Questions Asked on
March 10, 2014

  1. Chemistry

    A 108 mL gas sample has a mass of 77.96 mg at a pressure of 1140 mmHg and a temperature of 183 °C. Assume ideal gas behavior and a completely insulated system, and please don’t forget units with your answers. The system is cooled. Calculate the

    asked by keitanako
  2. Physics

    How many watts of power do you expend when you exert a force of 0.50N that moves a book 2.1m in a time interval of 1.1s ? Express your answer to two significant figures and include the appropriate units.

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Finance

    The stock price of Webber Co. is $68. Investors require an 11 percent rate of return on similar stocks. Required: If the company plans to pay a dividend of $3.85 next year, what growth rate is expected for the company’s stock price?

    asked by Paul
  4. chemistry

    Phosphoric acid is a triprotic acid, so H3PO4, H2PO4 -, and HPO4 2- are all acids. Which of the solutions below would have the lowest pH? 0.1 M NaH2PO4 0.1 M Na2HPO4 0.1 M Na3PO4

    asked by bob
  5. Algebra II

    Please help me with this problem. Simplify. √(-24 - 10i)

    asked by herp_derp
  6. physics

    A shopper pushes a grocery cart 20.0 m at constant speed on level ground, against a 35.0 N frictional force. He pushes in a direction 25.0º below the horizontal. (a) What is the work done on the cart by friction? (b) What is the work done on the cart by

    asked by Mohanad
  7. physics

    a water balloon launcher with a mass of 4 kg fires a .5 balloon with a velocity of 3m/s to the east. what is the recoil velocity of the launcher?

    asked by nicole
  8. Chem

    500.0 Ml of 0.160 M NaOH is added to 565 ml of 0.250 M weak acid. Ka=2.46x10^-5. What is the pH of the resulting buffer

    asked by Joe
  9. Math

    In the rhombus, angle 1=15x, angle 2=x+y, and angle 3=30z. Find the value of each variable.

    asked by Sierra
  10. MHS

    Given: MC bisects both ∠ACB and side AB. Based on the given information and the algebraic and geometric properties presented or proven thus far, choose the congruence theorem that could be used to prove the triangles congruent. If it is not possible to

    asked by Peez
  11. Physics

    A 540 g block is released from rest at height h0 above a vertical spring with spring constant k = 320 N/m and negligible mass. The block sticks to the spring and momentarily stops after compressing the spring 19.8 cm. How much work is done (a) by the block

    asked by Riley
  12. Global Studies (Please help)

    1. Why are the Prairie Provinces known as Canada's breadbasket? (1 point) a. more than three-quarters of Canada's farmland is located there b. the people of these provinces love bread c. it has many famous bakeries d. that is the translation from the Cree

    asked by Hannah
  13. Math

    Line DF bisects angle EDG. Find the value of x. Line EF has 9x+114. Line FO has 15x. angle FDG has 32 degrees.

    asked by Sierra
  14. programming

    Write an algorithm to compute average score for each student in the Computer Science Continuous assessment test. Assume each student sat for ten courses for the semester

    asked by Anonymous
  15. science

    A cart rolling down an incline for 5.0 seconds has an acceleration of 4.0m/s2. If the cart has a beginning speed of 2.0m/s what is its final speed?

    asked by sherry
  16. Physics

    What change in kinetic energy does an airplane experience on takeoff if it is moved a distance of 480m by a sustained net force of 5400N ? Express your answer to two significant figures and include the appropriate units.

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Math

    Susan designed a circular pool with a diameter of 25 meters. What is the area of the bottom of the pool? Round to the nearest tent. Please help this is due tomorrow and I need to up my grade.

    asked by Gavin
  18. psychology

    A researcher strongly believes that physicians tend to show female nurses less attention and respect than they show male nurses. She sets up an experimental study involving observations of health clinics in different conditions. In explaining the study to

    asked by sonbeach
  19. Physics


    asked by Angel
  20. government

    according to article 2, section 2 the president may grant pardons

    asked by Taylor
  21. Finance

    Sully Corp. currently has an EPS of $2.35, and the benchmark PE ratio for the company is 21. Earnings are expected to grow at 7 percent per year. Requirement 1: What is your estimate of the current stock price? (Do not round intermediate calculations.

    asked by Paul
  22. Statistics

    In an experiment, you measure the popularity of two brands of soft drinks (factor A), and for each brand you test males and females (factor B). The following table shows the main effect and cell means from the study: Factor A Level A1: Level A2: Brand X

    asked by Joy
  23. math(QUESTION)

    4.B which unit of measurement is best to measure the amount of water in a swimming pool? A.milliliter B.kiloliter C.centiliter D.kilometer

    asked by matt
  24. physics

    A piece of metal has a mass of 85cg and a volume of 450L. What is its density in g/cm3? What would be the mass of 300 cm3 of this metal? What would be the volume of 00 ounces of this metal?

