Questions Asked on
February 19, 2014

  1. Finance

    First Simple Bank pays 6 percent simple interest on its investment accounts. First Complex Bank pays interest on its accounts compounded annually. Required: What rate should the bank set if it wants to match First Simple Bank over an investment horizon of

    asked by Alec
  2. Physics

    Two identical gliders slide toward each other on an air track. One moves at 2 m/s and the other at 1 m/s. If they stick together, the combination slides at? Why?

    asked by Meaka
  3. Calculus Help

    The formula C =5/9(F − 32), where F ≥ −459.67, expresses the Celsius temperature C as a function of the Fahrenheit temperature F. Find a formula for the inverse function. What is the domain of the inverse function? (Enter your answer using interval

    asked by Mello

    A group of 90 students is to be split at random into 3 classes of equal size. All partitions are equally likely. Joe and Jane are members of the 90-student group. Find the probability that Joe and Jane end up in the same class. My idea: the total

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Physics

    A delivery truck travels 21 blocks north, 17 blocks east, and 27 blocks south. What is its final displacement from the origin (direction)?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. chemistry

    a compound contains only carbon hydrogen and oxygen analysis of a sample showed that it contained by mass 53.4% carbon and 11.1% hydrogen . what is the simplest formula for this compound .. step by step plese

    asked by Ahmad
  7. Physics 1

    The drawing shows three particles far away from any other objects and located on a straight line. Particle B is located in the middle of particles A and C. The distance between particles A and B is 0.500 m. The distance between particles B and C is 0.250

    asked by Erica
  8. Finance

    You have arranged for a loan on your new car that will require the first payment today. The loan is for $32,000, and the monthly payments are $620. Required: If the loan will be paid off over the next 60 months, what is the APR of the loan?

    asked by Alec
  9. Algebra

    One canned juice drink is 15% orange juice; another is 10% orange juice. How many liters of each should be mixed together in order to get 5L that is 11% orange juice? How many liters of the 15% orange juice should be in the mixture__ L ? How many liters of

    asked by spacegazing
  10. phys

    A boat is traveling upstream at 14 mph with respect to a river that is flowing at 6 mph (with respect to the ground). A man runs directly across the boat, from one side to the other, at 6 mph (with respect to the boat). The speed of the man with respect to

    asked by jai
  11. Physics

    You are general in the Napoleonic wars. You are on top of a plain 12m talk and you have a cannon that can shoot a cannonball out at 350 m/s. 800 m away is a thick forest that you cannot see into but one of your scouts in a hot air balloon has just signaled

    asked by Michelle

    1. Which statement best explains why the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 was important to the development of the United States? It created new taxes on imported goods. It resulted in immigration from France to the United States. It doubled the size of the

    asked by Like_A_Boss
  13. College Chemistry

    If a 375 mL sample of water was cooled from 37.5°C to 0°C, how much heat was lost (in joules)

    asked by Esther
  14. math

    which is greater 20 feet or 7 yards

    asked by mariah
  15. chemistry 112

    the formation of SO3 from so2 and o2 is an intermediate step in the manufacture of sulfuric acid, and it is also responsible for the acid rain phenomenon. the equilibrium constant Kp for the reaction is 0.13 at 830 degree celcius. in one experiment, 2.00

    asked by sadia
  16. Math ~ Check Answers ~

    A system of linear equations is shown below. 5X = 3y - 2 y = X + 4 What is the x -coordinate of the solution? a.) 2 b.) 4 ***** c.) 5 d.) 1 Jean needs to graph the function below. y = 7x ^2 + 8x -6 How many times should the graph of this function intersect

    asked by Sabrina
  17. chemistry

    The compound sodium sulfate is soluble in water. When this compound dissolves in water, which ion listed below would be present in solution?

    asked by shanw
  18. Math

    A college student is using the following model to determine the total number of text messages she will have in the inbox in her cell phone, if she does not delete any of the current messages or future messages she receives in the next x days. In the model,

    asked by Cindy
  19. Physics

    Canadian geese migrate essentially along a north-south direction for well over a thousand kilometers in some cases, traveling at speeds up to about 100 km/h. If one such bird is flying at 100 km/h relative to the air, but there is a 38.0km/h wind blowing

    asked by ana
  20. algebra

    Show all steps solve the problem evaluate the expression for given value of variable|-4b-8|+|-1=b2|+2b3:b=-2

    asked by Molly
  21. Trig

    A plane is 48 miles west and 49 miles north of an airport. The pilot wants to fly directly to the airport. What bearing should the pilot take? In degrees and minutes

    asked by Anonymous
  22. English

    Selina Sanchez, together with her colleagues, ________ a competitive market research model for other businesses to follow. (Points : 1) present presents

    asked by Jade
  23. social studies

    please answer these im in desperate need for help...ive been stuck on it for hours. 1. Sinkholes are found in the A.Mexican Plateau. B.Pacific Coastal Lowlands. C.Sierra Madres. D.Yucatán Peninsula. 2. Compared to southern Mexico, northern Mexico A.has a

    asked by clydia
  24. physic

    A cheetah is crouched in ambush 20m to the east of an observers blind. At time t=0 the cheetah charges an aeroplane in a cleaning 50m east of the observer. The cheetah runs along the straight line.

