Questions Asked on
January 2, 2014

  1. Math

    Chris invests $10 000 at 7.2%/a compounded monthly. How long will it take for his investment to grow to $25 000?

    asked by Suz
  2. math

    Help pllsss ASAP!!! have certain answers!! i try but i do not understand! help asap! give answers and walkthrough problems for me! 1. 2(x - 3) = 2x (1 point) one solution no solutions infinitely many solutions 2. 3(y - 3) = 2y - 9 + y (1 point) one

    asked by ...
  3. Elementary Math

    This is going to seem like a simple question but how do i solve this without dividing.. 5th grade math mom Question: Lester's car can go 15.4 miles on 1 gallon of gas. How far can he go on 0.7 gallons? Thanks

    asked by Sara
  4. Algebra

    I have an assignment that asks me to write an equation in slope-intercept, point-slope, or standard form for the information given and to explain why the chosen form would be best. Below is the information given. 1. passing through (-1,4) and (-5,2) 2.

    asked by Anonymous
  5. math

    Fred was given some pocket money. He spent 1/3 of his money to buy games and saved 2/3 of the remainder. He used the rest of the money on food. If he spent $120 altogether, how much did he save?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. math

    Sam gave jen 1/2 of his jujubes. Jen ate 1/2 of the jujubes and gave the rest to kyle. Kyle kept 8 of the jujubes and gave the last 10 to Kim. How many jujubes did Jen eat. Please explain

    asked by kareema
  7. biology - natural selection

    Which of these is the foundation for relative dating? A. Earth is very old. B. Deeper rock strata are older. C. Radioisotopes decay at a constant rate. D. Organisms can be closely related to each other.

    asked by orpheus
  8. science

    Suppose the moon rotated on it axis just as quickly as Earth. Would you still always see the same side of the moon from Earth? *PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS QUESTION*

    asked by Anoymous
  9. math (Damon) check step by step for me

    A mixture of pure k2cr207 and pure kmno4 weighing 0.561g was treated with excess of ki. In acidic medium. Iodine liberated required 100ml of 0.15M of sodium thiosulphate solution for exact oxidation. The right answer 43.67 k2cr207 and 56.33 kmn04 K2cr207 =

    asked by Fai
  10. physics

    An animal-rescue plane flying due east at 40 m/s drops a bale of hay from an altitude of 73 m . The acceleration due to gravity is 9.81 m/s^2. If the bale of hay weighs 177 N , what is the momentum of the bale the moment it strikes the ground? Please

    asked by nick
  11. Maths

    A shop stocks tinned cat food of two makes, A and B, and two sizes, large and small. Of the stock, 70% is of brand A, 30% is of the brand B. Of the tins of brand A, 30% are of the small size, whilst of the tins of brand B, 40% are of the small size.

    asked by Dami
  12. SS-1 question

    Through mythology, the Greek people expressed their religious beliefs.**** love of poetry. love of sport. political beliefs.

    asked by Princess Anna
  13. S.S

    Although it seemed quite important in 1788, Amendment _______, barring the quartering of soldiers in private homes, is outdated today. A. V B. III C. IV D. II is it b?

    asked by sergeyppg
  14. Damon check step by step

    25g of a sample of ferrous sulphate was dissolved in water containing dilute h2s04 and the volume made up to one litre. 25ml of this solution required 20ml of N/10 kmn04 solution for complete oxidation. Calculate the percentage of f2s047h20 in the sample

    asked by Fai
  15. chemistry

    Calculate the uncertainty in speed of an electron if its position in space is known within the range of ±2pm. Assume me = 9×(10^-31) kg

    asked by help me
  16. Math

    There are 21 pupils who study Maths, 29 pupils who study french, 26 pupils who study history. there are 4 pupils who study both maths and french. 10 pupils who study both french and history and 3 pupils who study both maths and history. there 1 pupil who

    asked by Anonymous
  17. algebra

    50. Steve borrows $4,800 from his parents to purchase a used car. No interest is charged on the loan and Steve will pay his parents $150 per month until the loan is paid off. (a)Write a function that describes the relationship between the amount Steve owes

    asked by Mike
  18. MATH

    Hi, I really need help with these questions. I did some of them halfway, but then I got stuck. Would you please help me? Thank you so much. Prove the identity.... 1. sec x + tan x(1-sin x/cos x)=1 1/cos x + sin x/cos x(cos^2 x/cos x)=1 1+sin x/cos

    asked by LIZZIE010
  19. Physics

    The sun outputs 1380 W/m^2 of energy at the earth's surface. A small rectangular las has the following dimensions: 1km wide, 1.4km long, and 300m deep A) Calculate the thermal energy added to the lake if exposed to 12h of direct sunlight. B) calculate the

    asked by Sandara
  20. World Geograpy

    1. Which of the following were the main proponents of NAFTA? A. Environmentalists B. Human rights groups C. Labor unions D. Large corporations 2. Which of the following is the primary subsistence crop in Latin America? A. Potatoes B. Beans C. Corn D. Wheat

    asked by Sandy
  21. trig

    From a tower 57 ft high two objects in a straight line from it are sighted at angles of depression of 27degrees and 40degrees5' respectively. Find the distance between the two objects.

