asked by Bin
  3. algebra 2

    Maria created a graph of B(t), the temperature over time. For the interval between t = 3 and t = 7, the average rate of change in her graph of B(t) is 8. Which statement must be true?

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Physics

    Okay last question I need help with Monochromatic light of 605 nm falls on a single slit, which is located 85 cm from a screen. The first dark band appears at 5.4 mm from the center. How wide is the slit? 0.001 mm 0.050 mm 0.095 mm 1.50 mm

    asked by Me and I
  5. Algebra

    Since the opening night, attendance at Play A has increased steadily, while attendance at Play B first rose and then fell. Equations modeling the daily attendance y at each play are shown below, where x is the number of days since the opening night. On

    asked by This Girl
  6. psychology

    in his research, Dr. Caulfiel wants compare levels of tests anxiety among high school students in grade 10 and 12. His hypothesis is that seniors will have higher levels of test anxiety than sophomores will. His theoretical definition of test anxiety for

    asked by Josephine
  7. Tricky Math tho (Damon)

    Divide. (25x^2 - 40x + 18) div. (5x - 3) need to know how to solve this

    asked by This Girl

    monkey is accelerating down string whose breaking strength is two third of its weight the min acceleration of monkey should be A 1/3g B 2/3g C G d ZERO

    asked by AYESHA

    if force acts on body WHOSE ACTION LINE does not Passes through its center of gravity then body will experience A ANGULAR ACCELERATION b linear acceleration C ZERO ACCELERATION D ZERO ACCELERATION

    asked by AYESHA
  10. physics

    A person standing on top of a building throws a ball with a horizontal velocity of 14 m/s. If the ball strikes the ground 65 m from the base of the building, how high is the building?

    asked by Dasa
  11. 3 questions Math

    18. What is the simpler form of the following expression? (6x^3 - 1x +1) divided by (2x + 1) -3x^2 + 2x - 1 3x^2 - 2x + 1 -3x^2 + 2x - 1 3x^3 + 2x - 1 19. Solve the equation. 1/2x + 14 - 9/x + 7 = -6 x = - 101/12 x = 101/12 x = - 67/12 x = 67/12 20. The

    asked by This Girl
  12. Physics

    A forklift exerts an upward force of 2.00*10^3 N on a box as it moves the box 5.00 m higher. How much work does the forklift do? 500 J 1.00*10^3 J 1.00*10^4 J

    asked by Me and I
  13. Another this math tho

    what is the simplified form of the expression? 2b^-6 * b^12 I think its 2b^6

    asked by This Girl
  14. Physics

    How would i solve this? A 10.0 kg ball falling at 10.0 m/!@#$%^&s a pile of feathers and comes to a complete stop in 10 s. What force does the pile of feathers exert to stop the ball? 10 N 20 N 100 N 200 N

    asked by Me and I
  15. this math tho

    Which value of x makes the following equation true? 3(x - 4) + 54 = -3x I think it is -6

    asked by This Girl
  16. algebrahave i done this right

    Evaluate the given expressions (to two decimal places). 2(90)+5(80)+10(70)+3(60)+3(50)+4(40)= than divide by 25 mean =70.8 median =70 mode =70 range = 50

    asked by Mary Ann
  17. Math

    Evaluate the following expressions: a. 11^0 b. 11^2 / 11^2 c. are the answers to parts a and b the same? Explain why or why not?

    asked by Chloé
  18. English

    Is Young Goodman Brown a dynamic character?

    asked by Austin
  19. Algebra

    The area of a rectangular painting is given by the trinomial x^2+2x-15. What are the possible dimensions of the painting? Use factoring.

    asked by Haz


    asked by JOHN DUNN


    asked by JOHN DUNN
  22. Algebra ll

    Consider the system below. {4x-2y=-12} {3x-y=-3} Solve the system by using a matrix equation.

    asked by Me and I
  23. geometry

    what will be the length of the shadow of a person whose height is 147cm? when it will be 9am?

    asked by TANISHA GANDHI
  24. History,Maths Lit,life science and Geography

    What courses can i do with these subjects??

