Questions Asked on
February 24, 2014

  1. physics

    A 0.13 kg ball of dough is thrown straight up into the air with an initial speed of 18 m/s. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 .What is its momentum halfway to its max- imum height on the way up?

    asked by chris
  2. algebra

    Show all steps solve the equation 0.25r-0.125+0.5r=0.5+r

    asked by tina
  3. Consumer Math

    1. Ken bought a car last year to drive back and forth to work. Last year he spent $1,098 on gas. This year, it was $1,562. What is the inflation rate? a. About 51% b. About 42% c. About 20% d. About 39% I believe it is b is this correct? 2.Carnie had an

    asked by Cheryl

    the African plate is moving toward the Eurasian plate at a rate few centimeters per year. how will this are change in 100 million years. in your answer consider how continents will change and how the Mediterranean see will change

    asked by Denna
  5. algebra

    Show all steps solve the formula for the indicated variable T=3u/e for u

    asked by tina
  6. math

    A number pattern has 75 as its first term. The rule for the patterm is subtract 6. What is the sixth term ? a).39 , b). 45 , c). 51 , d). 69. My answer is a).39

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Precalculus

    In most geometry courses, we learn that there's no such thing as "SSA Congruence". That is, if we have triangles ABC and DEF such that AB = DE, BC = EF, and angle A = angle D, then we cannot deduce that ABC and DEF are congruent. However, there are a few

    asked by John
  8. STAT - Please check answer

    In a study, nine tires of a particular brand were driven on a track under identical conditions. Each tire was driven a particular controlled distance (measured in thousands of miles), and afterward the tread depth was measured. Tread depth is measured in

    asked by Tracy
  9. Chemistry

    In 1901, Thomas Edison invented the nickel-iron battery. The follwing reaction takes place in the battery. Fe(s) + 2 NiO(OH)(s) + 2 H2O(l) Fe(OH)2(s) + 2 Ni(OH)2(aq) How many mole of Fe(OH)2, is produced when 3.70 mol Fe and 6.95 mol NiO(OH) react?

    asked by Grace
  10. Science One Question! Help ASAP!!!

    Discuss your opinion of the consequences of artificial selection and the advantages and disadvantages of using genetic information in society. Use facts from your research to support your opinion. Cite the sources for your facts. HELP ASAP!

    asked by Do_It_For_The_Vine
  11. Science

    which of the following illustrates conduction as a mode of heat transfer 1 point a microwave oven produces electromagnetic waves that transfer to the food in the form of head leaving a metal spoon in a bowl of hot soup will make the spoon at a well pasta

    asked by Denna
  12. physics

    A heat engine receives 7.0 x 10^3 J of heat and loses 3.0 x 10^3 J in each cycle. What is the efficiency? 1-30% 2-43% 3-57% 4-70% 5-100%

    asked by shirly
  13. Math

    A store sells used DVDs for $8 each and used videotapes for $6 each. Write a function rule to represent total selling price of DVDs and videotapes. Then use the function rule to find the price if 5 DVDs and 3 videotapes

    asked by Ty
  14. Math

    several friends each had 2/3 of a bag of peanuts left over from the basketball game. they realized that they could have bought 2 fewer bags of peanuts between them. how many friends went to the game?

    asked by Izzy
  15. algebra

    A furniture maker uses the specification 19.88

    asked by jim
  16. Physics-check answer please (multiple choice)

    1. A 2.5 kg mass at rest on a horizontal surface is acted upon by an applied horizontal force of 150 N. A frictional force of 100 N acts on the mass. How much work is done on the mass? my answer: would the work be 0? 2. When a rock is thrown straight up in

    asked by Lisa
  17. Chemistry

    A volume of 80.0mL of aqueous potassium hydroxide (KOH) was titrated against a standard solution of sulfuric acid (H2SO4). What was the molarity of the KOH solution if 21.7mL of 1.50 M H2SO4 was needed? The equation is

    asked by carley
  18. Science

    Which of these statements about saltwater is correct? a. Saltwater freezes at a lowers temperature? b. Saltwater freezes at a higher temperature c. saltwater does not freeze at any temperature d. saltwater freezing point depends on the temperate of ocean

    asked by Hannah
  19. physics lab

    The experiment done in lab is repeated, using a ball that has unknown mass m. You plot your data in the form of f 2 versus M/L, with f in rev/s, M in kg, and L in m. Your data falls close to a straight line that has slope 7.82 m/(kg · s2). Use g = 9.80

    asked by sunny
  20. Science

    This is just a practice. Most sex-linked genes are found on?

    asked by Connexus
  21. Physics

    A car moving initially at a speed of 80 km/h and weighing 13,000 N is brought to a stop ina distance of 61 m. Find(a) the braking force and (b) the time required to stop. Assuming the same braking force, find (c) the distance and (d) the time required to