    asked by helen
  25. math

    The wheel of a bicycle has a diameter of 25 inches. How many turns does the wheel make in traveling 1 mile (5,280 feet)? Round your answer to the nearest full turn

    asked by darion
  26. Physics

    A. Given two vectors ~F1, and ~F2. Where the magnitude of these vectors are F1= 81 N, and F2= 90 N. And where θ1= 80◦,and θ2= 22◦. The angles are measure from the positive x axis with the counterclockwise angular direction as positive. What is the

    asked by Fabricus
  27. Physics

    A block with a mass of m = 21 kg rests on a frictionless surface and is subject to two forces acting on it. The first force is directed in the negative x-direction with a magnitude of F1 = 9.5 N. The second has a magnitude of F2 = 19.5 N and acts on the

    asked by Maura
  28. math

    The school store open on the first day of school with 30 notebooks and 18 pencils. Within two days it sold all of these items. On the first day, twice as many notebooks were sold as pencils. On the second day, for every 3 notebooks sold, 2 pencils were

    asked by lexus
  29. Chemistry help

    How many grams if nh3 can be produced from 2.57mol of n2 and excess h2?

    asked by Gullible
  30. math 3

    mario made 3 gallons of punch for a oarty, when the party was over, he had 3 quarts of punch left over. how may quarts of punch did the guests at the party drink?

    asked by kimmy plus
  31. Algebra

    On an 18-hole golf course, there are par-3 holes, par-4 holes, and par-5 holes. A golfer who shoots par on every hole has a total of 66. There are twice as many par-4 holes as there are par-5 holes. How many of each type of hole are there on the golf

    asked by Curious
  32. Chemistry

    P4 + 5O2 P4O10 , 1.5 moles of product were made in 30 seconds. What is the rate of reaction?

    asked by Joe
  33. math

    how much greater is 5 miles than 8,ooo

    asked by mariah
  34. Algebra

    convert the following credit card rate to the APR. Oregon, 1 3/4% per month

    asked by Adrienne
  35. MATH

    the ratio of girls to boys is 3:5 .If there are 15 boys in the classroom ,how many students are there total

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Research Report

    I have written an outline for my research report and I am now writing my report, but I'm finding it hard to see how I can use parts of my outline in my report. Do I include my outline in my report and change it as necessary? How exactly does this work?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. math

    A rectangular fish pond is 21ft(squared) in area. If the owner can surround the pond with a 20 foot fence, what are the dimensions of the pond?

    asked by allison
  38. Advanced Math

    In a game you flip a coin twice, and record the number of heads that occur. You get 10 points for 2 heads, zero points for 1 head, and 5 points for no heads. What is the expected value for the number of points you’ll win per turn?

    asked by Kayla
  39. math

    The base of the lamp of a triangular prism with an equilateral triangle base . The surface of the stand is to be painted.what is the area that will be painted?Give the answer to the nearest whole number.

    asked by gary

    pllllsssss help me!!!!!!! 5. How many lateral edges are there in a triangular prism? (1 point) 6 3 9 12 I don't know if its 6 or 9 or even 12!!??? pls help asap!!!!!

    asked by TTR+S<3
  41. Physics

    Suppose you are a general in the Napoleonic wars. You are no top of a plain 50 m high overlooking the enemy soldiers. You now have a brand new cannon that will decimate the enemy. Unfortunately in the christening process you used some rather cheap grade

    asked by Michelle
  42. can someone PLS help me with this DRAGONWINGS book

    can someone from connections academy help me with this Dragonewings (book) quiz!?? Read each group of sentences. Decide which event happened first, next, and last. Then select the answer listing the letters in the correct order. 1. a) Black Dog attacks

    asked by TTR+S<3
  43. phyics

    A very long 1.75 cm diameter glass rod has one end ground and polished to a convex spherical surface that has a 7.30 cm radius. The glass material has an index of refraction 1.56.

    asked by Anonymous
  44. math 1 question --- pls check my work!

    ok, did i do this right? (is this the right answer) Find the lateral area for the given cylinder. Use 3.14 for and round to the nearest whole number. (1 point) 144 yd^2 288 yd^2 2,712 yd^2 904 yd^2 i think its D, 904??

