Questions Asked on
April 26, 2014

  1. Science

    A uniform meter scale is suspended from 40 cm mark when weight of 25 gf and 10 gf are suspended at 5 cm mark and 75cm mark respectively. Calculate the weight of the meter scale.

    asked by Sagnik
  2. physics

    A stone is dropped from the deck of the bridge. The sound of the splash reaches the deck 3 seconds later. If sound travels at 342 m/s in still air, how high is the deck of bridge above the water?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Pre algebra

    A cyclist rides her bike at a speed of kilometers per hour. What is this speed in kilometers per minute? How many kilometers will the cyclist travel in minutes? Do not round your answers.

    asked by David
  4. accounting

    The Sneed Corporation issues 10,000 shares of $50 par value preferred stock for cash at $75 per share. The entry to record the transaction will consist of a debit to Cash for $750,000 and a credit or credits to:

    asked by zel
  5. statistics (7)

    The average cost per night of a hotel room in New York City is $273 (SmartMoney, March 2009). Assume this estimate is based on a sample of 45 hotels and that the sample standard deviation is $65. a. With 95% confidence, what is the margin of error (to 2

    asked by Mia
  6. Deepa

    A bus service carries 10 000 people daily between Ajax and Unoin Station, and the company has space to serve up to 15 000 people per day. The cost to ride the bus is 20$. Market research shows that if the fare increases by $0.50, 200 fewer people will ride

    asked by Calculus
  7. Trig

    Write a quadratic equation whose roots are 5 + i radical 2 and 5 – i radical 2 ____ x^2 + _____ x+ ______=0

    asked by Kiki
  8. Chemistry

    Iodine 131 is a radioactive isotope. After 4.00 days, 70.8% of a sample of 131I remains.What is the half life of 131I?

    asked by Natalie
  9. math

    a train travels 68 km at an average speed of 51 km/h. it then travels another 20 km at an average speed of 40 km/h before reaching its destination. calculate the average speed of whole journey?

    asked by owais
  10. chemistry URGENT

    I need someone to check my answers to make sure that I have the correct answers. (3 Part Question) Two students each measure the density of a quartz sample three times: Student A Student B 3.20 g/mL 2.82 g/mL 2.58 g/mL 2.48 g/mL 2.10 g/mL 2.59 g/mL mean

    asked by jazz
  11. Chemistry URGENT

    A student heated a hydrated salt sample with an initial mass of 4.8702 g, After the first heating, the mass had decreased to 3.0662 g (two part question) 1. if the sample was heated to constant weight after reheating, what is the minimum mass that the

    asked by jazz
  12. Physics

    A disk at rest experiences a constant angular acceleration for t = 85 s, at the end of which it is spinning with a frequency of f = 45 rpm. Please answer the following questions. A)Write an expression for the magnitude of the angular velocity of the disk

    asked by Dylan
  13. Calculus Help Please Urgent!!!

    a) Estimate the area under the graph of f(x)=7+4x^2 from x=-1 to x=2 using three rectangles and right endpoints. R3= ??? Then improve your estimate by using six rectangles. R6= ??? Sketch the curve and the approximating rectangles for R3 and R6? b) Repeat

    asked by Anonymous
  14. physics

    The drawing shows a top view of a square box lying on a frictionless floor. Three forces, which are drawn to scale, act on the box. Consider an angular acceleration with respect to an axis through the center of the box (perpendicular to the screen). Which

    asked by shamma
  15. Math

    The public library has an aquarium in the shape of arectangle prism . The base is 6 feet by 2.5 feet and the height is 4 feet . How many square feet of glass were used to build the aquarium (the top of the aquarium is open).

    asked by Anabelle
  16. Mathematics

    How would i go about tranposing this equation so that I end up with a value for x? Please include working. Thankyou 315.414=2πx^2+860.16/x

    asked by MELODY
  17. math

    If a movie starts at 12:10pm and is 2 hours 20 minutes long. What time will the movie end?