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Math

    The passenger section of a train has width 2x-7, length 2x+3 and height x-2 with all dimensions in metres. Solve a polynomial equation to determine the dimensions of the section of the train if the volume is 117 m^3

    asked by Kizzy
  23. history,geograph,life science,life orentation,mathematical literacy,english

    1.with my school subjects which careers can i study and the entrance requirement for the particular courses and fees and accommodation cost.

    asked by elisabeth
  24. Chemistry

    If a 0.192 g sample of copper metal reacts with elemental sulfur to form 0.240 g of the sulfide product, (a) find the percent by mass of copper and sulfur in the product and (b) find the empirical formula of the copper sulfide

    asked by danielle
  25. math

    the ratio of the height to the width of a packaging label is 5 to 19. if the height of the label is 1.5 inches, what is its width?

    asked by magen
  26. Physics

    A 1250 kg car travelling at 60.0 km/h comes to a sudden stop in 35 m. What is the coefficient of friction acting on the brakes?

    asked by John Appleseed
  27. chemistry

    Suppose that a student calculated Kf of biphenyl to be 81.2C kg/mol. calculate the mass of an unknown if a solution containing 1.64 g of unknown in 18.22 g of biphenyl froze at 39.9 C

    asked by Artem
  28. statistics

    An SRS of 40 San Diego County Schools graduates showed that 26 of the 40 enrolled in a college or university right out of high school. a. Find a 90% confidence interval for the proportion of all San Diego County Schools graduates who enrolled in a college

    asked by Anonymous
  29. physics

    A 72- kg ice hockey player standing on a frictionless sheet of ice throws a 5.6- kg bowling ball horizontally with a speed of 3.9 m/s. With what speed does the hockey player recoil?

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Math

    A small plane flying a banner in the shape of a rectangle the area of the banner is hundred and 44 square the width of the banner is one fourth the length of the banner what are the dimensions of the banner

    asked by Jessy
  31. Physics

    3. Yellow light travels through a glass block at a speed of 1.97x108 m/s. The wavelength of the light in this type of glass is 3.81x10-7 m. What is the frequency of yellow light?

    asked by Tara
  32. Pre-Algebra

    Your baseball team has won 6 games and lost 4 games. If the team does not lose any more games, how many games must the team win to have a win: loss ratio of 2:1.

    asked by Jackie
  33. statistics

    A psychic was tested for ESP. The psychic was presented with 400 cards face down and was asked to determine if the card was one of four symbols: a cross, a star, a circle, or a square. The psychic was correct in 120 of the cases. Let p represent the

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Chemistry

    When copper(II) oxide is heated in the presence of hydrogen gas, elemental copper and water are produced. What mass of copper can be obtained if 34.0 g copper(II) oxide is used?

    asked by Grace
  35. physics

    20.00 cm of space is available. How long a piece of brass at 20°C can be put there and still fit at 200°C? Brass has a linear expansion coefficient of 19 × 10^-6/C°. 1-19.93 cm 2-19.69 cm 3-19.50 cm 4-19.09 cm

    asked by shirly
  36. 4 grade math

    What is the sum of4/10 and 40/100

    asked by micaiah
  37. Algebra 2

    Can someone please explain how to do this problem? A regional soccer tournament has 64 participating teams. In the first round, the number of games played decreases by a factor of one half. Find a rule for the number of games played in the regional soccer

    asked by Jane
  38. chemistry

    LAST QUESTION: When solid NH4NO3 decomposes, a mixture of gases is obtained: 2 NH4NO3(s)--> 4H2O(g) + O2(g) + 2 N2(g) In an experiment, 5.02 g NH4NO3 decomposes completely in a rigid 5.00-L container. What is the total pressure in the container if the

    asked by jin
  39. math

    Find the original price of a pair of shoes if the sale price is $56 after a 20% discount

    asked by Brittany
  40. math

    the temperature has been dropping 3 degrees per hour. at midnight the temperature was 25 degrees. let y be the temperature after x hours

    asked by jacob
  41. Ethics

    1. Direct misconduct by a police officer, such as extorting money from drug dealers, would be an example of which of the following forms of misconduct? A. Nonfeasance B. Misfeasance C. Malfeasance D. All of the above im confused between C and D 2. A law

    asked by Any
  42. math

    Cecilia created 2.5 liters of a chemical mixture for an experiment. Saline soltution accounted for 12.5% of the mixture. How many liters of saline solution were in the mixture? a.) 0.3125 liters b.) 2.1875 liters c.) 3.125 liters d.) 31.25 liters

    asked by Please Help!!!
  43. Ethics

    1. With respect to religion and morality, the problem of common ground refers to the fact that religious commands and principles: A. are too old to be valuable today. B. are of unknown origin. C. only appeal to believers. D. are often immoral themselves.

    asked by Any
  44. math

    Each user has a password 6 characters long where each character is an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, or a digit. Each password must contain at least one digit. How long will it take to check every possible character combination, if each check takes

    asked by lisa
  45. Math

    Linda jogs every 3rd day and swims every 4th day. If she is jogging on Monday, what day of the week will she end up jogging and swimming? I say it's Tuesday? Would I be correct?

