Questions Asked on
March 31, 2014

  1. algebra

    Which box-and-whisker plot shows the scores of ten students on a mathematics exam? 92, 76, 83, 97, 74, 81, 92, 91, 96, 87 (1 point) box and whisker plot box and whisker plot box and whisker plot box and whisker plot

    asked by james
  2. physics

    An 8 g bullet is shot into a 4.0 kg block, at rest on a frictionless horizontal surface. The bullet remains lodged in the block. The block moves into a spring and compresses it by 3.7 cm. The force constant of the spring is 2500 N/m. In the figure, the

    asked by Georgey
  3. science(check answers)

    1.D 2.A 3.A not sure please help 5.false One light bulb in a string of lights goes out. This causes all of the other lights in the string to also go out. This is an example of a A. resistor. B. parallel circuit. C. closed circuit. D. series circuit.

    asked by matt
  4. Geometry

    I need help!!! a hemispherical bowl with radius 25cm contains water whose depth is 10cm. what is the water's surface area

    asked by Alex
  5. chemistry

    what is the total mass of Rn-222 remaining in an original 160-mg sample of Rn-222 after 19.1 days?

    asked by pamela
  6. chemistry

    Freezing and Melting are two different physical changes that involve the same amount of energy. compare and contrast the potential energy diagrams that would represent each of these processes. Be specific in your comparison.

    asked by Helen
  7. chemistry

    A 1.0 M acetic acid solution (CH3COOH, pKa = 4.7) is neutralized by dissolving NaOH(s) (a strong base) in the solution. Estimate the pH at the equivalence point of the neutralization process: 4.7 7.0 9.3 Which one of the following statements best explains

    asked by bekah
  8. math 8th

    Find the measure of ∠s. angle s (1 point) 63° 153° 68° 148°

    asked by james
  9. physics

    Astronauts in space cannot weigh themselves by standing on a bathroom scale. Instead, they determine their mass by oscillating on a large spring. Supppose an astronaut attaches one end of a large spring to her belt and the other end to a hook on the wall

    asked by Hannah
  10. physics

    The figure below shows a claw hammer being used to pull a nail out of a horizontal board where θ = 32.2°. The mass of the hammer is 1.00 kg. A force of 125 N is exerted horizontally as shown, and the nail does not yet move relative to the board. Assume

    asked by Anonymous
  11. chemistry

    what are the favored geometrical arrangements for abn molecules which the A atom has 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 pairs of electrons in its valence shell?

    asked by Mai
  12. Chem 2

    Phosphorus pentachloride decomposes according to the chemical equation PCl5PCl3 +Cl2 A 0.260 mol sample of PCl5(g) is injected into an empty 2.75 L reaction vessel held at 250 °C. Calculate the concentrations of PCl5(g) and PCl3(g) at equilibrium. Please

    asked by Anonymous!!
  13. Physics

    A toy dart gun has a spring with a spring constant of 315 N/m. An 12 gram dart is loaded in the gun and the spring is compressed a distance of 7.8 cm and then shot into the air. When the dart is 5.8 meters high in the air, what is its speed? If the maximum

    asked by Jon
  14. physics

    A compact car has a mass of 1150 kg. Assume that the car has one spring on each wheel, that the springs are identical, and that the mass is equally distributed over the four springs. (a) What is the spring constant of each spring if the empty car bounces

    asked by Hannah
  15. math

    how do I find the product for 15x3 1/5 using distributive property,help please

    asked by kenny
  16. Physics

    Water flows into a house at a velocity of 15 m/s through a pipe that has a radius of 0.40 m. The water then flows through a smaller pipe at a velocity of 45 m/s. What is the radius of the smaller pipe?

    asked by Tiffani
  17. statistics

    The volumes of soda in quart soda bottles are normally distributed with a mean of 32.3 oz and a standard deviation of 1.2 oz. What is the probability that the volume of soda in a randomly selected bottle will be less than 32 oz?

    asked by olivo
  18. check one question statistic

    For the scenario below, determine if the experiment describes a geometric distribution. If it is not a geometric setting, state why. if it is a geometric a) the two outcomes head or not head b) What constitutes one trial Flip a coin constitutes a flip coin

    asked by helen
  19. chemistry

    How many grams of Li2O must be carried on board to remove 85.0kg of water?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. college physics 2

    A healthy astronaut's heart rate is 60 beats/min. Flight doctors on Earth can monitor an astronaut's vital signs remotely while in flight. How fast would an astronaut be flying away from Earth if the doctor measured her having a heart rate of 28 beats/min?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Need help on Physics!!