    asked by Frida
  18. physics

    Which one of the following statements describes the condition(s) for which a rigid body is in equilibrium? Only internal forces can be present. The sum of the externally applied forces must be zero, and the sum of the externally applied torques must be

    asked by shamma
  19. ap statistics

    What would the null and alternate hypothesis be for this problem? The manager at Air Cargo feels that the weights of packages shipped recently are less than in the past. Records show that in the past packages have had a mean weight of 36.7 lb. and a

    asked by emma
  20. ap statistics

    What would the null and alternate hypothesis be? A fire insurance company felt that the mean distance from a home to the nearest fire department in a suburb of Chicago was at least 4.7 miles. It set its fire insurance rates accordingly. Members of the

    asked by emma
  21. chemistry

    how many grams of HCL is needed to produce 200 grams of hydrogen?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Writing Skills

    Where would you go to find an article on recent fashion trends? A. Encyclopedia B. Reader's Guide C. Card catalog D. Who's Who

    asked by Latoya Q.
  23. Trig

    If sec A =5/4 and A is an angle in Quadrant IV, find the value of cos A. A. -4/5 B.4/5 C.-5/4 Is it choice A

    asked by Kiki
  24. Chemsitry

    If Kc = 6.38 × 105 for the reaction A(g) ⇀ ↽ 2B(g), what is Kc for the reaction written as 2B(g) ⇀ ↽ A(g)? How would I solve this?

    asked by Sara
  25. Math

    (2 + sqrt 2)/(2 - sqrt 2) = (x)/(3 + sqrt 10) How to solve for x?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Chemisrty

    the freezing point of water is -1.86 degree Cm, if 5.00 g Na2SO4 is desolve at 45.0g H2o the freezing point is changed by -3.82 degree C. Calculate the Van't Hoff Factor for Na2SO4

    asked by saemreza
  27. chemistry

    the freezing point of water is -1.86 degree Cm, if 5.00 g Na2SO4 is desolve at 45.0g H2o the freezing point is changed by -3.82 degree C. Calculate the Van't Hoff Factor for Na2SO4

    asked by saemreza
  28. Physics

    Your teenage kid finally gets his drivers license. He takes off in your brand new car that weighs 2000kg at 47m/s when he hits a parked semi that weighs 40000kg. They plow forward in a perfectly in elastic fashion in the same direction. What is the

    asked by Michelle
  29. UOS

    A parallel plate capacitor has a capacitance of 7.0mF when filled with a dielectric. The area of each plate is 1.5m2 and the separation between the plates is 1.0x10-5m. What is the dielectric constant of the dielectric?

    asked by ahmed
  30. Maths

    Cam and Dean are playing a game with counters and dice. Cam has some counters, each labelled 1 on one side and 2 on the other. He flips the counters and scores the total of all the numbers showing. Dean has one die and scores the number showing after he

    asked by Tanvi
  31. maths

    a jar contains 10 red and 30 many marbles shud b added to it so dat 60% marbles r red?

    asked by sithara
  32. maths

    1.hw many 3 digit nos are divisible by 7? 2.wat is d sum of product and quotient of 8 & 8? 3.if d average(arithmetic mean)of 25,31 and x is 3.value of x?

    asked by sithara
  33. MATH

    21x^3+67x^2-36=0 solutins

    asked by ANNA
  34. physics

    can you please explain how the process of doping is conducted.

    asked by Robert
  35. math

    2.FIND THE TRADE DISCOUNT cost price = RM1780 rate of trade discounot = 30%,10% and 5% as we know to get trade discount is= list price X trade disount rate so i do : RM1780x0.3xo.1xo.o5 = RM2.67 BUT in my book the answer is RM714.67. WHAT the step or

    asked by fizz
  36. physics

    explain to me the process doping. what is it? how is it done?

    asked by Robert
  37. math (trade and cash discount)

    5.mariam paid RM239.29 for a bag that was offered a chain discount of 15% and 8% .what was the list price of the bag ?

    asked by fizz
  38. math

    Company ABC offers a series discount of 20%,10% and 4% on a type of water filter while company XYZ offers a single discount of 32% on the same type of water filter. Which company offers a greater discount on its merchandise assuming the list price is the

    asked by fizz
  39. math


    asked by candy
  40. science

    Why are there usually more producer in an ecosystem than consumers? a). There is less energy available to the consumers. b). There is more energy available to the consumers. My answer is ( a ).

