Questions Asked on
May 28, 2014

  1. English

    Please check my answers. 1) Choose the correct form of the pronoun in parentheses. I just found my favorite photo of my brother and (he, him). I choose 'him'. 2) Identify how the pronoun is used in the sentence. Marcy, please give this pizza to them. A)

    asked by Ureba Hamind Batra
  2. Science

    Which part of the ocean floor is part of the continuous underwater mountain range that circles Earth? B. Mid-ocean ridge Which of the following statements describes the difference between physical and chemical weathering? B. Physical weathering is caused

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Precal, please help asap!

    How many solutions does a triangle with values a = 42, A = 117 degrees, and b = 34 have

    asked by l
  4. English

    Read the following passage from "Another Evening at the Club." Directly he removed his hands her whole body was seized with an uncontrollable trembling. Frightened he would notice, she rose to her feet and walked with deliberate steps towards the large

    asked by Ureba Hamind Batra
  5. english, literature

    Please explain the use of humour in the essays "Back to the Desk" of Robert Lynd??

    asked by Paakhi
  6. Math

    At your summer with a research company, you must get a random sample of people from your town to answer a question about spending habits. Which of the following Methods is most likely to be random? a)You survey customers at the local shopping mall b)You

    asked by Dope Fresh Nation
  7. k12

    Which statement about Charlemagne's achievements is not true? A. He waged war against the Lombards and the Moors and greatly expanded the territory of his empire. B. He was a king of the Saxons who resisted the pope's efforts to spread Christianity

    asked by tyreek
  8. calculus

    A golf ball is hit off the top of a cliff that is 75 feet tall at an angle of 45° to the horizontal with an initial velocity of 80 feet per second. The quadratic equation shown below models the height, h(x), of the ball when it is x feet from the

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Science

    1. Which of the following is evidence that groundwater cause erosion and deposition ? a) the formation of meanders b) the formation of large boulders in the desert c) the formation of alluvial fans d) the formation of stalagmites and stalactites in caverns

    asked by Anonymous
  10. math

    Tiffany purchased a $10,000, 13-week Treasury bill that's paying 2.25%. What is the effective rate on this T-bill? A. 2.7% B. 2.26% C. 2.0% I think its b

    asked by bowhunter99
  11. Science

    What form of pollution, if any, does each energy source cause? How does the economy influence energy source choices? How does location influence energy source choices?

    asked by Chloé
  12. geometry

    a line segment has end point P(3,6) and Q(12,18) and is dilated so that's its new endpoints are Q' (8,12). What is the scale factor? If the lenght of PQ is 15 what is the lenght of P' Q'? Can you plez help worth 10 points

    asked by Destiny
  13. Math

    James takes a ruler and measures the width of the piece of paper. He find that the actual width is 48.8 cm. Find the width of each strip.

    asked by Help
  14. Physics

    The average person passes out at an acceleration of 7g (that is, seven times the gravitational acceleration on Earth). Suppose a car is designed to accelerate at this rate. How much time would be required for the car to accelerate from rest to 61.8 miles

    asked by Shaun
  15. Home Economics

    7. The goal of the European Union is to _____. outdo the United States as an international trading nation coordinate tariffs among its members make a bigger trading bloc than that of the Asian nations create a single regional economy among its members

    asked by Lana
  16. science question

    Which process tends to occur more quickly, natural selection or artificial selection?

    asked by luna
  17. Physics

    Someone in a car going past you at the speed of 24 m/s drops a small rock from a height of 1.6 m. How far from the point of the drop will the rock hit the ground? The acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2.

    asked by Anna
  18. British Literature

    Compare and contrast Samuel pepys's style in his diary entries and Jonathan swifts style in Gulliver's travels. Both John Bunyan and Jonathan swift criticized society. Compare and contrast John Bunyan style in the pilgrims progress and Jonathan swifts

    asked by Marie
  19. algebra

    A store sells mixtures of almonds and cashews for $6.50 per pound. Peanuts sell for $2.95 per pound and cashews sell for $7.95. How many pounds of each should be used to make 80 pounds of this mixture?

