Questions Asked on
February 15, 2014

  1. Math: Probablity

    A penny, a nickel, and a dime are flipped at the same time. Each coin can come out either heads (H) or tails (T). a. What name is given to the act of flipping the coins? b. There are eight elements in the sample space (i.e., HHH,THT, etc.). List all eight

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Algebra

    A square green rug has a blue square in the center.the side length of the blue square is x inches .the width of the green band that surrounds the blue square is 6 in.What is the area of the green band?

    asked by Jeancarlos
  3. Physics

    The gravitational force exerted on a baseball is 2.28 N down. A pitcher throws the ball horizontally with velocity 12.0 m/s by uniformly accelerating it along a straight horizontal line for a time interval of 177 ms. The ball starts from rest. (a) Through

    asked by Joe
  4. Calculus

    Line l is tangent to the graph of y= x - x²/500 at point Q & it crosses the y-axis at (0, 20) a). Find the x-coordinate of point Q b. Write an equation for line l c) Suppose the graph of y=x-x^2/500, where x and y are measured in feet, represents a hill.

    asked by Rachel
  5. chemistry

    a 2.52-g sample of a compound containing only carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur was burned in excess O to yield 4.23 g of CO2 and 1.01 g of H2O as the only carbon and hydrogen containing products respectively. Another sample of the same

    asked by Grace
  6. Calc

    Let f be the function that contains the point (-1,8) and satisfies the differential equation dy/dx=10/(x^2+1) (a) Write the equation of the tangent to f at x=-1. (b) Use your equation in part a to estimate f(0). (c) We know that the integral from -1 to 0

    asked by Anon
  7. Physics

    You are on an airplane traveling 30° south of due west at 130 m/s with respect to the air. The air is moving with a speed 30 m/s with respect to the ground due north. One question.. 2) What is the heading of the plane with respect to the ground? (Let 0°

    asked by Cam
  8. chemistry

    you have two sample of mannitol .one melted between 168-169 c and the other melted between 161-168 .which sample has the greater purity? why?

    asked by Abeer
  9. physics

    A truck with 0.385 m radius tires travels at 44.5 m/s. At how many radians per second are the tires rotating?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. physical

    what is the size and direction of the final velocity of the two cars when a 0.4 kg toy train car moving forward at 3 m/s collides with and sticks to a 0.8 kg toy car that is traveling the opposite direction of -2 m/s

    asked by crystal
  11. Probability

    * I have a question. The sentence below says, "A PENNY, a NICKEL, and a DIME are flipped....." Does this go in order? That is,.....for example: (H,T,H)The first H is for PENNY, the T is for NICKEL, and the last H is for DIME? A penny, a nickel, and a dime

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Calculus 3

    If the curve of intersection of the parabolic cylinder y = x^2 and the top half of the ellipsoid x^2 + 5y^2 + 5z^2 = 25. Then find parametric equations for this curve.

    asked by Lamar
  13. Physics

    If a frictionless incline has a difference in height from one end to the other of 19.5 cm and has a length along the incline of 1.36 m, find the time it takes for a block of 1.1 kg, starting from rest, to slide down the ramp from the top to the bottom of

    asked by name
  14. physical

    a 50 kg object moving at 12 m/s has a momentum of 600 kg times g m/s . what is the mass of an object moving at 4 m/s that has the same momentum?

    asked by crystal
  15. Chemistry 106 ch 11

    Calculate the heat released when 73.5 g of steam at 122.0 C is converted to water at 39.0C. Assume that the specific heat of water is 4.184 J/g C, the specific heat of steam is 1.99 J/g C, and change in heat vap =40.79 kJ/mol for water.

    asked by alex
  16. Chemistry

    A piston is holding 125 mL of gases at a temperature of 300 K and a pressure of 2.39 atm. What is the volume of the gases if the temperature is increased to 500K and the pressure falls to 2.15 atm?

