Questions Asked on
May 12, 2014

  1. science

    a cylinder of diameter 1cm at 30 degrees celcius is to be slid into a steel plate. the hole has a diameter 0.9997cm at 30 degrees celcius. to what temperature must the plate be heated? for steel

    asked by peter
  2. computer literacy

    1. Virtual communities typically have all of the following EXCEPT: (B) currency. rules of conduct. games. real life contact.

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Health information

    A surgeon performs elective surgery on Patrick John Smith. Smith later complains to his surgeon about pain resulting from the surgery. His surgeon dismisses his complaints as not credible and eventually withdraws from the case. Smith is then treated by

    asked by Lyiza
  4. math

    The deck of a swimming pool had the same width all the way around. The perimeter of the pool is 50m. The outside perimeter of the deck is 74m. What is the width of the deck?

    asked by annie
  5. history

    1. Which factor contributed most to the beginning of the women's rights movement in the United States during the mid-1800s? A. A dramatic increase in women's participation in the workforce *** B. A shift in social attitudes brought on by increased

    asked by help please
  6. science

    what happen if blood entering the heart mixed with blood leaving the heart?

    asked by Ayesha
  7. MATH

    1. A factory manufactures two products, each requiring the use of three machines. The first machine can be used at most 60 hours; the second machine at most 30 hours; and the third machine at most 80 hours. The first product requires 2 hours on machine 1,

    asked by ANGELLA
  8. Algebra help please!

    Which of the following angles is NOT coterminal with the other three? A. 591 degrees B. 231 degrees C. 51 degrees D. -129 degrees

    asked by Kirky
  9. Chemistry

    Suppose a patient is given 140mg of I−131, a beta emitter with a half-life of 8.0 days. Assuming that none of the I−131 is eliminated from the person's body in the first 4.0 hours of treatment, what is the exposure (in Ci) during those first four

    asked by TlP
  10. math

    find the constant of proportionality and unit rate for the data in the table. Then write the equation to represent the relationship between time t and distance d Time Distance 2 hrs 90 miles 3 hrs 135 miles 5 hrs 225 miles 6 hrs 270 miles I don't

    asked by gwen
  11. math

    how would you graph the linear equation y=3x + 3? Help!!!!!!

    asked by gwen
  12. computer literacy

    5. Which of the following BEST describes the concept behind Web 2.0? (A) Download Write Read-write Upload 6. The term cyberspace originated where? (A) Science fiction NASA Military University 7. Which of the following is NOT one of Facebook’s main

    asked by Anonymous
  13. english

    17. In Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery,” how does the author use Tessie’s late arrival to help create suspense? (1 point) A The reader does not know what event Tessie has arrived late for. B The reader knows that the townspeople are aware of

    asked by Keith
  14. SS

    1) ___________ make up the majority of the population in Guatemala. Spaniards Incas Mexicans Native Americans 2. One challenge that makes it hard for the Mayas to retain their land is that they are more likely to think of themselves as ______ than _______.

    asked by Calvin
  15. Calculus

    (i) A 20m chain with a mass-density of 3kg/m (coiled on the ground). How much work is performed lifting the chain so that it is fully extended (and one end touches the ground)? (ii) How much work is performed to lift 1/4 of the chain?

    asked by HELP ASAP
  16. chemistry

    An ideal solution of 5.00 mole benzene and 3.25 mole toluene. At 298 K, the vapor pressure of the pure benzene and toluene were 96. Torr, and 28.9 Torr, respectively. At what pressure does the vapor phase appear first, if the pressure above this solution

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Math

    I have 18 blue marbles, 16 green marbles, and 22 red marbles in a bag. What is the chance I will pick a green if I pick a marble at random?

    asked by Peter
  18. ela

    About how tall is a classroom door?

    asked by 555
  19. Chemistry

    Consider a chromium-silver voltaic cell that is constructed such that one half-cell consists of the chromium, Cr, electrode immersed in a Cr(NO3)3 solution, and the other half-cell consists of the silver, Ag, electrode immersed in a AgNO3 solution. The two

    asked by TP
  20. computer literacy

    8. Which of the following best describes the “7x7” PowerPoint rule? (C) 7 ideas per presentation/7 lines per slide. 7 lines per slide/7 words per line. 7 topics per slide/7 images per presentation . 7 words per line/7 slides per presentation.

