Questions Asked on
April 9, 2014

  1. Algebra

    What is the quotient? [(x^2 -16) / (2x^2-9x + 4)] / [(2x^2 + 14x + 24) / (4x + 4)]

    asked by Sandra
  2. math

    Weights of the vegetables in a field are normally distributed. From a sample Carl Cornfield determines the mean weight of a box of vegetables to be 180 oz. with a standard deviation of 8 oz. He wonders what percent of the vegetable boxes he has grouped for

    asked by Anonymous
  3. math PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    Rectangular Prism: Length: 41 ft Width: 32 ft Height: 49 ft 1. Find the surface area for the given prism. (1 point) 7,154 ft^2 2,624 ft^2 9,778 ft^2 8,432 ft^2. Find the volume of the same prism. (1 point) 64,288 ft^3 31,312 ft^3 32,009 ft^3 323,208 ft^3 i

    asked by TTR+S<3
  4. Educational Technology and Online Learning

    How are boolean search strategies and other search filters useful? a. They organize results alphabetically b. They narrow the search results c. They increase the number of search results ******* d. They find creative sources

    asked by Lilly
  5. chemistry

    A sample of oxygen at room temperature occupies a volume of 500. L at 1.75 atm. What would be the volume of this gas at 2.50 atm at the same temperature?

    asked by Leeya

    The picture below shows a container that Rene uses to freeze water. A cylinder is shown with base diameter of 6 centimeters and the height as 8 centimeters. What is the minimum number of identical containers that Rene would need to make 2000 cm3 of ice?

    asked by Anonymous
  7. math

    Sara drives 72 miles on 3.2 gallons of gas. She uses this information to calculate how many miles per gallon she can drive. Using this result, how many miles can Sara drive on 13.3 gallons of gas?

    asked by jeff
  8. Math Help? Check my answers.

    1. A spinner is divided into 10 equal sections numbered from 0 to 10. You spin the spinner once. What is P(divisible by 3)? 1/3 1/2 2/5 3/10** 2. A bag contains 7 green marbles, 9 red marbles, 10 orange marbles, 5 brown marbles, and 10 blue marbles. You

    asked by Allison
  9. Math

    Okay now. New question. Find the number of (m) ways in which 6 people can ride a toboggan if ONE OUT OF THREE people must drive. M=? PLEASE DO NOT SOLVE! Just tell me how to do the problem. You MIGHT use factorial.

    asked by dddd47906
  10. Algebra 9

    What is the quotient [(x^2) / (2x^2-9x + 4)] / [(2x^2 + 14x + 24) / (4x + 4)]

    asked by Sandra
  11. chemistry

    If a scuba diver's lungs have a normal capacity of 4.9 L at sea level (1.0 atm), what would be the volume of her lungs if the pressure at a depth of 50 ft is 975 mmHg?

    asked by Leeya
  12. Math

    Carlota Music Company estimates that the marginal cost of manufacturing its Professional Services guitars in dollars/month by the following. This model assumes that the level of production is x guitars/month. C '(x) = 0.007x + 130 The fixed costs incurred

    asked by Vanessa
  13. physics

    Mary is standing at a place such that she makes an angle of 42° to the right of the normal of a mirror. Where should Mary's mom stand so that she can best see Mary's reflection in the mirror?

    asked by Billy
  14. Math

    The average student enrolled in the 20-wk Court Reporting I course at the American Institute of Court Reporting progresses according to the rule below where 0 t 20, and N'(t) measures the rate of change in the number of words/minute dictation the student

    asked by Vanessa
  15. Help Ms.Sue!!! Social Studies

    which set of descriptions would describe the largest number of people in the region? a. rural, Sunni, and Kurd b. urban, Sunni, and Arab c. rural, Shia, and Kurd*** d. urban, Shia, and Arab

    asked by annonomys
  16. English 10

    The general notation for your supporting points in an outline is • Roman numerals. • capital letters. • Arabic numerals.* • lowercase letters.

    asked by Sandra
  17. Calculus

    I am re-posting this question because i wrote the incorrect function last time. An oil tank is being drained for cleaning. After t minutes there are v litres of oil left in the tank, where v(t)=35(25-t)^2, 0

    asked by Sarah
  18. Chemistry

    For a particular redox reaction NO is oxidized to NO3^- and Cu^2+ is reduced to Cu^+ . Complete and balance the equation for this reaction in basic solution. We are given this as a guide to start NO + Cu^2+ --> NO3^- + Cu^+ I started with: Cu^2+ + 2e- -->

    asked by Heather
  19. chemistry 1

    Predict Zeff for the outermost electrons in the Rb atom based on the calculations for Na and K using Slater's rules.

