Questions Asked on
March 21, 2014

  1. chemistry

    Given these standard reduction potentials at 25oC: Cr3+ + e- -> Cr2+ (E1^o = -0.407V) Cr2+ + 2e- -> Cr(s) (E2^o = -0.913V) Determine the standard reduction potential at 25oC for the half-reaction equation: Cr3+ + 3e- -> Cr(s) This seems like a really

    asked by Bobz
  2. Math - PreCalc (12th Grade)

    How many 4-digit numbers are possible if the hundreds digit is 8 and if repetition of digits is allowed? A) 100 B) 1,000 C) 9,000 D) 900 E) 1,800

    asked by Shawna
  3. algebra

    For what value of x is the rational expression below equal to zero? X-4/(x+5)(x-1)

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Physics

    You pull a sled across a horizontal frictionless patch of snow. If your pulling force is in the same direction as the sled's displacement and increases the kinetic energy of the sled by 34%, by what percentage would the sled's kinetic energy increase if

    asked by Marcus
  5. english

    Which of the following sentences contains an italicized word that's used as a predicate adjective? A. Jerry looks into the microscope. B. Jerry looks ill today. C. Jerry looks at the map. D. Jerry looks disdainfully at the pile of laundry. I think it's B.

    asked by Lydia
  6. math

    The life of automobile voltage regulators has an exponential distribution with a mean life of six years. You purchase an automobile that is six years old, with a working voltage regulator and plan to own it for three years. a)What is the probability that

    asked by ash
  7. algebra

    The manager of a bulk foods establishment sells a trail mix for $6 per pound and premium cashews for $13 per pound. The manager wishes to make a 315-pound mixture that will sell for $8 per pound. How many pounds of each should be used?

    asked by sandra
  8. writing

    Which of the following does not belong in a conclusion paragraph?

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Math - PreCalc (12th Grade)

    The function f(x) = 2x + 1 is defined over the interval [2, 5]. If the interval is divided into n equal parts, what is the value of the function at the right endpoint of the kth rectangle? A) 2+3k/n B) 4+3k/n C) 4+6k/n D) 5+6k/n E) 5+3k/n

    asked by Shawna
  10. Probability

    Assume Z has a standard normal distribution. Use Appendix Table III to determine the value for z that solves each of the following: (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.) P(Z

    asked by ash
  11. maths

    A rope AB attached to a small block of neglible dimensions and passes over apulley C so that its free end hangs 1.5 metres above ground. When block rests on the floor. The end A of the rope is moved horizontally in astraight line by a man walking at a

    asked by ramya
  12. Science**updated asnwers**

    5.B 6.A 7.C 8.D 9.A 11.D 13.D 5. Which of the following types of pollution cannot be attributed to car and truck emissions? A. acid rain B. sedimentation C. ozone D. photochemical smog 6. Which of the following is a source of photochemical smog? A. fossil

    asked by matt
  13. english

    Which one of the following is a correct example of the singular possessive case? A. king's rights B. audiences' reaction C. women's club D. who's job I think it's C.

    asked by Kimberly
  14. Probability

    Suppose X has an exponential distribution with . Determine the following. Round the answers to 3 decimal places. a) P(x=2) c) P(X

    asked by ash
  15. Chemistry

    carbon dioxide dissolves in water to form carbonic acid. Estimate the thermodynamic equilibrium constanst (K) for this reaction (delta Gf values: H2CO3= - 616.1, H2O= - 237.1, CO2= - 394.4) . Carbonic acid then ionizes in water (Ka1= 4.5 x 10^-7). Ignoring

    asked by Chem
  16. math

    Which expression represents the sum or (2x-5y) and (x+y)?

    asked by **please help**
  17. physics

    Three identical uniform meter sticks are placed on the floor. The first stick lies along the y axis from y = 0.320 m to y = 1.32 m. The second stick lies along the x axis from x = 0.330 m to x = 1.33 m. The third stick is positioned so that one end is on

    asked by Sami
  18. physics/calc

    An anchor weighing 110 lb in water is attached to a chain weighing 2 lb/ft in water. Find the work done to haul the anchor and chain to the surface of the water from a depth of 35 ft.

    asked by j
  19. Math - PreCalc (12th Grade)

