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December 29, 2013

  1. math Steve form your help

    50gm of a mixture of ca(OH)2 is dissolved in 50ml of 0.5N hcl solution, the excess of hcl was titrated with 0.3N -naoh. The volume of naoh used was 20cc. Calculate % purity of ca(OH)2 The answer 41.35% Who helps me step by step

    asked by Fai
  2. Maths

    Construct a triangle ABC in which AB=AC=5.2cm and angle A= 120 degree. Draw Ad perpendicular to BC. Use ruler and compass.

    asked by Naif
  3. statistics

    Needing help to get this answer right. _c___ 3. What is the relationship between the alpha level, the size of the critical region, and the risk of a Type I error? a. As the alpha level increases, the size of the critical region increases and the risk of a

    asked by Lyn
  4. Physics

    A 395.0 g block is dropped onto a vertical spring with a spring constant k = 252.0 N/m. The block becomes attached to the spring, and the spring compresses 0.29 m before momentarily stopping. While the spring is being compressed, what work is done by the

    asked by John
  5. English

    Which marks of punctuation would be appropriate to set off the italicized words in the following sentence? One day my dad and his brother stop me if you've heard this story started out on what they thought would be an uneventful drive to work.

    asked by Brenda
  6. MATHS

    Donna wants to cut out circular discs of radius 7cm from a cardboard measuring 50cm by 70cm. What is the maximum number of circular discs that can be cut out from the cardboard?

    asked by LARA
  7. math

    the graphs of line a b are shown on this coordinate grid. choose the equation in the box that best describes each line, and fill in the blanks below.

    asked by branden
  8. math steve for your help

    25g of a sample of ferrous sulphate was dissolved in water containing dilute h2s04 and the volume made up to one litre. 25ml of this solution required 20ml of N/10 kmn04 solution for complete oxidation. Calculate the percentage of fes047h20 in the sample

    asked by Fai
  9. lagrange multipliers

    A cylindrical oil-storage tank is to be constructed for which the following costs apply: cost per square meter metal for ides $30.00 combined costs of concrete base and metal bottom $37.50(cost per square meter) top 7.50 (cost per square meter) The tank is

    asked by gemicia
  10. medical insurance

    insurance forms and enclosing statements should be mailed a.biweekly b.once a day c.once a week d.once a month my answer is b

    asked by susue
  11. Science

    How much heat is absorbed when 500g of water goes from 25 to 35 degrees

    asked by David
  12. linear optimization

    During a summer session a student enrolls in two courses, psychology for four hours and engineering for three hours. The student wants to use the available time to amass the largest number of grade points (numerical grade multiplied by the number of

    asked by gemicia
  13. math Steve for your help

    3.2g of a mixture of kn03 and nan03 was heated to constant weight which was found to be 2.64g. What is the % kn03 in mixture the answer 44.22%

    asked by Fai
  14. Math

    Brain teaser Web Site Hits Day. Number of hits Monday:72 Tuesday: 40 Wednesday: 32 Thursday: 24 Friday: 80 (8hits) 1/ how many pictures did you draw for Monday ? Why that many ? answer ; 9 72 divide 8=9 2/ Rosa drew 4 pictures for thursday on her

    asked by Joji

    In modern India, the "Garden City" of---- is know as India's "Silicon Valley"

    asked by CHRISTIE
  16. geometry

    Find the surface area of a cone with a slant height of 11 and a radius of 15. Use 3.14 for ð. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Creative Writing

    Write a small paragraph on any one of the topic..... 1. Greatness comes with sacrifice 2. There is science in every art 3. Religion ennobles a human being 4. Musicians are born and not created

    asked by Juhi
  18. Science

    Why would people need to travel to the moon? what data do they collect on the moon? I am doing a space project, I choose the moon, but I don't know why I would travel there.....

    asked by Princess Anna
  19. medical insurance

    under the us medicare system ,nonparticipating providers are asked to prepare a financial statement for pateints who will be receiving elective surgery where the costs exceeds a.300 b.500 c.200 d.400 my answer is b

    asked by susue
  20. Business plan

    Please give a written example of this question Explain the daily operation of the business its location equipment people process and surrounding environment.

    asked by Anitaq
  21. physics

    A firework rocket is launched vertically from rest and loses 60% of its mass during a burn time of 4 seconds. What is the final speed of the rocket relative to the ground (in m/s) when the gas relative to the rocket has a speed v= 80 m/s? a. 15 m/s; b. 34

    asked by Ken
  22. Maths

    1.32% of 425 2.16 2/3% of 16 3.3 1/3% of 90KM

    asked by Naif
  23. statistics

    Needing some help to clarify this problem and help finding the right answer. _b___ 2. Which of the following accurately describes the critical region? a. outcomes with a very low probability if the null hypothesis is true b. outcomes with a high

    asked by Lyn
  24. motion analysis

    5. (a) Using the information below estimate the time required to analyse the data collected using the two motion analysis systems when there are 10 markers on the subject and the data is collected for 100 frames. Cinematography system 2 seconds per marker

    asked by arzam
  25. Math

    Practice Dividing by 7 For each dance style , the Step - Up Dance School offers the same number of classes each day . Use the table to solve each problem . (1 week=7 days) Show your work. Step-Up Dance School Dance Style. Number of Classes Each Week Ballet

    asked by Nawaf
  26. math

    what is 2/3 divided by 3

    asked by Libby
  27. Trigonometry

    What is the surface area of the cube below? answer in simplest radical form only one surface is 576 cm^3

    asked by Francois
  28. math

    what is the surface area of the cube below? answer in simplest radical form. One surface of the cube is 576 cm^3

    asked by Francois
  29. science

    What are the measurable causes of weather and how does it impact our world?

    asked by grant
  30. culturally diverse

    Young children's functional use of language within a work context is often observed in... a. mainstream industrialized societies b. triadic interactions in Mexico-American group c. rural Appalachian Black communities d, Native American cultures

    asked by katrina
  31. 8th grade science

    Q: how might the length of mercury day affect the temperature ranges found on the planet? A: A)Over time the closeness of the planet to the sun has caused it to shrink. B)The entire planet would get burned by the intense amount of sunlight. C)Parts of the

    asked by jack
  32. math125

    Twenty marbles are used to spell a word—9 blue ones, 5 red ones, 3 yellow ones and 3 green ones. If two marbles are drawn from the set of twenty marbles at random in succession and without replacement, what is the probability (as a reduced fraction) of

    asked by alicemarie