Questions Asked on
April 17, 2014

  1. Math

    13. A true or false test has 8 questions. What is the probability of guessing the correct answers to all the questions? A. 1/10 B. 1/16 C. 1/64 D. 1/256

    asked by Chris
  2. Math

    Simplify 15C3 A. 182 B. 455 C. 2,730 D. 910

    asked by Chris
  3. Statistics Emergency please

    People end up tossing 12% of what they buy at the grocery store (Reader's Digest, March 2009). Assume this is the true population proportion and that you plan to take a sample survey of 540 grocery shoppers to further investigate their behavior. a)What is

    asked by Vanessa
  4. social studies check answers

    6.A 7.B 8.C 9.B 10.A 6.You want to emphasize the characteristics that unite the nations of Caribbean South America today. On which topic are you most likely to focus? A. cultural influences B. government leadership C. political insurgents trade

    asked by matt
  5. Math

    Food Express is running a special promotion in which customers can win a free gallon of milk which their food purchase if there is a star on their receipt. So far, 147 of the first 156 customers have not received a star on their receipts. What is

    asked by Chris
  6. science

    if you wanted to consult the geologic time scale for when the first vertebrates evolved, where would you look?

    asked by marissa
  7. physics

    The moon's diameter is 3.48 106 m, and its mean distance from the earth is 3.85 108 m. The moon is being photographed by a camera whose lens has a focal length of 48.5 mm. (a) Find the diameter of the moon's image on the slide film. (b) When the slide is

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Math

    Each of two urns contains green balls and red balls. Urn one contains 10 green balls and 8 red balls. Urn two contains 3 green balls and 10 red balls. If a ball is drawn from each urn, what is P(red and red)? A. 23/18 B. 10/27 C. 40/117 D. 18/31

    asked by Chris
  9. precal

    "Dr. Tydings has found that, over the years, 95% of babies he has delivered have weighed y pounds, where |y-8.0|

    asked by Ilse
  10. Steve please help!

    3. A number cube is rolled 160 times. The number 2 comes up 39 times. What is the experimental probability of rolling a 2? What is the theoretical probability of rolling a 2? A. 39/160; 1/80 B. 1/6; 39/160 C. 39/160; 1/6 D. 121/160; 1/6

    asked by Chris
  11. Chemistry

    Which of the following statements is true regarding a covalent bond in CO? Valence electrons are transferred to the oxygen atom. The bond length is less than the sum of the two atomic radii. Bonding electrons are stationary in the CO molecule. all of the

    asked by Lue
  12. History

    Can someone please help me? At least give me an idea. I really need some help I'm far behind and this one is really giving me trouble. Please help. Thanks. Select one reform movement from the Progressive Era. Describe the movement and its impact on South

    asked by Melissa
  13. Physics

    an open tank contains a layer of oil floating on top of a layer of water (of density 1000 kg/m3) that is 3.0 m thick, as shown. What must be the thickness of the oil layer if the gauge pressure at the bottom of the tank is to be 9.1×104 Pa? The density of

    asked by Brady
  14. Algebra

    What is the undefined value of... (3b^2 + 13b + 4) / (b + 4)

    asked by Sandra
  15. physics

    A laser emits 1.42 1018 photons per second in a beam of light that has a diameter of 1.82 mm and a wavelength of 524.0 nm. Determine each of the following for the electromagnetic wave that constitutes the beam. (a) the average electric field strength (b)

    asked by Anonymous
  16. math

    Jonny wants to place a poster that is 25 1/2 inches wide in the center of a wall that is 60 inches wide. How far from each corner should he place the poster for it to be centered? a. 16 3/4 in b. 17 1/4 in c. 18 1/3 in d. 34 1/2 in my answer is b, anybody

    asked by thomas
  17. Math

    Andy needs to pay off a loan of $18,000 in 5 years. Find the amortization payment he would need to make each semi-monthly pay period (twice a month)at 6% compounded bi-monthly, in order to pay off the loan.