    What is the value of this expression when n approaches infinity? 4−(4/n)+(5/n)+(15/3n^2) A) 20 B) 10 C) 5 D) 4 E) 1

    asked by Shawna
  20. geometry

    a circle has diameter endpoints of A(5,10) and B(-3,4). what are the coordinates of the center of the circle

    asked by leann
  21. english

    Choose the sentence that has a subject complement. A. The day ended with many surprises. B. I felt much better. C. The nurse felt my pulse. D. We can't leave without seeing I think it's B.

    asked by Amanda
  22. english

    Which synonym of the word look would be most effective in the following sentence? Detective Flint leaned forward with narrowed eyes to _______ what appeared to be a vital clue. A. survey B. scrutinize C. view D. ogle I think it's B.

    asked by Brittany
  23. Chemistry

    The following reaction has the following standard thermodynamic parameters: Reaction: C(g) + D(g)----> E(g) Delta H rxn=-26.1kJ/mol and Delta S rxn=-69.8J/(mol*K). Calculate the temperature at which the reaction becomes nonspontaneous.

    asked by AAdd
  24. Art - Help ASAP!!

    how many years does it take to finish the course sculpture at OCAD university??

    asked by Annie
  25. Math: Thinking Mathematically

    A flagpole has the height of 16 yards It will be supported by three cables, each of which is attached to the flagpole at a point 4 yards below the top of the pole and attached to the ground at point that is 9 yards from the base of the pole, Find the total

    asked by Brandon
  26. Math - PreCalc (12th Grade)

    Use the inverse matrix to solve this system of equations: 4x+3y=7.5 7x+9z=14 4y-z=8.3 4,3,0 7,0,9 0,4,-1

    asked by Shawna
  27. Precalculus II

    Find exactly all solutions in [0,2pi) to 4sin(x)cos(x) = 1

    asked by Hfx
  28. Chemisty - Unsure how to proceed- Combustion rxn

    Question as follows: If you combusted 23g of ethanol with an excess of oxygen how much heat would be released or absorbed? the only thing I've deduced is the chemical reaction: C2H6O + 302 -> 3H20 + 2C02 I'm not sure how to proceed. I need Q. Not sure

    asked by Angely R.
  29. arithmetic

    An investment of $2,000 is earning interest at the rate of 6.2% compounded quarterly over 5 years. Approximately how much interest is earned on the investment?

    asked by tiffany roberts
  30. Social studies***help***

    1.C 2.B 3.B 1.How would Bolivian society today most likely be different, if not for its Spanish colonial past? A. It would not have social inequalities of any kind. B. It would have a smaller population of indigenous peoples. C. It would not be dominated

    asked by matt
  31. Chemistry-Repost for DrBob222

    The reaction OH- + NH4+ = H20 + NH3 is kinetically first order in both reactants' concentrations. The rate constant is 2e10 1/M s. If 50 ml of .01 M NaOH is mixed with 50 ml of .01 M NH4CL, find the time required for the OH- concentration to reach 1e-4 M.

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Math - PreCalc (12th Grade)

    Which statement about a uniform probability distribution defined on a given interval is true? A) The mean is always 0. B) The mean is always 1. C) The standard deviation is always 1. D) The mean is the midpoint of the interval. E) The standard deviation is

    asked by Shawna
  33. Math - PreCalc (12th Grade)

    The function f(x) = 6x + 5 is defined over the interval [-1, 4]. If the interval is divided into n equal parts, what is the value of the right end point of the first rectangle?

    asked by Shawna
  34. language of medicine medical billing and coding

    How does the musculoskeletal system change from birth to adulthood and what are the steps that the system goes through from childhood to adulthood to reach 206 bones?

    asked by Jessica
  35. PRE-CALC

    If the original coordinate axes are rotated 45° to obtain the x' and y' axes, what is the value of x in terms of x' and y'?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Physics

    A train is moving at a speed of 30 m/s toward a stationary observer at a train station. The train whistle blows with an actual frequency of 336 Hz. What horn frequency is heard by the engineer (riding on the train)?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Language Arts

    Why is the statement "The bill will be too harsh" an opinion? a. it can be proved b. it can be supported with evidence c. it is someones belief ** d. it is true. Which statement is an appeal to emotions? a. The bill unfairly targets one group for unusually

    asked by Felicia
  38. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution prepared by mixing 24.6 g sodium acetate and 50 mL of 2.5 M acetic acid in a 500 mL flask and filling to volume

    asked by Divine
  39. Algebra

    6/z-3=8/5 help please.

    asked by Sierra
  40. scholarship essay edit

    can someone edit this? Throughout my life’s journey, I have come to attain two true passions - the first one being English studies. Since the very dawn of childhood, I have been known to bleed the calligraphic content of Gary Soto's brilliant poetry and

    asked by christine
  41. Algebra

    Find a quadratic equation that has the numbers below as solutions. 1. 1/2,-10 2. 2/3,-5/7 How do I even do these problems? Those solutions are so hard to find.

