Questions Asked on
April 16, 2014

  1. Educational Technology

    1. Which of the following choices is a strategy that could help with time management? A. Spending most of the day on leisure activities. B. Doing homework in every spare moment. C. Cutting back on sleep. D. Creating a list of tasks to be completed daily.*

    asked by Chris
  2. Math

    The College Board reported the following mean scores for the three parts of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) (The World Almanac, 2009): Assume that the population standard deviation on each part of the test is = 100. a. What is the probability a sample

    asked by Vanessa
  3. Algebra

    Multiply (x^2 + 8x + 15) / x – 4 * (x^2 – 16) / 2x + 6

    asked by Sandra
  4. Chemistry

    The reaction has an equilibrium constant of Kp=2.26x10^4 at 298 K. CO(g) + 2H_2(g) CH_3OH(g) Calculate Kp for the reactions and predict whether reactants or products will be favored at equilibrium. A. CH_3OH(g) CO(g) + 2H_2(g) B. 1/2CO(g) + H_2(g)

    asked by Savannah
  5. social studies

    i think its B. South america's ethnic diversity best reflects A. waves of european immigration in the past century. B. Recent influxes of asian and african immigrants . C. Internal migrations among indigenous peoples. D. Ancient migrations of people from

    asked by matt
  6. physics

    Your town is installing a fountain in the main square. If the water is to rise 26 m (85.3 feet) above the fountain, how much pressure must the water have as it moves slowly toward the nozzle that sprays it up into the air? Assume atmospheric pressure equal

    asked by hai
  7. Algebra

    John walked 10 miles on Saturday. He walked twice as fast on the second 5 miles of his walk than he walked on the first 5 miles of his walk. Which expression represents the time he spent walking? Let x = John's speed on the first half of his walk.

    asked by Sandra
  8. calculus help check and help

    if an object with mass m is dropped from rest, one model for its speed v after t seconds, taking air resistance into account is v= mg/c(1-e^(-ct/m)) where g is the acceleration due to gravity and c is a positive constant describing air resistance. a)

    asked by JuYoung
  9. mathematics

    Given that log5 3=0.683 and log5 7=1.209.without using calculator,evaluate (a) log5 1.4 b)log7 75 c) log3 125

    asked by jessica
  10. Chemistry

    Write the balanced net ionic equation for the following? a) Copper metal and zinc ion b) zinc and cupric ion c) Copper metal and hydrogen ion d) zinc metal and hydrogen ion e) iron metal and hydrogen ion f) Chlorine (Cl2) and bromide ion (Br-) g) Chlorine

    asked by Shannon
  11. calculus

    consider the equation below f(x)=e^(7x)+e^(-x) find the intervals on which f is increasing and decreasing (enter your answers using interval notation) find the local minimum of f. find the interval on which f is concave up.

    asked by JuYoung
  12. Science URGENT help please

    Piano movers hoist a 200 kg piano 10 m high in 30 s using a rope and simple pulley. What is their power output? (Points : 1) 70 W 700 W 7,000 W 6 × 10^5 W

    asked by Phil
  13. Calculus Help Please!!!

    Ornithologists have determined that some species of birds tend to avoid flights over large bodies of water during daylight hours. It is believed that more energy is required to fly over water than land because air generally rises over land and falls over

    asked by Layla
  14. social studies check answers

    2.B 3.A 4.C 5.B 2.Caribbean South America has A. a predominantly tropical climate. B. varied climate zones due to coastal and highland areas. C. an arid climate in the north and a wet climate in the south. D. mountain climates determined by elevation.

    asked by matt
  15. chemistry

    Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3). When you heat baking soda, it breaks down into sodium carbonate powder (Na2CO3), water vapor, and carbon dioxide. The enthalpy of this reaction is 129 kJ. a. Write a correct, balanced thermochemical equation for

    asked by Anonymous
  16. College Chemistry (DrBob222)

    The decomposition of HCO2H follows first-order kinetics. HCO2H(g) CO2(g) + H2(g) The half-life for the reaction at a certain temperature is 44 seconds. How many seconds are needed for the formic acid concentration to decrease by 73%?

    asked by Ana
  17. trig

    a 725 pound trailer is sitting on a ramp inclined at 36 degrees. how much force is required to keep the trailer from rolling down the ramp??

    asked by Anonymous

    Need help trying to tell my daughter what or how to draw this........ DRAW a figure composed of three different rectangles that has a perimeter of 140 yards. Use measurements that are in yards and feet to label the sides of your figure......

    asked by Jill
  19. Algebra

    Edie can paint a wall in 3 hours. Dan can paint the same wall in 6 hours. If they work together, how many hours will it take Edie and Dan to paint the wall?

    asked by Sandra
  20. physics

    An object floats on water with 84% of its volume below the surface. The same object when placed in another liquid floats on that liquid with 74% of its volume below the surface. Determine the density of the unknown fluid

    asked by ayesha
  21. Chemistry

    Ethylamine, CH3CH2NH2, has a strong, pungent odor similar to that of ammonia. Like ammonia, it is a Brønsted base. A 0.10 M solution has a pH of 11.87. Calculate the Kb and pKb for ethylamine. What is the percentage ionization of ethylamine in this

