Questions Asked on
May 26, 2014

  1. other science checkkk

    1.Which of the following could be true of two different species that have a competitive relationship in the same ecosystem? A.One species preys on the other***. B.The relationship is mutually beneficial. C.They share the same niche. D.One species benefits,

    asked by me
  2. science (check!)

    2.A biologist studying a desert ecosystem observes that the population of a lizard species increases following a particulary hot, dry period that causes a snake population to decline what could the biologist hypothesize bout the roles of these two species?

    asked by me
  3. chemistry

    Calculate the mass of oxygen (in mg) dissolved in a 5.00 L bucket of water exposed to a pressure of 1.13 atm of air. Assume the mole fraction of oxygen in air to be 0.21 and the Henry's law constant for oxygen in water at this temperature to be 1.3 x 10-3

    asked by charles
  4. science (CHECK plz)

    8.two species have a relationship with one another in an ecosystem. suppose one of these two species goes extinct. which type of relationship did the two have if the surviving species population increases after the other goes extinct? A.the extinct species

    asked by me
  5. English 4 help

    In this course,you studied literary works from the romantic period,the Victorian era,and the modern era.Describe the common themes from each era.Then explain the main elements of the historical context that contributed to the themes in each era. All I need

    asked by Caleb
  6. chemistry

    identify the type of reaction:- FeSO4 + heat ----------> Fe2O3 + SO2 + SO3

    asked by rahul
  7. science (check!)

    1. Which of the following statements is true? Biodiversity provides additional resources that raise the carrying capacity of an ecosystem. Biodiversity increases an ecosystem’s ability to withstand changes*** Biodiversity makes an ecosystem more

    asked by me
  8. Algebra

    What is the expectation for the $1 bets on a U.S. roulette wheel? See the figure. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) Three-number bet Thank you

    asked by Mary Ann
  9. Math

    A rectangle garden measures 15m by 24m. A larger garden is to be made by increasing each side by the same amount. The resulting area is to be 1.5 times the original area. Find the dimensions of the new garden to the nearest tenth of a metre.

    asked by Lorrie
  10. physics

    An aircraft has an initial mass of m0 and an initial acceleration of a0. After flying for 2 hours, the mass of the aircraft has decreased by 11%, due to the burning of the fuel. If the propulsive force provided by the engines is constant, what is the

    asked by sarah
  11. Chemistry

    Manganese trifluoride, MnF3,can be prepared by the following reaction. 2 MnI2 (s) + 13 F2 (g) ---> 2 MnF3(s) + 4 IF5(l) What is the minimum number of grams of F2 that must be used to react with 12.0 g of MnI2 if the overall yield of MnF3 is no more than

    asked by Veronica
  12. last science check

    6. Which of the following pairs of words correctly completes the blanks in the sentence below? Depletion of_____ has been halted by a ban on the manufacturing of____ .. the ozone layer, chlorofluorocarbons. acid rain, carbon dioxide. fossil fuels,

    asked by me
  13. science (help)

    18.Fertilizers and pesticides applied to farm fields in Pennsylvania have made their way down into the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. This is an example of _________________ pollution. 19.Before beginning any land development project, people should carry out

    asked by luna
  14. math

    Mrs. Sue please help! A true-false test has 12 questions. What is the probability of guessing the correct answers to all of the questions? (1 point) 1 over 4096 1 over 144 one over twenty four 1over14

    asked by Austin
  15. science (check plz)

    7. Which of the following is a form of pollution triggered by formation of a gas, and can have dramatic effects on the health of a coral reef ecosystem? fog pesticides acid rain** oil spill

    asked by me
  16. math

    A rectangle has a perimeter of 23cm. Its area is 33 cm*2. Determine the dimensions of the rectangle.

    asked by Lorrie
  17. science (check!)

    2. A salamander is a keystone species in a forest ecosystem with high biodiversity. This species migrates from woodland areas to a local stream to reproduce. If a road is built that cuts off the woodland areas from the stream, what effect will this have on

    asked by me
  18. science (check!)

    3. Which of the following determines the carrying capacity of a particular population by an ecosystem? keystone species pioneer species limiting factors renewable resources***

    asked by me
  19. English (Checking please)

    Write the letter for the choice that best defines the italicized word. 1.) When training for the marathon, Edgar had to run every day to increase his *stamina* health invincibility strength endurance

    asked by Jazy
  20. Precal, please help asap!