    asked by hiphop
  20. math

    A box contains 12 lightbulbs. Find the number of ordered N samples of size 3: (a) with replacement (b) without replacement Also, please do Not solve.

    asked by dddd47906
  21. statistics

    Collina’s Italian Café in Houston, Texas, advertises that carryout orders take about 25 minutes (Collina’s website, February 27, 2008). Assume that the time required for a carryout order to be ready for customer pickup has an exponential distribution

    asked by Vanessa
  22. Math

    A bank lent $1.2 million for the development of three new products, with one loan each at 6%, 7%, and 8%. The amount lent at 8% was equal to the sum of the amounts lent at the other two rates, and the bank's annual income from the loans was $88,000. How

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Algebra

    You have to make a square-bottomed, unlidded box with a height of three inches and a volume of approximately 42 cubic inches. You will be taking a piece of cardboard, cutting three-inch squares from each corner, scoring between the corners, and folding up

    asked by Willis
  24. physics

    A baseball pitcher throws a baseball horizontally at a linear speed of 41.3 m/s. Before being caught, the baseball travels a horizontal distance of 15.4 m and rotates through an angle of 52.7 rad. The baseball has a radius of 3.74 cm and is rotating about

    asked by Anonymous
  25. algebra 2

    Mr Brown salary is $32,000 and increases $300 each year. Write a sequence showing the salary for the first 5 years. When will he make over $34,700.

    asked by Kathy
  26. history

    The romantic movement drew upon the idea that a. all social change should be motivated by religious faith. b. only love could solve social problems. c. reason, not emotion, should motivate true art. d. each individual brings a unique perspective to the

    asked by jjj

    Which chemical equation is balanced? (1 point) H20 H2 + 2O2 2H20 2H2 + O2 2H2O H2 + 2O2 H20 2H2 + 2O2 i think its c

    asked by Anonymous
  28. math

    The height of a soccer ball that is kicked from the ground can be approximated by the function y=-16x^2 +32x where y is the height of the soccer ball on feet x seconds after it is kicked. Graph this function. find the soccer balls maximum height, and the

    asked by jill
  29. Chemistry

    Are my answers correct? Identify each energy exchange as primarily heat or work and determine weather the sign of ?E is positive or negative for the system. A. A rolling billiard ball collides with another billiard ball. The first ball (system) stops

    asked by Justin
  30. Chemistry

    A solution is made by mixing 500 ml of 0.172 M NaOh with exactly 500 ml of 0.100 M CH3COOH. Calculate the equilibrium concentration of the species below. Ka of CH3COOH is 1.8 x10^-5 [H+]=? {OH-]=? [CH3COOH]=? [Na+]=? [CH3COO-]=?

    asked by Angela
  31. BILOGY

    how does light intensity and the rate of photosynthesis relate to the position of the sun during the year?

    asked by Anonymous
  32. MATH VERY URRRGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You draw five cards from a standard deck of 52 cards. What type of probability is illustrated and why?

    asked by Connexus
  33. Calculus

    A rocket fired straight in the air is being tracked by a radar station 3 miles from the launching pad. If the rocket is travelling at 2 miles per second, how fast is the distance between the rocket and the tracking station changing at the moment when the

    asked by Nate
  34. Chemistry

    The observed general trend in ionization energies shows two slight discontinuities in each period. Examine the electron configuration at these points and explain why such a discontinuity may occur.

    asked by Tommy
  35. algebra 2/trig

    Tina can paint a room in 8 hours, but when she and her friend Emily work together, they can complete the job in 3 hours. How long would it take Emily to paint the room alone?

    asked by Danielle
  36. grammar

    What technique in speech delivery has been shown to connect the speakers to audiences with various styles of receiving messages?

    asked by Jackie
  37. Chemistry

    If the CO2 is not removed by boiling after the addition of HCL, how will this affect the amount of NaoH required to reach the bromophenol endpoint. Explain.

    asked by Jordan
  38. physics

    A uniform thin rod of length 0.55 m and mass 5.5 kg can rotate in a horizontal plane about a vertical axis through its center. The rod is a rest when a 3.0-g bullet traveling in the horizontal plane of the rod is fired into one end of the rod. As viewed

    asked by Tsion
  39. math

    Shania is having trouble understanding her algebra assignment. To help her understand, she asks Mark why is x^2*y^3 not equal to (x,y)^5 Which of the following responses would be best for Mark to give? A. “You should multiply the exponents rather than

    asked by Anonymous
  40. physics

    a person was climbing on a building.he slips 1 metre for every 5 metre he climb up. if the building is 53 metre high and he takes 5 seconds to climb 1 metre,find the total time taken by him to get on the top of the building.