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Geometry

    In rectangle PQRS, PR=18x-28 and QS=x+380. Find the value of x and the length of each diagonal.

    asked by Leigh
  26. Physics please help?????

    (a) At a certain instant, a particle-like object is acted on by a force F=(2.9N)i-(1.7N)j+(5.7N)k while the object's velocity is v= -(3.2m/s)i+(4.5m/s)k. What is the instantaneous rate at which the force does work on the object? (b) At some other time, the

    asked by Thomas
  27. Math

    Loon lake has a "killer plant" problem similar to Ghost Lake. Currently, 5000 square feet of the lake is covered with the plant, The area covered is growing by a factor of 1.5 each year. Complete the table to show area covered by the plant for the next 5

    asked by Crystal
  28. Physics

    Show that when the total external force acting on N particles is zero, the total external torque is independent of the choice of reference point O.

    asked by Ho
  29. Physics

    A table can be modeled as a flat block supported by four identical legs. If the mass of the top block is 10 kg and each leg is a uniform rod with height of 1m and mass of 5 kg. Find the gravitational potential energy of the table. Take the ground as the

    asked by Ho
  30. math

    Two sides of an equilateral triangle have lengths x+2 and -2x+20 which could be the length of the third side:14-x or 2x+4? A. 14-xonly B. Both 14x and 2x+4 C. 2x+4 only. D. Neither 14-x nor 2x+4

    asked by billy
  31. Physics

    Calculate the work done in lifting a 600-N barbell 1.6m above the floor. Express your answer to two significant figures and include the appropriate units.

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Physics

    the work done in lifting a 600-N barbell 1.6m above the floor. What is the gain of potential energy of the barbell when it is lifted to this height? Express your answer to two significant figures and include the appropriate units.

    asked by Anonymous
  33. FInance

    Most corporations pay quarterly dividends on their common stock rather than annual dividends. Barring any unusual circumstances during the year, the board raises, lowers, or maintains the current dividend once a year and then pays this dividend out in

    asked by Paul
  34. Physics!

    How many joules of potential energy does a 1.2-kg book gain when it is elevated 4.0 ? Express your answer to two significant figures and include the appropriate units.

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Math (check answers)

    please check these answers and thanks 1.C 2.B 3.B 4.A 5.C the word tha correctly completes the sentence below. To convert from a smaller unit to a larger unit,you ___ by a power of 10. A.add B.subtract C.multiply D.divide 2.A textbook weighs 3

    asked by matt
  36. science

    If a farmer plants the same crop in a field year after year the soil becomes less fertile. What causes this decrease in fertility ? a) erosion b) lack of water c) loss of topsoil d) loss of nutrients How do decomposes increase the fertility of soil ? a) by

    asked by victoria
  37. math

    FInd the circumcenter of the triangle (-2,4),(-2,1), (1,-1). Can someone help I'm so confused.

    asked by Leigh
  38. Pre-Algebra

    Scatter plots are used to look for a pattern of association, or trend, between one set of values two sets of values three sets of values four sets of values My answer: two sets of values

    asked by Emily
  39. Chemistry

    Predict the standard cell potential and calculate the standard reaction Gibbs free energy for galvanic cells having the following cell reactions: 2H2+O2=2H2O in acidic solution 2H2+O2=2H2O in basic solution I understand the idea behind the problem, but I

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Chemistry

    How many moles of sulfur are present in 2.6 moles of Al2(SO4)3?

    asked by Anthony
  41. Math (check answers)

    please check these answers 1.D or A 2.C 3.B 1.which would you measure in meters? A.the length of a pencil B.the capacity of a cup C.the mass of a puppy D.the length of a car 2.which would you measure in kilograms? A.the mass of a butterfly B.the capacity

    asked by matt
  42. Math help, anyone?

    calculate the slant height for the given square pyramid. Round to the nearest tenth. Pyramid base= 6cm height=5 cm 6.2 cm 5.8 cm 7.8 cm 7.2 cm Calculate the length of the diagonal for the given rectangular prism. Round to the nearest tenth. Length= 10 cm

    asked by Princess Anna
  43. Math

    Ann read 8 pages of her book. This means she read 1/5 pages. How many total pages are in her book ?

    asked by Cindy
  44. Math help plz check my answers!

