Questions Asked on
April 19, 2014

  1. Physics

    A mass accelerates uniformly when the resultant force acting on it is......?

    asked by Blessing
  2. College Algebra

    The number of crimes that occurred in a certain city per 1000 people had decreased from 45.6 in 1920 to 45.1 in 1970. Find the average rate of change in the number of crimes per 1000 people that occurred from 1920 to 1970.

    asked by Neonatologist to Be!
  3. Chemistry need help

    using standard potentials given in the appendices calculate the standard cell potentials and the equilibrium constants for the following reactions. Zn(s)+( Fe^2+(aq)) ---> (Zn^2+(aq))+ Fe(s) If anyone can show work, then I can do the rest of my homework by

    asked by Kader
  4. Calculus Please Need Urgent2 :/

    Consider the function f(x) whose second derivative is f''(x)=8x+4sin(x). If f(0)=3 and f'(0)=2, what is f(x)? f(x)=??

    asked by Jay

    As a standard voltaic cell runs, it "discharges" and the cell potential decreases with time. Explain.

    asked by Tim
  6. English

    1.) Anyone can publish information on the Internet without fact-checking it. A.) True************************ B.) False 2.) Public records are most likely to contain valid information than secondhand reports. A.) True******************************** B.)

    asked by Cassie
  7. physics

    a mass of 10 kg is suspended from a spring balance .it is pulled aside by a string so that it an angle 60 with the vertical.the new reading of the balance is ??

    asked by joshma
  8. Physics

    A physics student who is late for school is trying to catch her bus. The student is 10 m behind the bus as the bus starts from rest and begins to accelerate at 0.5 m/s2 away from her. If the student continues running at a steady 3 m/s, will she catch her

    asked by Corey Brown

    a.) which of the following reactions should have the larger emf under standard conditions & why? CuSO4 (aq) + Pb (s) goes to PbSO4 (s) + Cu (s); Cu(NO3)2 (aq) + Pb(s) goes to Pb(NO3)2(aq) + Cu(s) b.) Calculate delta G for the reaction.

    asked by Ali
  10. Physics

    The anode (positive terminal) of an X-ray tube is at a potential of +125000 V with respect to the cathode (negative terminal). (a) How much work (in joules) is done by the electric force when an electron is accelerated from the cathode to the anode? (b) If

    asked by Elise
  11. physics

    Please help me !!! for solution of this question Water enters a horizontal pipe with a rectangular cross section at a speed of 1.00 m/s. The width of the pipe remains constant but the height decreases. 27.3 m from the entrance, the height is half of what

    asked by suzan
  12. math

    In triangle ABC, angle B = 3, angle A and angle C = 8 angle A. How many degrees are there in angle B ? a. 15 degree b. 30 degree c. 45 degree d. 60 degree e. 120 degree please answer and explain

    asked by thomas
  13. calculus help

    What constant acceleration is required to increase the speed of a car from 22 mi/h to 50 mi/h in 3 s? (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

    asked by Kimberly :(
  14. Math

    Write each logarithmic expression as a single logarithm: Log 2 + 3 log 1

    asked by Dominique
  15. chemistry first yera

    A 0.4 g sample of monobasic acid requires 16cm3 of 0.1 mol per dm3 of NaOH for complete neutralization . what is the relative mass of the acid?? Plz ans me urgent

    asked by gulzara
  16. world history

    How has the global economy changed after the Cold War?

    asked by Lena
  17. math

    If r = square root 3V/pi*h , by what number must we multiply V in order to multiply r by 9 ? a. 3 b. 9/2 c. 9 d. 18 e. 81 please answer and explain

    asked by thomas
  18. Calculus Help

    A high-speed bullet train accelerates and decelerates at the rate of 4 ft/s2. Its maximum cruising speed is 90 mi/h. (Round your answers to three decimal places.) (a) What is the maximum distance the train can travel if it accelerates from rest until it

    asked by Ali
  19. Physics

    A lost shipping container is found resting on the ocean floor and completely submerged. The container is 6.0 m long, 2.2 m wide, and 2.3 m high. Salvage experts attach a spherical balloon to the top of the container and inflate it with air pumped down from

