Questions Asked on
November 29, 2013

  1. phy

    A slab of ice floats on a freshwater lake. What minimum volume must the slab have for a 50.0kg woman to be able to stand on it without getting her feet wet?

    asked by shree
  2. Study Unit:Main Ideas

    (1) Do you enjoy being out in the fresh air? (2) Does nature restore your spirits? (3) You might want to consider hiking as a hobby. (4) It's a hobby you can begin with very little expense. (5) All you need to start is a good pair of hiking shoes. The

    asked by Beatrice
  3. physics

    you and a flight attendant toss a ball back and forth in an airplane in flight. Does the kinetic energy of the ball depend on the speed of the airplane? Defend you answer.

    asked by princess
  4. Solar Energy please help

    Solar simulators are used to study the performance of solar cells in the lab. In the figure below (left picture), the spectral power density of a solar simulator is shown with the blue line. The spectral power density of this solar simulator is given by:

    asked by UNO
  5. math

    The profit p(x) of a cosmetics company in thousands of dollars is given by P(x) = -5x^2 + 400x - 2550, where x is the amount spent on advertising, in thousands of dollars. What amount must be spent on advertising to obtain a profit of at least $4 000 000?

    asked by Kp
  6. Chemistry

    Determine The Mole Fraction Of Substances In Solution Containing 36g of water and 46g of glaycerine C3H5(OH)3.

    asked by Biruk Wonbera
  7. Solar energy please help

    1-Consider an organic solar cell consisting of a TiO2 semiconductor with an ionization energy 7.8eV and a polymer with an electron affinity 3.4eV. Which of the followning band diagrams corresponds to the organic solar cell. The band gap of TiO2 is 3.5eV.

    asked by UNO
  8. physics-magnets

    An infinitely long wire carrying a current of 2 A is bent at a right angle as shown in the Figure. What is the magnetic field a point P, 10 cm from the corner?

    asked by LH need help please
  9. algebra 1

    Ashley is the manager of a theater. She has $240 to spend on posters to advertise a new play. If she buys small posters only, Ashley can print 48 posters for $240. If she buys large posters only, Ashley can print 30 posters for $240. A. Write an equation

    asked by nick
  10. physics

    John and Barry are pulling on a fence post with ropes while their friend Pat uses a chain-saw to sheer it at ground-level. John applies a force of 75.0N [40*] on one rope while Barry applies a force of 85.0N [340*] on the other rope. What is the net force

    asked by khklhkjh
  11. math

    A rubber ball is dropped from a height of 729 feet, and at each bounce it rebounds one-third of the height from which it last fell. How far has the ball travelled by the time it strikes the ground for the 5th time?

    asked by Jasen
  12. math

    You have a 20-foot ladder that you are using as you paint your house. You place the ladder so that it forms an angle of 30 at the point of contact between the ladder and the ground. How high will the top of the ladder be above the ground? Please explain.

    asked by lizziE
  13. Chemistry

    The specific heat of solid gold is 0.13 J/g • °C. How much heat is needed to raise the temperature of 25.0 g of gold from 23°C to its melting point at 1063°C?

    asked by Rae
  14. Math

    If cost = -0.42 and cosw = -0.80, both t and w are positive, and the angles determined by t and w are in quadrant 3, then which of the following statements is true? Here is my answer (B).... a. t > w B. w > t(X) c. Cannot be determined please explain why I

    asked by lizzie1230
  15. statistics

    In a distribution of sentence lengths in months like the following: 6, 12, 10, 18, 24, 360; which statistic would a researcher not want to report? a. standard deviation b. mean c. range d. raw numbers

    asked by Jim
  16. Cynthia

    Which of the statements below correctly compares features of plant and animal cells? Plant cells have a cell membrane, while animal cells have both a cell wall and a cell membrane. Plant cells have ribosomes only on the rough ER, while animal cells have

    asked by Biology
  17. English

    This is what I think they are 1."Leaving their native land to colonize in America," they expected to land in the colony of Virginia. A.prepositional phrase B. appositive phrase c.participial phrase d.gerund phrase e.infinitive phrase f.absolute phrase

    asked by Trex
  18. Math

    A man started to work in 1985 at an annual salary of \$8{,}000. He received a $600 raise each year. How much was his salary in 2012? Salary:

    asked by Angela
  19. physics

    you and a flight attendant toss a ball back and forth in an airplane in flight. Does the kinetic energy of the ball depend on the speed of the airplane? Defend you answer.