    11. Name the triangles that are classified by sides. right, scalene, isosceles scalene, isosceles, equilateral*** acute, right, obtuse obtuse, isosceles, acute

    asked by anonymous
  45. Physics

    The electric field on the axis of a uniformly charged ring has magnitude 370kN/C at a point 6.2cm from the ring center. The magnitude 17cm from the center is 150kN/C ; in both cases the field points away from the ring.Find the ring's radius.

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Physics

    A rocket is fired in deep space, where gravity and drag forces are 0. If The rocket has in initial mass of 6000kg and eject gas at a relative speed of 2000m/s, how much gas must it eject in the first second (1s) to have an inital acceleration of 25m/s?

    asked by Smalls
  47. physics30

    After performing a trick above the rim of a skateboard ramp, a 56 kg skateboarder lands on the ramp 3.5 m above ground level with a downward velocity of 4.0 m/s. Ep = 0.0 J Ground level. Friction in the wheels of the skateboard and air resistance cause a

    asked by alejandro
  48. business

    What is "virtual sharp" on a blue print?

    asked by rfvv
  49. Chemistry ASAP

    If 3.2 moles of NaCl are dissolved in enough water to make a 0.98-liter solution, what is the molarity of the solution?

    asked by Josh
  50. fractions

    12 dogs were in the park.2 of them were Dalmatians.what fraction of the dogs were Dalmatians

    asked by Anonymous
  51. math

    in the rhombus angle 1=140. what are angle 2 and angle 3? a. angle 2=140, angle 3=20 b. angle 2=40, angle 3=70 c. angle 2=40, angle 3=20 d. angle 2=140, angle 3=70

    asked by Heather
  52. Please Help with Physics Problems???????

    A 0.60 kg ladle sliding on a horizontal frictionless surface is attached to one end of a horizontal spring (k = 430 N/m) whose other end is fixed. The ladle has a kinetic energy of 8.6 J as it passes through its equilibrium position (the point at which the

    asked by Thomas
  53. operations and supply

    I need to build a master production scheule

    asked by JAW
  54. Algebra 1 (Step-by-Step)

    Factor this trinomial. -4x^2 - 8x + 5

    asked by Anonymous
  55. physics

    calculate the work done on a 1550kg elevator car by its cable to lift it 40 m at constant speed assuming friction average 125 n

    asked by Mohanad
  56. Math

    2x^10 - 6x^10 = ? Is this -4x^10?

    asked by Anonymous
  57. math

    what is the formula for finding the circunference of a cirle if you know the diameter of that circle

    asked by cecrett
  58. math

    what is the formula for finding the circumference of a cicrle if you know the raiduis of the circle

    asked by cecrett
  59. Mathematics

    A 30°–60°–90° triangle has a hypotenuse with a length of 18. What is the length of the shorter leg of the triangle?

    asked by CrazyCraft Mod Pack + OreSpawn = FUN! XD
  60. math

    answer if its going to be impossible, unlikely,likely,as not likely or certain 1. rolling an even number on a number cube labeled 1 through 8

    asked by cecrett
  61. Biology

    There are several questions about plasmid isolation experiment Please help me answer them

    asked by Plasmid isolation
  62. Math

    Write an equation using 2as a base and 100,000 as a power of 10

    asked by Jonathon
  63. Math

    The length of a rectangle is twice it's width. If it's perimeter is 54cm, find its length. Explain!

    asked by Abhishek
  64. math

    answer if event is impossible, unlikely,as likely as not , likely or certain 1. of the original 56 singers of the declartion of independence four of them represented north carolina if you slected one singer randomly how likely is it that he represented

    asked by cecrett
  65. english

    could you tell me the right preposition here : he knocks at the door / on the door

    asked by r s telagathoty
  66. Chem

    if 0.24o moles of a monoprotic weak acid is titrated with NaOH, what is the PH of the solution at the 1/2 equivalence point.

    asked by Joe
  67. 4th grade math

    han ate 3 apples out of a bag of 6 apples. lester ate 2 apples out of a bag of 5 apples. use equivalent fractions to decide if han or lester ate a larger part of the total apples from each bag. explain your answer

    asked by mythreyee
  68. math

    answer is this event impossible. unlikely,as likely as not,likely or certain 3. there are 8 right-handed pitchers and 2 left-handed pitchers on the tigeris baseball team. how likely is it that their opponents will face a right-handed pitcher

    asked by cecrett
  69. Physics

    A rope is used to pull a 5.19 kg block at constant speed 3.38 m along a horizontal floor. The force on the block from the rope is 3.23 N and directed 20.0° above the horizontal. What are (a) the work done by the rope's force, (b) the increase in thermal

    asked by Riley
  70. Physics!

