Questions Asked on
May 30, 2014

  1. chemistry

    A solution of Al2 (SO4) 3 {d=1.253gm/ml } contain 22% salt by weight. The molarity, normality, and molality of the solution is?

    asked by Zoya
  2. math

    43. A phone company charges 10 cents per minute for the first 3 minutes of a call, and 10-cents for each minute thereafter.What is the cost, in cents, of a 10-minute phone call? a. 200-20c b.100c+70 c. 30+7c d.100-7c e. 100-70c please answer and explain

    asked by Thomas
  3. Geometry

    An action movie production team needs glass spheres to hold a green liquid that looks like an explosive. If all of the available 3,392.92 cubic inches of the liquid is to be poured into 30 glass spheres, what should the diameter of each sphere be? Assume

    asked by Denver
  4. Algebra/I think I did this wrong

    Suppose that people's heights (in centimeters) are normally distributed, with a mean of 170 and a standard deviation of 5. We find the heights of 50 people. (You may need to use the standard normal distribution table. Round your answers to the nearest

    asked by Mary Ann
  5. physics

    The equation for distance is d = st. How far does a car go in 10 seconds at a speed of 44 m/s?

    asked by manuel
  6. Math

    If $6,700 is invested at 4.6% interest compounded semi-annually, how much will the investment be worth in 15 years?

    asked by Dawane
  7. U.S History (PLEASE help!!!)

    Which statement correctly explains the reasons that the Compromise of 1820 and the Compromise of 1850 were unsuccessful at solving the nation's issues? a. Slave labor was such an important part of the American economy that most Northern states stopped

    asked by #1Student
  8. english

    Kevin has two passions in life _____ making money and spending it.

    asked by tammela
  9. Macroeconomic

    An increase in the capital stock will: A. Shift production function downward. B. Shift the production function upward C. Flatten the production function D. Steepen the production function The answer is B?

    asked by Juan
  10. Physics

    A 2.5-kg block is sliding along a rough horizontal surface and collides with a horizontal spring whose spring constant is 320 N/m. Unstretched, the spring is 20.0 cm long. The block causes the spring to compress to a length of 12.5 cm as the block

    asked by Drew
  11. Algebra 1 Answer Re-evaluation

    Multiply. Simplify your answer. 1. (n + 3/n- 5) x (n^2 - 5n) A: n^2 + 3n 2. (6xy^2/2x^2y^6) x (6x^4y^4/9x^3) A: 2 3. (3h^3 - 6h/10g^2) x (4g/g^2 - 2g) (This is the correct expression. There is no typo.) A: ? 4. (m^2 + m - 2/m^2 - 2m - 8) x (m^2 -8 + 16/3m

    asked by Victoria
  12. chem

    Three of the primary components of air are carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen. In a sample containing a mixture of only these gases at exactly one atmosphere pressure, the partial pressures of carbon dioxide and ni- trogen are given as PCO2 = 0.285 torr

    asked by a
  13. physics

    an object is dropped from the window of an apartment in a high rise building reaches the ground in 3 seconds. on which floor the apartment is located if height of each floor is 4m and window is 1 meter above the ground of that floor?

    asked by fatimah
  14. math

    When a is divided by 7,the remainder is 4.When b is divided by 3,the remainder is 2.If 0

    asked by Thomas
  15. reading

    the theme of forbidden love is introduced in soliloquy, dramatic irony, and dynamic growth occurs in ____________

    asked by reina bonilla
  16. help

    A person standing 34 meters from the foot of a chimney finds that the measure of the angle of elevation to the top of the chimney is 52 degrees. To the nearest tenth of a meter, find the height of the chimney.