    The angles of elevation theta and alpha to an airplane from the airport control tower and from an observation post 2 miles away are being continuously monitored. If theta is 42 degrees when alpha is 81 degrees, how far is the plane from the observation

    asked by l
  21. Math

    The underside of a bridge has a shape of a parabolic arch. It has a maximum height of 30m and a width of 50m. Can a sailboat with a mast of 28m above the water pass under the bridge 8m from the middle of the bridge?

    asked by Lorrie
  22. physics

    What is the frequency of the second hand of a clock, assuming it is keeping correct time? Select one: a. 1 Hz b. π/3 Hz c. 0.0167 Hz d. 60 Hz

    asked by naser
  23. chemistry

    A is a solution of HCL containing 7.30g/dm3.B is a solution ofX2CO3 containing 10.6g/dm3.assume that average volume of acid is 2.81cm3 and the volume of base is 25.00cm3.from your result and information .calculate (I)concentration of A in

    asked by john kelechi
  24. Chemistry

    A compound of chlorine and fluorine, ClFn, reacts at about 75oC with uranium metal to produce uranium hexafluoride, UF6 and chlorine monofluoride, ClF (g). A quantity of uranium produced 3.53g UF6 and 343 mL ClF at 75oC and 2.50 atm. What is the formula

    asked by Will
  25. math

    what would the graph of y=x^2+1 look like A. a straight line B. a parabola C. a dotted line D. none of the above

    asked by help please
  26. L.o

    List and discuss any four factors that could theaten or limit the core function of the media

    asked by Khonangenkosi
  27. science (check!)

    when fossil fuels are burned they produce _____, the main greenhouse responsible for global warming trends. ----MY ANSWER: emission?---

    asked by luna
  28. math

    The question is there are 18 students in a class. Each day the teacher randomly selects three students to assist in a game: a leader, a recorder, and a timekeeper. In how many possible ways can the jobs be assigned? so first is 1 out of 18 then since one

    asked by b8
  29. economics

    What is the south african government providing and to whom?

    asked by mamello
  30. math

    A wheelchair ramp rises 5 feet over a horizontal distance of 15 feet. What is the slope of this ramp?

    asked by Italiano
  31. Precal

    Suppose that Tiger hit a golf ball with an initial velocity of 150 ft/sec at an angle of elevation of 30°. Write the parametric equations to represent the flight of the ball. How long is the golf ball in the air? Determine the distance the ball traveled.

    asked by jessica
  32. physics

    You push your backpack, mass 2.8 kg across the desk with a force of 49.3 N. Calculate the acceleration of the backpack. Neglect friction forces and give your answer to 3 significant figures.

    asked by jake
  33. science (check!)

    4. Use of which of the following does not contribute carbon dioxide to the environment? refrigerator charcoal grill computer bicycle*** --------------- 5. Why does buying food that is grown in your local area help prevent loss of biodiversity? Local plants

    asked by me
  34. algebra

    Consider the following four polynomials, labeled A - D: A. ( 2x2 - 4x ) B. ( x3 - 1 ) C. ( -3x3 + x2 - 4x ) D. ( x5 + x2 - 3 ) Find an algebraic expression that uses each of the four polynomials once and simplifies to: x8 + 3 Your expression may involve

    asked by Lilly
  35. physics

    An Angry Bird sits on a clothes line midway between the two poles. bird on line If the combined weight of the bird and rope is W, what is the tension in the rope in terms of θ and W? Select one: a. W cosθ / sinθ b. W tanθ c. W/(2sinθ) d. W/(2cosθ)

    asked by sarah
  36. science

    If a 0.5 L container of juice contains 15 g of sugar, what's the concentration of sugar? A. 30 g/L B. 3.33 g/L C. 45 g/L D. 7.5 g/L I think b

    asked by barbara
  37. math

    When x is divided by 3,the remainder is z.In terms of z, which of the following could be equal to x ? a. z-3 b. 3-z c. 3z d. 6+z e. 9+2z please answer and explain

    asked by thomas
  38. physics

    How much heat is added to 10.5 g of ice at -20.0°C to convert it to steam at 123.5°C?

    asked by physics
  39. Science 207

    3. How would the “weather” be affected if the water was at a decreased temperature? What about at an increased temperature?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Introduction to oPsychology

    When you drive down the street listening to your car's radio, you may not think about the fact that the music is received by the radio's antenna. Which part of the human neuron serves the same purpose as asn antenna-that is, receiving information?