    Calculate the watts of power expended when a force of 2.0N moves a book 2.4m in a time interval of 1.0 s. Express your answer to two significant figures and include the appropriate units.

    asked by Anonymous
  71. English

    You should always document your quoted information with a properly for matted? Answers are Citation Footnote Endnotes THANKS Thanks Think it is Footnote

    asked by snow
  72. AP Chemistry

    1,2-Benzanthracene is a yellow-brown nonvolatile solid with molecular weight 228.29g*mol-1. an 18.2632-g sample of 1,2-benzanthracene is dissolved in 250.0 g of benzene, C6H6. Whta is the vapor pressure of this solution at 25C, in millimeters of mergury,

    asked by Ella
  73. Physics

    PLEASE HELP. a 1000 kg car is coasting down the highway at 20 m/s. How much work do friction and air resistance do in bringing the car to rest?

    asked by Ritzi
  74. Physics

    What is the momentum of a 52 kg carton that slides at 5.0m/s across an icy surface?

    asked by Christine
  75. Statistics

    A researcher investigated the effect of volume of background noise on participants’accuracy rates while performing a difficult task. He tested three groups of randomly selected students and obtained the following means and sums of squares: Volume Source

    asked by Joy
  76. math

    type of cd/dvd- number ---------------------------------------------------------- rock CD 26 ---------------------------------------------------------- pop CD 17 ---------------------------------------------------------- comedy CD 11

    asked by cecrett
  77. physics

    A bead of mass m = 42.5 kg is released from point A which is located 5 m above the ground and slides on the frictionless track as shown in the figure. Determine the beads speed when it reaches point C which is located 2.0 m above the ground.

    asked by sunny
  78. Physics

    What is his kinetic energy when his potential energy reduces to 1000 J? Express your answer to two significant figures and include the appropriate units

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Physics

    In a series circuit, the power source is 9-volt battery and three resistors. R1=7ohm R2=9ohm R3=2ohm What is the total resistance in this series circuit? What is the current? Please help I don't understand this!, Thank you

    asked by Cherie
  80. algebra 1

    Divide the following radical and simplify the answer. 2003-04-05-00-00_files/i0160000.jpg

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Physics

    what type of heat transfer does solar hot water heating use? (conduction, convection, radiation)

    asked by Lisa
  82. physics

    Use the following information to calculate the speed of a ball in a pinball machine at a specific location. The ball is launched by using a spring (k = 684 N/m) compressed by 7.8 cm. Consider the starting position of the ball to be its location when the

    asked by sunny
  83. Accounting Corporations

    Birch issued 200 shares of $12 par common stock in exchange for a piece of equipment with a current market value of $3,000.Whichof the following is not part of the journal entry for tis transaction? A.Debiting Equipment for $3,000 B.Crediting Common Stock

    asked by Bella
  84. English

    That creatures living in the deep sea are in danger of starving to death? Answers are Adverbial clause Adjectival clause Noun Independent clause Thanks is it Independent clause

    asked by snow
  85. Physics

    Does the solar powered calculator work when there is no bright light falling on the solar panel? Explain. I think it does but I don't know why please help explain this. Thank you

    asked by Cherie
  86. science

    1. Which of the following is evidence that groundwater cause erosion and deposition ? a) the formation of meanders b) the formation of large boulders in the desert c) the formation of alluvial fans d) the formation of stalagmites and stalactites in caverns

    asked by victoria
  87. Algebra

    When I factor an expression completely, I get 6(v^2 + 9)(3v - 5). Is it possible to write this as 6(v + 3)(v + 3)(3v - 5)?

    asked by Anonymous
  88. algebra

    If you multiply a number by six and then subtract negative ten, the difference is negative twenty. What is the number?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Stats

    3. A mail order magazine service has the exclusive subscription rights to a certain magazine. Subscriptions can be reserved for one, three, four or five years. A study of the subscriber list for other similar magazines reveals that the following

    asked by Cel
  90. Math

    Find the circumcenter of angle EFG with E(4,4), F(4,2), and G (8,2).