    asked by Anonymous
  41. math

    The scale factor for a model train is 1/6.if the actual train is 25 ft long, how long is the scale model? Is it A) 4.2ft, B) 3.4ft, C)150 ft, D) 5ft?

    asked by tyra
  42. math

    The concrete for a sidewalk is being poured outside the perimeter of a new subdivision, which is a 280 ft. by 720 ft. rectangle. The building code requires that the sidewalk be 5 feet wide and 8 inches deep. How many cubic yards of concrete will need to be

    asked by Willy
  43. Calculus1

    You are designing a 1000 cubic cm closed cylindrical can with radius r and height h. Assume that there is no waste in cutting the aluminum for the side of the can, but that the circular top and bottom are cut from square sheets of aluminum 2r by 2r. Find

    asked by ACDub
  44. MATH Algebra

    48x + 32y/32 I have 48x/32 & 32y/32 = 3x/2 + 2y/2 = 3x/2 + y Am I working this correctly? Also 25a + 5b + 15c/10 would I be correct to divide by 5?

    asked by Candi
  45. math

    A man has 21 coins in his pocket, all of which are dimes and quarters. If the total value of his change is 405 cents, how many dimes and how many quarters does he hav

    asked by m
  46. science

    In humans, being a tongue roller (R) is dominant over non-roller (r). A man who is a non-roller marries a woman who is heterozygous for tongue rolling. what is the Father's genotype, mother's genotype?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Math(Factorial)

    A women student is to answer 10 out of 13 questions on a test. Find the number of choices where she must answer: (a) the first two questions; (b) the first or second questions but not both; (c) exactly 3 out of the first 5 questions (d) at least 3 of the

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Calculus1

    A car braked with constant deceleration of 16 ft/sec^2 takes 200 ft to come to a complete stop. How fast was the car traveling when the breaks were first applied? A) if the brakes were first applied when t = 0 at position s(0) = 0, the initial velocity is

    asked by ACDub
  49. chemistry

    Using the equation Zeff=Z−S and assuming that core electrons contribute 1.00 and valence electrons contribute 0.00 to the screening constant, S, calculate Zeff for the 2p electrons in both ions.

    asked by hiphop
  50. chemistry

    Predict Zeff for the outermost electrons in the Rb atom based on the calculations for Na and K using Slater's rules.

    asked by hiphop
  51. Science

    One pixel represents A.) A temperature range of 10-15 degrees. B.) A wind speed of 10 kilometers per hour. C.) A land area of 30 by 30 meters. D.) Various colors depending on their size. I think it is D. Thank You.

    asked by Cassie
  52. math

    A researcher is performing a hypothesis test. The null hypothesis is that μ=10 and the alternative hypothesis is that μ

    asked by jerrod
  53. Logarithmic Algebra

    let log2=a, log3=b, and log5=c. express the indicated logarithm in terms of a, b, and c. log6/25 log 100

    asked by Jen
  54. math

    A scale on a map is 1 cm equals 50km. If the straight line distance between two cities on a map is 4.5sm, how far is the actual distance between the two cities?

    asked by tyra
  55. physics

    A dentist causes the bit of a high-speed drill to accelerate from an angular speed of 1.50 x 104 rad/s to an angular speed of 3.76 x 104 rad/s. In the process, the bit turns through 3.13 x 104 rad. Assuming a constant angular acceleration, how long would

    asked by Anonymous
  56. physics

    how many Btu of heat are required to melt 8.35 lb of ice at 32 degrees F

    asked by nick
  57. chemistry

    What is the pressure in millimeters of mercury of 0.0115mol of helium gas with a volume of 206mL at a temperature of 25∘C?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. statistics

    A survey was taken in various Statistics classes and the following regression equation was obtained regarding the height and weight of students in the Statistics classes. Regression equation Height = 56.8 + 0.0712 Weight Given the regression equation

    asked by Mea
  59. Social Studies

    How did the Fugitive Slave Act and the Kansas-Nebraska Act further divide the North and South? What role did the concept of popular sovereignty play in these conflicts? Do you think there was any way to avoid the violence that came out of this era?