    asked by Maria
  18. Physics

    Bioluminescence Some species of dinoflagellate (a type of unicellular plankton) can produce light as the result of biochemical reactions within the cell. This light is an example of bioluminescence. It is found that bioluminescence in dinoflagellates can

    asked by Brady
  19. Chemistry

    Help please: A 0.199-g sample of unknown metal (X) reacts with hydrochloric acid to produce 88.5 mL of "wet" gas at 20 °C and 754 mm Hg. What is the unknown metal (X)? (The vapor pressure of water at 20 °C is 18 mm Hg.) X(s) + 2 HCl(aq) → XCl2(aq) +

    asked by Ally
  20. math

    make a generalization about about dividens and quotients for whole numbers. 42/6=7 8/1=8 12/12=1

    asked by Elina
  21. Chemistry

    How would I graph this: (I don't understand the whole with [1/volume] (units=1/mL) on the X-axis ) According to Boyle's Law, pressure is inversely proportional to volume, so prepare a graph of the data, with [1/volume] (units=1/mL) on the X-axis and

    asked by Ally
  22. Spanish

    Sra. can you please correct my answers? I am so grateful for your help! Part I Answer the questions using the "PRESENT PROGRESSIVE." 1. ¿Qué estáis estudiando ahora? Estoy estudiando español ahora 2. ¿Con quiénes están almorzando ellos? Están

    asked by Anna
  23. Statistics Emergency please

    People end up tossing 12% of what they buy at the grocery store (Reader's Digest, March 2009). Assume this is the true population proportion and that you plan to take a sample survey of 540 grocery shoppers to further investigate their behavior. a.Show the

    asked by Vanessa
  24. Physics

    A Blowhard Tests of lung capacity show that adults are able to exhale 1.5 liters of air through their mouths in as little as 1.0 second. A. If a person blows air at this rate through a drinking straw with a diameter of 0.49cm , what is the speed of air in

    asked by Brady
  25. 6th grade math

    A girl's basketball team is playing in the Texas state championship game. They are going 560 miles from El Paso to San Antonio. Their bus yep travels at an average speed of 60 miles per hour. A. Suppose the bus travels at an hour almost steady speed

    asked by AT
  26. physics

    In a Young's double-slit experiment, the angle that locates the second dark fringe on either side of the central bright fringe is 7.2°. Find the ratio d/λ of the slit separation d to the wavelength λ of the light.

    asked by Anonymous
  27. physic II

    If the temperature of a gas is increased from 20 to 40 degrees celcius, by what factor does the speed of of the molecules increase?

    asked by julide
  28. Algebra

    $6300 is invested, part of it at 11% and part of it at 8%. For a certain year, the total yield is $597.00. How much was invested at each rate?

    asked by Pam
  29. Algebra 1

    The height in feet of a baseball after it is hit can be modeled by the function f(x) =-16x^2 + 100x, where x is the time in seconds after the ball is hit. Find the ball's maximum height and the time it takes the ball to reach this height. Then find how

    asked by Victoria
  30. math

    A bag has 4 red marbles, 4 blue marbles, and 2 green marbles. Jessie draws a marble from the bag at random, notes the color, and then replaces the marble.She then draws a second marble at random.What is the probability that both the marbles are green? a.

    asked by thomas
  31. physics

    A singly ionized helium atom is in the ground state. It absorbs energy and makes a transition to the n = 3 excited state. The ion returns to the ground state by emitting two photons. What are their wavelengths of a lower and higher energy photon?

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Math

    An experiment involving learning in animals requires placing white mice and rabbits into separate, controlled environments, environment I and environment II. The maximum amount of time available in environment I is 500 minutes, and the maximum amour of

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Algebra

    The bar graph which is 4% whole mil, 8% milk for cream and 30% cream shows the milk fat percentages in three dairy product s. How many pounds each of whole milk and cream should be mixed to form 200 lb of milk for cream cheese?

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Math

    Barbara invested $12,300 at the Midtown Credit Union at 6% compounded monthly for 7 years. What is the effect rate of this investment?

    asked by Mai
  35. physics

    Two blocks are connected by a light string that passes over a massless, frictionless pulley as shown. The coefficient of friction between the 4kg block and the surface is 0.4. Find the acceleration of the system and the tension in the string.

    asked by michelle
  36. biology 4

    one strand of DNA could be as long as a football field if it were stretched out lengthwise. One of the factors allowing DNA to fit inside the nucleus of a cell is its ability to: A. break apart into separate genes B. extend to form very long, thick

    asked by Hannah
  37. Physics 1

    What is the rotational kinetic energy of the Earth in its orbit around the sun?