    asked by Libby
  91. Physics

    You exert a 100-N pull on the end of a spring. When you increase the force by 20% to 120 N, the spring's length increases 4.0cm beyond its original stretched position. What is the spring constant of the spring?

    asked by BULTURP
  92. Physics

    A spring with a cart at its end vibrates at frequency 8.5Hz. 1.Determine the period of vibration 2.Determine the frequency if the cart's mass is doubled while the spring constant remains unchanged. 3.Determine the frequency if the spring constant doubles

    asked by BULTURP
  93. math

    we have 2 baskets. there are 3 apples in each basket. we needs 7 apples to make a pie. can we make a pie?

    asked by mohamad shbib
  94. algebra

    . Mrs. Crenshaw has confiscated 4 cell phones from 4 different students because they used them during class. To get the cell phones back, they have to answer the fol- lowing question: What is the probability that no student receives his or her own phone if

    asked by marissa
  95. English

    Choose the best answer 1. What do you get if you mix common bacteria and vinegar. The word common means a. multiple b. ordinary - the answer c. lower-class d. poisonous 2. It is a serious question. The answer is you get bacteria that eat toxic waste and

    asked by Anonymous
  96. pie

    we have 2 baskets. there are 3 apples in each basket. we needs 7 apples to make a pie. can we make a pie?

    asked by mohamad shbib
  97. Music help

    which key is the relative minor of A major? Which major has 5 sharps in the key signature?

    asked by #1Student
  98. Health & P.E. pls check my answers!!!!!

    hi, can someone pls check my answers asap!!??? 1.Select the community activity that is a healthy choice to promote fitness for all ages A.annual 5K fun run for charity*** B.annual state fair C.monthly movie in the park D.monthly laser light show at the

    asked by TTR+S<3
  99. science

    Calculate the mass percent composition of each element in each compound.

    asked by Jordan
  100. US History

    What is the second great awakeing?

    asked by Anonymous
  101. multiplication

    we have 2 baskets. there are 3 apples in each basket. we needs 7 apples to make a pie. can we make a pie?

    asked by mohamad shbib
  102. Finance

    how much should be paid for a bond with a coupon rate of 3.8% a yield to maturity of 6.2% and it wil mature in 7 years

    asked by Sandra
  103. math

    Factor. 18x^3+24x^2-45x

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Health part 2

    The walls of veins have the same three layers as the ________. A. Arteries B. Capillaries C. Tissue D. Soma

    asked by Briana Faith
  105. Physics

    A car of mass m moving at a speed v1 collides and couples with the back of a truck of mass 3m moving initially in the same direction as the car at a lower speed v2. (Use any variable or symbol stated above as necessary.) (b) What is the change in kinetic

    asked by Joe
  106. marketing

    davis is a producer of seasoning powder for quick preparation of food.By 2012 there are nine varieties of seasoning powders.The marketing objectives of the company are to contribute to the dietary life of consumers and also diversify its products to

    asked by marikent
  107. Algebra 1 Answer Check

    Factor this trinomial. 9x^2 - x + 2 A: (3x + 2)(x - 1)

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Business Math

    Sorry - but I accidentally deleted your post. Homework Help: Business Math Posted by Karla on Monday, March 10, 2014 at 8:27pm. The Soft Step Floor Company purchases carpeting for $5.12 per square yard and marks it up 55% based on the selling price. What

    asked by Ms. Sue for Karla
  109. Algebra 1 Answer Check

    Factor this trinomial. -16x + 20x + 6 A: -2(4x + 1)(2x - 3)

    asked by Anonymous
  110. english

    May you please edit this essay? Holden Caulfield in “Catcher in the Rye”, seems to be obsessed with mortality and youthful innocence, both of which are embodied in James Castle and Allie Caulfield. Holden demonstrates these infatuations in his

    asked by Liz
  111. English

    Leonardo da Vinci believed in soper vedere, or the power of observation. While his contemporaries looked for scientific truth in the writings of ancient scholars, da Vinci's theories were based on empirical research, that which he observed and recorded in

    asked by Anonymous
  112. English

    This sentence is all underline Wherever there are animals dropping Answers are Adjectives clause Advebial clause Noun Independent Is it Noun

    asked by snow
  113. science

    Every year Eli and his family visit Great sand dunes desert in Colorado.Elliott notices that more dunes with varied shapes and sizes appear each year.Explain what causes phenomenon.

    asked by victoria
  114. calculus

    Find the surface area of the part of the sphere x^2+y^2+z^2=a^2 inside the circular cylinder x^2+y^2=ay (r=a*sin(θ) in polar coordinates), with a>0. First time posting on this website, sorry for the lack of details on my attempts but I am really not sure

    asked by Johnnie
  115. math

    if four out every seven individuals in a population of armadillos carry a gene for a defective enzyme, how many individuals carry the normal gene in a population of 869 armadillos?