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Calculus

    Ian's house is located 20km north of Aida's house. At 9am, one saturday, Ian leaves his house and jogs south at 8km/hour. At the same time Aida leaves her house and jogs east at 6km/h. When are Ian and Aida closest together given that they both run for 2.5

    asked by Deepa
  42. Science

    What are 3 limitations for modeling mitosis?

    asked by Zari
  43. math

    F(x)=x^2-2x-3 plz help me slove this ?

    asked by EMMA
  44. statistics

    A researcher believe that college students spend a different amount of time talking on the phone than they do instant messaging. She takes a random sample of 12 college students and records the number of hours per week each student spends on each activity

    asked by anon
  45. statistics

    Some students were asked, "Would you date someone with a great personality even though you did not find that person to be attractive?" Of the 131 women surveyed, 61.1% said yes, and of the 61 men surveyed, 42.6% said yes. Is there sufficient evidence to

    asked by anon
  46. Math

    Gina is adding a lace border to a circular pillow. The raduis of the pillow is approxmately 8 inches,and she needs to decide how much lace to buy. What length should she buy?

    asked by Jaikeyia
  47. finance

    If the average new home costs $ 275,000 today, how much will it cost in 10 years if the price increases by 5 percent each year?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Chemistry URGENT

    I need help figuring out the calculations of my experiment. I'm sure I did something wrong cause I can not figure how to calculate the mass of sodium chloride. My measurements follow. 1. 250 mL beaker = 8.4 2. Mass of container = 0.4013 3. mass of

    asked by jazz
  49. algebra

    I having serious problems trying to solve this equation please help me find the product matrix for this input-output and demand matrices A= [ 0.1 0.03] D= [5] [ 0.07 0.6] [10]

    asked by JC
  50. Language arts

    If you had to write a creative story what would it be about?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Chemistry URGENT/DR BOB

    Hello DR. BOB, the correct value in the problem posted at 1:17pm regarding Student A and Student B accuracy and random error is the: MEAN of 2.63 g/mL. Could you take a look back at that post and let me know if i answered 2 and 3 correctly.

    asked by jazz
  52. Math

    I'm extemely lost at some point, how do you solve this equation by using the inverse of the coefficient matrix and by echelon method -x-8y=12 3x+24y=-36

    asked by Anonymous
  53. h school

    Which of the following is an abundant natural resource found in Canada?

    asked by o ali
  54. Ethics in Criminal Justice

    Which of the following refers to a form of human motivation whereby our decisions and actions are motivated primarily (if not exclusively) by our own interests? A. Egoism B. Psychological determination C. Altruism D. Ethnocentrism Is it A?

    asked by Erica
  55. Art and Creative development for Young children

    Portfolios are a collaborative effort in that

    asked by Sandra
  56. statistics

    The state bridge design engineer has devised a plan to repair North Carolina's 4420 bridges that are currently listed as being in either poor or fair condition. The state has a total of 13,168 bridges. Before the governor will include the cost of this plan

    asked by Samantha
  57. Alegra

    Suppose that a spreadsheet contains the following values. A1 6 B1 -4 C1 2 D1 3 Determine the value of cell E1 if it contains the following formulas. a) +A1 + B1 E1= 2 got that one right b) +4*A1 + 5*B1 got that one wrong c) +C1*(A1 +3*B1) got that one

    asked by Mary
  58. physics

    A diagram shows two cylinders containing two pistonsA and B. The two cylinders are connected with a tube containing a fluid. The system is similar to the hydraulic braking system of a car. A man pushes down on piston A while piston B has a 10kg mass

    asked by Haiano
  59. Science

    1. If the net force on an object is O N, the forces are considered unbalanced true false 2. Most people in the united states use feet and miles to measure distance in their everyday lives. why do scientist in the United States use meters to measure

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Math

    F(x)=x^2-2x-3 plz help me slove this ? HELP ME I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS HELP ME PLZ

    asked by DYLAN
  61. Math

    Simplify. 12n^2m^4 ________ 28n^4m^3 thank you!

