Questions Asked on
April 18, 2014

  1. math (cant figure it out)

    Grade 7 students were surveyed to determine how many hours per day they spent on various activities. Eating is 8%, homework is 8%, sleeping is 33%, TV is 13%, socializing 13%, and school is 25%. About how many hours per day altogether were spent on

    asked by person
  2. math 8th

    Find the circumference of the given circle. Round to the nearest tenth. circle (1 point) 22.0 cm 38.5 cm 11.0 cm 42.8 cm

    asked by james
  3. English

    Choose the correct usage to complete the sentence: Are you ______________ to be in here? Suppose or supposed

    asked by Sandra
  4. math

    A bicycle wheel has a diameter of 63cm.calculate how many times the wheel turns round in travelling 19.8km. Use the value 3 1/7 for pi

    asked by charity
  5. Math

    Hello I was wondering if you can help me with a question, I cant seem to figure it out. Q: A cone has a radius of 24 cm and a volume of 1,920 cm. What is the volume of a similar cone with a radius of 18 cm? A: 480 cm B: 810 cm C: 1,080 cm D: 1,440 cm

    asked by Sebby-Chan
  6. chemistry

    what type of reaction occurs Fe3O4 + 4H2 → 3Fe + 4H2O

    asked by Kyle
  7. Stats Class HELP!

    Twenty-five blood samples were selected by taking every seventh blood sample from racks holding 187 blood samples from the morning draw at a medical center. The white blood count (WBC) was measured using a Coulter Counter Model S. The mean WBC was 8.636

    asked by Katie
  8. Chem

    AgNO3 solutions are often used to plate silver onto other metals. What is the maximum amount of silver in grams that can be plated out of 4.2L of an AgNO3 solution containing 3.1% Ag by mass?

    asked by Marianella
  9. Social Studies

    Which of the following is a reason why Turkey is not as advanced as other European countries when considering the economy? A. A large part of the Turkish economy is agriculture. B. Turkey did not have enough trade barriers. C. Turkey does not have any

    asked by Anonymous
  10. calculus

    A person 150cm tall is walking away from a lamp post at the rate of 15 meter per minute. when the man is 2.5m from the lamp post, his shadow is 3m long. Find the rate at which the length of the shadow is increasing when he is 7m from the lamp post.

    asked by nurul
  11. MATH

    An open box with a square base is to be made from a square piece of cardboard 24 inches on a side by cutting out a square of side x inches from each corner and turning up the sides.Graph V=V(x)

    asked by lisa
  12. Math

    A man looks up at the top of a tree. The angle of elevation is 42 degrees. If the tree is 20 feet tall, which of the following best represents the distance from the base of the tree where the man is standing?

    asked by Judi
  13. mathematics

    a drinks machine dispenses coffee into cups. A sign on the machine indicates that each cup contains 50 ml of coffee. the machine actually dispenses a mean amount of 55ml per cup and 10% of the cups contain less than the amount stated on the sign. assuming

    asked by latoya
  14. Chemistry

    A flask was immersed in 350 g of water at 25 degrees C. Steam at 100 degrees C was passed into this flask, and eventually condensed into water at 100 degrees C. If the temperature of the water surrounding the flask was raised to 70 degrees C, how many

    asked by Amanda
  15. Physics

    A large water tank has an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe. The inlet pipe has a diameter of 2.19 cm and is 2.13 m above the bottom of the tank. The outlet pipe has a diameter of 5.49 cm and is 4.85 m above the bottom of the tank. A volume of 0.359 m3 of

    asked by mican
  16. Physics

    The acceleration due to gravity on Earth is 9.80 m/s2. If the mass of a dog is 40.0 kg, what is the weight of the dog?

    asked by Jane
  17. Social Studies

    Which question would be best to consider when researching the effects of oil in the Middle East? A. Why are there larger oil reserves in some countries compared to other countries? B. In which country in the Middle East are the largest oil reserves? C. How

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Science

    What is the main benefit of using scientific names instead of common names for organisms?   Scientific names have been around for much longer than common names have. Scientific names give everyone a shared terminology while common names can vary around

    asked by Anne
  19. physical

    You are playing a note that has a fundamental frequency of 440.00 Hz on a guitar string of length 59.1 cm. At the same time, your friend plays a fundamental note on an open organ pipe, and 4.0 beats per seconds are heard. The mass per unit length of the

    asked by mican
  20. Calculus Help Please Urgent!!!