    asked by nick
  20. MATH

    Ido not know how to do this. A jar contains 5 green erasers, 2 striped erasers, 4 pink erasers, and 3 white erasers. You select an eraser at random. What is P(not pink)? (1 point)

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Science

    An oxygen ion has 8 protons and 6 electrons. What is its charge in coulombs?

    asked by Jaden
  22. math

    In a random sample of 75 individuals, it was found that 52 of them prefer coffee to tea. What is the margin of error for the true proportion of all individuals who prefer coffee?

    asked by LK
  23. math

    After flying at an altitude of 9 kilometers, an airplane starts to descend when its ground distance from the landing field is 175 kilometers. To the nearest degree what is the angle of depression for this portion of the flight?

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Math

    James has a square piece of paper. He wants to cut it into strips of equal width. He says, This piece of paper is about 48 cm wide. How can he find the width of each strip without measuring? Is this width accurate?

    asked by Question
  25. english

    In "A Man Called Horse," After his wife leaves him, Yellow Robe Behaves recklessly in battle because he A. would rather die than live with the bitterness he feels as a result of his lost pride B. is trying to gain membership in the society known as the

    asked by Elena
  26. algebra/please help I have been wrong twice

    An oil-drilling company knows that it costs $25,000 to sink a test well. If oil is hit, the income for the drilling company will be $395,000. If only natural gas is hit, the income will be $125,000. If nothing is hit, there will be no income. If the

    asked by Mary Ann
  27. Math

    Marcy paid $35 for 10 kg of raisins. She divided raisins equally into two containers. Then she sold raisins in the first container at $4.50 per kg and those in second container at $5.50 per kg. How much money did Marcy earn after selling all the raisins?

    asked by Question
  28. Geometry (Checking)

    2.) Which is true about both Pappus's Theorem and Desargues' Theorem? Each theorem applies to spherical geometry. Each conclusion states that three points are collinear.

    asked by Jazy
  29. Global history

    Compare and contrast European colonization of the Americas in the 16th and 17th centuries with European colonization of Africa and Asia in the 18th and 19th centuries. Be sure to address the motives for colonization and the impact that colonization had on

    asked by Ryan
  30. Precal, TRUE OR FALSE

    TRUE OR FALSE The motion of a pendulum for which the maximum displacement from equilibrium varies is an example of simple harmonic motion.

    asked by l
  31. Math Help

    A shop owner bought 30 folders and some journal. He paid @82.50 for the folders. Each journal cost 10 times as much as a folder. What was the cost of each journal?

    asked by Math
  32. Physics

    A batter hits a ball and it is caught 4 seconds later 100 meters from home plate. What is the initial velocity of the ball?

    asked by Ashley
  33. math

    The manager of a tea shop mixes two types of teas to make a specialty blend. Alone, the teas sell for $3.99 and $8.99 per ounce. How many ounces of each type of tea should be used to make 32 ounces of a mixture that sells for $5.99 per ounce?

    asked by sean
  34. chemistry

    CH4+2O2====>2H2O+CO2.calculate the mass of CO2 and H2O formed by combustion of 64g of CH4.

    asked by Abdullah
  35. Algebra

    A bought some carrots and apples for $24.80. A carrot and an apple $0.90 altogether. She bought more carrots than apples. The cost of the extra number of carrots was $6.80. How many apples did A buy?

    asked by Test
  36. math

    a basic cellular phone plan costs $18 per month for 50 calling minutes. Additional time costs $0.30 per minute. The formula C = 18+0.30 (x-50) gives the monthly cost for this plan for calling minutes, where x > 50. How many calling minutes are possible for

    asked by toni
  37. Physics

    The piolt of an airplane wishes to fly due north, but there is a 65-km/h wind blowing toward the east. in what direction should the pilot head her plane if its speed relative to the air is 340 km/h?