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Chemistry-Repost for DrBob222

    A sample of C60O3 decomposes with an activation energy of 50 kg/mol, an Arrehnius pre-factor of 2e10 s-1 and a k value of .04 s-1. How long does it take for a 25 mg sample at 25 degrees C to produce 10 mg. Your response was is that C60O3 or what? And I

    asked by Anonymous
  43. math

    How many faces, edges, and vertices does the solid figure have? image

    asked by lina
  44. Chemistry

    Given that 20 ml of a weak acid (HA) was titrated with NaOH and the titration curve of pH vs titrant volume in ml is given, find the initial concentration of the acid? The problem gives the full titration curve starting at pH=2.2 at 0 ml added and with the

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Algebra

    1) There are two pet stores in zacharys town. There are dogs, cats, and hamsters at the first pet store. The second store has dogs, rabbits, and fish. Write a set that represents all of the different pets stores in the town. 4) The cheerleading squad is

    asked by Help me?? 3 questions
  46. Economics HELP PLEASE!!!!

    Can someone please help me with a hint to solve this problem?? I'm struggling really hard with this. "Consider an oligopolistic market with two firms. Each of them produces using a cost function given by c(q)=q^2. The aggregate demand in the market is

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Chemistry-Repost for DrBob222

    500 ml of a buffer solution with ph=2.10 must be prepared using .4 M HNO2 and solid KNO2. The ka value of HNO2 is 4e-3. a.) What mass of KNO2 should be added to 3 L of the HNO2 to make the buffer? b.) What is the buffer's pH after 150 ml of .5 M HNO3 is

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Geometry

    CD has an endpoint at (2,-1)and a midpoint at (8,3). which measure is closest to the length of CD?

    asked by Alicia
  49. Biology

    oil spills and leaks in the pacific ocean have harmed marine organisms and the environment. which kind of environmental issue is illustrated by this example? a) Resource Use b) Pollution c) Population Growth d) Biodiversity

    asked by Skyler
  50. Biology

    Exogenous treatment with the plant hormone, ABA or auxin, induces enhanced susceptibility against biotrophic pathogens. Design an experiment that can reveal whether these hormones use the same signalling pathway or independent pathways to induce

    asked by Justin
  51. physics

    If a motorboat travels 25km/h towards the sea, down a river whose velocity is 4km/h what is the boats velocity related to the shore? A, 21 km/h B, 29km/h C, 25 km/h D, 4 km/h

    asked by ana
  52. Physics

    Help please A 200.0 g copper block absorbs 2.34 × 10^3 J of heat to raise its temperature by 30.0 K. What is the specific heat of copper?

    asked by Me and I
  53. physics

    explain why a flat sheet of paper and a sheet of paper crumpled into a ball which are dropped from a height of 2 meters will not accelerate at the same rate?

    asked by rach
  54. english

    In which sentence are the conjunctions used correctly? A. The top award was given to neither Steve or Jim. B. Either Fred nor John knew about the accident. C. Mary enjoyed neither roller skating or ice skating. D. Neither beauty nor popularity was

    asked by Kelsy
  55. IFSM

    The chief information officer recommends that a new computer and software costing $100,000 be purchased and installed because it will decrease administrative costs by $4 per hour and management allocation by $2 per hour, resulting in a 10 percent increase

    asked by Nana
  56. Physics

    A bullet is fired into a block of wood with speed 250 m/s. The block is attached to a spring that has a spring of 200 N/m. The block embedded bullet compresses the spring a distance of 30.0 cm to the right. Determine the mass of the wooden block

    asked by Dale
  57. Math

    if I have 1 defect in a batch of 54 widgets, what is my quality index?

    asked by Jane
  58. Physics

    A ball is traveling down a straight track at 20 m/s. How fast will the ball's speed be after it climbs a hill in the track that is 15 m high?