    asked by TTR+S<3
  45. chem

    If 34.2 grams of lithium react with excess water, how many liters of hydrogen gas can be produced at 299 Kelvin and 1.21 atmospheres? Show all of the work used to solve this problem. 2 Li (s) + 2 H2O (l) yields 2 LiOH (aq) + H2 (g)

    asked by rae
  46. Volumes of pyramids and cones

    Find the missing dimensions. Rectangular pyramid. L=8m, w=4.6m, v=88m3

    asked by Mariah
  47. phisecs

    A woman wantes to drive 82 km in 2 h. If she average 38 km/h for the first 1.47 h, what average velocity must she maintain for the remaining time in km/h?

    asked by neon
  48. reading

    both atticus and calpurnia serve as teachers to the flinch children. compare and contrast their teaching methods. evaluate the effectiveness of each. use specificdetails from the text to support your analysis. compare and contrast two "outsiders" presented

    asked by anonymous
  49. Math

    I NEED THESE IN ORDER HOW DO I DO IT??? 3.3, 4.1, 3.9, 5.0, 3.5, 2.9, 3.9

    asked by Angela
  50. Physics

    An object of mass 2 kg is attached to a string to form a pendulum. It is initially displaced to a height of 10 cm above the lowest point and let go. It hits another object of mass 1 kg at its lowest point. Given that the collision is elastic, find the

    asked by Ho
  51. Physics

    An object of mass m orbits a star with mass M , where M >> m . In general the bound or bits are elliptical, which means the kinetic energy of the object T and the gravitational potential energy U may vary. For bound orbits, the total energy E is negative.

    asked by Ho
  52. Physics

    An object of mass m orbits a star with mass M , where M >> m . In general the bound or bits are elliptical, which means the kinetic energy of the object T and the gravitational potential energy U may vary. For bound orbits, the total energy E is negative.

    asked by Ho
  53. statistics

    Suppose you have information that the average stress score of students in online activities is 13.15. Using Minitab, compute a one sample t-test to find out whether the stress scores reported by your sample are significantly different from those of the

    asked by joy
  54. Chemistry URGENT

    Please show how N and O are combined to make NO^+2 in Lewis dot structure. I'm having a hard time. Thanks

    asked by Lisa
  55. Physics 2

    An antenna is connected to a car battery. Will the antenna emit electromagnetic radiation? Why or why not? Explain

    asked by Steve
  56. chemistry

    The density of gold is 19.31g/cm3 and the density of platinum is 21.43 g/cm3. If equal masses of gold and platinum are transferred to equal volumes of water in separate graduated cylinders which graduated cylinder would have greatest volume change

    asked by wendy
  57. Black Death

    I have to do a powerpoint on the Black Death. Where can I find the best information to write about it?

    asked by anon
  58. Math help

    How would I solve this system? Y=-3 Y=x+1

    asked by Anonymous
  59. physics

    two boys trying to move a 200 kg cement block pull on two ropes attached to the block the tension in the ropes are 400N and 300N while the angle between them is 50°. sketch a vector triangle showing and naming the two forces exerted by the boys as well as

    asked by nomfundo
  60. Physics

    A 45kg block slides down an incline that is angled at 41 degrees. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the incline is 0.45 what is the block's acceleration?

    asked by Taylor
  61. Language Arts

    For question 9, choose the correct verb to complete each sentence. Which one of these doors _____ the most promising? (1 point) Seem Seems***

    asked by Gabby
  62. calculas

    Consider the function f(x) = 7 xe^{-7.5 x}, 0

    asked by ryan
  63. to kill a mockingbird

    what about the outsiders i know its miss caroline but who else?

    asked by anonymous
  64. lit

    what are does f. scott fitzgerald portraying liquor as? thanks!

    asked by lauren
  65. Science

    Why are the sepals and petals referred to as "accessory parts" of the plant?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Science

    Name the flower part that elevates the anther.

    asked by Anonymous
  67. algebra

    Need help for a test show all steps to solve problem evaluate the expression for given value of variable. -(4h-1) line is under 4h-1 under line is|th then it is ;h=2 can't text back on kindle don't have a button to reply thank you

    asked by Molly
  68. science

    Which statement about supercell storms is false? A. A supercell storm can produce some of the most violent weather conditions on Earth. B. A supercell storm occurs only during the winter months. C. A supercell storm is characterized by rotating updrafts.

    asked by kevin
  69. Statistics

    1. A company decides to add a new program that prepares randomly selected sales personnel to increase their number of sales per month. The mean number of sales per month for the overall population of sales people at this national company is 25 with a

    asked by daniel
  70. Statistics

    2. On a certain anxiety questionnaire, the population is known to have a mean of 12 and a standard deviation of 2.3. A higher score represents higher levels of anxiety. Participants in a new relaxation program complete the questionnaire after completing

    asked by daniel
  71. science

    Which area in the United States has the highest average number of thunderstorms per year? A. Southeastern B. Northwestern C. Southwestern D. Mid-Atlantic

    asked by kevin
  72. math

    a 10 year cd paying 8% interest per year that she opened exactly 10 years ago with a 35000 deposit

    asked by corporate finance
  73. Math

    Ms Brown had 1/5 students who brought ice cream. 3/4 of them brought candy.How many kids enjoyed the party in all.