    A piece of wire 14 m long is cut into two pieces. One piece is bent into a square and the other is bent into an equilateral triangle. (a) How much wire should be used for the square in order to maximize the total area? 14 m this one I got right (b) How

    asked by Nane
  21. Economics

    What percentage of income is spent on lottery tickets by (a) A poor family with an income of $19,000 per year who purchase the average amount of lottery tickets for their income bracket?

    asked by Aarica
  22. chemistry

    what is the pH of 0.80 M NaCN? what is the pH of 0.80 M NaCN? What is the concentration of HCN in the solution? I did this so far: I 0.8..... 0....0 C -x.......x....x E 0.8-x....x....x (x)(x)/0.8-x How do I solve for x?

    asked by Jenny
  23. math

    Katrina's ski boots cost 8% more than her skis.Her ski boots cost $162. Whick equation can be used to find the cost, c, of Katrina's skis? a. c + 0.08c =162 b. c + 0.8c = 162 c. c - 0.08c = 162 d. c - 0.8c = 162 please answer and explain

    asked by thomas
  24. English

    1. Take exercise on a regular basis, and you will be a happy person. 2. Earn a lot of money, and you will be a happy person. 3. Drive in the country, and you will be a happy person. 4. Play the violin, and you will be a happy person. 5. Play soccer with

    asked by rfvv
  25. Paper Writing

    I am writing a paper where I cite multiple lectures by the same professor. How do I format the intext citations?

    asked by Claire
  26. Applied mathematics

    Steve mixes together 1 6/8 gallons of apple juice, 1 3/8 gallons of orange juice, and 1 1/8 gallons of cranberry juice. How much fruit punch does he make?

    asked by Achilles
  27. Stats

    Of 43 bank customers depositing a check, 18 received some cash back. (a) Construct a 90 percent confidence interval for the proportion of all depositors who ask for cash back. (b) Check the normality assumption.

    asked by Kevin
  28. math

    Regis has a bag with 8 tiles numbered 1 through 8. He randomly draws one tile from the bag without looking.Which of the following decribes a likely outcome? a. He selects a tile with the number 0. b. He selects a tile with the number 4. c. He selects a

    asked by thomas
  29. math

    ABCDEF is a regular hexagon. If the perimeter = 12 find the area of ABCDEF.

    asked by thomas
  30. Algebra

    Add (3/2a) + (5/2a)

    asked by Sandra
  31. Algebra

    Add: (3/2a) + (5/2a) Possible answers: 8/4a, 2/a, 15/4a2^ or 4/a

    asked by Sandra
  32. Chemistry

    A 1.0 liter flask is filled with a mixture of two gases at 20. oC until a pressure of 14.43 atm is established. If 0.40 grams of the mixture is hydrogen, how many moles are there of the other gases?

    asked by Carrie Boom
  33. Algebra 1

    4 pencils and 5 pens cost $2.00; 3 pencils and 4 pens cost $1.58. Write out a system of equations that would represent this situation.

    asked by Alex
  34. Math

    A bag contains nine red marbles, four green marbles, three blue marbles, and two yellow marbles. If Lisa draws a random marble from the bag, what is the probability that it will be a red, green, or blue marble?