    asked by Mike
  60. physics

    A soccer goalie (m = 65 kg) collides with the goalpost. If she was moving at 8 m/s and comes to rest in 1⁄2 a second, determine: a) The impulse the post exerts on the player. b) The impulse the goalie exerts on the post. c) The average force exerted by

    asked by Marcela
  61. Algebra

    4 This is hard for me to understand how to work them... What is the simplified form of the product [(x^2 + 8x + 15)/(x-4)] * [(x^2 – 16) / 2x + 6)]

    asked by Sandra
  62. Math

    Suppose we are given for identical red flags, 2 identical blue flags, and 3 identical green flags. Find the number of (M) different signals that can be formed by hanging the nine flags in a vertical line. M=? PLEASE DO NOT SOLVE! PLEASE only tell how to do

    asked by dddd47906
  63. Circle Geometry

    A wheel has radius 30 cm.It rolls along the ground toward a tack that is 58cm from the point where the wheel currently touches the ground. What is the distance between the tack and the closest point on the circumference of the wheel! I don't understand

    asked by Cherie
  64. 5th grade math

    Name the compatible numbers used to find the estimate. 1. 725/19 estimate:35 2. 3,641/34 estimate:120 Please show me how to work out these problems.

    asked by elizabeth
  65. Chem Help!

    use the solubility product for Fe(OH)3 to calculate the pH at which Fe(OH)3 begins to precipitate from a 0.20 M Fe^3+ solution

    asked by Anonymous.
  66. physic

    how many kcal of heat must be withdrawn from 4.56 kg of steam at 125 degrees C to change it to ice at -44.5 degrees C???

    asked by nick
  67. fitness and health

    which one of the following choices is the best option for a vegan snack?

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Math

    A vendor at a concert sells new and used CDs. The new CDs cost 2.5 times as much as the old CDs. If 4 used CDs and 9 new CDs cost $159, what is the price of each item?

    asked by Faith
  69. physics

    A rescue worker pulls an injured skier lying on a toboggan (with a combined mass of 127 kg) across flat snow at a constant speed. A 2.53 m rope is attached to the toboggan at ground level, and the rescuer holds the rope taut at shoulder level. If the

    asked by kdv
  70. math

    A father can do a job as fast as two sons working together. If one sone does the job alone in three hours and the other does it alone in six hours, how many hours does it take the father to do the job alone? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 e. 4 1/2 please answer and

    asked by thomas
  71. Social studies***help***

    Review the maps of Mexico’s natural resources and population. List three locations for potential development. i need help with locations

    asked by matt
  72. history

    Should President Kennedy be awarded a peace prize for averting a nuclear disaster during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    asked by kathy
  73. Science

    A television contains a receiver that accepts visual and audio signals. True

    asked by imissbobby♥
  74. physics

    A motorcycle accelerates uniformly from rest and reaches a linear speed of 33.4 m/s in a time of 11.6 s. The radius of each tire is 0.265 m. What is the magnitude of the angular acceleration of each tire?

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Physical sciences

    A 330kg crate slides down a 30 degree inclined plane. The total length of the plane is 3,6m. The crate is kept from accelerating by a man who is pushing back on it parallel to the incline. Calculate the force exerted by the man on the piano

    asked by Nicolle
  76. math

    Jessica says she can add 1/3"2/6"3/9"4/12"and 5/15 together using mental math.Explain how she can do this.

    asked by Abigail
  77. Physics

    A 100 g mass is attached and wrapped around an apparatus at a constant radius of 10 cm. The hanging mass is dropped and obtains a speed of 0.2 m/s after 1 m. Using energy considerations, what is the moment of inertia of the apparatus?

    asked by Isabelle
  78. Science

    What happens to resistance when voltage increases but current is constant?

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Science

    Explain some modifiable risk factors as well as some actions you can take to avoid dying from a lifestyle disease.

    asked by Jane
  80. physics

    James (80kg) is performing a bungee jump from a 210m high dam. He has a free fall for 160 meters until the rope starts to extend and stops 1 meter above ground. What is the stiffness of the bungee rope? How much work does the bungee rope perform?

    asked by Marcela
  81. Language

    Does the Turkish language belong to the Indo-European Language family?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. history

    Did JFK avert the Cuban MIssile crisis?

    asked by Kathy
  83. math

    HHow many pupils are there in a class if two pupils remain after four rows of seats are filled, and nine pupils remain after three rows of seats are filled? a. 21 b. 22 c. 28 d. 30 e. 32 please answer and explain

    asked by thomas
  84. Physics

    Suppose you make an electromagnet with a copper wire and a battery by putting the two ends of the wire on the two ends of the battery. If you switch the side of the battery, are you changing the magnetic poles of the wire?