    asked by Eiban
  59. writing

    How many supporting details should you develop to back up your thesis?

    asked by Anonymous
  60. english

    17. In which sentence is the word but used as a preposition? A. John liked baseball but not football. B. We would like to visit the Grand Canyon, but our vacation time is up. C. Children should be seen but not heard. D. None but the brave shall enter in.

    asked by marie
  61. Probability

    The life of automobile voltage regulators has an exponential distribution with a mean life of six years. You purchase an automobile that is six years old, with a working voltage regulator and plan to own it for three years. a)What is the probability that

    asked by ash
  62. Math

    Today you deposited $5000 into a savings account paying 12% interest. How much should you have in 15 years?

    asked by lisa
  63. Plays

    Suppose something like this is in the script of a dramatic scene: MARY.[Scared] I don't know what happened. Is it okay if I have a period after "scared?" I know it isn't required, but is it wrong or still okay?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. algebra

    An artist intends to paint a 98-square-foot mural on the large wall show below. Find the dimensions of the mural if the artist leaves a border of uniform width around it.

    asked by f
  65. algebra

    The formula for the area of a trapezoid is A = h(B + b) 2 . The area of the trapezoid truss in the illustration is 72 square feet. Find the height of the truss shown below if the shorter base is the same as the height.

    asked by f
  66. algebra

    Write the equation in quadratic form and solve it by factoring. x2(8x + 65) 63 = x

    asked by f
  67. Math

    I know when you decrease the height of a cone by half that the volume decreases by half from plugging in the numbers in the formula. However, I don't how to explain in words why a decrease in height by half results in a decrease in the volume by half.

    asked by Brandi
  68. mat116 algebra


    asked by Sandy
  69. math

    A farmer wants to construct a pen with 100 feet fencing. The pen will be divided into two areas. Find the dimensions of the big pen. You may use your calculator or the fact that the x-coordinate of the vertex of a parabola is x=-b/2a. I would like to show

    asked by dave
  70. math

    describe a situation in which you might use each calculation a)9/8 divided by 2/3 b)1 and 2/3 divided by 2 and 2/3

    asked by Mari
  71. Achieving Academic Excellence

    The measure of how much we understood and learned in a college course is referred to as: A. assessments. B. grades. C. testing. D. feedback.

    asked by Anny
  72. reading

    in to kill mockingbird which character influences others more?

    asked by anonymous
  73. Achieving Academic Excellence

    A discussion board in an online course can be another form of: A. communication. B. assessment. C. objective test. D. free expression.

    asked by Anny
  74. math

    How do you find the area of a circle with a diameter of 26 feet???

    asked by kim
  75. achieving academic excellence

    An example of an objective test is: A. short answers. B. essay-type exam. C. fill in the blanks. D. discussion board.

    asked by Anny
  76. statistics

    the average act score submitted to a certain university is 26. to be eligible for admission, a student must score in the top 6% of applicants. if the scores are normally distributed with a standard deviation of 2.4, what is the minimum score needed to be

    asked by roger
  77. statistics

    Suppose the average body temp is 98.6 assume the variable is normally distributed with a standard deviation of .74 degrees. suppose a sample of 100 is taken. what is the probability that the mean is below 98.4??? Between 98.5 AND 98.7??

    asked by roger
  78. Social Studies

    What is affirmative action?

    asked by annonymous
  79. physics

    Block A, with a mass of 50 kg, rests on a horizontal table top. The coefficient of static friction is 0.40. A horizontal string is attached to A and passes over a massless, ideal pulley as shown. What is the smallest mass of Block B that will start A

    asked by santoki
  80. research

    how did Epperson et al determine the validation of the MnSOST-R

    asked by Anonymous
  81. math

    How do you know 1 and 2/3 divided by 3 and 1/2 has to be less than 1/2, without calculating the quotient? Please explain :)

    asked by Annette
  82. biology

    I need help with what is happening inside the mitochondria. may help me what's happening 0-50 secondes. h t t p: // w w w.y o u t u b e.c o m / watch ?v=RrS2uROUjK4

    asked by jess
  83. physics

    A person has a choice while trying to move a crate across a horizontal pad of concrete: push it at a downward angle of 30 degrees, or pull it at an upward angle of 30 degrees. If the crate has a mass of 50.0 kg and the coefficient of friction between it

    asked by santoki
  84. please

    How many moles of Ca(OH)2 are needed to produce 82.9g of Ca3(PO4)2?