    asked by Anonymous
  21. earth science

    What latitudes are most likely to see glaciers? A. 30° N and 30° S B. 10° N and 10° S C. 45° N and 45° S D. 90° N and 90° S

    asked by manolo
  22. gemotry

    The coordinates of the endpoints of AB¯¯¯¯¯ and CD¯¯¯¯¯ are A(2, 3), B(8, 1), C(5, 2), and D(6, 5). Which statement about the line segments is true?

    asked by maddie
  23. math

    adult tickets to a play are $12 student tickets are only $8 if a theater sells 90 tiickets to a play for a total of $980, how many of each kind of ticket did the theater sell?

    asked by Alexis
  24. Math

    Find the length of a field that has a perimeter of 256 meters and a width of 36 meters. please explain the steps

    asked by Anonymous
  25. math

    if the product of (2+3),(3+4), and (4+5) is equal to three times the sum of 40 and x, then x=what?

    asked by sharon
  26. maths

    Find the coordinates of the points of intersection of the straight line y = 3x - 6 with the parabola y = x^2 - 6x + 8 and solve Graphically.

    asked by Shane
  27. Anthropology!!!

    What is the function or purpose of kinship systems, particularly descent groups and terminology naming practices? Why is the study of kinship in general so important to the study of anthropology? (what is the relationship?) the only part that I am confused

    asked by Chris
  28. english

    Judging by the behavior of Cassius and Brutus in Act IV, what prediction might you make about their battle with Antony? A. Brutus will betray Cassius and join Antony's army. B. Cassius and Brutus will not work well together in battle. C. Cassius will

    asked by Emi
  29. English

    1. Each desk has four legs. 2. Each of the desks has four legs. 3. All desks have four legs. 4. Every desk has four legs. 5. There are four legs on each desk. ----------------------------- Are they all grammatical? Which one is wrong?

    asked by rfvv
  30. physics

    In a classroom demonstration, a 790-N physics professor lies on a “bed of nails.” The bed consists of a large number of evenly spaced, relatively sharp nails mounted in a board so that the points extend vertically outward from the board. While the

    asked by ashey
  31. English

    12. What does the following quote reveal about Montressor’s intentions? "'Pass your hand,’ I said, ‘over the wall; you cannot help feeling the nitre. Indeed it is very damp. Once more let me implore you to return. No? Then I must positively leave

    asked by Keith
  32. English

    16. What is the effect of the author’s use of assonance in the following line from “The Raven?” “For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore—” (1 point) A It creates emphasis on Lenore. B It explains Lenore’s appearance. C It

    asked by Keith
  33. Principles of Public Speaking: Lesson 8

    nonverbal communication includes:

    asked by bre
  34. computer literacy

    2. In a social networking site your personal information is listed under your: (D) Inbox. Home. Status . Profile. 3. Which of the following is NOT one of the MOST common uses of Twitter? (D) Posting an idea of the moment. Making a business contact. Sharing

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Mahts

    The perimeter of a field is 300m and its length is 100m. What is its breadth? P= (l + b)2 300=(100+b)2 300=100b X 2 300= 200b 300/200=b Is this is correct.

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Finance

    What is the present value of $3,800 at 8.9 percent compounded monthly for five years. Thurs far, I have P= ?/(1+i)n (1 + 0.89/12)12*5 (1.0074167)60

    asked by Jill
  37. chemistry

    a piece of iron measures 10.5cm by 5.25cm by 10.2mm and the density of theiron is 7.86g/cm cubed. what is the mass of the iron?

    asked by lynette
  38. Social Studies

    After capturing Washington, the British attacked what city, which they failed to capture? Answer: New York, Statton Island

  39. Math

    the average score on a math test for 16 students was 66. six more students took the test. the average of the six was 74. What was the average of all of the students?

    asked by Sarah Powers
  40. English III (11th grade)

    Lana woke up, curled in a corner of the seat at the back of the train. She lifted the shade to see that the sun had hidden itself in a bank of clouds fluffy as the eiderdown her mother had wrapped her in as a child. Her darling Ted, a military man with a

    asked by Samuel
  41. Chemistry

    Predict which compound will have the higher boiling point and explain how you made your choice by including intermolecular forces. 1. H2O or CH2O 2. CS2 or CH4

    asked by Natalie
  42. economics

    what might happen if the government did not provide public schools?

    asked by vanessa
  43. English

    Thank you very much. I still have these sentences I'm doubtful about. My doubt is whether I should use the present perfect or the simple past (considering that it is the end of the school year) 1) Exercises for literary text analyses aimed at developing

    asked by Frank
  44. Anthropology!!!