    asked by JJ
  17. area and perimet

    Farmer Brown has 700 yards of fencing with which to build a rectangular corral divided into two pens. He builds a corral that uses the river as one side so he only has to fence the other 3 sides and the divider down the middle

    asked by Lyndsie

    You shoot your potato gun horizontally from shoulder height, which is 190 cm. The potato lands 15 m away from you. You would like the potato to go 90 m, so you climb up a ladder and fire the gun horizontally from there. How high over the ground must the

    asked by SHAWN
  19. decorative features

    please check my answers to ics questions 04201800 1. In making a wool dress, a suitable finish for the neckline opening of the dress is a A. wrap and strap opening. C. bound opening. my answer is d B. continuous strip opening. D. faced-slit opening. 2. In

    asked by aduke
  20. Chemistry

    If a sample of gas occupies 25.0 mL at -25°C and 650 mmHg, what is the volume at 25°C and 353 mmHg? (Could you please show me step by step?)

    asked by John
  21. Chemistry

    An aqueous salt solution has a freezing point of -.5 degrees Celsius and causes neither swelling or shriveling of cells. The kf of water is 1.86 K kg/mol. What is the osmotic pressure that is exerted on cells when placed in pure water? (ignore differences

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by cee
  23. RE: Physics

    If an incline has a difference in height from one end to the other of 17.8 cm and has a length along the incline of 1.19 m, what is the angle that the incline makes with the horizontal reference surface? Physics - Damon, Saturday, February 15, 2014 at

    asked by Christina
  24. Chemistry

    Assume that some of the magnesium nitride is not completely converted to magnesium hydroxide and subsequently to magnesium oxide. Will your empirical formula be too high in magnesium or too high in oxygen? Please show any calculations you used to determine

    asked by Liliah
  25. Physics

    If an incline has a difference in height from one end to the other of 17.8 cm and has a length along the incline of 1.19 m, what is the angle that the incline makes with the horizontal reference surface?

    asked by Christina
  26. Maths

    Find the number of decibels of sound produced by a jet engine at a distance of 50 metres if the intensity is 10 watts per square metre. This time I'll post the given formula too. Sorry to leave it out before! The dB scale for measuring loudness, d, is

    asked by Donna
  27. MATH

    AN AP has 21 term the sum of 10 ,11,12 term is 129 and sum of last 3 term is 237.find AP

    asked by RAUNAK
  28. English

    Yes, I wrote the sentences incorrectly: Thank you He was seen to watch the TV He is still dependent on ... but independent of.... I was so angry WITH him FOR behaving like that in front of everyone. (about behaving would be a mistake?) The teacher was

    asked by Frank
  29. physical science

    A frog jumps at the angle of 60 degrees to horizontal with initial velocity of 10.0m/s 1. calculate velocity Voy of the frog 2 calculate acceleration ax of the frog

    asked by lorrain
  30. Physics Total Mechanical Energy

    What is the total mechanical energy of a 575 kg roller coaster that is at rest 50.0 m above the lowest point on the ride? The maximum possible speed of the roller coaster is 31.3 m/s. (do not include units in your answer)

    asked by Lauryn Graves
  31. analytical chemistry

    You are asked to make a 0.3M CaCl2 solution in a flask that can hold 200 ml. How would you do it?

    asked by MJ
  32. algebra

    You had 207.00,but spend 2.00each day which algebraic expression describes the situation,where d represents the number of days ? Answers are 207+d, 205d, 2+207d, 207-2d

    asked by molly
  33. Physics

    A coin is dropped from a hot-air balloon that is 325 m above the ground and rising at 12.5 m/s upward. For this problem use a coordinate system in which up is positive. Find the maximum height reached for the coin in meters

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Physics

    An 80 kg hiker climbs a 1000 m high hill at a constant speed. If the hiker's body is 25% efficient, how many kg of fat does the hiker burn in climbing the hill? Given: heat of reaction of body fat is 37000 kilo joules per kilogram. I know that change in

    asked by Bobby
  35. math

    use 3/8 of a thin of paint, what fraction of the paint is left in the thin (show work)

    asked by sherm
  36. Math

    Ned's Sheds purchase building materials from Timbertowm Lumber for $3,700 with terms of 4/15, n/30. The invoice is dated October 17. Ned's decides send in a $2,000 partial payment. Question 1: What is the net date? Question 2:If partial payment was sent by

    asked by Kik
  37. college math

    What is 6x to the third power plus 27x to the second power minus 15x

    asked by sunshine
  38. Managerial Economics

    Why the cost structure associated with many kinds of information goods and services might imply a market supplied by a small number of large firms.