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Health insurance

    the patient received preventive medicine services. the physician's fee is $150. the patient's copayment is $10 (0f the $75 fee schedule) ...the payer reimburses the physician 80% of the $75

    asked by bernnadette
  18. Physics

    A 2.50 kg fireworks shell is fired straight up from a mortar and reaches a height of 110. m. (a) Neglecting air resistance (a poor assumption, but we will make it for this example), calculate the shell’s velocity when it leaves the mortar. (b) The mortar

    asked by Anonymous
  19. help please trig

    According to the Americans With Disabilities Act, a ramp can rise no more than 1 ft for every 12 ft of horizontal distance. To the nearest tenth degree what is the maximum angle that the ramp can form with the ground?

    asked by HELP!!!!
  20. chem

    A reaction yields 0.00704 mol of O2 gas. What volume will the gas occupy if it is collected at 16.0◦C and 0.767 atm pressure? Answer in units of mL

    asked by reis
  21. chem

    A sample of carbon dioxide with a mass of 0.91 g was placed in a 335 mL container at 363 K. What is the pressure exerted by the gas? Answer in units of atm

    asked by reis
  22. chem

    NH3 gas is pumped into the reservoir of a refrigeration unit at a pressure of 2.20 atm. The capacity of the reservoir is 20.4 L. The temperature is 26.1◦C. What is the mass of the gas? Answer in units of g

    asked by reis
  23. Algebra 1--Please, check my answers!

    Multiply. Simplify your answer. 1. (n + 3/n- 5) x (n^2 - 5n) A: n^2 + 3n 2. (6xy^2/2x^2y^6) x (6x^4y^4/9x^3) A: 2 3. (3h^3 - 6h/10g^2) x (4g/g^2 - 2g) (This is the correct expression. There is no typo.) A: ? 4. (m^2 + m - 2/m^2 - 2m - 8) x (m^2 -8 + 16/3m

    asked by Victoria
  24. Physics

    A block of mass 12.0 kg is initially sitting at rest on a 30.0o incline. There is a spring mounted to the ramp with spring constant k = 13500 N/m. The block is released to slide down the incline and comes to a stop momentarily after the spring has been

    asked by Allen
  25. Chemistry

    A sample of hydrogen gas is collected by water displacement at 20.0'C when the atmospheric pressure is 99.8kPa. What is the pressure of the dry hydrogen, if the partial pressure of water vapour is 2.33kPa at that temperature?

    asked by Han
  26. chemistry

    you wish to combine two samples, one sample contains is solid water at 0 degree celsius.The other sample contains liquid water at 100 degree celsius,you want to combine both raise the temperature to 100 but boil off only 50 ml to gas phase keep the rest as

    asked by treasa
  27. math

    At a horizontal distance of 34 meters from the base of a tower, the angle of elevation to the top is 72 degrees. Find the line of sight distance to the nearest meter.

    asked by Anonymous
  28. English (Checking)

    (1-4) Choose the sentence that contains an error in the use of commas. A tiny white diamond sparkled on her finger.

    asked by Jazy :)
  29. physics

    a wooden slab starting from rest slide down a 10m long inclined plane with acceleration of 5m per sec what would be the speed ay the bottom of the inclined plane

    asked by manoj kumar
  30. chemistry

    you wish to combine two samples, one sample contains is solid water at 0 degree celsius.The other sample contains liquid water at 0 degree celsius,you want to combine both raise the temperature to 100 degree celcius but boil off only 50 ml to gas phase

    asked by treasa
  31. chemistry

    You react 25.0 liters of oxygen gas at STP with 50.0 ml of ethanol liquid. Ethanol has a density of 0.789 g/ml. After actually running the reaction you determined the percent yield was only 78.5%. How many LITERS of CO2 did you make? (Must put CO2 in

    asked by Amy
  32. MATH

    Which of the following ordered pairs represents the solution to the system of equations below? -3x+2y=2 7x-3y=7 [8.EE.8.b] A. (2, 4) B. (4, 7) C. (7, 14) D. (8, 13)

    asked by keke
  33. Statistic

    For 3 and 4 find the range, variance, and standard deviation. Round to the nearest tenth. 3. Twelve students were given an arithmetic test and the times (in minutes) to complete it were 10, 9, 12, 11, 8, 15, 9, 7, 8, 6, 12, 10 4. The normal daily

    asked by Artmisha
  34. Math

    Two concentric circles have radii of 24cm and 26cm. What is the length of the chord that is tangent to the inner circle? I don't understand the tangent, like where do I draw the line?