    asked by Sally
  38. Math

    Tim deposits $10 every month into a retirement account which averages 18% interest compounded monthly. How much will be in this account after 45 years? (The number of years form age 20 to 65))

    asked by Mai
  39. personal finances

    A family with $45,000 in assets and $22,000 of liabilities would have a net worth of: A. $45,000. B. $23,000. C. $22,000. D. $67,000. im thinking d

    asked by anthony
  40. math

    Tia generated a list of random numbers to simulate an experiment based on the waiting times at a supermarker checkout line.The number 1 represents waiting in line less than 5 minutes and the number 2 represents waiting in line 5 minutes or more.

    asked by thomas
  41. Radioactivity

    1. A granite rock is thought to be about 2 billion years old. why is it not possible to determine the age of the Rock using carbon-14 dating? 2. A hair sample has 80% of its original carbon-14 present. what is the age of the sample? 3. A bone fragment has

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Physics 1

    If you see an object rotating, is there necessarily net torque acting on it? Explain

    asked by Timothy
  43. Chem

    Write the balanced overall reaction from these unbalanced half-reactions ln--->ln^3+ Cd^2+--->Cd

    asked by Joe
  44. engineering mathematics 1

    your father wants to fence a rectangular area in your backyard for a garden. one side of the garden is along rhe edgeof the yard is already fenced, so you only need to build a new fence along the other 3 sides of rectangle. if you have 80 meter of fencing

    asked by athira
  45. Math

    Suppose that è is an angle in standard position whose terminal side intersects the unit circle at ((-15/13),(12/13)). Find the exact values of cscè, tanè, and sinè.

    asked by Nick
  46. chemistry

    How many gramsof sodium carbonate are neededto make1.30l of0.890m

    asked by shae
  47. Chemistry

    If the solubility constant for Ag2CO3 is equal to 8.1x10^-12 how many grams of Ag2CO3 will dissolve in a .0001 M solution of Na2CO3?

    asked by Jack
  48. Chemistry

    How many nonbonding electron pairs are in an oxygen molecule? I drew it but im unsure if Im correct in saying it has 2 nonbonding electron pairs.

    asked by Ally
  49. physics

    What is the de Broglie wavelength of a 5.0-eV electron?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Radioactivity

    Beryllium-7 has a half-life of 53 D. A sample was observed for one minute and there were 26,880 decays. a.) what is the activity level of the sample? b.) what will the activity level of the sample be after 265 d? c.) after how many days will be activity

    asked by Samaira
  51. Math (Probability)

    Mina tosses two number cubes labeled 1 to 6. What is the probability that the sum is equal to 5? A. 1/36 B. 1/9 C.1/6 D.5/36

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Physics 1

    Two balls have the same size and mass. One is hollow, the other one is solid. How would you determine which is which without breaking them apart?

    asked by Timothy
  53. chemistry

    in the reaction Al2O3= Al+O2 if 742.5 grams of Al2O3 are used how many mols of Al will be produced?

    asked by Jake
  54. Math

    Two kids are building a rocket for science class. once the rocket is launched its height in feet, h(t) can be found using the function h(t)=-16t^2+128t where t represents time in seconds. They record the time from the moment the rocket launches until it

    asked by May
  55. Physics

    How Many Capillaries? The aorta has an inside diameter of approximately 2.1 cm, compared to that of a capillary, which is about 1.0×10−5m (10 μm). In addition, the average speed of flow is approximately 1.0 m/s in the aorta and 1.0 cm/s in a capillary

    asked by Brady
  56. math

    manuel and ruben played dominoes 24 times. Ruben has won 16 times. estimate the odds in favor of Manuel's winning the next match.

    asked by ray
  57. Business

    This technology allows the online learner to connect to the online school in order to access the courses is called what?