    asked by Linda
  20. statistics

    The average age for licensed drivers in a county is µ= 42.6, σ= 12 and the distribution is approximately normal. A county police officer was interested in whether the average age of those receiving parking tickets in the county differed from that of the

    asked by Mark
  21. Dynamics

    What is the minimum spring compression delta necessary to cause m2 to leave the floor after m1 suddenly released with zero velocity? Measure delta from the unstretched length of the spring and assume that all the motion is in vertical direction

    asked by lexi
  22. Finance

    Capital Budgeting Problems I. Indigo Industrial, Inc. is trying to determine which, if any, of five different projects it should undertake. Indigo Industrial has a 8.25% required rate of return on projects that it undertakes. The projected cash flows for

    asked by Jeremy
  23. Physics

    While driving her new fuel efficient mini-car, Zelda changes her velocity from 22 km/h [forward] to 85 km/h [forward] while driving 2.0 × 102 m. What is her average acceleration ?

    asked by Corey Brown
  24. Chemistry

    What is the activity of a 18.9 μCi sample of carbon-14 in becquerels?

    asked by ACDub
  25. algebra

    Rj and Joshua are running in the fun run. Rj runs at 7kph and Joshua at 5kph. if they start at the same time, how long will it be before Rj is 1/4 km ahead of Joshua?

    asked by ariel nuevas
  26. physics

    Water enters a horizontal pipe with a rectangular cross section at a speed of 1.00 m/s. The width of the pipe remains constant but the height decreases. 27.3 m from the entrance, the height is half of what it is at the entrance. If the water pressure at

    asked by suzan
  27. Math

    Glucose is a common type of sugar. One glucose molecule is made up of 24 atoms. 1/4 of the atoms are carbon, 1/2 are hydrogen atoms, and 1/4 are oxygen atoms. Part A: How many oxygen atoms are there in 50 atoms? Part B:Explain how you found your answer for

    asked by Sherman
  28. Body Systems terminology

    Which one of the following statements about colds is false? A. Colds are caused by bacteria. B. Colds result from contact with other affected people. C. Chicken soup and antibiotics work equally well as treatment for colds. D. There’s no immunity to

    asked by Anonymous
  29. chemistry

    what is the concentration of phosphate in the original lake water sample if the unknown lake water sample

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Physics

    The inner and outer surfaces of a cell membrane carry a negative and positive charge, respectively. Because of these charges, a potential difference of about 0.070 V exists across the membrane. The thickness of the membrane is 0.000000008 m. What is the

    asked by Lena
  31. naths

    What is the equation of the line which has gradient 2, and passes through midpoint of (3,4) and (5,6)

    asked by Shane
  32. maths

    Write the equations below in the form y = mx + c. State how many solutions each systems of linear equation have. 3x = 6y 2y - 6x + 2 = 0

    asked by Shane
  33. icse

    aluminium carbide+water gives aluminium hydroxide+methane

    asked by sheenu rai
  34. Math

    Indigo Industrial, Inc. is trying to determine which, if any, of five different projects it should undertake. Indigo Industrial has a 8.25% required rate of return on projects that it undertakes. The projected cash flows for each of the projects are given

    asked by Jeremy
  35. math

    there are 13 boys and 14 girls in mrs greens class if 3 of the students are absent today what is the ratio of students absent to students present?

    asked by kay
  36. math

    The base of triangle ABC is one half the altitude.The altitude of triangle DEF is one half its base. If both triangles are equal in area, what is the ratio of the altitude of triangle ABC to the altitude of triangle DEF ? a. 1:4 b. 1:2 c. 1:1 d. 2:1 e. 4:1

    asked by thomas
  37. Physics

    A 245 g toy car is placed on a narrow 70-cm-diameter track with wheel grooves that keep the car going in a circle. The 1.0 kg track is free to turn on a frictionless, vertical axis. The spokes have negligible mass. After the car's switch is turned on, it

    asked by Kaitlyn
  38. math

    Arc AB of circle O contgains 72 degree and is 6 pi long. Find area of circle O. a. 9 b. 36 c. 30 pi d. 225 pi e. 900 please answer and explain