    asked by Summer
  35. math

    The distance between points A and B is 10 units. If a has coordinates (4,-6) and B has coordinates (-2,y), determine the value of y. Please show work and explain. A.-6 B.-2 C.0 D.1 E.2 This is what I got so far: 10= square root of (4-(-2))^2+(-6-(y))^2

    asked by Johnny
  36. U.S History

    Jacksonian Democracy is associated with which of the following? A) rejection of states’ rights B) rejection of a national bank** C) rejection of weakening the central government D) rejection of strict interpretation of the Constitution

    asked by #1Student
  37. MATH

    Find the least common denominator of the two rational expressions. 4k 2 ________ + ________ k^2 - 9 3 - k

    asked by Skye
  38. Math

    Which display is best to determine the relationship between the number of hours worked and the amount of money paid?

    asked by Helper
  39. Physics

    A 75.0 kg skydiver is free falling at 65.0 m/s when she pops her parachute. As the 'chute opens she slows to 5.50 m/s over a distance of 45.0 m. What force does the parachute exert of her harness during this time?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. English

    I will distribute a sheet of paper to each of you. Then you should draw a big box on the back first. After that draw three vertical lines and five horizontal lines to make a table. Then you can have three columns and six rows in the table. In the first

    asked by rfvv
  41. Physic

    A standing wave is formed on a string for which three and one half wavelengths fit into the total length of the string, which is 2.5 m. The wave has a period of 0.10 s. If the string has a mass density of 220 g/m, what is the tension in the string?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Math HELP

    The number of apples in an apple tree after subtracting by 6, multiplying by 6, dividing by 6, in that calculating order, equals 6. How many apples are on the tree? _________________________________________ Please help me with another :( There is a box of

    asked by RandomMan
  43. chemistry

    A gas has a volume of V1 = 565 mL. If the temperature is held constant, what volume would the gas occupy if P2 = 16 P1? Answer in units of mL

    asked by reis
  44. chemistry

    What volume would the gas occupy if P2 = 0.29 P1? Answer in units of mL

    asked by reis
  45. HELP!!!!

    Lee is on a cliff 360 m above sea level, the angle of depression of a ship is 28 degrees. To the nearest meter, what is the distance between the ship and the base of the cliff? Would this be set up 360/tan28 due to it being the angle of DEPRESSION?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. chem

    A sample of oxygen that occupies 1.8 × 10−6 mL at 582 mm Hg is subjected to a pressure of 1.51 atm.m. What will the final volume of the sample be if the temperature is held constant? Answer in units of mL

    asked by reis
  47. chem

    A gas has a pressure of 2.93 atm when its volume is 3.99 L. What will the pressure be when the volume is changed to 1.56 L, assuming constant temperature? Express the final pressure in torr. Answer in units of torr

    asked by reis
  48. 5th Grade Math

    For their first 60 games the Robins had a record of 28 wins and 32 losses. How many of their next 90 games must they win if their total record is to show twice as many wins as losses?

    asked by RandomMan
  49. chem

    At standard temperature, a gas has a volume of 345 mL. The temperature is then increased to 124◦C, and the pressure is held constant. What is the new volume? Answer in units of mL

    asked by reis
  50. chem

    A child receives a balloon filled with 27 L of helium from a vendor at an amusement park. The temperature outside is 304 K. What will the volume of the balloon be when the child brings it home to an air-conditioned house at 294 K? Assume that the pressure

    asked by reis
  51. chem

    An aerosol can contains gases under a pressure of 4.5 atm at 15◦C. If the can is left on a hot sandy beach, the pressure of the gases increases to 4.78 atm. What is the Celsius temperature on the beach? Answer in units of ◦C

    asked by reis
  52. chem

    The pressure on a gas at −43◦C is doubled, but its volume is held constant. What will the final temperature be in degrees Celsius? Answer in units of ◦C

    asked by reis
  53. chem

    A gas has a volume of 1.62 L at −19◦C and 192 kPa. At what temperature would the gas occupy 1.25 L at 211 kPa? Answer in units of ◦C

    asked by reis
  54. chem

    A weather balloon at Earth’s surface has a volume of 3.9 L at 280 K and 795 mm Hg. If the balloon is released and the volume reaches 4.05 L at 704 mm Hg, what is the temperature? Answer in units of K

    asked by reis
  55. chem

    Liquid carbon disulfide reacts with 415 mL of oxygen to produce the gases carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. What volume of carbon dioxide is produced? Answer in units of L

    asked by reis
  56. rounding

    146.627 rounded to the nearest tenth of a foot? I got 146.6 but that wouldn't be it right, because it has to be a whole number so 147?