    asked by Britt

    If a triangle ABC has A = 52 degrees, side a = 178, and side b = 234, then what is the measure of B? B= 62.3 or 117.7 B = 62.3 B = 117.7 there is no solution

    asked by l
  39. math

    malik folded his square piece of art paper exactly 4 times so that the creases formed 16 squares as shown. Which fraction describes how malik folded the paper? A. 1/2 B. 1/3 C. 1/4 D. 1/16

    asked by I NEED HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  40. Language Arts CHECK ANSWERS

    PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWERS 1. Adolescence is the period of life that follows A. infancy. B. adulthood. C. childhood.*** 2. Students can feel overwhelmed by A. a day off. B. an easy test. C. a lot of homework.*** 3. Everyone admired the grandeur of A. the rose

    asked by mstv1112
  41. math

    Denise took a total of 80 calls on her shift at work today. Of those 80 calls, 55% were resolved, 15% escalated to a supervisor, and 10% required that a technician be sent out to the customer's house. What is the total number of calls that Denise resolved

    asked by lannie
  42. physics

    Two cars, A and B, travel in the same direction on a straight section of highway. A has a speed of 69.5 km/h, and B a speed of 84.3 km/h (both relative to the earth). (b) If A is initially 394 m in front of B, how long will it take for B to reach A?

    asked by jessy
  43. physics

    a flying bat emits squeaks of frequency 80 kHz.if a stationary observer hears the frequency of the squeaks as 78kHz,is the bat moving towards or away from the observer?determine the speed at which the bat is flying.

    asked by precious

    In "A Man Called Horse," After his wife leaves him, Yellow Robe Behaves recklessly in battle because he A. would rather die than live with the bitterness he feels as a result of his lost pride B. is trying to gain membership in the society known as the

    asked by PLEASE HELP!
  45. statistics

    An average of 1.4 private airplanes arrive per hour at an airport. Let x denote the number of private airplanes that will arrive at this airport during a given hour. Calculate the probability distribution of x. Find the probability that x = 4.

    asked by maggie
  46. chemistry

    NaHclO3 breaks into Na+ and HClO3-, and that further breaks into H+ and ClO3-, is that right?

    asked by A
  47. Geometry

    Could anyone tell me if this question is correct? 2.) Which is true about both Pappus's Theorem and Desargues' Theorem? Each theorem applies to spherical geometry. Each conclusion states that three points are collinear.

    asked by Jazy
  48. physics

    how much force is required to stop a 100 mi/hr fastball? assume the catcher's mitt stops the ball in 1 millisecond and the mass of a baseball is 145 g

    asked by dick
  49. penn foster

    When three lilies are arranged in a pattern in which the largest lily is lowest and the next one up is smaller and the next one is even smaller than the second, the designer is using the technique called

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Algebra 1

    While playing a game, Rachel pulls two tiles out of a bag without looking and without replacing the first tile. The bag has two colors of tiles--black and white. There are 10 more white tiles than black tiles. a. Write and simplify an expression that

    asked by Serena
  51. 3rdgrade math

    How do I explain how to use multiplication to convert yards to feet? I am not very good at this subject.

    asked by Oren
  52. Math Help

    Plastic tub has capacity of 13.5 quarts. It can hold 3 times as much liquid as a pail. Pail can hold twice as much liquid as can. Find capacity of pail and that of the can in quarts.

    asked by Math
  53. chemistry

    ) A chemist dissolves 1.000 x 103 g of potassium hydroxide in enough water to make 1.5 L of stock solution. The chemist later wants 2.00 x 102 mL of 0.10 M potassium hydroxide. How much stock solution does the chemist need in order to make this second

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Math

    Draw a concave quadrilateral that is not an arrowhead

    asked by Sandy
  55. Geometry

    Abcd is a parallelogram. If m

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Math

    A tractor-trailer worth $84 000 depreciates 20% the first year and 10% each year thereafter. How much is it worth after 5 years?

    asked by Han
  57. math

    The simple formula for the nth term of an arithmetic sequence is an = 6n + 14. What is the explicit formula corresponding to the simple formula?