    asked by Rachael
  39. Editorial Evaluation (Writeacher)

    What do you think? Does it require any improvements? What do you suggest? What I have been assigned: "[w]rite a 3-paragraph editorial that tries to persuade students at the University of Georgia to accept African-American students." What I have written:

    asked by Anonymous
  40. business study,accounting,economics,mathematicaly

    what job or carrer i can get when i am leaning this subjects?

    asked by boikanyo
  41. Social Studies

    laissez-faire and different political ideologies:conservative, liberal and socialist.

    asked by Tommy
  42. math

    contract the expression,use the property of logarithms to write each expression as a single logarithm with a coefficient of 1

    asked by adrian
  43. Physics Help

    A constant force of 100N , directed upward, is applied to a 5.0kg toy rocket by the rocket's engine. What is the rocket's acceleration? I used the equation a= F/m to get 20 m/s2 but it was wrong and I don't know where to go from here still?

    asked by Eiban
  44. physics

    What is the magnitude of electrostatic force that acts on each sphere?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Physics

    4. A basketball is thrown from a height of 1.60(m), with an angle of 45o above the horizontal. (a) With what initial speed must the basketball be thrown so that it reaches the basket at the highest point of its trajectory? The basket is at a height of

    asked by maria
  46. Maths

    Find the number of decibels of sound produced by a jet engine at a distance of 50 metres if the intensity is 10 watts per square metre.

    asked by Donna
  47. Chemistry

    1) Calculate the energy. in joules, of a photon of wavelength 1.250x 10^3 nm 2) If 3.011x 10^23 molecules have a mass of 20.04 grams, what is the molar mass of the substance? Is it 40.07g/mol? 3) 47.5g of Boron contains __________ atoms of B? Is it

    asked by Annabelle
  48. Math

    A jet climbs at an angle of 26 degrees to the ground. The cruising height for the jet is 8000m, the climbing speed is 300km/hr and the cruising speed is 450km/hr. How far is it from the airport 5 minutes after taking off? Please explain thoroughly.

    asked by Brenard
  49. Economics

    C=15+0.50Y+0.0.5W I=100 W=1,200 Calculate the values of equilibrium Y,C,and S

    asked by puddin
  50. physical science

    A frog jumps at the angle of 60% to horizontal with initial velocity of 10.0m/s 1. calculate velocity Voy of the frog 2 calculate acceleration ax of the frog

    asked by lorrain
  51. math

    In the number 7,725 which places contain digits where one digit is ten times as great as the other ?

    asked by terry
  52. Math help polynomial

    multiply the following polynomial -3x(y^2+2y^2) answer choices 3xy^2-6xy^2' -3xy^2-gxy^2 -3xy^2+5y^2 -9xy^2 The last one was the answer. Can you tell me how the answer was solved? Thanks!

    asked by Alex
  53. Health

    10. Which of the following sentences should not be used in "I" messages? (Choose 2) A) You make me feel humiliated when you criticize me. B)It's hard for me to think clearly when you are singing. C)I would like us to leave on time in the future. D)I do not

    asked by Ryan
  54. statistics

    Below are six data sets with 6 randomly selected scores in each data set. Your task is to determine if the scores were drawn from a population with μ = 5. Before you calculate the one-sample t test for each sample, make a guess as to whether or not you

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Language

    Does anyone know any websites or iinfo about Jeremiah Jones? i have to write about him but i only found info about him on wkipedia. please help, thanks

    asked by Epic
  56. Differential Equations, Matrices

    Using the matrix [cosx -sinx] [sinx cosx] rotate the parabola y=3x^2+2 by 45 degrees. State the equation of the rotated parabola and then state the coordinates of the rotated vertex and the points (-1, 5) and (1, 5)

    asked by Anne
  57. 8th grade science

    Explain how the sun's temperature will change over time as it ages.

    asked by octavia
  58. Differential Equations

    Solve dy/dx = y/(2y-x) using rational substitution (using v=y/x) with the initial condition y(0)=1. I solved this problem and found C (the constant) to be undefined. That is not the correct answer.