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Math (2 Questions) - Please Help

    A cube has 8 vertices, 12 edges, and 6 square faces. A soccer ball (also known as a buckyball or truncated icosahedron) has 12 pentagonal faces and 20 hexagonal faces. How many vertices and how many edges does a soccer ball have? A circular table is placed

    asked by Josh
  23. Chemistry

    Help please? 1)A sample of propane gas occupies 625 cm3 at 20.0 °C and 750 torr. What is the final volume in cubic centimeters at -80.0 °C and 750 torr? 2)If oxygen gas is collected over water at 25 °C and 775 torr, what is the partial pressure of the

    asked by May
  24. chemistry

    a mixture of N2, O2 and Ar have mole fractions of 0.25, 0.65, and 0.10, respectively. What is the pressure of N2 if the total pressure of the mixture is 3.9 atm?

    asked by Anonymous
  25. math

    Estimating quotients for greater dividends. 812÷7 estimate to quotient

    asked by ssm

    find kb or ka value for ZnCl2 show work! Thanks!

    asked by Nane
  27. Physics please help?????

    The figure shows three rotating, uniform disks that are coupled by belts. One belt runs around the rims of disks A and C. Another belt runs around a central hub on disk A and the rim of disk B. The belts move smoothly without slippage on the rims and hub.

    asked by Melinda
  28. science

    Alfredo, who has a mass of 60 kilograms, jumped off a retaining wall. His kinetic energy when he landed on the ground was 822 joules. How high was the wall?

    asked by Joe
  29. American History

    Why did many revolutionary leaders shaping the government of the new nation begin to find the principle of democracy troubling? How did they attempt to balance democracy with other concerns in the new government?

    asked by Ayleen
  30. Language Arts

    So I answered a couple of the questions about "The Boarded Window" by Ambrose Bierce. But can you help me with this please? What in the text indicates the beliefs and values of the author?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. chemistry

    Which of the following statements is true concerning the titration of a weak base by a solution of hydrochloric acid? Question 9 options: At the equivalence point, the pH is 7. At the equivalence point, there is excess hydrochloric acid. At the equivalence

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Algebra

    What is the undefined value of... (3b^2 + 13b + 4) / (b + 4)

    asked by Sandra
  33. chemistry

    Propionic acid has a ka of 1.3x10^(-5), 50.0ml of a buffer solution having a pH of 4.65 is to be prepared using a 0.20 M solutions of propionic acid and sodium propionate. How many ml of each of these solutions must be mixed? Thanks in Advanced !

    asked by Aria
  34. Math

    You throw a ball into the air with an initial vertical velocity of 31 feet per second. The ball leaves your hand when it is 6 feet above the ground. You catch the ball when it reaches a height of 4 feet. After how many seconds do you catch the ball?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. CHEm

    Amount of Helium in a Blimp The Goodyear blimp Spirit of Akron is 62.6 m long and contains 7023 m^3 of helium. When the temperature of the helium is 280K , its absolute pressure is 110kPa . Find the mass of the helium in the blimp. m=_____kg ty

    asked by Brady
  36. Rectangular coordinates to polar coordinates

    1) I'm asked to find 2 sets of polar coordinates for the point for 0≤ θ< 2pi from a given pair of rectangular coordinates . For instance, one of the coordinates was (-3,4). I found r = plus and minus 5.Then θ= arctan (y/x)= arctan (4/-3)= -.9273 I know

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Algebra 2

    What is the sum of the first 10 terms of the sequence defined by an = 3n - 3?

    asked by Shauna
  38. Chemistry

    List all the quantum numbers for each of the 9 electrons in fluorine n L m sub L m sub s 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Chemistry

    When a sample of potassium nitrate is heated, oxygen gas is produced. This gas, collected in a 750 milliliter flask, has a pressure of 2.8 atmosphere and the temperature is recorded to be 53.6°C. How many moles of oxygen gas are produced in this reaction?

    asked by Brina
  40. math (please check answer)

    Which is the best measure of central tendency for the type of data below–the mean, the median, or the mode? Explain. Hours of sleep each night Median; there will be outliers Range; there are no outliers Mode; the data are non-numeric Mean; the outliers

    asked by person
  41. math

    log4(2x+4)-3 =log4 3

    asked by jessica
  42. Math

    A circular table is placed in a corner of a room so that it touches both walls. A mark is made on the edge of the table, exactly 18 inches from one wall and 25 inches from the other. What is the radius of the table?