    asked by renzkie
  22. physics

    A 15 kg mass, tied to the end of a 0.5 m long steel wire, is whirled in a vertical circle. The cross- section of the wire is 0.02 cm2. When the mass is at the bottom of the circle, its angular velocity is 2 rev s i. Find the elongation of the wire at this

    asked by badar
  23. World History

    What factors spurred the technological development during Western Europe in 1500-1750? Are there particular conditions that favor technological innovation?

    asked by Jay
  24. trig

    A lighthouse is 14 miles east of a dock. A ship sails N33degreesE from the dock. What will be its bearing from the lighthouse after having sailed 10 miles?

    asked by renzkie
  25. Physics

    A car with a mass of 1264 kg is coasting in neutral on a straight,level road. It slows down, and its speed as a function of time is given by the equation: Constant Value Units a 26.8 m/s b 0.310 m/s2 c 2.10·10-3 m/s2 At a time of 36.0 s the speed, as

    asked by John
  26. Physics

    A car with a mass of 1264 kg is coasting in neutral on a straight,level road. It slows down, and its speed as a function of time is given by the equation: v(t) = a − bt + ct2 Constant Value Units a 26.8 m/s b 0.310 m/s2 c 2.10*10^-3 m/s2 At a time of

    asked by John
  27. World Geograpy

    1. With regard to British influences on India, which of the following statements is true? A. The common name for the British Indian Empire was the "British Raj." B. The British East India Company ruled India after a sepoy rebellion in 1867. C. The British

    asked by Sandy
  28. medical billing and coding

    a 32 female was burned by hot grease in her kitchen 1 week ago. she is seen in the hospital-based wound clinic for large dressing changes on both upper extremities following second-degree burns to both arms. this is accomplished without requiring

    asked by angela
  29. science

    Suppose the moon rotated on it axis just as quickly as Earth. Would you still always see the same side of the moon from Earth? *PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS QUESTION* Answer this Question

    asked by Anoymous
  30. physics

    An swimmer of mass m is at a swimming pool. She climbs the steps to the diving board 4.0 m above the water. She jumps off the board, which enables her to rise a further 0.7 m before she begins her descent into the pool. At what speed does she enter the

    asked by Alaina
  31. Health (Ms. Sue)

    Compare the ways the HIV can and cannot be transmitted.

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Geometry

    In rectamhle ABCD, diagonals AC and BD intersect at E. if AC=36 and BD=2x+30, find x.

    asked by Jatori
  33. algebra

    the length and width of a rectangle are each increased by 20%. by what percent is the rectangles area increased?

    asked by Linda
  34. physics

    Ali needs to fix plug inside the wall, he then buy a steel plug that is going to be placed in a ring made of aluminium. At 15 degree celcius, the diameter of the plug is 10.765 cm and that of the inside of the ring is 10.432 cm. What common temperature

    asked by ned
  35. Algebra

    if the product xy=28 when y =196 what is the value of x? express answer as a common fraction

    asked by Linda
  36. Math

    Mario painted 5 2/3 yards of railing. If this is only 3/8 of the length of the railing how long is the railing?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. college algebra

    find two algebraic expressions for the area of each figure. first ,regard the figure as one large rectangle, and then regard the figure as a sum of four smaller rectangles x,10,8x

    asked by its a secret
  38. Math

    1) A single subway token costs $2.25 a machine dispenses eight tokens for $15.00 if you need eight tokens, how much would u save buying the tokens from the machine? 2) A carpenter charged 1455.98 for materials plus $35.75 per hour for 22.5 hours off labor.

    asked by Samrah
  39. Physics

    Thermal energy question A 40.0kg sample of concrete has 10% zinc impurity (by mass). If 6.0x10^4J of thermal energy is added to the sample, determine the change in temperature.

    asked by Sandara
  40. Physics

    A car of mass 900.0 kg accelerates away from an intersection on a horizontal road. When the car speed is 49.7 km/hr (13.8 m/s), the net power which the engine supplies is 4300.0 W (in addition to the extra power required to make up for air resistance and

    asked by Sam
  41. World Geograpy

    1. With respect to global connections, association with _______ offers the brightest immediate future for many African countries. A. India B. the European Union. C. China D. the United States. 2. Slum areas called shantytowns occur in _________ major

    asked by Sandy
  42. English

    would the tone for "The Life You Save May Be Your Own" by Flannery O'Conner be selfish because Mr. Shiftlet wants the car only and the mother is looking for any man to hand her daughter to?

