Questions Asked on
February 8, 2014

  1. science --- pls check my work!!!

    hi, pls check my work asap! 1. A ___ has a definite shape and a definite volume. (1 point) solid*** liquid gas molecule 2. Why is a gas able to flow? (1 point) Its particles have melted and can move around.Its particles have high viscosity and can move

    asked by TTR+S<3
  2. forces

    Two teams of nine members each engage in a tug of war. The first team's members have average masses of 64 kg and exert average forces of 1350 N horizontally. The second team's members have average masses of 69 kg and exert average forces of 1365 N

    asked by Melissa
  3. Wave

    What feature is NOT defined for a wave pulse? a)period b)wave speed c)the position of a particle at a certain time d)a defined source

    asked by John
  4. physics

    Two identical weights of mass M are linked by a thread wrapped around a frictionless pulley with a fixed axis. A small weight of mass ‘m’ is placed on one of the weights. What is reaction force between m and M?

    asked by vaibhav
  5. Math

    Let f(x) be a polynomial such that f(cos theta) = cos(4 theta) for all theta. Find f(x). (This is essentially the same as finding cos(4 theta) in terms of cos theta; we structure the problem this way so that you can answer as a polynomial. Be sure to write

    asked by John
  6. chemistry

    An unknown compound contains only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen (CxHxOx). Combustion of 3.50G of this compound produced 5.13G of carbon dioxide and 2.10G of water A.How many moles of carbon, , were in the original sample? b. How many moles of hydrogen, ,

    asked by URGENT!
  7. Chemistry

    I have .8ml of 35% by weight hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide density is 1.14 g/ml. how many moles of hydrogen peroxide are there?

    asked by Dina
  8. Southern Union

    A large building has an inclined roof. The length of the roof is 64.0 m and the angle of the roof is 20.0° below horizontal. A worker on the roof lets go of a hammer from the peak of the roof. Starting from rest, it slides down the entire length of the

    asked by Mary Anne
  9. physics

    Suppose electrons enter a uniform electric field midway between two plates at an angle ¦È0 to the horizontal, as shown in the figure

    asked by Anonymous
  10. science

    A British Concorde (BC) and a French Concorde (FC) flew in opposite directions around the earth (40 000 km). The BC covered half of its flight distance at a supersonic speed of 2500 km/h and the other half at a subsonic speed of 1000 km/h. The FC spent

    asked by king12
  11. Science

    Why is biodiversity ecologically valuable? a- it provides humans with food and shelter b- it is reliable source of revenue c- it establishes the foundation for food chains and food webs d- it provides raw materials fore clothing and medicine my answer is C

    asked by Steve
  12. Science

    Which of the following would result in the greatest reduction of waste sent to a landfill? a- composting food waste b- recycling glass, plastics, and metals c- reusing rubber, leather, and textiles from new products d- planting more trees in forests my

    asked by Steve
  13. Physics

    The only force acting on a 4.7 kg body as it moves along the positive x axis has an x component Fx = -6x N, where x is in meters. The velocity of the body at x = 2.4 m is 11 m/s. (a) What is the velocity of the body at x = 4.9 m? (b) At what positive value

    asked by john
  14. math

    In Lewis Carroll's Through The looking Glass, Tweedledum says, "the sum of your weight and twice mine is 361 pounds". Tweedledee replies, "The sum of your weight and twice mine is 362 pounds". Find both weights. ONLY AN ALGEBRAIC SOLUTION WILL BE ACCEPTED

    asked by B8
  15. Physics

    A trash can with a mass of 5 kg has a coefficient of static friction of μs = 0.80 and a coefficient of kinetic friction of μk = 0.22. (The Active Figure applies to a similar situation, but the values of the mass, coefficient of static friction and

    asked by Ray
  16. math vector

    Find the Principal unit normal vector to the curve at the specified value of the parameter. r(t)=ti+t^(2)j+lntk, t=1

    asked by jay
  17. english literature

    what does this mean. the city now doth like a garment wear

    asked by renae
  18. Science

    Why are rain forests the most diverse ecosystems? a- the are near bodies of water b- they have favorable climates c- they are surrounded by mountains d- they have more pollutants then other ecosystems my answer is B