    asked by Mike
  46. chemistry

    Hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, is used to disinfect contact lenses. What volume of O2, in mL, or O2(g) at 31 degree celsius, and 741mmHg can be liberated from 10.0mL of an aqueous solution containing 3.00% H2O2 by mass? The density of aqueous solution of H2O2 is

    asked by Abby
  47. Ethics

    1. Which of the following positions holds that moral beliefs vary from person to person, and that one person's beliefs and practices cannot be said to be more right (or wrong) that any other person's? A. Relativism B. Pluralism C. The principle of

    asked by Any
  48. Ms.Sue: German- will you pass this onto the German

    Choose the best answer. 1.) We like to eat. A.) Wir essen lieber. B.) Wir essen gern.******** C.) Wir essen am liebsten. D.) Wir essen besser. 2.) They prefer the movie. A.) Sie haben den Film lieber. B.) Sie hat den Film lieber.********* C.) Sie haben das

    asked by Cassie
  49. math

    A map distance of 5 inches represents 200 miles of actual distance Suppose the distance between two cities on the maps 7 inches.What is the actual distance between the two cities?Write the rule you used to find the actual distance.

    asked by Shakayla
  50. Science

    How would playing a game of soccer, baseball, or basketball be different if inertia didn’t exist?

    asked by anekfoxx
  51. Chemistry

    How does Le Chatelier's principle explain the result you obtained when you add HCL to a suspension of Ca(OH)2 in water? Where the result was, precipitate dissappeared and an increase in temperature resulted.

    asked by J
  52. Physics

    I need help, i'm not sure if i have the correct answers and i'm scared to submit them. A man carries a 10 kg sack of groceries in his arms with a force of 50 N as he walks forward a distance of 10 m. How much work has he done? (Points : 1) 0 J 50 J 100 J

    asked by Me
  53. world geography

    2. What was Mustafa Ataturk's contribution to modern Turkey? A.He began the process of turning Turkey into a modernized, secular state. B. He was instrumental in policy changes that gave Turkey membership in NATO. C. He breathed new vitality into Turkish

    asked by mariy
  54. Math

    Give the exact and approximate solutions to three decimal places. X^2-7x+3=0 The exact solutions are x=________ The approximate solutions to 3decimal places are x=___________

    asked by Pam
  55. Language Arts (Please Check!)

    1. Based on what you have read so far, what is the one thing that always changes when a scene changes in The Diary of Anne Frank? (1 point) a. the Franks’ reason for hiding b. the passage of time ** c. the use of voiceover for Anne’s diary 2. When

    asked by #1Student
  56. 5th Grade Math

    3/4 x 1/2 = 3/8 Need to write a word problem for this equation, and then my daughter has to draw a model to show the product. She doesn't believe that the equation I gave her is useable so I am turning to here. Thank you!

    asked by Sara
  57. 6th grade social studies

    I need help unscrambling these letters to form two words: inenidj tcain They go along with the phrase ______ _____and Persia.

    asked by Jack
  58. Chemistry

    If 3.943 g of anhydrous salt remains after heating 5.00 g of CuCℓ2·xH2O, determine the number of molecules of water of hydration in the original hydrate.

    asked by Roxanne
  59. chemistry

    It takes 19.6 mins for a 10.0mL sample of an unknown gas to effuse through a pinhole. A 10.0mL sample of He, required 5.05mins. What is the molar mass of the unknown gas? I got that you have to do : effuse rate of He/Effuse rate of Mx = Square root of

    asked by jin
  60. ss --- check my work!!!

    hi, can someone check my work asap!?? 1. Which was the last country to challenge the United States' control of Oregon? (1 point) Russia Britain*** Spain Mexico 2. What allowed people from both Britain and the United States to settle in Oregon country? (1

    asked by TTR+S<3
  61. AP style

    my question from last night was moved to the second page. But I asked if north central would be hyphenated in AP style.. A tutor replied in what context.. This context: He was born in Zhengzhou, China, which is the capital and largest city of Henan

    asked by Blaze
  62. Physics

    A 6.2 kg model rocket is traveling horizontally and due south with a speed of 20.3 m/s when it explodes into two pieces. The velocity of one piece, with a mass of 1.6 kg, is v1 = (-12 m/s)i + (30 m/s)j + (15 m/s)k, with i pointing due east, j pointing due

    asked by Nat
  63. Math

    Determine an equation in simplified form, for the family of quadratic functions with zeros -1 -+ √5 and 2 -+ √2 B) determine an equation for the member of the family whose graph has a y intercept of -32

    asked by Kim
  64. Math

    Please Help!!, The dimensions of a photo of a mountain bike are 15cm by 12cm. An enlargement is to be made for a poster with dimensions 4.0m by 3.2m. What is the scale factor of the poster to the nearest tenth?