    asked by princess
  20. math

    a rock is thrown straight up in the air from an initial height of ho, in metres, with the initial velocity vo, in metres per second. The height in metres above the ground after t seconds is given by h(t) = -4.9t^2 + vo + ho. Find an expression for the time

    asked by Kp
  21. math

    Resource allocation podunk institute of technology’s math deaprtment offers two cources: finite math and applied calculus.each section of finite math has 60 studnets, and each section of applied calculus has 50. The department is allowed to offer a total

    asked by Swayne
  22. Geometry

    True or False: If a figure does not have point symmetry, it cannot have reflection symmetry.

    asked by Jack
  23. English

    Are these right "Stamp collecting" is fun for children and adults alike. (Subject) Which "of my stamps" do I like most? (Adverb) Collectors "engaging in their hobbies" are never bored. (Adjective) Many residents of Hawaii work in "fishing" and "weaving".

    asked by Aron

    a) What is the maximum current in a 4.00 µF capacitor when it is connected across a North American electrical outlet having ΔVrms = 120 V, f = 60.0 Hz? mA (b) What is the maximum current when it is connected across a European electrical outlet having

    asked by Cassandra
  25. Math

    A swing has a maximum height of 2 m and a minimum height of 0.5 m and it takes 3 seconds to get from the maximum height to the minimum height. Approximate the instantaneous rate of change 1 second into the fall using the difference quotient when h is 0.01.

    asked by Veronica
  26. math

    A statistic professor plans classes so carefully that the lengths of her classes are uniformly distributed between 46.0 and 56.0 minutes. Find the probability that a given class period time is less than 51.75 minutes

    asked by jamie
  27. physics

    A loaded sled is pulled by means of a rope that makes an angle of 45.0° with the horizontal. If the mass of the sled is 60.0 kg and the coefficient of friction is 0.020, how much work is done in pulling the sled for a distance of 1.000 km?

    asked by NG
  28. Help

    As a project for her early childhood education class, Pauline designs a sample development checklists for gross motor skills for four years old. Pauline should included all but one of the following on her developmental checklists. Which shoudl she not

    asked by Jasmine
  29. Social Science

    Discuss how the recent PATRIOT Act may advance various forms of collective behavior among groups within the United States. 2. Discuss the reasons for resistance to social change. 3. Describe the political, social, and ideological reasons behind the Defense

    asked by Dawid
  30. Math

    I forgot to post the rest. Sorry. It is the same thing as the first one, but I do not understand why my answer is wrong on all of them. 16. If sint = 0.29 and sinw = 0.43, both t and w are positive, and the angles determind by t and w are in quadrant 2,

    asked by lizzie1230
  31. us hist

    As a result of the Emancipation Proclamation, A) Democrats made significant political gains in the Northwest by capitalizing on voters' racist fears. B) Republican politicians vigorously defended the cause of racial justice and black equality. C) the

    asked by joe
  32. Probability and Statistics

    The proportion of adults living in a small town who are college graduates is estimated to be p = 0.6. To test this hypothesis, a random sample of 15 adults is selected. If the number of college graduates in the sample is anywhere from 6 to 12, we shall not

    asked by Katy
  33. math 4 grade

    A group of four friends went out for dinner. Their subtotal for their meal came out to $156. While waiting for the bill to come they tried to figure out how much the tax would be if they know the local tax is 8%. They also know they want to leave a 15% tip

    asked by eduarda
  34. History

    In Jefferson’s view, George Washington’s action in addressing the Whiskey Rebellion A. was appropriate but not sufficiently bold. B. amounted to an inappropriate overreaction. C. Wouldn’t have been necessary save for the influence of Republican Clubs

    asked by Jen
  35. us hist

    Andrew Johnson’s fundamental goal was to A) guarantee black political rights. B) preserve the economic power of the southern planters. C) fund public education for blacks. D) assist poor whites with free homesteads and public education. Is D Correct?

    asked by joe
  36. MTH- STAT 201

    Can someone please help how to solve this I keep getting the wrong answer so I am now freaking out and clueless 23) The following data show the average retirement ages for a random sample of workers in Boscov’s and a random sample of workers in ShopRite.

    asked by Lea
  37. magnetism

    Two long, parallel wires carry current in the x-y plane. One wire carries 30 A to the left along the x-axis. The other carries 50 A to the right along a parallel line at y = 0.28 m. At what y-axis position in meters is the magnetic field equal to zero?

    asked by anton URGENT Please
  38. Help!!!

    Instead of toilet training her son at 18 months of age as her mother recommends, Melissa is waiting until her son is emotionally ready to begin toilet learning. How will melissa know when her son is emotionally ready??? (A) He'll be able to hold on for a

    asked by Jasmine
  39. Geometry

    You use a copy machine to enlarge an 8” 11” document, and you choose the 136 % enlargement setting. What will be the dimensions of the enlarged document? Round to the nearest hundredth of an inch.

    asked by Sam
  40. science

    Which of the following most likely caused the rapid change of the mountain? a.landslide b.snowfall. c.wind erosion. d.volcanic eruption. My answer is (b)

    asked by ezekiel
  41. math ergent please please...