    asked by Steve
  19. MATH

    A letter carrier can deliver mail to 112 homes per hour by walking and 168 homes per hour by driving. Question1: By what percent is productivity increased by driving? Question2: If a new ZIP Code system improves driving productivity by 12.5%, what is the

    asked by kik
  20. Economics

    Suppose you are the manager of a California winery. How would you expect the following events to affect the market equilibrium price you receive for a bottle of wine? Please state the shift (leftward or rightward) of demand or supply. a. The price of

    asked by Summer
  21. Physics

    Charges of −q and +2q are fixed in place, with a distance of 4.65 m between them. A dashed line is drawn through the negative charge, perpendicular to the line between the charges. On the dashed line, at a distance L from the negative charge, there is at

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Physics

    A jet plane has a takeoff speed of Vto=125km/h (34.72 m/s) and it's engines can power it to accelerate with an average acceleration of 5.6 m/s^2. A.) what length of runway will it need to take off safely? B.) suppose it had an available runway length of

    asked by Michelle
  23. Physics

    18 cars in a circle at a boom box competition produce a 105 dB sound level at the center of the circle. What is the average sound level produced there by each, assuming interference effects can be neglected? dB = ?

    asked by ddsMom
  24. Science

    Oil spills and leaks in the Pacific Ocean have harmed marine organisims and the environment. Which kind of environmental issue is illustrated by this example? a- resource use b- pollution c- population growth d- biodiversity My answer is D

    asked by Steve
  25. Healthcare Economics

    Your president bought two acres of land for $200,000 ten years ago. Although it is zoned for commercial use, it currently houses eight small, single-family houses. A property management fir that wants to continue leasing the eight houses has offered you

    asked by Lisa
  26. pre calculus

    The age of a document is in dispute, so archaeologists test for carbon-14. Due to radioactive decay, the amount A of carbon -14 present compared to the initial amount A0 after t years is given by the formula A(t) = A0e^-0.000124t . If 72% of the original

    asked by Raju
  27. statistics

    Suppose a Stat 1450 web class has 15 males (8 are also students at OSU) and 12 females (7 are also students at OSU). What is the probability that a randomly selected student is either female, or also a student at OSU? Submit answer in decimal form and

    asked by john smith
  28. Chemistry

    A titration involves titrating 0.4 M NaOH into a solution of 0.2 M H3PO4. a.) Calculate the volume of NaOH that will be required to reach the first equivalence point. b.) Calculate the volume of NaOH required to reach the second equivalence point. Other

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Stats

    Determine the following random variables discrete or continuous: a)Number of fish I caught during 2 hours? I said: discrete b)Temperature of a coffee cup? I said: continuous c)Height of a 2-year-old maple tree? I said: continuous d) Number of credit cards

    asked by Ashley
  30. Probability

    A pair of dice is rolled, one black and one white. Find the probability of each of the following events. 1. The total is between 3 and 7. My answer: 1/3 2. The total is 13. My answer: 0 3. The numbers are 2 and 5. ????????? 4. The black die has 2 and the

    asked by Anonymous
  31. maths

    There are 29 students in the class. 21 students are in base ball team and 12 students are in foot ball team...but some students play both the many students play both games?

    asked by laiba ahmer
  32. Calculus Help

    If a ball is thrown vertically upward from the roof of 64 foot building with a velocity of 32 ft/sec, its height after t seconds is s(t)=64+32t–16t2. What is the maximum height the ball reaches "in ft"? What is the velocity of the ball when it hits the

    asked by Calculus Velocity
  33. Social Studies

    What did the Monroe Doctrine hope to accomplish?

    asked by Sam
  34. Physics

    You and a friend each drive 54 km. You travel at 95 km/h; your friend travels at 118 km/h. How many minutes will your friend have to wait for you at the end of the trip?

    asked by Erin
  35. Physics

    Sound is emitted by a point source. You wish to compare the sound intensity and sound intensity level from this source at two different sites. If the distance to the second site is a factor of 6 greater than the distance to the first, determine the

    asked by ddsMom
  36. pre calculus

    A sum of $5000 is be invested in a bank. if the annual interest is 10% and compounded monthly, how long will it take for the original investment to double.