    asked by Jenny
  58. Algebra

    Describe the pattern in the table using an equation: x|y 1|15 2|25 3|35 4|45

    asked by Caleb Anderson

    Like say my question was a sample has 80% of its original carbon-14 present. How do I determine the age of the sample? Like I don't get how to get the answer, this concept is very difficult for me

    asked by Anonymous
  60. biology 6

    the giant anteater of south america, the giant armadillo of north america, the giant pangolin of Africa and the spiny anteater of Oceania share many characteristics. They all eat ants, have long narrow snouts, few teeth and large salivary gland, yet they

    asked by Hannah
  61. Chemistry

    Ethanol will combust according to the following equation: C2H5OH(l)+3O2(g)->2CO2(g)+3H2O(l) How many liters of air are required to combust 120.1 g of ethanol at 26.4C and 789.5 mmHg. Assume air is 21% O2 by volume. I cannot find my error - professor states

    asked by Joe
  62. math

    {Positive multiples of 4} (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Enter only the first three values of this set.)

    asked by Anonymous
  63. chemistry

    Find the a)partial pressure of ethylene oxide and b)the total gas pressure, after 30 hours in a reaction vessel at 415C if the initial pressure of ethylene oxide is 782mmHg. k= 2.05x 10^-4 t(1/2)=56.3 Part A) I converted hours to seconds, and used the

    asked by mae
  64. comprehending/english

    The question is What sources cited or quoted, and if so, to what effect? This is the paragraph: A few months back, while I was giving a workshop on LGBTQIA identities and safety, someone brought up the George Zimmerman trial. In the midst of our

    asked by Blaze
  65. math

    A submarine at an elevation of -35 feet rises 35 feet. What is the elevation of the submarine after it rises? a. -70 feet b. 0 feet c. 35 feet d. 70 feet please answer and explain

    asked by thomas
  66. biology

    Intravenous saline injections are often given as a treatment for severe dehydration. the concentration of saline (0.9% NaCI) in these injections is that same as that present in human cells. what would happen if pure water was introduced into the the body

    asked by Hannah
  67. biology 2

    which organelle produces proteins? A. nucleus B. lysosome C. ribosome D. Golgi body

    asked by Hannah
  68. biology 3

    the curled ears of the american curl cat are caused by an autosomal dominant allele. What are the chances of a heterozygous female and a homozygous recessive male producing offspring with curled ears?

    asked by Hannah
  69. Math

    How many pounds of coffee worth $7.50 per pound must be blended with coffee worth $9.50 per pound to make a mixture of 12 pounds of coffee worth $8.00 per pound?

    asked by Lisa
  70. statistics

    According to an Internet posting, 80% of adults enjoy drinking beer. If a group of 3 adults is selected at random, find the probability that all of them enjoy drinking beer is:

    asked by Bertha
  71. Health

    ________ is the most frequently reported bacterial sexually transmitted disease in the United States. A. Chlamydia B. Syphilis C. Herpes D. Gonorrhea

    asked by Sarah
  72. Algebra 2

    How do I solve these inequalities: e^3x>e^x-1 -6log (subscript of 4) x > -24 & how do I solve these: 8^x+1=3 e^x+2=50 8logx=16 I really don't understand how to solve these so can someone please explain them to me?

    asked by Linda
  73. Math

    The Oscar Drapery Company makes three types of draperies at two different locations. At location 1, it can make 10 pairs of deluxe draperies, 20 pairs of better draperies, and 13 pairs of standard drapes per day. At location 2, it can make 20 pairs of

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Physic II

    How much work is done by 3 moles of gas when they triple their volume at a constant temperature of 400 K ? show work please

    asked by julide
  75. Math 221

    the equation of a line parallel to the given line but passing through the given point. I can't figure out. y=-3x-6;(-1, 5)

    asked by NINA
  76. Algebra

    Solve... (x+12) / (x+4) = (x) / (x+8)

    asked by Sandra
  77. Answer Check; Math

    7. Sea turtles lay about 2,500 and 3,000 nests each year, and lay an average of 200 eggs per nest. Only 1 in 1,000 hatchlings will reach maturity. What percent will reach maturity. a. 10% b. 1% (my guess) c. .1% d. .01% 12. It took Mr. E 25 minutes to

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Algebra

    Solve? (10 / 3x) + (4/3) = (7 + x) / (2x)

    asked by Sandra
  79. Language Arts

    Read the following sentence from the editorial: "We learn that all of our moments can be filled with joy if we only open our hearts to our pets." How is faulty reasoning shown in this sentence? A. The author exaggerates the effect of owning a pet. B. The

    asked by Destany
  80. physics

    a window easher pushes his brush up a vertical window at constant velocity by applying a force F as shown below. The brush weighs 12 N and the coefficient of the kinetic friction is 0.2. find the magnitude of force F.

