Questions Asked on
January 4, 2014

  1. Science help.

    Where is most freshwater on Earth found? lakes and rivers oceans and seas underground ice caps and glaciers How does algal growth caused by agricultural waste kill marine organisms? by blocking sunlight and depleting oxygen by increasing oxygen levels in

    asked by Princess Anna
  2. Math

    For the geometric series, S4/S8 = 1/17. Determine the first three terms of the series if the first term is 3.

    asked by Tom
  3. Math

    Which of the following statements is not always true? A. In a rhombus, the diagonals bisect opposite angles. B. In a rhombus, the diagonals are perpendicular. C. In a rhombus, the diagonals are congruent. D. In a rhombus, all four sides are congruent. I

    asked by anon
  4. algebra 2 trig

    if log3=a then log300 can be expressed as? 1) 100a 2)a+2 3)100+a 4)3a

    asked by nikki
  5. Math - Algebra

    What is the linear equation that will represent the second statement in the following problem: "The sum of the digits of a three-digit number is 12. If the hundreds digit is replaced by the tens digit, the tens digit by the units digit, and the units digit

    asked by Ashley Kate
  6. Algebra

    How do I solve this system using substitution? y = 8 - x 7 = 2 - y

    asked by Anonymous
  7. English HELP

    At the conclusion of Chapter 9, Chauvelin comes into possession of a note that indicates that Armand St. Just is working against the French government. How do you think Chauvelin will try to use this information to influence Lady Blakeney? Do you think his

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Math - Algebra

    Von's arcade uses 3 different colored tokens for its game machines. For 500, you can purchase any of the following combinations of tokens: 8 gold, 18 silver, and 7 bronze tokens; 8 gold, 14 silver, and 13 bronze tokens; or 16 gold, 6 silver, and 9 bronze

    asked by Ashley Kate
  9. Physics

    A billiard ball traveling at 6.25 m/s collides with a second stationary ball of equal size and shape causing the second ball to move at an angle of 25ยบ with respect to the horizontal at a speed of 3.0 m/s.Both balls have a mass of .210kg. What is the

    asked by Lisa
  10. Health (Ms. Sue)

    1. Explain the difference between a fracture, a dislocation, a strain, and a sprain. A: The differences between sprains and strains are that a sprain is an injury in which the ligaments in a joint are stretched too far or torn, whereas a strain is an

    asked by Anonymous
  11. chemistry Damon check my calculation

    25g of a sample of ferrous sulphate was dissolved in water containing dilute h2s04 and the volume made up to one litre. 25ml of this solution required 20ml of this solution required 20ml of n/10 kmn04 solution for complete oxidation. Calculate the

    asked by Fai
  12. chemistry

    a 350ml buffer solution is .150M in HF and .150M in NAF. What mass of naoh could this buffer neutralize before ph rises above 4.0? So far I got .285714 from 10^-.544. After that I tried to do .285714(x/.0525-x) but this doesn't worl. The answer is 1.2g.

    asked by Nancy
  13. Business plan

    Explain the fundamentals of the proposed business.. if I know the services I will supply please give me examples how I can make a profit I have a cleaning business. thank you

    asked by Anita
  14. math who helps me step by step

    25g of a sample of ferrous sulphate was dissolved in water contains dilute h2s04 and the volume made up to one litre. 25ml of this solution required 20ml of N/10 kmn04 solution for complete oxidation. Calculte the percentage of f2s04 7 h20 in the sample My

    asked by Fai
  15. math who helps me step by step

    A mixture of pure k2cr207 and pure kmn04 weighing 0.561g was treated with excess of ki in acidic medium. Iodine liberated required 100ml of 0.15M of sodium thiosulphate solution for exact oxidation. The right answer 43.67 k2cr207 and 56.33 kmn04 My

    asked by Fai
  16. Math

    Which parallelograms have perpendicular diagonals? A. rectangle, rhombus B. square, rhombus C. square, rectangle D. none I know the answer isn't C.

    asked by anon
  17. Math - Algebra

    The sum of two numbers is 25. Twice the second plus 4 is equal to the first. Find the numbers. The difference of two numbers is 42. Thrice the first 4 more than the second. Find the numbers.

    asked by Ashley Kate
  18. Biology

    The cell membrane is a highly selective barrier that controls the movement of substances in and out of the cell. In fact, polar molecules are unable to go across unless

    asked by La'Shay
  19. Writing

    I've come across a problem while writing my story: since it doesn't take place in modern times - actually, it's more or less a fantasy story - I'm having a hard time creating clothes for my characters. I know that since it's a fantasy, it allows for a lot

    asked by Me
  20. health

    the key to using a pedometer to meet the physical activity guidlines for americans is to?