    asked by junner
  58. math

    Suppose f(x) = x^3 on the interval [1, 4]. Use the Mean Value Theorem to find all values c in the open interval (1, 4) such that f'(c)= (f(4)-f(1))/4-1 c= square root of 7 c= cubed root of 21 c = 7 Mean Value Theorem does not apply

    asked by Anonymous
  59. math

    Ray has a board that is 16 feet long. He cuts off 11 feet to make a shelf. What is the length of the board that is left?

    asked by Jim
  60. technology

    a small piston in a hydraulic system has a force of 10 n and moves a distance of 100mm.calculate the force reqiured to move the large piston if it moves 20mm

    asked by noxolo
  61. math

    Nathan bought 8 wooden posts to build a fence. The length of each post is 6 feet 4 inches. What is the total length in inches of the 8 posts? A. 608 B. 576 C. 166 D. 76

    asked by I Need Help Fast
  62. Mathamatics

    Solve the following trigonometry identities. a) 1-cos2(theta) = sin(theta)cos(theta)/cot(theta) b) (1-cos2(theta))(1-tan2(theta))=sin2(theta)-2sin4(theta)/1-sin2(theta) *its supposed to be cos to the power of two, sin to the power of four, etc. There is

    asked by Zoë
  63. Math

    A jar contains 5 red marbles and 3 green marbles. A marble is drawn at random and not replaced. A second marble is then drawn from the jar. Find the probability that both marbles are the same color. I figured out that the probability that both marbles are

    asked by S8
  64. algebra

    1) The maintenance crew is doing some work on the arch. The work will be done on the right side of the arch. In order to bring the equipment up the maintenance crew has constructed a temporary ramp from the ground on left side of the arch to the level

    asked by reneet
  65. physics

    I weigh 130 pounds, so how much would I weight on a neutron star?

    asked by Carly
  66. Math

    A jar contains 120 beads. b. How many red beans are there? The angle degree is 66, how would I find this out? I don't know how to.

    asked by Anonymous
  67. math

    Rona bought a length of rope. She cut off 1 meter of rope. Now she has 3 meters of rope. How much rope did Rona buy?

    asked by Jim
  68. trig

    Solve (1+tan square A)(1-sinA)(1+ sinA)

    asked by amal
  69. science

    what is a form of energy that is always transferred from a warmer substance to a cooler one?

    asked by bobby
  70. math

    Tyson handled 150 service calls on his shift yesterday. Of those, 20% resulted in a successful upsell of additional services. If Tyson makes a $6 commission on top of his regular salary for each successful upsell that he makes, how much commission did he

    asked by lannie
  71. Language Arts (CHECK ANSWERS)

    1. You already know that Anansi is a trickster. What does this tell you about the outcome of the folktale? (1 point) A: Everything will turn out the best possible way for all the characters. B: Everything will turn out the best possible way for Anansi. C:

    asked by Daisy
  72. Physics

    An 80 kg man is put into a tank of water. When completely submerged he displaces 75 L of water. If fatty body tissue has an average density of 0.9 kg/L and non-fatty body tissue has an average density of 1.1 kg/L, what percentage of the man is composed of

    asked by Teagan
  73. Basic grammar

    which of the following is an example of an indedefinte pronoun A. which b. this c. each d. you

    asked by Susie
  74. decimals

    ` a four digit number between 12 and 13 has an odd number in the hundredth place and an even number in the tenths place. the hundreths digit is greater than the tenths digit. the sum of the tenths and hundreths digits is 9. what are possible four-digit

    asked by jenny
  75. Geography

    What is the largest volcano in close proximity to Calgary?

    asked by Dennis
  76. College Algebra

    Let Z be equal to (2-5i) The question is z^2 +iz -(5+i) The answer I got for this was -22 + 18i but it isn't correct on my homework page please help/

    asked by Anonymous
  77. geometry

    Rewrite the following in If-then form: the product of x and y is an odd multiple of 5

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Math

    An isosceles triangle has an area A, an apex angle 2 theta, and a height of h. Determine an expression for theta in terms of A and h.