    asked by Anonymous
  85. physic

    What is the angle of refraction if a light wave traveling through air hits th surface of water at 25 degree?

    asked by ai
  86. math

    suppose there are 2 pieces of the cake left over, but you don't know how many pieces were in the whole cake.Explain how you could find the number of pieces in the whole cake if Taylor told you 1/6 of the cake was left.You may show your work in a drawing.

    asked by Derl
  87. algebra 2

    Lizette drops a ball from a height of 256 feet. The peak height after each bounce is 75% the previous height. How much vertical distance does the ball travel from the time she drops it until it touches the ground after its fourth bounce

    asked by Kathy
  88. English 9R - Civil Disobedience Essay Check (PLZ!)

    Please check my essay for any grammar errors and anything, because my English teacher grades HARD and I really want a 100 on this essay. I spend HOURS writing this and I really appreciate if you check. Thank You! :) here it is: Civil disobedience is

    asked by Lauren
  89. Teachers aide

    Which one of the following is an accurate statement regarding the “transition to school”?

    asked by Soap
  90. math

    For its fleet of trucks, Overland Transport, Inc., purchased 580 tires rated at 50 pounds each. The tires had a retail price of $85 each. The sales tax in 4.5%, and the federal excise tax is $0.15 per pound. A. What are the amount of sales tax per tire and

    asked by Kik
  91. Chemistry

    A sample of gas has a volume of 6.20 L at 23 degrees celsius at a pressure of 1.90 atm. What is its volume at STP?

    asked by ASAP!!
  92. Math Accounting

    Determine the proposal’s appropriateness and economic viability. For all scenarios, assume spending occurs on the first day of each year and benefits or savings occurs on the last day. Assume the discount rate or weighted average cost of capital is 10%.

    asked by Greg
  93. physics

    Show that the acceleration is 7.5 m/s2 for a ball that starts from rest and rolls down a ramp and gains a speed of 30 m/s in 4 s

    asked by liz
  94. Calculus Help Please!!!

    A radioactive substance has a half-life of 4 days. Suppose we have 800 mg of this substance. a) Find the equation of the mass remaining after t days. Use the exact value for k not a decimal approximation. b) Rounding your answer to the nearest tenth of a

    asked by Kim
  95. Algebra 2

    Simplify and enter your answer in scientific notation: 240,000,000*0.000024/0.005

    asked by Darien
  96. Algebra

    I may not be writing this right... What is the simpliest form for the product? [(x + 1) / (x^2 – 25)] * [(x +5) / (x^2 +8x +7)]

    asked by Sandra
  97. chemistry

    I can't seem to figure out the name of this organic molecule. I know it's an amine, but that's it. There are two methyls (CH3) attached to a CH, followed by (in order) NH, CH2, CH2, CH2, and CH3. (ignore the ^^^, I had to use them so the atoms would line

    asked by Kate
  98. stats

    A random sample of mid-sized cars tested for fuel consumption gave a mean of miles per gallon with a standard deviation of miles per gallon. Assuming that the miles per gallon given by all mid-sized cars have a normal distribution, find a confidence

    asked by Anonymous
  99. algebra 2

    Reiny I do not understand where you got the numbers from in the sigma question on Sunday . Where did you get the number 27 from and where did you get -10. What is the formula you used.

    asked by Kathy
  100. statistics

    There are 652 males, 396 say they have been to dentist in past year. Give a confidence interval for 90% of the population proportion.

    asked by Anonymous
  101. chemistry

    I'm having trouble naming this organic chemistry compound. (I'm not sure how to include a picture in this, so I'll try my best to explain it in words and attempt to type it out) The full formula is C9H16. It's an alkyne and the longest carbon chain is 5

    asked by Kate
  102. physics

    Two hockey players collide at center ice. Player 1 m = 70 kg Vi= 10 m/s7. Player 2 m = 90 kg Vi= - 3 m/s + 4 m/s If the two players become tangled up and travel together, what is their final velocity?

    asked by Marcela
  103. physics

    When kicking a soccer ball (0.35kg), the time of contact is usually about 5ms. What average kicking force would be required to attain a ball velocity of 110 km/hr if the ball is initially at rest?

    asked by Marcela
  104. Math

    -sqrt60 How to do this?