    asked by Raju
  37. Chemistry

    Write the chemical formula and number of ions formed when the following electrolyte dissolves in water. Make sure to include appropriate states. K3PO4 = ??? Any help with this is greatly appreciated!

    asked by Amanda
  38. chemistry

    How much dry solution would it take to prepare 135 0.120M NaNO3 to a sovent?

    asked by marjorie
  39. Business Law II

    Yi conveyed a piece of land by general warranty deed. The deed included a covenant of seisin. With this covenant, Yi promised that: A) she has the power to make the conveyance. B) the land is free from any easement, profit, mortgage, etc. C) no other

    asked by Lynn
  40. US History

    what is the significance of the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

    asked by Anne
  41. Math - Alg

    How much pure acid must be added to a 30% acid solution to make a 60L solution which is 50% acid? This was the answer I got from Reiny. amount of pure acid to be added -- x L 1(x) + .3(60-x) = .5(60) 10x + 3(60-x) = 5(60) 10x + 180 - 3x = 300 7x = 120 x =

    asked by Brittany Jones
  42. physics

    2 tall buildings are 200m apart. with what speed a ball be thrown horizontally from a window of one building 2km above the ground so that it will enter a window 40m from the ground in the other?

    asked by latika
  43. trigonometry

    If a tree casts a shadow of 12 feet at the same time that 6 foot person casts a shadow what is the length of the three to the nearst foot

    asked by sandy
  44. math

    kyle reduced his investment in collins company from $11, 700 to $4,300. what was the percentage rate of decrease?

    asked by kik
  45. Math

    Find Curvature, find the curvature k of the curve, where s is the arc length parameter. r(s)=(3+s)i+j

    asked by jay
  46. math

    at midnight the temperature was 28 degrees colder than it was at noon. The temperature at midnight was 34 degrees What was the temperature at noon

    asked by Anonymous
  47. c. algebra

    How many years would it take a worker making $16.00 per hour to earn $8,000,000, assuming she works 260 8-hour days per year?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. chem

    Consider the following neutralisation reaction: 2 H3PO4(aq) + 3 Ca(OH)2 (aq) → Ca3(PO4)2 + 6 H2O Determine the volume of 0.75 M H3PO4 necessary to neutralise 35 ml of 0.45 M Ca(OH)2

    asked by vicky
  49. physics

    a bead on a wire 30m high is released and reaches point A, where is loops twice towards the right. what is the velocity and acceleration at point A-D? point A is at 20m directly below from starting point. Point B is 10m at the bottom of the first loop.

    asked by christopher
  50. science

    1.What two things happen to particles in a substance when the substance is heated? 2. What are the three most common states of matter on Earth? 3. Why does a liquid take the shape of whatever container it is in but does not expand to fill the container

    asked by bob
  51. Greatest Common Factor

    There sre 16 rocks that are green and 24 rocks that are blue. Sharon is dividing her green and blue rock collection into bags. Each bag will contain the same number of each color of rock. How many rocks of each colr will be in each bag?

    asked by Sheila
  52. math

    I need help with "write in equation in slope-intercept form for the line that is parallel to to the given line line and and that passes through the given point. y=1/2x=5;(4,-3) How do you find a line that is perpendicular. Please and thank you! :)

    asked by Kerri
  53. Physics

    Sound is emitted by a point source. You wish to compare the sound intensity and sound intensity level from this source at two different sites. If the distance to the second site is a factor of 6 greater than the distance to the first, determine the

    asked by ddsMom
  54. algebra

    Find the number of decibels for the power of the sound given. Round to the nearest decibel. A rocket engine, 2.54 cross 10−5 watts/cm2

    asked by samuel louijeune
  55. MITx: 6.002x Circuits and Electronics

    The step response of a circuit is its response to a step input, u(t). Knowing the step response of a linear circuit is extremely valuable as we can figure out the circuit's stability. In this problem we will analyze the circuit in Figure 1 for the output

    asked by sushma
  56. Chemistry

    Alcoholic drinks contain ethanol. 10cm3 of ethanol is called one unit of alcohol. Men are advised to drink a maximum of 21 units of ethanol a week, while women are advised to drink a maximum of 14 units. Wine contains about 14% ethanol by volume. A) a

    asked by Ella
  57. Stats

    The probability that Jack plays guitar on a raining day is 0.6 and on a sunny day is 0.5. The probability that is rains tomorrow is 0.8. Find the probability that Jack will not play guitar tomorrow.

