Questions Asked on
December 22, 2013

  1. chemistry

    what current will be able to produce 20 volume of chlorine by electrolysis at STP within one hour?

    asked by Nemesi Thadeo
  2. English

    the angry teacher punished the noisy class. Is angry and noisy the adjective

    asked by Anonymous
  3. help please English

    If this be error and upon me proved/ I nevered writ, nor no man ever loved." What is the impact of these concluding lines from shakespeare's sonnet 116? 1. They underscore the fact that everyone makes mistakes 2. They underscore the fat that shakespeare is

    asked by Helen
  4. math

    If -3 < x < 0, what is the range for 2x ?

    asked by Thomas
  5. math

    A client comes to you for investment advice on his $500,000 winnings from the lottery. He has been offered the following options by three different financial institutions and requests assistance to help understand which option would be the best for his

    asked by Amber
  6. physic

    calculate the centripetal acceleration and the forcw acting on an aero plane of mass 1750Kg turning on a circle 430m radius at a velovity of 420m/s

    asked by nashath
  7. corporate accounting

    Worthington Company issued 1,000,000 face value, 10% bonds on July 1 2012, when the market rate of interest was 12%. Interest payments are due every July 1 and January 1. Worthington uses a calendar year-end.

    asked by synthie
  8. reading

    the story is: economics has made us partners the question is explain the authors opinion of economic cooperation between the u.s. and your own words use words and information from the article that support your explanation.

    asked by John Dosley
  9. Algebra 1B

    The polynomial given by 1.6t^ 2 - 28t + 200 calculates the heart rate, where t represents the elapsed time in minutes since exercise stopped. 1. What is the heart rate when the athlete first stops exercising? 2. What is the heart rate after 5 minutes? 3.

    asked by Kim
  10. language art

    the story is: economics has made us partners the question is explain the authors opinion of economic cooperation between the u.s. and your own words use words and information from the article that support your explanation.

    asked by John Dosley
  11. Computer science

    Paying Off Credit Card Debt Each month, a credit card statement will come with the option for you to pay a minimum amount of your charge, usually 2% of the balance due. However, the credit card company earns money by charging interest on the balance that

    asked by Owoeye seyifunmi
  12. PHI103

    To criticize a deductive argument logically, one might: hit the person making the argument. show one of the premises is false. show one of the premises is true. show the conclusion follows validly from the premises.

    asked by Ashley
  13. PHI103

    "10 is less than 100; 100 is less than 1,000; consequently, 10 is less than 1,000" is an example of a (Points : 1) sound deductive argument. valid inductive argument. sound inductive argument. weak inductive argument.

    asked by Ashley
  14. PHI103

    Assume you are given a sound argument. What do you know about it? (Points : 1) It is deductive. It is valid. Both A and B None of the above

    asked by Ashley
  15. Business Management

    Which one of the following is a defensive strategy? A. Diversification B. Vertical integration C. Concentration D. Divestiture

    asked by Wizzie
  16. Business Management

    What is the typical time span for long-range plans? A. More the 1 year B. 2-3 years C. 3-5 years D. About 25 years

    asked by Wizzie
  17. Business Management

    Which one of the following leadership styles could be best characterized by the statement "Let George do it"? A. Contingent B. Laissez-faire C. Democratic D. Autocratic

    asked by Wizzie
  18. Math

    Someone loaned me $20.00 in 1962 without quoting an interest rate. Using whatever the market interest rate was at that time, how much money would I owe in 2013 including principal and interest, straight and compounded.

    asked by Bee
  19. math

    50gm of a sample of ca(oh)s is dissolved in 50ml of 0.5N hcl solution. The excess of hcl was titrated with 0.3N -naoh. The volume of naoh used was 20cc. Calculate of naoh used was 20cc. Calculate % purity ca(oh)2 Who help me step by step

    asked by Fai
  20. math

    how do I arrange these fraction or mixed numbers in order from smallest to largest 1)5/6,5/7,-3/4,2/3,9/11,-3/7 and 2)2 1/2, -7/2,-2 1/3,2 4/5,2 3/8.

    asked by kimberly
  21. Vikings & SECME

    What were the Vikings known for? Were they good in science, engeniring, computers,or mathematics, etc.?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Statistics

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration analyzes the crash test data for new cars. One variable measured is the severity of the injury due to a collision. The higher the severity, the higher the points assigned. Assume that the injury rating is

    asked by Gwen
  23. math

    find the distance between the lines with equations 3x -4y=8 and y=3x/4+4.

    asked by Zeta
  24. Environmental Science

    A nuclear burning power plant produces a total power of 1.1kW. It serves a community that requires 2.85 x 107 kJ of power over the entire year. How many days per year does the power plant need to operate to provide all this power? 300 days 250 days 365

    asked by Kayla
  25. Math

    the area of a rectangle is 65yd^2 the length is 3yd less than double the width. Find the dimensions

    asked by Celeste
  26. Science

    suppose that a population of skunks lives on an isolated island is 500 skunks are present today and the birth rate is 65 per week and the death is 47 per week how many skunks to you predict will be on the island 105 days from now and what would a graph

    asked by K
  27. Math

    Raul did an inventory of all the books in collection by subject. He displayed his results in the table below . Use the table to solve to solve each problem. Raul's book Collectio Subject of book. Number of books History. 72 Art 81 Science. 54 Travel. 63

    asked by Joi
  28. English

    (1) Eric watched the news on TV. (2) His father watched the news on TV.(3) the newscaster talked about special events.(4) A police officer a firefighter and a teacher taught third graders about safety.(5) The mayor took a trip and gave a speech. 1/ what is

    asked by Nawaf
  29. informal logic

    If an argument does not commit a fallacy, it is

    asked by troy
  30. psychology

    Ken Garoo would like to read about social psychological research on conformity. He should look at the research of:

    asked by Anonymous
  31. exceptional child

    Physcial disabilities affect young childrens learning because

    asked by Anonymous
  32. math

    8 pounds of ground beef costs 23.31 what is the cost per pound? how would you round answer to the nearest cent. Can somebody help me with that.

    asked by cora evans
  33. statistic

    cientists are studying the population of a particular type to fish. the table below shows the data gathered over-five month time period. use the data to answer question 5-9 months 0,8 fish,month 1-39, month 2-195, month 3-960, month, month 4-4,738, month

    asked by helen
  34. earlychildhood

    providing assistance to a child in self care task

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Please help quickly! Social Studies

    Please check my answers What was the constitutional issue decided in McCulloch v. Maryland? (Points : 1) Whether the federal government could raise revenue for internal improvements The extent to which states and the federal government shared jurisdiction

    asked by Anonymous
  36. physics

    Find the total displacement of a mouse that travels 1.0m north and then 0.8m south.

    asked by natalia
  37. Psychology

    The question that I have is how is a positive reinforcement going to teach a child or person not to repeat the wrong behavior.

    asked by Susan