    asked by unknown
  41. Precal

    Can someone please help me with the last 4 questions in this paragraph? Suppose that Tiger hit a golf ball with an initial velocity of 150 ft/sec at an angle of elevation of 30°. Write the parametric equations to represent the flight of the ball. How long

    asked by l
  42. math

    Oatmeal is packed in a cylindrical container The diameter of the container is 13cm and its height is 24 cm. Determine in terms of TT (pi), the volume of the cylinder, in cubic centimeters v=TTr^2h v=TT6.5^2(24) v=1014 TT(pi) Is this correct? Thanks for

    asked by diane
  43. Math

    The path of a basketball foul shot is modelled by the relation h=-0.44d*2+4.4d+7, where h is the height in feet and d is the horizontal distance in feet. At what height is the ball released? What was the maximum height the ball reached? The centre of the

    asked by Lorrie
  44. history

    Which statement explains why Britain became a part of the Roman Empire much later than nearby Gaul? A. Mountains near the coast of Gaul were an obstacle. B. Rome was not interested in local resources from Britain. C. Fierce tribes in Britain held of Roman

    asked by I NEED HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  45. science

    In the circuit above, the resistors all have the same resistance. The battery, wires, and ammeter have negligible resistance. A closed switch also has negligible resistance. Closing which of the switches will produce the greatest power dissipation in R2?

    asked by roga
  46. Chemistry

    Dr bob for this question :Calculate the molar solubility of manganese II hydroxide in ph 12.85 solution. The Ksp is 2.1 x 10^-13 but I can't solve for x thanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Math

    At a park, a landscaper wishes to plant a uniform border of tulips around the outside of a 18m by 12m rectangular garden. The garden will look best if the area of the tulip border is half the area of the garden. How wide should the border be?

    asked by Lorrie
  48. Math

    A 10m by 20m pool is to be surrounded by a deck of uniform width. The area of the deck is twice the area of the pool, what is the width of the deck?

    asked by Lorrie
  49. math

    54. The volume of certain rectangular solid is 12x. If the dimensions of the solid are the integers x,y,and z,what is the greratest possible value of z? a. 36 b. 24 c. 12 d. 6 e. 4 please answer and explain

    asked by thomas
  50. Math

    There are 30 seniors, 15 juniors, 12 freshman, and 10 sophomores in the club. When one student is picked randomly, what is the probability that a sophomore is not chosen? 57/67?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. math

    The slope of a bike is 1,9 and rises 4 feet. What is the horizontal distance covered by this jump?

    asked by Italiano
  52. Math

    A model rocket is launched from a roof of a building. Its path is described by the relationship h=-5t*2+35t+10, where h is the height in metres and t is the time in seconds. How tall is the building? What is the maximum height that the rocket will reach?

    asked by Lorrie
  53. physics

    12 wires each of resistance 'r' ohm are connected to form a cube. Find the resistance if current enters through one edge and leaves through other corner of the same edge of the cube

    asked by jahanvi
  54. math

    rachel drove 260 miles using 12 gallons of gas. at this rate, how many gallons of gas would she need to drive 286 miles?

    asked by jen
  55. geography

    Significant settlement in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta A. occurred only after World War II. B. followed the completion of Canada's transcontinental railways. C. occurred only as major highways were built across Canada. D. was a response to the world

    asked by Unmei
  56. Precal

    Suppose that you are sitting in a chair on a Ferris wheel that has a diameter of 120 feet that is boarded 6 feet above the ground at the 6 o’clock position. If the Ferris wheel moves in a counterclockwise direction and makes one revolution every 12

    asked by jessica
  57. algebra 1

    if y varies inversely with x' find the constant of variation and write an equation if y=1/2 and x=-10

    asked by Jennifer
  58. math

    solve the inequality -5(x-7)

    asked by diane
  59. economics

    Are there. Any current subsidy or welfare issues that are being discussed or adressed in. Parliament or in municipality?

    asked by mamello
  60. trigonometry

    A sled travels from point A at the top of a hill to Point B at the bottom. If the distance from point A to point B is 120 m and the vertical change is 50 m, find the angle of depression to the nearest degree.

    asked by Anonymous
  61. bio please help Ms sue

    DNA is copied by an enzyme called DNA (A) __________, and the process of copying DNA is called (B) __________. The two new double-stranded DNA molecules have one strand from the original DNA molecule and one strand from the freshly assembled strand of

    asked by carrie
  62. Chemistry

    Calculate the molar solubility of manganese II hydroxide in ph 12.85 solution.

    asked by Anonymous
  63. chem 11

    Calculate the molar concentration of a solution made by dissolving 20.0g of sodium hydroxide to make 300ml of solution.

