Questions Asked on
May 16, 2014

  1. Physics

    A 6.0kg box is on a frictionless 45∘ slope and is connected via a massless string over a massless, frictionless pulley to a hanging 2.4kg weight. What is the tension in the string if the 6.0kg box is held in place, so that it cannot move? If the box is

    asked by Physics Help
  2. Physics

    You are driving down the highway late one night at 20 m/s when a deer steps onto the road 35 m in front of you. Your reaction time before stepping on the brakes is 0.50 s , and the maximum deceleration of your car is 10 m/s2 . How much distance is between

    asked by Harvey
  3. english

    Identify the italicized word according to its class in structural linguistics. The principal is extremely busy. A.intensive B.adjective C.noun D.empty word E.verb

    asked by Raveona
  4. chemistry

    What is the difference between biochemical, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic chemical reactions in healthcare? What is a specific example that exists for each of these chemical reaction types above and why might it be of importance to healthcare

    asked by slomomo
  5. English

    with symbolism, authors use concrete object to represent A. abstract ideas B. general notions C. universal truths D. established facts I can't decide between C and D. I'm leaning more towards D. Thank You.

    asked by Cassie
  6. Physics

    Two-thirds of the weight of a 1500kg car rests on the drive wheels. Assume that μs = 0.74. What is the maximum acceleration of this car on a concrete surface?

    asked by Physics Student
  7. trigonometry

    if tan theta = 1/7 and tan phi= 1/3 then prove that cos 2 theta= sin 4 phi

    asked by ipshita
  8. Math

    Tammy will donate up to $480 to charity. The money will be divided between two charities: the City Youth Fund and the Educational Growth Foundation. Tammy would like to donate at least $140 dollars to the Educational Growth Foundation. She would also like

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Social studies help ms sue

    What important role did diaspora play in the history of southwest asia?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. physics

    A table clock has its minute hand 4.0 cm long. find the average velocity of the tip of the minute hand (a) between 6am to 6.30am and (b) between 6am to 6.30pm

    asked by harit
  11. science

    hree light beams encounter a medium. One light ray is reflected, while the other two are absorbed. How can the medium be described? Transparent Translucent Opaque or Clear In satellite communication, does the satellite... Receive radio signals Prevent

    asked by jjk
  12. Spanish

    This is my assignment: Imagine you are babysitting your little brother. Write a total of 5 Spanish sentences using tú commands telling your little brother what to do. Write 3 sentences using regular verbs. Write 2 sentences using irregular verbs. You can

    asked by Jessie
  13. Spanish (Please help me)

    This is my assignment: Imagine you are babysitting your little brother. Write a total of 5 Spanish sentences using tú commands telling your little brother what to do. Write 3 sentences using regular verbs. Write 2 sentences using irregular verbs. You can

    asked by Jessie
  14. math

    What is the length of the line segment between A(-10, 8) and B ( -10 ,-3)? A. 18 units B. 5 units C. 11 units D. 12 units

    asked by I NEED HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. trig

    In right ∆LMN, sin M = 0.759. What is cos N?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Math

    I have this hard question in math. can someone help me find out the riddle? I start with 1 bacteria. Every hour it doubles. How many hours until there are 1,000,000 bacteria? Can you make a function that describes this situation? What if I double it? I

    asked by Anonymous
  17. math(urgent)

    Mary invested $30,000 in two accounts some at 12% per annum and the rest at 8% per annum. Her total interest for one years was $ 3200.How much was invested at each rate ? solution : $3200=P1 (0.12)(1)+ (3000-P1)(0.08)(1) P1= ? P2= 30000-P1 ? HOW to solve

    asked by fizz
  18. Geometry

    A tree casts a 36 ft shadow. The angle of depression from the top of the tree to the tip of the shadow is 25°. Find the height of the tree to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Meg
  19. univercity of baghdad

    A particle travels along a straight line with a velocity v=(12-3t^2)m/s.where t is in the seconds. When t=1s.the particle is located 10m to the left of the origin. Determine the acceleration when t=4s.the displacement from t=0s to t=10s.and the distance

    asked by ahmed talal
  20. physics

    a pendulum is swinging back and forth once every 1.25 second, how much longer should the pendulum be to increase its period by 0.200 second

    asked by sara
  21. math(compound interest )