    asked by Anonymous
  105. math

    Two rectangular garden plots with an area of 60 square feet have distinct integer dimensions. The difference in the dimensions of one plot is the same as the sum of the dimensions of the other plot. what are the dimensions of the 2 garden plots?

    asked by Thelma
  106. Science

    How do lifestyle diseases differ from other diseases?

    asked by Jane
  107. Science

    Suppose you make an electromagnet with a copper wire and a battery by putting the two ends of the wire on the two ends of the battery. If you switch the side of the battery, are you changing the magnetic poles of the wire?

    asked by Anonymous
  108. math

    The ratio of Steve's age to Tims age is 6:7. If Steve is 84, how old is Tim?

    asked by tyra
  109. math

    John ate 1/3 of a sandwich. How many sixths of the sandwich did he eat?

    asked by Anonymous
  110. 5th grade math

    Estimate the quotient. 3,594/68 My answer is 3,500/70=50 Is my answer correct?

    asked by elizabeth
  111. English

    Do you know what the 5 OMM costs of a restaurant would be. I know what the 5 OMM costs are (raw materials and components costs, plant costs, labor costs, inventory costs, and distribution costs) but I need to know what they would be for a restaurant.

    asked by Sue
  112. english

    Fascinated,Nina stared at the stranger.Who was standing in the doorway. She wondered if she could convince him they had met before. Where is the fragment and how do I fix it?

    asked by lisa
  113. Algebra

    Area = 15x^3 + 25x^2 what is the length and width of the rectangle?

    asked by Kathy
  114. algebra 2

    if someone offers to pay you 1 penny on the first day, 2 pennies on the second day, 4 pennies on the third day, 8 pennies on the fourth day, 16 pennies on the fifth day ad so on. What is the first day on which your pay would be at least $100.

    asked by Kathy
  115. algebra

    Taylor's nickels and dimes total $7.60. If the nickels were replaced by pennies then she would have $6.80. How many of each coin does she have?

    asked by georgia
  116. math

    10t-640/t^2 = 0 Thank you so much for huge help:)))

    asked by Lucas
  117. Science

    Sports teams always have instant cold packs stored in their first aid kits. Two chemicals are separated by a barrier inside the bag. Based on what you now know, explain how this cold pack gets cold without ice and what type of reaction is formed here?

    asked by #1Student
  118. Physics

    a gas at temperature 27 C and at a pressure of 20 atm is allowed to expand and its new volume becomes 10 times that the original and the new pressure is equal to the atmospheric pressure.what is the new temperature of the gas?

    asked by Saive
  119. math

    An efficiency expert has calculated that about 9.5% of the articles produced in a manufacturing plant are defective. This is equivalent to expressing the defective articles as a. 9 out of 15 b. 9 out of 50 c. 10 out of 95 d. 19 out of 100 e. 19 out of 200

    asked by thomas
  120. history

    Why should President Kennedy receive a peace award for averting the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    asked by kathy
  121. Math

    I get a black strip every 10 days. A white strip every 20 days, and a red strip every 21 days. I just got all 3 strips. How long 'till I get all of them again on the same day?

    asked by Sandy
  122. Statistics

    Suppose that 50% of people frequently exceed the speed limit. A random sample of 2000 people is surveyed and 55% indicate that they frequently speed. What is the value of the population percent given to you in the problem?

    asked by Mea
  123. Math

    Use synthetic division to determine which pair of integers provide both a lower and an upper bound for the zeros of f(x)= x^5-2x^4-25x^3+50x^2+144x-290 PLEASE SHOW WORK!!!

    asked by Ana
  124. PHYSICS

    100turns of insulated wire are wraped around a wooden cylindrical core of cross-sectional area 12cm2. The two ends of the wire are connected to a resistor. The total circuit resistance is 13Ω. If an externally applied uniform magnetic field along the core

    asked by gary
  125. Calculus Help Please!!! Urgent!!!

    If x^3 - y^3 =3 , use only implicit diff. to find d^2y/dx^2 . Express your answer in terms of x and y only and write is as a proper fraction that is completely simplified as much as possible. d^2y/dx^2= -6x/y^5 (this is the answer I should get but i don't

    asked by Tim
  126. Calculus

    I have a couple of questions and i wanted to know if my answers are correct. Thanks in advanced! 1. Determine the values of x for which the function f(x)=x+2/x-2 is discontinuous Would the answers be x=2 because the function would be undefined? 2. An oil

    asked by Sarah
  127. Memorable Letter Evaluation (Writeacher)

    Write a letter to your parents about a memorable moment in your life, using imagery to capture your experience. I origionally sumbitted a different letter, but Bob insisted that I should write more about my feelings toward my experience than using imagery.