    asked by Ms.Hughes
  74. socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS)

    please check these answers ive been stuck on this stupid test for a whole week !!! 1. Sinkholes are found in the A.Mexican Plateau. B.Pacific Coastal Lowlands. C.Sierra Madres. D.Yucatán Peninsula.(I PICK THIS) 2. Compared to southern Mexico, northern

    asked by clydia
  75. Physic

    Sherlock Holmes examines a clue by holding his magnifying glass (with a focal length of 17.0 cm) 12.4 cm away from an object. Find the image distance. Answer in units of cm Find the magnification.

    asked by jeanette
  76. physics

    The speed of sound in air varies with the temperature and humidity of the air. In dry air at 20 degrees Celsius, the speed of sound is approximately 343 m/sec. A closed tube resonates with a node at each end for a sound wave in air. What is the length of

    asked by Ann
  77. physics

    A wave travels at 575 m/sec in a dense media. The wave is observed to The length of the media is 95.8 cm. When the wave is reflected at the end, its phase is reversed (an upward motion becomes a downward motion.) What is the frequency of the resonant wave

    asked by Ann
  78. algebra

    Solve the system by graphing: In order to receive credit for this problem you must show all your work. y=x+6 y=-3x+6

    asked by genny
  79. physics

    A 400 g marble block has a specific heat of 860 J/kg C deg. If the block is placed in 700 ml of water, the marble changes it temperature by 17 Celsius degrees. Since the specific heat of water is known to be 4186 J/kg C deg, what is the temperature change

    asked by Ann
  80. Pre-Calc

    A farmer is making a pig pen next to the barn. He has enough materials to build 50 feet of fencing. a)what is the largest area he can fence in? b)what are the dimensions of the pen with the largest area?

    asked by John
  81. Pre-Algebra, How do i do this?

    How do you find the surface area of the rectangular prism?

    asked by dark1
  82. phisecs

    A car traveling at 26.8 m/!@#$%^&s a stone wall . The driver, who is wearing a shoulder harness and seat belt, moves forward 0.99 m as the car stops. Assuming his acceleration is uniform, find his acceleration. in m/s2? (don't forget the (-) if negative)

    asked by neon
  83. language arts

    which of the sentences below is punctuated correctly? A.I opened the door and my cat ran outside. B.I opened the door, and my cat ran outside. C.I opened the door, my cat ran outside. I think its B

    asked by lindsey
  84. algebra

    Need help doing a test change the test equation y-100x=2000can be used to represent monthly salary of a salesman when he sells x computer system what is the salesman monthly salary if he sells no computer

    asked by Molly
  85. socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS)

    please check my updated asnwers thanks !! 5. Mexico City was built by the A.Olmecs, when they began to grow maize. B.Maya, after they conquered the Valley of Mexico.(I PICK THIS) C.Spanish, on the ruins of the Aztec capital. D.Mexican government, after

    asked by clydia
  86. College Chemistry

    A 150.0 mL sample of a 1.50 M solution of CuSO4 is mixed with a 150.0 mL sample of 3.00 M KOH in a coffee cup calorimeter. The temperature of both solutions and the calorimeter was 25.2°C before mixing and 31.3°C after mixing. The heat capacity of the

    asked by Esther
  87. US history

    what are the similarities between a pioneer and a colonist?

    asked by nicole
  88. Math

    On five science tests, Jameel scored 90, 92, 88, 98, 92. What is his average score? show how you got your answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Math

    Linda buys 3 pizzas for her party. There are 8 guests at the party. If each guest will eat an equal amount of pizza, how much pizza will each guest eat?

    asked by Lauren
  90. socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS)

    ANOTHER UPDATE FOR MY RECENT QUESTIONS I UPDATED ANSWERS....please check them 5. Mexico City was built by the A.Olmecs, when they began to grow maize. B.Maya, after they conquered the Valley of Mexico. C.Spanish, on the ruins of the Aztec capital. (I PICK

    asked by clydia
  91. Finance

    Someone in the 36 percent tax bracket can earn 9 percent annually on her investments in a tax- exempt IRA account. What will be the value of a one- time $ 10,000 investment in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?

    asked by Emmitt
  92. math

    Kyle had 5/7 lb of birdseed. Each bird feeder holds 1/5 lb of seed. Can Kyle fill 11 bird feeders? This question is worth two points. Answer the question, then, explain why.