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Personal Finance

    The maximum tax rate on estates and gifts: A. is gradually declining. B. is gradually increasing. D. has increased sharply

    asked by Nina
  117. math

    if venom A is three times as potent as venom B and venom C is 2.2 times as potent as venom B. how much more potent is venom C compared to venom A?

    asked by Anonymous
  118. College Physics

    PLEASE HELP. DUE TOMORROW A large box 4.5 m on a side has mass 90 kg. A force F is applied as shown, making an angle θ = 35 with respect to the vertical. How large must the force be to tip the box about the pivot point P? The force is being pulled

    asked by Kelsey
  119. Science help

    A student combined water, sugar, and salt into a beaker. Which of the following statements are true? a. The individual substances can be separated by physical means.** b. The individual substances cannot be separated by physical means. c. A new substance

    asked by #1Student
  120. Calculus

    If f(x)= -4x^2+7 and x≤0, what is the equation of the inverse function? The answer is supposed to be f^-1(x)= -[√(7-x)]/2, but this is what I did: x=-4y^2+7 -4y^2=x-7 y^2=(x-7)/-4 y= √[(x-7)/-4] Did I do something wrong? By the way, for the original

    asked by Ann
  121. math(CHECK answers)

    4.D 4.which unit of measurement is best to measure the amount of water in a swimming pool? A.milliliter B.kiloliter C.centiliter D.kilometer

    asked by matt
  122. khumbula high school

    identify three study fields/career paths in order of preference and provide two reasons for each choice

    asked by zihle
  123. physics

    Multiple Concept Example 9 provides background pertinent to this problem. The magnitudes of the four displacement vectors shown in the drawing are A = 15.0 m, B = 10.0 m, C = 12.0 m, and D = 29.0 m. Determine the (a) magnitude and (b) direction for the

    asked by marah
  124. Languaga Arts

    4. What conclusion can you draw from Anne and Peter’s interaction at the beginning of Scene 3? (1 point) a.Anne finds Peter’s behavior embarrassing. b.Anne is standoffish toward Peter, which hurts his feelings. c.Peter is self-conscious, while Anne is

    asked by Amy
  125. Math


    asked by Mpho
  126. khumbula high school

    state the study field you have identified as your first preference and briefly give a description of the course

    asked by zihle
  127. US History

    I'm trying to find what the "Enabling Bill" is. We are talking about the Missouri Compromise, Monroe Doctrine and treaties in the 1800's but the only thing I can find is the Enabling Act of 1933. Please help.

    asked by Sue
  128. science

    Hannah is comparing a rock from a riverbed and a rock from deep underground. One is very smooth, and the other has very rough edges. Explain why each rock was probably found in that location.

    asked by victoria
  129. rational expressions

    1. Create a equation that uses two rational expressions that equal (x+5)^2 2. Create an equation that uses two rational expressions that equal 1/x+3 3. Create an equation that uses two rational equations that equal x^2+7x+10

    asked by jarron
  130. life orientation formal assessment tasks

    state the minimum admission requirements for you chosen study field ensure that you information is current and relevant

    asked by zihle
  131. math


    asked by WINSTON
  132. math


    asked by WINSTON
  133. math

    Suppose the the limit as x approaches 6 to the left equals infinity. What conclusion can be made about the graph of y = f (x)? there is a horizontal asymptote at y = -6 there is a horizontal asymptote at y = 6 there is a vertical asymptote at x = -6 there

    asked by lilly
  134. Algebra

    Mary has a total of $5000 invested in two accounts. One account pays 5% and the other 8%. Her interest in the first year was $331. Write and solve a system of equations to find out how much she has invested in both accounts.

    asked by Steveo
  135. exam # 013050

    Need help with the following PF exam 013050 - answers

    asked by Van
  136. math

    47. (-3,0),(1,4),(-1,6),(2,0) can some help me graph this

    asked by Anonymous
  137. Science

    What is the formula to find density when weight is 90N, Vol is 45ml, Mass is 9.0g

    asked by Jordan
  138. English

    I need to re word this paragraph. Hemingway's distinctive writing style is characterized by economy and understatement, and had a significant influence on the development of the 20th century fiction writing. His protagonists are typically stoical men who

    asked by Gabby
  139. science

    In the following diagram, the greem ball changes direction after colliding with the red ball because the red ball has more momentum. True

    asked by thenameisjordan
  140. Physics

    A ball traveling with an initial momentum of 2.5 kg*m/s bounces off a wall and comes back in the opposite direction with a momentum of -2.5 kg*m/s. What impulse would be required to produce this change?

