Questions Asked on
May 25, 2014

  1. Algebra 2

    Simplify the trigonometric expression. sin^2 theta / 1-cos theta A. 1+cos theta B. sin theta C. 1-sin theta / cos theta D. 1+sin theta / cos theta

    asked by Caleb
  2. Algebra 2

    Which cosine function has maximum of 4, a minimum of -4, and a period of 2pi/3? A. y=4 cos 3 theta B. y= 4 cos 2 theta/3 C. y=4 cos theta/3 D. y=4 cos 3 theta

    asked by Caleb
  3. English III

    The Emancipation Proclamation, excerpt BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A PROCLAMATION. I, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, President of the United States of America, and Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy thereof, do hereby proclaim and declare that

    asked by Halo4Records
  4. Algebra II

    Part 1: Using complete sentences, compare the key features and graphs of sine and cosine. What are their similarities and differences? Answer: The sine graph will always pass through (0, 0), While the cosine graph wouldn't. If the graph is 2cosx, it will

    asked by Man
  5. English III

    The Emancipation Proclamation, excerpt BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A PROCLAMATION. I, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, President of the United States of America, and Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy thereof, do hereby proclaim and declare that

    asked by Halo4Records
  6. Scientific Method

    The scientific methods used to date fossils should be (2 points) primitive. creative. non-testable. non-repeating. I think B but I am not sure

    asked by Man
  7. Calculus

    A cable is suspended from two towers with a distance of 100m between them. The 1st tower has a height of 50m and the 2nd tower has a height of 70m from the ground. The lowest part of the cable has a distance of 47m from the ground. Find the length of the

    asked by zxc
  8. English III

    Read this sentence from Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address: It may seem strange that any men should dare to ask a just God's assistance in wringing their bread from the sweat of other men's faces; but let us judge not that we be not judged. What

    asked by Halo4Records
  9. Business Math

    Ace Formalwear buys tuxedos from a supplier and has an invoice amount of $27,700. The terms of the sale are 3/20, n/30. If Ace sends a partial payment of $7,400 on the discount date, what is the net amount still due?

    asked by Freanda
  10. English III

    Read this sentence from Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address: Yet, if God wills that it continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman's two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the

    asked by Halo4Records
  11. English III

    Read this sentence from Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address: . . . let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan - to do all which

    asked by Halo4Records
  12. Cosine Law

    The minute hand of a clock is 12 cm long, and the hour hand is 10cm long. Determine the distance between the tips of the hands at 9:30pm, to the nearest mm.

    asked by Jane
  13. please help

    A skeletal disorder referred to as a __________ occurs when two bones at a joint are no longer in contact with each other

    asked by carrie
  14. Science

    To solve the problem of a polluted stream a scientist traced where the pollution came from. She determined that the pollution was coming from many small sources. She worked on a plan to help reduce the pollution to the stream. This is an example of

    asked by Amy

    A student inherited $4,200 and deposits x dollars in American Savings. Write an expression to show how much she has left to deposit in a City Mutual account.

    asked by TERRY

    INPUT ---------- OUTPUT X 2x-x/2 -10 -10

    asked by TERRY
  17. physics

    You throw a ball with a mass of 182.2 g, with a speed of 4.6 m/s. Calculate the kinetic energy in Joules to 3 s.f. , and what is the uncertainty C=1 (Unsure: 67%) C=3 (Quite sure: >80%)?

    asked by wes
  18. Introduction To Business

    Hi, could someone help me please with the following questions? Thanks 1. Carmen Santiago works for a number of businesses as a “consultant.” She has helped design accounting systems, provided accounting services, and analyzed the financial strength of

    asked by Hala
  19. 7th math

    If the actual figure is a rectangle that is 120 meters by 400 meters, what are the dimensions of a scale drawing in centimeters?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Geometry

    The diagonals of a trapezoid are perpendicular and have lengths 8 and 10. Find the length of the median of the trapezoid.

    asked by Sheenybeany
  21. Physics

    (595)Vinyl record spinning at 45rpm. What is the frequency of rotation (in Hz)? What is the orbital time of the vinyl record (in seconds)?

    asked by Lena
  22. Math - Ratio

    a) on a map the scale used is 1: 10,000. if two towns are separated by a straight 2.5 km road, what will be the distance between them on the map? b) on a map 2.5 km is represented as 0.5 cm. what scale is being used on the map? thanks heaps!

    asked by Kiirsty
  23. physics

    An athlete stretches a spring an extra 15.9 cm beyond its initial length. How much energy has he transferred to the spring

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Physics

    (637) A cyclist is riding on a horizontal frozen meadow. He is turning so that he is tilted at an angle of 60°. Radius of curvature of the bend is 100m. What is the maximum speed of the cyclist? Thank you for your time!