    Three uniform spheres are fixed at the positions shown in the diagram. Assume they are completely isolated and there are no other masses nearby. (a) What is the magnitude of the force on a 0.20 kg particle placed at the origin (Point P)? What is the

    asked by Nick
  22. Physics

    I need to check my answers for the following: An Aston Martin V8 Vantage sports car has a maximum “lateral acceleration” of 0.96 “g’s”, after which the car begins to skid out of its turn. 2.1 Calculate the coefficient of static friction between

    asked by Chelsea
  23. math

    I am the greatest common factor of three numbers. Their sum is 36. The largest number is twice the smallest and the middle number is the mean of the other two. What are the three numbers? What number am I?

    asked by Christian
  24. Math

    Find the probability of drawing the face card that is a spade on the first-draw replacing it and drawing a king card on the second draw

    asked by Joe mama
  25. Geometry

    a hemispherical bowl with radius 25cm contains water whose depth is 10cm. what is the water's surface area

    asked by Alicia
  26. Accounting

    The capital accounts of Hawk and Martin have balances of $160,000 and $140,000, respectively, on January 1, 2010, the beginning of the current fiscal year. On April 10, Hawk invested an additional $10,000. During the year, Hawk and Martin withdrew $86,000

    asked by Big Dada
  27. Patterns and rules unit test 7th grade

    I go to connection acdeamy and I am in the 7th grade regular math Mrs. Janus I just need some help with this test Find the next three terms of the sequence -2,-12,-72,-432... A. -1,728,-6,912,-27,648

    asked by Kayla Moore
  28. Chemistry

    As a technician in a large pharmaceutical research firm, you need to produce 100.mL of 1.00 M a phosphate buffer solution of pH = 7.45. The pKa of H2PO4− is 7.21. You have 2.00 L of 1.00 M KH2PO4 solution and 1.50 L of 1.00 M K2HPO4 solution, as well as

    asked by Billy Bob Reynolds
  29. Physics

    The two pistons in a hydraulic lift have radii of 2.67 cm and 20.00 cm respectively. What force must be applied to the 2.67 cm piston so that a 2.0 x 10^3 kg mass resting on the 20.0 cm piston is lifted?

    asked by Tiffani
  30. Science

    What tool is used to capture the energy in sunlight?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Physical Sciences

    As a fighter pilot makes a tight turn (with his head toward the centre of curvature), the blood drains from his head, leading to loss of brain function. Once the radial acceleration reaches about 4g, the pilot’s vision switches to black and white and

    asked by Zanele
  32. Physics

    How much pressure is exerted on a submarine at a depth of 8.50 km in the Pacific Ocean? (density of sea water = 1.025 x 10^3 kg/m3, P0 = 1.01 x 10^5 Pa)

    asked by Tiffani
  33. Chemistry

    The chemical reaction for the generation of gas in an automobile safety air bag is 2NaN3(s)→ 2Na(s)+3N2(g) What volume of gas is produced if there are 130.0 grams of NaN3 used in the reaction? (The density of nitrogen gas is 0.916 g/L.) Please show your

    asked by Kayla
  34. Physics

    The two pistons in a hydraulic lift have radii of 2.67 cm and 20.00 cm respectively. What force must be applied to the 2.67 cm piston so that a 2.0 x 103 kg mass resting on the 20.0 cm piston is lifted?

    asked by Tiffani
  35. i need help with this 6th grade world history

    1. What effect did the Punic Wars have on small Roman farmers? A. grains from conquered lands drove down grain prices. B. grains from conquered lands drove up grain prices. C. New strains of grain from conquered lands helped them thrive. D. The lack of

    asked by Cierra
  36. chemistry

    Hg2Cl2 = Hg + HgCl2 Please help me write the two half equations for this.

    asked by megan
  37. math

    tickets for a school play cost $4 for adults and $2 for students at the end of the play the school sold a total of 105 tickets and collected $360 how much of each type of tickets did they sell

    asked by hanna
  38. Chemistry

    The chemical reaction of 100 g of salicylic acid, C7H6O3, with excess acetic anhydride produces 50.0 g of aspirin, C9H8O4, according to the equation. What is the percentage yield for the reaction shown below? Please show your work.