    What aspects do anthropologists look at when they study political systems? Describe the types of societies, as well as the role of power and social control. I have no idea about what this question is asking Help me please Thank you

    asked by Chris
  45. Math

    Water is flowing into a trough at a rate of 100 cubic centimeters per second. The trough has a length of 3 meters and cross sections in the form of a trapezoid, whose height is 50 cm, whose lower base is 25 cm and whose upper base is 1 meter. At what rate

    asked by Hao
  46. English

    1. Each of the desks has four legs. 2. Each of the desk has four legs. -------------- Is #2 correct or incorrect? 3. She has many friends to help her. 4. She has many friends who will help her. 5. she has many friends who help her. 6. she has many friends

    asked by rfvv
  47. English

    Traditional african mariage is an advantage for men only not women

    asked by Wendy khathide
  48. trig

    A man on a 135 feet cliff perpendicular (at 90 degrees) to the ground looks down at an angle of 16 degrees and sees his friend. How far away is the man from his friend? How far away is the friend from the base of the cliff? Sketch the triangle that matches

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Maths

    Alison discovered that she had spent 2/5 of her money, leaving her with £21. What amount of money did she originally possesses?

    asked by Crystal
  50. math

    1.Joanne borrowed RM5000 for 180 days at a discount rateof 8 1/2 %.find the proceeds. 2.A businessman needs RM12000 for four months. What should be the size of the loan if his bank charges a discount rate of 9.5%.

    asked by fizz

    1. Which of the two boxes contain (more/many/most) pencil - more 2. In water the piece of heavy wood felt much (light/ lighter)- lighter 3. The man told (me) that I should not go out alone at night as (I) might attacked by some wild animal.

    asked by fathima
  52. Chemistry

    Consider the following reaction: CaCO3(s)→CaO(s)+CO2(g). Estimate ΔG∘ for this reaction at each of the following temperatures. (Assume that ΔH∘ and ΔS∘ do not change too much within the given temperature range.) A) 310K and is it spontaneous B)

    asked by T
  53. Chemistry

    Calculate ΔG∘ at 298 K for the following reactions. A) Ca(s)+CO2(g)+12O2(g)→CaCO3(s) B) 2KClO3(s)→2KCl(s)+3O2(g) C) CO(g)+H2O(g)→H2(g)+CO2(g)

    asked by Tl
  54. math

    Find the slope of the line through (6,2) and (4,-2)

    asked by gwen
  55. math

    Draw a line with a slope of 1/4 through the point (0,-4) I don't know what to do here.

    asked by gwen
  56. Grammar - INTERJECTION

    Ho, ho! That was a good joke. Good heavens! You won the first price. Oh dear! You should not done that Bravo! You have won the prize. have you spent all your pocket money? Tut-tut! Did you break the cup. Hush! The king is going to speak

    asked by Mohamed
  57. Java Programming

    How to create a two dimensional arrays that stored the score of 3 subjects of 2 semesters, and score will added by users and program should do - Calculate the average scores of each semester - The maximum score of each semester - The mininum score of each

    asked by Fed
  58. world geography

    Which of the following is accurate? a. No one knows what caused the decline of the Minoan civilization. c. Greece is at the crossroads of eastern and western culture. b. Greece is made up of mainland and a cluster of islands. d. All of the above

    asked by toni
  59. Algebra 1 (Reiny)

    Write each equation in standard form. Solve by using the Quadratic Formula. 1. -7 = x^2 2. x^2 - 16 = 0

    asked by Victoria
  60. Physics

    The figure shows the velocity graph of a 79kg passenger in an elevator. The graph is (0,0),(1,4),(5,8),(9,2) What is the passenger's apparent weight at t=1s,5s,9s?

