Questions Asked on
May 22, 2014

  1. Science(chemistry) please help me fast

    When you take a block of butter out of the fridge,it is hard.however,after 15 minutes at room temperature it is soft enough to spread.use kinetic theory to explain the above observation

    asked by Lesedi
  2. Probability

    A survey of 1,200 men and women asked, "Do you earn over $75,000 per year?" The table below shows the responses for males and females. Male Female Total Income over $75,000 585 485 1,070 Income below $75,000 65 65 130 Total 650 550 1200 Based on these

    asked by CollegeKid01
  3. statistics

    A bottling commpany produces bottles that hold 10 ounces of liquid . Periodically, the company gets complaints that their bottles are not holding enough liquid. To test this claim, the bottling company randomly samples 25 bottles and finds the average

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Statistics

    Coaching companies claim that their courses can raise the SAT scores of high school students. But students who retake the SAT without paying for coaching also usually raise their scores. A random sample of students who took the SAT twice found 427 who were

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Math

    Which of the following transformations will never produce a congruent figure? A. rotation B. reflection C. translation D. dilation

    asked by Riley
  6. Geometry Help!!!

    . Katrina lives directly east of the park. The football field is directly south of the park. The library sits on the line formed between Katrina’s home and the football field at the exact point where an altitude to the right triangle formed by her home,

    asked by Jordan
  7. math

    Amanda puts 2 rectangles together to form a new rectangle. both rectangles have a height of 3 inches. the base of one rectangle is 2 inches. the base of the other is 4 inches. if Amanda puts 10 of each rectangle together , end to end, what will be the

    asked by emily
  8. geometric

    Which metric unit can use to mass of a grasshopper. A)centimeter. B)meter. C)gram. My answer is ( C ). Can you tell me it's correct please.

    asked by ezekiel
  9. math

    Mr chen deposits a certain amount in a bank if the interest of the bank decreased from 3.75% to 3.5% per annum mr chen's interest decrease by 50$ in a year find the sum of amount he deposits

    asked by Anonymous
  10. MATH

    If the perimeter of a rectangle is 60m and the area is 225m^2 what is the length of the rectangle?

    asked by Skye
  11. chemistry

    balance the charge in the two half reactions by multiplying the half reactions by the correct multiplication factors

    asked by deja

    Choose one destination that is represented by a flag. Write a paragraph about the effects of climate change in that destination.

    asked by kelsey

    which of the following animals is an invertebrate A. goldfish

    asked by I NEED HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Calculus

    Consider the function f (x) = 2x^3 - 3x^2 - 72x + 7 Find and classify the critical points. Identify the intervals of increase and decrease, and state the intervals of concavity.

    asked by Liz
  15. Check my answers? thank you.

    1. Which of the following effects would you expect if red blood cells were shaped like neurons? They would not be able to move as easily through capillaries. **** They would more easily carry out gas exchange in the alveoli. They would not need to be

    asked by Princess Anna
  16. geography

    PLzz anyone know these 1. What approach to development did the Brundtland Commission propose? (1 point) a. high density development b. sustainable development c. slow growth development d. high impact development 2. A person who adapts an anthropocentric

    asked by Avia
  17. algebra/ Can see I am right

    A state's license plates consist of three letters followed by three numerals, and 241 letter arrangements are not allowed. How many plates can the state issue? I did it this way 26x26x26x10x10x10= 17,576,000 Have I done this correctly or am I missing a

    asked by Mary Ann
  18. LA

    What are some Disney movies that portray the American dream?

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Chemistry

    Which of the following results from the presence of a solute in a given solvent? A. The vapor pressure of the solution is lower than that of the pure solvent. B. The boiling point of the solution is lower than that of the pure solvent. C. The freezing

    asked by Alexa
  20. Economics

    The strongest argument to favor government regulation of cell phone service grids is that A. there are too many cell phone service towers B. the government could provide better cell phone service C. in some metropolitan areas there are too many choices fro

    asked by Bailey
  21. Economics

    Some people would prefer a single income tax rate because it? A) would increase the government’s revenue. B) is easier to calculate. C) would reduce the percent of income poorer families pay in income taxes. D)means everyone would pay the same income

    asked by Bailey
  22. appliance repair

    Which one of the following letters is used in formulas as the symbol for voltage? A. P B. W C. I D. E

    asked by john

    .4g sample of monobasic acid requires 16cm3 of .1 mol dm 3 of NAOH for complete neutralization what is relative mass of acid

    asked by AYESHA
  24. science

    which of the following allows a plant's vascular system to work as a transport system? A. a plant's vascular system is made up of specialized cells that move around the plants as it grows. B. a plant's vascular system is made up of specialized cells that

    asked by I NEED HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. geometric