    asked by Anonymous

    Dylan's Bicycle Shop offers a new bicycle on sale for $259.92 after a 10% markdown. What was the cost of the bicycle to Dylan if the markup was 30% based on the cost? (Round to the nearest cent.)

    asked by misty
  58. chem

    A gas occupying 10 mL at standard conditions is heated to 10◦C while the pressure is reduced to 0.92114 atm. What is the new volume occupied by the gas? Answer in units of mL

    asked by a
  59. Vocabulary

    It is easy to swm across _ pool. What type of pool? It a six letter word.

    asked by Coretta
  60. Chemistry

    A tank of chlorine gas contains 25.00 kg of pressurized liquid chlorine. If all the chlorine is released in its gaseous for at 17'C and 0.98atm, what volume does it occupy?

    asked by Han
  61. Physics

    A pendulum consists of a swinging mass hanging from a massless string. The hanging mass is 2.0 kg and the string is 400.0 cm long. If the mass has a speed of 8.0 m/s when it passes the lowest point of its swing, a) what is the speed when the string makes

    asked by Tom
  62. Algebra 1--Please, help me!

    Multiply. Simplify your answer. 1. n + 3/n- 5 x (n^2 - 5n) A: n^2 + 3n 2. 6xy^2/2x^2y^6 x 6x^4y^4/9x^3 A: 2 3. 3h^3 - 6h/10g^2 x 4g/g^2 - 2g A: ? 4. m^2 + m - 2/m^2 - 2m - 8 x m^2 -8 + 16/3m -3 A: m-4/3

    asked by Victoria
  63. Physics

    A projectile is launched at an angle of 34.0o above the horizontal. The projectile has a mass of 1.50 kg and is given an initial speed of 20.0 m/s. a) What is the initial kinetic energy of the projectile? b) By how much does the gravitational potential

    asked by John
  64. Physics

    A box is pushed down an incline from point A to point B by a force F (and also under the influence of its weight). The distance from A to B, along the ramp, is 5.0 m. The force F is parallel to the incline, as shown, and has a magnitude of 2.0 N. The force

    asked by Abby
  65. Physics

    Two masses are connected by a string over an ideal pulley as shown. The coefficient of kinetic friction between m1 and the table surface is 𝜇. Find an expression for their common speed after the blocks have moved a distance L. You can assume that you

    asked by Terry
  66. History,geography,math lite and tourism

    I am doing grade 11 and i was wondering if you guys can help me found out which jobs i can do if im doing tourism,geography,history and math lite

    asked by Saneh
  67. Algebra 1--Please, help me!

    Divide. Simplify your answer. 1. 2/n^3 / n-6/n^5 A: 2n^3/n-6? 2. 2x^2 + 8x + 6/x / 2x^2 + 2x/x^3 - x^2 A: 1 3. 8b^3c/b^2c / (4b^2 + 4b) A: 1/2b^2

    asked by Victoria
  68. english 11

    what is the poem young by anne Sexton about?

    asked by emily
  69. Algebra 1

    Multiply. Simplify your answer. 1. (n + 3/n- 5) x (n^2 - 5n) A: n^2 + 3n 2. (6xy^2/2x^2y^6) x (6x^4y^4/9x^3) A: 2 3. (3h^3 - 6h/10g^2) x (4g/g^2 - 2g) (There is no typo.) A: ? 4. (m^2 + m - 2/m^2 - 2m - 8) x (m^2 -8 + 16/3m -3) (There is no typo.) A:

    asked by Victoria
  70. Physic

    The tension on a wire is 2640 N. The wire is 2.6 m long and the fundamental frequency is 330 Hz. What is the mass of the wire? (Answer: 2.33g) Answer is provided above. Please show all work on how to get the answer. Thank you!