    asked by Liz
  59. algebra

    You had 207.00,but 2.00each day which algebraic expression describes the situation where d represents the number of days. Answers are 207+2d, 205d, 2+207d,207-2d

    asked by molly
  60. Health/Writing

    So I'm writing a story about a guy who gets brain tumor because of a car accident. I know it may be a stupid question, but how can someone retrieve tumor in such a situation? Or where can radiation, enough to give cancer, be found. Maybe a place or a truck

    asked by Ella
  61. economics

    what do I put for this question how could the following affect your company?I have a cleaning company----change in technology, government regulations the economy and industry please help thank you

    asked by nicey
  62. Cary MS Math

    How do you find the volume of a rectangular prism

    asked by Lauren
  63. Math

    Tenths Playground Fence painting Painter. Red posts. White posts. Blue posts Annie 7 2 1 Chun. 1 3 6 Felipe. 9 0 1 Hans. 1 8 1 Matt. 4 3 3 Nicole. 3 5 2 Write a fraction and decimal that matt painted red and white . The answer,, 1- 4/10 and 0.4 3/10 and

    asked by Nawaf
  64. English

    Write the vocabulary word from the word box that matches each idea. Communicate - flick - alert- signal - chatter - grooms. 1/ make neat and clean . Answer: grooms 2/............. to tell a person or animal something. Answer: communicate 3/

    asked by NA
  65. Physics

    The radius of the moon is approximately one quarter of the earth's radius,and its mass is on eightieth of the earth's mass.Calculate the weight of a man with a mass of 80KG on the surface of the moon

    asked by Zanele
  66. Math

    Working on patterns. There is a diagram. Its a rectangle with the numbers 10, 16, 23 in each corner. Inside the rectangle is a circle and inside the circle are the numbers 9, 12, 24. The directions say to place the numbers 8 to 26 either inside or outside

    asked by Tien
  67. Math

    What type of stores have a high markup with low volume? What type of stores have a low markup with high volume?

    asked by Kik
  68. Physics

    A constant force of 100N , directed upward, is applied to a 5.0kg toy rocket by the rocket's engine. Find the rockets acceleration? I thought it'd be as simple as F=ma to be 20 m/s2 but I was wrong. What am I overlooking?

    asked by Eiban
  69. physical sciences

    a small brick mass 700 g is projected vertically downwards at a velocity of 1,25(m/s) from the top of a building of height 25m.calculate the magnitude of the velocity at which the brick hits the ground?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. physics

    You are holding the neck of a champagne bottle at an elevation of 27 degrees when you pop the cork. The highest point in the cork's flight is 3.5 m above its initial height. What was the cork's initial speed? Use SI units in the second box.

    asked by sean
  71. Physics

    Your potato gun has a muzzle velocity of 34 m/s. You want to shoot a potato and have it strike the ground 2.4 seconds later. At what elevation do you have to fire the gun?

    asked by Ryan
  72. Linear Algebra

    Use the existence and uniqueness theorem to determine where solutions will exist and be unique for the differential equation: dy/dx=((2x-y)^2)/(x^2y+2xy^2)

    asked by Sharon
  73. math

    I am helping my daughter and I need help on this question in the number 57,733 contains two sets of digits in which one digit is ten times as great as the other what are the values of the digits in each set help please!!!!

    asked by terry
  74. Advanced Maths

    A reservoir is fed by two pipes of different diameter. The pipe with the larger diameter takes three hours less than the smaller pipe to fill the reservoir. if both pipes are opened simultaneously, the reservoir can fill in two hours. Calculate how long it

    asked by Michelle
  75. perimeter

    A garden is in the shape of a rectange. One side of the garden has 20 ft ength the other has a length of x. You pan to build a sidewalk of wdth 4 ft to surrond the garde . The cost to dig and pour concrete is $88 per sq ft. Exoress the cost to buid the

    asked by Lyndsie
  76. Social Studies

    If you are a member in Liberal party, what would you say about the great depression in Canada, I mean your idea?