    asked by Lena
  25. Workplace Skills

    We're supposed to read over the following scenario and provide advice for AJ: AJ has a job that he really likes and pays well, but he is worried he is about to be terminated. He doesn't want to quit his job and give up his excellent pay, but he knows that

    asked by Lena
  26. history

    How did this group, made up mainly of Roman patricians, contribute to democracy? A. Patricians formed assemblies to write and enforce the laws. B. Patricians elected Consuls, who remained in power for life. C.Patricians formed the Senate, who advised the

    asked by I NEED HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. chamastry

    The voluem of a certain mas of helium500ml at400k if he hav to change the volium of this gas to 40cm3 what change sheid br brought about in temparater

    asked by sajimon
  28. algebra/can you see if I am on the right track

    A state's license plates consist of four letters followed by three numerals, and 246 letter arrangements are not allowed. How many plates can the state issue? 26^26^26^26=456976-246 answer 456,730 thank you

    asked by Mary Ann
  29. Math

    Helping grandson with math. I would like to know how to do it before he does. "How many different rectangles can be made with a perimeter of 20 units? (Remember, a square is also a rectangle.)"

    asked by KC

    In the table of solutions, which entry is the y-intercept of the graph and which entry is the x-intercept of the graph? x y (x, y) 4 0 (4, 0) 0 2 (0,2) –4 –4 (–4, –4)

    asked by TERRY

    Suppose that state’s record high temperature of 102 was set in 1930, and the record low -14 of was set in 1966. What is the range of these temperature extremes?

    asked by TERRY
  32. tech

    i have to make a rube goldberg i don't have any materials except for few dvds, toy cars, balls, and the professor doesn't want us to waste any money going to the store it has to be materials in the house and i need to wateer a plant, turn the page of a

    asked by reina bonilla

    Complete the table of solutions 7x-2y =-21 X Y (X,Y) 3 ---- (---- , ----) ----- 0 (---,---)

    asked by TERRY
  34. math

    Evaluate for each expression m = 2/5 and n = 1/2 1) 2m + n 2) 2m - n Please explain so I can understand the rest of the questions.

    asked by Adrian
  35. math question

    How do i solve this? If it helps i think its B. from how i did it but i don't think i worked it out right X/4 + 1= -6 A.2 B.-4 C.-22 D.-28

    asked by matt

    How many inches of molding are needed to produce the square picture frame 13" 1/8

    asked by TERRY
  37. Language

    I need help answering this question.. How did you or your family deal or cope with these issues? These are the social justice issues i came up with : Poverty, Alcohol & drinking, violence, racism, and lack of human rights.. I know it's my own opinion but I

    asked by Annie
  38. math

    An object is thrown or fired straight upwards at an initial speed of v_0 ft⁄s will reach height h feet after t seconds, where h and t are related to the formula h=-16t^2-v_0 t Suppose the object is fired straight upwards with an initial speed of

    asked by cris
  39. math

    2n + m n = 1/2 m = 2/5

    asked by lol
  40. chemistry

    X is a solution,of dibasic of H2X. G is a solution containing 1.00g of NaOH in 250cm3 of solution . 24.60cm3 of solution F required 25.00cm3 of solution G . From your result and information provided above. (I)concentration of G in mol/dm3 (ii)

    asked by john kelechi
  41. math

    write an integer to represent each piece of data: Jan earned 7 dollars interest in her savings account last month.

    asked by mon
  42. need help1 what function to use? math

    An airplane approaches a runway at a 3 degree angle of depresssion. If the plane is flying at 30,000 ft., find the ground distance from the airport to the point directly below the plane when the pilot begins the descent. Round your answer to the nearest

    asked by danielle
  43. math

    write each product using an exponent. then find the value: 7 to the 4th power

    asked by mon
  44. economics

    what is the south african government providing and to whom?

    asked by Nokubonga
  45. Earth Science Regents!!!

    Two students in different parts of New York State measure the altitude of Polaris is above the horizon. The student near New York City finds the angle to be 41 degrees. The student near Massena finds the angle to be 45 degrees. Which state is best

    asked by Laruen
  46. Ed Tech

    What were the tube computers of 1946-1958 used for?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. trig

    A kite string is 65 metres long and makes an angle of 32 degrees with the ground. Calculate the height of the kite above the ground to the nearest metre.

    asked by Jane
  48. 3D Shapes & Scale

    A farmer makes hay bales that are 1m cubes. His trailer can haul 128 hay bales at once. He is going to buy a new machine that makes hay bales that are 2cm cubes. How many bales will fit on the trailer now? (Assume they all fit evenly) Show calculations

    asked by Jane
  49. 3D Shapes & Scale

    An object is scaled up to be 1000x as large. How does the new surface area compare with the original surface area? How does the new volume compare with the original volume?