    asked by Amanda
  141. Algebra

    Compute and write your answer in scientific notation. (5.2 x 1013) (7.1 x 10-22)

    asked by Steveo
  142. Algebra

    Compute and write your answer in scientific notation (4.3 x 10-8) (1.5 x 109)

    asked by Steveo
  143. Algebra

    Compute and write your answer in scientific notation. 8.2 x 105 2.75 x 10-3

    asked by Steveo
  144. Algebra

    Compute and write your answer in scientific notation. 6.3 x 10-7 3.25 x 10-12

    asked by Steveo
  145. english

    I have to write a research paper on why ernest hemingway would be a good author for college students to ready. Any suggestions on where to start?

    asked by Vicky
  146. Algebra

    Subtract the polynomials. (4a2+9b5) - (-2a2-6b5)

    asked by BrianP
  147. Algebra

    Subtract the polynomials. (-7-2z3+4y) - (3z3+12-6y)

    asked by BrianP
  148. Physics

    The frequency of oscillation of a pendulum is 7 Hz. What is the period of oscillation?

    asked by Amanda
  149. Physics

    A truck and a bicycle are moving side by side with the same velocity. Which, if either, will require the larger impulse to bring it to a stop? a) The bicycle. b) The truck. c) Both will need the same impulse. d) There is not enough information to determine

    asked by Amanda
  150. math

    Wilson buys pizza every month to serve to his employees at their meeting. In February, he bought three more than twice the number of pizzas he bought in January. If Wilson bought 15 pizzas in February, how many did he buy in January?

    asked by Kat
  151. math

    100 eighth grade students were interviewed about their favorite subject at school. 45 said Math, 70 said English, and 5 said neither. Using a Venn diagram, how many said both?

    asked by jojo
  152. english

    1 'are you free this afternoon'she said. (into reported speech) 'dont you want to go?'(into indirect speech) 3. if i were you ... why i agrees with were not was pl clarify

    asked by r s telagathoty
  153. L.A.

    Which words clue the reader about the compare-and-contrast organization in the opening paragraph of "The Next Big Thing"?

    asked by Connexus
  154. Science, Genetics

    Please help me with science genetics questions? Thanks to all who answer. :) 1. Chromosome pairs contain different versions of genes, which are called ________. 2. The process in which body cells are duplicated in order to grow and repair body tissues is

    asked by Hannah
  155. Algebra 1 Answer Check

    Factor each trinomial. 1. -2x^2 + 5x + 12 A: -1(2x + 3)(x - 4) 2. 4a^2 + 8a - 5 A: (2a -1)(2a + 5) 3. -4x^2 - 8x + 5 A: -1(2x - 1)(2x + 5) 4. -5x^2 + 7x + 6 A: -1(5x + 3)(x - 2)

    asked by Anonymous

    What is the central angle of a circle with a radius of 2 feet and a segment area of 4.3 square feet.

    asked by ROMEO
  157. spelling

    if i said i only saw one loan deer. which word needs to be spelled correctly

    asked by canace

    what is a scenario in which REDUCING the time of impact would be beneficial?

    asked by Aly
  159. math

    A lady buys goods worth Rs.200 from a shop. (shopkeeper selling the goods with zero profit) .. The lady gives him 1000 rs note. The shopkeeper gets the change from the next shop and keeps 200 for himself and returns Rs.800 to the lady. .. Later the

    asked by faizanurrahman
  160. Math 2 questions

    1.5.652 rounded to the nearest tenth. 2. The two triangles below are similar. Find the value of x. triangle 1: base: 4 height: 10 triangle 2: base: x height: 20 what would X be? my guess 8.