    asked by Cherie
  65. Chemistry

    An electron traveling at 3.1 x 10^5 m/s has an uncertainty in it's velocity of 1.07 x 10^5 m/s. What is the uncertainty in it's position?

    asked by Terri
  66. math

    130 square root to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by paula
  67. 7th grade


    asked by me
  68. Grammar Answer Check

    Underline the direct objects in the sentences, or extracts from sentences. 1. The next day I visited a good friend of mine. Underlined: friend of mine. 2. With everything set, I opened the small door of the fly house. Underlined: door of the fly house.

    asked by Anonymous
  69. physics

    An old battery with an emf of 9.0 V has a terminal voltage of 7.8 V when it is supplying a current of 1.5 mA. What is the internal resistance of the battery?

    asked by mercedes
  70. Chemistry

    A neutral atom of an element has 2 electrons with n=1, 8 electrons with n=2, and 5 electrons with n=3. Write its electron configuration and find: A) atomic number B) total number of s electrons C) total number p electrons D) total number of protons

    asked by Taylor Beach
  71. math

    Michael will be running 15 mile road race this weekend. How many feet will he run?

    asked by Please help
  72. chemistry

    A sheet of gold of mass 100g and a teperature of 18.0 degrees is placed flat on a sheet of iron weighing 20g and at a temperature of 55.6 degrees. what is the final temperature of the combined metal.

    asked by moses
  73. physics

    An old battery with an emf of 9.0 V has a terminal voltage of 7.8 V when it is supplying a current of 1.5 mA. What is the internal resistance of the battery? 800 Ω 900 Ω 400 Ω 600 Ω

    asked by mercedes
  74. physics

    A 8.05- g bullet from a 9-mm pistol has a velocity of 346.0 m/s. It strikes the 0.785- kg block of a ballistic pendulum and passes completely through the block. If the block rises through a distance h = 16.04 cm, what was the velocity of the bullet as it

    asked by Zoey
  75. Ethics

    1. When we claim that certain moral values or principles (e.g., do not steal) apply or should apply to all people, everywhere, we are saying that some values or principles are: A. descriptive. B. relative. C. universal. D. pragmatic. is it D 2. Which of

    asked by Any
  76. Calculus

    A ladder 25 feet long that was leaning against a vertical wall begins to slip. Its top slides down the wall while its bottom moves along the lever ground at a constant speed of 4 ft/sec. How fast is the top of the ladder moving when it is 20 feet above the

    asked by Bobby
  77. physics

    A small block has a horizontal velocity of 4.00 m/s as it slides off the edge of a table. The table is a vertical distance of 0.95 m above the floor. If g = 9.80 m/s2, how far does the block travel horizontally while it is in the air?

    asked by sunny
  78. Biochemstry

    1. A buffer was prepared by dissolving 11.7 g of KH2PO4 in 400 mL of water, and with the addition of concentrated solution of KOH the pH was adjusted to 7.10. The volume was then adjusted to 500 mL. What are the [PO43-], [HPO42-], [H2PO41-], and [H3PO4]?

    asked by James
  79. Math

    Brad is paid time-and-a-half if he works over 40 hours in a week. one week he worked 55 hours and earned $697.50.Write and solve an equation that can be used to find Brad's regular hourly rate.

    asked by Hanna Hyung
  80. ss --- pls check my work!!!

    hi, can somebody pls check my work asap!?? 1. Who was the African American who called the war with Mexico "disgraceful" and "cruel"? (1 point) Santa Anna Frederick Douglass*** Davy Crockett Sam Houston 2. When Mexico won its independence in 1821, it

    asked by TTR+S<3
  81. English (Writeacher or Ms. Sue)

    Please, I am struggling with these. Can someone help me by answering them? Or at least assisting me to? Thank you in advance to anyone who are able to. Read each of the following passages of descriptions of events from the play. Identify which type of

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Music

    _______ was recognized as a musical pioneer who challenged convention and went against the grain. A. Duke Ellington B. Charles Ives C. Igor Stravinsky D. Scott Joplin I guessed C, but that was wrong. Anyone know what it could be?

    asked by Victoria
  83. Chemistry

    What atom is indicated by the following electron configuration. 1s^22s^12p^1 ?

    asked by Taylor Beach
  84. Math

    Denisha used 9 balls of clay and 16 straws tomake a solid pyramid. How many faces does the solid have?

    asked by Enrique
  85. physics

    1500 cm^3 of ideal gas at STP is cooled to -20°C and put into a 1000 cm^3 container. What is the final gauge pressure? 1-11 kPa 2-40 kPa 3-113 kPa 4-141 kPa 5-240 kPa

    asked by shirly
  86. Literature/ English--Please, help me!