    asked by Tom1
  61. Statistics

    A brewery's filling machine is adjusted to fill bottles with a mean of 33.8 oz. of ale and a variance of 0.005. Periodically, a bottle is checked and the amount of ale noted. (b) Let's say you buy 93 bottles of this ale for a party. How many bottles would

    asked by Samantha
  62. algorithms

    read the volume of three objects and sort them in increasing order , then print their values ?

    asked by rami
  63. SP180.1.2 Principles of Public Speaking: Lesson 8

    SP180.1.2 Principles of Public Speaking: Lesson 8

    asked by bre
  64. Algebra 1 Answer Evaluation

    Write each equation in standard form. Solve by using the Quadratic Formula. 1. -7 = x^2 A: ? 2. x^2 - 16 = 0 A: x = 4 or x = -4.

    asked by Victoria
  65. Consumers Math

    I don't want the answer to this question, but if someone could please tell me how to work it out, that would be great and I could finish it on my own. Thank you very much:) Question- Your station charges $15.95 for an oil change. As a promotion you sell

    asked by Cat
  66. Science

    George was rearranging his bedroom. He moved his booklet 1.5m using 63n of force. How much work did George do?

    asked by Annadona
  67. life sciences

    2.Explain the relationship between the dependent and independent variable in each A.homozygous parent crossed with heterozygous parent B.heterozygous parent crossed with heterozygous parent

    asked by Okuhle
  68. Biology

    Describe how a monomer is the basic unit of all macromolecules.

    asked by Lexi
  69. Algebra

    A rectangular piece of cardboard is 15 inches longer than it is wide. If 5 inches are cut from each corner, and the remaining fold up to form a box,the volume of the box is 1250 cubic inches. Find the dimensions of the piece of cardboard.

    asked by Alberto
  70. ALG

    Solve. (If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION.) y=x^2-x-3 y=-2x+3 (x,y) smaller value larger value

    asked by KASAP
  71. Science

    What is the mechanical advantage of the pulley system? The weight is being moved requires a force of 180n. This is the output force. The hand is providing the input force, and is pulling w/45 of force.

    asked by Annadona
  72. 5th grade math

    How do you find the dimensions of a box that hold 2xs as many cubes as a box that is 2 by 3 by 4?

    asked by Lucas
  73. geomerty

    Let A be between B and C. Use the segment addition postulate to solve for w. BA = 7w − 12 AC = 6w − 14

    asked by jasmine
  74. Algebra 1 (Step-by-Step)

    Will someone explain how to solve this? Write each equation in standard form. Solve by using the Quadratic Formula. 1. -7 = x^2

    asked by Victoria
  75. chem

    The normal boiling point of water is 100.0 C. Do you expect the boiling point of water to be greater than, less than, or equal to 100.0 C on top of Mt. Whitney, CA where the atmospheric pressure is significantly different than 760 Torr?

    asked by Collin
  76. math

    What is the square root of 10?

    asked by Anonymous

    This was the worst train accident in last ten years. Last = adjective- superlative degree

    asked by Anonymous
  78. science

    can u suggest 5 advantages and 5 disadvantages of diffusion in chemistry

    asked by akshara
  79. Algebra 1 Answer Evaluation

    For each quadratic equation, identify the values of a, b, and c. 1. 16x^2 = 3x A: a = 16; b = -3; c = 0. 2. -4x^2 = -9 A: a = 4; b = 0; c = -9.

    asked by Victoria
  80. math

    You need to hire a part-time associate to work 30 hours a week in your store. You have $250 in labor budget for the new associate each week. You just interviewed an excellent candidate for the position who has requested to be paid $9.00 per hour. Your

    asked by lynn
  81. business math

    Statistics show that the sales force of a certain company successfully closed 352 sales out of 800 sales calls. What was their percent success rate?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. english

    why does traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only, not women

    asked by sibusisiwe
  83. science

    can u please explain osmosis,diffusion,fluid mosaic model

    asked by akshara
  84. Algebra

    the length of a rectangle is 2 more than the width, the area of the rectangle is 15 ft. squared . find the length and width.