    asked by Lyla
  35. physics

    Two stars are 4.40 1011 m apart and are equally distant from the earth. A telescope has an objective lens with a diameter of 1.03 m and just detects these stars as separate objects. Assume that light of wavelength 550 nm is being observed. Also assume that

    asked by Ethan
  36. Physics

    1) Determine the extension of the trampoline when a 200 kg person stands on the trampoline. (k=12000) 2) If on the first push, the trampoline went 8.0 cm below its position in part 1, find the average force exerted by his leg muscles? For the first

    asked by Pink
  37. calculus

    A bug crawls along the graph of 2 y x x    4 1 , where x and y are positive and measured in centimeters. If the x-coordinate of the bug’s position x y,  changes at a constant rate of 3 cm/min, how fast is the y-coordinate changing when the

    asked by muadh
  38. Calculus

    Find the derivative of the following function using the appropriate form of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. intergral s^2/(1+3s^4) ds from sqrtx to 1 F'(x)=?

    asked by Brady
  39. Calc

    Find the derivative of the following function using the appropriate form of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. intergral s^2/(1+3s^4) ds from sqrtx to 1 F'(x)=?

    asked by Brady
  40. Stats Class

    The EPA city/hwy mpg range for a Saturn Vue FWD automatic 5-speed transmission is 20 to 28 mpg. If you owned this vehicle, how large a sample (e.g. how many tanks of gas) would be required to estimate your mean mpg with an error of ±1 mpg and 90%

    asked by Katie
  41. sociology

    A research study being conducted to test the effects of administering nicotine to healthy volunteers, who have never smoked, nor used any tobacco products, on their attention and memory would most likely require which level of IRB review? (Points : 1)

    asked by can you check my answers
  42. Algebra

    Add... 8 + (x-1) / (x+4)

    asked by Sandra
  43. science

    Water is flowing in a pipe as depicted in the figure. As shown, p = 113 kPa, d = 4.57 cm, d' = 3.22 cm, v = 4.40 m/s, and h = 1.25 m. What pressure is indicated on the upper pressure gauge? Take y = 0 at the bottom of the left pipe so that the center of

    asked by mican
  44. Calculus Help and Check

    1)Find the most general antiderivative of the function. (Check your answer by differentiation. Use C for the constant of the antiderivative. Remember to use ln |u| where appropriate.) f(x) = (1/5)−(3/x) -----> (x/5)-3lnx+C 2)Find f. f ''(x) = 4 + 6x +

    asked by Kimberly :(
  45. Calculus2

    Consider the function f(x) whose second derivative is f''(x)=8x+4sin(x). If f(0)=3 and f'(0)=2, what is f(x)?

    asked by Brady
  46. financial analysis

    A zero coupon bond with a par value of 1,000 has 15 years to maturity. If the YTM is 6.2% what is the current price of this bond?

    asked by belinda
  47. math

    A cow is attached to a rope in a pasture bordered by two fences ( each 60 feet long) which meet at an angle of 24 degree. If the rope attached to the cow is 15 feet long, over how many square feet can the cow graze? a. 2 pi b. 15 pi c. 30 pi d. 45 pi e.

    asked by thomas
  48. geology

    Building Isochrons and Determining the Ages of Three Rocks Page 15 of 17 For each of the three rocks listed below follow these steps to determine the rock's age of formation. 1. Prepare an isochron by plotting the points that represent the amounts of

    asked by angela
  49. Chemistry

    A sample of a gas has a volume of 250. mL at 2.10 atm and 227 oC. What volume will it have at standard temperature and pressure (STP)?

    asked by Carrie Boom
  50. Physic

    Water enters a horizontal pipe with a rectangular cross section at a speed of 1.00 m/s. The width of the pipe remains constant but the height decreases. 27.3 m from the entrance, the height is half of what it is at the entrance. If the water pressure at

    asked by mican
  51. statistics

    The mean score for all individuals who took the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) in 2010 was 155 and the standard deviation was 7. 9. What is the z score for a person, who received an LSAT score of 167? a. +1.71 b. +1.64 c. +1.74 d. -1.71 10.What is the

    asked by Marty
  52. physics

    A passenger in a moving car and a passerby standing at the road side see each other as moving in the opposite direction. Which of the following is NOT true?