    asked by AspiringMusician
  43. managerial accounting

    The break-even point in dollar sales for Rice Company is $480,000 and the company’s contribution margin ratio is 40 percent. If Rice Company desires a profit of $84,000, how much would sales have to total? Answer: Fixed cost $288,000 Variables cost

    asked by maria
  44. Statistics

    An ESP experiment is done in which a participant guesses which of 8 cards the researcher has randomly picked, where each card is equally likely to be selected. This is repeated for 200 trials. The null hypothesis is that the subject is guessing, while the

    asked by Mea
  45. algebra

    A guy rope is attached to the top of a tent pole. The tent pole is 8 feet tall. If the guy rope is pegged into the ground 5 feet from the tent, how long is the guy rope?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. physics

    A10m long ladder of mass 18kg leans against a frictionless wall. The ladder makes a 20 angle with the wall. The cofficient of friction between the ladder and the ground is 0.3. How far up the ladder can a 75kg man climb before the ladder slips?

    asked by zb
  47. chemisrty

    A solid acid is dissolved in enough water to make 200 ml of a solution. 40.0ml of the solution is titrated to a phenolphthalein en point with an NaOH solution. The neutralized solution and the remainder of the acid solution are then mixed and the PH of the

    asked by Aria
  48. consumer math

    Tim Worker buys a new sofa for $629.95. He pays 25% down and takes an installment loan to complete the purchase. He makes 12 payments which include his principal and a $60.00 finance charge. What is the APR on his loan to the nearest tenth? The down

    asked by benny
  49. Statistics

    The College Board reported the following mean scores for the three parts of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) (The World Almanac, 2009): Assume that the population standard deviation on each part of the test is = 100. a. What is the probability a sample

    asked by Vanessa
  50. Physical sciences

    A factory siren emits a sound at 900hz.what frequency will be heard by the driver of a car traveling at 100km.h away from the factory?

    asked by Precious
  51. 6th grade Lang Arts

    Can you check my homework, please? Identify each pronoun as personal, reflexive, demonstrative, indefinite or interogative. 1. These are Elberta peaches, which are very popular in the United States. Ans: these = indefinite 2. Nobody really knows where the

    asked by Alexis
  52. Statistics

    People end up tossing 12% of what they buy at the grocery store (Reader's Digest, March 2009). Assume this is the true population proportion and that you plan to take a sample survey of 540 grocery shoppers to further investigate their behavior. a.Show the

    asked by Vanessa
  53. math

    Bill rented a truck for one day. There was a base fee of $18.95 , and there was an additional charge of .96 cents for each mile driven. Bill had to pay $135.11 when he returned the truck. For how many miles did he drive the truck?

    asked by teri
  54. Math

    People end up tossing 12% of what they buy at the grocery store (Reader's Digest, March 2009). Assume this is the true population proportion and that you plan to take a sample survey of 540 grocery shoppers to further investigate their behavior. a.Show the

    asked by Vanessa
  55. Math

    Show 2/4 of the set. How many counters?

    asked by Luis
  56. Alg

    A car with good tread can stop in less distance than a car with poor tread. A model for the stopping distance d, in feet, of a car with good tread on dry cement is d = 0.04v2 + 0.5v, where v is the speed of the car in miles per hour. If the driver must be

    asked by K
  57. chemistry - (Dr. Bob222)

    The rate constant for a second order reaction has the value of 2.5 x 10–3 L·mol–1·s–1. If the initial concentration of reactant is 3.5 mol·L-1, what will be the molar concentration of the reactant after 2.5 minutes?

    asked by Ana
  58. math

    Show 1/5 of a set of 15 counters. How many counters?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. physics

    calculate the image positions and magnifications for an object 3cm tall and a mirror of focal length +12 with the object at the following positions: 2.5 f, 2.0 f, 1.5 f, 0.5 f. please help me don't understand it at all. it would be best if you can explain

    asked by sunny
  60. geometry

    The radius of the earth is approximately 6371 km.If the international space station (ISS) is orbiting 353 km above the earth, find the distance from the ISS to the horizon(x)

    asked by ann
  61. calculus help

    Does the function satisfy the hypotheses of the Mean Value Theorem on the given interval? f(x)= ln(x) , [1,6] If it satisfies the hypotheses, find all numbers c that satisfy the conclusion of the Mean Value Theorem. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated

    asked by Tom

    The base of S is a circular disk with radius 3r. Parallel cross-sections perpendicular to the base are isosceles triangles with height 8h and unequal side in the base. a. set up an interval for volume of S b. by interpreting the intergal as an area, find

    asked by PLEASE HELP
  63. Math- urgent

    How can -2.65 be written as the ratio of two integers?

    asked by Sarah
  64. physics

    Putting a lid on a boiling pot greatly reduces the heat transfer necessary to keep it boiling. Explain why

    asked by Mohanad
  65. Personal Finance

    Aaron wants to put $200.00 per month into an IRA account at 15% for four years. What is he solving for using his financial calculator A. present value B. future value C. interest rate D. payment

    asked by Gabby
  66. Math emergency I have 10 minutes to submit it.