    asked by Susan
  85. music

    Anyone been to an concert (jazz, opera, etc.)and had to do a concert report? i need a concert report can someone please help me, i don't really have the money or the time to go to a concert and i need to summit a concert report in a few days, pls help!!

    asked by Fulano
  86. Math

    Simplify this expression: 11 + (x^3 - 8 / x^2 + 2x + 4) - x

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Math

    A square has an area of 13ft^2 To the nearest tenth, what is its perimeter ?

    asked by Kim
  88. algebra

    Find the future value, using the future value formula and a calculator. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) $990 at 5.5% compounded quarterly for 3 years Find the present value, using the present value formula and a calculator. (Round your answer to

    asked by gary
  89. language art

    What is one difference between the credentials of jerrilyn Jacobs and zlata filipovic? Jerrilyn jacobs is younger Jerrilyn jacobs provides a firsthand account Jerrilyn jacobs is a communications expert Jerrilyn jacobs is a teaching expert I picked b is

    asked by Kay
  90. Math

    The volume of a cone is 78.6 cm^3. If its height is 6 cm, what is the base? Please explain each step

    asked by A. Cunningham
  91. economics

    are there any welfare payments that should be reviewed or added???

    asked by liolo
  92. Science? (for dddd47906)

    If you follow the directions on the Post a New Question form (did you read them?), you'll have better luck getting a good response. Posted by dddd47906 on Monday, May 12, 2014 at 12:17pm. Just wondering for my report,

    asked by Writeacher
  93. algebra

    Use a calculator to evaluate an ordinary annuity formula A = m [ 1+ r over n ^nt -1] than rn is under--____________________ r over n for m, r, and t (respectively). Assume monthly payments. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) $150; 6%; 40 yr A = $

    asked by gary
  94. Math-Variance

    Orginal Budget Budgeted Volume Budgeted Quantity Budgeted Price 1,000 40.00 $40,000.00 F Flexible Budget Actual Value Budgeted Quantity Budgeted Price 1,200 41.67 $50,000.00 UF Orginal Budget/Flexible Budget Budgeted Volume Budgeted Quantity Budgeted Price

    asked by Ryan Dee
  95. math

    Jade ran 6 times around her neighbourhood to complete a total of 1mile. How many times will she need to run to complete 5/6 of a mile?

    asked by Anonymous
  96. Science

    Just wondering for my report, can wood melt in EXTREMELY hot temperatures or turn into another shape?

    asked by dddd47906
  97. chemistry

    what is the final temperature of amixture containning 25 grams of ice at -20 degree celciusadded to water at room temperature 22oC mass of water is 50g followed the steps given by you but not getting the answer (0degree celsius)

    asked by treasa
  98. Calculus

    (i) A 20m chain with a mass-density of 3kg/m (coiled on the ground). How much work is performed lifting the chain so that it is fully extended (and one end touches the ground)? (ii) How much work is performed to lift 1/4 of the chain?

    asked by T
  99. Algebra 1

    Solve the following equation by graphing the related function. 1. 4x^2 + 8x = 32 A: ? Use the Zero Product Property to solve the following equation. 2. x(x + 3) = 32 A: ?

    asked by Victoria
  100. English

    1. Suddenly, everybody goes quiet. 2. Suddenly, everybody becomes quiet. -------------- Does #1 mean #2? Do you use #1 frequently?

    asked by rfvv
  101. math

    Compound interest 1800 for 11 years at .06

    asked by Anonymous
  102. finance

    FV= PV(1+i/n)c*n (1.089/12)12*5 (0.09075)60 0.09075*60= 5.445

    asked by Anonymous
  103. English

    What a black day! ----------------- What does 'black' mean here?

    asked by rfvv
  104. Math 4 grade

    Use the digits 1 though 9 once each. Fill in the 3x3 squares to make the sum of 777. Thanks.

    asked by Bong
  105. math

    please help im stuck 8. Use the function rule f(x) equals three x minus 2. Find the output f(one point 5). (1 point)2.5 –2.5 6.5 –6.5

    asked by isabella
  106. English

    The fire-fighters stand and watch for the first time in days. --------------- What is the meaning of 'in days'? what other expressions can use instead of 'in days'? Thank you.