    Please, I am struggling with these. Can someone help me by answering them? Or at least assisting me to? Thank you in advance to anyone who are able to. Read each of the following passages of descriptions of events from the play. Identify which type of

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Math

    Two poles are 20 feet tall and 30 feet tall, respectively. If they are 30 feet apart, how far is it from the top of one pole to the top of the other pole? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a foot.

    asked by Amanda
  88. chemistry

    Carbon monoxide, CO and hydrogen, H2, react accordingly: 4CO(g)+9H2(g)-->C4H10(g)+4H2O What volume of the EXCESS REACTANT remains if 17.2L CO and 42.1L H2 are allowed to react? Assume both gases are measured at 711 degree celsius and 1.33atm.

    asked by jin
  89. physics

    Two 250-µF capacitors, with equal capacitances, and a 1.5-mH inductor are connected as shown in the figure. It is desired to "drive" the circuit by placing an ac generator in series with the inductor. Which output voltage for the generator will produce

    asked by Anonymous
  90. math

    208 square root to nearest hundredth.

    asked by paula
  91. physics

    if I weigh 177 lb on a stationary scale and stand on that same scale inside an elevator going up at an acceleration of 12 ft/s^2 what will the ending scale reading be?

    asked by jake
  92. Math

    An investor must invest a total of $15,000 in two accounts, one paying 4% annual interest, and the other 3%. If he wants to earn $550 annual interest, how much should he invest at each rate?

    asked by Mila
  93. world geography

    The entire region of Northern Africa and Southwest Asia is dominated by A. climates in which the evaporation exceeds precipitation. B. desert climates. C. climates in which rainfall is either abundant or all but entirely absent. D. steppe climates. All the

    asked by mariy
  94. chemistry

    What is the density of CH4 gas at 32.7 degree celsius and 109kPa? The molar mass of CH4 is 16.042g/mol.

    asked by jin
  95. Chemistry 192

    Give the electron configuration for the following: A) Ni^2+ B) Br^-

    asked by Taylor Beach
  96. science

    A tractor pulls a tree trunk across a horizontal piece of ground.if the force in the chain is 3000N and the chain forms an angle of 30˚ with the ground,culculate the force with which the tree I'd pulled across the ground

    asked by refilwe
  97. Science

    A)Could you add marbles to a beaker filled with sand and get the same results? B)How does the Particle theory model explain that a substance can be solid while having spaces between its particles? C)Why does 50 ml of water and 5oml of sugar NOT produce 100

    asked by Harmony Ann
  98. Math ~ Need Help! ~

    • 1. Draw a segment and create a perpendicular bisector using the geometric construction techniques. • 2. Draw an angle and create an angle bisector using geometric construction techniques.

    asked by Abby
  99. physics

    Explain why should torques, not forces, play essential roles in the following actions. (a) open or close a door (b) tighten or loosen a screw using a wrench c) "Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the Earth with it"

    asked by Lily
  100. physics

    the rotation of earth is a period of 86164 seconds. the earth has a radius of 6380 km. how fast would you be moving due to earths rotation at the equator? also how fast would you be moving at a latitude of 27 degrees north of the equator? also calculate

    asked by jake
  101. LeVa Burton Awards

    What awards has LeVar Burton won? I know he has like 12 emmys, but what are the emmys for? And what are the 5 NAACP & 1 Grammy Award for?

    asked by Anonymous

    A solution is 42% NaCl by mass. If 314 mL of H2O was used to create the solution, calculate the , mass of salt that was used.

    asked by Shiv
  103. physics

    A partly-full paint can has 0.40 gallons of paint left in it. (a) What is the volume of the paint, in cubic meters? (b) If all the remaining paint is used to coat a wall evenly (wall area = 11 m2), how thick is the layer of wet paint? Give your answer in

    asked by sana
  104. Science

    Can someone ANSWER what's the difference between exothermic and endothermic reactions?

    asked by Amy
  105. Physics

    A 2.5kg solid homogenous ball is rolling without slipping at 3.0 meters per second to the right on a level surface. The diameter of the ball is 80 centimeters. What is the total kinetic energy of the ball? Can someone give me the equation for this?

    asked by Robert
  106. business and administrative comunication

    resume must be free from typos because employers:

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Social Studies

    Hello, I need help I have to do a venn diagram and do similarities and locations of Ganda, Swahili and kwama. Thank you

    asked by Cameron
  108. math

    how can you find 11 over 12 - 2 over 3 write the difference in simplest form.

    asked by Jamar dixon
  109. calculus

    Consider the function f(x)=x^n for positive integer values of n. (a) For what values of n does the function have a relative minimum at the origin? (b) For what values of n does the function have a point of inflection at the origin?

    asked by helga
  110. English

    Can someone explain to me the difference between angry about and angry for (when a verb follows)? I think "about" is used in sentences like: he is angry about being in jail (Would "for" be possible in this sentence?) he is angry with me for being rude to

    asked by Frank
  111. Psychology

    I have to write a example of Power assertion, Love withdrawal and Induction. And then I have to connect them all together. Thanks.

    asked by Badreeq
  112. Chemisty

    6.52 g of oxygen gas reacts with some amount of iron, and 11.50 g of Fe2O3 are formed. What was the amount of iron that reacted with the oxygen?