    10.a)Solve the inequality x^3-5x^2+2x+8

    asked by kavi
  42. math

    show that the equation x^3-15x+c=0 has at most one root on the interval [-2,2.

    asked by Bobby
  43. Chemistry

    Weak polyprotic acids are normally added to Coca Cola to lower its pH to about 2.5 and impart tartness? Show that a two litter cocacola bottled drink that contains 0.057 to 0.084 percent of 75 percent of phosphoric acid by mass,meets this ph requirement.

    asked by Daniel
  44. Health (Ms. Sue)

    1. What are two ways that society could deal with future concerns about genetic information? A: ? 2. Imagine you are a scientist working on the Human Genome Project. What would you say to news reports about your research? A: ?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Solar

    Greeting All, please assist with the below. Thanks. The spectral power density of a solar simulator is given by: P(λ)=7.5∗1015λ−2.25∗109 [Wm^-2m^-1] for 300nm

    asked by Anon
  46. physics

    A square loop of side "a" carries current "I". It creates a magnetic field "B-square" at its center. The same loop is then reshaped into a circle, which lowers the magnetic field "B-circle" at the center. What is the ratio B-square/B-circle?

    asked by James help
  47. Physics -Solinoid

    Imagine you shoot an electron beam down the center of an ideal solenoid carrying current I. Which of the following will happen? a)magnitude of the field outside the solenoid will increase. B) The magnitude of the field outside the solenoid will decrease.

    asked by Anton Help
  48. English

    What kind of sentences are they and how do I diagram them? Large brains "do" not necessarily "confer" superior intelligence. I ordered materials to use in the craft school "from a supplier" in Minnesota. "This done," I outlined lesson plans for my craft

    asked by Joy
  49. Chemistry

    Weak polyprotic acids are normally added to Coca Cola to lower its pH to about 2.5 and impart tartness? Show that a two litter cocacola bottled drink that contains 0.057 to 0.084 percent of 75 percent of phosphoric acid by mass,meets this ph requirement.

    asked by Daniel
  50. Precal

    Find all values of x such that x-6, x+6, and 10 x -6 form a geometric sequence. Give your answers in increasing order

    asked by Teagan
  51. math

    Explain how to find the restrictions on the domain of a reciprocal function. (please explain it clearly) thank you!

    asked by Paran
  52. evolution article. Please help!!!

    Hi , I am having a very difficult time finding an article that contains a misconception about evolution . The article had to be be published within in this past year. Please help !!! thank you!!

    asked by joey
  53. Statistics

    I have two coins: a quarter and a nickel. The quarter has a bias of 1/4 for heads, and the nickel has a bias of 2/3 for heads. I flip each coin 10 times. What is the probability that I observe exactly five heads total? Some explanation of the solution

    asked by Ben
  54. biology

    in what aspects are DNA and RNA polymerases similar?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Electrical Engineering

    Winter is coming, so I want to make a 1500 W heating coil which will plug into a 120 V wall outlet. The coil will have a cross sectional area of 0.01 cm2 and a length (when fully unwound) of 5 m. Determine the resistivity of the coil required, in Ωcm:

    asked by Lauren
  56. MATH

    A man started to work in 1985 at an annual salary of $8,000. He received a $600 raise each year. How much was his salary in 2012?

    asked by Angela
  57. Philosophy

    Can we attain certainty about our beliefs about reality? If so, how? If not, why not? Be sure to define certainty carefully. This is not psychological certainty (feeling ‘sure’) but logical certainty: knowing and being able to prove that you cannot be

    asked by Dawid
  58. physics

    An inductor (L = 405 mH), a capacitor (C = 4.43 µF), and a resistor (R = 400 ) are connected in series. A 50.0 Hz AC generator produces a peak current of 250 mA in the circuit. (a) Calculate the required peak voltage ΔVmax. V (b) Determine the phase

    asked by MR. GEE
  59. Chemistry

    Determine The Mole Fraction Of Substances In Solution Containing 36g of water and 46g of glaycerine C3H5(OH)3.

    asked by Biruk Wonbera
  60. English (grammar)

    Is this statement correct? "Helping other people contributes to your being a great leader." I'm not really sure with the phrase 'to your being'. It sounds incorrect but I'm not really sure. If it's incorrect, how do I rephrase the sentence?