    Evaluate the definite integral. x sqrt(13 x^2 + 36)dx between (0,1)

    asked by Vanessa
  67. national academy physics

    a circular track is made on which an athlete has to cover three rounds to complete a 1000m run.during the run find the distance and magnitude of displacement of the athlete

    asked by aashi
  68. Math

    Real Estate an office building purchased for $1, 200,000 is appreciating because of rising property values in the city. At the end of each year its value is 105% of its value at the end of the previous year. a. Use a recursive formula to determine what the

    asked by Kgk
  69. math

    Calculate the interest due on the following credit card balances: A) An unpaid balance of $1629.53 at a rate of 19.50% for 21 days B) An unpaid balance of $2639.99 at a rate of 22.95% for 30 days.

    asked by Eeyore
  70. physics

    Which of the following statements about a system in resonance is true A.The energy of the system is always increasing. B.The greater the damping the larger the amplitude of the oscillations C.The driving force is always in the direction of the velocity.

    asked by Paige
  71. English

    1. Can I have something to drink? 2. Can I drink something to drink? 3. Can I get something to drink? 4. Can I take something to drink? ------------------ What is the meaning of 'have' in #1? 'Have' has a lot of meaning. Does 'have' mean 'drink'? What is

    asked by rfvv
  72. Math

    Two vertices of a right triangle are (0,1) and (0,6). The area of the triangle is 10 square units. Which point could be the third vertex of the triangle?

    asked by Shohanur
  73. trigonometry

    the angle of elevations from the top of the tree to the point on the ground is 63 yards from its base 45degrees. How tall is the tree?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. ms. sue math help

    2 more, 1 . at a party of 102 people 17lb of potato salad is served .if the potato salad was equally distributed among the guess , How much potato salad will each guest have? a friend just bought a tony hawk skateboard for 39.99. this was a savings of

    asked by rian
  75. social studies(updated answers)

    this is the last time ill post for these 2 questions ill be moving on to the next social studies after this check 3.D 5.C 3.Which statement best describes the economics of Caribbean South America? A. Venezuela benefits from oil resources while other

    asked by matt
  76. Managerial Accounting

    Gardner Manufacturing Company produces a product that sells for $120. A selling commission of 10% of the selling price is paid on each unit sold. Variable manufacturing costs are $60 per unit. Fixed manufacturing costs are $20 per unit based on the current

    asked by Jhoan
  77. Math Mrs.sue

    according to one count , the letter e makes up 1/8 of a typical document written in English a document contains 2800 letters . about how many letters in the document are not e ?

    asked by rian
  78. History HELP! ASAP

    Congress's adoption of the declaration of independence confirmed a decisive shift in the conflict between the colonies and britain. Why did the colonies make this decisive breaak in 1776? In your answer, discuss some of the arguments for and against

    asked by Laura
  79. physics

    A hailstone traveling with a velocity of 43 meters/second comes to a virtual stop 0.28 seconds after hitting water. What is the magnitude of its acceleration in the water

    asked by aujalon allen
  80. Math

    The perimeter of rectangular garden is 40 feet. The width is 2 feet more than half the length. What is the length and width

    asked by Coco
  81. Physics

    A rope of length L = 5.2 m with a total mass of m = 0.275 kg is tied to a hook rigidly mounted into a wall. A pulse of height 1.9 cm is sent down the rope. The tension in the rope is F = 29 N. (B) What is the height of the pulse that returns?

    asked by Renee
  82. Math

    Hello I need help on this problem: The directions for lemonade say to put 2 cups of the, liquid concentrate into 1 gallon of water. If I want to make 1 pint of lemonade, how many fluid ounces should I use.

    asked by Anonymous
  83. BIOLOGY 12

    Explain the path of deoxygenated blood from the right atrium to the lungs

    asked by Leah
  84. Chemistry

    Write the balanced net ionic equations for the reactions of the halogens with copper metal. The halogens are oxidizing agents and the copper metal is a reducing agent. a) Bromine (Br2)+copper metal (Cu) b) Iodine (I2) + copper metal (Cu) Based on your

    asked by Caroline
  85. Physics

    A 77 kg window cleaner uses a 13 kg ladder that is 7.1 m long. He places one end on the ground 3.8 m from a wall, rests the upper end against a cracked window, and climbs the ladder. He is 3.9 m up along the ladder when the window breaks. Neglect friction

    asked by Ali
  86. Math (Geometry)

    I feel like I am over thinking this problem. Can someone please give me an explanation? A circular table is placed in a corner of a room so that it touches both walls. A mark is made on the edge of the table, exactly 18 inches from one wall and 25 inches

    asked by AspiringMusician
  87. Math

    U burn 30 calories walking for 10 mins and at this rate how many calories will u burn in 15 mins

    asked by Shohanur
  88. Geometry

    If the ratio of the areas of two similar hexagons is 4:49, find the ratio of their apothems

    asked by Abbey
  89. calculus help

    Produce graphs of f that reveal all the important aspects of the curve. Then use calculus to find the intervals of increase and decrease and the intervals of concavity. f(x)= 1+(1/x)+(5/x^2)+(1/x^3) find the interval of increase. find the interval of

    asked by Isik
  90. Mathematics

    If 13 cosP= 5 P¢ã[0,270]and 15 tan Q-8=0 for sinQ

    asked by Raymond Mashilo
  91. math

    margaret buys 54 apples. she uses 1/3 apples for muffins. She used 1/2 the apples for pies. which expression as a fraction could be used to show how many apples she has left?