    asked by edward
  21. Physics

    A rock is thrown into a railroad car standing on a level frictionless track. If the rock has a mass of ms = 1.100 kg and is tossed with a velocity v = 6.3 m/s, how far up will the car go (mc = 5.400 kg) before stopping? Please explain

    asked by Harriet
  22. World Geograpgy

    1. With respect to global connections, association with _______ offers the brightest immediate future for many African countries. A. India B. the European Union. C. China D. the United States. 2.Slum areas called shantytowns occur in _________ major

    asked by sue
  23. research has shown tthat m

    research has shown that most preschoolers. is it d

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Social studies

    1. What do we call a generally flat region surrounded by higher land?____________

    asked by Alex
  25. Math

    Can someone explain how to solve this system using substitution? 1.25x + 0.75y = 109.75 x + y = 105

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Language Arts

    Anybody out there from 7th grade connections academy??! need help checking my answers!!: 1. The author's tone in this editorial is (1 point) sad humorous compassionate angry 2. What is the key phrase used to signal a comparison or contrast in the following

    asked by TTR+S<3
  27. Algebra

    1. The sum of the ages of James and Remy 5 years ago was 44. Twenty-two years from now, James' age will be 52 less than twice3 Remy's age then. Find their present ages. 2. Two numbers have a sum of 41. Their difference is 5. What are the numbers? 3. The

    asked by McKenna Louise
  28. Need help World Geography

    1. With respect to global connections, association with _______ offers the brightest immediate future for many African countries. A. India B. the European Union. C. China D. the United States. 2. Slum areas called shantytowns occur in _________ major

    asked by sue
  29. math

    I'm not understanding this problem. Write the rate in lowest terms. A printer can print 3 pages in 12 seconds. I need somebody to help me with this question.

    asked by cora evans
  30. Science

    What natural objects can you find in and around your home? Can any object be both natural and not natural? Give example?

    asked by Velvet
  31. Civics/writing

    Can someone please help me with a sentence? this is what i have so far~ We were inspired to use the Miranda rights as our topic when in school learning about rights and responsibilities.*****sentence I need help with****.

    asked by Anonymous
  32. math

    I'm having problem knowing how to do this question. finding 40% of 70. Can somebody help me.

    asked by cora evans
  33. writing

    I am trying to set up and write an essay on the subject of "Perception" I have my outline and have written what I need just don't know how to set it up and make it run together

    asked by Cathy
  34. Biology

    Why do elderly people experience cold intolerance when they in fact have increased adipose tissue and more lipid storing area? I mean I know temperatures of the body is regulated by the hypothalamus along with the thyroid and all .. but what i always

    asked by 123BOBY
  35. math

    what is the square route of 7?

    asked by Patricia
  36. English

    What does this sentence mean? - Extending the time between meals makes your body go into "starvation mode," which decreases your metabolism as a means to conserve energy and prevent starvation.

    asked by Gracie
  37. Computer

    Why my vb calculation appears infinity? The calcluator is set to calculate current, resistance and power. the followings are the code for the calculator: Public Class Form3 Dim Black As Integer = 0 Dim Brown As Integer = 1 Dim Red As Integer = 2 Dim Orange

    asked by Sheng Wei
  38. Math

    Can somebody help with this problem. Understanding, write as a percent,5 over 8,

    asked by cora evans
  39. math

    I'm need help understanding this problem. 28% of what number is 3 1/2,

    asked by cora evans
  40. criminal justice

    the ranks of those who are predisposed or tempted to engage in white collar crime

    asked by patiance
  41. math

    I am not understanding this question. the retail sales tax in north Carolina is 7%. Find the total cost of a $1210 of sofa. It is hard for me to get this answer.

    asked by cora evans
  42. Business plan

    How can I clearly state sound reasons that my services are currently viable and how I will react to future challenge. I have cleaning business

    asked by Anita
  43. business plan

    Please respond I did review the information you gave me and I was told to anwer this question. can you please respond with your assistance how to answer this question. How can I clearly state sound reasons that my services are currently viable and how I

    asked by Anita
  44. Algebra

    True or false. 1. The system (2x - y = 3) and (x + 3y = 5) is consistent and independent. 2. There are infinitely many solutions to the system (2x - y = 3 and y = 2x + 5).

    asked by McKenna Louise
  45. Universities

    What universities have SECME in them?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. math

    I need somebody to help with this problem. the ratio of cats to dogs in the town of Greenwood is 49 to 31, is this the right answer yes or no. 50/31

    asked by cora evans

    i don't think the statement beliw is I right?? Have you been prepared for school? is it supposed to be... Have you been preparing for school?

    asked by Anonymous