Questions Asked on
January 1, 2014

  1. Physics

    A 25.0kg pickle is accelerated from rest through a distance of 6.0m in 4.0s across a level floor. If the friction force between the pickle and the floor is 3.8N, how much work is required to move the object?

    asked by Sandara
  2. math

    Two friends worked out on treadmills at the gym. •Alden walked 2 miles in 3/4 hour •Kira walked 1 3/4 miles in 30 minutes Who walked at a faster rate?

    asked by Please Help!!!
  3. Physics

    A moving 3.20 kg block collides with a horizontal spring whose spring constant is 224 N/m. The block compresses the spring a maximum distance of 5.50 cm from its rest position. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the horizontal

    asked by Laura
  4. science

    What do scientists now think about the pace of evolutionary change?

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Math

    A plane flies due east for 120 km from airport a to airport b it then flies due north for 280 km to airport c finally it flies directly back to airport a calculate the direct distance from airport to airport a give your answer to the nearest kilometre

    asked by Nina
  6. bio

    How is the oxygen production in 30 seconds related to the rate of the reaction?

    asked by priya
  7. physics

    A 395.0 g block is dropped onto a vertical spring with a spring constant k = 252.0 N/m. The block becomes attached to the spring, and the spring compresses 0.29 m before momentarily stopping. While the spring is being compressed, what work is done by the

    asked by Erin
  8. math who me step by step

    25g of a sample of ferrous sulphate was dissolved in water containing dilute h2s04 and the volume made up to one litre. 25ml of this solution required 20ml of N/10 kmn04 solution for complete oxidation. Calculate the percentage of fes047h20 in the sample

    asked by Fai
  9. math

    the 20 students in Mr. Wolf's 4th grade class are playing a game in a hallway that is lined with 20 lockers in row. the 1 student starts with the first locker and goes down the hallways and opens all lockers. the 2 student starts with the second locker and

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Math

    Mushrooms produce a tremendous number of spores. However, very few spores go on to establish a new mushroom colony. A "colony" is actually a little bunch of fuzzy-looking cells called a mycelium. Let's say a particular mushroom produces a billion spores in

    asked by Julia
  11. Physics

    A horse pulls a child on a sled along a horizontal snow-covered trail using a rope. The horse does 8.0x10^3J of work as it pulls the child and sled 62m at a constant speed. The coefficient of friction between the sled and the snow is 0.25. A) Find the

    asked by Sandara
  12. math

    Beth plays a video game in which she starts with 0 points. In round 1, she loses 3 1/2 points. In round 2, she wins 28 1/2 points, and in round 3 she loses another 3 1/2 points. What is her final.score?

    asked by Please Help!!!
  13. math who helps me step by step

    A mixture of pure k2cr207 and pure kmn04 weighing 0.561g was treated with excess of ki in acidic medium. iodine liberated required 100ml of 0.15M of sodium thiosulphate solution for exact oxidation. The right answer k2cr207 43.67% kmn04 56.33% K2cr207 =294

    asked by Fai
  14. Grammar

    I have a project in which I make my own game, name it, write about the rules, etc. When I include the name of my game in my write-up, do I italicize it?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Health (Ms. Sue)

    When is CPR used? A: CPR is used when a person does not have a pulse or a blood pressure and are not responsive. CPR is also used when a person is in cardiac arrest?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. medical insurance

    a separate realease of medical information form a.indicates that the patient has already paid for the services b.indicates that payments are to be made to the patient c.indicates that there has been a dispute between the doctor and the patient my answer is

    asked by susue
  17. Chemistry

    Equimolar amounts of gas A and B, each at an initial partial pressure of 1.00 atm are combined in a flask. The flask is sealed and allowed to react to completion according to the reaction: 2A(g)+ B(g) --> C(g) What is the final pressure inside the flask?

    asked by DJS
  18. physics

    I want to lift a 3000kg car with a hydraulic jack. With a lever, I can easily build up by hand a force = 300 N on a piston of 10cm^2 surface area. What area should the piston have that pushes the car? a. 1 cm^2; b. 10 cm^2; c. 100 cm^2; d. 1000cm^2 I

    asked by alice
  19. math

    There were 10 more boys than girls at an outing. Each boy was given 3 sweets and each girl was given 4 sweets. A total of 156 sweets were given to the children. How many girls were there at the outing?

    asked by kate
  20. Math

    There are three hundred students at Mackenzie Middle School in Brain City. If 57% of the students are female, what is the ratio of female students to male students? Answer in lowest terms

    asked by Julia
  21. Math

    Uncle Joe made chocolate chip cookies. Eric ate fifty percent of them right away. Ryan ate fifty percent of what was left. Ten cookies remain. How many cookies did Uncle Joe make?

    asked by Julia
  22. math

    The equation: T= 2* pi* sqrt(2/3L/9.8) Solve for L. Please show the solution step by step. The square root is giving me trouble in my solution. Thanks for your help.

    asked by alice
  23. Math

    The length of a football pitch is 100m and the width of the pitch is 80 m calculate the length of a diagonal of the pitch give your answer to the nearest metre

    asked by Nina
  24. Social studies

    How long is the term of a Senator? 2 years 4 years 6 years life

    asked by Princess Anna
  25. Physics

    A train traveling at a speed of 110km/h uniformly decelerates for 20 seconds. During that time it travels 450m a) what is the acceleration m/s square? b) what is its speed after the deceleration? (km/h) Could really use some help. Thank you.