    asked by zion
  92. Calculus

    An open top box with a square base is to be made so that it holds 3 cubic feet. Assuming the material on the base costs $3 per square foot and the material on the sides costs $2 per square foot, determine the size of the base that minimizes the total cost.

    asked by ACDub
  93. MATH

    How do you find the base area of a rectangular prism if you know the volume and the height

    asked by RJ
  94. math

    Calculate the final value after 10 years if you invest $5000.00 at 2.5% per annum, compounded annually.

    asked by Eeyore
  95. math

    Calculate the amount of interest earned in 10 years on 1000.00 invested at 3.00% per annum, compounded monthly.

    asked by Eeyore
  96. Chemistry

    An equilibrium mixture in a 10.0 L flask contains 7.0 mol HI(g) and 1.0 mol each of I2(g) and H2(g). If 2.5 mol H2, 5.0 mol I2 and 2.0 mol HI are added to that equilibrium mixture how many moles of each gas will be present when equilibrium is

    asked by Jon
  97. Chemistry

    Good morning, I am looking for help in figuring out how to solve this problem, knowing that the magnetic field was just calculated to be 9.39 tesla. Is there a specific formula and is there any information I'm missing to be able to solve this question?

    asked by NP
  98. CHEM- need help ASAP

    An equilibrium mixture in a 10.0 L flask contains 7.0 mol HI(g) and 1.0 mol each of I2(g) and H2(g). If 2.5 mol H2, 5.0 mol I2 and 2.0 mol HI are added to that equilibrium mixture how many moles of each gas will be present when equilibrium is

    asked by Meg
  99. Radioactivity

    How are the terms "activity" and "becquerel" related? A radioactive isotope source has a mass of 120 g. If the isotope has a half life of 20 secs what would be the mass of the isotope in 2 mins?

    asked by Anonymous
  100. statistics

    It is known that the population mean for the Full Scale IQ of the WAIS is 100 with a standard deviation of 15. A researcher assesses a sample of 200 adults and find that they have a mean Full Scale IQ of 102. The point estimate of the mean for this group

    asked by Stacey
  101. Physics

    A person pushes with a horizontal force of 25 N 4kg block, initially at rest on a horizontal table, a distance of 3m. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and table is 0.35. determine external work on the block-table system. the energy

    asked by Star
  102. Chem

    What is the volume V of a sample of 3.40mol of copper? The atomic mass of copper (Cu) is 63.5 g/mol, and the density of copper is 8.92×10^3kg/m^3?

    asked by Brady
  103. accounting

    The Greenwood Company purchased equipment costing $900. Greenwood paid $400 in cash and agreed to pay the remaining amount in thirty days. As a result of this transaction:

    asked by Joni
  104. Physics

    A ladder 13 feet long leans against a vertical frictionless wall with its lower end 5 feet from the wall. the ladder weighs 80 lbs and its center of gravity is at its center. Find the magnitude and direction of the force exerted on the lower end of the

    asked by Emil James
  105. History HELP! ASAP

    In the mid-eighteen century, how did native americans influence relations between european nations? between britain and the colonies?

    asked by Laura
  106. Chemistry

    A column of mercury in a barometer is 767.3 mm Hg high. Note, that in order for the pressures to be equal, density and height of a column are inversely proportional, therefore, (den1)(h1)=(den2)(h2). The density of mercury is 13.6 g/mL and the density of

    asked by Carly
  107. Chemistry

    what is the pH of 0.80 M NaCN? What is the concentration of HCN in the solution?

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Stats

    Need help finding the area under the normal curve between z = -1.0 and z = -2.0?

    asked by Betty
  109. english/vocabulary

    write each vocabulary words in a syllable and indicate stress marks ? here are the words 1.assurance 2. asylum 3. console 4. dilate 5.dross 6.dwindle 7.flippant 8. immunity 10. liability 11.preposterous 12.pugnacious 13. rabid 14.realm 15.

    asked by EMMA
  110. Chemistry

    Which halogen has the lowest electron affinity?

    asked by Anonymous
  111. Statistics

    A survey asked 2000 people whether or not they frequently exceed the speed limit. The collected data is summarized in the following contingency table. The goal is to determine if there is a difference in the population proportion that say “yes” when

    asked by Mea
  112. psychology

    Can someone give me an example of correlation and causation.

    asked by Tiffany
  113. Math

    Bart won the jellybean estimation contest at his class Easter party he won 28 Easter stickers he gave 1/8 of the stickers to his friend rob how many stickers did he give rob

    asked by Anonymous
  114. Chemistry

    Calculate Kc. CH_4(g) + H_2O(g) CO(g) + 3H_2(g) Kp= 7.7 x 10^24 at 298K. Should I use the formula Kp= Kc(RT)^Deltang If so I have no idea where to start.