    asked by thomas
  39. english

    Compare the use of verbs in the poems "quickdraw" and "the farmers bride"

    asked by nazrin
  40. criminal justice

    how are Ethical Egoism and Virtue Ethics the same and what are the contradictory elements between the two systems

    asked by tom
  41. english

    A comparison of the poems "quickdraw" and "the farmers bride"! Discuss the techniques used, analyse the language/structure/form explore layers of meaning and comment on the effect of the reader. E.G compare how the poets use verbs or metaphore or imagery

    asked by nazrin
  42. physics

    a 6.0 kW electric oven is connected to a fuse box by a cable of resistance 0.25 ohms. when the cooker is switched on at full power, a current of 26 A passes through it. Calculate the potential difference between the two ends of the cable and the power

    asked by eleena
  43. SkatingDJ

    4. The number cube shown is rolled and the spinner shown is spun. Find P(an odd number and yellow). The number cube goes up to five. The spinner has four spaces. two are yellow, one is blue and 1 is green. 1/4 3/4 3/5 3/20

    asked by PLS HELP MATH ASAP!!!!!
  44. Math

    If six equilateral triangles are placed side by side so that only two sides of each triangle touch one of the other triangles what shape is formed? We are thinking circle?

    asked by Kelley
  45. elem algebra

    the current in a stream moves at a speed of 10 mph. a boat travels 17 mi upstream and 17 mi downstream in a total time of 10 hr. What is the speed of the boat in still water?

    asked by jan
  46. math

    Determine the equation of the lines perpendicular to the given lines and passing through the given points:(a)y-5x+3=0;(3,2) (b) y=8-7x;(-3,-4)

    asked by Kevo
  47. Social Studies

    How did Gandhi feel about other religions?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Math

    a 120 foot long rope is cut into 3 pieces. the first piece of rope is twice as long as long as the second piece of rope. the third piece of rope id 3 times as long as the second piece of rope. what is the length of the longest piece of rope

    asked by Anastasia Presnyakova
  49. Social Studies

    What were Gandhi's action for Swaraj and they led to? What was partition and what did he do about it?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. geometry

    Hi, could someone explain to me the steps I should take to solve the following problem. If radius BE is a perpendicular bisector of chord AC, then what is AB to the nearest tenth? BD is 7cm and DC is 9.

    asked by ann
  51. English Composition

    What are some reasons that could persuade your parents to go to places alone with just your friends.

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Math

    pg.3 18.Which, if any of the following statements is always true? A. If the numerator and the denominator of a fraction are increased or decreased, by the same amount, the value of the fraction is unchanged. B. If the numerator and the denominator of a

    asked by Johnny
  53. Math

    The value of 12 is obtained by multiplying p% by A.12 B.12/p C.p/12 D.1200/p E.100p/12 Is there any work for this?, if so please show work.

    asked by Johnny
  54. Math

    X=66 2/3%Y Y=33 1/3%Z Z=(?)%X Please show work. A.16 2/3 B.22 2/9 C.45 D.300 E.450

    asked by Johnny
  55. electrical engineering

    A 3-ph., 4-pole, 60Hz induction motor is supplied by a 660-V source. At a particular loading, the total power consumed is 65KW and the current drawn from supply is 70A (assume star connection). The rotor speed is 1760rpm. The stator iron losses are 1.2KW,

    asked by nuts
  56. electrical engineering

    A three phase, four- pole, 30-hp, 220-V, 60-Hz, Y-connected induction motor draws a current of 77 A from the line source at a power factor of 0.88. At this operating condition, the motor losses are known to be the following: Stator copper losses = 1033 W

    asked by nuts
  57. health

    What is major depressive disorder? A. A disorder that is enabling and helps a person function normally B. A disorder characterized by symptoms that interferes with a person’s ability to work, sleep, study, eat, and enjoy once-pleasurable activities C. A

    asked by Sarah
  58. health

    Which symptoms are more common in depressed children and adolescents than in adults with depression? A. Fears of separation B. Reluctance to meet people C. General aches and pains D. All of the above

    asked by Sarah
  59. Math

    How would a company who manufactures “widgets” benefit in using normal distribution?