    asked by Libby
  79. trig

    At a horizontal distance of 101 meters from the base of a tower, the angle of elevation to the top is 15 degrees. Find the line of sight distance to the nearest meter.

    asked by danielle
  80. Science

    An object has a mass of 5.0 kg on the surface of the Moon. What would be the object's: a) mass on Earth b) force of gravity on Earth

    asked by Annie
  81. math

    Len buys 24 centimeters of blue trim and some gold trim. She buys a total of 54 centimeters of trim. How much gold trim does Len buy?

    asked by Jim
  82. Algebra

    I need help with some Algebra! Can someone help?

    asked by Sandy East Ward
  83. Math

    These are vectors: QA + __ =QB Complete the vector equation...

    asked by Christopher
  84. science

    2. I need help balancing this Na2(SO4) + CaCl2 „³ NaCl + Ca(SO4)

    asked by kay
  85. chemistry

    I say unsaturated. Am I right?

    asked by Hayden
  86. Math

    These are vectors as well: (a) AB + __ = CA = 0 (b) AB +BC + CD + DA = __ the first was a mistake i wanted these ones. Complete these and please if you can, explain.

    asked by Christopher
  87. physics

    For the system on the diagram, the string is massless, and slides over the pulley without friction. The masses are m1 = 5.7kg and m2 = 6.4kg. what is the magnitude of the acceleration of the system is ( in m/s2)

    asked by jake
  88. physics

    At a certain undisclosed place (probably not on Earth) an Atwood's like experiment gives the graph of 1/t2 vs Δm the slope is 3.8 (in 1/(kg s2). One also knows that h=1.3m, total mass =0.8kg and I/r2 = 0.08kg. what is the gravitational acceleration is (in

    asked by jake
  89. math

    Charlie must choose a number between and that is a multiple of , , and . Write all the numbers that he could choose. If there is more than one number, separate them with commas

    asked by David
  90. chemistry

    what will be the pH of a solution NaOH with the concentration 2,2.10mol

    asked by bryan
  91. math help plzzz!!!!!!!!!


    asked by jerry
  92. anatomy and physiology

    what are the dimensions of a microvillius?

    asked by marion
  93. Algebra

    Using a standard 52-card deck, whats the probability of being dealt a pair of aces in a 5-card hand?

    asked by Lily
  94. Albebra

    A flush in a five card hand with all cards of the same suit.What is the probability of getting a flush?

    asked by Mike
  95. Albebra

    2 dice are rolled.What is the probability that neither both numbers are 2's or their sum is less than 6?

    asked by Frank
  96. Algebra

    A club with 33 members is to select five officers president, vice president, sec, treasurer and historian. In how many way can the this be done. I am not sure if I ask this before, thank you

    asked by Mary Ann
  97. math

    There are two roads that connect Emily's house and John's house. Emily told john that she drove 3/4 of the total distance from her house to john's house on one day, but she did not tell him which road she took. A. using the long road, the distance between

    asked by I NEED HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  98. Math


    asked by JOSE
  99. Math

    A student rented a bicycle for a one-time fee of $12.00 and then a charge of $o.85 per day.She paid $28.15 for the use of the bicycle. How many dats did she keep it?

    asked by JOSE
  100. math

    A 1.6 km road rises 400 m. What is the angle of elevation of the road to the nearest degree?

    asked by danielle
  101. Math

    Cos180* - Sin90* + Cot45* - Csc30* - Sec240* - Tan315* How do I do this?

    asked by Victoria
  102. Math

    (1/25)-3/2 please solve this q

    asked by Farman
  103. English

    I just picked up the bill for everybody. --------------- What is the meaning of 'just' in the sentence?

    asked by rfvv
  104. math

    Sam uses an equation to calculate the total number of apples contained in any number of shipping crates. which of the following is an equation? A.n=a∗c B.n≥a∗c C.n≤a∗c D.n÷a∗c

    asked by I NEED HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  105. grammar

    When do I capitalize a noun?