    asked by duke
  53. Civics

    Which best describes how the internet has contributed to cultural diffusion in the united states?

    asked by Krystal
  54. coputer

    Write a program that asks the user to enter the high temperature for each day of one week. Store the temperatures in an array. Once completed, output all temperatures that have been stored into the array.

    asked by carine
  55. science

    explain the Eutectic and Eutectoid reaction in cast irons

    asked by Andy
  56. stastic

    A can of Coke is supposed to contain, on the average, 16 ounces of soda with a standard deviation of 0.4 ounces. Suspecting fraud, you take a random sample of 50 cans and measure the amount of Coke in each. Your measurements show that the 50 cans had a

    asked by kima
  57. Math


    asked by SHYMIR
  58. Social Studies

    Which of the following facts could be best used when supporting Kurdish independence? A. Most of the Kurdish people are not Shia Muslims, but are Sunni Muslims. B. Outside governments have repressed Kurds harshly before. C. Kurds were included in Iraq by

    asked by Anonymous
  59. budgiting

    Which one of the following statements best describes a budget "blind spot"? A. Too little money was set aside to cover an expense. B. This is an expense the person overlooked or did not account for when setting up the budget. C. This is an item that

    asked by Sarah
  60. agriculture

    1. name two negative effects of low pH two effecof low alkaline soil 3 causes of soil acidification two causes of brackish soil

    asked by masaka cindy
  61. cost accounting

    Marvin’s Motors Company (MMC) manufactures outboard motors for use on small to medium sized boats. MMC produces three models: the Standard, the Deluxe and the Performance. The company uses a normal job costing system with manufacturing overhead applied

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Statistics

    A sample of 50 homes in a subdivision revealed that 24 were ranch style. a) Construct a 98 percent confidence interval for the true proportion of ranch-style homes b) Check the normaility assumption.

    asked by Dayna
  63. Stats. Class

    a. What sample size would be needed to estimate the true proportion of students at your college who are wearing backpacks, with 95% confidence and and error of +/-0.04? b. What sampling method would you recommend? Why?

    asked by Katie
  64. Science

    How does DNA get passed from one generation to the next?

    asked by Zari
  65. sociology

    Miranda has a theory that some people are able to “see the future.” She has tested this theory and found that she is unable to produce an individual with above chance predictions. She revises her theory to explain that when asked about the future,

    asked by can you check my answers
  66. math

    15. which of the following figures will not tessellate the plane? a. rhombus b. equilateral triangle c. regular hexagon d. regular pentagon

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Math

    A ramp has a height of 3 feet and a base of 12 feet. Which of the following best represents the angle of elevation? A. 14 degrees B. 16 Degrees C. 18 Degrees D. 20 Degrees

    asked by Judi
  68. Math

    A ball is filled with helium. If the ball has a diameter of 24 inches, what is the maximum amount of helium that the ball may hold?

    asked by Judi
  69. Psychology

    Is Gender a social construct referencing cultural behavioral expectations for men and women

    asked by Kim
  70. statistics

    Scores on a national exam assume a normal distribution with a population mean of 50 and population standard deviation of 10 points. A sample of 36 exam scores was selected from UCA with a mean score of 58 points. Using a significance level of 0.01,

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Physics

    f a 40 kg weight and a 200 kg weight each dropped from 1 m above the trampoline, find the final position of each weight. Assume the trampoline is a simple spring obeying Hooke's law with a k value of 12 000 N/m. I was able to get the answer to this, using

    asked by Rose
  72. psychology

    Traumatic events do not always result in a diagnosable psychological disorder What factors determine how a person may be affected by one such event?

    asked by Larry
  73. mathes

    how do calculate this 55 divided by 3500

    asked by mara
  74. Statistics

    Hi, Are market returns (with numbers such as -3.45, 4, 2.456 representing the "returns") ordinal or nominal data? Thanks!

    asked by Candice
  75. math

    when the price of a box of peanuts is increased by 30% its sales decreased by x% such that the revenue decreased by 9%.what is the value of x?

    asked by kiranmayi
  76. Calc Help

    Find the most general antiderivative of f(x)=–8e^x–6secant^2(x), where -pi/2

    asked by Brady
  77. Can someone please proofread my lead!