    asked by 1566757
  93. algebra

    What is an equivalent form of the following equation 2x-3y=3

    asked by Molly
  94. math

    Two business partners, Ellen and Bob, invested money in their business at a ratio of 3 to 7. Bob invested the greater amount. The total amount invested was $200. How much did each partner invest.

    asked by Mary
  95. physic

    four forces act on a point 2N.2N.2N.4N determine the equilibrant of the four forces

    asked by nomfundo
  96. English

    Can someone pleases explain what this sentence means...this sentence is talking about the middle class in France. "They viewed universal male suffrage as the ultimate concession to be made to popular forces, and they strongly opposed any further radical

    asked by Laura
  97. Chemistry

    How many grams of H2 are needed to produce 12.88g of NH3?

    asked by Gullible
  98. Chem

    Can someone please check this for me? It's ranking the following bonds in order of increasing ionic bond character. Cl-Cl C-H H-Cl Mg-C H-O Na-Cl Ca-O Cs-F I'm not sure where Fe-O, and Fe-C fall. Thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  99. Physics 101

    Consider two waterfalls, one twice the height of the other. The kinetic energy of each kilogram of water falling to the bottom of the taller waterfall is about?

    asked by Meaka
  100. Math

    Can someone show me the right answer to this system? Because I got a decimal but I don't know if that's right! 1. -2x+7y=-19 9x+7y=-30

    asked by Anonymous
  101. math

    sam and sue have only nickels and dimes. sue has $.35. sam has the same number of dimes as sue has nickels, and he has half as many nickels as sue has dimes. how many nickels does sue have?

    asked by Sharon
  102. calculus

    Surface area of revolution y=(x^3)+3 about the x-axis from (0,1)

    asked by Joe
  103. Chemistry

    How many molecules (not moles) of NH3 are produced from 3.65x10-4g of H2?

    asked by Gullible
  104. socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS)

    5. Mexico City was built by the A.Olmecs, when they began to grow maize. B.Maya, after they conquered the Valley of Mexico. C.Spanish, on the ruins of the Aztec capital. (I PICK THIS) D.Mexican government, after Mexico gained independence. 8. Which region

    asked by clydia
  105. physic

    The concorde is the fastest airliner used for commercial service. It can cruise at 1450mi/hr. What is the cruise speed of the concorde in miles/s?

    asked by helen
  106. Algebra

    One day a store sold 30 sweatshirts. White ones cost $9.95 and yellow ones cost $13.50. In all $337.55 worth of sweatshirts were sold. How many of each color were sold? How many white sweatshirts were sold___? How many yellow sweatshirts were sold___?

    asked by spacegazing
  107. Middle School Math Help Please

    You have a glass of juice in front of you, and you drink 1/6 of it. Then you pour as much water into the glass as you drank of the juice. Your drink 1/3 of this mixture and again you pour as much water into the glass as you drank of the mixture. Now you

    asked by Ryan
  108. PHYSICS

    A woman wantes to drive 83 km in 2 h. If she average 42 km/h for the first 1.27 h, what average velocity must she maintain for the remaining time in km/h

    asked by Reem
  109. Algebra 2

    I can't figure out how to find the n on top of the sigma. I have the rest of the equation but I just don't know what to do. I'll use "E" for sigma. nEi=1 (-5+7i)=486 Can someone please show me how to do this problem?

    asked by Jane
  110. physic

    A cross- country skier skis 7.40km in the direction of 45⁰ East of South, then 2.8 km in the direction 30⁰ North of East, and finally 5.2km in the direction 22⁰ West of North. How far is the shier from the starting point?

    asked by helen
  111. algebra

    Which equivalent form following equation 2x-3y=3 need help doing test thank you

    asked by Molly
  112. Physics

    During a baseball game, a batter hits a pop-up to a fielder 78 m away. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. If the ball remains in the air for 5.7 s, how high does it rise? Answer in units of m.

    asked by Fabricus
  113. Physics

    A small rocket weighs 14.7 newtons. The rocket is fired from a high platform but it's engine fails to burn properly. The rocket gains total upward force if only 10.2 newtons. At what rate and in what direction is the rocket accelerated?

    asked by Alex
  114. Physics

    A. Consider the motion of a projectile. It is fired at t= 0. Its initial speed is 12 m/s and its initial projection angle is 50◦ from the horizontal. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. What is the maximum height,h, of its trajectory? Answer in

    asked by Fabricus
  115. math 2

    a plimber has a 2 meter length of pipe. he needs to cut it into sections that are 10 centimeters long, how many sections will he be able to cut?

    asked by kimmy plus
  116. history

    What liberal principles were asserted when the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen was declared by the National Assembly in August 1789?

    asked by Victoria
  117. BIOLOGY

    In natural selection why do animals die? Why do some animals die while others thrive? Why do phenotypes of a population change?