    Which customary unit can use to length of a semi-truck. A)yard. B)inch. C) foot. My answer is (c). Can you tell me it's correct please.

    asked by ezekiel
  26. math

    Jonathan has 1/3 as many green marbles as he has red marbles and 1/6 as many red marbles as he has yellow marbles.What part of his collection is made up of yellow marbles?

    asked by peter
  27. Chemistry

    Balance Redox using reactions by the 1/2 reaction method. NaIO3 (aq) + KI (aq) -->„³ I2 (s)

    asked by Jenny
  28. Math - Literal Equations

    Please help me with the following: The volume of a prism is found by multiplying the area of the base by the height. A rectangular prism has a volume of 144cm^3, and a square base with a width of 3 cm. What is the height of the prism, in cm? A. 4 B. 8 C.

    asked by Brady
  29. Math

    1)Let AB be the directed line segment beginning at point A(1 , 1) and ending at point B(-4 , 6). Find the point P on the line segment that partitions the line segment into the segments AP and PB at a ratio of 5:1. A)(-3 1/6,5 1/6) B)(1/6,1 5/6)

    asked by Riley
  30. Economics help please!!!

    In a specific industry, two dominant firms work together to set prices. We call this A. competition. B. collusion. C. market dominance. D. market influence. Answer this Question

    asked by Heather
  31. Algebra 2

    Use the distance formula to find the equation of a parabola. Focus: (6,0) and directrix X = -3 I know the distance formula is: √(x-x1)^2+(y-y1)^2 = √(x-x2)^2+(y-y2)^2 I know I need to sub (6,0) for x1,y1 and (-3,y) for x2,y2 √(x-6)^2+(y-0)^2 =

    asked by Sally
  32. English

    No one saw Dad and me waiting in the queue. No one saw Dad and I waiting in the queue. Which sentence is correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Algebra

    An electronics store is deciding how to price one of its products. The equation P = -25d^2 + 500d predicts the total profit P as a function of the product's price in dollars d. What price will produce the highest total profit?

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Chemistry

    The heat of combustion of methane is -890 kj per mole. How much heat will be produced in the combustion of 6.25 mol of methane?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. math

    if x y is 25 more than x-y then x is what percent of y ?

    asked by praveen
  36. Chemistry

    5C(s)+2SO2(g)->CS2(I)+4CO(g) A-) if you have 6.78 g of C and 7.54 g of SO2, how many grams of CO can be created? B-) what is the limiting reagent from A? C-) how much of the excess reagent is left after reaction? D-) if only 5.89 of CO was actually

    asked by PawToo
  37. Statistics

    Who is the king of late night TV? An Internet survey estimates that, when given a choice between David Letterman and Jay Leno, 52% of the population prefers to watch Jay Leno. Suppose that you randomly select three late night TV watchers and ask them which

    asked by Megan
  38. Algebra

    Decide whether you would use a permutation, a combination, or neither. Next, write the solution using permutation notation or combination notation, if possible, and, finally, answer the question. A club with 31 members is to select five officers

    asked by Mary Ann
  39. Math please check my answers?