    asked by ash
  64. trigonometry

    A tent pole is 85 feet high. A cable is attached to the ground 200 feet from the tower base. How long is the cable? What is the measure of the angle the cable makes to the ground?

    asked by ethan
  65. algebra

    the gateway arch is the tallest man-made monument found in the united states in St. Louis missouri. The gateway arch can be closely approximated by a parabola, is 630 feet high and 630 feet across at the base. 1) the maintenance crew is doing ht side of

    asked by reneet
  66. Algebra

    What is the probability of getting a license plate that has a repeated letter or digit if you live in a state in which license plates have one numeral followed by three letters followed by three numerals? (Round your answer to one decimal place.)

    asked by Mary Ann
  67. Chemistry

    What element(s) are more polarizable than oxygen? How can you tell? Wouldn't fluorine be most polarizable, because it is the most electronegative?

    asked by A
  68. Physics

    A sled of mass 9.0 kg is sliding across a frozen lake with a speed of 5.0 m/s. A package of mass 4.0 kg is dropped onto it from above. Assuming there is no friction between the sled and the lake, what is the new speed of the sled?

    asked by Ann
  69. Math

    Mrs. Sue please help me! 7. A bag contains 7 green marbles, 9 red marbles, 10 orange marbles, 5 brown marbles, and 10 blue marbles. You choose a marble, replace it, and choose again. What is P(red, then blue)? (1 point) seventy-seven over one hundred

    asked by Austin
  70. algebra

    A single card is drawn from a standard deck of cards. Find the probability if the given information is known about the chosen card. A face card is a jack, queen, or king. P(face card|queen) Thank you

    asked by Mary Ann
  71. english- Intro edit

    can someone edit this The mere pigment of one’s skin deep makeup has served as the basis for hurtful bias, racism, and other discriminating actions within our society. The racially perceptive film, Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee, exemplifies how

    asked by Christine
  72. Physics

    A golf ball is struck by a golf club at 55 m/s at an angle of 28.0o above the horizontal. The mass of the ball is 45 grams and is in contact with the golf club for 1.5 m/s. Calculate the average force exerted on the ball by the club.

    asked by Joe
  73. algebra

    A single card is drawn from a standard deck of cards. Find the probability if the given information is known about the chosen card. A face card is a jack, queen, or king.

    asked by bri
  74. business math

    Posted by bibi on Sunday, May 25, 2014 at 6:42pm. I need help can someone Help please. Thank everyone. I really appreciated. Break-even Analysis. the R from selling x units of a product is R=139.95x the Cost C of producing units is C=97X+850. In order to

    asked by bibi
  75. Algebra/Probability

    Suppose that you toss a coin and roll a die. What is the probability of obtaining tails or a six? (Enter the probability as a fraction.) I came up with 1/6 which does not sound right thank you for you time on this Holiday

    asked by Mary Ann
  76. Economics

    What are welfare payments or consumers subsidies?

    asked by Perseverance
  77. Physics

    Two particles with the same mass and same initial speed collide and stick together and leave the collision with half of their initial speed, bound together as one particle. What was the angle between the initial momenta of the particles before the

    asked by Jojn
  78. Math

    The altitude of a triangle is 2cm longer than its base. The area of the triangle is 60 cm*2. What are the dimensions of the triangle?

    asked by Lorrie
  79. Algebra 1--Please, help me!

    1. The number of calculators Mrs. Hopkins can buy for the classroom varies inversely as the cost of each calculator. She can buy 24 calculators that cost $60 each. How many calculators can she buy if they cost $80 each? A: ? 2. Jeffs builds model train

    asked by Victoria
  80. Math

    If a vehicle travels 1320 feet in seven seconds from a dead stop , how long does it take for that same vehicle to travel 1313 feet from a dead stop ?

    asked by Chris
  81. sinolwazi

    The south african government is not providing enough welfare or subsidies to the poor and under priviledged?

    asked by katlego
  82. algebra/Did I do this right

    A single card is drawn from a standard deck of cards. Find the probability if the given information is known about the chosen card. A face card is a jack, queen, or king. P(face card|king) I came up with 12/52 Thank you

    asked by Mary Ann
  83. chemistry

    How much naoh and hno3 is needed to make nano3?

    asked by John
  84. physics

    A student of mass 64.7 kg climbs up the stairs in the Physics Department, with a vertical height change 3.1 metres. What is the change in gravitational potential energy? Give your answer in Joules, to 2 significant figures.