    asked by Ashley
  58. Math Sums and Differences

    Use the strategy of your choice to find the sums and differences below. a)(-4)+(10)+(4)+(-2) b)(5)+(-8)+(3)+(-7) c)(-19)+(14)+(21)+(-23) d)(5)-(-10)-(4) e)(-3)-(-3)-(-3) f)(+26)-(-32)-(+15)-(8) Continue each pattern, 3 times a) 5,2,-1,-4,-,-,- b)

    asked by Harmony Ann
  59. physics

    A car is moving down a highway at -15 m/s and accelerating at 3 m/s^2. If it's initial position is at x = 0 m where will it be after 3 seconds?

    asked by Michelle
  60. pre calculus

    Which is worth more after 5 years, an investment of $1000 at 5% interest compounded semi - annually(twice a year). or an investment of $1000 at 5% interest compounded continuously?

    asked by Raju
  61. chemistry

    what are the reaction steps of the reaction between ferric chloride with hydrogen at 600 degree celsius

    asked by nivedita
  62. math

    Last month, Bill's electric bill was $80.77. This month, Bill's bill was $69.06. What is the percent decrease?

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Physics

    Two cars pass a school when a stopwatch reads zero. They both travel in the same direction. Car A travels at a constant speed of 98 km/h and Car B travels at 64 km/h. How many meters apart are the two cars when the stopwatch reads 2.0 hours?

    asked by Erin
  64. Business Law II

    Ross is a wealthy man. Out of the kindness of his heart, he transfers a piece of real property to his church, "for as long as the property is used for church purposes." Ross has created which of the following ownership interests? A) Life estate to the

    asked by Lynn
  65. math

    Lenny's height has increased by 1 (3/4) times his height at 3 years old. In percentage terms, how much has Kenny grown?

    asked by luce
  66. Algebra

    I hope that I am typing this particular problem right because this algebra problem was provided on a chart. However, I can't copy and paste the chart on here. The problem says "The given graph represents the number of active servicemen in the region who

    asked by Student5
  67. Algebra

    The given graph represents the number of active servicemen in the region who are overweight. There were 3320 overweight servicemen in 1992, and 8310 overweight servicemen in 2002. Find the rate of change. The rate of change is ___? servicemen per year.

    asked by Student5
  68. Math

    Practice adding and subtracting fractions. 1/ Jill's friends met at her house to go on a hike to the lake.they walked 1/4 of the way and then rested. How much further do they have to go to reach the lake? I don't know 2/ When they reached the lake , they

    asked by Nawaf
  69. Chemistry (Analytical) followup

    Thanks DrBob for answering the question! I was assuming it was something similar to that, but my confusion is that a follow up question is asking what happens to the dissolved Ca2+ if the pH is reduced to 2, so the pH has some effect, but I don't know

    asked by Nathan Berry
  70. Precalculus

    A pair of dice is rolled, one black and one white. Find the probability of each of the following events. 1. The total is between 3 and 7. My answer: 1/3 2. The total is 13. My answer: 0 3. The numbers are 2 and 5. ????????? 4. The black die has 2 and the

    asked by Anonymous
  71. math

    how do you integrate 3-e^1?

    asked by Hannah
  72. math

    Select the first five terms in the arithmetic sequence an = 8n, starting with n = 1

    asked by lee
  73. Math

    A simple calculation will reveal that 72 has 12 factors including 1 and 72. How many natural numbers less than 100 have 12 such factors

    asked by Claire
  74. Science

    Does the preservation of biodiversity prevent the extinction of species? My answer is yes

    asked by Steve
  75. Algebra 2

    fourth root of (68-48sqrt2)

    asked by Hassan
  76. literary

    What emotion is associated with weariness? I'm supposed to analyse the emotions that are expressed within a text, and the beginning is happy and jubilant while the second half adopts a more weary mood, so i'm wondering what emotion would i use?