    A sum of money,X was deposited in a saving account at 10 percent compounded daily on 25 july 1993. on 13 august 1993, rm600 was withdrawn and the balance as on 31 december 1993 was RM 8900.calculate the value of X using exact time and 360 day year.

    asked by fizz
  22. Language Arts (english)

    1.In general terms, how do the townspeople in “The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World” react to the body which washes up on their shore? 2.Why do the townspeople react to Esteban as they do? What is he to them? 3.What is a fable, how might “The

    asked by Allen
  23. Math

    A bag holds 20 yellow mints and 80 other green or pink mints. You choose a mint at random, eat it, and choose another. a. Find the number of pink mints if P(yellow then pink) = P(green then yellow). b. What is the least number of pink mints if P(yellow

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Comlumbus

    Used the following equation to answer the question below : 5C(s)+2SO2(g)=CS2(I)+4CO(q) A-) how many moles of carbon needed to produce 13g of CS2. B-) how many grams of SO2 are necessary to react with 3.45g of carbon. C-) how many liters of CO (at STP) re

    asked by PawToo
  25. physics

    john and paul are trying to move a 100kg piano which is resulting on a flat, smooth floor. John pushing towards the North, while Paul is pushing towards the East. Both are exerting a 100N force. What is acceleration of the piano (magnitude and direction)?

    asked by trish
  26. Ethics

    Which of the following frameworks encourages us to imagine alternative solutions to moral dilemmas, "focusing less on deciding between given alternatives" and,instead, "envisioning new alternatives" that we may not have initally considered? A.

    asked by Pat
  27. English

    Need help please check. 7. Choose the type of punctuation that is missing from the following sentence. My best friends new dog won’t stop barking. (1 point) ()apostrophe (X)semicolon ()colon ()hyphen 8. Choose the type of punctuation that is missing from

    asked by Sebby-Chan
  28. geometry

    if a cone is 7.5 cm high and has a vertical angle of 70 degree calculate the diameter of its base.

    asked by ryan
  29. Algebra

    Using the formula h=-16^2+vt+s Answer the question: A rocket is shot upward off a 25 foot high balcony with an initial velocity of 96 feet per second. How many seconds will it take until the rocket hits the ground?

    asked by Brett
  30. math

    8.94 rounded to the nearest tenth not sure if its 8.9 or 8.4

    asked by mya
  31. health ,safety,and nutrition for the Young Child

    need to write a 300 word essay about what to look for when selecting a toy for a young I choose age 3-5 year old. how do I start the essay

    asked by Josephine
  32. Chemistry

    - What effect would be on the normality of unknown acid? Explain why. (standarized NaOH in the burette) a) if a wet burette is used for NaOH (that has a known normality) b) if a wet conical flask is used for the titration against the acid c) if an air

    asked by Peter M.Shaker
  33. physics

    john and paul are trying to move a 100kg piano which is resulting on a flat, smooth floor. John pushing towards the North, while Paul is pushing towards the East. Both are exerting a 100N force. What is acceleration of the piano (magnitude and direction)?

    asked by trish
  34. Ethisc/Criminal Justice

    Which of the following frameworks would be most likely to justify convicting an innocent person? A. Virtue ethics B. Utilitarianism C. Kantain ethics D. Natural law I think it's A, but not 100% sure.

    asked by Pat
  35. English

    Select the letter of the choice that indicates which sentence-combining strategy best applies to the example: Off in the thick of the woods came a fairy sound, followed by a tremulous silence, a holding apart of the air. a. varying the length of sentences

    asked by AdelNotTheSinger
  36. English

    1. I stayed there for two weeks. 2. I stayed there two weeks. Are both grammatical? -------------------------- 3. This is the way how he solved the problem. 4. This is the way that he solved the problem. 5. This is the way he solved the problem. 6. This is

    asked by rfvv
  37. Algebra

    A pollster conducts a survey by phone. The probability that a call does not result in a person taking this survey is 85%. What is the probability that the pollster makes 4 calls and none result in a person taking this survey?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Calc Help Please Again!