    asked by michelle
  81. Physic II

    A technician needs to raise the temperature of a 2 kg block of steel from 25 oC to 700 oC in an annealing process. How much energy, in Joules, must be transferred to the steel to produce this temperature rise? Specific heat=448J/kg C

    asked by huruney@
  82. English

    1. The doctor said I can't play soccer for a month. 2. The doctor said I couldn't play soccer for a month. (Are both grammatical? What is the difference between the two sentence? Thank you.)

    asked by rfvv
  83. accounting

    A patent costing $500,000 was purchased on July 1. The company expects the patent to be useful for 5 years. How much amortization expense is reconized on December 31?

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Chemistry

    At 25 C, RT/F = (8.314 J/mol/K *298 K) /(96500 C/mol) =0.0257 volts. My textbook lists 0.0592. What am I doing wrong?

    asked by Shannon
  85. Financial services

    You want to buy a used all-train vehicle (ATV) that costs $2800.00. You have 1100.00 in savings and can save $200.00 more a month. Your local credit union offers loans at 6.50% per annum over a term of 12 months. You have a bank credit card with an

    asked by Eeyore
  86. biology 5

    which of the following is correct? A. mitosis results in 4 identical daughter cells B. meiosis is used for the production of gametes C. cells go through two series of divisions in mitosis D. daughter cells produced by meiosis contain the same number of

    asked by Hannah
  87. Physics

    Find Acceleration and velocity of vault or car(from rest). This is info from the movie Fast 5(Vault Heist). time = 15s Vault ≈ 74,750 lb ≈ 33,903.03 kg Car ≈ 1900 kg Money in vault ≈ 4,900 kg Estimate coefficient (tires & concrete) ≈ 1 Estimate

    asked by Renee ( PLEASE HELP ME)
  88. Math 3

    The mean surface temp of the moon is 107 degrees celsius.if the mean surface is -153 degrees celsius. How much warmer is it in the day than at night time?

    asked by Jenny 2
  89. science

    If you see that a hot-air balloon is rising above the top of a hill, what is the top of the hill called?

    asked by isaiah
  90. Physics

    The cars (2 cars) are pulling a vault out of the wall of a police station. What is the acceleration and velocity from rest? This question comes from the vault heist scene in the movie Fast 5. you can use what even distance and time to find it. The weight

    asked by Renee ( PLEASE HELP ME)
  91. physics

    compute the kinetic energy of an 1800 lb automobile traveling at 30 mi/hr. how many times as great is the kinetic energy if the velocity is doubled? compute the kinetic energy, in erg and in joules, of a 2 gram bullet travelling at 500 m/sec.

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Psychology/English

    Jane Eyre was orphaned as a child. What do you think is the psychological effect?

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Health

    The ________the concentration of HIV in semen or genital fluids, the more likely it is that HIV will be transmitted to a sex partner. A. Lower B. Weaker C. Higher D. All of the above

    asked by Sarah
  94. Algebra

    A boy was sent with $2.10 to buy oranges. He found the price 3 cents higher per dozen than he had expected to pay, and so he bought 6 fewer oranges than he had intended to buy and received 1 cent in change. How much did he pay for a dozen oranges?

    asked by Summer
  95. Math

    If a number of 2 digits is divided by the sum of its digits, the quotient is 2 and the remainder is 2. If it's multiplied by the sum of its digits, the result is 112. Find the number.

    asked by Erica

    I honestly don't get how to use radioactive dating to determine the age of a sample. I need an example and what to do in order to get the answer. I need it to be step by step. Thank u so much :)

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Math

    The GoodMentalHealth Insurance Company has determined the number of new clients a psychologist gets per month and their respective probabilities, as shown in the table below: Number of New Clients Probability 0 0.05 1 0.10 2 0.15 3 0.35 4 0.20 5 0.10 6

    asked by Sally
  98. Language Arts

    Which of the following statements from the editorial shows bias? A. Studies have shown the health-related benefits of pets. B. That animal depends on you. C. Thus, all pet owners are caring people. D. Everyone-yes, everyone-should have a pet. I'm really

    asked by Destany
  99. Language Arts

    Which is the best way to clarify the sentence "The few arguments against pet ownership scarely need to be mentioned"? A. Most people favor pet ownership, but the author believes that the arguments against it are strong. B. Few people can provide reasons

    asked by Alexander
  100. Math

    Solve by elimination x + 2y = -7 x - 5y = 7

    asked by Tyler
  101. SS

    If a country wants to help another country through foreign investment, what can it do? How can it do the foreign investment?