    asked by rfvv
  107. geometry

    On a piece of machinery, the centers of two pulleys are 3 feet apart, and the radius of each pulley is 6 inches. How long a belt (in feet) is needed to wrap around both pulleys?

    asked by Alys
  108. Algebra/Quadratic equations

    I have to make a word problem/story out of this quadratic equation -t^2+3t+18=0 The plot of the story I want to write about has to deal with world hunger, and food being dropped in to remote locations by helicopter. Can someone please help me come up with

    asked by jarron
  109. Intro to computers

    Which type of updates should be installed in a test environment before being installed in a live enterprise environment.? A. Updates for Wkndows XP B. Recommend Updates C. Service Packs D. Security updates

    asked by Juan
  110. Pre-algebra

    If a rectangle has a perimeter of 70 meters and a length of 17 meters, what is its width? P=2l+2w Whats the next step?

    asked by Lee. Jackson
  111. Science-Ms.Sue

    How did Lamarck and Darwin differ in their thinking about species? A. Darwin thought that organisms could induce their own changes, while Lamarck thought that change could only be induced by an organism's environment. B. Darwin thought that change could

    asked by Camille
  112. Algebra

    Simplify the expression: (x - y) (3x + xy - 4y) + xy^2 - x^2y

    asked by Anonymous
  113. Algebra

    A pollster randomly selects 100 people from each town in a certain candidate’s district to see if they support the candidate. Why might this survey not produce a good sample?

    asked by Anonymous
  114. english check answer plz !

    i think its A. but i also got C. As you are reading your research paper aloud,you notice that all your sentences start the same way. What should you do A.revise some of the sentence so there is variety. the sentences with a more engaging voice C.add

    asked by matt
  115. Algebra 1--Please, help me!

    Solve the following equation by graphing the related function. 1. 4x^2 + 8x = 32 A: ? Use the Zero Product Property to solve the following equation. 2. x(x + 3) = 32 A: ? 3. Solve 3x^2 + 5 = 21. Round to the nearest hundredth. A: x = 5.33 x = 5.0 or 5?

    asked by Victoria
  116. Math

    put in order this fractions 9/9, 2/3, 5/6, 4/12, 0/2 from the smallest to the largest? I don't know how?

    asked by Anna
  117. physics

    a diverging lens of focal length 30cm creates an image 3cm tall from an object that is 9cm tall where is the image located if the object is 60cm from the lens. what is the magnification

    asked by diane
  118. geometry

    David wants to rent a movie. He wants to watch either a comedy or a drama. The movie rental store has 18 comedies and dramas available for rent. Seven of the movies are comedies, and eleven of the movies are dramas. David has not seen two of the comedies,

    asked by tanaya
  119. Health Information Management Statistics

    In September, the hospital has 23.652 admissions. Of these, 1,569 were readmissions. What is the hospital's readmission rate

    asked by Laura
  120. Geography 9 Help!

    who was elizabeth successor?

    asked by Gen
  121. Biology

    Hydrolysis uses a catabolic reaction. Explain what a catabolic reaction is and how it is useful in creating monomers from polymers.

    asked by Ian
  122. Geography 9 Help!

    what did philip II of spain send to try and defeat elizabeth and the english

    asked by Gen
  123. math

    i want to purchase yards of fabric for a chaise 60" W X 35" D X 35" H

    asked by manessa
  124. help with math!

    Evonne earns $10.50 per hour for a 40 hour week. She earns time and a half (1 1/2 times the normal $10.50 per hour rate) for all hours worked OVER 40 hours. Answer the following question based on Evonne's information. This week Evonne worked 50 hours, 10

    asked by Josh
  125. English

    Can someone check the grammar in the following sentences? Thank you in advance. 1) The nuclear power station can give our town a lot of energy and jobs to people. 2) We won't be able to use the farmland near the power station because it will be polluted

    asked by Frank
  126. Science: Please check answer

    2. Once your rocket reaches space, the captain adjusts the speed. Your captain goes from 24,000 km/hr to 17,000 km/hr over 90 seconds. What is your acceleration? Beginning speed= 17,000km/hr Ending speed= 24,000 km/hr Time it took= 90/sec 17000-24000=

    asked by Cassie
  127. chemistry

    what is the final temperature of amixture containning 25 grams of ice at -20 degree celciusadded to water at room temperature 22oC mass of water is 50g followed the steps given by you but not getting the answer (0degree celsius) ice at -20 to ice at 0

    asked by treasa
  128. social studies

    ____ make up the majority of the population in guatemala

    asked by Anonymous
  129. social studies

    1) ___________ make up the majority of the population in Guatemala. Spaniards Incas Mexicans Native Americans 2. One challenge that makes it hard for the Mayas to retain their land is that they are more likely to think of themselves as ______ than _______.