    asked by Tator
  113. distributive property

    rewrite the expresssion using the distributive property 4x (8+ m)

    asked by Anonymous
  114. math

    435 is 15% of what number? a.) 6.525 b.) 65.25 c.) 2,900 d.) 29,000

    asked by Please Help!!!
  115. Chemistry

    The Maximum number of electrons that may occupy the third electron shell is A)2 B)8 C)10 D) 18

    asked by Taylor Beach
  116. algebra

    Solve the equation check for extraneous solution 6|6-4 x|=8 x+4answers are x=1, x=5/2.or x=2, x=5/2, x=5/2or x=1

    asked by jim
  117. Literature/English

    Please, I am struggling with these. Can someone help me by answering them? Or at least assisting me to? Thank you in advance to anyone who are able to. Read each of the following passages of descriptions of events from the play. Identify which type of

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Math

    Mr. Anderson has a whirling sprinkler for watering his lawn. The sprinkler waters a circle whose length from the sprinkler to the edge of what is 12 meters. Find the area of the lawn that he can sprinkle at one time. I know it says find the area but my

    asked by Anthony
  119. identify

    i am three digit odd number between 390 and 410 my three digits add up to 7 what am i

    asked by Anonymous
  120. math

    on a map, the length of a nature center trail is 9.5 cm. if the scale is 2 cm to 14 kilometers, what is the actual length of the trail.

    asked by magen
  121. Chemistry

    How would one go about separating the following substances. It's review for my test. A solution contains Al3+, Ca2+, Fe3+ , and Ni2+ ions. Draw a flow chart that outlines the procedure required to separate this mixture (use the back if you need more room)

    asked by Matt
  122. math

    Add parentheses so that each equation is correct. 8+3*6-4-1=13

    asked by mon
  123. english

    The audience cheers excitedly when someone makes a goal.

    asked by Anonymous
  124. Chemistry

    name the ions: Ag+ and P-3... and it's not silver..

    asked by Katie
  125. physics

    A 58.2 g object is attached to a horizontal spring with a spring constant of 11.8 N/m and released from rest with an amplitude of 24.4 cm. What is the velocity of the object when it is halfway to the equilibrium position if the surface is frictionless?

    asked by jb
  126. newton law science

    A tricycle has a mass of 5.5 kg and the force needed to stop it is 1.65N. What is the acceleration?

    asked by J lynch
  127. government

    Even before independence, the Second Continental Congress encouraged the colonies to call _____ or assemblies to replace their colonial charters with new constitutions

    asked by caylynn
  128. Early Childhood Education

    In speaking to William, the classroom teacher said, "Bill can climb the hill." Then she said to the class, "See? I made a rhyme!" The teacher's goal was to: A. train the children to differentiate human speech patterns. B. develop the children's sound

    asked by Lexi
  129. Geometry

    Find the distance between -15 and 12 on a number line. this is what i came up with but im not sure if its right... |-15 - 7| = |-22| = 22 units

    asked by Kylee
  130. LeVar Barton

    Where does LeVar Buton currently live?

    asked by Anonymous
  131. English

    Where can I search poverty in my community and its poverty statics for their respective areas? For instance, MN. Thank you.

    asked by Jessica
  132. help

    If the 3rd Monday of the month follows the 2nd Sunday of the month, then the date of the 3rd Monday is the _____th. a) 14 b) 15 C) 16 d) 17 e) 18 Please explain???

    asked by nisrin
  133. Math

    Whats the term called when something doubles?

    asked by Anonymous
  134. math

    in the number 288, explain how the value represented by the digit in the tens place is related to the value represented by the digit in the ones place.

    asked by Emma
  135. Language Arts - Maniac Magee

    I need help finding Maniac Magee online. I need to be able to highlight parts of it with my mouse, but I can't find any sites that will work. If you don't find a site, please give me some words that I can use in the search bar to find a site. Please help,

    asked by Brady
  136. Math

    The denominator of a fraction is four more than twice the numerator. If both numerator and denominator are increased by six, the simplified result is 7/13. Find the original fraction

    asked by Zac
  137. Math

    How many 2 inch by 3 inch tickets can be cut from 2 feet by 3 feet piece of card stock?

    asked by Cindy
  138. Math-simplify

    Can someone help me simplify this (2x/15)^2 / (.15-x/15)(.2-x/15) I end up getting this, 4x^2/x^2-17x+.003

    asked by mae
  139. English

    Choose.. 1/ Ali is ( old, older ,oldest than Hani. Answer: older 2/ the elephant is ( big, bigger, biggest) than the horse. Answer: bigger. 3/ Sam answered ( more , most, much carefully than his sister . Answer: more. 4/ Ann is the ( young , younger,

    asked by NAwaf
  140. math

    a team won 60% of the games they played. the lost 42 games. how many games did they win?