    asked by Amber
  62. Chemistry URGENT

    I need help to evaluate if I completed my experiment calculation. determination of water in a hydrate. 1. Mass of crucible, and cover = 18451.3 2. Mass of crucible, cover and sample = 23410.2 3. Mass of crucible, cover and sample after 1st heating =

    asked by jazz
  63. Math

    Is: n^2-9n+9 a perfect square??

    asked by Amber
  64. MATH

    is the polynomial:: y^2-25x+25 a difference of squares, if so factor it. Thank you so much!!

    asked by Skye
  65. Math

    lets start over with this problem: n^2 - 9n + 9 how do you determine if this is a perfect square, and can you factor it?

    asked by Skye
  66. Chemistry

    How many of the following changes would alter the numerical value of the equilibrium constant Kp for the reaction 2OF2(g) ⇀ ↽ O2(g) + 2F2(g)? I) an increase in temperature II) a decrease of the container volume III) adding more O2 at constant volume

    asked by Sara
  67. Chemistry

    NH4NO3(s) ¡æ N2O(g) + 2H2O(§¤). How much water is produced if 22.9 g of N2O is produced in this reaction? Answer in units of g I converted grams of N2O to mol. Then I did a mol ratio getting mol of H2O. Then I converted mol of H2O to grams. I got

    asked by Sara
  68. English help

    I'm writing an essay about something that is worth dying for. For me, something that is worth dying for is my religion. How would I write it about religion? Need help!!

    asked by Anonymous
  69. QZIA

    Write an algorithm that reads the names of 10 students, their weights in kilograms, five test scores for each student and then prints the name of each student, his weight in pounds, and his average test score.

    asked by rami
  70. PreCalculus

    A lake formed by a newly constructed dam is stocked with 1,000 fish. Their population is expected to increase according to the logistic curve N=30/(1+29e^-1.35t) where N is the number of fish, in thousands, expected after t years. The lake will be open to

    asked by Terri
  71. Math

    An exponential function with a base of 3 has been vertically stretched by a factor of 1.5 and reflected in the y-axis. Its asymptote is the line y=2. Its y-intercept is (0,3.5). Write an equation of the function and state its domain and range.

    asked by Han
  72. math

    What is 9.2-3567+(87+2-6736)

    asked by Mahdi
  73. introduction to finance

    If upon retirement in 20 years Greg plans to invest 800,000 in a fund that earns 4 percent, What is the maximum annual withdrawal he can make over the following 15 years

    asked by milton
  74. math (2)

    Find the area of the shaded region y= 2x/(x^2+4) from x= -1 and x= 1 Note: People have been telling me that the two lines do not intersect but they do there has to be an answer. please help me. Thanks

    asked by Mia
  75. math (4)

    Sketch the graph (Do this on paper. Your teacher may ask you to turn in this graph.) and find the area of the region bounded below by the graph of the function and above by the x axis from x = 0 to x = 1. f(x) = -xe^(-x^2) Note: People have been telling me

    asked by Mia
  76. Math (6)

    Find the area of the following two curves. y= sqrt(x) y= x-2 Note: People have been telling me that the two lines do not intersect but they do there has to be an answer. please help me. Thanks

    asked by Mia
  77. Precalculus

    Sets A,B and C are subsets of U. U= positive integers less than 16 A= prime numbers B= factors of 36 C= multiples of 4 (A intersect B)' union C {?} My answer: 1,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 union 4,8,12 {4,8,12}

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Physics

    A 1900 kg Oldsmobile traveling south on Abbott Road at 13.6 m/s is unable to stop on the ice covered intersection for a red light at Saginaw Street. The car collides with a 3854 kg truck hauling animal feed east on Saginaw at 9.8 m/s. The two vehicles

    asked by JAY Z
  79. Chemistry 2

    calculate the PH of a mixture containing 30 mL, 0.10M HC2H3O2? (Ka=1.8x10^-8 of HC2H3O2)

    asked by Cris H.
  80. chemistry

    2H2(g) + S2(g) ¡ê 2H2S(g) Analysis of the contents of a 15.0L flask reveals that there are 4.4 moles of hydrogen gas, 2.0 moles of sulfur gas, and 3.7 moles of hydrogen sulfide gas in the flask at equilibrium. Calculate the equilibrium constant K

    asked by HELP! PLZ