    asked by Anonymous
  130. math

    Jake and Sara each drive 270 miles to attend a conference. Jake drives at an average speed that is 15 mi/h slower than Sara’s average speed. It takes Jake 1.5 hours longer than Sara to drive the 270 miles. How long does it Jake to make the trip?

    asked by ray
  131. math

    if 3+x/7+x= 3/7 + 3/7, then x= what

    asked by sharon
  132. Acceleration physics

    1. A sprinter finishes the race with a velocity of 8.9 m/s. the sprinter accelerated to a stop at a rate of -2.7 m/s2. how long did it take the sprinter to come to a stop? 2. A cycllist starts from rest & reaches a velocity of 18 m/s southwest in 3.8

    asked by Durga
  133. algrebra

    Christine purchased a prepaid phone card for . Long distance calls cost cents a minute using this card. Christine used her card only once to make a long distance call. If the remaining credit on her card is , how many minutes did her call last?

    asked by terri
  134. physics

    Two mirrors are placed at a 90° angle to each other. A light ray strikes one mirror 0.730 m from the intersection of the mirrors with an incident angle of 36.5°. The ray then travels a distance d before reflecting from the second mirror. (a) What is the

    asked by Christina
  135. physics

    What is the average linear speed of the Earth about the Sun? (The distance from the Sun to the Earth is 1.50 1011 meters. The orbital period around the Sun is 365.3 days.)

    asked by caroline
  136. To Drbob222

    Please help me on my question thanks

    asked by Durga
  137. math

    if 3+x / 7+x = 3/7 + 3/7, then x= what

    asked by stacey
  138. chemistry

    what is the final temperature of amixture containning 25 grams of ice at -20 degree celciusadded to water at room temperature 22oC mass of water is 50g followed the steps given by you but not getting the answer (0degree celsius) ice at -20 to ice at 0

    asked by treasa
  139. math

    Bill’s Meat Market did a total business of $59,000 in April. Cost of the meat was $37,500. Expenses amounted to $11,200. In April, what percent of Bill’s Meat Market's gross income was profit? A. About 8.9% B. About 17.5% *** C. About 19.9%

    asked by Josh
  140. pre cal

    For a normal curve, what percentage of values falls beyond two standard deviations from the mean?

    asked by bob
  141. Algebra II

    what is the slope of any line parallel to the graph of 6x+5y=9

    asked by Kay
  142. Maths

    Solving Simultaneous equation Y=x-2 Y=x^2+3x-5

    asked by Becky
  143. MATH: TRIG


    asked by KODA
  144. Science 2

    If R number 1=7 and R number 2 =5 what is the resistance of the circuit? Answers are 5, 7,12,or 35

    asked by Jenny 2
  145. math

    A store manager paid $45 each for coats. The markup is 65%. For what price should the coats be sold?

    asked by Anonymous
  146. Science 2

    If the total resistance in the circuit if 18, and the current is 0.5 Amps, what must the voltage be?

    asked by Jenny 2
  147. Science

    If the voltage is110 volts and the total resistance is 10, what is the measure of the current in the circuit? Is the answer 10 amps,11 amps, 100 amps, or 120 amps.

    asked by Jenny 2
  148. Science 3

    What is the current in the circuit if R1=7 R 2 =15, and the voltage is 220 volts? Is the answer 10 amps, 12 amps, 20 amps or 242 amps

    asked by Jenny 2
  149. Math

    Calculate the interest due on the following credit card balances: A. An unpaid balance of $1629.53 at a rate of 19.50% for 21 days; and B. An unpaid balance of $2639.99 at a rate of 22.95% for 30 days.