    1) The linear function f(x) contains the points (-10, -29) and (-2, 83). If g(x) = 25x - 50, which statement is true? A. The functions f(x) and g(x) both have positive slopes.

    asked by David


    asked by AYESHA
  41. pe

    1. Which resource would be the best choice to learn more information about joining a cricket team? (1 point) county aquatics facility lifeguard * local community center private equestrian center 2. At the 8th grade dance, Myron asks Janelle if she would

    asked by jjjjjjjjj
  42. Algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  43. Chemistry

    If the solubility of a gas in water is 1.22 g/L at 2.75 atm, what is its solubility (in g/L) at 1.0 atm? A. 0.44 g/L B. 3.97 g/L C. 2.25 g/L D. 3.36 g/L I think the answer is C.. i did 2.75 x 1.0 = 2.75 / 1.22 = 2.25 but people say the answer is A... why?

    asked by Alexa
  44. math

    In a recent civil service examination, 1/8 of the candidates failed the first part of the test.Of those eligible to take the second part of the competive examination, 2/7 successfully passed.What part of the original candidates were successful in the

    asked by peter
  45. physics

    A new planet has been discovered which has a mass of 4.56 x 10^24 kg, and a radius of 7.09 x 10^6 m. What is the gravitational acceleration near the surface of this planet?

    asked by Jabari
  46. physics

    An object with a charge of +2.07e-5 is placed 6.07 m away from an object with a charge of -4.64e-6. Find the magnitude of the electric force.

    asked by Jabari
  47. Physics questoin

    A satellite has an orbital radius of 3.74x10^7 m. If it has a period of 49776 seconds, what is the mass of the planet?

    asked by Clint
  48. HELP!!!! MATH

    A boat drops an anchor to the bottom of a lake. The anchor rope makes a 15 degree angle with the boat. The anchor rope is 24 feet long. How deep is the lake to the nearest foot?

    asked by jamie
  49. Algebra 2

    If a light has a diameter of 36 inches at its opening, what is the depth of the light if a lightbulb is 6 inches from the vertex.

    asked by Sally
  50. Economics help please!

    1. A limited liability company is the best form of business for owners who? A. are concerned about keeping their costs of production at a minimum level. B. want an outside company to handle all the business's finances. C. expect to eventually grow their

    asked by Kirston
  51. science

    As the nights get longer and the temperatures become cooler some plants A. enter a state of dormancy, or inactivity. B. enter a state where their cells divide and the plant reproduces. C. enter a state where they begin to sprout leaves. D. enter a state

    asked by I NEED HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  52. chemistry

    If 75 g of NaNO3 is dissolved in 100 g of H2O at 10°C, is the solution saturated, unsaturated or supersaturated?

    asked by Hayden
  53. chemistry

    I say unsaturated. Am I right?

    asked by Hayden
  54. Algebra 1

    Simplify by factoring the numerator of the given rational expression: 4x^2 - 4x/8x

    asked by Victoria
  55. Statistics

    Determine whether the following statements are true or false: 1. P(A and B)=P(B|A)P(B). 2. When A and B are independent, P(A)=P(B). 3. When A and B are independent, P(A|B)=P(A). 4. When A includes B, P(A|B)=1. 5. When B is the complement of A, P(A or B)=1.

    asked by Randy
  56. math

    what does base mean?

    asked by Nicole
  57. geometry

    Part of a road that is 452 meters in length has a slight incline. The vertical rise is 12 meters. Find the angle of elevation. can anybody help? and it must be rounded to the nearest tenth

    asked by danielle
  58. Economics

    Unemployment is on the rise though inflation is quite low. Gross Domestic Product is rising but more slowly than the goal rate. The Federal Reserve may buy government securities in open market operations in order to A. increase the money supply and

    asked by Heather
  59. algebra 2

    find (f+g)(x)for the following functions

    asked by breeauna
  60. Civics

    New Zealand is a country in which the legislature chooses the nation, executive leaders. This is an example of which kind of government? A. Democracy . B. Federation. C. Parliamentary . D. Monarchy. I say A.

    asked by Bree
  61. Math

    A stadium manager has signed five acts this year with a combined revenue projection of $1,000,050. The cost for these is expected to average $85,000 per act. How much profit margin does the stadium expect this last year?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Algebra