    asked by annonymous
  43. Physics

    A car of mass 900.0 kg accelerates away from an intersection on a horizontal road. When the car speed is 49.7 km/hr (13.8 m/s), the net power which the engine supplies is 4300.0 W (in addition to the extra power required to make up for air resistance and

    asked by Adam
  44. math

    Ellen works for a high-speed rail company that wants to develop a new rail line. Ellen’s project is to find a train that is the second fastest in the world. The Shinkansen Bullet Train in Japan is reported to go as fast as 320 kilometers per hour. The

    asked by Kayla
  45. algebra

    when 35 to the 12 power is written in decimal notation, what is in the ones digit?

    asked by Linda
  46. Car stuff?

    Which one of these auto expenses would be considered variable? A. Insurance premiums B. Vehicle registration renewal C. Gasoline D. Loan payments

    asked by Aimee
  47. Math

    We call a natural number "odd looking" if all its digits are odd.How many 4-digit odd looking numbers are there?

    asked by John
  48. Math

    Bob the builder has many sticks of length 3, 5, and 7. He wants to form triangles whose edges consist of exactly 1 stick. How many non-congruent triangles can he form with the sticks?

    asked by Andrew
  49. Math

    For the integers from 1 to 1000, how many multiples of 9 are also multiples of 6?

    asked by Andrew
  50. social studies

    Which group was probably the least concerned about the United States' acquisition' of Louisiana ? a) the Acadians b) the Creoles c) the free people of color d) the Kaintucks

    asked by victoria
  51. trig

    A plane flies 75 miles south from an airfield, and then travels 120 miles more in a different direction. By this time it bears S29degreesE of the airfield. In what direction is it heading. illustrate and solve.

    asked by renzkie
  52. trig

    Illustrate and solve. A monument near a dock is 12 miles east of a ship. After the ship has sailed 7 miles, the monument bears N62degreesE. In what direction is the ship sailing?

    asked by renzkie
  53. social studies

    Why did Louisianans join Texans in their fight for independence from mexico ? a) Louisianans wanted greater access to the Sabine River. b) Americans from Louisiana wanted to move into Texas c) Louisiana wanted Texas for greater trading acess d) The

    asked by victoria
  54. Algebra

    I have the equation 5x + 3y = -2 and I am asked to find the rate of change. Is the rate of change -5/3?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. math

    51.A sequence t is defined where the first term is –4. Each successive term is 3 more than the term before it. (a)Write an explicit formula for the sequence t. (b)A second function is defined as s(n) = 2 + 2n. Compare the rates of change of t(n) and

    asked by kim
  56. Algebra

    How do I use an x and y-intercept to write an equation in standard form? For example, how do I use the x-intercept of 3 and y-intercept of 6 to write an equation in standard form?

    asked by Anonymous
  57. math

    What is the scale drawing of 14 1/2 and 7 1/4

    asked by michael
  58. Physics 2

    Rearrange this equation to make b the subject and then, by replacing each term of the equation by its SI base units, express the units of b in SI base units. Eph=hct ___ b

    asked by Alaina
  59. Psychology

    What treatments are done in Canada to help people with Delusional Disorder?

    asked by Amna Masood
  60. Health (Ms. Sue)

    What happens when HIV infects helper T cells?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. math litracy,history,geography,business studies

    Ill be doing matric this year(2014) and I have no idea what I'd like to do after two months time ill have to appky for varsity and I don't even know what ill be applying for cause I still don't know what I'd like to be when I finish

    asked by phila
  62. algebra

    define the operation * as a * b =[a-b]. what s the value of 2* (4*7)?

    asked by Linda
  63. math


    asked by hadiatu
  64. social studies

    What issue of the colonists disappeared when Louisiana became a state ? a) relations with the Native Americans b) smuggling of trade goods c) the presence of the British d) none of the above

    asked by victoria
  65. pyschology


    asked by Tulon
  66. algebra

    Identifying Zeros and Their Multiplicities f(x) = 5(x - 2)(x + 3)²(x - 1/2)4

    asked by sara
  67. child development

    according to Erikson , children learn how to cooperate others during the stage.

    asked by Anonymous
  68. physics

    Is average speed the magnitude of average velocity?

    asked by rahul
  69. physics

    Find an expression for the energy densityin terms of stress and strain.

    asked by rahul
  70. economic

    Which of the following statements is true about financial planning

    asked by cherronda
  71. Complex numbers

    Prove algebraically that |w+z| is less than or equal to |w|+|z| for any complex numbers w and z, where || is the magnitude. After letting w = a+bi and z = c + di and doing some plugging in etc. I got that ac-bd

    asked by Cambridge
  72. Math

    I have the following table: x: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 y: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 Is the rate of change 2?

    asked by Anonymous