    asked by Da Real Les
  25. math

    help soni arrange numbers from 1 to 9 in such a sequence that the sum of the numbers in each diagnol should be15. make sure that no number is repeated more then one

    asked by rajni
  26. Physics

    A singer moves a note up one octave. How has the sound changed? The amplitude has decreased The wavelength has increased The speed has increased The frequency has increased

    asked by Me and I
  27. USA Colonists History

    |rich soil |available land |wildlife |sea life |forests |fresh water |minerals such as water Many people from Europe came to North America during the 1600s and 1700s to explore the land and make money. using information from the chart above and your own

    asked by I and Me
  28. Algebra

    1. A printer can print 40 pages in 1.6 minutes. a. Write and solve a proportion to find the number of pages that the printer can print in 5 minutes. Show your work. b. Lana wants to use the printer to print 150 pages. Find the time, in minutes, it will

    asked by Anonymous
  29. algebra/please can you ck my answers

    Tell what the output value is for the function machine for the given values. log 16.9=1.23 log2^152=9 log2^1=0 log0.046=1.34 thank you

    asked by Mary Ann
  30. Algebra please can you ck my work

    Evaluate the given expressions (to two decimal places). log 1.69 =123 log 2^512 = .09 log 2^1 = 0 log o.o46 =1.34 Thank you

    asked by Mary Ann


    asked by AYESHA
  32. Algebra

    A garden is going to be built in the city park. the garden height is 5m. and the width is 7.5 m. a. A short fence will be built around the perimeter of the garden region. Find the number of meters of fencing required. Round your answer to the nearest tenth

    asked by Anonymous
  33. health

    Stress is a normal part of life

    asked by kanikqua
  34. English

    cumulative sentences or periodic pattern Periodic sentence Unable to eat dinner, do my homework, or get any sleep, I could think only of my mother's surgery the next morning Cumulative sentence All I could think about was of my mother's surgery the next

    asked by Robert
  35. maths

    My question is prove that e^logx is equal to x

    asked by varun
  36. Anatomy

    I need to make a model of the blood flow through the heart . Any suggestions

    asked by Gabby
  37. Algebra ll

    Consider the function f(x) = x4 – 3x3 – 7x2 + 15x + 18. Use synthetic division to divide f(x) by x – 3. Use the answer to explain whether or not x – 3 is a factor of f(x).Factor f(x) completely.

    asked by Me and I
  38. maths(please help me fast)

    Question 1 In order to buy a Christmas present for his girlfriend, James takes a loan of R500,00 from an organization advertising in a local newspaper. The name of the organization is called “Sharks that Bite”. This organization charges 15% interest

    asked by lesedi
  39. BIB 351

    What was Balaam's relationship to Yahweh according to the Book of Numbers 22-25? Please Help!

    asked by Anonymous
  40. algebra

    There are n people on a bus . At the next stop y people get off and then t people get on. How many people are there now on the bus.

    asked by shimel
  41. science (check please (:)

    Luther Burbank was a plant breeder who developed a strain of potato plant that produced more tubers (the part of the root that people eat) of larger size than other potato plants that were grown on farms at the time. This strain of potato was also

    asked by me
  42. algebra

    Solve the system graphically. If a system has an infinite number of solutions, use set-builder notation to write the solution set. If a system has no solution, state this. 2x – y = 4 5x – y = 13 I do not understand how to do this

    asked by Patte
  43. algebra

    also do not understand how to do this. I am not asking for answes, just examples. Solve using the substitution method. 3x – 4y = 5 2x – y = 1

    asked by Patte
  44. English

    1. Hanbok is Korean traditional dress. 2. A hanbok is Korean traditional dress. 3. Hanbok is traditional Korean dress. 4. Hanbok is a Korean traditional dress. 5. A hanbok is a traditional Korean dress. (Which one is grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  45. Financial Math