    Evaluate the express. nCr (9 over 6)(6 over 4)(3 over 1) n 9 6 3 r 6 4 1 I came up with, [10 over 6!(10-6] [6 over 4(4-2!) [3 over 1!(1-1)!] from there I so sorry I don't know where to go. thank you

    asked by Mary Ann
  63. math

    bystander at the Pegasus Parade, is lying on his back and observing a large balloon of a cartoon character, floating directly above Broadway Street. He is located 32 feet from a point on the street directly beneath the balloon. To see the top of the

    asked by luis
  64. science

    An animal that backs on a warm rock during the morning hours but retreats to the shade of the rocks during the middle of the day is mostly likely a (n) A. ectotherm B. endotherm C. vertebrate D. chordate

    asked by I NEED HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Iron can form ions with different charges. Explain how this is possible. 2. Ions are often formed when two different elements interact with each other. Explain why this happens.

    asked by kelsey
  66. Chemistry

    Can anyone help me with some topics to write about on what chemistry has to do with mechanical engineering. Anyone's help would be appreciated because I really need to finish this 10 page research paper.

    asked by Mario Garcia
  67. bio

    If type B blood was accidentally given to someone with Type O blood, a defense response called (A)__________ would occur. This is because the type O person has A and B defensive proteins called (B)__________ that would mount a defense against the type B

    asked by Mark
  68. math

    A bank wishing to determine the average amount of time a customer must wait to be served took a random sample of 100 customers and found that the mean waiting time was 7.2 minutes. Assuming that the population standard deviation is known to be 15 minutes,

    asked by Anonymous
  69. math last set up

    To secure a 618 meter radio tower against high winds, guy wires are attached to a ring 10 meters from the top of the tower. Each wire is anchored 90 meters from the base of the tower. Find the measure of the angle the wire makes with the ground. Round your

    asked by luis
  70. English

    What is the universal truth in the "Black Boy" by Richard Wright?

    asked by Neeli Wilson
  71. math

    a square plot with area 440m square if it has to be fenced, how many metres of wire Is required?

    asked by anna

    Decades from now, people will still want to harvest food from the world’s oceans. Describe one action people can take now that will improve ocean fishing in the future.

    asked by kelsey
  73. math

    evaluate the expression when x is equal to 5. x-4 I think it is 5-4=1 but not sure?

    asked by Mia
  74. college calculus

    the amount of carbon-14 in a mammoth's bone is 45% of the amount found in a living organism. How long ago did the mammoth die? the half-life of carbon-14 is about 5,730 years.

    asked by kim
  75. chemistry

    initially 1 mol each of gaseous carbon dioxide, co2(g) and hydrogen h2(g) is inhected into a 10.0L reaction chamber at 986 degrees. What is the predicted concentration of each entity at equilibrium? the equation is as follows: co2(g)+ h2(g)= co(g)+h20 (g)

    asked by sarah
  76. English

    Hello. I will be grateful for some help with English tenses. 1) Are both variants possible: "she has been helping me for years" or "she has helped me for years"? 2)The same question: "they have tried to do it since March" or "they have been trying to do it

    asked by Nalmi
  77. biology

    Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus that causes AIDS, is unique because its main genetic instructions are in the form of RNA instead of DNA. Because of this, it’s called a(n) (A) __________. When a person is infected with HIV, the immune system

    asked by Mark
  78. analytical chemistry

    A solution containing 0.40 M B (a weak base) and 0.20 M BH+ (the salt of the weak base) has a pH = 10.30. What is the pH after 25 mmol of HCl is added to 250 mL of this solution?

    asked by axy
  79. social studies

    Was the city of Constantinople named after the greek city Byzantium? Or was it just built on that former site with a new name?

    asked by sam
  80. Science(chemistry)

    When you take a block of butter out of the fridge,it is hard.however,after 15 minutes at room temperature it is soft enough to spread.use kinetic theory to explain the above observation

    asked by Lesedi

    Suppose humans significantly increased their harvest of catfish, causing a decline in the catfish population. Predict what effect this would most likely have on the population of muskrats. Explain your reasoning.