    asked by kevin
  141. ela

    1. which is the best alternate heading for the section called “ victims of Disappearing Habitat “ ? ( 1point ) A. “ scientists find a way to save the Ivory - bills “ B . “ how ivory - bills beat the odds c. “ keeping ivory - bills secret for

    asked by ::)))sfjslf
  142. Math

    A pair of jeans is marked down 15%. Its original price was $45.00. What is the original price?

    asked by Patricia
  143. Health

    Explain how homelessness is a health-related social issue.

    asked by Brian
  144. chemistry

    using the ideal gas law or the combined gas law,why does the air pressure inside the tires on my motorcycle increases during the time I am riding it. Consider what factors are being kept constant and what are changing and how. What if I weigh alot?

    asked by tricia
  145. math

    you have 8 marbles numbered 1-8, mix them up & draw 2. What are the chances that the #s are 4 & 7

    asked by Tyson
  146. chem

    A solution is 42% NaCl by mass. If 314 mL of H2O was used to create the solution, calculate the , mass of salt that was us

    asked by chevy
  147. ela

    could anyone help me answer this question , plz , thank you The following question is about the poem " We are cool " 3. Alliteration , or repeated consonant sounds , is used in this poem to ( 1point ) A . compare beginning and ending sounds b. create a

    asked by lovey
  148. Math

    Hands on : Multiplication patterns with 10,100,and 1,000 1/ Rebecca has 4 boxes of 20 cookies . She wants to know the total number of cookies . Which basic fact must she know to compute the total? What is the total? Answer: 4*20= 80 2/ Jermy is at a

    asked by NAwaf
  149. Calculus

    Evaluate the integral: (cos(2-3x) - tan(5-3x))dx

    asked by Tim
  150. accounting

    If on the opening day of business, you put in supplies worth $250 and $3000 cash, would that be considered a transaction OR would it be considered your beginning balances because it's the first day of business? Would it be considered beginning capital OR a

    asked by Robin
  151. physics

    if I weigh 177 lb on a stationary scale and stand on that same scale inside an elevator going up at an acceleration of 12 ft/s^2 the scale will read 238lbs. if the elevator, still moving upwards, decelerates at the rate of 32 ft/s^2 what will the scale

    asked by jake
  152. English Grade 11

    What is the literary term for an event that is different from what the readers or the characters will expect to happen? A. situational irony B. ambiguity C. verbal irony D. contradiction Working on my workbook pages for this week and I don't understand

    asked by Alex
  153. algebra

    Solve the compound inequality graph solution-2

    asked by jim
  154. chem

    how would you prepare 445 grams of solution containing 13% mass HCL from 34.1 mass % of HCL solution

    asked by SDW
  155. social studies

    Describe the apportionment system for state legislative districts.

    asked by victoria
  156. History

    How is Richard Blanshard remembered ?

    asked by Anny
  157. Billy the kid Essay

    Need Help Writing he body of my essay. approximately 550 to 750 words

    asked by Tammy
  158. Chemistry

    Are cold alkalis the same as bases? If not, then what is the difference? Can you also give some examples if they are not the same? Thanks!

    asked by Serena
  159. Algebra 1

    Find three solutions of each equation. 4x + 3y = 14 and 6x - 5y = 23

    asked by Alex
  160. english

    What is the adverb(s) in the sentence "Lacrosse is a game that is still frequently played by many"?

    asked by Anonymous
  161. Math help please

    I'm so lost on this math Hw it's over factoring variables and I don't get it. Like my teach said that we are supposed to have the number and letter in front of everything. For example: -14x^2-7x+21 For factoring I got 7x(-2x-1+3) Because my teacher told me

    asked by Anonymous
  162. Math-Algebra 1

    I have 2 questions. one is a rectangle that has an area of 34 square meters, the width is (x+4)m and the length is (x+11)m. The other problem is a triangle that has an area of 119 square ft. The legs are (x+3) ft and (x+6) ft. It has a right angle opposite

    asked by Aaron
  163. math

    255 square root to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by paula
  164. physics

    A 2.5kg solid homogenous ball is rolling without slipping at 3.0 meters per second to the right on a level surface. The diameter of the ball is 80 centimeters. What is the total kinetic energy of the ball? Can someone give me the equation for this?

    asked by Robert
  165. Math

    The Toyota Co. has a daily production quota of $100,000 worth of cars. They produce two types of cars. Their compact model (x) is valued $10,000 and their luxury car (y) is valued at $20,000. A. Write an inequality that describes the production quota B. On

    asked by McKenna Louise
  166. psy220

    the American emphasis on the pursuit of happiness

    asked by Ron
  167. Math

    Stacy Multiplied 5 * 9 and said the answer was 44. What 2 patterns could you use to show that her answer is not correct?

    asked by Jacob
  168. chemistry

    When you touch an object, does the electrons from your hand exchange photons with the object?

    asked by Anonymous
  169. Math help

    How would you solve this factoring with two variables problem? -14x^2-7x+21 I got 7x(-2x-1+3) is that right?