    asked by Tommy
  77. Astronmy

    How far in degrees will Mercury suppose to be from the Sun on February 5, 2014 and how did you determine it?

    asked by Rashida
  78. analytical chemistry

    How much NaOH (in grams) would there be in 0.25 litre of a 0.3M solution?

    asked by MJ
  79. Astronomy

    Why is it possible to see the planet Mercury at 6:45 pm on February 5, 2014.

    asked by Rashida
  80. math

    a seismograph 300 km from the epicenter of an earthquake recorded a maximum amplitude of 5.5 *10^2,find the earthquakes magnitude. round one decimal

    asked by evelyn
  81. Just a question

    What's a module?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Astronomy

    What five object were found in the sky on February 5, 2014 at 9 pm.

    asked by Ann
  83. Math- Adding Fractions

    2 and 1/5 + 7/5 + 5 and 1/2 Help asap

    asked by Anny
  84. Math help

    How would u solve these systems? 1. 2a-b=1 a+3b=4 2. Y-x=2 2x+y=8

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Math fractions

    sorry about the other one its a type its 2 and 1/5 + 7/3 + 5 and 1/2

    asked by Anny
  86. Math-Adding fractions

    21/4 - 22/5

    asked by Anny
  87. math- adding fractions

    I seriously need one more and I'm done :D 38/5 - 3 and 1/2

    asked by Anny
  88. Trig

    If f(x)=cos^2x and g(x)=sin^2x, what is (f+g)(pi/15)

    asked by Cora
  89. rate of change

    What's the avearage rate of change of f(x)=x^2-4x+7 on the interval 1

    asked by Jayden
  90. English

    What resource whether its online etc can LGBT community support, how can they get help? Thanks!

    asked by Katie
  91. Math help

    How would u solve this systems? 1. Y-x=2 2x+y=8

    asked by Anonymous
  92. precalculus

    solve: 5 ^(x+2) - 5^(x+1) = 5

    asked by mann
  93. pre calculus

    Slove: 2logbase5(x+2) = 2 + log base5(x-2)

    asked by mann
  94. Pre-Calc

    How do I solve this equation? 4^x * (1/2)^3-2x = 8*(2^x)^2

    asked by Kay.
  95. Algebra II

    1. 4^x - 3(4^-x) = 8 I got where 4^x = 4 + square root (19), but I can't solve further. The answer is (log (4 + root (19)) ) / (log 4). 2. log (x^2) = (log x)^2 Solve for x Thanks!

    asked by Serena
  96. ms240l

    2x=18 y if y=kx where is the constant of prooortionality then what is the value of k?

    asked by angel
  97. Music

    What is dubstep?

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Editorial Evaluation (Writeacher)

    What do you think now? I tried to follow your advice as well as the instructions in the website link you provided for me. Correction: "As a student, why have you enrolled in the University of Georgia? What do you wish or intend to gain? You might answer by

    asked by Anonymous
  99. chemistry

    when does 4+4=9

    asked by Anonymous
  100. PHYICS

    a turn table is turing at a rate of 45 rad/sec and comes to rest after 5 many rotation does it make before coming to rest?

    asked by Pawan
  101. projectiles

    a small brick mass 700 g is projected vertically downwards at a velocity of 1,25(m/s) from the top of a building of height 25m.calculate the magnitude of the velocity at which the brick hits the ground?

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Science

    These questions refer to tides. 1. Why are vertical clearances of bridges along navigable waterways given as heights in feet above mean(average) water height? 2. Why would knowledge of tides be of any importance in a military landing action?

    asked by Anonymous
  103. economics

    C=15+0.60+0.04W I=200 W=1,200 Calculate the value of the equilibrium

    asked by puddin
  104. PHYICS

    A car moving with constant speed in a circular path experience a centripetal acceleration if speed of car increases by three factors but the circular path remain same.What is the new centripetal acceleration in term of original ac?

    asked by Pawan
  105. Math

    Solve log(x4 power)=(logx) 3 power

    asked by Praphulla
  106. Math

    2 power4x-1= 3 power1-x

    asked by Praphulla
  107. Intermediate Algebra

    Graph the linear equation using the slope, and y-intercept. y=5/6x-4

    asked by Student5