    asked by ysabel
  106. vocab

    i need help

    asked by kay
  107. math

    Sam uses an equation to calculate the total number of apples contained in any number of shipping crates. which of the following is an equation? A.n=a∗c

    asked by I NEED HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  108. Prevents

    If a book would cost 36 dollars and it had 10 percent of discount how much would the book cost after the discount

    asked by Brittany
  109. Math (Pre-calc)

    I need to know how to solve this for my review questions. Thanks! The wheel on a racing bike have a radius of 14 in. How fast is the cyclist traveling in mph if the wheels are turning at 280 revolutions per minute. find the exact value of the expression.

    asked by matt
  110. Harris

    what is the perimeter of parallelogram with sides of 3x + 5 and x +7?

    asked by Nidster
  111. maths

    3^n-1=2^n+1 how can i solve this problems, please help?

    asked by Robert
  112. Math

    Is there a case when you might prefer algebraically over graphically solving a system? Why or why not? Think about the type of possible solutions and how the method might affect your choice. My answer: A case when I would prefer a algebraically would be

    asked by Emily
  113. Math

    What is the perimeter of a regular pentagon which has sides of length 2x+7?

    asked by Nidhi Lakkadi
  114. geometry

    7 - 3 = 4, 8 - 5 = 3, 9 - 8 = 1 Conclusion: the difference of two positive numbers is always positive.

    asked by Antoine
  115. polynomials with one variable

    Where do tadapoles in the pwn shop come from

    asked by $uperman
  116. consumer math

    how many feet are there in 24 yards

    asked by omar
  117. english

    writers portray the personalities of characters A. only through revealing the characters private thoughts. B. through plot complication. C. only if the plot is not important to the story. D. through a variety of methods.

    asked by Elena
  118. Psy 270

    Where can I find the best resources to research this question besides the text book? Psychology has many applications in our lives, both professionally and personally. How might having a background in psychology help you in your professional life? How

    asked by Ron
  119. Math

    Here are 5 questions I cannot figure out 1. Is every parallelogram a square? 2.Is every rhombus a square? 3. Is every square a rhombus? 4. Is every rectangle a parallelogram? 5. Is every rectangle a rhombus? Thank you so much for answering

    asked by Anonymous
  120. Chemistry

    Did I break this up correctly? NaHclO3 breaks into Na+ and HClO3-, and that further breaks into H+ and ClO3-

    asked by A
  121. decimals

    a number has four digits. the digit in the hundredth place is greater than the digit in the hundreths place of 4.361. the digit in the thousandths place is greater than the digit in the tenths place of 2.85. what are the possible four-digit numbers between

    asked by jenny
  122. Math Algebra

    Please help. I do not know how to do this. Solve: 2/3x + 4/x = 7/x+1

    asked by S8
  123. math

    Solve the following system of equations. 4x+9y=10 x= 5x+18y=19 y=

    asked by pls check
  124. Chemistry

    A sample of gas at a pressure of 1.5 atm has a volume of 22.4 L. What is the new volume if the pressure is lowered to 0.75 atm?

    asked by Noona
  125. algebra


    asked by Lisa
  126. Math

    How many terms of the series 3+6+12+24+...add to 765?

    asked by Han
  127. algebra

    5/(X+7) = 3/(X+3); X IS NOT EQUAL TO -7 OR -3

    asked by JOHN DUNN
  128. American government

    the first news about the monica lewinsky scandal appeared: A on FM radio morning jockey shows. B on prime-time news C on CNN D through posts on the internet

    asked by Anonymous
  129. College Algebra

    Write the following a+bi form i(3.14-3i) Please help. I believe that the answer is 3.14i-3i, which would be (3.13*-1)-3*-1. however this was incorrect please tell me where I went wrong

    asked by Anonymous
  130. College Algebra

    Write the following in a+bi form (-5-i)/(3-3i) -5/3 and 1/3i (-5/2i)/(-1/5i) 23 and 0i (-2i)^3 -2 and 0 Im having trouble with these probems and here is my answers. PLEASE HELP

    asked by Anonymous
  131. Precal

    An arc of length 30 meters is formed by a central angle A on a circle of radius 15. The measure of A in degrees (to the nearest minute) is

    asked by l
  132. physics

    The power output of a star is 7.22 x 1028 watts. Every 47.0 seconds, the star converts _________ kg of its mass into energy.