    asked by Savannah
  115. statistics

    The Good Mental Health Insurance Company has determined the number of new clients a psychologist gets per month and their respective probabilities, as shown in the table below: Number of New Clients Probability 0 0.05 1 0.10 2 0.15 3 0.35 4 0.20 5 0.10 6

    asked by Lee
  116. Language Arts

    Identify the correct statement. A) When a complex sentence begins with a dependent clause, put a comma after the clause. B) When a complex sentence begins with an independent clause, put a comma after the clause. C) In a compound sentence, put a comma

    asked by Jasmine
  117. english/vocabulary

    write each vocabulary words in a syllable and indicate stress marks ? here are the words 1.auxiliary 2. candid 3. cubicle 4. drudgery 5.envoy 6.escalate 7.expedient 8.feign 9.flair 10.grievous 11.heterogeneous 12.horde 13.impel 14.incredulous 15. inscribe

    asked by EMMA
  118. Physics

    what will be the final temp of 500g of 21c waterbullets are dropped in? when 500g of 324c lead

    asked by Rachelle
  119. Chemistry

    When given the equation 2Na+Cl2=2NaCl. How many liters of Cl2 will it take to react completely with 63.0 grams of Na?

    asked by Andrew
  120. math (Matrix algebra)

    solve the equations by using a) the adjoint matrix b) elementary row operations i) x+y+z=6 2x-y+z=3 x+4y-z=6 ii) 3p-3q+r=1 -3p+5q-2r=-1 p-2q+r=3 iii)-12a+b+17c=-14 2a-b+3c=5 8a+b-13c=-3 thanks sir/madam

    asked by munir
  121. accounting

    Using 2012 as the base year, prepare a trend anslysis for the data that follow, and tell whether the results suggest a favorable or unfavorable trend.(round to one decimal place. 2014. 2013. 2012 Net sales $316,000 $272,000 $224,000 Accounts

    asked by HELP!! Help!!! PlEASE!!!!
  122. Organic II

    Using the acetoacetic ester synthesis , prepare 3,4-dimethyl-2-pentanone

    asked by Piukere
  123. Chemistry - Science (Dr. Bob222)

    Consider the kinetic data given in the table below for the first order reaction: What is the value of the activation energy? A_2_--> 2A Expt. Initial [A2] Temp. Initial Rate mol/L (°C) [A2]·s–1 1 0.10 100 1.2 x 10–3 2 0.20 200 4.8 x 10–3 3 0.15 ?

    asked by Ana
  124. Algebra

    3/(4x-36)- 5/(2x-4) - 2x/(x^2-11x+18) Simplify and expand the expression?

    asked by Anonymous
  125. English

    1. After about 15 minutes, take off the shape. 2. In about 15 minutes, take off the shape. -------------------- Which one is right? Do we have to use 'After' or "In'? Thank you for your help.

    asked by rfvv
  126. statistics

    A standardized third grade reading test, called the We Can Read Test, has a mean of 50 with a standard deviation of 10. A developmental psychologist conducts a study, where he assesses the reading ability of a random sample of 75 third graders using the We

    asked by Lee
  127. Calc

    Write a deferential equation describing the given situation. The rate at which the concentration of a drug in the bloodstream decreases is proportional to the concentration. Let Q(t) be the concentration of the drug at any time t and k be a positive

    asked by Rebekah
  128. biology

    I have to do a lab report on the effect of metal ions on enzyme activity One of the questions asked the sources of error and one asked the methods used I got stuck, can you pls help

    asked by Barry
  129. Biology

    Hydrolysis uses a catabolic reaction. Explain what a catabolic reaction is and how it is useful in creating monomers from polymers.

    asked by Kat
  130. Calc 2

    find the sum of the series: sum from k=1 to infinity [(3/k(k+1)(k+2))+(-2/3)^k]

    asked by chelsea
  131. Area of rectangle

    The length of the flag needs to be 1.9 times the height. If the flags height is 3 feet, then what is the area of the flag?

    asked by Dexter
  132. English Please Help!!

    I am trying add the tone to this passage to my essay. The "tone" is admiring her mother. I am drawing a blank and don't know what or where to add the tone. Passage: Lastly, Schultz shares that for a long time she was unable to look at the shells and that

    asked by Anonymous
  133. Trig

    Force 1= 65 pounds , Force 2=90 pounds find the angle between the forces? magnitude of the resultant force= 70lbs

    asked by Anonymous
  134. Honors chemistry

    How much heat (in kcal) is released when 62.2g of water at 0 degreesC freezes?

    asked by Hayden
  135. genetics

    1) Mary has a widow's peak (either WW or Ww), but her sister has a smooth hairline (must be ww). Is either one of Mary's parents homozygous dominant or recessive? I think that that she has to have at least one of her two parents be homozygous something in

    asked by Evan
  136. Physics

    An airplane is flying at an altitude of 2,000 m with a speed of 216 m/s. What is the pressure of air outside the plane?