    asked by PinkFloyd
  150. Algebra 1 (Reiny)

    Use the Zero Product Property to solve the following equation. 1. x(x + 3) = 18

    asked by Victoria
  151. BiOlogy

    Can we predict or show the outcome of monohybrid crosses for parents with different allele combinations?Explain your answer

    asked by Okuhle
  152. Social Psychology

    What attributes are inherent in persuasive messages?

    asked by Alicia
  153. Math

    Let f(x) = 4√(2x^2 - 1). Write an equation of the function obtained by reflecting f(x) in the x-axis and shifting it 56 units upward, do not simplify.

    asked by Anonymous
  154. Science 7

    Problem; How small is 1 part per million? What will happen to our pure food coloring when we dilute it to 1 part per million using water? What could my hypothesis be?

    asked by Anonymous
  155. math

    Monique's credit card charges interest of 20.85% per annum on unpaid balances. On her March 12 statement , she had a balance of $739.65. By the due date, she made the minimum payment (5% or $10.00, whichever is greater.). On March 16 she made a purchase of

    asked by littlefoot
  156. Algebra

    Solve for x. (5x^2 - 12x) / (x^2 + 5x - 24)

    asked by Anonymous
  157. Algebra

    The length of Joe's rectangular garden is 1 meter less than its width and its area is 120m^2. Find the dimensions of the garden. Setup a quadratic equation to find the dimensions of the garden.

    asked by M
  158. Math-Exponential Decay

    A lab technician had 58 grams of a radioactive substance. Ten days later, only 52 grams remained. Find the half-life of the radioactive substance.

    asked by Anonymous
  159. Algebra

    Let k(x) = -3.7e^0.8x + 8.2 Find the asymptote, y-intercept, k(-2), and k(6.25) 1. Asymptote = 2. Y - intercept = 3. k(-2) = (leave answer in terms of e) 4. k(6.25) = (leave answer in terms of e)

    asked by A
  160. Algebra

    Find an equation of a parabola with the vertex at (3, -8) and (5, -2).

    asked by DU
  161. chem

    What is the molar mass of hydrogen?

    asked by alia
  162. math

    Hi, there is a problem on my math book that has been giving me headaches. That's why I'm looking for help. The problem is: Given z and w, two complex numbers such as |z+w|=|z-w|, prove that Arg z - arg w = plusminus (pi/2)

    asked by erick
  163. math mrs sue help!!!

    -4h greater than 7h what can you multiply -4 to be greater than 7 please show your work

    asked by Rian
  164. chemistry

    preparation of N/10 NaoH

    asked by rakesh kuamr
  165. Calculus

    Farmer Jones has 480 feet of fence. She wishes to construct a rectangular pen divided into five separate pens, with one of the pens twice as large as each of the other four (see figure). She must use part of her 480 feet of fencing material to make the

    asked by Vic
  166. econimic

    Command economies: A. Are considered a type of mixed economy B. Are considered a type of free market economy C. Oppose private property, free market pricing, competition, and consumer choice D. Encourage private property, free market pricing, competition,

    asked by jay
  167. English

    The sun is much brighter than the star. ----------------------- What does the star mean here? Does "the star" refer to all stars or one star which the speaker want to mention?

    asked by rfvv
  168. Social Studies

    Name the 6 founding Fathers of the us

    asked by Ron
  169. math

    Tyson handled 150 service calls on his shift yesterday. Of those, 20% resulted in a successful upsell of additional services. If Tyson makes a $6 commission on top of his regular salary for each successful upsell that he makes, how much commission did he

    asked by Anonymous
  170. math

    The fastest car on earth a Thrust SSC would win every NASCAR race in America. If it takes 0.5 hours to travel 380 miles, what is its speed?

    asked by sam
  171. English

    The star is much brighter than the sun. ----------------------- Is 'the star' in generic use in this sentence? Does 'the star' mean all the star or only one star which I am looking at now?

    asked by rfvv

    3. 5 • 3^n (1 point) a.15, 30, 45, 60 b.5, 15, 45, 135 c.0, 15, 45, 135 d.15, 45, 135, 405 is it a. or b.!!!!!????? i think its b, my parents say b

    asked by TTR+S<3