    asked by Danny
  26. english

    What part of speech is coursework?

    asked by dee
  27. math (Damon) clearly step by step for me

    3.2g of a mixture of kn03 and nan03 was heated to constant weight which was found to be 2.64g. What is the % kn03 in mixture? Who helps me clearly step by step for me. Thank you .

    asked by Fai
  28. social studies

    Choose 2 Spanish governors of Louisiana, and list the issue that each governor faced and important contributes each made to the colony. One of the governors should have served before the American Revolution and after the American Revolution.

    asked by victoria
  29. statistics

    True or False The class interval of 25-29 has real limits of 24.5 and 29.5.

    asked by Lyndyc
  30. Chemistry

    What is the relationship between temperature and the equilibrium constant k? Is it a direct or indirect relationship? And why?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. MMath

    Three servers work a party of 30 guests with a meal total of $660.00. Restaurant policy adds a 15% gratuity to the bill for parties of 8 or more. If bartenders receive 15% of the gratuity, bussers receive 20%, and the rest goes to the servers, how much

    asked by Bob
  32. Math

    The local election is over and a new mayor has been elected to lead Big Town. The new mayor received three votes for every vote received by her opponent. The new mayor received 2,541 votes. How many votes did her opponent receive?

    asked by Julia
  33. Writing

    I'm writing a story from the point of view of an assassin. I'm comfortable with writing the parts about killing and all of that other stuff, but I have no idea how to go about this assassin's main job: tracking. How can he track down a person (in a world

    asked by Me
  34. math

    Owen has 20% more marbles than Danny. Danny has 40% less marbles than Connie. Owen has 21 marbles less than Connie. How many marbles does Danny have?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Health (Ms. Sue)

    Compare CPR for adults with CPR for young children and infants.

    asked by Anonymous
  36. medical insurance

    canadian individual or group medical insurance plans typically cover which of the following a.all services performed by medical doctors b.most laboratory and diagnostic tests my answer is a

    asked by susue
  37. social studies

    Why did Louisianans join Texans in their fight for independence from mexico ? a) Louisianans wanted greater access to the Sabine River. b) Americans from Louisiana wanted to move into Texas c) Louisiana wanted Texas for greater trading acess d) The

    asked by victoria
  38. MATHS

    Ken and Sam shared some marbles. The ratio of the number of marbles Ken has to the number of marbles Sam has is 5:3. If Ken's marbles increases by 15%, what percentage of Sam's marbles must be decreased so that the total number of marbles they have

    asked by LARA
  39. drug classifications: body systems

    which of the following antidiabetics help to control high blood sugar by reducing glucose production in the liver and by increasing insulin-dependent glucose uptake in muscle cells?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. English (grammar)

    Hi. I just want to ask if the statement below is grammatically correct: " I'll keep up what I can do for other people. " I think the thought of the statement can be understood, but I'm not sure if the grammar is correct (or the words are like jumbled).

    asked by Nina
  41. Math

    If x : y = 3 : 4 and x : (y + z) = 2 : 5, what is the ratio of x : z?

    asked by Bob
  42. science

    when people remember memories after a memory loss, would you call those memories flashbacks or is there a different term? and is it possible for someone to lose memory for a specific event but remember everything after that? what is the term and are there

    asked by Saira
  43. Grammar

    I argue irrespective/irrespectively of what I do. Which word do I choose?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. physics

    The largest ballon ever flown had a volume of 53 million cubic feet. The thickness of the fabric is only 0.013mm. The balloon would reach an altitude of 150,000 ft. ( 46 km). The atmospheric pressure at that altitude is about 2*10^-3kg/m^3. The pressure of

    asked by alice
  45. Health

    Can someone please explain the difference between a vasectomy and tubal ligation. I know that one is for men, and one is for women, but that's about it

    asked by kathleen
  46. math

    in some cars the rear seat folds down to add more space. Often this split is a 60:40 split. If the rear seat is 60 inches wide, how wide are the two parts?

    asked by AAron
  47. semi colons and colons

    this is what i ate for breakfast an apple and a bowl of ceral

    asked by ashley
  48. Grammar

    Skimming and scanning form part of the ..........-reading strategies

    asked by Anonymous
  49. chemistry

    The kinetic theory of gases is based on a number postulates from which the equation P= 1/3× N/V×m×µ² is derived (P is the pressure of the gas, N the number of molecules in the container, m the mass of each molecule and µ² is the mean square speed).

    asked by Taylor
  50. Health (Ms. Sue)

    Propose possible ways that teens can help reduce the rate of HIV infection among teenage population.

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Math

    if company 2 lease/maintenance totals $125,000 for the year and company 1 spends 27% for lease/maintenance, how much is company 1 paying for their lease/maintenance?

    asked by Bob
  52. Math

    The ratio of w to x is 4:3, of y to z is 3:2 and of z to x is 1:6. What is the ratio of w to y?

    asked by Bob
  53. math

    I'm having problem understanding this answer. Product A is a 12-ounce bottle of generic popcorn oil that sells for $1.39, Product B is a 24-ounce popcorn oil bottle that costs $2.79, which is the better buy? Is this math problem right or no, 12/1.39=8.633

    asked by cora evans
  54. math

    on a scale of 2 inches = 3 feet what is the width ?

    asked by rob
  55. Math

    What is [61.4 15 14.4 13.5 6.3 6.3] squared

    asked by McGraw