    asked by Sandra
  137. English

    My Essay: A Mother’s Sense of Wonder To lose a loved one is very hard to bear, but to lose a parent can be very heart-wrenching for a child at any age. Connie Schultz wrote “My Mom’s Wonderful, ‘Pinch Me’ Life,” which was published in 2012, in

    asked by Michelle
  138. statistics

    A standardized third grade reading test, called the We Can Read Test, has a mean of 50 with a standard deviation of 10. A developmental psychologist conducts a study, where he assesses the reading ability of a random sample of 75 third graders using the We

    asked by Carrie
  139. Biology

    Briefly describe how the process of dehydration synthesis creates polymers.

    asked by Drew
  140. Math emergency I have 10 minutes to submit it.

    Evaluate the definite integral. (e^x)/(7 + e^x)dx between (0,2)

    asked by Vanessa
  141. Science

    In pea plants, which color is dominant green or yellow?

    asked by Kelley
  142. math (Matrix algebra)

    if (-2 1 x+2 ) (3 x-4 5 ) =25 (0 1 3 ) p/s : all the value above in one bracket ( ) a) find the value of x b) hence ,find (-2 1 x+2 )^-1 ( 3 x-4 5 ) (o 1 3 ) p/s : all the value above in one bracket ( )

    asked by munir
  143. CHEM

    A balloon contains 3.3 liters of nitrogen gas at a temperature of 90K and a pressure of 101 kPa. If the temperature of the gas is allowed to increase to 25∘C and the pressure remains constant, what volume will the gas occupy? V=_____L? Ty again!

    asked by Brady
  144. Chemistry

    A 0.60 M solution of a weak acid, HA, has a pH of 3.72. What is the percentage ionization of the acid? What is the value of Ka for the acid?

    asked by Anonymous
  145. gg

    if company 2 lease/lease maintenance totals $125,000 for the year and the company 1 spends 27% for the least maintenance how much is company 1 paying for their lease/maintenance?

    asked by gg
  146. Math

    Using these numbers, 2 4/9, 2 5/9, 2 6/9, 2 8/9, 3, 3 1/9, 3 3/9, 3 4/9 & 3 5/9. Build a square where the sum of every horizontal, vertical, and diagonal row is 9. The square has 3 rows across & 3 rows down for a total of 9 small blocks.

    asked by Maddie
  147. Chemistry Help

    How many grams of silver will be obtained when an aqueous silver nitrate solution is electrolyzed for 22.0min with a constant current of 2.28A ?

    asked by Michelle D.
  148. Science

    zinc is mixed with Hydrochloric acid to form zinc chloride and hydrogen gas. if 7.3 grams of zinc completely reacts how much hydrogen gas will be created? if you collect the hydrogen over water at 23 degrees celcius and a barometric pressure of 770 mmHg

    asked by Tylor
  149. MATH equations /mrs.sue

    one of the worlds tallest office is 88 buildings is Malaysia the building has 88 stories . the height of the 88 stories is 1,23 use equivalent equations please show me how to do it

    asked by rian
  150. Chemistry - Science (Dr. Bob222)

    Consider the kinetic data given in the table below for the first order reaction: What is the value of the activation energy? A_2_--> 2A Expt. Initial [A2] Temp. Initial Rate mol/L (°C) [A2]·s–1 1 0.10 100 1.2 x 10–3 2 0.20 200 4.8 x 10–3 3 0.15 ?

    asked by Ana
  151. Aerodynamics

    Please if you could help with this... and explain very carefully I'll be very thankful. The dragonfly has a wing chord of 0.01 m, and can fly at 10 m/s. Assume roughly sea level viscosity ν=1.45×10−5m2/s. Determine the momentum thickness θ on the

    asked by Tony
  152. College Math

    Find the derivative of the following functions: a) f(x)=(3x^2-6 )/(x+2) b) g(x)=sin(e^2 +5x) c) j(x)=6xe^x d) Your velocity is v(t)= t^2 = 1 for 0≤ t ≤ 4. Find or estimate the distance traveled during this time.

    asked by Michelle
  153. Please help with really hard chem question?

    An electrolysis experiment was run for 17.5 minutes at an average current of 191 milliamps (mA). The mass lost by the copper anode was 0.0679 grams. a) Calculate the number of coloumbs transferred. (coloumb=ampsxsec) b) Calculate the moles of copper lost

    asked by Dianne
  154. mrs sue help

    your friends blue ray dvd player cost 675 dollars less than her hd tv . blue ray player cost 135 use one of the equality properties what is the cost of her Hd tv cost?

    asked by rian
  155. Precalculus

    Verify: Tan u + sec u-1 / tan u - sec u+1 = tan u + sec u

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Math

    If a calculator cost $120 and is purchased for 30% off . What would be the new cost with 5% sale tax

    asked by Percent
  157. calculus help

    explain fully what trick you must use in order to us L'Hospital's rule for indeterminate powers?