    asked by David
  77. baker

    Americans are urged to make at least half of their grains whole grains. An example of a food with whole grains includes ______

    asked by xd
  78. 10th grade Science

    Explain how a drug sits on acetylcholine receptors will affect muscle function? Is it because the drug would act as a blocking agent to prevent the receptors from gathering information on what to do?

    asked by Student
  79. Stats

    How many ways to choose 2 boys and 3 girls from a class of 10 boys and 15 girls? Would you do: 10C2=45 15C3=455 (45)(455)=20,475?

    asked by Ashley
  80. Geophysics

    A continuous signal is sampled at regular intervals, every 10 ms. What is the maximum frequency that can be captured by this sampling process without incurring any distortion of the original signal? If the original signal contains noise at a frequency of

    asked by Mia
  81. Physics

    The energy of the first excited state of a hydrogen atom is -0.34 eV ± 0.0003 eV. What is the average lifetime of for this state?

    asked by Paul
  82. G.7 Math

    Hey guys I need help with subtracting integers. A) (-8) - (6)= B) (-9) - (-6)= C) (-3) - (7) D) (-23) -(8) E)(90) - (-50) F)(-17) -(23) G)(40) - (-25) H) (-2)- (100) I)(33) - (-18)

    asked by Harmony Ann
  83. Social Studies

    10. Which of the following was Daniel Webster speaking of when he declared, "Liberty and Union, now and forever, on and inseparable!"? A) regional differences*** B) international differences C) improved transportation D) improved industry Is my answer

    asked by Sam
  84. English- Mrs. Sue

    So I have my thesis statement down but now I just need examples about speaking up and why you need to address things in this world today. Can you please help. Thanks soooo much:))

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Payback periods

    purchase price 550,000, period of useful 10 years, annual revenue 100,000,operating costs 32,000, depreciation 55,000 no income taxes can you show me how to get the answer I have an answer but not sure if it is correct

    asked by Carol
  86. engligh, grammar

    Why is this wrong? To succeed in the new economy, workers will have to learn throughout their careers, adapt to changing circumstances, and have self-motivation.

    asked by ML
  87. Chemistry (Analytical)

    Solve for the number of grams of Ca2+ ion in a solution prepared by adding 1.00 gram of calcium oxalate (Ksp=1.3x10^-8)powder to 100 mL at pH 9.

    asked by Nathan Berry
  88. Physics

    What is the minimum uncertainty in the velocity of an electron that is known to be somewhere between 0.050 nm and 0.10 nm from a proton

    asked by Jake
  89. English

    Why should people speak up and address issues that matter in the world today? Give examples

    asked by Anonymous
  90. physics

    a block of wood of 200g is thrown vetically with a veloncity of 20mls what is the pontential energy?

    asked by sience
  91. Payback periods

    purchase price 550,000, period of useful 10 years, annual revenue 100,000,operating costs 32,000, depreciation 55,000 no income taxes can you show me how to get the answer I have an answer but not sure if it is correct

    asked by Carol
  92. ,;

    Increase the amount and variety of seafood consumed by choosing seafood in place of _____. A. Breads B. Fruits C. Vegetables D. Some meat and poultry

    asked by xd
  93. art

    how do we learn to draw?

    asked by stephanie
  94. Quick English help

    So I'm writing an essay about explaining why people should speak up and address issues that matter in the world today but I don't know what to say in each pargraph. (4 paragraphs) could someone help me?!? Thanks so much!!!

    asked by Anonymous
  95. algebra 1

    divide and simplify . 1. 5x^4/3 divided by 5x^2/6 2. 3/a^5 divided by 3/a^2 3. 6m^4/5 divided by 2m Can someone help me do these? and explain them? because I don't understand how to do them. thanks.

    asked by Sadie
  96. english literature

    can you help me comment on this theme please. awe and amazement

    asked by jason
  97. Alg 2

    (1+sixthroot2 - twelfthroot2) to the -1 power

    asked by Kanayo
  98. PHI103 WEEK 3

    This is the name for the reasons that one presents to support a conclusion. (Points : 1) Proposals Premises Deductions Inductions None of the above

    asked by NINA