    asked by anonymous
  161. Math

    Hi can someone help me with this question. This is on my review. Thanks! The monthly cost C, in dollars, for international calls on a certain cellular phone plan is modeled by the function where x is the number of minutes used. (a) What is the cost if you

    asked by Matt
  162. statistics

    1. A company decides to add a new program that prepares randomly selected sales personnel to increase their number of sales per month. The mean number of sales per month for the overall population of sales people at this national company is 25 with a

    asked by Anonymous
  163. physics30

    A spring is compressed a distance of x. When the spring is released, it shoots a marble of mass m vertically upward from ground level. The maximum height reached by the marble is h. The magnitude of the marble’s momentum at the highest point of the

    asked by alejandro
  164. 103 Logic

    14. Deciduous trees are trees that shed their leaves. Maple trees are deciduous trees. Therefore, maple trees will shed their leaves at some point during the growing season. (Points : 1) A. Deductive B. Inductive

    asked by Jeanette
  165. Chemistry

    In a coffee cup calorimeter, 1.60 g of NH4NO3 is mixed with 75.0 g water at an initial temperature of 23.50 ºC. When the salt was completely dissolved, the solution temperature of the calorimeter became 21.80 ºC. Assume the solution’s specific heat

    asked by Eddie
  166. Physics

    If you throw a 0.5 kg ball straight up with a speed of 10 m/s, how high will it go?

    asked by Sandra
  167. Physics

    The rockets on a cell phone satellite provide a thrust of 12,000N. If the mass of the satellite is 15,000kg, What will be the resulting acceleration?

    asked by Sandra
  168. Physics

    What is the work done by a crane that lifts a 1,200kg object 30m?

    asked by Sandra
  169. Maths

    A man is 42 years old and his son is 12 years old. In how many years will the age of the son be half the age of the man at that time? Explain!

    asked by Abhishek
  170. physics

    A spring can store 25 J of energy when compressed by 0.13 m. What is the spring constant of the spring? Use SI units in your answer. k =

    asked by Anonymous
  171. Math 2

    Amira decides that she wants the 10 molds to have a square base. How many possible molds can she use? Volume is 28 cubic centimeters when it was a rectangular prism. Please answer thanks

    asked by Jenny 2
  172. 6th grade math - statistics

    Can you explain why Q1 = 3.5 and Q3 is 9 out of this dataset 0, 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 7, 7, 8, 10, 12, 12. My answers were: Assuming median would be 7 (using numbers in positions 6 and 7 where 7+7/2 = 7) Q1 dataset would be 0,1,3,4,6; Q1 = 3 Q2 dataset would be

    asked by Alexis
  173. math

    Calculate the slant height for the given cone. Round to the nearest tenth. Diameter = 8cm height = 9 cm 10.2 cm 11.4 cm 9.8 cm 12.0 cm

    asked by anonymous
  174. Math 2

    Mr. Nelson has a rectangular flower box that is 5 feet long and 2 feet tall. She wants the width of the box to be no more than 5 feet. If the width is a whole number, what are the possible volumes for the flower box?

    asked by Jenny 2
  175. Math 2

    Raymond wants to make a box that has a volume of 360 cubic inches. He wants the height to be 10 inches and the other two dimensions to be whole numbers of inches. How many different sized boxes can he make?

    asked by Jenny 2
  176. Please Help Me :( Science: Biology, Genetics!

    Please help me with science genetics questions? Thanks to all who answer!! :) 1. Chromosome pairs contain different versions of genes, which are called ________. 2. The process in which body cells are duplicated in order to grow and repair body tissues is

    asked by Hannah
  177. chemistry

    what volume of 1.5mols of tetraoxosulphate (iv) is needed to react with 2grams of calcium

    asked by ayomide
  178. chemistry

    0.05naoh in 2and half ml naoh?

    asked by kapil
  179. Calculus

    Determine the equation of the inverse function if f(x) = 2x^2+3, and x≥0. The answer is supposed to be f^-1(x)=[√(2x-6)]/2. This is what I did: x=2y^2+3 2y^2=x-3 y^2=(x-3)/2 y=√[(x-3)/2] Did I do something wrong? Thanks!

    asked by Ann
  180. Science

    If 33.7 grams of LiOH dissolve in enough water to make a 231-gram solution, what is the concentration in percent by mass?

    asked by Josh
  181. FIN/371

    a bond that has a $1,000 par value (face value) and a contract or coupon interest rate of 10.1%. The bonds have a current market value of $1,125 and will mature in 10 years. The firm's marginal tax is 34%.

    asked by Terrell
  182. Math. 2

    Siphons bought 3 yards of trim to put around a rectangular scarf. She wants the width of the scarf to be a whole number that is at least 6 inches and at most 12 inches. If she uses all the trim , what are the possible dimensions of the scarf? Write in

    asked by Jenny 2
  183. physics

    A ball is projected upwards from a platform 8m above the ground,with an initial velocity of 3m/s.How long does it take for the ball to reach the ground.

    asked by pamela