    asked by Jane
  50. 3D Shapes & Scale

    Write an explanation of ONE of the following question: (your explanation should be in paragraph form and should be written for a reader who is completely unfamiliar with area/volume scale factors and the square-cube law) 1) Why can aquatic animals grow so

    asked by Jane
  51. business math

    Salary accept a new job with a starting salary of 34,800. you are told that you will receive an annual raise of at least 1,500. what is the maximum number of years you must work before your annual salary will 45,000

    asked by bibi
  52. Cosine Law

    Find all missing sides/angles. Round each answer to the nearest unit. Angles/sides ABC (left to right) 1) Angle c= 70 deg side b= 28 yd side c= 26 yd 2) Side a= 18 cm Side b= 24 cm Side c= 28 cm

    asked by Jane
  53. business math

    the annual sales S (in billion of dollars) of oracle corporation from 2004 through 2009 can be approximated by the linear equation S= 2.903t-1.98, 4 is less than proximally T less than proximally 9, where t represents the year, with t=. use the model to 4

    asked by bibi
  54. Cosine Law

    For the next three questions, choose which is the most appropriate method to solve the problem, explain your answer. a) SOACAHTOA b) The Sine Law c) The Cosine Law d) The problem cannot be solved without further information 1) Yachts in a race have to sail

    asked by Jane
  55. physics

    You are in the supermarket, pushing a cart with a force of 79 Newtons in the horizontal direction. There is a constant force of kinetic friction operating on the cart of 14.2 Newtons. Calculate the net work done on the cart, if the cart is displaced 1.2

    asked by naser
  56. physics

    You drop a ball, mass 127.5 grams from a height of 83.0 cm. It bounces back to a height of 50.5 from the floor. What is the change in gravitational potential energy from the moment it is dropped, to the moment it reaches the maximum height from the bounce?

    asked by wes
  57. English

    Read the following lines from "An Arab Shepherd Is Searching for His Goat on Mount Zion." Searching for a goat or a son has always been in the beginning of a new religion in these mountains Which of the following sentences best explains the meaning of

    asked by Sarah
  58. business math

    Break-even Analysis. the R from selling x units of a product is R=139.95x the Cost C of producing units is C=97X+850. In order to obtain a profit, the revenue must be greater than the cost. A)complete the table x 10 20 30 40 50 60 R C B) for what values of

    asked by bibi
  59. algebra

    Solve the problem.A taxi company charges riders a fixed charge of $2.30 plus $1.20 per mile. How many miles must a rider go to have an average cost per mile of $1.30?

    asked by cyntha
  60. college physics

    A car travels around a bend of radius R at a speed v1, experiencing a centripetal acceleration ac. The car then travels around a curve with the same radius R, but with a centripetal acceleration which has twice the magnitude of ac. What speed is the car

    asked by sarah

    Solve for "x" and "y" given the following matrix equation: (2x, 0.5y, -2, 1) * (3, -2, 0, 1) = (-24, 19, -6, 5) (the matrices are going from left to right, they're all 2x2's.)

    asked by Aly
  62. math

    Draw a rectangle to show that 5(x+2) and 5x + 10 are equivalent.

    asked by Raphael
  63. algebra

    2 (x + 10)

    asked by Raphael

    Hello, I'm having trouble understanding Direct Cost, Overhead Cost and Indirect Cost. ***Also Period cost and Product cost. please can anyone explain it and give examples for each! thanks

    asked by gia
  65. please help

    As you exercise, bones become __________ dense. This is because the process of bone remodeling allows __________ to deposit calcium into your bones, making them stronger with regular exercise. Less, osteoclasts Less, osteoblasts More, osteoblasts More,

    asked by carrie
  66. english please help!!

    In the book "The Alchemist" -by paulo coelho, how did Santiago's character change? And also what about the Englishman & Fatima.

    asked by sunny

    Hello, I'm having trouble understanding Direct Cost, Overhead Cost and Indirect Cost. ***Also Period cost and Product cost. please can anyone explain it and give examples for each! thanks

    asked by gia
  68. Health

    What is Marijuana ? Can you get cancer from Marijuana ? Is it good or bad for you? I need h

    asked by Annie
  69. math

    The Washington Monument is 169 meters high. Find the angle of elevation to the nearest degree to the top of the monumenmt from a point .5 km from the base.

    asked by danielle
  70. Math - Personal Finance

    Ina is negotiating a mortgage of $145 000 for her new house. Determine Ina's monthly payments for a mortgage at 5% annum, compounded semi-annually, amortized over 25 years. How much will Ina pay over the 25 years to pay off this mortgage?