    asked by Arthur
  60. Math

    An experiment involving learning in animals requires placing white mice and rabbits into separate, controlled environments, environment I and environment II. The maximum amount of time available in environment I is 500 minutes, and the maximum amour of

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Chemistry

    a) 45.02% of the sample remains after 85 days. Consider how you can use the percent of Ir-192 remaining and the number of days to calculate the mass remaining after 85 days.

    asked by ACDub
  62. algebra

    Perform the given set operation. Let U = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10}. Enter the answer as a comma-separated list. Enter EMPTY for the empty set. {3,7,9,} with a bold line over the top

    asked by Mary
  63. criminal justice

    explain the relationship between theory and hypothesis development and testing

    asked by jo
  64. geometry

    The areas of corresponding faces of two similar triangular prisms are 49cm squared and 25cm squared. What is the ratio of the corresponding side lengths? Of the perimeters of the corresponding faces? Of the volume?

    asked by Kasie
  65. maths

    Solve 2y - 5x = 3 and x + y = 5 using substitution.

    asked by Shane
  66. English

    The Great Gatsby Why did daisy and Tom spend a year in France Answer Are They wanted their little girl to learn French There was no reason Tom's family bought a house in Paris Thanks

    asked by snow
  67. maths

    What is the value of p if the line (3p + 1)x - 2y = 6p is perpendicular to the line 2x - y + 1 = 0

    asked by Shane
  68. Math

    A flower was 1.6 meters high one week ago. In 7 days it grew 11 centimeters. Find the current height of the flower. (1 point) 12.3 m 1.71 m 125 cm or 11.2 cm

    asked by A,j
  69. math

    Find the number of term s in the following arithmetic sequence. 3, 9, 15, 21... 123

    asked by Anonymous
  70. math (please check answer)

    What type of graph does not show the number of times a response was given? box-and-whisker plot****** line plot stem-and-leaf plot bar graph

    asked by person
  71. math

    a car travelved a distance of 195 miles in 3 hours 15 minutes what is the unit rate

    asked by jane

    Let integral f(x)dx=9 from -6 to -1.5 integral f(x)dx=7 from -6 to -4.5 integral f(x)dx=4 from -3 to -1.5 A. Find integral f(x)dx from -4.5 to -3 B. Find integral (9f(x)-7)dx from from -4.5 to -3

    asked by Jay
  73. Calculus Help Please!

    If f(x)=Integral (t^3+6t^2+4)dt from 0 to x then f''(x)=?

    asked by Jay
  74. Calculus Please Need Urgent :/

    Find the most general antiderivative of f(x)=–8e^x–6secant^2(x) where -pi/2

    asked by Jay
  75. Calculus Please Need Urgent3 :/

    Find the derivative of the following function using the appropriate form of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. F(x)= (s^2)/(1+3s^4)ds from sqrtx to 1 F'(x)=? Thank you so much guys!

    asked by Jay
  76. Geography 9R - HELP!

    8) Heirs to Genghis Khan established ________________________, which was a time of peace, prosperity, order, and cultural exchange. a. Edit of Japan b. Pax Mongolica c. Pax Romana d. Pax Khan plzz help

    asked by Genevieve
  77. Geography 9R - help!!!

    6) This was issued in 1635, forbidding anyone to leave or enter Japan. a. Tang Shogunate b. Edit of Milan c. Edit of Nantes d. Edit of Japan my answer --- a am I correct?

    asked by Genevieve
  78. English

    1. I can do it. 2. I can't do it. ----------------- What is the difference in pronunciation between 'can' and 'can't' in each sentence?

    asked by rfvv
  79. English

    1. If you think you can, you can. 2. If you think you can't, you can't. --------------------- What is the difference between 'can' and 'can't' in the sentence in pronunciation?

    asked by rfvv
  80. math

    The garage you work for as an auto mechanic measures 230 ft. by 150 ft and handles 69 cars. Using the existing garage as a model, how much space would you plan to have in your garage?