    asked by Kayla
  39. Chem

    Calculate the pH of a solution made by combining 40.0 ml of a 0.14 molar HBrO and 5.0 ml of 0.56 molar NaOH

    asked by Vee
  40. Chemistry 2

    Compare endothermic and exothermic reactions in terms of potential energy, heat flow, and observed temperature changes. Explain your answer in complete sentences.

    asked by Helen
  41. chemistry

    equilibrium constant = 2.180 x 10^6 @ 730 C. H2 (g) + Br (g) 2HBr (g) (reversible) startin with 3.20 moles of HBr in a 21.3-L reaction vessel, calculate the concentrations of H2, Br2, and HBr at equilibrium idk how to start my ice table

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Algebra

    The formula r =2 sqrt.5L can be used to approximate the speed r, in miles per hour, of a car that has left skid marks of length L, in feet. How far will a car skid at 60 mph?

    asked by Pam
  43. Chemistry

    The presence of ammonia in a solution of AgCl will decrease the solubility of AgCl. True Or False

    asked by Katie
  44. Science

    which of the following does not reduce water pollution?

    asked by Nikko
  45. health

    Which of the following accurately debunks the nutrition myth? Answer Are Grapefruit can help you lose weight A diet will help you lose 10pounds in 3days Eating a snack will cause you to gain weight Vitamins are important supplements while exercising Thank

    asked by snow
  46. geometry

    Bubble wrap sells in sheets, and each sheet has 1 million individual spherical bubbles, each with a diameter of 0.01 m. What is the total volume of air contained in the bubbles of two sheets of bubble wrap? Round to the nearest tenth.

    asked by de
  47. Chemistry

    A helium ballon contains 0.32g of helium. Given the molecular weight of helium is 4. How many moles of helium does it contain.

    asked by Anonymous
  48. chemistry

    equilibrium constant = 55.3 @ certain temperature H2 (g) + I2 (g) 2HI (g) (reversible) If you start with 0.195 M hydrogen iodide, what will the concentrations of H2, I2, and HI be at equilibrium?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Physical Science 9

    what sequence of process must happen for an atom of carbon to go from a man to a car?

    asked by Steve
  50. trig

    The ferris wheel in an amusement park. It has a diameter of 24m, and it takes 40s to make one complete revolution. If Peter gets on a gondola which is vertically below the centre of the ferris wheel, find his rise in the height after 5s.

    asked by Yuika
  51. Chemistry - Solubility

    INFORMATION: [HCl] = 0.1388 M We placed 0.5 g Ca(OH)2 in 100 mL of the following solutions: A 25 ml aliquot was used Flask A: Distilled Water (7.4 mL of HCl needed to titrate) Flask B: 0.05 M NaOH (7.5 mL of HCl needed to titrate) Flask C: 0.025 M NaOH

    asked by PleaseHelpThankYou!
  52. math

    Use each clue to find a three digit number

    asked by ashley
  53. physics

    A ladder can fall for two reasons. If it is set too steep and the climber gets their mass to the left of the ladder's base, the ladder likely will fall over backwards. If the ladder is set at too shallow of an angle the required force of friction between

    asked by joe
  54. math

    Pinnacle Homes, a real estate development company, is planning to build five homes, each costing $125,000, in 2 1/2 years. The Galaxy Bank pays 6% interest compounded semiannually. How much should the company invest now to have sufficient funds to build

    asked by tota
  55. physics

    car with a mass of 1280 kg is moving around a curve with a radius of 50 m at a constant speed of 10 m/s (about 22 MPH). (a) What is the centripetal acceleration of the car? (b) What is the magnitude of the force required to produce this centripetal

    asked by candi gonzalez
  56. Advance PC Applications

    Need help on Microsoft Access Graded Project 2013

    asked by mario
  57. math

    1.Partition a rectangle into rows and columns of same-size squares and count to find the total number of them. 2.Partition circles and rectangles into two, three, or four equal shares, describe the shares using the words halves, thirds, half of, a third

    asked by kodak
  58. Biology

    I know it is a bit long and maybe difficult, please help me to answer these.. 1) I have pET28a with insert inside. Insert is 400 bp in size. I want to check my insert with both single digestion and double digestion. I already isolated my plasmid but i do

    asked by Restriction Enzyme Digestion
  59. Algebra 1

    Mandy scored 22 points in a basketball game. If she made 9 field goals, worth either 2 or 4 points, and no free throws, how many three-point field goals did she make?