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Physics

    A cannon fires a free projectile at an angle 85 from the ground. The cannonball has a speed of 150 m/s and it is launched from a hill 20 m above the plain where it will land 1. What is the x component of the cannonballs initial velocity 2. What is the y

    asked by Michelle
  119. Calc 2

    What is the lim of the square root of x times sin of (1/x) as x approaches infinity

    asked by Bruce
  120. Physics

    A cannon shoots a cannonball with an initial speed of 25 m/s at an angle 13. 1. What is the x component of the cannonballs initial velocity Vox? 2. What is the y component of the cannonballs initial velocity Voy? 3. What will be Vy, the y component of the

    asked by Michelle


    asked by Bruce
  122. Physics

    A ball is thrown upward in two dimensions with an initial speed of 17 Zlugs per mega handle(made up) near the surface of the planet earth. What will be the y component of the balls velocity at the peak of its trajectory?

    asked by Michelle


    asked by DEENA
  124. MATH


    asked by bRUCE
  125. Math

    Suppose two lines intersect in a plane. A. What do you know about the two pairs of vertical angles formed? B. What do you know about the pairs of adjacent angles formed?

    asked by Cathy
  126. math

    Sally has 5 hershey bars she has to share the bars with 7 friends how much will each friend get?

    asked by maria
  127. phisecs

    A car travels in a stright line at 43 km/h for 1 h and at 65 km/h for 5 h. Find the average velocity in km/h?

    asked by neon
  128. Physics

    You are a general in the Napoleonic war. The battle has taken you to a trench 7m deep. You have a mortar that will fire an explosive at a speed of 200 m/s at an angle of 80. You have a low flying reconnaissance airplane scouting out the enemy troops at a

    asked by Michelle
  129. Math

    you need to clean the gutters of your home. the gutters are 24 FT above the ground. for safety, the distance a ladder reaches up a wall should be four times the distance from the bottom of the ladder to the base of the side of the house. Therefore the

    asked by Margaret
  130. PHYSICS

    Sun..BLANK....than moon. earth iS..BLANK... mercury.

    asked by Reem
  131. Physics

    You are a general in the Napoleonic wars. An enemy fort 10m tall is located 1000m from your cannon. Your cannon expert is insisting that you will get the best results at an angle of 25 above the horizontal. Your cannon is located on a hill 10m tall. You

    asked by Michelle
  132. Math

    Write an equivalent fraction for 3/4 Write an equivalent fraction for 2/5 Mason lives 5/10 mile from school. Tyler lives 4/8 mile from school. Do they live the same distance from school? Explain.

    asked by Nawaf
  133. logarithms


    asked by Mandy
  134. home economics

    Becky really likes Macaroni Grill but can only afford to eat out 4 times a year. Her boss gives small raises, so this year she receives 4% raise. She decides that a 4% raise is enough to warrant going out 1 more trip per year to Marconi girl. Calculate for

    asked by Shar
  135. Quick biology help please!!!

    In natural selection why do animals die? Why do some animals die while others thrive? Why do phenotypes of a population change?

    asked by Anonymous
  136. Math ~ Check Answers ~

    Which best names the quantity 1/2 in the linear equation shown? y = -2x + 1/2 a.) The y-intercept ******** b.) The slope c.) The dependent variable d.) The x-intercept Kevin plotted a linear equation on a graph with 18 as the y-intercept. Which of

    asked by Wendy
  137. Quick math help please!!!

    Can someone show me the right answer to this system? Because I got a decimal but I don't know if that's right! 1. -2x+7y=-19 9x+7y=-30

    asked by Anonymous
  138. Algebra 2

    I can't figure out how to find the n on top of the sigma. I have the rest of the equation but I just don't know what to do. I'll use "E" for sigma. nEi=1 (10-3i)=-28 Can someone please show me how to do this problem?

    asked by Jane
  139. Math

    Subtract money amounts 1/ Aidan has $5.00 to buy a can of tennis balls that cost $3.79. How much change should he get back? 2/ Sylvia has $10.00 to buy a hairbrush that cost $ 6.88. How much change should she get back?

    asked by NA
  140. math

    I have 220 coins half of them are pennies and the rest are dimes the total value of the coins is $9.58 what is the total value of the dimes

    asked by jaron
  141. Finite Math and Applied Calculus

    Betty Sue sets up a retirement account. For the first 35 years, she deposits $500 at the end of each month into an account with an annual interest rate of 3.6%, compounded monthly. Then, she stops making monthly payments and transfers the money into a di

    asked by Chris
  142. Pure Mathematics

    1) x = 1/t ... x^5 d^2z/dx^2 + (2x^4 - 5x^3) dz/dx +4xz = 6x +3 can be reduced to.... d^2z/dt^2 + 5 dz/dt + 4z = 3t+6 2) use the substitution y=x^2 to show that... x d^2x/dt^2 + (dx/dt)^2 + 5x(dx/dt) + 3x^2 = sin2t + 3cos2t can be converted to d^2y/dt^2 +

    asked by Kerry-Ann English
  143. PHYSICS

    A girl rows 10 km downstream in 2 h. Her return trip takes 4 h. How fast can she row in still water. in km/h?