    asked by Victoria
  128. Physics

    The circus has come to town, and Lael the Magnificent will kick a grape into her assistant's waiting mouth (not to worry − the grape is freshly washed). She starts at the origin and boots the grape at an angle 20.0° east of north. The grape starts from

    asked by Projectile Motion
  129. Physics

    A long, ideal solenoid has a diameter d=12cm and n=1200turns/meter carrying current I=20A. If the current is lowered at 4.33amp/s to zero, what is the magnitude of the induced electric field in V/m at a position 8.2cm from the solenoid's axis

    asked by gary
  130. Maths

    Which of the following angle measures represent the measure of each of the four angles of a square 45,60,90,100

    asked by Pinks
  131. calculus

    find indefinite integral ((e^-x)-(1))/((e^-x)+(x))

    asked by regin
  132. math

    What is the value for x in the equation 6(x + 2)=54?

    asked by Anonymus
  133. 5th grade math

    Estimate the quotient. 1.175/18 2. 231/37 My answer is 1. 200/20=10 2. 200/40=5 Did I find the correct estimates for these problems?

    asked by elizabeth
  134. english

    have to point out the ethical dilemmas(so I think problems when adapting and what people in social work adaption receive in terms of wages and hours in different states and the job outlook in general. Thank you!

    asked by Anonymous
  135. mitosis meiosis

    Does anyone here know of any general reference sources that cover mitosis and meiosis well and yet are comprehensible for the layperson to read?

    asked by tatianna
  136. Calculus

    which of the following is not a type of break in the graph? a) holes b) horizontal asymptotes c) jumps d) vertical asymptotes I know for sure that a is not the answer and i doubt that c is the answer. I think the answer would be b. 2. Describe what can be

    asked by Sarah
  137. Other

    Do you know what the 5 OMM costs of a restaurant would be. I know what the 5 OMM costs are (raw materials and components costs, plant costs, labor costs, inventory costs, and distribution costs) but I need to know what they would be for a restaurant.

    asked by Sue
  138. History

    I'm trying to find out the difference between Masons and Anti-Masons like in the 1830s. But all the info is about brick layers. How else could I look this up to get the right Mason?

    asked by Mike
  139. Memorable Letter Evaluation (Writeacher)

    Write a letter to your parents about a memorable moment in your life. Be sure to use imagery. I tried to use imagery, as instructed, but not wordiness. What I written: "First arriving at Girl’s Camp has become one of the most memorable moments of my

    asked by Victoria
  140. Food and Nutrition

    Physical, emotional and social challenges meeting needs for life stage children ages (4-12 years) for the following points : -- lunches -- children's parties Can i just get some points to make my presentation? pls help me if u can :)

    asked by Deepa
  141. trig

    a plane is 50000 ft in the air and 30000 ft from an airport find the angle of depression from the plane to the airport

    asked by baylee
  142. math

    If a workman receives time and a half for overtime, 25 hours of overtime would be the equivalent of how many regular working hours? a. 6 b. 12 c. 18 d. 30 e. 37.5 please answer and explain

    asked by thomas
  143. physics

    Given the same exerted force (130N) exerted over 2s on two javelins of different mass (javelin1 = 1.2 kg; javelin2 = 1.6 kg), what is the kinetic energy of each javelin?

    asked by Marcela
  144. Math

    The measure of an angle is 4 times the measure of its complement. What is the measure of the angle's supplement?

    asked by Anonymous
  145. Statsistics

    Order the following correlations from strongest to weakest. 0.05 0.32 -0.46 0.87 -0.10 my answer -- ??? -0.46, -0.10, 0.87, 0.32, 0.05 ??????

    asked by Mea
  146. Math

    If RS = 24, UT = x + 6, RU = y + 3, and ST = 18, find the values of x and y. A. x = 30, y = 21 B. x = 30, y = 15 C. x = 18, y = 15 D. x = 1, y = 7

    asked by Kylee
  147. Algebra

    Raising a Product or a Quotient to a Power. (xy4)9

    asked by Boo
  148. Algebra

    ______ √(-70)2

    asked by Boo
  149. Statistics

    When is it appropriate to draw a causal connection between two measurement variables? In other words, what conditions must be met in the study and in the analysis to show a causal relationship? My answer : 1.There needs to be a reasonable explanation of

    asked by Mea
  150. calculus

    find indefinite integral of (e^-x)-(1)/(e^-x+(x)^2 dx

    asked by regin
  151. history

    Should Premier NIkita Khrushev be awarded a peace prize for averting a nuclear disaster during the Cuban Missile Crisis?