    asked by Happy
  60. Science URGENT

    Is there any website or any way I can get the science probe 10 check your understanding answers cause I want to check my answers?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. math

    If Cathy walks for 2 h and rides her bicycle for 1 h, she can travel 36 km. If she walks for 2 h and rides her bicycle for 2 h, she can travel 56 km. How fast can she walk? How fast can she ride her bike? Let w represent walking and b represent biking.

    asked by Emily
  62. physics

    The acceleration due to gravity on the moon is 1.62 m/s2. What is the length of a pendulum whose period on the moon matches the period of a 4.00-m-long pendulum on earth?

    asked by Hannah
  63. science

    A 750w motor might also be rated as a 0.5horsepower motor 1 horsepower motor 2 horsepower motor 10 horsepower motor

    asked by snow
  64. Physics

    A 3000N force stretches a wire by 2.0mm. A second wire of the same material is twice as long and has twice the diameter. How much force is needed to stretch it by 1.0 mm?

    asked by Sarah
  65. Physics

    What element results if two protons and two neutrons are ejected from a radium nucleus?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Science

    Is there any website or any way I can get the science probe 10 check your understanding answers cause I want to check my answers?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. chemistry

    2NO (g) + Cl2 (g) 2NOCl (g) (reversible) equilibrium constat = 1 x 10^7 @ certain temp NO = 2.8 x 10^-2 mol Cl2 = 1.4 x 10^-3 mol NOCl = 5.9 mol all mixed in a 1.4 L flask what is Qc and what direction will system go?

    asked by Anonymous
  68. chemistry

    How much heat (in Joules) is gained by the water when a chemical reaction takes place in 100.0 ml aqueous solution, has a temperature increase of 10.20°C and a specific heat capacity of 4.180 J/°Cg? [Hint: ignore any effects of the calorimeter and solve

    asked by shelle
  69. Please help me ASAP!!!

    Three uniform spheres are fixed at the positions shown in the diagram. Assume they are completely isolated and there are no other masses nearby. (a) What is the magnitude of the force on a 0.20 kg particle placed at the origin (Point P)? What is the

    asked by Eli
  70. math

    if a car has decreased in value by 10% and is now worth 22,000.00 how much was the original price

    asked by lee
  71. math

    As a savings plan for college, when their son Bob was born, the Wilburs deposited $10,000 in an account paying 8% compounded annually. How much will the account be worth when Bob is 18 years old?

    asked by tota
  72. statistics

    In a statistics class of 45 students, 12 have a strong intrest in statistics. If two students are selected at random from this class, what is the propability that both of them have a strong interest in statisitcs?

    asked by ashley
  73. Geometry

    The glide reflection Ry--x degree T maps the P to (4,3). Find the coordinates of P. Please help I'm really confused.

    asked by Heather
  74. Calculus

    The circle defined by the equation x^2 + y^2 = 18 has two points where the slope of its tangent line is m=1. Find those points.

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Physics

    A cubic meter of some material has a mass of 6400 kg. The block of material is lowered into a lake by a strong cable until the block is completely submerged. Draw a free-body diagram for the block. (Do this on paper. Your instructor may ask you to turn in

    asked by Tyler
  76. physics

    Light shines through a single slit whose width is 5.7 × 10-4 m. A diffraction pattern is formed on a flat screen located 4.0 m away. The distance between the middle of the central bright fringe and the first dark fringe is 3.9 mm. What is the wavelength

    asked by fifi
  77. Math

    Jameka bought a $60.00 necklace on sale for 40% off its regular price. Caitlyn bought an $80.00 necklace for 55% off its regular price. Who paid the least amount for their necklace? Show your work and explain your reasoning

    asked by Mae Falcon - Myers
  78. chem 2

    At a certain temperature, the Kp for the decomposition of H2S is 0.791. H2S H2 + S Initially, only H2S is present at a pressure of 0.111 atm in a closed container. What is the total pressure in the container at equilibrium? Please Help!