    asked by jake
  85. Algebra, Need help with last part.Thank you

    A single card is selected from an ordinary deck of cards. The sample space is shown in the figure below. Find the probabilities. (Enter the probabilities as fractions.) P (two of hearts0 I got 1/52 correct P ( two)I got 4/52 correct P (heart)I am not sure.

    asked by Mary Ann
  86. Calculus

    How do you solve the equation log(x+6)-log(2x+1)=log4

    asked by I.
  87. Algebra

    Find the coordinates of the image after a reflection in the given line. [-8, 1, -7] [-7, -5, 1]; y axis I am really bad with these types (matrices) of questions, please help me.

    asked by Sarah
  88. geography

    among the northern andean countries strongly involved in the illegal coca and drug trade_______ is now the predominant cocoa producer. A. Bolivia B. Peru C. Ecuador D. Columbia

    asked by Unmei
  89. Physics

    Please help me! 1)1. Two charged point bodies are placed into the opposite on diagonal vertices of a rectangular with sides of 6 and 8 cm in vacuum – Q1=3.2x10-11 C; Q2=-4.267x10-11 C. Calculate the electric field intensity at two other vertices of the

    asked by Electricity
  90. Precal

    A distress flare is shot straight up from a ship’s bridge 75 ft above the water with an initial velocity of 76 ft/sec. a) Write a set of parametric equations for the path of the flare. ______________________________ ______________________________ What

    asked by l
  91. college physics

    What work is done by a friction force acting on an object? Select one: a. Always negative b. Always positive c. May be positive or negative depending on the choice of coordinate system d. Always zero

    asked by wes
  92. Math

    The probability of rolling a number less than 4 on a number cube is ____ 1/2?

    asked by Anonymous
  93. algebra

    Complete the table of solutions 7x-2y =-21 X Y (X,Y) 3 ---- (---- , ----) --- 0 (---,---)

    asked by TERRY
  94. Algebra

    In this activity, you will design and conduct a survey. Select a topic for your survey. d. Are the people you surveyed representative of the group you want to study? What does D mean?

    asked by Anonymous
  95. physics

    What work is done by a friction force acting on an object? Select one: a. Always negative b. Always positive c. May be positive or negative depending on the choice of coordinate system d. Always zero

    asked by jake
  96. physical education

    what is a small definition of log roll answer:clutched on the ground with both ands at your side and roll

    asked by shian
  97. Math, grade 10

    Two whole numbers add to 17 and the sum of their squares is 185. What are the numbers

    asked by Lorrie
  98. Physics

    an electron is sitting 10cm away from a small object -5nc it is let go and moves away from the charged object when it reaches a distance of 15 cm away find its speed

    asked by Ryan
  99. Physics

    A 50kg mass and a 85kg mass are hung over a frictionless pulley what is the acceleration of the system

    asked by Sam
  100. geography

    In Brazil, the indigenous population was around 3.5 million before the arrival of Europeans. Today, the indigenous population is around A. 500,000 B. 200,000 C. 1.5 million D. 2 million

    asked by Unmei
  101. college physics

    A student of mass 64.7 kg climbs up the stairs in the Physics Department, with a vertical height change 3.1 metres. What is the change in gravitational potential energy? Give your answer in Joules, to 2 significant figures.

    asked by wes
  102. physics

    A force 457 Newtons causes a displacement 6.2 metres which is at an angle of 8o to the direction of the force vector. Calculate the work done by the force.

    asked by naser
  103. intermed Algebra

    I need help solving this , If the formula R= -0.037t + 50.1 can be used to predict the world record in the 400 meter dash t years after 1925, for what years will the world records be 48.8 seconds or less. I am clueless what to do been on this for an hour.

    asked by marcelino
  104. math

    How much money I saved if I follow this number pattern 5,10,15,?20?30

    asked by Lee
  105. economics

    what are welfare payments and subsidies?

    asked by Tozama
  106. science

    what valency ?how can we find valency?explain.

    asked by sushil
  107. math

    what is the rule if input is 23 and output is 56

    asked by Bhekifa Maseko
  108. data structure

    Consider the algebraic expression (2x y)(a-7b)^3

    asked by pelumi
  109. algebra

    Expand. 2(x+10) It looks easy but what do they mean by expand?

    asked by raki101
  110. Algebra 1--Please, help me!