    Find the volume of the solid formed by rotating the region enclosed by y=e^(1x)+4, y=0, x=0 and x=0.2 about the x-axis? Ty

    asked by Josh
  39. algebra

    Find the present value, using the present value formula and a calculator. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) Achieve $225,500 at 8.55% compounded continuously for 8 years, 155 days. I use e for compound continuousy A=Pe^(rt).so I did

    asked by Mary Ann
  40. algebra

    thank you for your help. problem is Convert the credit card rate to the APR. Oregon, 2 1/4% per month

    asked by Mary Ann
  41. Biology

    Proteins are manufactured through the "blueprints" found on DNA. After they are translated, they are moved through a system of internal membranes before being distributed throughout the rest of the cell. At some point in the process, they are modified to

    asked by Mina
  42. Biology

    Okay my question has to do with a pedigree shown in an illustration. Since I can't show the illustration I'll do my best to describe it: There's a mother and a father and they have 4 kids: 2 boys, 2 girls. Circles represent females and squares males. A

    asked by Mina
  43. business and finite calc

    2) The amount of gasoline sold every week at a gas station is Normally distributed with a mean of 30,000 gallons and a Standard Deviation of 3,000 gallons. What is the Probability that in a given week that the amount of gasoline sold is between 28,000 and

    asked by jeremiah
  44. science

    All the processes that form mountain ranges are known as

    asked by tamesha
  45. physic

    A cylindrical conductor of length l and uniform area of cross-section A has resistance R. What is area of cross section of Another conductor of the same material of length 2l and resistance R ?

    asked by abc
  46. English

    1. I love Tom who lives there. 2. I love Tom, who lives there. Which sentence is grammatical? Are both OK? ------------------ 3. This is the place where he was born. 4. This is the place he was born. #3 is grammatical. What about #4? In Sentence 4, 'where'

    asked by rfvv
  47. pre algebra

    Write a table for the following quadratic function. y = x - x squared

    asked by steve
  48. geometry

    Use Pythagorean Theorem to determine which set of sides can be the sides of a right triangle. Question 14 options: a) 3,4,5 b) 4,4,8 c) 6,6,12 d) 8,9,10

    asked by tobias
  49. Math - Algebra2

    state whether the series is convergent or divergent 1) 3 + 12 + 48 + ... 2) 4 + 4/5 + 4/25 + ...

    asked by Eric
  50. POL201

    The tendency of Congress to defer to the President in foreign policy has at times led to

    asked by Tracy
  51. Calc Help Please

    Evaluate the integral. integral 1/((x-2)(x+2)) Note: Use an upper-case "C" for the constant of integration. I keep getting 1/4[log(2-x)-log(x+2)]+C and the system is saying its wrong... Please help!

    asked by Josh
  52. Calc Help Please Again Last one!

    Write out the form of the partial fraction decomposition of the function appearing in the integral: integral (6x-58)/(x^2+2x-63) Determine the numerical values of the coefficients, A and B, where A

    asked by Josh
  53. Simple question about music

    How many copies has the album thriller sold? Please tell me I need to know!!!

    asked by Mare
  54. Math - Int Trig

    31) Locate, name, and classify the extrema of the function. Determine intervals which the function is increasing and decreasing f(x) = -x(x^2 - 2) 32) Determine the end behavior of the function f(x) = 2x - x^3

    asked by Lilly
  55. Algebra

    find all zeros, write polynomial as product of linear factors 1) f(x)=9x^3 - x^2 +9x -9 2) f(x)=x^4 -21x^2 -100 3) f(x)=x^3 -3x^2 -5x +39

    asked by Brent
  56. math

    can u place give pointers on how to draw the graphs of y=2^ and y=-2^ on the same set of axes (4 marks) this new to me

    asked by isaac
  57. chemistry

    write the balanced half equation in acid medium when ethanol gets converted into acetic acid and compute eq.wt.of thanol qb

    asked by neeraj
  58. Statistics

    Please answer yes or no to the following question for my statistics project: Are you in favor of welfare for those in need?

    asked by Emma
  59. math(urgent)

    $1000 was invested for two years at 10% simple interest .calculate the effective rate was earned. pls check my solve (1+0.1/2)^2-1 = 0.1025 but the true answer is 9.54% pls help me to get the formula of effective rate

    asked by fizz
  60. physics

    A ball is projected horizontally from the top of a 98m high cliff with an initial speed of 14.4 m/s. Determine the magnitude of the final speed the instant prior to hitting the ground

    asked by tenzin
  61. math

    at a college function a total of 180 tickets were sold. the tickets were priced at $5,10,15 and the money collected that day was $1,900. the sum of the numbers of $5,and $15 tickets sold was twice the number of $10 tickets sold. find the number of each

    asked by terri
  62. chemistry

    which of these reactions if spontaneous? (a) Fe^0 + Mg +2 --> Mg^0 +Fe+2 (b) Fe+2 + Mg ^0 --> Fe^0 + Mg +2 write the half cell equations for the spontaneous reaction. which element is oxidized and which is reduced?