    asked by Anonymous.
  79. Chemistry - Solubility

    INFORMATION: [HCl] = 0.1388 M We placed 0.5 g Ca(OH)2 in 100 mL of the following solutions: Flask A: Distilled Water (7.4 mL of HCl needed to titrate) Flask B: 0.05 M NaOH (7.5 mL of HCl needed to titrate) Flask C: 0.025 M NaOH (10.8 mL of HCl needed to

    asked by PleaseHelpThankYou!
  80. physics

    For a hydrogen atom, determine the ratio of the ionization energy for the n = 3 excited state to the ionization energy for the ground state.

    asked by fifi
  81. pen foster literacy

    When using the Internet as an information source what u should remember

    asked by rebecca
  82. English

    Which is President Kennedy’s intent when using questions in the last paragraph of this excerpt?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Chemistry - Solubility

    Given: Concentration of HCl is 0.1388M 0.5 g of Ca(OH)2 was placed in a flask. 100mL of 0.05M NaOH was poured into the flask. 25mL aliquot was filtrated and used for titration. Suppose to calculate the OH^- equilibrium concentration from the titration

    asked by PleaseHelpThankYou!
  84. phisecs

    A car must do work at a rate of 19 kW to maintain a constant speed of 29 m/s on flat ground. How large are the forces opposing its motion ? (In units of N)

    asked by eee
  85. Teacher aide

    According to the smcr model problems in communication can arise when the speaker fails to do what

    asked by Rasheena
  86. Accounting

    Needs the entries for the following scenarios: Capital accounts as follows : Mason ; 90,000 Jiri; 30,000 James; 60,000 a) Frank pays mason 25,000 for 20% of masons interest in the company b) Frank invests 60,000 cash in the partnership for a 40% interest

    asked by dustin
  87. chemistry

    Assume that 0.0200 mole of a gas is collected in the lab by water displacement. If the temperature of the gas is 26.0oC and the total pressure in the gas tube is 745 mm Hg (including water vapor), what is the volume in liters of the dry gas? (Use the ideal

    asked by Anonymous
  88. history

    All of the following were anti-modern reactions except A. fundamentalism B. Ku Klux Klan C. cultural anthropology D. arts and crafts movement E. prohibition F. None of the above would it be fundamentalism?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. physics

    A person is standing in an elevator, which is accelerating upwards. What can you say about the relationship between the force due to gravity mg and the normal force N (both on the person)? a) N > mg b) N = mg c) N < mg (but not zero) d) N = 0 I picked d

    asked by santoki
  90. physics

    A string with a length of 1.3 m is fixed at both ends. What is the longest possible wavelength for a standing wave on this string?

    asked by Amanda
  91. Math

    For the function y= (ax+b)/(cx+d) write the intervals where the function is increasing and intervals where it is decreasing. X intercept= -b/a Y intercept= b/d Vertical asymptote: x=-d/c Horozontal asymptote: a/c

    asked by Hyde
  92. English

    1. Cut out a paper triangle with scissors. 2. Cut off a paper triangle with scissors. 3. Cut away a paper triangle with scissors. 4. Make a cut of a paper triangle with scissors. (Would you let me know the difference among the four expressions? Are they

    asked by rfvv
  93. Please help me!!!!!

    Some fishing line is made out of nylon with Y =3.0!109Pa and breaking stress 7.7!107 Pa . It is 5.0 m long, you are holding one end, and it hangs down vertically. (a) When a 3.0-kg fish is attached to the bottom end, the fishing line elongates by 1.0 cm.

    asked by Nick
  94. Math

    6. Columbus' ships covered approximately 144 miles a day. How many miles would they have traveled in nine days? What was the average speed per hour? If there were two days when the weather did not permit movement, how many miles a day would they have to

    asked by Sue
  95. Math

    4. Columbus had a hard time convincing anyone to undertake the expense of financing a voyage to an unknown place. Based on the information available from other sailors and partly on his own ideas, Columbus underestimated the circumference of the Earth by

    asked by Sue
  96. Math probability

    Trevor's soccer bag holds lots of socks: 4 red, seven green, three white, and two purple. He takes two socks, what is the probability that he will get red and green socks?

    asked by Anonymous
  97. social studies

    Scientists estimate that 600,000 acres of land will disappear from Louisiana’s coastal region over the next fifty years. Which factor will contribute least to this change? A.hurricanes B.silt buildup C.erosion D.the levee system

    asked by victoria
  98. math

    Solve the trigonometric equation 3sinθ=1.2 for 0≤θ≤4π

    asked by Pam
  99. math

    What is the percent of discount on a television that originally sold for $700 and is now on sale for $560?