    1. Jeffs builds model train layouts. He has $75 to spend on packages of miniature landscape items. He receives 6 free packages with each order. The number of packages y that Jeff can buy is given by y = 75/x + 6, where x represents the cost of each package

    asked by Victoria
  111. algebra

    Suppose that state’s record high temperature of 102 was set in 1930, and the record low of -14 was set in 1966. What is the range of these temperature extremes?

    asked by TERRY
  112. Chemistry HELP

    you have 12.56 g of a mixture made up of sodium chloride and barium chloride. explain how you could use a precipitation reaction to determine how much of each compound the mixture contains

    asked by Nathan
  113. English

    1. Try Yummy stick food from Wangfujing Street. 2. Try Yummy stick foods from Wangfujing Street. ------------------ Which one is grammatical? Are both grammatical? Then what is the difference between them?

    asked by rfvv
  114. English

    1. Wangfujing Street in Beijing Street is crowded day and night. 2. Wangfujing Street in Beijing Street is crowded night and day. ----------------------- Are both grammatical? Is only #1 right?

    asked by rfvv
  115. physics

    An electron of charge -e and a long straight wire carrying a current I to the right are both in the plane of the page, as shown above. In the position shown, the electron is a distance R from the wire and is moving directly toward it with speed v. What is

    asked by roga
  116. physics

    A force 457 Newtons causes a displacement 6.2 metres which is at an angle of 8 degrees to the direction of the force vector. Calculate the work done by the force.

    asked by jake
  117. math

    2 1/10* 2 1/7=

    asked by lovely
  118. college

    the fair labor standards act

    asked by business
  119. BIO

    Which gamete, the egg or sperm, determines if Holly and Edward will have a boy or girl? (A)__________ If in the future Holly and Edward have three boys, what is the probability that their fourth child will be a girl? (B)__________ MY FIRST ANSWER IS SPERM

    asked by carrie
  120. sci207

    How would the "weather" be affected if the water was at a decreased temperature?

    asked by Kevin
  121. maths


    asked by aditya
  122. Chemistry

    What is the hybrid ization? SP 1,2,3 What is #sigma and #pi? Thank you so much for your help!! 😄

    asked by NeEd HeLp
  123. math

    if i an 100' from a tree and the angle to the top is 24 degrees how tall is the tree

    asked by mike
  124. Civics

    True or False: The governor has similar powers to the president?

    asked by AA
  125. Math, grade 10

    Two numbers add to 18. If you square the larger number and add 6 times the smaller number you get 163. What are the numbers. Solve with quadratic equation?

    asked by Lorrie
  126. composition

    an animal i wanted for pet

    asked by sarah
  127. world history

    Does anyone know any songs that relate to the period of time from 600 CE to 1450 CE?

    asked by Anonymous
  128. Bus 308

    The goodness of fit test requires the expected distribution to be equally distributed across the categories. (Points : 1) true or false

    asked by Saline
  129. math

    If a number increases from 2,000 to 2,610 what is the rate of increase?

    asked by ash
  130. geography

    Which of the following were the main proponents of NAFTA? A. Labor unions B. Human rights groups C. Environmentalists D. Large corporations

    asked by Unmei
  131. college

    all of the following are assets excep

    asked by business
  132. math

    Given: R=(1,2,3,4,) A=(0,2,4,6) P=(1,3,5,7) What is R U P U= the symbol actually is an upside down U. We didn't learn this symbol so I do not know what to do. Can you help? answer choices are: 1) (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7) 2) (1,2,3,4,5,7) 3) (1,3) 4) (2,4) Thank

    asked by b8
  133. maths

    An aircraft dropped a box of emergency supplies to a group of trampers. The height of the box above the ground, h, at time, t is given by the formula; h = 520 - 5t^2, where h is in metres and t is in seconds. Find how long it takes for the box to fall to

    asked by Shane
  134. Chemistry

    Describe in detail how light is produced. (Hint: energy levels) Thank you so much for your help!! 😊

    asked by NeEd HeLp
  135. Math

    These two box and whisker plots show the results of a science test. Plot 1: Minimum:65, Maximum:95, Median:82, 1st Quartile:67, 3rd Quartile:88 Plot 2: Minimum:57, Maximum:100, Median:92, 1st Quartile:78, 3rd Quartile:93 What does this information tell you

    asked by Anonymous
  136. maths

    If x and y are positive integers, and square root = y + 3, then y^2 = ?

    asked by john
  137. geometry math help

    "the inside of a carton is measured and is found to be width of 40cm, length 60cm and depth 30 cm. it is to be packed 2 layers deep with cylindrical tins that have a radius of 5cm and height of 15cm (outside measurements)." a) show that 48 tins can be

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