    asked by Anonymous
  85. math

    Anna bought a camera that was 20% off the regular price of $1,080. If an 8% sales tax was added to the cost of the camera, what was the total price she paid for it?

    asked by **please help**
  86. Physics

    A 300 kg piano slides 4.4 m down a 30° incline and is kept from accelerating by a man who is pushing back on it parallel to the incline. The effective coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.40. (a) Calculate the magnitude of the force exerted by the man.

    asked by Hope
  87. Science

    Explain why residence time in the atmosphere for water is short but the flux in and out of the atmosphere is huge.

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Science

    Explain residence time in relationship to reservoirs and fluxes

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Physics

    What is the minimum work needed to push a 1075 kg car 230 m up along a 17.5° incline? (a) Ignore friction. (b) Assume the effective coefficient of friction retarding the car is 0.30?

    asked by Hope
  90. math

    write 3 out of 4 +4 out of 9 into a mixed number

    asked by ariana l. collins
  91. Algebra

    Simplify the expression, if possible. State the excluded values, if any. 1. 5x - 5/ 10x^2 - 25x + 15 2. w^2 + 6w + 9/ 2w^2 - 18 Thanks so much.

    asked by Student
  92. math

    A cylinder can held 105 Liters of milk a) ignoring the thickness of the material calculate the volume of the cylinder in cm(cube).

    asked by santoniann

    Determine the volume of base ml needed to prepare the following 500 ml of 0.18 % NaOH SOLUTION USING A 10.0 % NaOH SOLUTION

    asked by MH
  94. Physics

    A 300 kg piano slides 4.4 m down a 30° incline and is kept from accelerating by a man who is pushing back on it parallel to the incline. The effective coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.40.(a) Calculate the magnitude of the force exerted by the man.(b)

    asked by Hope
  95. algebra

    Find the sum a+(a+1)+(a+2)+…….(a+n-1) in terms of a and n

    asked by Jiskha
  96. Business

    All of the following are assets except A. inventory. B. patents. C. cash. D. bank loans.

    asked by Pirurris
  97. math

    A state fair had 1,019,887 people in attendance. The fair committee performed a survey. The question was, “What do fairgoers enjoy most about the fair?” Of those who responded, 83% reported eating traditional foods. Which group of people represents the

    asked by joe
  98. Physics

    If a motorboat travels 25km/h towards the sea, down a river whose velocity is 4km/h what is the boats velocity related to the shore?

    asked by Ana
  99. Math

    The number of tickets sold each day for an upcoming performance of Handels Messiah is given by N(x)=-0.4x^2+11.2x+13, where x is the number of days since the concert was first announced. When will daily ticket sales peak and how many tickets will be sold

    asked by Pam
  100. Math

    An architect has allocated a rectangular space of 465ft^2 for square dining room and a 16ft wide kitchen. Find both the width of the square dining room and the length of the entire rectangular space.

    asked by Pam
  101. Algebra

    Please explain how to do this problem. The answer says the answer is 2.43 inches, but I don't get it. A school wants to take out an ad in the paper congratulating a basketball on a successful season. The area of the photo will be half the area of the

    asked by Anonymous
  102. physics

    if an airplane is traveling at 550 km/h into a head wind with a velocity of 40km/h what is the airplanes velocity relative to the ground

    asked by Ana
  103. English

    Write an essay explaining why you think The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet remains so popular. What is it about the characters of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet that makes it so easy for young people to identify with them? Make at least two references to

    asked by Talha
  104. physics

    An advertisement claims that a particular automobile can "stop on a dime". What net force would actually be necessary to stop an automobile of mass 850kg traveling initially at a speed of 56.0km/h in a distance equal to the diameter of a dime, which is

    asked by Jackie
  105. physics

    A solid block of mass m2 = 1.0 $kg$, at rest on a horizontal frictionless surface, is connected to a relaxed spring (with spring constant k = 260 N/m whose other end is fixed. Another solid block of mass m1 = 2.4 kg and speed v1 = 3.3 m/s collides with the

    asked by Tay
  106. statistics

    Consider a binomial experiment with 20 trials and a probability of 0.45 on a single trial.Use the normal distribution to find the probability of exactly 10 successes.