    asked by Anonymous
  170. math

    Triangle abc and triangle xyz are similar. If ab,bc, and ac are 10, 13, and 14 inches respectively, and xy is 11 inches, find xz to the nearest tenth of an inch.

    asked by chris
  171. Test and Measurements

    Why is the Rorschach so controversial?

    asked by Lyndyc
  172. please ..chem

    When you touch an object, does the electrons from your hand exchange photons with the object?

    asked by Anonymous
  173. physics

    At what altitude the value of g becomes 3/4 of its value on the surface of earth?

    asked by aimen
  174. Math-Algebra

    The Toyota Co. has a daily production quota of $100,000 worth of cars. They produce two types of cars. Their compact model (x) is valued $10,000 and their luxury car (y) is valued at $20,000. A. Write an inequality that describes the production quota B. On

    asked by McKenna Louise
  175. chemistry

    A 33.0-L cylinder contains 481 g O2(g) at 22.5°C. What mass of O2(g) must be released to reduce the pressure in the cylinder to 6.16 atm, assuming the temperature remains constant? Thanks! :D

    asked by abby
  176. vocab

    Kindly unscramble: 1:tuteauaewr ibeifslh 2:geaperioitrdspaw sagnhabi neod 3:enaednenetor eyimrw

    asked by vikas
  177. Math

    How much farther do you ride in one turn of a merry-go-round if you sit in the outside lane, 21 feet from the center, than if you sit in the inside lane, 14 feet from the center?

    asked by Shawn
  178. math

    what is the net difference in angle made by hour and minute hand when time moves from 1:15 pm to 1:16 pm

    asked by bishal
  179. Math

    John wants to hire an editor to check his thesis paper. The editor charges a flat rate of $50 and $2 per page. Write a polynomial to describe the cost. Find the cost of editing 75 pages. Calculations: Answer: Polynomial:

    asked by Teresa
  180. Animals

    Please, can someone help me? I am struggling with this question. What specific skills are needed to be a good animal trainer? Explain.

    asked by Anonymous
  181. ela

    4. which reference can help you find synonyms and antonyms for words ? ( 1point ) A. dictionary B . encyclopedia c. glossary d. thesaurus

    asked by ::)))sfjslf
  182. math

    1+1/5-3/10= show work

    asked by sherm
  183. Math

    Find the total profit, the maximum value of the total profit, and the value of x at which it occurs when the revenue is given by R(x)=240x-x^2 and the cost is given by C(x)=5000+8x The total profit, P(x)=-x^2+_______x-5000

    asked by Pam
  184. language arts (check answer)

    Which of the following words most likly comes for africa? B.safari C.violin D.allegro i pick B.

    asked by becky
  185. algebra

    Solve the equation-5y-9=(y-1)answers are-1/2, -2 1/2, -2, -4/5thank you

    asked by tina
  186. calculus

    h(t)=tan theta (5pie/3,3pie) graph the function on the given interval

    asked by john
  187. U.S. History

    people who opposed imperialism

    asked by anonymous
  188. math

    Tara has driven 70 miles of a 154 mile trip. If she averages between 50 and 57 miles per hour, which of the following is a reasonable amount of time it will take her to complete the trip?

    asked by lily
  189. English

    Need help changing passive voice to an active one.... Iowa’s state lottery bill was approved by the Senate in a close vote taken this morning.

    asked by Jackson
  190. english

    Hi! Does anyone have a very difficult exercise on future tenses (will,going to and present continuous)? Almost impossible to solve? It can be some kind of a text, or typical gap exercise but it has to be for B2 or C1. I have checked almost the entire

    asked by tea
  191. Quick math help

    How would you solve this factoring with two variables? -14x^2-7x+21

    asked by Anonymous
  192. science --- grams???

    hey, me again... can u please inform me of the following? its important i know this since its very hard to find on google... how long does it take to freeze 1 gram of water? and how long does it take to freeze 2 grams of water? help asap would be greatly

    asked by TTR+S<3
  193. math

    What is 38% of 560?

    asked by Please Help!!!
  194. Chemisry

    What is the nuclear charge of S^2- ion? (mass number=32). Also calculate the number of electrons, protons, and neutrons in it.

    asked by Taylor Beach
  195. math

    what fraction is equivalent to 11/14

    asked by ramia
  196. triganamatry

    how do you find the exact value of sin^-1(-square root of 3 divided by 2)

    asked by wilson
  197. Math

    Jerome is 6 feet 4 inches tall. To the nearest unit , what is his height in centimeters?

    asked by Debi
  198. chem please..

    are we exchanging force-carrying particles when we touch something?

    asked by Anonymous
  199. math

    if a=4, b=-2, c=3 simplify 4c square*3c4/c3 (b)2(3x+1)-(x+2)

    asked by shanise
  200. Math

    need help on this one... 8^3 * 0^-1 Thanks...

    asked by Brandi