    asked by Jason
  63. Choosing Courses

    Is it okay to take Algebra II and Geometry at the same time or would that be too hard, in general?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. ALegbra

    If an apartment complex will need painting in 3 1/2 years and the job will cost $25,000, what amount needs to be deposited into an account now in order to have the necessary funds? The account pays 8% interest compounded semiannually. (a) State the type of

    asked by Mary Ann
  65. Statistics

    Find the range and the standard deviation (correct to two decimal places). 77, 89, 96, 96, 102

    asked by Donald
  66. physics

    2 particles ar moving with constant speed v such that they are always at a constant distance d apart and their velocities are always equal and opposite. After what time they return to their initial positions?

    asked by harit
  67. Physics

    The position of an object is described as x = 4.0t and y= 1.5t2 - 2t + 1.0. All factors are in SI-units. a) What is the begining velocity of the object? b) What is his acceleration? c) What is the direction along the x-axe at the time t=1.0 s ? Given

    asked by Physics: Motion in two dimensions?
  68. Algebra 1

    How am I supposed to graph y = 2/x? Which values should I use? (This is supposed to be an inverse variation graph.)

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Biology

    In snapdragon plants, neither one of the petal colors is dominant to the other. The hybrids have a intermediate phenotype. If a homozygous red flower is crossed with a homozygous white flower, What will the offspring’s phenotype

    asked by Libby
  70. Physics

    An object gets the acceleration 8.0 m/s2 in a vertical direction (y) but 5.0 m/s2 in a horizontal direction (x). What will be the position of the object at the time t=2.0 s if his initial postiotion was (0,0), initial speed in y-direction 0 and in

    asked by Physics: Motion in two dimensions?
  71. Algebra 1

    Which values should I use to graph the rational function y = 1/x-2 - 6? (The asymptotes are x = 2; y = -6.) Also, what method could I use to choose values for graphing rational functions?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Algebra 1

    Which values should I use to graph the rational function y = 1/x-2 - 6? (The asymptotes are x = 2; y = -6.) Also, what method could I use to choose values for graphing rational functions?

    asked by Victoria
  73. Algebra

    7 Permutation 3 is: Is it 210?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Math problem or trick

    if 60% of students in the class were wearing sport shoes and 40% dress shoes, does it mean that everybody in the class were wearing shoes?

    asked by Luke
  75. Riddle

    Answer this... A Riddle,A nine-letter word, common as air,When each letter’s cut, a new word to pare,What's the word?

    asked by Kathlyn
  76. Calculus

    If f(x1)>f(x2) for every x1>x2 then what is the behaviour of f(x)?

    asked by Liz
  77. Calculus

    determine f" if f(x)=sqrt(x^3+2)

    asked by Liz


    asked by IKY
  79. univercity of baghdad

    The flywheel has a radius of 600mm.a mass of 144kg.and a radius of gyration of 450mm. An 18kg block A is attached to a wire that wrapped around the flywheel.and the system is released from rest.neglecting the effect of friction. Determine the acceleration

    asked by ahmed talal
  80. english

    can u suggest some ways through which a person can develop their character in a nuclear family?

    asked by akshara
  81. Science

    The greater the change in speed, the less the light wave is reflected. False?

    asked by Kathlyn
  82. chemistry

    How many atoms are in 33 g of C33H18O2?

    asked by De
  83. physics

    A soccer ball is kicked horizontally at 16.1 m/s off the top of a field house and lands 37.5 metes from the base of the field house. Determine the height of the field house.

    asked by tenzin
  84. physics

    Determine the launch speed of a horizontally-launched projectile which lands 27.4 meters from the base of a 17.9-meter high cliff.

    asked by tenzin
  85. Algebra 1

    How am I supposed to graph y = 2x? Which values should I use?

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Algebra 1

    How am I supposed to graph the inverse variation y = 2x? Which values should I use?

    asked by Anonymous