    asked by kelsey
  82. English

    Dear Ms.Sue, thank you for your answer. Will you please help me with several more sentences which I made up but I'm not sure they are natural. 1)He's got a lot of experience and knowledge, which is undoubtedly to be applied in practice. 2)His classes that

    asked by Nalmi
  83. Math

    Your credit card has a balance of $1000 and an interest rate of 21%. Each month you make the minimum requirement of $20. During January 10 through February 9 billing period you pay the minimum required payment on january 25th. find the average daily

    asked by Anonymous
  84. u.s. history

    The changes that took place in the U.S. during WW1 and the changes that took place in the U.S. following the attacks of September 11, 2001 ww1: *moved form agricultural to manufacturing society *women started to move into the industry, fighting for the

    asked by yasminb
  85. math

    Explain Yvonne's mistake in the following problem. 8x + 6x + 2 = 16x

    asked by Anonymous
  86. physics

    two vectors of magnitudes 7 units and 15 units can never give resultant of? a)7 units b)11 units c)13 units d)20 unit

    asked by fatimah
  87. physics

    a man walks 8km North and then 5km in a. direction 60degrees. find its distance from his starting point

    asked by Abigail
  88. Algebra where did I go wrong

    evaluate the expression 5C2 5! 5-2!= my 1st answer was 20 than 120 either one was right. where do I go wrong Thank so much for your time

    asked by Mary Ann
  89. science

    What solubility of hydrogen and nitrogen is in liquid ammonia? Does any formula exist for calculation a solubility of hydrogen and nitrogen in liquid ammonia or do you know specific constants or numbers for this question? Thank you for your answers.

    asked by Kika
  90. Chemistry

    The solubityof a compound in water is 6.8g/100ml at 0degreesC and 0.33g/100ml at 25degreesC.calculate the amount of water required to crystallize 10g of the compound.If the compound is collected at 25degreesC what is the maximum possible yield present?

    asked by Chidimma
  91. human biology

    If type B blood was accidentally given to someone with Type O blood, a defense response called (A)__________ would occur. This is because the type O person has A and B defensive proteins called (B)__________ that would mount a defense against the type B

    asked by Mark
  92. English

    1. He is arm wrestling with Bill. 2. He is doing arm wrestling Bill. 3. He is doing arm wrestling with Bill. 4. Let's arm wrestle together. 5. Let's do arm wrestling together. --------------------- Which ones are grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  93. Maths

    Question: total of 40 students in class, boys number is double of the girls number. How many boys & girls in the class? Working as follow: a = boy b = girl 2a + b = 40 2a + 2a = 40 4a =40 a =10 b=2a b = 2x 10 b = 20 So a=10, b= 20. Total only 30, not 40 .

    asked by Josh
  94. math

    1. The cost of a regular price to Saint Louis Cardinal baseball was $60. During the World Series, the price increased by 2/5. What did the fans pay? A. $65 B. $84 C. $80 D. $69 my answer is D 2. Abby is touring China for four days. The rental is $38.15 per

    asked by Kim
  95. math

    negative 10+8= negative 2 not sure? 9- negative 9= 18?????

    asked by Mia
  96. math

    To secure a 500 meter radio tower against high winds, guy wires are attached to a ring that is 5 meters from the top of the tower. The wires form a 15 degree angle with the tower. Find the distance from the base of the tower to the guy wire anchor in the

    asked by danielle
  97. English

    1. a small creature, that has six legs 2. a small creature that has six legs ------------------------ The above is the definition for 'insect.' Do we have to use comma or not? Which one is correct?

    asked by rfvv
  98. English

    1. Let's find out more about the singer. (What is the part of speech of 'more' in this sentence? Is 'more' the object of 'find out'? Or is 'more' an adverb modifying 'find out'?) 2. You look like your mom. 3. You resemble your mom. 4. You are similar to

    asked by rfvv
  99. Calculus

    2x -------- (x-2)(x+2) using partial fractions That's supposed to be a division sign of some sort

    asked by Kristin
  100. Math

    Can the figure below tesselate a plane? Explain your answer. The shape is an arch (like a rainbow) Thanks!

    asked by Calvin
  101. math(urgent)

    if x+ y is 25 more than x-y then x is what percent of y ?