    asked by kathy
  152. Math

    1. What is the solution of the matrix equation? |9 4| |-9 -6| | | X =| | |2 1| |-1 -8| A.) |5 -26| |9 -60| B.) |-5 26| |-1 -8| C.) |-5 26| |9 -60| D.) |9 26| |9 1| I think the Answer is B. But I am unsure. Thanks.

    asked by Cassie
  153. science

    which is the good conclusion for verifiying the conserved linear momentum in a similated collision

    asked by zama
  154. math

    how do you type up a spaceship in space

    asked by Anonymous
  155. science

    which is the good conclusion for verifiying the conserved linear momentum in a similated collision

    asked by momentum
  156. Business

    What are the 5 OMM costs of a restaurant?

    asked by Mary
  157. math

    Since the car rents for $22.50 per day and you are charged $.15 per mile, how many miles could you drive and not spend over $50.00

    asked by Alison
  158. Calculus

    Evaluate ∫(2x^3/√(1-x^4))dx I can't figure out what u and du is... please help thanks

    asked by Ann
  159. math

    Solve: 5/x=10/7

    asked by tyra
  160. percent to decimals?

    what is 15% changed to a decimal?

    asked by Matt
  161. Math

    Find the function f, given that the slope of the tangent line at any point (x,f(x)) is f '(x) and that the graph of f passes through the given point. f '(x)=6(2x-7)^5 at (4, 3/2)

    asked by Vanessa
  162. physics

    An angry student (upset over his mid-term mark) throws an orange at his TA. The orange (m = 160 g) hits the TA in the head and comes to rest in 0.06s. If the skull can undertake a force of 1100N before the brain is damaged, how fast must the orange be

    asked by Marcela
  163. Math

    Find the indefinite integral. x^2(5 x^3 + 9)^3 dx

    asked by Vanessa
  164. health service management

    Do you feel that benchmarking decreases creativity? Explain your answer.

    asked by Sarah
  165. physics

    An aeroplane flying at 350km/h in a direction of N 40 degrees E strike a wind blowing from N 50 degrees W at 75km/h calculate the resulting velocity of the aircraft? need help trying to work this out. please. any help would be great.

    asked by will
  166. MATH

    Okay now. New question. Find the number of (m) ways in which 6 people can ride a toboggan if ONE OUT OF THREE people must drive. M=? PLEASE DO NOT SOLVE! Just tell me how to do the problem. You MIGHT use factorial.

    asked by dddd47906
  167. business

    When creating a data set, historical costs should be:

    asked by jim
  168. Math

    Find the indefinite integral. (e^(4 x) + e^(-5 x)) dx

    asked by Vanessa
  169. Language arts help ms sue.

    1. Based on reading only the title and headings, what would you think the article was about? (1 point) a renewed interest in hunting and fishing an animal population with an uncertain future the threat logging poses to forest animals a group of dinosaurs

    asked by Manny
  170. science

    The primary color of pigments ANSWER ARE Are the same as the secondary color of light Combine in equal amount to produce black All of above Thank You

    asked by snow
  171. College Algebra

    In china, the number of sport utility vehicle sold in 2003 was predicted to grow by 30% annually for the next 5 years. what is the doubling time?

    asked by John
  172. Social Studies Question

    does north america have acess to local and global markets

    asked by matt
  173. Algebra

    [(x^2 -16) / (2x^2-9x + 4)] / [(2x^2 + 14x + 24) / (4x + 4)] is the answer 1 / x + 3

    asked by Sandra
  174. Health

    How many bones is in an adult body???

    asked by Mike
  175. Algebra

    written wrong the first time... [(x^2 -16) / (2x^2-9x + 4)] / [(2x^2 + 14x + 24) / (4x + 4)] Is the answer? 1 / (3+1)

    asked by Sandra
  176. Calculus

    So,y(t) = 2.5e^-t cos2t I need to find the derivative, which is y'(t)= -2.5e^-t(2sin 2t +cost 2t) . And now I need to find t when y'(t) = 0 (I know 2.5 e^-t is never zero.) I need to use trigonometry identity to find it ?

    asked by Gordon
  177. Finance

    =-PMT(0.04/12, 12*6, 32000)

    asked by Anonymous
  178. Language Art (Please Check)

    i pick D. which of the following contains a base word? A.empty C.arcade D.cartoonish

    asked by matt