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Math

    Can someone please work out the steps in solving this elimination problem. Thank you. The problem is x + 2y = -7 x - 5y = 7

    asked by Tyler
  103. personal finances

    If creditors add finance charges after subtracting payments made during the billing period, this is called the: A. APR method. B. average daily balance method. C. previous balance method. D. adjusted balance method. its not A or D someone help me

    asked by tony
  104. finances

    In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a debtor: A. is required to draw up a petition listing all assets and liabilities. B. does not have to pay a filing fee. C. is absolved of alimony and child support payments. D. does not have to repay educational loans.

    asked by tony
  105. Math 4

    Temp. In degrees is 19 degrees Fahrenheit. A blizzard moved in and brought lots of snow and lowered temp. By 27 degrees Fahrenheit, what was the final temp. In Fahrenheit during the blizzard?

    asked by Jenny 2
  106. Education

    How do I compare and contrast learning as a process and learning as a product.

    asked by Cathy
  107. Physics 1

    What torque is needed to accelerate a 70Kg disk with a 20 cm radius from rest to 10 rad/s?

    asked by Sally
  108. SS

    What are some things that Turkey has that Qatar doesn't?

    asked by Anonymous
  109. SS

    What is foreign investment? Please explain in simple terms.

    asked by Anonymous
  110. geometry

    the set of lessons in this geometry course is:

    asked by kim
  111. science

    What are psychoanalytical models? How have these models been used to explain human behavior? Which model do you feel is the most effective in explaining human behavior? Why?

    asked by tania
  112. math homework

    What is the perimeter of a triangle whose sides measure 21cm, 16cm, and 19cm?

    asked by karla
  113. College Math

    Alberta adds 9 songs to her mp3 player every mont. After 5 months she has 55 songs solve for y

    asked by Felicia
  114. English Composition

    What would be 5 reasons parents won't let a kid go out alone with friends?

    asked by Anonymous
  115. la

    what is the adjective of the sentence The boys on the soccer team will go across the street, through the alley, and into the park.

    asked by quint
  116. Stats

    Find the P-value for a left tailed hypothesis test with a test statistic of z= -1.77. Decide wether to reject the null if the level of significance is alpha= 0.05. Please help I've tried everything and I can't figure out how to get the right answer..

    asked by Christina
  117. math

    how to get a triangle shape out of a parallelogram?

    asked by areeba
  118. social studies

    What were the results of the Korean War? What impact did it have on American society?

    asked by Tyler
  119. algebra

    y= (the square root of 8) + x determine whether the following are square root functions. explain

    asked by don't trip
  120. Calculus

    Given f(3)=4 and f'(3)=5, find g'(3), where g(x)=8x.f(x)

    asked by Michelle
  121. American History

    Passed in 1935, Roosevelt's most significant reform measure was the what?

    asked by erin
  122. SS

    How can Lebanon help in the development of the UAE (without the involvement of oil)?

    asked by Anonymous
  123. Calc

    Last question! Thanks! Given f(3)=4 and f'(3)=5 find g'(3) where g(x)= 5x/f(x)

    asked by Michelle
  124. Chemistry pH

    A 0.60 M solution of a weak acid, HA, has a pH of 3.72. What is the percentage ionization of the acid? What is the value of Ka for the acid?

    asked by Penny
  125. chemistry

    How many calories will 45 grams of water release when it changes fom 85c to 30c?

    asked by mark
  126. Astrology

    Why is it helpful to use the Celestial Sphere to find the position of objects in the night sky. Please help!, Thank you.

    asked by Cherie
  127. Math 2

    Simon and his team are preparing to climb my. Sinclair. Base camp is located 21 feet below sea level. Mt. Sinclair is 490 feet above sea level. on the 1st stage of their climb, they will camp at a ranger station located 124 feet above sealevel. The next

    asked by Jenny 2