    asked by Kim
  158. Algebra

    How can I solve 1/2x+1/x=-12?

    asked by Rachel
  159. equations/mrs sue

    11=22t please help having trouble please show the steps also 7r=-7/2, m/7 =12

    asked by rian
  160. Chem

    A 500 -cm3 flask contains 0.420g of a gas at a pressure of 160kPa and a temperature of 330K. What is the molecular mass of this gas? M=____g/mol? Ty

    asked by Brady
  161. Physics

    Gravity on Mars is 1/3 of that on earth. If Mars atmosphere is only 2 km thick, what is atmospheric pressure on Mars?

    asked by Sandra
  162. Aerodynamics

    A small wind tunnel is being built for studying insect flight. The first test section built has a uniform height h=0.1m and length ℓ=1m. During operation its walls are found to have boundary layers which effectively start at the inlet at x=0 (the BL

    asked by Fer
  163. physics


    asked by Paige
  164. world history

    Which African independence movement is most similar to the movement in Kenya? I'm thinking the one in Haiti but I'm not sure

    asked by Lena
  165. Biology Help

    Describe how a monomer is the basic unit of all macromolecules. Thank you! :)

    asked by Tabby
  166. OCCT Score

    Alright, so I live in Oklahoma, and I just took the OCCT Grade 8 today. My reading score came ou to say Raw Score: 34 and math said Raw Score: 36, there were 50 questions on each test, what was the percentage? Im not sure, so thankies.

    asked by imissbobby♥
  167. English

    An invincible team is one that has never know ? A. The joy of victory B. The agony of defeat C. The fear of flying D. Injury or illness I am thinking it could be letter D

    asked by Alex
  168. Chemistry

    Explain how you woud make 200.0 g of a .900 percent by mass solution of salt (NaCl in water)

    asked by Jakub
  169. Calculus Help!!!!!

    sketch the graph of the following. Show all your work and include all the important points and asymptotes. also find y' and y'' ? y= (x^3)/(x+1)^2

    asked by Tim
  170. psy/310

    What are psychoanalytical models? How have these models been used to explain human behavior? Which model do you feel is the most effective in explaining human behavior? Why?

    asked by tania
  171. Help!

    What is the net ionic equation of the rection between zinc and copper 2 sulfate?

    asked by laya
  172. maths

    Construct the table of values for the following equation 1 - 3x = 2y for -4

    asked by Shane
  173. maths

    Show by calculations weather the following lines are parallel or not.. y + 5x = 1 and 0.2 = y - 5.

    asked by Shane
  174. SS

    How might attracting foreign investment help a country (the country receiving the investment)?

    asked by Anonymous
  175. calculus help

    find y' and y'' for the equation below. Show work please!!! y= (x^3)/((x+1)^2)

    asked by Antony
  176. math

    what is the formula to find the percent increase in profit

    asked by jenny
  177. English

    Hello. Please help me to formulate the assignment correctly: "Speak on the question from the theoretical course in Indo-European Lexicology: The native word-stock of Indo-European languages", The course is Indo-European Lexicology, the native word-stock...

    asked by Nalmi
  178. English

    A word closely associated with altercation is ? A. revision B. Adherent C. Sensible D. Argument I think it is letter B is that right ? Please answer me

    asked by Alex
  179. English

    1. You can use it on almost everything--pants, bags and shoes. 2. You can use it on almost everything such as pants, bags and shoes. (What is the function of '--' here? Does #1 mean #2?)

    asked by rfvv
  180. vocabulary

    Adapter is to transform as a. hammer is to puncture b. compacter is to compress c. foil is to conserve d. manacle is to topple

    asked by Ana Harverd
  181. world geography

    In Caribbean, Puerto Rico and Jamaica are islands of the Lesser Antilles

    asked by Anonymous
  182. Math emergency I have 10 minutes to submit it.

    Evaluate the definite integral. 9x e^(x^2)dx between (0,3)

    asked by Vanessa
  183. Math

    My question won't post

    asked by Shohanur
  184. Math

    Can you help me ? I need to figure formula if I have $2023.60 what percent is it of $55,953.77? Also need to figure formula if I have $22,046.02.01 what percent is it of $55,953.77?

    asked by Elle
  185. Math

    A boat must be moored 25 feet away from a dock. The boat will be 10 feet below the level of the dock at low tide. What is the minimum length of rope needed to go from the boat to the dock at low tide?

    asked by Anonymous
  186. Language

    My teacher gave a bunch of words to define, and the word, Second hand pill is one of them. What does second hand pill mean ?

    asked by Anna
  187. Algebra

    (y^3-y^2-4y-7)/(y+1) can someone show me how to do this?

    asked by Christopher
  188. college math

    what does this mean? "66.4% of canadians are happy with their job. the results are accurate to within 3.2 percentage points. 19 times out of 20.

    asked by GAGAZ
  189. English

    Which description would not apply to a typical metropolis ? A. Bustling B. Crowded C. Large d. Rustic I think it's is A

    asked by Alex