    asked by praveen
  102. physics

    a shell of mass 0.020 kg is fired by a gun of mass 100kg.if the muzzle speed of the shell is 80m/s.what is the recoil speed of the gun

    asked by ph
  103. Human Services

    COMPARE program planning with program evaluation in human service organizations. DESCRIBE how the two components are related. MY ANSWER TO THE SAME QUESTIONS IS AS FOLLOWS: Comparing program planning to program evaluation in human services is such that

    asked by Felony
  104. English

    1. He stopped smoking. (Does it mean he stopped smoking forever or he stopped smoking for the time being and he will smoke again later?) 2. They also sell big, soft pretzels. 3. They also sell big soft pretzels. 4. They also sell big and soft pretzels.

    asked by rfvv
  105. English

    1. We are watching black and white TV. 2. We are watching black-and-white TV. 3. We are watching a black and white TV. 4. we are watching the black and white TV. ---------------- Are they all grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  106. Chemistry

    Suppose that coal of density 1.5 g/cm3 is pure carbon. (It is, in fact, much more compli- cated, but this is a reasonable first approxima- tion.) The combustion of carbon is described by the equation C(s) + O2(g) −→ CO2(g) ∆H◦ = −394 kJ What is

    asked by Alyssa
  107. math

    A boat drops an anchor to the bottom of a lake. The anchor rope makes a 15 degree angle with the boat. The anchor rope is 24 feet long. How deep is the lake to the nearest foot?

    asked by jamie
  108. math

    a dog starts chasing a cat when they are 12 meters. for every 7 meters that the dog runs, the cat runs 4 meters. how far does the dog have to run to catch up with the cat?

    asked by ed
  109. Physics

    At 10:00 .hrs a 1.5- m-long vertical stick in air casts a shadow 1.4 m long. If the same stick is placed at 10:00 hrs in air in a flat bottomed pool of salt water half the height of the stick, how long is the shadow on the floor of the pool? (For this

    asked by Anthony
  110. English

    What is a metaphor for a deep voice?

    asked by Don
  111. physics

    If you walk at 2 m/s in a perfect circle, what is changing?

    asked by araceli
  112. English

    Which of these sentences has a missing antecedent? Although my sister is a swimmer, I don't know anything about it. When Trina and Rachel went to the mall, she drove.

    asked by Anonymous
  113. I need to know how to work this Maths Problem

    -2√62+38, how do I work it, please help asap!!

    asked by Kathlyn
  114. pre-algebra

    Explain how to write a function rule from the table below. The write a function rule. X 2,4,6 Y 1,0,-1

    asked by J
  115. trig

    A loading ramp is 35 feet long and forms an angle measuring 10° with the ground. How high is the top end of the ramp off the ground? Round your answer to the nearest tenth?

    asked by alexis
  116. History

    1. "Am I not a women and a sister" What were the ideals of the movement related to this medallion? a)abolition and suffrage****** b)freedom and abolition c)justice and temperance d)temperance and slavery 2. Which details from the poster suggest that giving

    asked by Laci ♥
  117. calculus

    A region is bounded in the second quadrant by the curve y = ln(1–x), the line y=3, and the y-axis. Find the area of the region.

    asked by bex
  118. Chemistry

    Why would copper (II) sulfate solution react with iron to produce 3 CuSO4(aq) + 2 Fe (s) = 3 Cu (s) + Fe2(SO4)3 (aq)

    asked by Victoria
  119. math

    City Cellular purchased $28,900 in cell phones on April 25. The terms of sale were 4/20, 3/30, n/60. Freight terms were F.O.B. destination. Returned goods amounted to $650. a. What is the net amount due if City Cellular sends the manufacturer a partial

    asked by bella
  120. Math

    Which is not a combination? A. choosing 3 toppings for you pizza B. lining 3 students up in a row C. choosing 2 desserts from a tray of 10 D. choosing 5 students to represent a class of 30 I think its D. Am I right? Thanks.

    asked by Sebby-Chan
  121. 4th grade math

    find the median: 116,119,121,122,124,128

    asked by mythreyee
  122. Math please check my answer?