    asked by Anonymous
  133. Algebra/can you ck my answer

    Last semester a certain professor gave 24 A's out of 237 grades. What is the probability that student received an A. round two decimal. I came up with 24/237 = .010 thank you

    asked by Mary Ann
  134. calculus

    Identify the open intervals) where the function f of F(x)= x√10-x^2 is increasing.

    asked by Anonymous
  135. College Algebra

    2/9+-5/6= -8 -(-3/7 k) The answer I got found was 82k=-903 I then divided that by 82 and found k=-11.0121. Which was incorrect, please help me.

    asked by Anonymous
  136. math

    In a zoo, 21% of the animals are reptiles and 11% are birds. There are a total of 1,500 animals in the zoo. Which proportion can be solved for r, the number of reptiles in the zoo?

    asked by roman
  137. algebra

    1) The maintenance crew is doing some work on the arch. The work will be done on the right side of the arch. In order to bring the equipment up the maintenance crew has constructed a temporary ramp from the ground on left side of the arch to the level

    asked by reneet
  138. College Algebra

    7/(x+1) - 3/2 =6/(3x+3) Im not sure how to begin, I thought abou clearing the denominators by multiply everything by (x+1)(2)(3x+3) but that didn't work out.

    asked by Anonymous
  139. physics

    Given the position function s(t) = t cos t, find the velocity function. Answer v(t) = -sin t v(t) = sin t v(t) = cos t - t sin t v(t) = cos t + t sin t

    asked by laura
  140. english

    which of the following elements is not part of setting? A. a characters nickname B. the weather C. The time period D. the local MY GUESS IS A.

    asked by HELP! ASAP!
  141. College Algebra

    x/(2x-4)-7=1/(x-2).. How I clear this denominator if I must clear it at all.. Im not sure how to approach these problems.I have several others similar to this 1/2y+ 4= 1/7y I changed the denominators to 14y, then got 7/14y+ 4= 2/7y but my online homework

    asked by Anonymous
  142. precal help asap

    If a triangle ABC has A = 52 degrees, side a = 178, and side b = 234, then what is the measure of B?

    asked by l
  143. algebra

    2x-x^3>=0 solve for x

    asked by Anonymous
  144. math

    Determine the concavity in the graph of f (x) = -4x^3 + 8x^2 + ax + b, where a and b are real numbers. Answer downward on (-∞, ∞) downward on (-∞, 2/3); upward on (2/3, ∞) upward on (-∞, -2/3); downward on (-2/3, ∞) upward on (-∞, 2/3);

    asked by raisa

    -7/5=91X; X NOT EQUAL TO 0

    asked by JOHN DUNN
  146. Math

    Find the sum of the arithmetic series -12-9-6-...39.

    asked by Han
  147. precal help asap

    solutions to the equation tan^2x - 3 = 0 ( there can be more than one) 2pi/3 pi -pi/3 5pi/3

    asked by l
  148. economics

    are there any welfare or subsidy payments that should be reviewed or added

    asked by Anonymous
  149. math

    how do you put these from greatest to least? 3/40 , 4/25 , 1/10 A. 3/40 , 4/25 , 1/10 B. 3/40 , 1/10 , 4/25 C. 4/25 , 1/10 , 3/40 D. 4/25 , 3/40 , 1/10

    asked by I NEED HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  150. algebra

    Find the Absolute Value of the following numbers; 12. {8} 13. {-9} 14. {-2/3} 15. {5.6}

    asked by Deborah
  151. math

    Catherine needs to evaluate the expression below 7+4(-6) What is the value of this expression A. -17

    asked by I NEED HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  152. algebra

    multiply (-1)9= evaluate 84+(-99) +44-(-18)-43 Use < or> for ____ to write a true sentence. 0.001____ 0.0010

    asked by Lisa