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Statistics 1

    If light bulbs are normally distributed with a mean of 2500 hrs. and a standard deviation of 500 hrs. what percentage of light bulbs have a life span less than 2500 hrs.?

    asked by Tom gordy
  72. Math

    In a family six members eat meat; five members eat fish while two eat both. Calculate the number of members in the family. How do we solve these ones? Hints please...

    asked by Christopher
  73. chemistry

    you wish to combine two samples, one sample contains is solid water at 0 degree celsius.The other sample contains liquid water at 100 degree celsius,you want to combine both raise the temperature to 100 but boil off only 50 ml to gas phase keep the rest as

    asked by treasa
  74. physics

    A body is projected vertically upwards with a speed of 40 m/s.Find the distance travelled by body in last second of upward journey?(g=9.8m/s2 neglect effect of air resistance)

    asked by mona
  75. bio

    The probability that their baby will be a carrier of the gene for PKU is (A) ___3/4_______. The probability that their baby will be affected by PKU is (B) __________. If both genotypes were Pp, the probability that their baby would be affected by PKU would

    asked by carrie
  76. maths

    inside a rectangular field there is a path 2 meter wide on all sides.If the dimension of the fields are 40 meter and 25meter. Find the area of the field

    asked by Milan Deepak
  77. binomial thearm

    x to the power of 10 +5x to the power of 9 +4x to the power of 8 divided by x+2

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Biochemistry

    Would nicotine undergo 1. oxidation 2. coupling with diazonium compounds 3. nitration How easy would it be for these reactions, when compared to benzene? Thanks! :)

    asked by Matt
  79. Algebra 2

    2. a farmer has 400 meters of fence with which to enclose a portion of land. the farmer wants to enclose a rectangular piece of ground that is as large as possible. the land is bordered by water on two sides. There are three options for the farmer Option

    asked by monni
  80. math

    what is the rate compounded every 3 months that will make $4770 become $8233 in 3 years ?

    asked by fizz
  81. physical science

    A 0.200 kg ball sits on a shelf 2.00 meters from the floor and then falls to a point 1.00 meter from the floor ignoring any affects due to fiction at this position_______

    asked by jacob
  82. Algebra can someone guide me

    If f(x) = x − 7, find the following. a f(13) b f(-6) c f(p)

    asked by Mary Ann
  83. life sciences,maths lit,geography and history

    I want to know that can I be a branch manager from sasol fuel company if im doing this learning area's?

    asked by Nkululeko
  84. Simplify Polynomials

    -3f^2+4f-3+8f^2+7ft1 3x^2+5x-5x^2-4x+5-2 Pleeaase help me! this is worth 4 points and I have my answers but they just don't fit the multiple choice answers.

    asked by nonononono
  85. Algebra


    asked by Bebe
  86. Algebra


    asked by Bebe
  87. trig! check my answe please

    An advertising blimp hovers over a stadium at an altitude of 125 m. The pilot sights a tennis court at an 8o angle of depression. To the nearest meter, find the ground distance in a straight line between the stadium and the tennis court. I set it up

    asked by Anonymous
  88. geometry

    A hemispherical dome holds a volume of 486π..find the surface area (omit the area of the circle)? I just need the formulas id use

    asked by Jane
  89. how would i set this up?

    According to the Americans With Disabilities Act, a ramp can rise no more than 1 ft for every 12 ft of horizontal distance. To the nearest tenth degree what is the maximum angle that the ramp can form with the ground?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. PE

    Ms. Sue please help. 1. Coupled with inactivity and poor eating habits, Cary usually feels very sluggish around 10:00 a.m., and his second period teacher has noticed he loses concentration during class. Which long-term health benefit could Cary improve

    asked by Austin
  91. Pure maths ,accounting ,business studies,economics

    What careers can i do with these subjects?

    asked by Tine
  92. simplify the expression

    14^-4 (-8x)*3x^2 I don't understand these the answers I'm getting don't match.

    asked by nonononono
  93. Multiply write the result in scientific notation.

    Its only practice work but I NEED the extra points. These are the problems I am having trouble with: (9*10^4) (8*10^6)

    asked by nonononono
  94. Math

    Graph and identify the coordinates of a rectangle with a length of at least 5 units and a width of at least 2 units. Each vertex of the rectangle must be in a different quadrant. Two of the points must have rational coordinates that are not integers. I'm

    asked by Gaylee
  95. English

    1. She has a watch made in Switzerland. 2. She has a watch which was made in Switzerland. 3. She has a watch which is made in Switzerland. ------------------ Does #1 mean #2 or #3?

    asked by rfvv