    asked by john
  107. math

    Please !!!! What can i write a letter about my math best teacher ..???

    asked by Iqbal
  108. Chemistry

    The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: A student is examining a bacterium under the microscope. The E. coli bacterial cell has a mass of mm = 0.100fg\rm fg (where a femtogram, fg\rm fg, is 10−15g\rm 10^{-15}\; g) and is swimming at a velocity of vv =

    asked by Anna
  109. Chemistry

    The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: A student is examining a bacterium under the microscope. The E. coli bacterial cell has a mass of mm = 0.100fg\rm fg (where a femtogram, fg\rm fg, is 10−15g\rm 10^{-15}\; g) and is swimming at a velocity of vv =

    asked by Anna
  110. literacy

    im in grade 10 and if i do the osslt literacy practice tests. will someone on here mark my writing tasks? i can mark the multiple choice questions on my own but i just need someone to mark the writing stuff

    asked by ann
  111. physics

    Explain why voltage is constant when connecting resistance

    asked by ogboyeb
  112. math help please

    Let f:ℤ+ → ℤ+ be the function defined by: for each x ∈ ℤ+, f(x) is the number of positive divisors of x. - find integers m, n, and k so tha f(m)=3, f(n) = 4 anf f(k) = 5 -is f one-to one? Explain, is f unto? prove is it true that all positive odd

    asked by excel
  113. algebra

    solve by factoring a^2-4ab-8b^2?

    asked by Besiane
  114. Statistics

    An instructor hy pothesizes that the mean of the final ex am grades in her statistics class is larger for the male students than that it is for the female students. The data from the final ex am for the last semester are presented here. Test her claim

    asked by Anonymous
  115. Math

    What does Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally mean?

    asked by Anonymous
  116. math

    A fruit seller bought m pears and twice as many mangoes. He also bought 10 fewer peaches than pears. Each pear cost RM 0.40 cents, each mango cost RM 0.50 cents while each peach cost RM 0.80. If the fruit seller paid RM 102. Find the value of m.

    asked by doremi
  117. math

    Rewrite the following equation in the center-radius form of the equation of a circle. x2 - 2x + y2 + 2y - 2 = 0

    asked by Elizabeth
  118. English

    I'm writing about hearing a certain song can take you back to a moment in your past. I know that the 1st paragraph is thesis and the 2nd is explain what song reflects on past and why. I don't know what i should in include in the 3rd paragraph

    asked by Anonymous
  119. Math - PreCalc (12th Grade)

    A fair coin is tossed 3 times in a row. If X is the number of heads counted, what is the mean of the probability distribution of X? A) 1.0 B) 1.5 C) 2.0 D) 2.5 E) 3.0

    asked by Shawna
  120. precal

    find exactly all the solutions in [0, 2pi) to 4 sin(x)cos(x) = 1

    asked by hamal
  121. Statisics

    To test the results of a conventional versus a new approach to the teaching of reading, 12 pupils were selected and matched according IQ, age, and present reading ability (there are 6 pairs!). One from each of the pairs was assigned to the conventional

    asked by Walid
  122. Chemistry-Repost for DrBob222

    My question was: A saturated solution of MgF2 at 23 degrees C was prepared by dissolving solid MgF2 in 1 L water. The Ksp of MgF2 is 1.5e-5. a.)Calculate the mass of MgF2 dissolved. b.) When .1 mols of solid KF was dissolved in the MgF2 solution,

    asked by Anonymous
  123. Math and Music

    I have to do a presentation on how math and music relate. I have found some things and facts but everything is so complicated. If someone could help explain to me how I can narrow my topic down and make a presentation that is simple but effective. It can

    asked by Madi
  124. Math - PreCalc (12th Grade)

    The function f(x) = x2 − 5 is defined over the interval [0, 5]. If the interval is divided into n equal parts, what is the area of the kth rectangle from the right? A) [(2+k(5/n))^2+5](5/n) B) [(k(3/n))^2−5](5/n) C) [(k(5/n))^2+5](5/n) D)

    asked by Shawna
  125. Health

    a boy notices a special needs student sitting by himself during recess. How can he get the student involved in a meaningful way? a- coach one of the teams b- be the all time referee c- the game be modified to allow for 2 goalies d- the game be played by

    asked by Stephen