    asked by Reem
  144. Math

    Three pigs and two piglets weigh 32 kg. Four pigs and five piglets weigh 59 kg. What is the weigh of one pig and one piglet? A) 13 kg B) 91 kg C) 7 kg D) none of these

    asked by Sandy
  145. Business Math

    Rainfall for May in Fiji averages 9" according to World Travel Guide. This year it rained 5% less. How many inches did it rain this year?

    asked by Mandy
  146. math

    name the triangles that are classified by sides. a. right, scalene, isosceles b.scalene, isosceles, equilateral c.acute, right, obtuse d.obtuse, isosceles, acute -Hinata-chan

    asked by HinataHyuga<3
  147. PHYSICS

    car traveling at 28.8 m/!@#$%^&s a stone wall . The driver, who is wearing a shoulder harness and seat belt, moves forward 0.93 m as the car stops. Assuming his acceleration is uniform, find his average velocity during the collision. in m/S

    asked by Reem
  148. Physics

    A certain radioactive element has a half liv of 20days, how long does it take 3/2 of the atom originally present to disintegrate

    asked by Kingsley
  149. English

    Lord of the flies questions 1-7 Although it appears that Ralph and jack would become good friends strain is being placed on their friendship. The boys seem to be from two different world, "There was the brilliant world of hunting, tactics, fierce

    asked by Aly
  150. Chemistry

    At noon on a clear day, sunlight reaches the earth\'s surface at Madison, Wisconsin, with an average power of approximately 7.00 kJ·s–1·m–2. If the sunlight consists of photons with an average wavelength of 510.0 nm, how many photons strike a 8.40

    asked by Katie
  151. Math

    Please,, look at the answer for nawaf= NA

    asked by NAwaf
  152. Math-- Check My Answers Please

    Bonnie has a rectangular photographic print that is 5 inches wide and 7 inches long. If she multiplies both the length and width by 1.5, how will the perimeter of the print increase? a.) It will be 1.5 times the original size. b.) It will be 1.75 times the

    asked by Jessica
  153. Math

    What are the shapes in a octahedron and dodecahedron?

    asked by Anonymous
  154. Physics

    A block of mass 21.0kg kg slides down a frictionless surface inclined at 33 ∘ ^\circ.To ensure that the block does not accelerate, what is the magnitude of the smallest force that you must exert on it?

    asked by Shannon
  155. PHYSICS

    A girl rows 10 km downstream in 2 h. Her return trip takes 3 h. How fast is the current. in km/

    asked by Reem
  156. math

    What is 27 times 3/8

    asked by claudia
  157. Is the Cations and Anions right?

    Is the Cations and Anions right? Iron (III) Sulfate its F 3+ and SO2- Colbalt (II) Chloride its Co+ and Cl-2 Nickel (II) Chloride its Ni 2+ and Cl-2 Copper (II) Sulfate its CU+ and SO-4 Are these right?

    asked by Abby
  158. Math

    I invested $25000 and received $1100 interest.what amount paid 3 percent and what amount received 5 percent for the $1100?

    asked by Char
  159. Physics

    I only need help with part B. A 250W computer power supply is on 10 h per day. Part A If the cost of electricity is $0.15/kWh, what is the energy cost (to the nearest dollar) if this computer is used like this for a year (365 days)? 140 dollars Part B If

    asked by jen
  160. math

    Twenty years ago Gabe invested $2,000. For the first ten years he earned 13% compounded semi-annually. For the next ten years he earned 8% compounded quarterly. What was the value of the investment now, at the end of the 20 years?

    asked by ricky
  161. Physics

    Find the net force and the acceleration for the situation below. 30N 20N

    asked by Harry
  162. phisecs

    A jet plane accelerates on a runway from rest at 4.03 m/s2. After 5 s, find its velocity in m/s?

    asked by sona
  163. math(algebra)

    If f(x) varies directly with x, and f(x) = 45 when x=9, find the value of f(x) when x=3 answer choices are A. f(x)=8x B. f(x)=4/3x C. f(x)=6x D. f(x)=3/4x

    asked by Ayriana
  164. algebra

    If f(x) varies directly with x, and f(x) =45 when x=9, find the value of f(x) when x=3 answer choices are: A.5 B.9 C.15 D.27

    asked by Ayriana
  165. 4th garde math

    Jenny has twice as many cookies as Penny. Winnie has four more cookies than Jenny. If they have 44 cookies altogether, how many cookie does Penny have? Write a number sentence

    asked by Darryl
  166. Art

    1. This is where an interior designer does most of her work. in a factory at the client's home in an office

    asked by Abby
  167. Physics

    A 30m high cylindrical water tank has a diameter of 14m. The tank is two-thirds full of water. What is the pressure at the bottom of the tank?