    asked by justin
  81. calculus

    Let f x   coth x . Use the Graph software posted in Moodle to do the following: (a) Graph f x  . (b) Graph the tangent and normal lines to the graph of f x  at x 1. (c) Graph f x  . (d) From the graphs obtained in parts (a)

    asked by fatma
  82. algebra

    how many liters of water should be added to a 20 liters of 40% acid solution to obtain a 30% acid solution?

    asked by elbert adonis
  83. Chemistry_DRBob222

    Hello Dear I hope everything gorse very well. I did not get any respond from you. I render my solution to the problem over CO2 aq. + H2O ...> H2CO3 how much PH can be put at for the above-equation under P = 3600 psi, T= 190 oF, 0.208 liters fresh-H2O as we

    asked by Ramtin
  84. physics

    Two forces F1 and F2 ifF1is double that ofF2 and the resultant is perpendicular on F1 then the angle betwee them is Expain ans with reason and diagram

    asked by gulzara
  85. chemistry first year

    20L of N2 and 100 L of H2 are reacted to produce NH3 what is the decrease in the V of the mixture N2+3H2--> 2NH3 Ans me with reason

    asked by gulzara
  86. maths

    In triangle abc, angle abc= ×deg,bc=× and ab=(×+10) ;find the value of x

    asked by johan
  87. calculus

    x^4 + 2x^2 + 1 = 0 (x^2)^2 +2x^2 +1 = 0 (x^2 + 1)^2 = 0 I don't know where to go now although I know the answer is x = i, -i

    asked by Terri
  88. physics problem

    The density of a sample of air is 1.157 kg/m3, and the bulk modulus is 1.42 · 105 N/m2. a) Find the speed of sound in the air sample. -----> I found it 350.3 m/s and its correct. b) Find the temperature of the air sample. Give answer in °C. ----> I cant

    asked by comet
  89. math

    Anxious Billy Bob pulled out his math recording sheet and saw the following scores 54,62,65,68,70,70,78,82,84 A. He want to calculate his average.Which measure of center is the average?compute it ? I have this :The measure of center is the average, mean

    asked by edu
  90. Math

    How do you write a system of linear equations in two variables? Explain this in words and by using mathematical notation in an equation.

    asked by Felicia Chase
  91. Math probability

    You roll two fair 6-sided dice. Let be the sum of the two independent rolls. (a) Give the PMF of in table form. (b) Give a mathematical expression for the PMF of .

    asked by Ozan
  92. Math

    A random variable Y has the following CDF ; Fy(y)= 0 x

    asked by Ozan
  93. Math

    The Oscar Drapery Company makes three types of draperies at two different locations. At location 1, it can make 10 pairs of deluxe draperies, 20 pairs of better draperies, and 13 pairs of standard drapes per day. At location 2, it can make 20 pairs of

    asked by Anonymous
  94. math

    if sound travels 6770 feet in 6.4 seconds. how far will it travel in one minute

    asked by angie
  95. arithmetic

    a car traveled a distance of 195 miles in 3 hours 15 minutes what is the unit rate ? oris it answer 60 miles per hour

    asked by jane
  96. Physics

    Concider the arrangement of four 1miroC point -charges located at allfour coners of a square with 4cm sides.Calculate the electric field due to the charges in the center of the square.

    asked by Stephanie
  97. maths

    30 children are going on a trip. It costs £5 including lunch. Some children take their own packed lunch. They pay only £3. The 30 children pay a total of £110 How many children are taking their own packed lunch?

    asked by nazrin
  98. math

    -4x-4y=12 16y=-16x-48 identify the solution of the system or equatuions

    asked by sabrina
  99. math

    The length of a rectangle is represented by the numerical value of 5V^3. If the recrtangle is equal in area to a squae with a side represented by 4V, what is the width of the rectangle in terms of V? a. 1/80V^5 b. 4/5V c. 16/5V d. 16/5V^2 e. 5V/16 please

    asked by thomas
  100. math

    If the hypotenuse of a right triangle is 10 and one leg is 5 square root 3, then the area of the triangle is a. 5 b. 25 square root 3 c. 25 d. 50 square root 3 e. 12.5 square root 3 please answer and explain

    asked by thomas