    asked by Anonymous
  100. EXP 105

    I need help with my grammar quiz in week 2.

    asked by Nicole
  101. math

    If you pay $585 a month or $135 a week for 2 work days, then how much do you get paid per day?

    asked by maria
  102. Math

    80 miles =_____ kilometers

    asked by Rayne
  103. math

    Dana rode her bicycle 600 miles one summer before she had to replace the tire on her front wheel. The diameter of the front wheel is 24 inches. What is the best estimate of the number of revolutions made by the tire before it had to be replaced?

    asked by Tanya
  104. English

    1. A surgeon made a cut in the patient's stomach. 2. A surgeon cut in the patient's stomach. (Are both the same in meaning?) 3. David took off the poster and cleaned the wall. 4. David took away the poster and cleaned the wall. 5. David took the poster and

    asked by rfvv
  105. history

    Which of the following is true of President G. W. Bush a. He reluctantly endorsed the Kyoto Protocol. b. He vowed to punish all countries sponsoring terriorism. c. He accepted the United States' role in the International Criminal Court. d. He rejected

    asked by Toya Q.
  106. Math

    5. There was a drawing for a prize at the Columbus Day celebration downtown. The prize was a scale model of the Santa Maria carved from a single piece of wood by a local artist. It was a beautiful ship and Jose really wanted it. Each $2.25 ticket bought

    asked by Sue
  107. L.A

    A common sympton of a behaviour disorder is?

    asked by Soso
  108. English

    Is this a complete sentence or a sentence fragment? "Applications truly welcomed."

    asked by Anonymous
  109. Chemistry

    In the spectrum of a specific element, there is a line with a wavelength of 656 nm. Use the Rydberg equation to calculate the value of n for the higher energy Bohr orbit involved in the emission of this light. Assume the value for the lower energy orbit

    asked by James
  110. Physics

    A 0.559 kg particle has a speed of 2.7 m/s at point A and kinetic energy of 8.4 J at point B. What is its kinetic energy at A?

    asked by Sarah
  111. Chemistry

    Calculate the energy associated with the photon that would be released when an H electron falls fro the n=3 energy level to the n=1 energy level. show work if possible so I can understand how to do it. Thanks in advance!!!

    asked by devon
  112. English

    1. They get out of the city and spend time in nature. 2. They go out of the city and spend time in nature. (Are both the same in meaning? Which one do you use more, go or get?) 3. Everyone will have fun there. 4. Every will have a good time there. 5.

    asked by rfvv
  113. qnt/351

    Which of the following statements about the two sample sizes is NOT true? Assume thepopulation standard deviations are equal A. Sample A = 11; sample B = 13 B. Sample A = 12; sample B = 14 C. Sample A = 13; sample B = 13 D. Sample A = 10; sample B = 16

    asked by arelis
  114. physical science

    How many kilocalories of heat does the operation of a 1285 W hair dryer produce each second?

    asked by Anonymous
  115. Physics please help ASAP!

    If you know the mass of a star and a planet’s radius and speed at perihelion (closest approach to the star), then using conservation of energy and angular momentum you can solve for the radius and speed of that planet at aphelion (farthest point from the

    asked by Bobby
  116. Calculus: Integral

    I don't understand how to do this one integral problem that involves secant. I'm asked to find the integral of sec^4 (4x). I'm not really sure how to go about solving this problem.

    asked by Anonymous
  117. math

    Find the percent if discount when the regular price for a DVD recorder is $250 and its sale price is $175

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Physics

    A steel ball hangs in a 147cm thread which is dragged right and then let go. Velocityh of the ball is 2,44m/s when it goes through the middle position. I don't have any mass given up. How many degrees to the side had the ball been dragged?

    asked by Paul
  119. programming

    Java program which allows the user to enter data for one competitor and display the data. The output should look similar to the following layout: Course Start time End time Gender Name yellow 10:45:00 12:35:13 F Jasmine Davies purple 12:51:00 14:11:30 M

    asked by suhq
  120. phisecs

    In a collision, an automobile of mass 826 kg stops with constant acceleration in 20 m from an initial speed of 17 m/s. What is the acceleration of the car in m/s

    asked by eee
  121. physics

    A 148 kg student sits on a chair which is solely supported by a solid 0.97 meter-long steel rod 0.68 cm in diameter. What is the change in length of the rod produced by the student's weight? Delta l =

    asked by physicskid
  122. Chem

    What is the pH of 0.0169 M sodium sulfite.