    asked by Olivia
  168. physics

    A cart of mass m = 1.10 kg on a track undergoes a collision with another cart. It's velocity before and after the collision, vi and vf is measured and found to be vi = 2.12¡À0.06 m/s and vf = 0.60¡À0.08 m/s. Calculate the following quantities including

    asked by Chen
  169. English

    Does it count as "parallelism" if a character repeats the same two or three words - once at the beginning of the book and again at the end?

    asked by Me
  170. Math 3rd grade

    Which can not be a length measured ti the nearest 1/4 inch.

    asked by Belinda Williams
  171. Math

    Is a dodecahedron only made up of pentagons?

    asked by Anonymous
  172. History

    During the nineteenth century, which of the following countries experienced a decrease in industrial production? A. Britain B. China C. India D. Japan Not sure I think the answer is C.

    asked by Abby
  173. Math

    What shape can be made of 4 triangles and a semi-circle?

    asked by Anonymous
  174. Math

    Alyssa is doing a card trick with one of her friends, Denise. She only uses 15 cards: 3 diamonds, 3 hearts, 4 spades, and 5 clubs. Denise draws one card, replaces it in the deck, and draws one card again. What is the probability that she draws a heart both

    asked by Sanzi
  175. physics

    A person in a kayak starts paddling, and it accelerates from 0 to 0.59 m/s in a distance of 0.43 m. If the combined mass of the person and the kayak is 72 kg, what is the magnitude of the net force acting on the kayak?

    asked by Tom
  176. Science

    Why is the thymus gland so large in the fetal pig?

    asked by Chris

    Wayne has told 34 fewer jokes than Anthony. Together, they have told one another 88 jokes. How many jokes did Wayne tell? How many jokes did Anthony tell? Write a number sentence and slove

    asked by Darryl
  178. Physics

    A canoe has a velocity of 0.410m/s southeast relative to the earth. The canoe is on a river that is flowing at 0.510m/s east relative to the earth. Find the magnitude of the velocity v⃗ c/r of the canoe relative to the river

    asked by ana
  179. Calculus

    Integral of dx/{(x+1)sqrt(x^2+4x+2)} is given as -arcsinh{(x+2)/(xsqrt3)}, but I am not getting it.? The hint given is 'Put 1/(x+1)=t' Using it, the expression reduces to Int. -1/sqrt(1+2t-t^2). How to proceed further to get the desired result?

    asked by ms
  180. physics

    A 2 kg mass resting on a smooth plane inclined 20 degrees to the horizontal. A cord which is parallel to the plane passes over a massless, frictionless pulley to a 4 kg mass which will drop vertically when released. What will be the speed of the 4 kg mass

    asked by Aim Senallagam
  181. calculas

    A landowner wants to fence in a rectangular area of 60000 square metres and divide it into three parts with two parallel fences both parallel to one side of the rectangle. Each part will have a different grazing crop for the herds. What is the shortest

    asked by ryan
  182. statistic

    I a 3 team league the teams play each other once per year. Team A won 3 over a 2 year period. Team B won 4 and Team C won 5 What is the probability of Team wining all two games next season

    asked by chris
  183. Art- Check Answers- Please

    1. This is where an interior designer does most of her work. in a factory at the client's home in an office

    asked by Alexia
  184. maths

    my number is less than 100 one more than a multiple of 3 one of its digits is prime if you reverse its digits you get a prime it has exactly four factors the sum of digits is prime if you miltiply it by 5 it is greater than 100

    asked by ashley
  185. Math

    4. Find the monthly payment for the loan. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) $700 loan for 12 months at 15% 5. Find the monthly payment for the loan. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) A $128,000 home bought with a 20% down payment and the

    asked by Cece
  186. Help finding a good speech topic

    I am going to be giving an informative speech on a news article. The news article is suppose to be able to at least somewhat relate to college students and should also be about something new, interesting, or novel. Preferable something I could easily talk

    asked by Sarah
  187. Math

    Given the area of the parallelogram and the base, find the height. A= 29in B= 3 5/8 in

    asked by Cindy
  188. Algebra

    A car travels from one town to another at a speed of 42 mph. If it had gone 6 mph faster, it could have made the trip in a half hour less time. How far apart are the towns? The answer is ___ mi?

    asked by spacegazing
  189. Honors Physical Science

    An object is moving at 25 m/s and has a kinetic energy of 12,500 J. If the acceleration due to gravity on Mercury is about 3.8 m/s2 , what would be the weight of this object on Mercury?

    asked by Lizzy