    1)6x+11y=30 A) x-intercept= (-24,0);y intercept =(0,19) B)x-intercept=(0,1/5);y intercept=(11/30,0)

    asked by David
  123. Algebra 2

    The shape of a park can be modeled by a circle with the equation x^2 + y^2 = 1600. A stretch of highway near the park is modeled by the equation y = 1/40(x - 40)^2. At what points does a car on the highway enter or exit the park? I am soooooo lost!

    asked by Andrew
  124. 5th Grade ADV. Math

    Four teams are playing in a tournament. Each team will play each other one more time before the top two teams play the championship game. How many games will be played? Need some help with this mates.

    asked by Nommmmmmad
  125. geometry

    Find the lateral area and volume of the right triangular prism. side lengths are 3,4,5 and height is 6.How do I find out the apothem?

    asked by Jane
  126. writing

    I need some help with my intro paragraph for a compare/contrast essay. I have the first and last sentences, just need some help with the filler sentences. Ideas? ( "The similarities and differences between the “Gettysburg Address” and “Pericles'

    asked by Lucia
  127. Math

    Can an equation also be a function??

    asked by Emily
  128. Math

    Which angle (in radians) corresponds to 23 of a circle

    asked by Boss
  129. chem

    The VoLume of a gas is 15.0 L when the temperature is 75.0°C. If the temperature is changed to standard temperature without changing the pressure, what is the new volume?

    asked by Anonymous
  130. Business

    Are there any similarities between the characteristics demanded of an entrepreneur and those of a professional athlete? Would an athlete be a good prospect for entrepreneurship? Why or why not? Do you agree with authors Coté and Piff that those of higher

    asked by Anonymous
  131. Science

    Why are rain forests the most diverse ecosystem? a. They are near bodies of water b. They have a favorable climate c. They are surrounded by mountains d. they have more pollutants that other ecosystems

    asked by Calvin
  132. SCIENCE


    asked by AYESHA
  133. math

    a teacher earns $25'000a year and received a 5% cost if living increase in salary with merit increase. his salary increase by

    asked by iyke Stephanie
  134. algebra

    how do i solve if h=(2f)/(m+1) and solve the equation for f

    asked by Aline
  135. Language Arts Grade 8

    Can I get a list of the table of contents of the Mayan: Popol Vuh.

    asked by Kathlyn
  136. math

    you are planning to open a candy stand with your friends. you will need to buy 20 candy bars at a wholesale cost of $.30 each. you will need to buy 15 lollipops at a cost of $.05 each. How much money will you spend ALL TOGETHER? its pretty confusing :( and

    asked by triganle
  137. Data Management

    In a multiple choice test that contains ten questions with each question having five possible answers, what is the probability that Colin will pass the test if he merely guesses at each question?

    asked by Scott
  138. maths

    a teacher earns $25000 a year and receive a 5% cost of living increase in salary with $ 275 merit increase. his salary increases by?

    asked by iykestephanie
  139. Calculus

    Jill burns 100 calories per hour while sleep and 300 calories per hour while walking and 200 calories per hour at work. If in a typical day Jill spends 7 hours sleeping, 2 hours walking and 6 hours working, what is her average calories burned for those

    asked by bex
  140. One last math question

    umm yea... I tried solving it but I couldn't do it [18 * (1/2 - 1/9) + 9 / (2/3 - 1/6)] / 2.5 thanks for your help guys i really appreciate it

    asked by triangle***
  141. science

    What is the different between xylem and phloem? A. xylem carries water and nutrients up to plant's leaves,while phloem carries food down from the plant's leaves to it's roots. B. xylem carries water and nutrients up to plant's leaves,while phloem divides

    asked by I NEED HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  142. Physic

    The maximum speed of a mass attached to a spring is vmax = 0.438 m/s, while the maximum acceleration is 1.53 m/s2. What is the maximum displacement of the mass? (Answer: 0.125m) Answer is provided above. Please show all work on how to get the answer. Thank

    asked by Anonymous
  143. History

    what was true of the secretary of state William henry seward

    asked by Judy
  144. Economics

    Mixed economies A. have a standard set of government laws B. vary widely in the level of government regulations C. limit trade to only other countries with mixed economies. D. depend on international organizations for guidance and direction

    asked by Bailey
  145. Sports

    Are board games sports?

    asked by Anonymous
  146. Algebra

    Factor 3x^2 + 2x - 13

    asked by Anonymous