    An investment of $2500 accumulates at 6% p.a compounded semi annually for 3 years. At that time, the interest rate is changed to 5% compounded monthly. How much is the investment worth 2 years after the change in interest rate? What is interest gained at

    asked by Riya
  46. math

    Solve the following inequality for x. 14 + 7x < 5x x < 1.17 x > -7 x > 1.17 x < -7

    asked by This Girl
  47. this math tho

    31. Solve the equation by completing the square. Round to the nearest hundreth if necessary. x^2 - 6x = 7 x = 7, 1 x = -7, 1 x = -7, -1 x = 7, -1

    asked by This Girl
  48. this math tho (Damon or Steve)

    5/sqrt of 30 how do I solv this?

    asked by This Girl
  49. Algebra

    1/x+1/x+5+1/3x=1/2.25 Solve for x.

    asked by Lina
  50. English

    Skateboarding originated in Venice, California. the time was the mid-seventies. There was a drought. The swimming pools were empty. A)Skateboarding originated in Venice,California,there was a drought, swimming pools were empty,the time was the

    asked by Robert
  51. Almost done with this math tho

    7x- 14 ------- x - 2 x 7; where x =/ 7 7; where x =/ 2 0 I think it is 0.

    asked by This Girl
  52. Math

    If 2 1/3 feet of silver ribbon cost $.21, how much will 9 feet cost

    asked by Jeffrey
  53. Damon, Still need your help please tho

    Divide. (25x^2 - 40x + 18) div. (5x - 3) 5x - 5 - 3/5x - 3 5x - 8 - 18/5x - 3 5x - 5 + 3/5x - 3 5x - 14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7x- 14 ------- x - 2 x 7; where x =/ 7 7; where x =/ 2 0 7(x-2)or 7 Damon please

    asked by This Girl
  54. science

    Calculate the mass% of different element present in H2SO4. Also show the solution.

    asked by Ragini
  55. Physics

    A proton and an electron are moving due east in a constant electric field that also points due east. The electric field has a magnitude of 8.0 ¡Á 104 N/C. Determine the magnitude of the acceleration of the proton and the electron.

    asked by Bin
  56. Statistics

    The complement of P(B | A) is 1 - P(B | A). Is it also true that 1 - P(B | A) = P(B' | A), where B' means the complement of B?

    asked by John
  57. Math

    Action Video rents only action and horror films. Over one 7 day period, they rented 5 horror films for every 9 action films. If they rented 99 action films, what was the mean number of films they rented per day?

    asked by Alex
  58. finance

    Innovation Company is thinking about marketing a new software product. Upfront cost to market and develop the product are $5 million. The product is expected to generate profits of $1 million per year for 10 years. The company will have to provide product

    asked by Mike
  59. maths

    A rhombus shaped sheet whose perimeter is 32cm and one of the diagonal is 10cm long painted on both the sides at the rate of rs5 per Sam.find the cost of painting.

    asked by deepanshu
  60. physics

    A car of mass 537 kg is moving 32.0° North of East at a speed of 22.7 m/s. What is the magnitude of the momentum of the car? (magnitude - how big is it? ignore direction)

    asked by Anonymous
  61. physics

    on a trip a car covers 42.3 miles in 40.0 minutes. find the average velocity in m/s and km/hr

    asked by roger

    ANGULAR VELOCITY OF SECOND HAND OF WATCH IS a 2pi /30sec B pi/30sec C pi/60sec D PI/1800

    asked by AYESHA
  63. Science

    What form of pollution, if any, does each energy source cause? How does the economy influence energy source choices? How does location influence energy source choices?

    asked by Chloé
  64. Algebra

    I need help with this question; A printer can print 40 pages in 1.6 minutes. a. Write and solve a proportion to find the number of pages that the printer can print in 5 minutes. b. Lana wants to use the printer to print 150 pages. Find the time, in

    asked by Mary Ann
  65. Algebra, can some show me how to set this up

    If f(x) = x − 7, find the following. f(13) f(-6) f(p) Thank you, you guys do not know what it means to me that I have a site that has a wonderful group of people to help us trying to understand.

    asked by Mary Ann
  66. Algebra (Factoring)