    asked by Brea
  123. Math

    Multiply a 3- digit number by a 1- digit number 1/in a package of pencils , 8 are yellow and 4 are blue . How many yellow pencils are in 426 packages? The answer: 4+8=12 12*426= 5,112 2/ A single pencil can draw a line equal to the length of 616 football

    asked by Nnn
  124. History

    Following on the sucessful activism of Cesar Chavez, Mexican American youth began to refer to themselves as a. Mexicans. b. Los Barrios. c. Los Hombres. d. Chicanos.

    asked by Toya Q.
  125. Math 25 College

    Sharlise bought a commuter pass and after riding 3 days to and from scool the pass is worth $22.40. After 6 days of riding to and from school the pass is worth $12.80. Rosa pays $50 for an unlimited rides monthly pass lasting 30 days? Can the monthly cost

    asked by Tye
  126. Math

    Each ticket bought is $2.25. Each ticket bought Gives one chance in the drawing. Jose Purchased 10 tickets. If there were 510 tickets Purchased in all, what is the probability that One of Jose's ticket's will be drawn first? 10/510 or1: 52 chance

    asked by Anonymous
  127. math

    If the pool feet its a 76 If each tile is a 6 feet how many tiles I need

    asked by pietro
  128. Math

    Cathy is buying new living room furniture. She wants to purchase a set thag costs $3,200, but she only has $3,000 in her budget. What percent must the furniture go on sale for in order for cathy to purchase the furniture?

    asked by Rafael Gomes
  129. Math!

    On a shopping trip to a local department store, Josephine purchases a shirt for $20.00, a pair of jeans for $35.00, and a pair of sneakers for $50.00. At the register, she redeems a coupon for 30% off her entire bill. With the discount, how much does she

    asked by Mishka Swan
  130. Math

    Felic built a 4 inch by 8 inch rectangle. A. What is the perimeter of felic's rectangle? My answer is 24 in. B. The perimeter of hanas' rectangle is 2/3 as long as the perimeter of felic's. What is the perimeter of hana's rectangle? My answer is 16 in. C.

    asked by Khrys
  131. programming

    The output should look similar to the following layout: Course Start time End time Gender Name yellow 10:45:00 12:35:13 F Jasmine Davies purple 12:51:00 14:11:30 M Mohammed Ahmed

    asked by suh
  132. Math

    A builder replaces the original 3 1/4 foot counter tops with one that are 2 1/2 feet high. What percent of the original height is the height of the replacement counter tops? Round your answer to the nearest whole percent

    asked by Nina
  133. history

    During the Carter administration, Zbigniew Brzezinski a. tried to get Cater to roll back the taxes b. rejected the adoption of the MX missiles to replace the older Minute Man missiles. c. tried to reverse the policy of detente. d. was directly involved in

    asked by Toya Q.
  134. Math

    1a) through algebra, determine the equation of the horizontal aymptote for y= ax^2+b/cx^2+d. B)conjecture the equation of the horizontal aymptote for y= ax^2+b/cx^2+d, nEN. Give a reason for your conjecture.

    asked by Cayla
  135. Math

    If there were 150 animals, of which 73 were rabbits and the rest are chickens.. What percentage of the animals were chicken? Is it 48%

    asked by Anonymous
  136. Math

    Each ticket bought is $2.25. Each ticket bought Gives one chance in the drawing. Jose Purchased 10 tickets. If there were 510 tickets Purchased in all, what is the probability that One of Jose's ticket's will be drawn first? 10/510 or1: 52 chance

    asked by Anonymous
  137. Math help

    What is 27% of 90. estimate How do you solve

    asked by Nina
  138. Algebra

    Solve the following system by graphing. If there isn't a unique solution to the system 5x-3y=-36 3x+5y=26

    asked by Shirley
  139. Math

    500 gallon sprayer that puts out 20 gallons of spray per acre. How many times will the sprayer have to be filled to spray 106.363 acres?

    asked by Anonymous
  140. math

    what is the total amount of 50.00 with 8.75% sales tax added

    asked by joe