    asked by REALLY URGENT
  71. math

    the question is what is the solution of the equation x+2/2=4/x? 1) 1 and-8 2)2 and-4 3) -1 and9 4) -2 and4 I did x^2+2x+8 (x+4)(x+2) -4 -2 This is not one of the choices can you help me figure out where I went wrong. Thanks for your help

    asked by b8
  72. primary research

    1.Asking a reference librarian for specific sources of information.

    asked by Vinnie
  73. algerbra 1

    If 5g-4=6+7g, then g=

    asked by mark
  74. math

    what is the slope of the line represented by the equation 4x+3y=12 1) 4/3 2) 3/4 3) -3/4 4)-4/3 I did 4x+3y=12 -4x -4x 3y=-4x+12 /3 /3 divide each side by3 y=-4/3x+4 so I got answer 4 because the -4/3 is the slope Is this correct? Thanks for checking my

    asked by b8
  75. Ed Tech

    How does technology impact 21st century skills?

    asked by Anonymous
  76. statistics

    Fill in the blank in the sample below if the variables are independent in the sample like product do not like product old 10 7 young 40

    asked by Anonymous
  77. maths

    integrate 10*e^5t*cos5t.

    asked by Abhi
  78. Psychology

    Brief summary and example of these Cognitive Learning Strategies/types please? I don't have my book yet and I need these ASAP!!!!! Ex: Three-stage information processing model is which includes a short definition or description of (a) sensory-register, (b)

    asked by Williams
  79. Physics

    A car B travellin at constant velocity of 25m/s overtakes a stationary car B.Two seconds later,carB sets off in pursuit accelerating at a uniform 6m/s^2.How far does B travel before catching up with carA?

    asked by akinpetr
  80. Guidance in early childhood education

    What are some ways that could create an encouraging classroom?

    asked by Sarah
  81. Geometry

    The equation of a circle is (x−4)^2+ (y+2)^2=16. B) Find the radius of the circle with the given equation. Can somone give me step by step explanations? Thank you in advance!

    asked by Jazy
  82. Math - Logarithms

    can someone pleaaase help me with these "solve for x": a) log_x 100 = 5 b) 3^x+5 = 81 c) log (4x + 2) - log 2 = log 6x thanks heaps!

    asked by Kiirsty
  83. math

    solve the equation for x. 3^2x - 3^x+2 +8 =0 Ps. The topic is logarithmic and exponential functions

    asked by Lindsay
  84. Math binomial formula and sequence

    a) use the binomial formula to find the 5th term of the expansion (2x - 3)^8 ------ i got 90720x? b) Find a_n, the general term for a geometric sequence, given that the fourth term, a_4 is 16 and the seventh term is -128 c) Find the sum of

    asked by Kiirsty
  85. math trig

    a 3.8m ladder rests against a vertical wall and makes an angle of 38 degrees with the wall. how far does the ladder reach up the wall?

    asked by Kiirsty
  86. math quadratic equations

    a) expand and simplify: (4x-3)(x+1) i get 4x^2+x-3 ? b) factorise: 2x^2 + 13x + 15 c) find y-int, x-int and vertex of: y= x^2-3x-4 i get y-int = -4, but loose it from there :(

    asked by Kiirsty
  87. Maths-euclidean geometry

    Determine with reasons the value of y(XY) in the diagram below. Given that AB= 4 units and BC= 3 units. X and Y are midpoints of AB and BC respectively.

    asked by Unathi
  88. logarithm math help

    express: In(√x / y^2z ) thanks :)

    asked by Kiirsty
  89. quadratics math

    the height of a triangle is 4cm shorter than its base. if the triangle has an area of 48cm2, find the length of the base of the triangle.

    asked by Kiirsty
  90. more logarithms help!

    the depreciated value, V, of a car can be calculated using V = C91-r)^n, where C is the original value, r is the rate of depreciation per yeat and n is the age of the car in years. how long would it take for a $24,000 car to be reduced to a value of $2500

    asked by Kiirsty
  91. Math functions help

    given f(x) = 1-2x, and g(x) = x^2+1, find: a) g(-2) ---- i get 5 ? b) f(x+1) c) g`f(x) --- there is like a degree symbol circle between g and f.. d) f^-1(x)

    asked by Kiirsty
  92. Engish

    Traditional African Marriage is an advantage for Men only,not Women.

    asked by Zama
  93. maths

    a two digit 3more than 4 times the sum of its digit if 18 idded to the no.are reversed .find the no

    asked by aditi
  94. American Government

    Originalists often hold that it is incorrect to use the equal protection ckause of the foyrteen anendment to strike down laws that discriminate because

    asked by audrey