    Hi this is my lead for a old court case I was assigned. The Michigan Court of Appeals finds no error in the trial courts disposition of favoring defendant Ionia Sentinel-Standard newspaper entry of summary judgment over the plaintiff’s claims regarding

    asked by Blaze
  78. statistics

    in throwing two dice find the probability ofcoming even number on both probability of coming odd number on dice probability of different number on both dice

    asked by shumaila.imtiaz
  79. Psychology

    Changes based on biological and psychological forces are functions of

    asked by Kim

    Factor the polynomial. Please show all work. x^2+2x-3

    asked by andra
  81. ethical systems

    religion and common law ethical systems identify the common as well as contradictory elements between the two systems

    asked by Anonymous
  82. alg

    (7 − i)(2 + i)

    asked by alg
  83. Math

    z+1/z=2; z=? (1/z is a fraction) Please show work. I got C.1 as my answer. A.Square root of 3 B.1/2 C.1 D.1 1/2 E.2

    asked by Johnny
  84. algebra 117

    f(x)= (x+8)^2 right 15 units

    asked by stephanie
  85. math 117

    determine equation for g(x) that results from translating the function f(x)=x^2 +5 upward 6 units

    asked by stephanie
  86. Algebra

    finding the equation to the perpendicular lines. y=x+4; (-7,1)

    asked by michelle
  87. Teachers aide

    A loss of a parent is considered to be an example of a/an ______stress?

    asked by Soso
  88. English

    1. I don't read the novel yet. 2. I cannot start to do the work yet. 3. I will not open the bottle yet. 4. I don't want to go there yet. ------------- Are they all grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  89. math

    Use the following to answer question 7: Point Bread Tractor A 20 0 B 18 1 C 14 2 D 8 3 E 0 4 Refer to the above schedule. Starting at point A, the opportunity cost of producing each successive unit of tractors is: a constant 2 units of bread 8, 6, 4, and 2

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Precalculus

    Prove that the left side equals the right side Tan + sec -1 / tan -sec + 1 = tan + sec

    asked by Anonymous
  91. English

    1. Plant the potato pieces deep in the ground. 2. Plant the pieces of potato deep in the ground. 3. Plant the pieces of potatoes deep in the ground. (Which one is grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  92. health

    I have not seen any question to answer

    asked by charity
  93. Please help

    integral (t^3=6t^2+4)dt from 0 to x f''(x)=?

    asked by Brady
  94. statistics

    a box contain five silp of paper marked 1,2,3,4and5 tow silp are selected without replacement,list the possible vaule for each of following random variable the sum of two number on two silp the difference between the first and second number

    asked by shumaila.imtiaz
  95. Stats

    Find the 95 percent range for the sample mean, assuming that each sample is from a normal population. a. ì = 200, ó = 12, n = 36 b. ì = 1,000, ó = 15, n = 9 c. ì = 50, ó = 1, n = 25

    asked by Kevin
  96. math

    If Ѳ is in Quadrant II, and cos Ѳ=-3/4 , find an exact value for sin 2Ѳ.

    asked by james
  97. Statistics

    A random sample of 47 students studied for an average of 7.1 hours last week. If the population standard deviation is 1.2 hours, what is the 90% confidence interval for the population mean?

    asked by Monica
  98. chemtry 1

    If 0.500mol of argon gas occupies 2.35L at 725mmHg what is the temperature in degrees Celsius?

    asked by shadow16
  99. cultural diversity

    when middle-class mainstream teachers reprimand children for verbalizing spontaneously, they show a preference for facilitating language development through

    asked by elisha