    asked by Nina
  61. Math

    P(x) = (2x^3+x^2-18x-9)/(x^2-x-6) 1.Find any holes in the graph of P(x) 2.Find any horizontal or oblique asymptote 3.Determine where it crosses the horizontal/oblique asymptote (if it does)

    asked by Jon
  62. information technology

    How does the organizational strategy drive the IT strategy?

    asked by paula
  63. Civics

    why are our rights such as freedom of speech not unlimited?

    asked by Carley
  64. math

    Explain how to find the equation of the vertical asymptotes of a reciprocal function in full details.

    asked by Thaya
  65. math ergent please

    The reciprocal of a linear function and a quadratic function have the same horizontal asymptote.what is its equation?

    asked by Thaya
  66. Civics the right question

    2. What have been the effects of a society that offers protections to those accused of crimes/wrongdoing?

    asked by Carley
  67. Statistics

    Hello, my problem is I have a random sample of only 15 sales average is $115 with a known population standard deviation of $25.00. Obtain a 92% confidence interval and explain what your answer means. I am not sure what to do because the sample size is only

    asked by kim
  68. math

    an = 3 a_{n-1} - 5 a_{n-2} - 4 a_{n-3} and a_4 = 42, a_5 = 147, and a_6 = 219. Find a_1, a_2, and a_3.

    asked by Denzel
  69. English

    Many events take place on the island but everyone feels guilty and sorry for their actions in the end and they head back to Italy, Milan safely all thanks to Prospero's spirit, Ariel. Ariel is a spirit who used to be a slave of Sycorax, an evil witch.

    asked by rfvv
  70. Trigonometry

    If Cot θ = -Square Root of 15/7, use the fundamental identities to find Cosθ > 0.

    asked by Dave
  71. PreCal

    I'm suppose to solve log(3)-27=x I get 3^x=-27 I can't go any father correct?

    asked by Terri
  72. math

    Give the three general forms for: a) the reciprocal of a linear function b) the reciprocal of a quadratic function c) a rational function Please give me in a full details for each please...

    asked by Paran
  73. Civics...a few more questions

    What have been the effects of a society that allows the freedoms listed in the 1st Amendment?

    asked by Carley
  74. Math

    What would 64x6^4 equal in simplest form? Please show your work.

    asked by Nicole
  75. algebra 1

    The table that follows shows the relationship between the boiling temperature of water (°F) and the altitude (per thousand feet): Boiling Point of Water Altitude (1000 ft.) Temperature (°F) 8 197.6 4.5 203.9 3 206.6 2.5 207.5 Gemma and Tessa need to find

    asked by nick
  76. history

    the ____ act required king______ 1 to convene parliament every three years. is it parliament,king charles?

    asked by kristin
  77. Civics

    what is the purpose (intended effect) of the rule of law

    asked by Carley
  78. hummanites

    What trend contributed to the nomadic lifestyle of the gulf cultures? with buffalo hunters B.arrival of apache in the south of Texas C.marshy land along the coast made farming difficult D.reintroduction of the horse by the Spanish

    asked by sela
  79. Precal

    Find x such that -8 x - 3, 3 x - 1, and 2 x + 49 are consecutive terms of an arithmetic sequence. x=?

    asked by Teagan
  80. Precal

    find the minor axis 1x^2+36y^2=1

    asked by Teagan
  81. Physical Chemistry

    A pharmaceutical preparation of pH 6.2 is preserved with substance A (pKa 8.5). If the preservative effect is due to the undissociated molecule determine the per cent of active preservative present in the preparation. Thanks! :)

    asked by Matthias
  82. College alerbra

    solve the exponential equation. 4^(x+2)=9x

    asked by cain
  83. history

    trouser wearing members of a revolutionary uprising of the french working class were called the___________?

    asked by kristin
  84. Law

    Research and identify a labor law that is specific to your state. Share a brief summary of the law with us and discuss why you believe this law is or is not important to the employer-employee relationship.

    asked by Mattiazz
  85. math

    whats the derivative of lnx?

    asked by Bobby
  86. math

    Consider the following hypothesis statement using alpha = .05, and data from two independent samples: Ho: µ1 - µ2 = 0 Ha: µ1 - µ2 not equal to 0 X1 = 237, X2 = 218 ¬1 = 54, ¬2 = 63 n1 = 42, n2 = 35 a) Calculate the appropriate test statistic and

    asked by Lea
  87. English

    Can someone check my sentences? They are really urgent. Thank you in advance. 1) The Reformation was caused by the refusal of Pope Clement VI to declare invalid Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine of Aragon. 2)Elizabeth I continued her father's policy. She

    asked by Franco
  88. College


    asked by Hannah
  89. alebraga


    asked by Hannah