    What's the easiest way to factor this completely? 2x^4-10x^2-72 A step-by-step solution would really help me a lot. Thanks :)

    asked by Jean-Claude
  67. lehman

    Investment A clothing company borrows $700,000. Some of the money is borrowed at 8%, some at 9%, and some at 10% simple annual interest. How much is borrowed at each rate when the total annual interest is $60,500 and the amount borrowed at 8% is three

    asked by bibi
  68. Physics

    an ice block at 0 degree celcius is dropped from height 'h' above the ground. what should be the value of 'h' so that it just melts completely by the time it reaches the bottom assuming the loss of whole gravitational potential energy is used as heat by

    asked by Yogesh
  69. lehman

    Hair Products A hair product company sells three types of hair products for $30, $20, and $10 per unit. In one year, the total revenue for the three products was $800,000, which corresponded to the sale of 40,000 units. The company sold half as many units

    asked by bibi
  70. finance

    You wish to retire in 12 years and currently have $50,000 in a savings account yielding 5 percent annually and $100,000 in quality "blue chip" stocks yielding 10 percent. If you expect to add $30,000 at the end of each year to your stock portfolios, how

    asked by shea
  71. English

    what is the difference to enhanced physical qualities to intellectual qualities

    asked by Antonio
  72. Anatomy

    I need to do a project for my anatomy class. I need to make a human heart showing blood flow. Can you recommend some site to help me. I don't want to spend a lot of money of the items needed. Please help

    asked by Gabby
  73. Word Problem

    The length and width of a rectangle are to each other as 4 is to 3. A second rectangle are 4 units longer and 2 units wider than the first one, and has twice as great an area as the first. Find the dimensions of the first rectangle.

    asked by Lina
  74. Algebra ll

    Bernardo divided one polynomial by another, as shown below. (9x2-9x-10)/(3x+2) What is the quotient? A. 3x-1 + -8/3x+2 B. 3x-1 + -12/3x+2 C. 3x+5 D. 3x-5

    asked by Me and I
  75. english

    Thank you MS SUE

    asked by Antonio
  76. Physics

    An object is 30.0 cm to the left of a convex lens with a focal length of +8.0 cm. Calculate the distance from the lens. Would it be upright or inverted?

    asked by Me and I


    asked by AYESHA
  78. geography

    Upon the fall of constant in pole to the Ottoman Empire in 1453, was seen as the true inheritor of the Christian realm

    asked by zonaira
  79. Algebra

    Ms. Chang has 24 students in her class, and 8 of them are boys. What is the ratio of boys to girls? A. 1:2 B. 1:3 C. 2:1 D. 2:3 I think the answer is D but i'n not sure.

    asked by Anonymous
  80. word scramble

    PLEASE HELP!!!! I have a 24 letter word that I am having problems unscrambling.. eyspoopcsadhohgogtasodou

    asked by Lisa
  81. algerbra

    Graph the inequality 3x + y ¡Ü 5 on a separate piece of paper. List in the answer box:

    asked by dani
  82. science (CHECK plz)

    How did Lamarck and Darwin differ in their thinking about species? A. Darwin thought that organisms could induce their own changes, while Lamarck thought that change could only be induced by an organism's environment. B. Darwin thought that change could

    asked by Me
  83. Algebra

    A ramp leads up to a building. The top of the ramp is 4 feet above the ground, and the bottom is 14 feet from the building. what is the length of the ramp? I think the answer is 18 ft. choices are: A. 18.6ft B. 18ft C. 14.6ft D. 10ft

    asked by Anonymous
  84. science

    PLEASE HELP I am trying to unscramble this word eyspoopcsadhohgogtasodou

    asked by Lisa
  85. Algebra

    simplify 5!/3! A. 5 B. 20 C. 40 D. 120

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Cumulative sentences english

    Able to think only of my mother's surgery the next morning, I could not even eat my dinner, much less get any sleep, nor could I do my homework. My Answer First one is periodic sentence Unable to eat dinner, do my homework, or get any sleep, I could think

    asked by Robert
  87. algebra

    cube labeled 1 to 6 rolls 450 times. predict rolling less than 3

    asked by Anonymous